Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: Get Back in the Box

thrill of the chase fennMr. Fenn,

I am not even close to solving your riddle. I’ve tried for months and nothing works. I am not asking for a clue to the treasure, I’m asking for a clue to the clues. Please help me.  ~Mary.

Dear Mz. Mary,
The solve is difficult for many searchers because their minds think the clues are tougher to decrypt than they really are.

Some say they are trying to think outside the box, as if the solution lies somewhere out there.

Until now I have resisted telling them to get back in the box where their thoughts are comfortable and flow more easily.

The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust. To illustrate my point go to YouTube – Smarter Every Day. f


The above Featured Question is also Weekly Words from Forrest for Juy 1st, 2016. The complete list is here:

Weekly Words From Forrest Fenn

and the link to Featured Questions is here:

Featured Questions (category)


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!

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174 Responses

  1. Jake Faulker says:

    Thank you Jenny & Forrest.
    Just what I needed to hear.

  2. jl says:

    Too funny, the video that is. I like the welders response when asked to ride one ” I can’t ride em, I just build em”

  3. Dany-boy says:

    Good point Well Made Forrest…….

  4. Iron Will says:

    I think I understand the point of this post. It’s my o’pinon that Forrest is trying to subtly help everyone “adjust” to the 9th clue. Very intelligent way of doing it if you ask me.

    • Anna says:

      Thought I would take a minute to educate myself on “point” Just in case Mr. Fenn was pointing to the definition of point. All well and good, but point can refer to anything from making a statement, music notation, bacon rind(no kidding), peninsula, punctuation, geometry, compass directions, arrowheads, and the more typical definitions. Half an hour later I’m smarter in the finer points but that’s about it.
      https://www.wordnik.com/words/point Staying in the Box is a bit clostrophobic, but maybe Fenn likes cubist painters after all. Wait, is this about the wheel thing on utube? And what does mz mean?

    • Felgway says:

      Can i assume you understand the 9th clue? Can you give a subtle indication of what you men…we may be on the same page. You have always been a sharp one mr. Will.

  5. Wise words to help searchers get “to the end of Forrest’s rainbow and the treasure.”
    Back to basics everyone!!!
    Don’t Mess With the Poem, Don’t switch the order but you might could take some shortcuts IMO, BUT DO Watch Out for Forrest – he is a tricky one. Just when you think your done!!! You’re NOT!!!

    All IMHO,

    The Lone Aspen

  6. Jacob says:

    Always fun to read. This whole chase has its ups and downs. I have had my Eureka moments and have also had my moments of feeling confused and overwhelmed. My family and some friends are starting to dismiss the idea that someone would really have left this out in the rocky mountains. Most laugh it off. But I cannot give up as I feel I am too close. For all those out there who feel like giving up or feel like nobody else believes in your ideas… I do. Remember, if people don’t laugh when you tell them your dreams… maybe you’re not dreaming big enough! Best of Luck to all this year! 🙂

  7. MartinS says:

    Thank you Jenny & Forrest.

    It’s amazing how many adjustments can be made in a small area.
    Now…who moved my box?

  8. Kim says:

    Keep it simple stupid. It’s all we really need. And some six string music! Love and luck to all!

  9. E.C. Waters says:

    I guess there’s not enough room in the treasure box for a creative thinker any more. Until I learn how to ride that backwards bike, I guess I’m out.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      The strangest thing… First he suggests to “think outside the box”… http://dalneitzel.com/2014/11/11/our-war-effort/

      Then a year-and-a-half passes and he directs us to “get back in the box”. Whiskey tango foxtrot??

      I’m more curious now than ever to know if anything big has changed since 500 ft, 200 ft, some have solved the first 2 clues and some end up nearby without knowing why…

      Forrest, has anyone pretty much solved the poem now, with the exception of one or two details that are preventing a finale? The level of your frustration seems to be noticeable within several of the recent posts.

      • Jacob says:

        It does seem that way E.C.- I am hoping it is me!! It’s just finding the second meaning to his last clue that I’m on. Everything else has a double meaning and points where to go… but the last one I have only the initial meaning of. I’d like to know the answer to this question as well. Although he’ll probably evade the question as only FF could. 🙂

      • Strawshadow says:

        Wtf, back in the box with the spiders¿ But I don’t like spiders and snakes, lol. A different direction, the backwards bike took 8 months to relearn how to steer. With the influence of the blogs maybe we have picked up some questionable information? There are some CRAZY notions floating around. Rebalance logic, knowledge and imagination, just my take. The red type was daunting as well as the word treacherous.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      Let’s assume someone has gotten really close to it, but with their interpretation of the clues, are moving away from it, like a tangent. Let’s assume when he’s describing getting back in the box, what he’s secretly implying is a box canyon. If a seeker has therefore started in a box canyon, and by their read has left that canyon area for their interpretation, perhaps they need to continue researching their interpretation of the clues back inside the box canyon.

