Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for November 18th, 2016

forrest-fenn-treasureA complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words for November 18th, 2016 are as follows:

*You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f

Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!



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331 Responses

  1. Point Foot says:

    No mildew in the treasure chest. That is a good thing and might mean there is a good seal when the lid is closed. I wonder if we will find mildew outside of the chest. Mildew grows in damp dark places. That at least seems possible.

  2. astree says:

    Lol, was wondering about that mildew. Wasn’t there a separate comment some years ago about, or close to, mildew and related to a holy hat?
    Thanks, Forrest and Jenny. Need to ponder this some more.


  3. JC1117 says:

    Hello, All.

    Maybe Forrest put the whole chest into a giant Ziploc bag. Just a thought. ???

    Or maybe he means we won’t find that old hat in the treasure chest…the hat with the hole(s) in it.

    Thanks, Jenny and Forrest.

    • astree says:

      Here’s the reference, JC1117.

      “Her name is Mildew. She was given to me by the son of a guy named Dither who hunted coyotes in the Bosque…”

      (sure looks like mildew on that “stele” (sp?), at the Scarpbook)


    • astree says:

      … JC, at the Scrapbook, do you think he bequeathed the hat to himself ?

      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, Astree.

        THAT’S the hat I’m…I mean, Forrest…is talking about. We might be able to verify it if we could get a few more photos of the hat…preferably up inside the hat where he might have signed it…like that book he has signed many times saying it still belongs to him. 🙂

        That’s a great idea, btw.

        And speaking of great ideas…this Weekly Words inspired a question in my mind.


        No…it’s not Iran’s question to the U.N. nuclear inspectors these days…”What weapons (of) mass destruction?” lol.


        The question actually revolves around mildew.

        As in…What would Mil(house) dew?


        Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!

  4. Jeremy P. says:

    No mildew in the chest, but the chest is wet. Must be that the contents are in an airtight container. But you’re supposed to be amazed when you open it, and save your best smile for it. Wait… I’ve got it!

    The treasure is sealed tight inside a Walmart bag with a big rollback smiley face staring at you!


    • Crow says:

      I would like to be amazed – wonder if that will ever happen.

    • WyMustIGo says:

      Mildew doesn’t grow in certain biomes at or above a given altitude. Same reason why lakes high in the mountains are clear, less fungus.

      Anyway its wet because he also said its exposed to the elements. I highly doubt its in or near water, they change and move all the time, a river even moves year to year. For example some of those places where he once fished as a kid are gone due to moving rivers and streams.

  5. The Wolf says:

    Of course there is nothing organic the chest except 2 strands of hair. All the metal is pretty much anti-bacterial and the silver bracelet would he the primary mildew fighter. So nothing surprising, unless one wants to focus on the climate in which indulgence lies: Cold and dry.

    However, if one believes this treasure hunt is a puzzle, then who is this Will he speaks of? ;-), but for the rest I suggest to ponder this –

    If there is no mildew in Indulgence then is Indulgence inside Mildew?

  6. Mindy says:

    Interesting that the word mildew comes from words meaning, “honeydew” and “nectar.” Not how many of us today think of mildew!

    mildew (n.)
    mid-13c., mildeu “honeydew, nectar,” from Old English meledeaw “honeydew” (sticky stuff exuded by aphids), from Proto-Germanic compound of *melith “honey” (see Melissa) + *dawwaz “dew” (see dew). Similar formation in Old Saxon milidou, Dutch meeldauw, German Meltau “mildew.”

    First element in many cases assimilated to forms of meal (n.2) “ground grain.” As a kind of fungus it is first recorded mid-14c., so called from its being sticky and originally growing in plants.

    • Mindy says:

      Also, the pie root of Melissa is “honey.” Many with name “Melissa” go by “Missy.” Missy = miss y

      • Mindy says:

        And the origin of “nectar”:

        nectar (n.)
        1550s, from Latin nectar, from Greek nektar, name of the drink of the gods, which is said to be a compound of nek- “death” (see necro-) + -tar “overcoming,” from PIE *tere- (2) “to cross over, pass through, overcome”

        And “dew”:

        dew (n.)
        Old English deaw, from Proto-Germanic *dawwaz (source also of Old Saxon dau, Old Frisian daw, Middle Dutch dau, Old High German tau, German Tau, Old Norse dögg “dew”), from PIE root *dheu- (2) “to flow

  7. The Wolf says:

    Oh, yes Mindy, the Land of Milk and Honey, Moses is back, now who is Will?

    • Mindy says:

      Will comes to us again as “joy, delight.”

      will (n.)
      Old English will, willa “mind, determination, purpose; desire, wish, request; joy, delight

      • The Wolf says:

        So is mind = Mindy? And who is this Joy? 😉 You don’t have to answer the last part.

      • Mindy says:

        And find:

        find (v.)
        Old English findan “come upon, meet with; discover; obtain by search or study” (class III strong verb; past tense fand, past participle funden), from Proto-Germanic *finthan “to come upon, discover” (source also of Old Saxon findan, Old Frisian finda, Old Norse finna, Middle Dutch vinden, Old High German findan, German finden, Gothic finþan), originally “to come upon.”

        The Germanic word is from PIE root *pent- “to tread, go” (source also of Old High German fendeo “pedestrian;” Sanskrit panthah “path, way;” Avestan panta “way;” Greek pontos “open sea,” patein “to tread, walk;” Latin pons (genitive pontis) “bridge;” Old Church Slavonic poti “path,” peta “heel;” Russian put’ “path, way”).

        Germanic *-th- in English tends to become -d- after -n-. The change in the Germanic initial consonant is from Grimm’s Law. To find out “to discover by scrutiny” is from 1550s (Middle English had a verb, outfinden, c. 1300).

    • Oops says:

      William kidd

  8. Bailey says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Happy Friday.

  9. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn for the dry humor, lol.

  10. Rhi says:

    George had mildew. The title must be in a bag.

  11. Iron Will says:

    My opinion is that this week’s words simply tell searchers that the chest is not buried. Inside the treasure chest is lined with wood. If buried wood will mold and rot. As well… it is located in its hidden spot with substantial ventilation. Of course everyone should know this from his 12 ft. remark and comments about the elements affecting it.

  12. 23kachinas says:

    Mycotoxins again? Aspergillus is a known adversary of mine.

    A few colleagues from my Building Biologist study group have extreme reactions to mold due to previous exposures, chronic illnesses and past injuries. These sensitive people call themselves MCS (Multiple chemical sensitivity) or EHS (Electro-hypersensitivity). They are not looking forward to 5G rollout so they try to make themselves as comfortable as they can in a modern internet of things world.

  13. DPT says:

    Ok, some great responses above. Gets me to thinking.

    If the outside is wet and the inside has no mildew.

    Then the outside could have mildew or mildew like substance. Maybe something Tarry like nec tar. Which Mindy pointed out above has to do with mildew. Could it be covered with tar? That would seal the inside contents from getting mildew or mold. I don’t understand how you could have a airtight seal without it. The chest is open or not locked, that would cause a seal to release would it not? But if it was covered in a tarry substance that could help seal it.

