Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for October 28th, 2016

the thrill of the chaseA complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words for October 28th, 2016 are as follows:

*Tempting nature is a losing percentage. f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!


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94 Responses

  1. Chesney says:

    Thank you Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile, for the “Weekly Words”!

  2. astree says:

    A nature tempter succeeds as plaintiff. But, usually just for after a while. Wonder if Jenny’s going to be throwing corn on porches in Fennsylvania this week-end. (Oh, maybe that was me.)
    Thanks for the weekly words, Forrest and Jenny.
    Jenny, my login credential (from Dec 2015) aren’t working for the “protected” story. Or, is that a different login than the forum login? (couldn’t find info on the site, thought I’d ask it here).

  3. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s “Weekly Words,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. This is good advice and something to think about. I’ll keep percentages in mind.

  4. The Wolf says:

    Reminds me of one thing in nature, one should never tempt for the survival percentage is extremely low. Fortunately, I am one of the few that have survived such an attack and lived to tell about it. Twice? No thanks but you know what they say…

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Hi Wolfie. I’m wondering what you survived?
      I fell through the ice while ice skating once, in zero degree weather. It was a painful ordeal because of the time it took to get to warmth. But that’s nothing compared to a wild animal attack, I’m sure of that.
      Then there was the time when I was a paper boy and three dogs at one house got out and surrounded me, nipping at my legs so that I couldn’t stop jumping around enough to get on the pedals and ride away. Until I got a break and managed that. But I never thought my life was in danger and I was in town too. But I was tempted to get into witchcraft and put a pox on those dogs.

      • The Wolf says:

        Those are some interesting nature attacks but the odds were still greatly in your favor. I am talking about a highly charged event that few live to talk about that supposedly doesn’t strike twice in the same spot. But it does!

        Fortunately I was not grounded at the time,reducing it to a benign tingling but shocking experience. 😉

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          No cowbell for you.

          That must be a heck of an ice breaker at a party, though.

          • JC1117 says:

            Indeed, Wolf.

            Woe! Have you ever slowed down to think (about thinking) that there’s a lesson in there some where?

            If that ever happened to me I think my brain would be denatured like scrambled eggs.

            On second thought… 🙂 …I could really use a good excuse like that. :/

            Turns out…you’re quite a “lucky” fellow, Wolf.

            Uhhh…keep it up? :/

            All’s well that ends well.

            Something tells me you must be really attractive.

  5. HeadedDown says:

    Let sleeping dogs lie (or porcupines). And now don’t tempt nature. But this is an old weekly words.

  6. Jake Faulker says:

    This is a call for safety & what should be common sense.
    It’s sad that it has to be said over & over again.
    Half the areas people are searching can be eliminated along with the consideration of weather.
    Thanks Jenny & Forrest for stating the not so obvious for some.

  7. JL says:

    Ok, who is the temptress and just exactly who’s nature is she tempting. Dame Fortune must have a superhero sidekick Nature Temptress. I’m outta hear , I’m going to play with the big boys.

  8. JDA says:

    Thanks for the reminder Forrest and thanks for posting it Jenny. Good luck to ALL searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE ALL – – – JDA

  9. 23kachinas says:

    With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Years right around the corner, it’s nice to remember how it feels to be anticipating a trip home to the loved ones. Halloween get out of the way please, I’m busy planning.

  10. ACE says:

    Reminds me of a nursery rhyme, something about a monkey and a weasel.
    Thanks Forrest and thank you Jenny!

    If your reading this MikeyJ thanks for your story on dals site. You may want to take Jakes advice and downsize your HOB just a tad bit. IMO

  11. ROLL TIDE says:

    Losing percentage=loss percentage (LP)
    Cost Price=CP
    Selling Price=SP
    Formula : LP = (Loss/CP) x 100
    LP is the percent change between CP and SP.

    ( SP-CP/CP) x 100 = LP
    Whereas ,
    CP = Total investment (time, effort, money, risks, etc.)
    SP = Outcome of that investment (profit or loss).