      Jenny, does your blog config allow for subscriptions and notifications of changes to comment threads?

  10. DPT says:

    Mz. ?? Forrest once again draws attention to a woman. How does he know she is a Ms. and not a Mrs.? Also he has used Madam and Dear in the past to address searchers that he doesn’t know if they are are man or a woman.

    Could others help me research this today? I am very busy, but will try when I have a chance to figure out Mz.?????

    • pdenver says:

      Hello DPT. Mz caught my attention right away. It’s an archaic word, which isn’t used anymore. Mr. Fenn also used it here:


      List of archaic words: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/words/archaic-words

      • DPT says:

        Hi pdenver. Thank you so much. And great find on the Mz. I remember reading that story in the past. Interesting. Especially cart and red hair.

        Another word that is important here is adjust!

        Adjust root word is near, to put close to. Other meanings of the word are correct, like the word Forrest tried to draw our attention to with right and correct on middle of page 14 when he referred to it as stretching a tangent 85% of the time.
        Adjust also means set, align, line up and focus! It also means a word he uses twice in the poem and I thought could be important, now I believe it is: Just!!

        Just. Forrest has a JF on the bottom of page 99. I heard one time he replied to someone and said it meant Just Forrest. I do not have the evidence so you could call it hearsay and take it for what its worth. Very interesting.

        Thanks for the weekly words Forrest, Jenny and Mary

        • Jeremy P. says:

          I’m going to help you out a bit, DPT.

          The 85% statement didn’t say “stretching a tangent 85% of the time.” And, it was Diggin’ Gypsy who thought “JF” might mean “Just Forrest”, because he signed something that way. He never said (to my knowledge) that it does mean that.

          Hope this helps.

        • Jdiggins says:

          Look at the JF with magnification. The F was written first, then the J, next to/over the F.
          Just sayin…

      • astree says:

        Great find, pdenver. I see the “Mz” in Forrest’s article, but not in the archaic dictionary.

        The Mary Maze. Tarry scant with gravel maze?

        I didn’t see anyone in that video trying to sit backwards on the bike, and try it. Or (a bit harder), do a headstand on the seat and try. Think that would have worked? two wrongs to make it right?

        lol, that mz has me going

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      This reminds me….
      Henceforth, please refer to me as:
      Buckeye Bob, Esq.

      That way when I fall off the backwards bike I will do so with dignity.

      Thank you for my indulgence. (That’s me being “in the box”.) 😀

    • E.C. Waters says:

      My entry for guessing at Mz (assuming it’s supposed to mean something) would be Mozambique.

    • SL says:

      Mz could relate to a ‘M ark Z bikowski.’ whom was a programmer who helped in the development of the “DOS or MZ Executable (EXE.”)

      I’ve performed a great deal of research on the subject, and it is quite remarkable. I recommend that my friends give it a look.


    • Laurie says:

      MZ means Magnetic Azimuth. A degree—for star gazing, mapping, etc….. I just learned of this treasure today. Interesting!!

  11. BW says:

    Forget about Mr. Fenn’s comments; I’m claustrophobic. But I really like this video and website. Great exercise for the brain. Do we ever get too old to exercise body and brain? I’m still trying to learn how to juggle…..not easy.

  12. Don says:

    I would get back in the box, but I have no clue where it is 🙂 Thanks Jenny and Forrest.

  13. astree says:

    You possess a wonderful bain!

    I got confused just watching the video. Be interesting to follow his son’s skillset for the next ten years. Who knows what he might be capable of.

    • JL says:

      Yes, I agree. His father seems to be a great teacher for the little guy, hopefully they home school him or at least make sure he is in a public school system that will challenge him. It only took him two weeks but maybe his motivation was higher, I wonder how many failed attempts he had but still picked himself up and kept trying.

  14. Chesney says:

    Thank you for the weekly words Mr.Fenn, Ms. Kile, and Mary. Now if I can get my Fenn translation device to work properly, I might figure this out ! 😀

  15. Helen says:

    If Forrest is referring to the Backwards Brain Bicycle…

    Our challenge is even more difficult than this, because the guys who successfully rode the bike *knew* how it had been modified. Someone meeting the bike for the first time would first have to work this out, and only then begin adapting to it. Even those who have never ridden a bicycle before (so don’t have the training bias), because everything we do naturally works this way – such as toddling. Tilt or turn to the left, go left.

    Forrest is the engineer who has fiddled with the gearing of the bicycle, and it looks relatively easy to him, because he can already ride that bike.