  14. ROLL TIDE says:

    My research strongly suggests that the chest is protected with oilskin/oilcloth.
    That stuff lasts for a Very long time.
    This would allow for the chest to be “wet”, while at the same time, preventing any moisture from getting inside.

    • DPT says:

      Roll Tide,

      I like your thought as well.
      I also came across pitch. Pitch is tar or asphalt. Pitch can also be a resin derived from sap of pine trees. Used for waterproofing and sealing like tar.
      Batter up!

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        I had the same thought about a tar pitch seal on the chest exterior.

        “But tar-pitch sealed and scantly gazed upon with marvel”…

        Then also, the idea of the chest being wrapped first, then tar-pitch sealed.

        “Just take the chest and not the wrap and go in peace”…

        This would also account for a need for gloves.
        And it might also make the chest harder to see, so bring a flashlight.

        But this is all speculation, at this point.

      • ROLL TIDE says:


        For whatever reason, I’m feeling generous this morning . . .

        Featured Question: Closer than 200 Feet? – 7/26/16
        f answered in red-type. This indicates “color-change”. The gist of his answer is about the turquoise changing color. He uses the word “turn” to describe the change to a greener color.
        Turn = change color. Turn is also synonymous with indulgence.

        Change color = mantle (think baseball). Mantle = blaze, geography, and oilskins, amongst others. (the turquoise changes color by absorbing OIL from the SKIN.)
        Change color also = freeze = halt, end, cease, chase, and focus.
        Oilskins = macintoshes, mackintosh.

        Surprise Words: Alone in There – 7/17/16. Sent in by Sally McIntosh.
        Sally = start.
        Sally was also the name of the operator in the story “Information Please”.
        She told the little boy how to spell “fix”.
        Figure all of this out and you will “know what Sally meant”.
        If you follow it correctly, you will find yourself reading about Hardy fly-rods. And, you will understand that mahatma (guru) = titleholder.

        That should be enough to point you to the right rabbit-hole.
        And, rabbit-hole will tell you to “put in”.

        And, I won’t elaborate any further on a public forum. But, I am considering partnering up with someone. Have reviewed a couple offers already but have made no final decision.

        Whoever I decide upon will be someone who thinks like I do. We will not be chasing every confluence or hot springs, or person named Brown in the RM.
        My solve is solid, up to and including, the blaze.
        Just need to work out the end-game from that point.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          Forrest was sure walking around in his socks quite a bit.
          Anyone else notice that none of the kids in the school-picture on pgs. 18/19 TTOTC are wearing shoes? They are all in their socks.
          eso si que es.
          That’s what it is . . . 🙂

          • BW says:

            As the tide rolls in, the eagles fly over and the dawgs begin to bark……so begins another day in “The Thrill of the Chase!”

            • ROLL TIDE says:

              BW ,
              Always good to see you drop by. Happy Thanksgiving.

              • BW says:

                Jenny forgive me…going off topic.

                Roll Tide, I have to tell you this….true story. A couple of weeks ago I was at a local convenience store. Out of a red trucks pops a man wearing……get this…..baseball cap, black/white houndstooth….long sleeve shirt, black/white houndstooth……overalls, black/white houndstooth…….tennis shoes, black/white houndstooth. I just started dying laughing. I had to say something…..I told him, ” man that takes great courage to wear that outfit!” He laughed more than I did………blamed it on his children.! Have you traveled in a westerly direction lately?

                Now back to today’s feature!

                • BW says:

                  Oh, I forgot to also say on the front of his overal bib as a big scarlet letter “A”

                • ROLL TIDE says:

                  BW ,

                  That was hilarious ! But no, wasn’t me.
                  I live just outside of T-town OK, but my heart is always at T-town ‘Bama.
                  But, there is a scarlet letter on most everything I own. 🙂

        • Spallies says:

          Roll Tide… you drinkin your coffee with your feet on the counter again? 🙂

          • ROLL TIDE says:

            Spallies ,

            No, I haven’t quite mastered that trick yet, I still use my hands . . . 🙂

            • Spallies says:

              Ha ha… RT

            • DPT says:

              Roll tide,

              Thanks for feeling good today. I really like your line of thinking as it is aligned with mine! I too have recognized those things and have entrenched them into a solve that I almost have it put together for a search in the spring.

              Good work Alabama!!

              • ROLL TIDE says:

                DPT ,

                I too, feel like you and I think a lot alike. I’ve had my eye on you for months. There’s been a few times that you have caused me to set up and take notice.
                Are you interested in collaborating ? If so, let’s see if Jenny will be kind enough to forward my email addy to you. I won’t post it here online.

                I’ll show you some things about this chase that will knock your socks off.
                And that’s not arrogance, that’s an iron-clad guarantee.

                • DPT says:

                  Roll tide,

                  Sorry for not getting back too you earlier. Sure , I am willing.
                  Not sure how Jenny would like to do it, but if you are reading this Jenny, please give Roll tide my email address so he can contact me.

                  Thanks Jenny.

                • The Wolf says:

                  Good catch Roll Tide, I see where you are going with this.

        • Afana says:

          RT, Thanks for your generosity and, imo you’re one who takes note so, how long have you been at this game ?

          • ROLL TIDE says:

            Afana ,

            I first heard about it on January 27, of this year. I was reading a book and had the tv on at the same time, not really paying attention to the program.
            Expedition Unknown was airing and Josh Gates was talking about some hidden treasure, blah, blah, blah . . .

            I didn’t pay much attention to it until he stated that the treasure might not be buried and that a map, in the nature of a poem, was also available from the fellow who had hid the treasure.

            What? A hidden treasure AND a “map”? Well, it doesn’t get any better than that!

            I’ve been working on it pretty much non-stop ever-since.

            Oddly enough, I was immersed in another treasure hunt of sorts . . .
            The book I was reading :
            Secret Chamber Revisited :
            The Quest for the Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt
            -Robert Bauval-

        • lifesablaze says:

          Hello Roll Tide – Your comprehensive review of ‘Sally’ led me to remember one of my specific search days in July. There were times when I was afraid because I was alone and pretty far down my trail. So I sang Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally” to myself outloud for most of the trail. It’s still my theme song when I’m out there. Haha! Didn’t make the connection until just now. – Lifesablaze

        • Michelle says:

          I also have a color change for my solve but it’s not turquoise

  15. JDA says:

    My bet is that the majority of the contents is in zip lock baggies. How else would you be able to know which pieces were the top two? Just my bet. JDA

    • JDA says:

      Sorry – poor English – Should have been, “The majority of the contents ARE in…” Sorry ’bout that.

      • Diggin gypsy says:

        Im thinking the same thing the treasure is in some kinda seal proof something or a leather hide and a big plastic seal proof bag camoflaged treasure

  16. JL says:

    omniscient guru asks ” hey Forrest what you doing”
    Forrest replies ” I’m mildewing”

  17. The Wolf says:

    You mean I’m idle wing?

  18. JL says:

    Seriously though,
    Thanks Forrest and Jenny, every lil bit helps; As I have stated before I am no scientist but the only way you could be certain there is no mildew would be if it is in an environmentally controlled sterile environment……….

