Six Questions with Michael Green: Author of The Unicornis Manuscripts

Through art and words, Michael Green shares an extraordinary talent with others. His work truly inspires an inner sensation to look beyond our ordinary awareness.  Along with Unicornis, his works include such titles as Zen and the Art of the Macintosh, The History of the Dragonstooth and The Illuminated Rumi.  Michael, along with the Illumination Company, is also engaged in reawakening what might be called a lost attentiveness.

It was a delight to speak with him.  Cutting up vegetables for lunch, he voiced his thoughts on the following Six Questions.

He had mentioned future projects in our first conversation–A new version of Unicornis and a film based on the book.   I asked him if he could provide a timeframe for when these projects may be completed.

He said he had just sent a note to the screenwriter to set up a meeting with the studio.  Although many of the finer details need to be worked out, planning is definitely underway. He said, “If all goes well, there is no reason to think it can’t be in production next year.”  I should mention, though, he was also just as quick to say that he wouldn’t confirm that.

He told me how he visited a monastery before writing Unicornis.  How he discussed with the Monks the concern during the time of the Middle Ages that something precious was being swept away by the Renaissance.  And how, in order to save this wisdom from being forever forgotten, that possibly the knowledge was hidden in the shape of the cathedrals or in the Legend of the Unicorn.

Anyone who has read and puzzled over The Unicornis Manuscripts knows the adventure and mystery, with or without the above aspects in the film, will be absolutely impressive. These new speculations only add to the anticipation for the project.  I do not know if they will be included or not.  We will have to wait and see.

Michael did say a final Unicornis Manuscripts book will be released near the time of the film.  From contemplating the Unicornis Manuscripts myself, I can say the story of the Unicorn brings one to question ‘what is real and what is not?’ “What is reality?” he replied, “Is the Unicorn real?  If one dreams of a Unicorn, it is certainly real in the dream. The mystical realm of the Unicorn can certainly be used as a symbol, a focus for life.” 

With the exciting new book and film release, I asked if he had been back to the site of the buried Spiral Horn and could he confirm the Horn was still to be found. Michael had shared in the 2008 version of The Unicornis Manuscripts how he had gone back to the place of the hidden Spiral Horn and noticed it had been covered with water; that a beaver dam had caused the water level of the area to be raised, covering the site.  “I have not” he said, “returned since then, but, no one has ever reported finding it.”

How he would feel if, after almost 30 years, the Spiral Horn were to be finally found? “It would be wonderful” he said, and compared it to finding the Holy Grail.  The magic which can be realized by the Spiral Horn is a genuine feeling.  Still receiving inquiries from people searching for the Treasure, he believes it will find its owner someday.  “People are close,” he said, but made no further comment in keeping the integrity of the hunt.

We then talked about the intentions and inspiration for the writing of the book.  Again in the 2008 version, he shares his hope for a reader of Unicornis to find not only the Spiral Horn, but to discover a larger Truth. Included in this section is the following phrase; ‘a glimpse of a brightness beyond the walls of the world.’ I asked if he experienced this himself. He said, “I believe every person experiences something like this in life” and paraphrasing a passage from the Quran, “That Brightness is closer to you than your own jugular vein.”

I asked what he felt held people back from realizing this “glimpse of brightness.” Laughing, he replied, “everyone would like to know the answer to that.”   He did go on to offer a powerful thought, though: “The experience of transcendence is something so completely discontinuous. From ordinary consciousness that a person having it may not even remember the actual experience.”   I believe Michael’s answer was an insightful slice of wisdom to this never-ending question and I will continue to ask others.  Possibly with enough pieces, a tiny corner of understanding can be realized.

My last question involved his beautifully illustrated book and how it has been noted the images seem to capture a style similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci’s work.  This question must be credited to a person who uses the name, ForestBlight, on treasure hunt forums.  His contribution to Unicornis has surely helped keep the hunt active for many.  He generously shared his findings on the similarities concerning the images of the book to that of Leonardo da Vinci.

Michael described da Vinci as “definitely a searcher, a person who actively questioned and wondered “what is really going on here?”

For all those who puzzle over The Unicornis Manuscripts, my question to Michael was “is there a technique or depth of Leonardo da Vinci’s work which you would like your own work to convey?”

Michael chuckled. “There is a deliberate connection with the character of Magnalucius, but I will say no more.”

So I leave you with that. My Six Questions had been asked. I realized, even though it was only a short amount of time we spoke, there is a wonderful wisdom and feeling to be found by chatting with someone in tune with life.  I hope to have conveyed something of this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time he gave to offer encouragement and provide others with a ‘glimpse’ into the world of The Unicornis Manuscripts.  Other works of his can be found on his website.


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9 Responses

  1. Flamel says:


    First let me say I really enjoy your website! I hope there are other “Mysterious Writings” to appear on here, maybe even some I haven’t heard of.

    With regards to Unicornis, I noticed there was a user on the Quest4treasure site that said he had been the site of the buried horn in 2009 and said it was not there and therefore must have been taken. According to the user the site he was at had been confirmed by Michael Green.

    This would have been after 2008 when Michael Green returned to the site and said it was covered with water. Interesting that the forum member did not mention this.

    I am wondering if Michael Green has ever said if someone has ever correctly identified the site. This would help determine if user was being truthful.

    • jkile says:

      Hi flamel, thanks for your kind comments.

      As shared in the interview- when I asked Michael Green about the status of the horn location, he strongly believed it was still available to be found. Although he hadn’t been back since the visit of which he mentioned in the back of the book, he certainly felt it should still be there.

      And as also shared in our conversation, Michael said, ‘people are close’ and believes the horn will be found. He even went on to assure that the horn was definitely an actual item buried; waiting to be found and held, and not just a ‘spiritual find’.

      As we all know (if we have worked on ‘armchair treasure hunts’) we can become extremely attached to our own ideas about a ‘solution’. It is possible the person truly feels he has the correct location and encouragement by Michael may have been misunderstood as confirmation.

  2. Cat says:

    This website has got me interested in armchair treasure hunting.

    The Unicornis Manuscripts is a great read, and looking for the location of the Spiral Horn has been fun. Since I live in a different country from where the Spiral Horn is located, how would I go about proving or disproving of where I think it is located?

  3. La Chatsenay says:

    I was just moved and have seemed to have lost my copy of the 1988 Unicornus. Now I am so pleasantly surprised to see other books out on this. I have to try and get copies of each.
    would barns and noble be able to order these books?
    thanks for keeping the unicorn in our hearts and minds.

  4. Mirgonael says:

    Greetings and salutations. I just have one quick question. Has any company ever made and sold a replica of the Unicorn Scepter? If so, who and when? Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and, until next, fare thee well.

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