    There are occasional examples of this in aircraft accidents. Pilots are supposed to check that the controls are operating in the correct directions before take-off, but occasionally an engineer accidentally wires them the wrong way round. The pilot may even look at the control surfaces and see them moving but doesn’t *see* that they are moving in the wrong direction – he’s just so used to them working correctly. I’m not aware of any pilot becoming airborne in such a situation who managed to work it out, and react to it, without crashing.

    It’s also like the “upside-down spectacles” experiment. Sure, we can all adapt to the world turning upside-down, given enough time. But the question is, do we have enough time?

    • Ellen says:

      For some reason…it made me think of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and “perceived” reality.

      Thank you…I enjoyed this

      • anna says:

        Ellen, I’m amazed that others are so well read in classical literature. I’m rather lacking, but sure enjoyed reading your recommendation tonight. The harmony of reason ennobles the soul like a beautifully orchestrated song.

  16. 23kachinas says:

    I remember learning how ride a bike with no hands, it was a thrill to be able to accomplish that feat. It’s the little things that make life worthwhile IMO.

    That YouTube topic was interesting…and so was Shenaz Treasurywala – Culture Shock – The Standing Babas, maybe their brain forgets how to sit down?

  17. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s Featured Question and Weekly Words, Mary, Jenny and Mr. Fenn. I’m enjoying this tremendously. Our brains are “trained” to understand things one way, or so we think. Who generally teachers us? Our parents. Who taught them? Their parents or other ancestors. How far back into the archaic background must one reach for “Mz.”? Interesting thoughts. I should have shown my grandson the poem last night. He already told me his father said he knew the general area where the treasure chest is and he’s pretty smart. I guess there would be some kind of bias already.

  18. Nope says:

    Like the Architect drawing up the blueprints of your dreams, only limited by the AHJ, enforcing code compliancy.

  19. Geydelkon says:

    Its not whats outside the box, its whats inside that box that is secreted.

  20. JC1117 says:

    Today’s Question and Weekly Words from Forrest are kinda funny to me. When I see the accompanying picture and think “back in the box” it looks like the opposite of a jack-in-the-box toy…kinda like Forrest is telling some jack/joker to get back-in-the-box.


    Which reminds me of this… 🙂


    And I must apologize for that… 🙂


    Thanks, a gain, Forrest and Jenny and Mz. Mary

  21. Ramona says:

    Good stuff! Thanks Jenny, Mary, and Mr. Fenn.

  22. OH! says:

    All the answers are IN the poem. So start adjusting…….

  23. Friend says:

    Hi Forrest, got another question for ya…
    Which Smarter Every Day video clip should we be looking at? There are several to choose from….
    Since you would give the title to the gold to someone, how about the tile to this video clip?

  24. pdenver says:

    ‘I’m asking for a clue to the clues.’

    I believe Mr. Fenn may have answered Mary. Notice how he answered her. He separated each of his sentences. Read each sentence in the poem?


  25. Jeremy P. says:

    It is kind of funny when someone says they are trying to think outside the box, because everyone of us is thinking about what’s inside that little 10″ x 10″ box the whole time.

  26. DPT says:

    I see what you are saying pdenver and thought the same thing.

    The word adjust is important. Adjust means to adapt like the tadpole to the frog and the nymph to the mayfly.

    Adjust also means to focus. Focus in archaic terms is what they used to call a telescope. A telescope or looking glass. Think of how the image is thru a looking glass.
    On page 99 map of TTOTC there are 2 guns. Flip the drawing and the guns become a telescope or looking glass. See the eyeballs in them? This is the blaze area. They are next to a roof also called a Terrace. LOOK quickly down!

    Pdenver, what do you interpret the Dear Mz. Mary as??

    • pdenver says:

      Hello DPT. Good thinking. I have seen the guns/telescope for which you speak and have seen inside the viewing glass. I’m still trying to figure out Dear Mz. Mary. He has repeated “Dear” in previous posts. One meaning of endearment. Mz. is puzzling me because for me, it’s misspelled. Mary could mean different things. Looking at Late Latin, Mary for Maria, meaning “bitter.” If I recall, I believe you said something about vinegar the other day. I guess when I think of vinegar, I think of brine…pickling foods.

      • DPT says:

        Good research Pdenver, I like it!!

        Yes, I did say something about vinegar the other day. Mudd also known as the Mother of Vinegar. Makes me think about the mud post last week. Also the preface in TFTW when Forrest talks about making “wine”. In that segment he talks about the amphora also. The root word of amphora means to bear.

        • pdenver says:

          Hello DPT. Thank you for the compliment. I greatly appreciate it. Your thinking has impressed me very much. Keep up the good work.