    Which brings me to my solution, I think I will keep it in the same place; I wouldn’t want to contaminate the ambiance. 🙂

  19. Sparrow says:

    I must point out that an omniscient Guru definitely does not attract mildew. But I am prone to believe that today’s words might be a test to see if we are paying attention. That hat was named mildew and it’s not in the chest. 🙂

  20. Ramona says:

    Dear Jenny and Forrest, please accept my Weekly Thank You for your Weekly Words.

  21. Jacob says:

    So, iron will… It sounds like you are very confident you are the one who, if anyone, has solved the poem. Your comments never lack conviction. However, I believe the same about my solve and now sit, patiently waiting. How can we ever be sure? Only when it is found as dal pointed out to me harshly,( IMO ). I wish you the best of luck, as well as anyone else in the chase. I just hope someone will find it soon so Forrest can reveal every detail about the depth and simplicity of his work. He deserves recognition from all those that doubted it was real. God bless.

  22. Sparrow says:

    LOL Everyone thinks they have their “private line” to Forrest. These blogs are quite amusing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who finally finds Indulgence says “What’s a blog”? when asked about their discovery.

    • stevieace says:

      you are quite right, these blogs are for entertainment. those who have the solve figured out and then need a partner(s) to buddy up with to get the treasure are those who have no glue where it is. all they are doing is fishing for glues. why would you partner up if you knew the location??? refi the house, sell the truck, use the credit cards and go get it and then show all the world by giving Forrest his bracelet back. if you have seen the “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” then why would you have/need a partner ? as Forrest said, “leave the searching partner in the car”

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        stevieace ,

        I’m not sure who your snide remarks are referring to but, it seems to be a big coincidence that your comment coincides with me having recently said I am looking to partner up.
        If I knew exactly where it is at, I wouldn’t need a partner, now would I ?
        No (c)lue where it’s at ? Of course not. Otherwise, I would have it already.
        Fishing for clues? Absolutely not. There is nothing You or Anyone else could ever say that would cause me to change my interpretation of the clues. Period.
        Refi the house, etc, etc, etc . . . Only an idiot would consider that to be a valid option.

        And apparently, you have no clue what-so-ever what “leave the searching partner in the car” actually means, now do you? How many times has f encouraged us to not search alone? Do you still think that means to leave your physical, human, searching partner in the car? Why take them with you in the first place then ? Do you have an answer for that?

        You don’t know me at all, so don’t be so arrogant as to pretend to know my thoughts or reasons for saying the things I do.

        Now, do you have anything constructive to add to the conversation ?

      • Afana says:

        Ditto, Stevieace

  23. Diggin gypsy says:

    How does he know that for sure unless the treasure is under his bed hahah

  24. lorna says:

    didn’t Forrest once say that the treasure is wet?

  25. Strawshadow says:

    Something like that; I have never heard the correct intrepretation on the blogs though.

  26. Nemo says:

    Getting cold outside. Winter is here

  27. lorna says:

    I wont stop until there is snow under my feet.

  28. Jake Faulker says:

    I’m pretty sure you will not have mildew under water but will at some point out of water anywhere in the Rocky’s.
    Just uncommon sense.
    Thanks Jenny & Forrest for the obvious to some.

  29. stevieace says:

    a wet metallic treasure chest, coins or precious stones don’t mildew, only cloth or leather and then if damp. The items in the chest are natural pure elements they would NEVER mildew period.

  30. WyMustIGo says:

    Its on private property IMO, when you have the 9th clue you will know the exact position and how to execute your “title to the gold”. It is very easy and very common for the rich to hide the fact that they own realestate by using a land trust.

    In fact, that is likely why FF is so sure nobody found it, because if he is alive when someone executes the title, he will be notified by the agent.

    I think he purchased the lot probably years ago, maybe it was where he intended to be put to rest if he died from cancer. Remember the “something special the finder will get that he never told anyone about?”. What if it is the ownership to the land where the chest is, making no doubt as to who will own it (unlike the Indians or the government owning it for example). It would save both his estate and the finder a TON of legal battles, think about that.

    Also, it gives him the ability to have the poem send you to lets say Wyoming, and hiding the chest in NM north of Santa Fe. The poem, and more specifically the answers to the clues of the poem will lead you to the chest, the title clue will tell you how to get and take ownership of the booty.

    I’d bet my last dollar on this because it is the only way he could both assure the chest be around longer than on land he doesn’t own or on public land that changes, monitor the chase progress while alive, and minimize legal ramifications.


    Think about this for a moment. Lets say the chest was found IN Yellowstone National Park (because the finder might turn it in). I will bet you that the government would hold the Fenn estate responsible for the costs of each and every rescue the tax payers paid for due to the search. Fenn isn’t stupid, I am sure he considered this stuff. Now if the chest is found on land he owns in a trust, there is no question whatsoever as to who owns the abandoned property, it is the property owner.

    Of course in 100+ years there is no telling who will own the property, how much cash did FF set aside in escrow to pay the taxes for the future? But I can tell you one thing, the chances are a lot better than on public propery or land the government owns.

    Someone might say “Well why doesn’t the agent or lawyer go get it?”. Couple reasons: A) It is illegal and they are bound by contract, B) They do not know its there. , C) If they suspected its there and want to break the law, they will have to first crack the poem or tresspass to find it. Remember, only the person who earns title can take it.

    So congrats! The finder most likely will own a few acres in the Rocky Mountains. There are probably no structures on it, but I hope the finder puts a “Garden of Hope” there with a memorial to Fenn. And if Fenn passes, do me a favor and take the bracelet and have it encased/forged into a permanent fixture at the memorial. This is what I told FF I would do if I am right (yes, I told him I think its on property he owns in one of the 4 states, course he didn’t answer lol)

    Think about this. Do you really think FF would create a chase where he cannot find out if it is over? Imagine if it was found in 2011 and he did not know. What do you think would happen regarding folks who were injured or died on the chase? I am very sure FF would want to call off the chase and not have peple taking risks for something that isn’t there. Sure, it is not his fault when something bad happens, but do you really think he would take a risk that can destroy all he’s done? I HIGHLY doubt it. I also doubt he has a camera on site or that he needs to visit, and I trust nobody alive knows where it is. The only way to be that sure is to have it on land you own.

    Sure, someone can tresspass and somehow find something in the middle of nowhere, maybe 0.0001% chance of that.

    What I am saying is that the 9th clue holds the key, so unless you get through the entire poem, none of the clues (including the 9th one) are anywhere near the chest. That is why he is so sure, and that is how he could have say hid the chest in NM 8.25 miles north, then made all the clues point to Montana or Wyoming.

    This is sort what Jesse James did. He carved maps into stone, maps that only his guys would know how to interpret (kinda like Fenns poem). Jesse then hid the stones in trees. If someone found the stone, they would not know how to interpret it, but what if “Begin it where warm waters halt” is meant to be executed on a map carved into a huge stone/blaze in order to get title to the gold? That would not only explain how you can “walk with confidence” directly to the chest, but it also explains why the little girl from India cannot get closer than the first two clues. What if clues 1 & 2 lead you to this carved map, and clues 3 – 9 are meant not for Google Earth, but “the RIGHT MAP”. Somewhere on that “right map” is where you will find the correct WWWH, Canyon down, no place for the meek, etc.

