Weekly Words From Forrest Fenn on The Thrill of the Chase

forrest fenn treasure mapWe all love to hear words from Forrest about any news or thoughts concerning the treasure hunt.  I recently decided to ask him if he had any words to share with us all, in regards to the search, and he did!! He gave me many words to which I will begin to share each Friday on my Facebook Page (and then add here) within this category of:

Weekly Words From Forrest

The first of this year long series is as follows:

*You will ignore the poem at your own peril

And then others:

*Shut your engine off until spring (Posted Dec. 4th, 2015)

*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather (Posted Dec. 11th, 2015)

*Complacency is the misuse of imagination (Posted Dec. 18th, 2015)

*Plan a warm place into which you can retreat. Merry Christmas (Posted Dec. 25th, 2015)

*Having a good plan is the best plan. Happy New Year. (Posted Jan. 1st, 2016)

*When they tell you it isn’t real, remember, it’s still real  (Posted Jan. 8th, 2016)

*A good solve is frequently lost in a poor execution (Posted Jan. 15th, 2016)

*Don’t be impatient, the treasure chest isn’t (Posted Jan. 22nd, 2016)

*It will be there for as long as time has to come, or until you find it  (Posted Jan. 29th, 2016)

* Six Questions with Forrest Fenn: Over Five Years of The Thrill of the Chase :   Six Questions took place of Feb. 5th’s Weekly Words (posted on the 4th)

*Don’t let logic distract you from the poem (Posted Feb. 12th, 2016)

*Your destination is small, but its location is huge (Posted Feb. 19th, 2016)

*Sage says don’t try and carry it home in one trip (Posted Feb. 26th, 2016)

*After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?” (Posted March 4th, 2016)

*The chest weighs 42 pounds plus, best to have gloves (Posted March 11th, 2016)

*Minding common sense in the mountains is good savvy (Posted March 18th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Early Weekly Words: The What Ifs?   (Posted March 24th, 2016- follow link)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words : X in a Name (Posted April 1st, 2016)

*Urgency is not a good plan to fallow (spelling correct) (Posted April 8th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words: The Cunning Fox (Posted April 15th, 2016)

*Snowy days are a searcher’s enemy (Posted April 22nd, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Which Direction? (Posted April 29th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Evasive Maneuvers (Posted May 6th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Blaze Measurement (Posted May 13th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Masquerades and Special Places (Posted May 20th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Ace of Spades (Posted May 27th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Batter at Plate (Posted June 3rd, 2016)

*Don’t be influenced by those who say they know, but don’t.f (Posted June 10th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Hiding the Treasure (Posted June 17th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words: Mud (Posted June 24th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Get Back in the Box (Posted July 1st, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: What is Safe? (Posted July 8th, 2016)

*Be mindful of nature and your health, but not in that order. f (Posted July 15th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Backup Plans (Posted July 22nd, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Wet Physics (Posted July 29th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Fly-by (Posted August 5th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Little Girl from India (Posted August 12th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: There’s a sky (Posted August 19th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Neither (Posted August 26th, 2016)

*Don’t allow your journey to be at odds with reality. f (Posted September 2nd, 2016)

*If you think I could not have put it there, you are probably right. f (Posted September, 9th, 2016)

*Don’t let your ego take you beyond your limit. f (Posted September, 16th, 2016)

*If you find the treasure many of your worries will doze off into the sunset. f (Posted September 23rd, 2016)

*You will like the top two treasures in the chest.f (Posted September, 30th, 2016)

*If you have a searching partner, best to have them wait in the car.f (Posted October 7th, 2016)

*If you don’t find it, then who? f  (Special Posting: October 11th, 2016)

*I could have written the poem before I hid the treasure chest, but I didn’t. f (Posted October 14th, 2016)

*Victory will always justify the effort. f (Posted October 21st, 2016)

*Tempting nature is a losing percentage. f (Posted October 28th, 2016)

*Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge. f (Posted November 4th, 2016)

*Success is an omniscient guru. f (Posted November 11th, 2016)

*You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f (Posted November 18th, 2016)

*Don’t ever let desire for the treasure lure you into a dangerous situation. f (Posted November 25th, 2016)

*A plan is better than a hunch. f (Posted December 2nd, 2016)

*Hopefully, finding the treasure will offset many days of disappointment. f (Posted December 9th, 2016)

*If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f (Posted December 16th, 2016)

*Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: Roundup for the Year (Posted December 23rd, 2016)

*If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f (Posted December 30th, 2016)


I am so excited, and truly appreciate Forrest’s thoughtfulness and time to provide these tiny strings of words for us!  I hope you enjoy them!

Check back next week for more ‘words from Forrest’, or please feel free to friend/follow me on Facebook as I will posting them there too.