          I just reviewed the preface in TFTW and it points out how the taste of the “wine” from the amphora tasted like vinegar. To taste “wine” that was at least 2000 years old is certainly brave and something I wouldn’t do. As for amphora having the root word “to bear,” one needs to understand which meaning it might be:


          Would it imply a heavy burden, whether in the mind, heart, or physically? Or, something else? How or where do we apply this?

          Twisting the thought a little. “To bear” might sound like “two bear” or “two bears.” With this, I think of the constellations.

          • DPT says:

            Yes, Pdenver. I like those as well to apply to the meaning of amphora. But, I also like to bear as in to bear children or offspring. That matches the whole meaning.

            Only the Mother can bear children. Mother of vinegar. The Mother is a guardian or caretaker. That paragraph in the preface speaks about a Mother.

            Riches also is Mother lode. Mother-hmmmm.

            Also searchers we need to get back to basics like Forrest says above. He told us in the last page of the book TTOTC also when he said the primal meaning of a butterfly was flutterby!!!

            • pdenver says:

              Hello DPT. Very good. I had considered to bear children, but went in a different direction because of Mr. Fenn possibly feeling like a scapegoat. I do like where you’re going with this. Keep up the good work. Are you able to make a connection to Mother and Scapegoat?

              • DPT says:

                Hi Pdenver, I haven’t made the connection to Mother and scapegoat.

                But I believe scapegoat is the whipping boy. He takes the blame. It is his FAULT!! I think he portrays himself as a Billy goat for two reasons. Scapegoate-Fault lines and Terrace. Terrace is where a Billy goat climbs. Also there is a Terrace or roof next to the telescope/ guns in the map page 99. This all connects to me to Focus, epicenter. Remember the root word of focus is a hearth or fireplace:-)

                Terrace root word is Earth. As in Mother Earth. There is an animal whose root word means Mother Earth also, Wooly Mammoth!!:-)

                • pdenver says:

                  Hello DPT. That’s fantastic! I saw the Mother Earth connection earlier. I just tried looking up the connection of Mother Earth and Wooly Mammoth, but my online source couldn’t find it. I tried separating Wooly Mammoth, but once more, I’m not sure if I’m seeing it correctly. I’d love to borrow the dictionary you’re using. 🙂

                • DPT says:

                  Hi pdenver,

                  I only use the free dictionary on the internet. Once in awhile I will check the Merriam dictionary. I use those because I heard or read a comment that Forrest made about looking up words and he said (paraphrasing) I used only the free dictionaries, the ones that do not cost money because I didn’t want searchers to have to purchase dictionaries to find out about words.
                  Look up Mammoth in free dictionary, the root and original definitions are beneath in parenthesis. One of the root definitions of Mammoth says “from Tatar mamont, perhaps from mamma earth, because of a belief that the animal made burrows”.

                  I don’t believe it means much in the chase, I could be wrong though. Just my opinion and a fun fact I knew.

                • pdenver says:

                  Hello DPT. Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it. I’ll have to consider other online dictionaries. I currently use Wiktionary, Merriam, and Wordnik. I’ll be sure to look up mammoth.

    • okieannie55 says:

      Where is the word “adjust” in his hints???

  27. BelleStarr says:

    Ok…back in the box. Thanks y’all

  28. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks and Mz. Mary, Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Unpack outside influences.

  29. Jeff Street says:

    Forrest Fenn, May I come and look over your waterfall in your backyard for what it is I seek? Thank You in advance for your answer

    • Anna says:

      Mr. Fenn, may I visit with Jeff Street also, and look at your cascading waterfall?

      • Chesney says:

        I believe it is in Montana, that is all I will say. It is Definitely not in his yard. If you knew anything about him, you would be certain that he is “a private type person”. He doesn’t even email back, lol.

  30. crowfeast says:

    Hmm very funny. I typically know when I am being laughed at – I think I even tell people that. The bike video was cute and it was nice to laugh at someone else’s efforts of learning, unlearning, and relearning. Knowledge does not equal understanding. Knowing that something works does not mean understand the why it works. If this bike example is what it takes just to ‘locate’ the treasure; I cannot imagine what bizarre example would be needed to ‘retrieve’ the treasure. Care to give a hint, Mr. f? 🙂

  31. Jeremy P. says:

    I’d just like to say, how great is it that Forrest Fenn is watching these videos on YouTube? He’s 80-something and watching videos to get even smarter. That’s pretty amazing.

  32. I believe the bicycle video was meant to demonstrate that there are different ways of accomplishing the same goal. If the goal in the video is to move from point A to point B, then whether you turn left to go right or left to go left is not important….understanding that you could do either is, as well as understanding which tool you are using to accomplish the goal, of course.