    My theory is “The Right Map”, my solve (and nobody’s solve) will be correct IMO until you stand at the Right Map. Yes, unfortunately this limits people who can’t travel, but then that is why Fenn said he wishes he could have hid one on the East Coast too.

    Obviously I can’t claim I am right, but tell me any other way he can have the least amount of legal risk, monitor the chest status, claim we should “walk with confidence” but also say we most likely cannot get past 2 clues without being on location (he did not say it like that, but I believe he meant it that way with the boy in Texas or the Girl in India).

    In addition, someone who is a child probably needs the help of an adult because you cannot execute legal documents when underaged. So you cannot take title to the gold.

    Who knows, maybe this carving/map is an ancient petroglyph that leads to a landmark if used, but if you instead use your imagination and apply the poem clues to it, it becomes a map not to a landmark, but a map to that which we seek.

    I am open for other suggestions 🙂 What we all been doing for over 6 years years has not worked, and nobody was past 2 clues. A few were within 200ft but did not know it (they probably had zero clues ironically enough).

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      WyMustIGo ,

      I find your comments, here and elsewhere, very thought-provoking. And, although I don’t comprehend all of the pilot-navigation jargon, I don’t just out-right dismiss it. Although, I do feel it would be a bit out of reach for a redneck from Texas to understand it as well.
      Having said that, I’m fascinated with your theory that the clues might lead one to a map of sorts that would be found on a rock, or even a rock in a tree . . .

      I’ve never revealed this to anyone, not even Forrest, so this will be the first time I have shared it.
      During the course of one of my searches, I did indeed find a rock . . . in a tree. That rock had one word scratched into it, a word that I will not reveal. But I will say, that word fit nicely into the solution I had already formulated up to that point, although I didn’t realize that until after coming home.
      While standing there, for whatever reason, I decided to do the “thumb-test”. Most veteran Fenners will know what I mean by this. The result of that test was incredibly accurate from my position.
      I left the rock in the tree and continued my search, to no avail.

      Arriving home, I resumed my research, this time including the word found on the rock. I was simply amazed at how many times the word turned up. I had overlooked it up to this point, as I saw no relevance. But now, it made complete sense.
      Anyway, it’s not my intent to chronicle my entire experience at this time so, I’ll leave it at that.
      Just thought you might find that interesting.

      • WyMustIGo says:

        Roll Tide,
        If you ever have any questions about pilot navaids just shoot me a question and I would be glad to assist. I don’t need anything in return.

        Don’t eat too much Turkey next week 🙂 Save some stuffing for me! LOL

    • paul hunter says:

      This is a good read,take away the 9th clue and the map and it sounds better.. good look.

  31. WyMustIGo says:

    Regarding the mildew…

    Great comments we all posted, but why make it complicated?

    It simply means the chest is located high enough that the temperature isn’t going to allow for mildew even when moisutre is present. Google for the reason why high altitude lakes for example have less fungus. If mildew exists, you’re looking in the wrong Biome perhaps.

  32. Jonsey1 says:

    Dang. I figured he was the type that preferred fungi to lettuce and other green
    plants…hopefully there’s some large leaved lilacs nearby to cover up the scent.

  33. ACE says:

    Mildew what think, think, ..thiinnk. Ouch!!
    Chest wet but no wait dry think. Wet or dry?? Submerged in water no mildew but water too destructive think… dry and cozy from earth and elements yes loft yes yes.
    But wet no dry think think! What is truth… wait symbolic wet yes yes now dry is wet but what is truth and what is other…
    Keyword yes keyword Where yes Where
    Is where truth or other? Think think is it wet yes? Yes yes symbols… I like symbols. AIMO

  34. WyMustIGo says:

    More on my map theory and that I think the poem is describing a flight to the chest…
    I just sent the following to Forrest, I doubt he will reply.

    I still believe that the poem is taking us on a virtual airplane flight to the chest, and that a map is involved (not your map). I’ve been working on what the “right map” is, and I think its an approach plate, SID or STAR. I think the poem clues fit a certain STAR, but the poem alters the STAR vectors to lead to your chest instead of the airport approach.

    I think “heavy loads” are indicated high power line obstacles on the STAR, and “water high” are water tower obstacles en-route along the STAR’s vectors.

    I think that one can correctly overlay the chart at maybe 30% opacity into Google Earth, and get a visual of the route/terrain.

    A SID or STAR would explain how someone can move with confidence without knowing all the vectors/points along the way, and that is of course why SID and STAR exist. If you were flying to an airport, I could give you just the STAR name and you would know the approach, of course if you were in an advanced plane with an FMS, the plane would know the route once the STAR is entered into the computer.

    I think 2 decades of Microsoft Flight Simulator might pay off.

    I made this information public, but did not give all the details. I did so more or less to get feedback, it’s a risk I am taking, but I can’t afford to travel much due to medical issues/bills, so anything that someone says might help me confirm or deny the theory.

    What I did not do is post a solve. Below is what I did post on various forums.


    Remember my flight theory, I suggested the poem is describing a flight weeks ago. Now combine that with my map theory and watch this video series and it will explain what I already know from learning how to navigate an airplane decades ago:


    Focus on the SID and STARS.

    Note that STARS are named, such as this one:

    These charts and approach plates are used to guide pilots to/from their destination. They indicate ascent and descent rates, points of interest, obstacles such as water towers (water high) and power lines (heavy loads). They indicate small runway warnings and surface conditions, for example concrete or asphalt (tarry scant).

    They have short names and can be searched (commercial jets have computers called an FMS that will understand the SID and STAR by name without you having to enter tons of coordinates, some SIDS and STARS have 10+ vectors on them, so instead of entering 10 vectors, the ATC controller will tell you to fly a STAR or SID by name and the chart shows the details.

    In addition, the entire sky is mapped with named virtual highways!

    Here are some names of SID, STARS, approaches, etc:


    Trust me, watch that video. I will have you convinced that the fact that FF is a pilot, and the poem even sounds like an imaginary flight, this is a VERY good indication of what the “right map” may be. Now imagine taking one of those maps and placing it in GE at the right spot, lower its opacity and you will see where it takes you along the way.

    A SID and a STAR (in air navigation terms) are in fact blazes since they label a trail!

    Could the right map be an approach plate? Could the poem clues point to SID’s, STAR’s that are known by name in the aviation industry?

    A STAR for an arrival can encompass 8,9, 10 or even more points. Instead of naming or shouting out each point, the pilot only needs the chart (or the FMS) and the ATC can name a STAR they want him to follow when he is XX nautical miles out. That STAR will take him right in ready for approach.

    I know this is more complicated than the average redneck will know. But trust me, it makes a hell of a lot of sense that these are the right maps.

    Overlay one of them in GE at 30% opacity and you will even see the obstacles it points out.

    • Iron Will says:

      I will attempt to give some feedback, but please do not take it too negatively as I enjoyed reading most of it.