Best of luck with whatever you seek!  ~Jenny



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103 Responses

  1. Moonshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny for posting FF’s Weekly Words. I’m looking forward to them 🙂

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    I am ‘thrilled’ to be able to offer them. Forrest has generously given his time to share ‘some words’, and so the Thanks really goes to him. They are fun and interesting, and will keep away any winter blues…..lol

    • paul hunter says:

      I think what Forrest Fenn has done with the thrill of the chase is great. He’s helped people to get out and about and explore the great outdoors. and people interacting with each other on good sites like this. When I first started looking at the poem I immediately thought of the treasure, but as times gone on and after so much research its no longer about finding the treasure but more the thrill of the find. I live in the UK and it would not be possible for me to come to America to search in person. My questions is how would i be able to trust a person to help me with my search ? I would need a person that had no interest in keeping the treasure but to have it placed in a museum and maybe something out of the box could be left in its place to carry on the thrill of the chase . Mr Fenn said “To keep a secret it takes one” but I believe there could be three. myself another person and Forrest Fenn himself.

      • Dear Paul,
        There are people who are searching just because of the thrill of the chase, and not for gold. I see it as Forrests’ medicine bundle. No, it doesn’t belong in a museum either. He collected this amazing set of objects, and he can leave his bones with some of them, but he cannot take them with him. He is a hoarder with refined taste, who is envied by many for his collection. I’m on the blogs as Smartblonde, and on Facebook.

        • Hunny says:

          I too see the treasure as a medicine bundle. I have thought this ever since I read about the jar he put together for Renell’s raffle. In fact that inspired me to research medicine bundles a tiny bit myself and put a small one together for myself. I have been a proponent of keeping the treasure together as a whole ever since (with the exception of keeping one small trinket for my own bundle and possibly one coin for my husband if I am the finder). This does leave a conundrum for the finder though, what is the proper thing to do with the chest?

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            Connie and Hunny, a medicine bundle is a very interesting thought. I don’t know much about them, I’m wondering what meaning a medicine bundle has to it’s owner after death?
            (I think this would be more symbolic in Forrest’ mind than anything else.)

            • Hunny says:

              It’s been awhile since I researched them but if I remember rightly there were a couple of different things that where traditionally done with a medicine bundle upon the owners death.
              I believe one option was to bury the bundle with the owner which in the case of Forrest would cause untold problems if the chest were found during his lifetime and then returned to him! I somehow don’t believe that was his intent anyway.
              The second option, if I remember correctly, was to bequeath it to a family member.
              I do remember in one Q&A on this sight, Forrest was asked if he would buy the chest back and I believe he said possibly. If I were the finder that might be one of the first things I asked. Not the buying back part, the what he wanted done with it part ☺️

              • Lia says:

                Plains Indian medicine bundle info:

                Bundles are considered holy; used for religious purposes; typically handed down or buried with the owner. (No reference to medicine bundle visibly present in ttotc poem – if stated in English). Many different NA words appear to be included, so not sure about med bundle if stated in na tongue.

                • Buckeye Bob says:

                  Thanks to both of you, Honny and Lia, for your replies.
                  I’ve always felt that Forrest was “paying it forwards” with this treasure hunt.
                  Add in some of the contents, the jade faces, the animal figures that remind me of (totems? I’m not sure what the right word is), the wo0rld wide reference to peoples and places, it just seems like a statement to humanity.
                  So putting all that together with this concept of a medicine bundle, it seems to me to make a sort of sense. Not exactly or specifically, but related.
                  A medicine bundle in spirit, as it were. And that spirit being for us all, the human spirit, through the publicity of this.

                • Buckeye Bob says:

                  I forgot to mention the chest itself. A symbol of love and peace.

  3. Wendy says:

    This will be interesting! Thanks, Jenny.

  4. DeCall says:

    WOW! He said winds of change.. this is exactly what I was expecting! And the perfect place for FF to do it. Awesome. This proves he wants it found and not hidden forever.

  5. spallies says:

    Is he talking to Will again?

    • astree says:

      Yo are pulling IRON WILL from WILL IGNORE E.G., IRON WILL ?

      The wording is intriguing, need to look at it some more (there are 42 letters and spaces, I think). This follows the recent “Life’s Tangents” reply to WILLOW.

      Be Well,

    • astree says:

      Hmmm, the site editor dropped the punctuation separating the anagrams.

      First thing I thought of was “The perils of pauLINE” (Pearl White), then “no place for the meek” and below.



      • spallies says:

        Hey Astree, I was not anagramming… Just punctuation.

        You Will! Ignore the poem at you own peril!