  33. I believe the comment about the blueprint may be tied to the bicycle video, in the context of there being different ways to accomplish the same goal.

  34. Mark J says:

    Fun times for all

  35. Plato ll says:

    “Dear Mz. Mary,
    The solve is difficult for many searchers because their minds think the clues are tougher to decrypt than they really are.” f

    Decrypting is usually associated with codes, but Forrest says there are none, So why did he use that term in the statement? It also requires finding a key or password to break the code. Maybe he should have used the word “decipher”, which means to understand or figure out. Maybe the word that is key helps you understand or figure out the starting point.

    “Some say they are trying to think outside the box, as if the solution lies somewhere out there.” f

    The solution is not out there, but the treasure is:


  36. “…Until now I have resisted telling them to get back in the box where their thoughts are comfortable and flow more easily….”

    In keeping with the Weekly Words of the past few weeks, I believe Mr. Fenn is preparing some people to understand that the solution, should it be revealed, truly is as straightforward as he has stated all along. The “Until now” tells me that day may be coming soon.

  37. Peli can says:

    I dint get it out
    I can get it out
    I did get it out

    Pure mercy I even bothered to write

  38. Spallies says:

    Thank you Jenny, Forrest and Mz Mary…. Jenny can I type in this box that your link above to “Weekly Words From Forrest Fenn” is not working?

  39. Onuat says:

    Hello,there Forrest,Jenny and Mz. Mary.
    Sitting on the edge of the box for now. From here I can see far and wide and also near.
    One foot in and the other out is where I’d much rather be.
    Looking forward to next Friday. 🙂 Thanks again.

  40. DPT says:

    Basics. Basic word meanings. Just like Forrest said on the last page of TTOTC. That a butterfly was called a flutterby!

  41. Spade says:

    The SED videos are great, already watched 3 of them but they probably should have Titled them smarter every month or so or something along those lines. Also, I love the comments being posted, some are entertaining and a few informative. Information is better than knowledge or something like that.

  42. Jeremy P. says:


    4:30 mark. When asked how the archer can hit an aspirin tablet in mid air, he replies:

    Archer: “Because I’m shooting at the center. The center of an aspirin tablet is exactly the same size as the center of a beach ball. And I always shoot at the center.”

    Interviewer: “It’s just a point, isn’t it?”

    Archer: “A very minute point.”

    Fenn: “To illustrate my point…”

    Tossing this out there because I’m enjoying these videos and no one mentioned that one. I actually think Forrest is essentially saying go back to the poem.

    • JL says:

      Blessed is the man who’s quiver is full of arrows………Always aim for the center.
      I have shot thousands of arrows with a longbow, it is a great past time nad I am exhilarated watching arrows in flight. Byron Furguson takes archery to a whole nother level.

    • Jones says:

      Perhaps Fenn is referring to the archers butt with but tarry scant? Maybe there is an imaginary object that resembles a arrow 🎯 point or ancient hammer or maybe you gotta break in somewhere or @ that point is where the treasured bole is. I happen to think milk jugs are important – cache cow sorta deal 🙂 Milk comes from an utter and cows have bells – all imaginary of course – today is a good day – live life to the fullest 🙂 🙂

      • anna says:

        Jones, jumping the milk truck is important. Forrest’s gets an a. Notice the cleverly hidden owl near the belt. TFTW between ff and his friend. IMO that chapter holds mucho bueno if you have proper understanding.

  43. SL says:

    Jeremy P.

    Haven’t been able to get this photo out of my mind since day one and I post it often. Do you see anything that might require further research about it?!?!!



    • Chesney says:

      I believe you are onto something, very keen eye, nice catch!!!

    • Ann says:

      Uhhhmm ya a rare bird 🙂
      Give me a minute humm maybe a title he he
      I gotta run, summer calls……….Good day 🙂

    • Jeremy P. says:

      @SL sorry, no I do not.

      If I were thinking “outside the box”, I would say that the skin on the wall behind Mr. Fenn looks like a bullseye. I would say that you asked me what I thought after I posted a comment about an archer. I would say that the inside flap of TTOTC has the same “bullseye” and it was photographed by one Amy “Archer”. I would then try and say something about Forrest hinting at archery or arrows or targets or something like that.

      However, we’re being asked to think “inside the box”. From that perspective I would point out all the things that must come together to make that a real clue. First, the video I pointed to would have to be the actual video he was referencing. Maybe, but it’s buried in the list, so who knows. Next, he would have to have made up “Amy Archer” or purposefully chosen a photographer named “Archer”. She seems to be a real person (just looked her up) and it seems far fetched to choose a photographer like that. And then, I believe bullseyes are probably not Native American. They are probably a European invention (didn’t look that up, but it seems probable), so the skin behind Mr. Fenn probably has nothing to do with targets or bullseyes and probably has something to do with the oft repeated pattern of concentric circles as pertaining to something spiritual or simply it was added as an aesthetic design. I don’t know.