      1- Sorry about your medical issues and bills. It’s hard to chase after greatness with these real world obstacles holding you down. When my book comes out, you will hear about how much my life sucked just around the time Forrest started the Chase (I didn’t know it existed at that time).
      2- I believe wholeheartedly about your theory that the treasure is located on his property. A Ranch near Santa Fe perhaps 😉
      3- I have to disagree with your notion of the poem leading you to a title and then it tells you the property address of it’s actual location for two reasons.
      …….A) Forrest has said repeatedly people have solved the first two clues and went right past the chest, that searchers have been within 200 feet of it.
      …….B) Having a Land Trust deed at the end of the poem on park land or Indian land, or even municipal land, does not keep the treasure safe from authorities. The deed belongs to the owners of the land it was found on, much like that of the treasure. Also it would be an item of historical significance as it is an ownership of the actual antique treasures of the chest found at the listed location. If Forrest did the Chase in this way, he would simply be making TWO end game problems instead of one… The property the chest is on, and the property the title is on.
      4. The little girl in India was a distraction, nothing more. He has used Jenny’s fictional creation to confound people who don’t have the wisdom to understand spacial realities. As I said at one time, she cannot get closer than the first two clues. You have to understand what Forrest meant by that. It’s kind of funny once you realize the truth. The problem is that people think there must be some kind of physical proximity in the clues for this young girl. How can that be when she is always in India? That’s why Forrest reiterated it could be a guy from Texas or anywhere else. Nearness doesn’t have to mean actually being there.
      5. There is a camera on the treasure or the property IMO. Your title transfer is something I have shouted from the rooftops here some time ago, but it has one flaw. Forrest has said that when the treasure is found, he will immediately notify media outlets. He has also said when asked how sure is he that the chest is still there… he replied (paraphrasing) that he was about 99.9 % sure. (think it was a radio interview). How can he be that sure if he said it on a Saturday and the person found it Friday and does not take it to an assessors office for the transfer till the beginning of the following week? If he can state at any time that he is 99.9% sure, then I guarantee you there is a camera on or near the spot, watching it for him.

      You have really good thoughts. A helpful word concerning Forrest. Keep your emails short. He usually just skips over the ones that are a page long, because he has so many to read each day. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

      • Iron Will says:

        A quick amendment to 4. The girl from India is a distraction or a hint. It just depends on how you can translate it. Didn’t mean to say it had no importance.

        • Strawshadow says:

          Iron Will,
          The deception doesn’t come from Mr. Fenn it comes from posts from searchers who misinterpret either by accident or on purpose. Much like these we weeklies, many different interpretations and not one that coincides with my thoughts on mildew.

          • Sparrow says:

            Strawshadow—- read what you just wrote. You are basically saying that if someone doesn’t see mildew as you do they have “misinterpreted” it. That’s actually pretty funny. 😁

            • Strawshadow says:

              So sorry sparrow, not what I meant, just meant that no one has intrepretated the way I see it. Which means I’m probably the one missing the boat. My point was that there are many ways to interpret. Didn’t mean to confuse, IMO

              • Sparrow says:

                Yes– I gotcha. I was kidding too—- so often we all feel we have an “inroad” somewhere— I’m guilty of it all the time. 😁

      • C.M.R. says:

        Has anyone else become nauseated by the self appointed Guru aspect of the Chase?
        1. A Guru is never self appointed.
        2. A self appointed Guru is a wanna be cult leader.
        3. No one, not even an accepted Guru has the right to critique another’s solve until it is found.
        4. A Guru has the wisdom to hold their tongue when their opinion is unprovable.

        P.S. WhyMustIGo, your theory comes across correctly as just that and I appreciated you sharing it.

        • Strawshadow says:

          Huh, didn’t know there was just one. I was thinking I was the only one who wasn’t. And don’t judge me for that, my whole life my nickname was clueless. That could be why I think my head is so full of hints.

        • Iron Will says:

          CMR, if you’re referring to me(which I think you are). I’m not the guru. You have failed to see what I was trying to tell you about the guru in an attempt to help out searchers. I’m simply a man who believes wholeheartedly that he’s found the end of the Chase. I am also one of the countless searchers on these boards that critiques other’s solves or ideas, so please do not try to infer that I am alone in that category. Seventy-Five percent of you have told all of us that your solution is right, masking it with the veil of “IMO”. Even you have critiqued other’s solves in some way. When making such statements, you should always have a mirror nearby, to remind you what is really being said.

          • C.M.R. says:

            Will, not specifically you as I find your posts typically lack the element that elicited the response. The irritant is the supposition that one possesses some secret or hidden knowledge without proof, thus a supposition stated as fact. Your post less than many, but I can’t post at the other sites as I am not a member. I don’t purport to be a guru or have omniscience, heck I don’t even purport to be an uru or niscient.

        • Sparrow says:

          We’re all Gurus on this bus.

          • JC1117 says:

            Hello, Sparrow.

            I noticed that all you Gurus are on a long bus. If mine is actually a guru bus then why is it so short? :/

            I remember when God was handing out Guru brains…I thought he said “Guru trains”…so I asked for a slow, scenic one.

      • WyMustIGo says:

        Thank you for the feedback Will. What I meant was that one of the clues, probably the 9th, basically gives you permission to get onto the property he owns and tells you where it is. At one time I thought perhaps the 9th clue leads you to a bronze box or jar, inside it is a tiny book (like his biography) that tells you exactly how to get there (but nobody would understand the directions if they did not solve the poem).

        I thought about a camera, but electronics are not reliable enough IMO to withstand the test of time. Now it could of course be a camera on some other private property that he has access to on the internet to monitor it. But even then he would need someone to maintain it. Those things are very unreliable especially in extreme weather.

        Anyway, thanks for the well thought out reply, you rock!

        Yeah I know about keeping it short, although he did reply to a long one once when I was discussing what happened in west Texas during an old oil spill. I said something like “Soon water will be worth more than oil” (at one time clean water in some ares did cost more than a barrel of oil). He replied back asking if I wanted to trade a barrel of crude for a barrel of water 😉 LOL… I miss the days when he was able to reply a lot.

        Another time I drew a picture, an abstract and told him that having been a programmer at Adobe (worked on Photoshop and Illustrator), it was about time I learn how to draw. I sent him a picture, he commented on it, I made his suggested revisions and sent it back. He replied that it was better now.

        I wish they would have a Fenn gathering on the east coast and he would attend. I would love to meet the man, just hearing him tell some stories (not related to the chase) would be awesome.

        He knows I think it is on property he owns. I told him if I ever find the chest, I will have a bronze “Hope Monument” cast at “A Place of Hope”, and have something in it that will be preseved on a memorial within the property. The man has indirectly helped me learn so many things and I never met him, his father is looking down with a big smile. I know FF does not want the chest to be found soon, but I certainly hope it is found soon so that he can pass knowing that he did not die being considered a fraud and that it is all a hoax. Sure, a hoax would leave a legacy, but I can’t imagine he would want to be “infamous”, instead he wants to be famous for doing something that even many college graduates cannot do.