        But there are some interesting anagrams…if

        • astree says:


          Would you mind to pad your replies (“. …if”) a bit more with some examples? For example, “ignore” could be “region”. Is that were thinking?


          • spallies says:

            Hi Astree, yes I thought “region” was interesting too.. I also thought it is interesting that in “Shut off your engine until spring” you can pull the letters to spell Forrest Fenn..

            I have not had time yet to totally play with all of them… maybe over the holiday… Oh and the …if… Was a typo sorry 🙂

          • astree says:




            Thanks, spallies. Merry Christmas !

            • Tamara says:

              On what basis would anyone sue Forrest? On what basis could Forrest sue anyone else?

              I don’t see a legitimate basis for a suit from either side of the net.

              Maybe that anagram is wrong.

              • spallies says:

                Uh, Forrest Fenn ugly pinion suit? 🙂

              • astree says:

                Would that suit be filed at the county courthosue ? (That pinion gives me an idea for the next ugly Christmas sweater party.)

                I cant see where Forrest would get sued from this; I’ll change the anagram anyway:


                where “forret” is IT for “forrest”, if you know precisely where IT is.

                Happy Holidays, All

  6. Mark J says:

    Needs some real dramatic music to go along with it.

  7. Yiga says:

    Jenny, thank you for providing a home for Words From Forrest.

  8. Seeker says:


    Another great idea and additions { Weekly Words } to the chase. Will you be doing same with some of the other Authors and treasure hunting post on your blog, if possible?

    • Jenny says:

      Forrest is given us such a special gift with his weekly words……I’m so excited to be able to share them.

      I will consider other authors of hunts, but Forrest and his hunt is one of a kind and unique. I’m not sure ‘weekly’ would work for others…but maybe something….I’ll look into that, Seeker.

  9. the map pictured here, (must be from the book) is missing a clue…

  10. BW says:

    I feel like the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street…..only I wait for word crumbs to gobble up! Love this new thread.

  11. Woody Bogg says:

    Thanks Forrest for giving M.W. words of the weak. I guess the poem shouldn’t be referenced lightly. I suppose next week will be along the lines of Here me all and listen gooder.

  12. MartinS says:

    This should be interesting (and fun)!

  13. astree says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Did you put the ” * ” at the beginning of ” *You will ignore …” or did Forrest ?

    Thanks for putting up the MW Forum, will try to stop in soon.


  14. astree says:

    You will ignore the poem at your own peril

    Maybe he’s saying to effect that peril is no lonver issue. ?


  15. Seeker says:

    Is it just me, or does the same kinda statement come every year about this time…

    Sure winter is brutal for searching and many extra precautions to undertake or could it be that the trove cannot be located in this season?

  16. Joe says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I like this new feature but I think this thread will get mighty long over the weeks. Is it possible to set it up so that each week’s “weekly word” would have a separate thread of comments? Thanks for all of your work. Joe

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Joe,

      I agree….let me maybe do both….I like the idea of having all the ‘weekly words’ on one page, instead of multiple, but also understand your point…….so let me see what I come up with….give me a few…thanks for your feedback. ~jenny

  17. HollyfromMN says:

    Is that a nice way to say shut your trap? 🙂 btw, we could post these as separate posts and CATEGORIZE them, then lost the categories in the sidebar. The blog then pulls up all in one category if you click on the link…. Posts will load easier as less comments will be on each post? Just an idea.

  18. samsmith says:

    Two interpretaions…

    *Narrow is the path, and few there be who will find it…

    *Rest from your labors ’til the circle is replenished…


  19. Belle says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest…

  20. Joe says:

    Hi I’m Joe from PA…. ,my wife an nine kids would like to search for this mysterious treasure. Last week Mabel told me of the gold hunt, our family is fond of Sunday afternoon puzzles being as we are from Amish background ‘our heritage’ we will be hiring a driver to get us west. The children think we have a pretty good shot at the gold. My boys are good at finding Indian arrowheads we have found many in our field near Lancaster. Any sage advice is welcome. I can not recieve email as I write on a library computer. Thank you for your time.

    Joe & Mabel n children

  21. Sweettea says:

    I noticed

    “Shut your engines off til spring” was posted Dec 4th

    When were the weekly words

    “You will ignore the poem at your own peril”


    • Seeker says:

      “Weekly Words” from Forrest maybe a clue!
      Just funnin sweetea… every Friday is a new post. “you will ignore the poem at your own peril” was the first.

  22. Muset says:

    “If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”

    On one of my searches, I learned that even the softest soil is frozen solid when there is more than a foot of snow on it.. so that’s a pretty big hint… almost sounds like a challenge, really…

  23. spallies says:

    On the Thrill of The Chase Resource page on Forrests’ home page http://www.oldsantefetradingco.com the poem is titled “The Poem”. Has anyone ever seen it titled this or anything else anywhere else? Something else I have been wondering is if you shut your engine off aren’t you technically in “park”?