      To me, that’s thinking inside the box. I would hazard that it’s probably the right thinking in this case, even though I too see a number of coincidences here related to bullseyes as targets. I often say that coincidences do matter, borrowing the phrase “the Universe is rarely so lazy”, but I should add that when I say that I mean coincidences that follow from solid evidence are in fact evidence. I think what you’ve got here is an actual coincidence. It’s a hard sell, but it is possible this photo has something to do with where he hid the treasure. What you would need to do is connect it to the poem and then you may have a shot (pun unintended).

      Sorry, and this is just my opinion. Best of luck!

    • Jones says:

      I think maybe it represents a kids knees kidney 🙂 kiddie chest ha

    • DPT says:


      I believe this is a very important picture. You are correct to see this as something important.

      Bear skin. Universal symbol of Epicenter of an earthquake. Border line. This is a representation of his special place I believe.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      SL, I’ve done some internet searching for Native American symbols on that.
      Consider me strictly an amature for this, making my best guesses.

      (For those who don’t know, you can hold down the Control key and hit the + key to blow up the image.)
      There are four things on that skin that I can make out.

      1) The line around it, more or less in the shape of the skin (in straight lines), with square blocks running along it all around. These squares seem to be in a pattern.
      I’m wondering if this might be the hide used to make a Buffalo Boat?

      It’s the next three that might combine to give a clue what this is about. There’s the circle pattern, either 3 circles or 2 circles around a bullseye center.
      Then there’s the line that runs through the circles, and extends farther left than right. This might simply be because there’s more room to the left.
      This line has those alternating patterns along it, round in the center and then alternating with block like symbols.
      Finally, there’s what looks like an Elk, left of the circle and above the line.

      2) The circles. I’m not sure, but it could be the symbol for “Buffalo Eye”. I’m not sure what that symbol actually means, but it gives a hint to the Buffalo Boat idea.
      Or it could be related to the Nation involved. Some circle patterns are related to the social welfare of a people, I think. I’m not completely sure, but the circle pattern could be related to a village as a hub of the society.

      3) The line running through the circle. This line has those alternating patterns. And to make a long story short, think “days and nights”. The symbols are evenly spaced along the line, they alternate between just the two, and one is round and might represent the sun.

      4) The elk image. Could this skin be a map to an elk hunting grounds from a village, stating the days to get there? Which would read 2 days travel, sun up to sun up, to get to the center of the hunting area.


      • Bob that could be the case but what does Forrest intend it to mean? The way I see those dotted lines is he saying something about a Tonnele look at a topographical map also why is it that I must go turn A Y and sideways and that represents the entrance to the tunnel >— a secret?

    • decall says:

      If you notice the line hes 9 stops on it…. looks similar to teachers with ropes. Mega “O” no doubt. Of all the things he owns, this is what he has on his wall. Intentional.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        That’s an interesting observation.
        I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. The photographer may have been the one to choose the place and background for the photo.
        But we certainly can’t be sure it’s not intended.

        9 points on the line, 9 clues.
        1 point in the “bullseye”. That could be Indulgence (the Blaze?).
        5 points left of Indulgence.
        3 points right of Indulgence.

        This might be a hint to where the clues lie in the poem.
        IF it’s intended as a hint.
        On my solve, it doesn’t change anything. All it does is redefine what the clues are.
        This is curious though, as I think Forrest has loaded this search up with all sorts of hints.

  44. Diggin gypsy says:

    Yessssssss im inspired the ole coot is back in the thrill of the chase 🙂 and maybe woke us all up again we all was falling asleep the last month 🙂

  45. John says:

    Thanks Forrest,

    I’ll be going back down to the blue box area. It’s also “in line” with your “I give you title to the gold.” But I really thought I had a better solution up by the “W”.

    A tighter focus reveals a more extensive blueprint, but I can be comfortable where the flow is easy.


  46. JohnR says:

    “Architects design based on strict rules and within a box.”

    • JohnR says:

      Fenn’s got to be the only person to write a poem… And call it a “blueprint”. An emotionless visual set of instructions. Hey Mr. Fenn, why choose a poem to deliver your clues, but ignore the emotional aspect…? Thanks. As a special bonus, why say blueprint? You think of that independently?