        Happy Thanksgiving

        • Iron Will says:

          LOL Wy… I told him as well, I would have a life-size bronze statue of him placed at the location of the treasure. I’m going to try and get Glenna Goodacre to do it when the time arrives.

          • WyMustIGo says:

            Will, is she the one who made a famous coin?

            • Strawshadow says:

              WyMustIGo and Iron Will,
              Sorry for butting in but yes she was, the Sacajawea. A beautiful coin as I remember it, maybe one of those along with the nickel and the kewpiedoll.

            • Iron Will says:

              Yes Wy.. here is a piece of her history with Forrest. They are good friends, and that’s why I chose her…

              She was still in Lubbock in 1969 when Forrest Fenn, a friend who owned a local foundry, handed her a softball-sized lump of wax and suggested she try sculpting.
              “It scared me to death,” Goodacre recalled. Six months later, she finally mustered the courage to sculpt a small wax figure of Jill, using a paring knife, toothpick and bobby pin. She showed it to Fenn, who said it belonged in the Louvre museum in Paris.
              “He was everything I didn’t have in college, where I got no encouragement,” she said. “He said it was the finest thing he’d seen.”
              Encouraged by Fenn, Goodacre began casting larger pieces and moved to Boulder in 1974 to be near a Loveland foundry “where I learned sculpting techniques from people who knew lots more than I did,” she said. There, she also found it easier to sculpt in three dimensions than to paint in two.
              Fenn remains a good friend. “She does human interest sculpture that appeals to all types of people because she creates what she feels,” said Fenn, who ended up running a foundry in Santa Fe that he later converted to a gallery.


              • WyMustIGo says:

                Cool Will and Straw, thanks much. I knew I heard her name somewhere, Fenn helped her get started. Didn’t she also make a famous sculpture in DC dedicated to the women who fought in war? What an amazing story!

                Speaking of sculpters, there are a ton of them in Dubois, Riverton, and Lander. One of them I emailed, his name is John Phelps. He sculpted the monument that is on the memorial by the courthouse in Lander. You may know his Son named Chance Phelps, his son was the model for the statue back in 2004 when he turned 19. He is dressed in WW2 gear because it was supposed to be a WW2 statue and was supposed to be named “Some Gave All”. 3 months after modeling, Chance graduated high school in Dubois WY. 3 months after graduating, he was killed in Iraq and died a hero. The movie “Taking Chance” is based on Chance Phelps. His dad continued work on the statue for Lander, but it was delayed until Q1 of 2011. It was re-dedicated as “Some Gave More” in honor of Chance. If you examine the statue very close, you will notice that the side it is facing points directly to Riverton which is where Chance was born, the angle of the cross is toward Dubois where Chance now rests for eternity. The bronze was cast at “A Place of Hope” otherwise known as “Eagle Bronze Foundry” in Lander, the city of Bronze. John Chance is friends with Monte and Beverly PaddleFord, I bet Fenn is friends with them too.

                Up in Dubois there is supposed to be a stone monument/Garden of Hope at the VFW, you can see the circle of stones in the side of the parking lot of the VFW. When I was there in September, it is no longer there. Nobody was around so I could not ask where it went.

                An interesting thing happened when I took a ride up Union Pass. I met some cowboy ranchers who were gathering their cattle from the Forrest on Indian land (they have a license for roaming cattle there). I hung out with them, one of them went to High School with chance. Him and his dad told me they know a lot of special places around and kinda helped me out. Very nice people! I owe them a BBQ and some beer.

                While driving up Union Pass, not a single vehicle passed me without waving. What an amazing place it was. I was up in a ruins on a huge vacant lot (it is listed as vacant/abandoned land) surrounded by Indian Land. It overlooks Wind River valley and the Absorka (sp?) range which looks awesome with northern lights behind it. What an amazing place, far more interesting historically than YNP to me.

                I have to wonder if FF ever flew to the Lander Oncology center near the Bronze foundry when he had cancer.

          • Strawshadow says:

            Wow, I was thinking along those same lines. Something like a “Kewpie Doll” though, not one of the cheap new ones, an original. And I would also sneak a nickel under it on a dark night when no one was looking.

    • ACE says:

      Nice creative approach mustgo. I love seeing new ideas to the poem and this one is pretty cool.
      To me I see Forrest as a free spirit and when he got in his plane he just went where the wind would take him. My theory is yes he saw something and later went to take a closer look. He found this place to be magnificent, beautiful, and now poetic. I believe the poem is from a standpoint that all can understand so it is fair for all. All you need is the poem and a good map. Oh and TTOTC is a good confidence builder. I believe the map is what everyone can obtain(Google Earth). I also stated this here about a month ago that there are 2 reasons why he waited to hide the chest. 1 is waiting for google technologies to catch up and 2 he felt he better act now do to his physical abilities.
      Thanks again and AIMO.

      • WyMustIGo says:


        FF when doing VFR (Visual Flight Rules) can fly around, but when cruising he needs to be aware of certain things such as his altitude too high? Restricted air space?

        The other thing is when landing, he needs to follow what the airport tells him, he cannot just approach the runway from any direction, he needs to follow their approach guidelines.

        There are highways in the sky, and they are all named 🙂

        • WyMustIGo says:

          By the way, people who are into pulling anagrams from the poem and weekly words are going to have a field day with nav charts. Those who are close observers will quickly realize that the names used in these charts do not have anything in common with ground maps except in some cases. In most cases it doesn’t because road maps to not reference navaids, jetways and intersections in the sky. I doubt the chest would be exactly under a specific virtual intersection, but it could be where two radials intersect from two named points.

          Its also interesting to note that many approaches start 10 miles out.

  35. Passenger says:

    All this talk of mildew. Horton Hears a Who!


  36. Fenngshui says:

    Mildew grows in bathrooms where warm waters halt!

  37. lifesablaze says:

    Hello Roll Tide – Your comprehensive review of ‘Sally’ led me to remember one of my specific search days in July. There were times when I was afraid because I was alone and pretty far down my trail. So I sang Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally” to myself outloud for most of the trail. It’s still my theme song when I’m out there. Haha! Didn’t make the connection until just now. – Lifesablaze

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      lifesablaze ,
      “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett is one of my favorites. I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me, whom I nick-named Mustang Sally, cause all she want to do was ride around Sally, ride sally ride . . .
      Also had a beautiful golden retriever that just showed up at my home one day. I took her in and I named her Sally.

      And, let’s not forget that Sally Ride was a trailblazer, a real high-flyer.

      • lifesablaze says:

        Roll Tide – Oh yes “Mustang Sally”! SO Right and very appropriate considering my summer! Found out my man is untrue…he has his original ’69 Stang from high school. LOVE THAT CAR! But not him so much anymore. HAHAHA!

      • pdenver says:

        How long have you had the golden retriever, ROLL TIDE?

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          pdenver ,

          Very sadly, she passed away in her sleep almost four years ago. I was lucky enough to have her for about five years. I got up to go to town one day and there she was, sitting at the end of my drive, smiling. I found it curious. My neighbors were quite aways from me, and to my knowledge, they didn’t have such a dog.
          And, I couldn’t fathom that someone would just drop her off. She was gorgeous.
          So, I put the window down and told her that if she was still there when I returned, she could go home with me.
          I was gone pretty much all day and when I returned, she was still sitting in the same spot.
          So, I told her to “come on”, and she followed me up to the house.