    • 42 says:

      Spallies, Clever inference ‘in park.’ The only other title ff has used is “Where The Treasure Lies.”

    • WiseOne says:

      spallies, Way back in the beginning of TTOTC I remember seeing it entitled “Where the Treasure Lies”.

      • spallies says:

        Thank You Wise One…

        • JC1117 says:

          Yes, in deed. Thank You Wise One. I remember seeing that some where. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Mind if I borrow it? I’ve been searching for something old and new to go with something blue.

          • WiseOne says:

            Awww, are you blue JC? Don’t be blue. That’s not like you. You’ve always been such a happy chap! I’ll let you borrow it anytime. Just one thing though…. Don’t break it. 🙂

      • Seeker says:

        I believe that was a “title” given by a reporter or producer for an article in the chase.
        As far back as I can recall… there is no title to the poem. it’s been discussed dozen and dozen of time, but never one found or given by the Author.
        Searcher have given the poem titles, such as; TTOTC poem, The Poem, The chase, The challenge, the Dare… Yet no true title, to best to my knowledge.

        • WiseOne says:

          Could be…. IDK. But it’s still in the back of my mind along with all the other stuff. Just though I’d mention it since someone asked. You know, once it’s in there, it’s hard to forget it. Hopefully you know what I mean.

  24. Jdiggins says:

    He repeats “go back to “the poem” over and over…:-)
    I’ve gone back after a meltdown, and I’ve discovered much, much more. The answer is out there. 🙂

  25. corkydog says:

    Thanks Jenny,
    This is really a great idea. I’ve read a lot of other stuff on the blogs but I believe this is going to end up being one of the most interesting to all. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one that gets people talking about the clues instead of in secret. I have a lot of ideas but am only willing to speak with people that want to help others. If I go searching doesn’t matter. what matter is we work as a team to solve this poem. Solving the poem doesn’t give you the gold. Forest has already said that. That’s a part of it but even Forest said you’ll still have to search for it. any how, thanks again for this sight I love it all ready.

  26. Geydelkon says:

    I wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Please be safe and love the ones your with. We are legends everyday for tomorrow. Today, I have a new grandson weighing 7.1 ounces. The wife got to cut the cord. So with that said, I will see you all after the holiday.

    Peace and God Bless

    Eugene (Geydelkon) and Annette (Kimimela)

  27. astree says:


    That is fantastic news, congratulations to the grandparents and of course the parents.

    Happy New Year, too.


  28. David Nelson says:

    Thanks for the great blog Jenny I have truly enjoyed it.

  29. Dagnabit says:

    *Plan a warm place into which you can retreat. Merry Christmas
    *Plan a warm place (in two) (which u?) can retreat. Merry Christmas

  30. Ted Wells says:

    I find myself in the most hilarious position. I say hilarious because its one of those laugh or cry moments. I’ve spent some summers playing with Fenn’s riddle. I love the idea of one stone left unturned for me. I, like many before me, have a location in mind that I’m certain holds special meaning to Forrest. Ive spent countless hours researching, changed my mind exactly twice, but this one feels good. This one feels right. Before I found myself tailoring the facts to fit the riddle rather the riddle itself a little more consideration, the himself even. I feel richer for just reading.

    On the off-chance that Forrest gets to read this: “Thanks Cowboy, for everything. Regrettably I won’t be able to come and collect the spoils for some time, if at all, my health isn’t what it was and I live an entire ocean from your back yard. It was fun though and if luck is in my corner Ill come to Santa Fe and see what you saw. Until then your secret’s safe with me and mine. Best of luck with everything.”

    In the spirit of the chase, Ill give you these clues: If Im right, which is a big if, the spot holds special significance to Forrest. Something changed there. Something happened there. Something big. We can tell these things are important to him from most of the clues hes given us so far. One in particular was the painting his friend made of the bear. It wasn’t just a clue, it was a statement. “This is important to me.” He’s a man that cares deeply for the things and the people he cares about. I part with this advice. “To find the gold, consider the man.”

  31. Debbie says:

    Do we know if the chest is accessible 24 hours a day?

  32. Jake Faulker says:

    I hope the weekly words are not weak.

  33. I had wonder if the blaze was seasonal, meaning could you be able to see it at any time of the year? Forest has filled in a quarter of that wonder..

  34. Just joining the chase.

    When does this appear?


  35. Spallies says:

    Ha Ha Bill I gave you directions to where you already are… lol. I don’t know if it appeared anywhere else this is the only place I think I saw it…. The phrase is an anagram from “Shut off your engine until Spring”… I have no idea what it means??

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