      • Chesney says:

        John R … I have been stomping the ground where Mr. Fenn made his “gallery”( if you will), since MAY 30, 2015. With that said, it is apparent to all avid searchers that someone (maybe not me) has been close to Indulgence for quite some time. Not saying I have her because I don’t! But if what I am looking at is his creation, there was a lot of time, patience, thought , and money put into it to make it what it is now! I am not looking under a rock in the desert, or under an aspen tree! I wish to show you, someday. This is art, with a lot of emotion! Close as you may ever come, read his chapter “My War For Me”. All In my humble opinion.

        • JC1117 says:

          I think you’re onto something, Chesney. Searchers in New Mexico I take very seriously. I’ve been thinking the Treasure is in New Mexico all along.

          Art is where you find it. Often it is found by reading between the lines…or by listening to “the Stillness between two waves of the sea”.


          Life is short…eat desert first.

          • Chesney says:

            With all due respect Sir, I never stated what State I was searching. I stated that there is a “gallery” present (something I could not make-up). It is so easy to take things out of context! Partially why nobody has it yet. 5000 feet elevation, but above what? Mr. Fenn never said Sea Level, now I got ya thinking, huh? 😀 All in my humble opinion!

            • Strawshadow says:

              I don’t believe Mr. Fenn had New Mexico on his mind when he mentioned the 5,000 foot remark but then what do I know that some other Mz. hasn’t already copied. IMO

            • Daphne says:

              Chesney, I really like you. And your music!

              • Chesney says:

                Thank You Ms. Daphne… but I am not the real Kenny Chesney. I can sing and perform, but not the way hedoes, perhaps. Did you happen to see what Dal posted on his site earlier? Quite enlightening, Mr. Fenn is “One in a Million”” I wish to meet him someday! Be safe, and happy hunting!!!

                • Daphne says:

                  I thought you signed your name Kenny once upon a time. It would be interesting to be named Kenny Chesney but not be “the” Kenny Chesney or maybe you are just channeling his persona? Fun anyway you look at it! And why do you assume I am female? I don’t visit with Dal’s site, but your “one in a million” comment made me smile. Say cheese!

                • Chesney says:

                  Yes, my first name is Kenny, and my friends nicknamed me Chesney. They say that because I always wear a black tshirt with no sleeves, black cowboy hat, and black cowboy boots.

  47. JDiggins says:

    Sometimes I think I’ve lost my box. Sometimes the comments of my fellow searchers make me feel like I’m waaaaay outa my league. Sometimes I feel really clever. Sometimes I feel like the biggest idiot in the room. Sometimes I think I understand, then I think again.
    I said left, he said right. I said row, he said no. I said let’s do it like this, he said, let’s not. It’s an adventure, it’s a challange, it’s an education, and it is an obsession.
    Sometimes it’s like time travel, sometimes it’s enduring, and sometimes it is the absolute best feeling in the world. He say’s back, I see 242. He says as, I see blue,/210. He says circles and yippee! I got something right! I’m running in circles.
    If I were any more frustrated with planning around the others’ in my pack; their ideas and schedules, I’d break the box.
    BUT, the idea is to live life to the fullest, don’t get hurt and don’t hurt anyone else. Live, love and laugh…if you find a treasure along the way, thats a plus!
    Sorry, rambling….
    I’m going 8/21 if not sooner….I hope!!!

  48. SL says:

    I don’t see a target/bulls eye connection to the (Forrest) photo link I’ve posted above. If anything, a connection to the Sun and Earth; a long that line.

    The following “Wetherill” Site is something I’ve also really appreciated. The slide presentation is a must:



  49. Onuat says:

    “In a world of talkers be a thinker and a doer”.
    Find the unexpected by Destin Sandlin..This one is my favorite,Mz.Mary. 🙂
    Thanks Forrest.

    • Lia says:

      After all is said and done, there is usually more said than done. That said, it’s possible to become a human doing rather than a human being.

  50. SL says:

    Let’s try this…again.

    Mz may be related to “M ark Z ibowski, a programmer who helped develop EXE. (DOS MZ executable.)

    I believe it will be of some help to do more research on the ‘subject.’


  51. SL says:

    I also highly recommend the following link:



  52. JWB says:

    Maybe Mr. Fenn is talking to some crazy, tattooed, cosmic beauty. They had words and a fight. Who here fits that description?

  53. jjdiggin says:

    Here’s a thought:
    where is a put in, there is also usually a take out.
    When I tubed the Verde, we all met at the “put in”.
    We floated down river for hours and miles until our extraction point, or “take out”. There was transportation to return us to our starting point. A big circle. Novel idea, eh? 🙂

  54. BW says:

    Maybe Mr. Fenn is referring to Pandora’s Box. All that we have left is hope and to not ever give up hope on finding the treasure.

  55. Jeremy P. says:

    I haven’t seen anyone say it, so I might as well say it: There’s a hard confirmation in this week’s words. It’s unambiguous, obvious, but easy to miss while thinking about the other things.