          All I have been able to make of it, is she was a blessing given to me at a time when I needed one pretty badly.

  38. lifesablaze says:

    I’m so in love with this quirky life! Yesterday I was walking my dog on a new route. The street is lined with these huge trees with big old roots that break up the sidewalk. After looking at them I realized they are very old Linden trees. Today I am playing with the word ‘Mildew” and I googled ‘limewd’ what came up was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilia . Another name for Linden is Limewood. Also, the leaves and flowers from the tree make an excellent tea for anxiety related insomnia and winter time blues. 😉

    • JC1117 says:

      Oh, NOW you tell me, Lifesablaze.

      For ALL these years I’ve been drinking tea made with Wormwood. :/

      LIMEwood! I was WAY off! I knew it ended with “wood”, though.

      Maybe now I’ll get some peaceful sleep…dreaming of sugarplum fairies and Gordon Lightfoot.

      Thanks for the tip.

      Back to work.

  39. lifesablaze says:

    In comment to Mindy’s excellent research on honeydew! – “The Tilia’s sturdy trunk stands like a pillar and the branches divide and subdivide into numerous ramifications on which the twigs are fine and thick. In summer, these are profusely clothed with large leaves and the result is a dense head of abundant foliage.[6]

    The leaves of all the Tilia species are heart-shaped and most are asymmetrical, and the tiny fruit, looking like peas, always hang attached to a ribbon-like, greenish-yellow bract, whose use seems to be to launch the ripened seed-clusters just a little beyond the parent tree. The flowers of the European and American Tilia species are similar, except the American bears a petal-like scale among its stamens and the European varieties are devoid of these appendages. All of the Tilia species may be propagated by cuttings and grafting, as well as by seed. They grow rapidly in rich soil, but are subject to the attack of many insects. Tilia is notoriously difficult to propagate from seed unless collected fresh in the fall. If allowed to dry, the seeds will go into a deep dormancy and take 18 months to germinate.[6]

    In particular, aphids are attracted by the rich supply of sap, and are in turn often “farmed” by ants for the production of the sap which the ants collect for their own use, and the result can often be a dripping of excess sap onto the lower branches and leaves, and anything else below. Cars left under the trees can quickly become coated with a film of the syrup (“honeydew”) thus dropped from higher up. The ant/aphid “farming” process does not appear to cause any serious damage to the trees.” Also Mindy, my sister’s name is Melissa. Both her name and my name mean ‘Bee’. Heart leaves, ants, aphids, honeydew…… Life’s a Blaze! Love it!

  40. lifesablaze says:

    Well, I got a little side-tracked (Or maybe not) The hole in the hat Mildew was blown from the inside out…An Archaeology of the Soul: North American Indian Belief and Ritual
    By Robert L. Hall page 99.

  41. lifesablaze says:

    Concerning coyote “hunters” – In the Beginning: The Navajo Genesis by Jerrold E. Levy. Some might also be interested in – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_(Navajo_mythology) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Din%C3%A9_Bahane%CA%BC

  42. ACE says:

    Hey what is all this passing of info then stating well if this helps send a nugget or $100k my way. Your joking right? Right???
    Please next time your going to send valuable info our way please warn us in a previous post so that our eyes do not accidentally catch site of it and we feel obligated to share. Lol
    My solve is complete and I all my posts are free of charge. Do what you want with them.

  43. lifesablaze says:

    WhyMustIGo – “Tounge-tied twisted just an earth-bound misfit” https://youtu.be/eCB_INs2E24

    • WyMustIGo says:


    • Ellen says:

      lifesablaze…along with the spellbinding visuals of Canada’s Rockies (Canmore Alberta), some of the words in Pink Floyd’s “Learning To Fly” video are somewhat alluring!

      “A soul in tension that’s learning to fly
      Condition grounded but determined to try”

      Thank you.

  44. lifesablaze says:

    Hey Ace – I’m having fun researching and learning and using my imagination. I think this is all like a great kaleidoscope with each one of us having our own turn on the wheel which reveals an entirely different view. I don’t fall into the ego trap of claiming to know for sure and then boasting to everyone. All I know is that my solve has led me to the most incredible place I have ever been. That’s all that matters to me. Each time I have been, something new and magical has revealed itself. I think it is the same with many others in their places. It’s been ALL ABOUT THE PLACE for me these last few months. The air, the light, the smells, the sounds, the plants, the ROCKS……….all of these things are seeping deep into me. And the strange familiarity of the area. In truth, I have only RECENTLY been thinking about the actual treasure chest. It has only recently been materializing in my mind. I just love to share interesting information and I think others here have the same love. Greed. Is. Sticky. Yuck. I live in my truck and, yes a box of gold would solve a lot of material problems but I will earn it through a humble love and respect for the place. All the rest is just mind candy.

    • ACE says:

      Yes lifesablaze share is what it is all about. Just don’t share and then say by the way throw a nugget my way. That does not make any sense to me. There are many I have seen do this here and on dals site. Hopefully they are just kidding. My knowledge(share) is completely free and maybe it will help. I am confident in my solve and has taken me as well to a magical place. Many here are confident and no one is right or wrong it is what the poem has demanded. BOTG is our victory.
      Best wishes to you hope you can get back on your feet.

      • lifesablaze says:

        Ace – I don’t recall ever asking for a nugget or anything in exchange for anything, for that matter. hmmm. Well, these posts and the information shared, it’s all a good exchange. Thank you to everyone, and of course, Mr. Fenn for the experience. In the meantime: https://youtu.be/Lu8GXopcwFE Peace.

      • WyMustIGo says:

        Nothing in life is free. Many people share partial info, failed solves, etc. Very few people post good information, many just boast about knowing something, then say nothing or something so vague it is meaningless. That is condescending and arrogant. Some people are selling books, some push documentaries, some cash in with ad revenue, etc. Its all fine by me, people do what they do. Just be happy that some share for free, there is nothing wrong with throwing them a bone on occasion, nobody is forcing them to do anything.

        Question: Have you ever done anything such as work as a volunteer fireman for no pay, go into burning buildings, etc. I did, and guess what, we always asked for donations at events, ran fund raisers, etc. I fail to see the problem with it really.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      lifesablaze ,

      Well said. My place has come to be very special to me also.
      With each “failed” attempt, I always take the time to sit back and breathe in the peace and solitude when I have exhausted my search.
      I can see myself just leaning back against a tree there and never leaving. I’ve already informed my family that I want my ashes to be scattered there. It is probably the most peaceful place I have ever known.

      • JL says:

        I hear you, mine and the surrounding area has become a special place for me and my friend. I like to imagine it as mine alone.

      • ACE says:

        Yep during my search I often kick back and take in a deep breath. It is beautiful but mostly it’s because I really need to take in a breath lol. The altitude there is really tough in this Indiana boy.