    (Outcome minus investment, divided by investment) multiplied by 100 equals “tempting nature”.
    tempting = attractive
    nature = water
    Attractive water is a losing proposition, a loss percentage (LP).
    If you don’t have that one nailed down, you may as well stay home . . .

    • JL says:

      Although I’m not a bean counter and manipulating figures to justify an end to a need. I would have to calculate everything differently.

      LP= (MD x BE) – CP

      Take it for what it’s worth as bankruptcy is forecasted*


      • ROLL TIDE says:

        JL ,
        Without knowing what MD and BE represent, I cannot test the accuracy of your calculation.

        • JL says:

          I do appreciate the offer, but I’ve gone over it 42 times and it is accurate, that has been confirmed. No need to spend time on my dilemma. It is a fact that sum times the numbers just don’t add up enuff to keep you outta the red.

    • jonsey1 says:

      Nice! I might push it one step further and suggest the post illustrates the Theory or Runs precisely. You’re certainly on a roll here 😉

  12. GEYDELKON says:

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest,
    I can always learn a thing or two as I get older.

  13. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks again Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Nature is always tempting.

  14. MS girl says:

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest, just reminds all to stay out of the bat and bear caves and watch for deadly snakes at every turn. Good things to remember always at this late stage in the Chase. General safety and smart safety go hand in hand….Be always mindful and not so MEEK! MS. Girl still in the Chase- – – – –

  15. stevieace says:

    thanks for the site, it provides an arena for discussion.
    As we all try to solve the clues, most don’t divulge their most cherished glues, we only hint at them. This is a game of
    high stakes poker for the serious. Always trying to read the others tells.
    my question, and I apologize if this has been asked before but ……… is the Blaze man made or natural ?

    • JDA says:

      Until Indulgence is found, there is no way to know. I would guess that most people would guess that it is natural, Anything is possible though. “MY” blaze is a waterfall. JDA

      • stevieace says:

        my guess is that the Blaze is Natural and when you see it, it is an “Aha” moment. it is seen in only a certain view or angle or distance vista. something that has been there and will be there for some time. if you’ve been wise and ……. ??? just the poem and a book is all we really need.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          stevieace ,
          So, in your opinion, if you can see the blaze from a distance, do you “look quickly down” from where you first are able to see it, or must you make your way to the blaze and then “look quickly down” ?

      • lorna says:

        My blaze is an old fireplace, the house is no longer.

    • DelaYah says:

      It’s natural and old. And big.

    • DelaYah says:

      If you’re close enough and don’t see it, it may bite you! 🙂

  16. jdiggins says:

    Well, y’know, my train was prolly on the wrong track anyway.
    Trick or treat?
    Muh ha ha ha…thanks folks, I’ll be here all week!
    Next week I’m on tour. 🙂

  17. astree says:

    Was trying to get this as “A” (=100) losing a percent age, but didn’t get it yet.
    How about “and leave my trove fore alto seek”.. or … “.. floral to seek”. You could plant sage there too.
    Maybe A=1, and losing 1% leaves nothing?
    Anyway, wise advice, don’t tempt nature, especially in lonely places in the winter.

  18. Buckeye Bob says:

    I’m going to spend this “off season” getting in better shape and getting my meager financing in order.
    I also will be able to get some family to go with me next year.
    So things are looking up for my attempt. Assuming all goes well, that is.

    I can’t see going when the snows can fly at any time. Wherever Indulgence lies waiting, I’m pretty sure that people will walk right past it and not know it’s there because of snow cover. And the wind is likely to blow that cover over top of it too.
    But for you youngsters who have the wherewithal and means, a group for safety, and don’t plan anything too far out there or in rugged terrain, it sure would be a beautiful experience. Just don’t slip. And don’t shoot yer eye out with yer Red Rider BB gun.

  19. Thank you Forrest and Jenny

    Sounds like we may have reached the crossroads between Fall and Winter.
    Does this mean it’s time to dig in before the snow hits the ground?

  20. 5-leaf blaze says:

    Oh yes, don’t let the bears smell your campsite when out “Fenning.” Believe me, I know.