    Often people wonder if someone has solved it and simply hasn’t had the chance to go get it yet, someone living outside the US, for example.

    The answer is no. According to this, no one knows exactly where the treasure is. In fact, everyone is at least a little wrong.

    • jjdiggin says:

      If someone had solved it, I think they would find a way to retrieve it. I doubt anyone would just let it lie. Not after so much effort…would they?
      I don’t worry about such things. I used to worry it would be found soon, but I don’t anymore. Why? Because we are looking too hard…work smart, not hard…
      Because it’s all about the little, not the lot. 🙂

      • Jeremy P. says:

        Not concerned. Curious 😉 Specifically, I’m curious about what things that can be reasoned out and what’s just speculation.

        I don’t fall into the group who thinks they know where it is, has plane tickets or keys in hand, have sent their solution to Forrest, and who are waiting to check their location, but those folks ought to be a little concerned.

      • crowfeast says:

        Inside the box – gives me pause. IMO solving and retrieving can be completely different. Given my extreme spine condition, a retrieval of a cotton ball could be near impossible. I cannot imagine the weight for which I must adjust. Getting back inside the box is understanding the treasure and figuring out another way – some kind of leverage. When there is no brawn, brains must overtake. For me, the box requires imagination. Therefore, I like your, ‘work smart, not hard…’ comment.

        • Brad Hartliep says:


          I have a (shoulder, hip and) spine injury as well (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) – not as bad as yours. I can carry weight – and bull-headed enough to do it, whether its good for me or not – but it hurts like hell.

          I figure I will have to make three or four trips at 10 to 12 lbs – including everything else I’m carrying .. and take breaks if it’s more than a couple hundred feet .. maybe an 1/8 mile at a time – and pop a lot of pain killers ahead of time ..

          A lightweight folding cart with wheels or a drag along a-frame (Native American Travois) might help you – transfer some of the load to the ground .. though you will still have to pull or push .. maybe eight trips at 3 – 7 lbs – or get a partner to carry the weight .. of course the Bronze Chest empty weighs around 20 lbs or so .. so that one will be more difficult to haul .. take the gold and jewels out first, then hire somebody to haul the box out for you – after you’ve stashed the valuables – and pay them a flat rate – put it in a plastic box inside a backpack or something ..


    • Buckeye Bob says:

      You mean to tell me those two little girls from India who sent me a spam e-mail requesting $10 grand to pay for their trip in exchange for half the treasure…they aren’t legit?!

      • Jeremy P. says:

        They may be legit. After all, the one who could best adjust in the backwards bike video was the kid. So two children may be even better adjusted! I tell you what. If you send me $5 grand, I’ll go to India and check for you 🙂

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Checks in the mail, Jeremy.
          Hey, while you’re there, say hi to their uncle Dominic for me.
          Talked to him on the phone, nice guy. He said he was something called a rubbout specialist, studied in Jersey.
          I take it that’s some form of Indian message therapist.

  56. Jdiggins says:

    Sometimes I think my inability to play a video works in my benefit. I played none of the myriad of clips that came up from this suggestion, but some titles were interesting. Anyway, I get dumber every day I guess…

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      It happens, Jdiggins.
      I’m 63, and if I could go back to when I was 23 I’d know how dumb I am now.

      • jjdiggin says:

        Buckeye bob,,
        It’s nice to have company! I’d love to revisit 23 again myself!
        Are you planning a search soon? Apologies if that’s already known, but I do mis something once a while. 🙂

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          In about a month or so, jj.
          It’ll be a short try due to time constraints. I have hope that that will be enough, but you never know. At the least I get a scouting mission and some fun out of it.
          Along the way, this 63 year old with arthritis and some years of sedentary laziness has been working out and getting in the best shape in years. And I feel fantastic! I have a long ways to go, but it’s a new beginning for me. A new way of life is begun, treasure quest or not.

  57. Love says:

    So Mr. Fenn, do you ever get annoyed with the poem?

  58. Chesney says:

    Ms. Kile, I am curious if this picture was submitted by you, or Mr. Fenn??????

  59. Desertphile says:

    How may I submit a question for Forrest to answer?

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Desertphile, you can email me or use the contact form…or ask it here or message me on facebook……. ~jenny Thanks!

  60. Seannm says:


    Comfortable and flow more easily, hmm interesting choice of words.


  61. astree says:

    “Bungee cords were also used in …”
    . . .
    B U N G E
    E C O R D
    S W E R E
    A L S O U
    S E D I N

  62. JL says:

    Did anyone else happen to look at what is on the front and back of a box of Bicycle playing cards poker 808 to be specific?

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