  21. Onuat says:

    Go only where a 79 to 80 year old can.
    Thanks again Jenny and Forrest.

  22. DelaYah says:

    Hello JC1117
    Aren’t you in SLC? Want to meet for lunch tomorrow?

  23. Passenger says:

    *Tempting nature is a losing percentage. f

    Don’t twist your ring, it cold be telling.

  24. jonsey1 says:

    The Theory of Runs.

    How’s that work out on a B average, I wonder… anyone wanna buy some stock in a mummy? Raise your hand, or your paddle, or whatever…im not sure it’s for sale though it appears to be quite a bargain.

    • JL says:

      Why would you buy something you could just stumble over?

      • DelaYah says:

        Hey JL. How’s it going?
        Man, I sure wish that you were coming with me.. I need to have someone pull me back up after I … well, Let me know if you changed your mind! 😀

      • Jonsey1 says:

        You don’t have to buy it JL…only bid on it. Impulsively. Tempt nature. Bank on the Theory of Runs as you multiply the percentages. Chances are you’ll end up some degree of runner-up so no purchase will actually be forced to fruition. Such is The Theory of Runs. It’s all what you put your stock into I guess the effort is where it’s at.

  25. Sparrow says:

    It’s easier to tempt a porcupine with a banana than to tempt a banana with a porcupine.

  26. TrailThumper says:

    Hmmm…. perhaps something like:

    Better to stay inside than provoke Mother Nature during peak seasons. (especially during Summer and Winter).

  27. lorna says:

    Im not getting this one.

  28. lorna says:

    Im not getting this one.

    • Iron Will says:

      I think it just means that trying to find the chest in bad weather, will only lower your percentage of finding it… like in the Winter in snow, or when its pouring rain in a thunder storm.

  29. DelaYah says:

    The odds are against you. Losing percentage = 49% and below.
    Nothing to see here, just think about any trips to the rockies before you go.
    And be prepared for the worst if you Must go out to achieve Victory!

  30. joey nelson says:


  31. lifesablaze says:

    From the very first visit to my area I have suspected there is a ‘wild man’ out there. I have seen several implications and there were items left at my truck on two separate occasions. I am now almost certain he is out there. There was a sound made as I was passing through the meadow. A singular sound of two sticks struck together. I had a strong sense of being followed down the trail, strangely arched trees and…on the way back, a mound of poop in the middle of the trail perfectly covered with dirt and small sticks…no signs of animal scratching, no tracks. Each time I have gone out I have left him apples, but this time I didn’t because I was mad…I felt he was trying to scare me. But I had my dog with me this last time, always alone before. Maybe the dog was threatening. I’m just putting that out there.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Lifesablaze.

      Hey…uhhh….about that…uhhh…poop.

      Sorry ’bout that.

      Won’t happen again.


      Cross my heart…and hope to die.

      Btw…you’ve probably heard that sticks and stones can break your bones.

      As they turn out…they’re pretty scratchy, too. :/

  32. Sparrow says:


  33. lorna says:

    You guys are funny! 😜

  34. SL says:

    Given even the slightest percentage when looking at the big picture; Mother Nature maintains the highest percentage of holding that Royal Flush – ( Not too sure of how much; if any whatsoever…. in the even ‘ larger’ picture).

    In any event, best to be emotionally, physically and mentally aware and prepared whenever venturing out to search for the TC.


  35. lorna says:

    It’s a beautiful 70 degrees in Nambe.

  36. SL says:

    Must be beautiful, Iorna!

  37. lifesablaze says:

    Hahaha JC1117 – So funny! You guys think I am kidding, but I’m not. He’s out there. A real Tarzan.

  38. lorna says:

    Was that you walking like a crab bare foot in cactus country!?

    • JC1117 says:

      Probably, Lorna.

      Especially if it happened during “discovery channel” shart week.

      That’s the scariest week of the year for walking around…and it gets worse the older I get.

      It’s a crappy s_ituation to find yourself in…suddenly. :/

      It’s hard NOT to walk like a crab.

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