      • JDA says:

        Well, ROLL TIDE are you sitting under MY tree? Sounds just like the place I have been visiting, and re-visiting these past eleven months. To me, Forrest could not have found a more beautiful spot than the one I have been searching. One last trip to make, either this year (If the weather holds) or next spring. If I fail, it was meant to be. If I do not find it on this last trip, I will probably have to start over, and I haven’t the slightest idea where I could go where each and every clue fits so perfectly. Only time will tell. Good luck to ALL searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE – JDA

    • SL says:


      Your heart was thinking out loud,… I think.
      ” I will earn it through a humble love and respect for the place. All the rest is just mind candy.”

      Those are the kinds of depths of feeling that if It were I whom found the TC, would prompt me to offer part of it. (pdenver, Strawshadow, Wise One, Ellen, Focused, Jeff Burch and a few others that I’ve come to embrace would also be a part of ‘IT”).


      • lifesablaze says:

        Heard SL – the only agreement being to NEVER tell where the PLACE is. The hunt for the actual gold has become such a phenomena that I am sure the place would be destroyed. I realize how frustrating that will be to so many. But at this point, I am pretty disgusted with most people. I used to tell the bullys at school “What you do to me you to to Earth” that just made them bully me more. I know there are those who understand what I meant by that.

      • pdenver says:

        Thank you for thinking of me, SL. Yesterday while doing errands, I had thought about what I would do if I found the treasure chest. I had thought of others, and you were included amongst them. I had remembered reading a comment Mr. Fenn made when answering an email, which is posted on Dal’s blog, “Forrest gets mail,” if I’m not mistaken. I believe he suggested leaving something behind for others. I believe that’s what I read. I had wondered what he would have liked the finder to leave behind. My thoughts went into other thoughts after that.

        • JDA says:


          If I am not mistaken, here is the quote you had in mind.

          “If you find my treasure please give a little to someone who must otherwise do without and let the remaining baubles be seeds for your next adventure. Keep me informed about where you are and what you are doing.” f
          I hope that this is what you have in mind – It certainly is what I have in mind IF I am lucky enough to find the treasure. JDA

      • Strawshadow says:

        You just made my day, no it was more than that. You touched me deeply, a sincere thank you with humble love and respect. What a beautiful day:)

      • WiseOne says:

        SL, You’re so sweet to remember me in your kind words… And they couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been quite despondent since my last trip and your comment brings a welcome and much needed lift to my spirit…. Thank You 🙂

  45. lifesablaze says:

    Seems the awen has taken me and isn’t ready to put me down yet. So I’ve been thinking about gold, and aphids, and ants and honeydew and how the ants farm the aphids for the honeydew. The Tree is straight and true with many fine branches and it’s honeydew rains down from above. Gold is found in the veins of the Earth. But humans are obsessed with digging it out. Where does the energy from the gold go when it is removed from the ground. Does it become honeydew in a way? Still, I always come back to my simple circle on the ground. Living in my truck is a choice because I can no longer process the cognitive dissonance that is produced by our collective agreements about how the world works. Basically, I no longer agree with the “contract”. I am a sovereign reflection of the Source and not a slave of what the shaman call the parasite. Which, by the way is exactly what mildew is. One day Mother will become tired of all of our silly ways. https://youtu.be/GNi__fnadTM

  46. lifesablaze says:

    Last one folks, I promise. Got myself all worked up today. This is for the IDIOT who left her tampons (3 of them) out there! MY temple now. Hell to pay soon. Bring it Mama! (laughing manically) https://youtu.be/1SmxVCM39j4 Later Gators! 🙂

  47. Michael Koen says:

    2 weeks ago I found the blaze, 2 people had been buried close to it (within 30 yards) a long time ago-you can see that they were covered up in rocks and 1 broken wooden cross laying on the ground. I have copd and only 1 lung and didn’t have supplemental oxygen and could not walk for 20 feet before I had to stop and rest for 10 minutes-hell I couldn’t even think straight I was so out of breath. I was planning to return this year but it’s already covered in snow so unless it warms up it will be next year-but anyways after I got home I believe that I found the last clue in the book to lead me to it-I believe the last clue puts it about 300yds from the blaze.

  48. lifesablaze says:

    Good Morning – Everyone please be patient with my ranting yesterday. I have become very disillusioned and many days my heart cannot bear the state of the world and I fall into despair. There are so many incredible, talented, open-hearted people on these forums. I am sure I offend some but my heart is in the right place. I have always been hyper-sensitive to the planet since a child and I weep for her. Crazy? Maybe by modern societal standards. But the earth knows my intentions and that is all that is important to me. Life has become so surreal with everyone looking down into their cell phones and self-absorbed “I got mine” attitudes make me angry. Every human on the planet has the right to have all of their needs met. No hierarchy. Just simple sharing of the planet’s bounty. Will we ever experience such a time? I don’t know. But I do know all conflict and wars are products of that thing that will keep us divided so that it may thrive. Infection of the mind. Mildew of the soul. And like chess is a rich man’s game, so is war. And you will rarely see an elite on the front line unless they are of rare character. Ambrose Bierce is good to read to find those sorts. I think Mr. Fenn would be such a hero if his life stories were to be graced by such a pen. These are the things I think about and precisely what alienates me from the general public. The ONLY time I feel sane and normal is when I am out in nature away from wifi and other’s chaotic thoughts. Sharing the treasure? ABSOLUTELY! Sharing the place? I would prefer not to. But that’s not really up to me. That’s up to the poem. And Fate.

    • pdenver says:

      Fate is very powerful, lifesablaze.

    • ACE says:

      I feel your same pain blaze. First off however are you saying that nature is the treasure or are you saying you are just hanging out near the actual Forrest Fenn treasure. Second thought don’t answer that. I like your spirit here.
      Will the world and all its people ever unite, love, and become one well…
      My view on this is people have actually became less barbaric but yet more destructive. Unfortunately IMO testosterone is the guilty culprit. It is in our nature. Can we as humans eventually reach an intellectual level that will override the urges to control and dominate?Only time will tell.
      Third I too feel this is for ALL however what to do with it if found is still something I have no answers too. I will say that I would not want any of it pieced out to random people. I strongly feel it all needs to stay intact(except bracelet of course. It’s value can be passed down to his loved ones.) I would find a way for closer to this mystery and give all the ability to see the chest if possible. Who knows what obstacles and bumpy roads to go down to make that possible. I can only assure I am one of I hope many that would do their best to see that through. Yes I too have often worried about people with lack of respect to follow in Forrest’s footsteps and litter up the land. Forrest was asked this question once and he said it will be okay if the hidden spot goes public. He did seemed a bit concerned but it is what it is.

      • ACE says:

        P.S wealth is not necessarily a bad thing and if in the right hands can do wonders. This Chase is a prime example.

        • JC1117 says:

          Well said, ACE.

          Money…by itself…is not a good or a bad thing. A lot of people think that having a lot of money would be a good thing. But how many people become suddenly rich only to look back years later and wish they never had?

          Some people say that money is the root of all evil. Those same people are likely to think that guns are “evil”. But money and guns are only tools which can be wielded for good or evil. It all depends on the heart of the person who wields them.

          In the hands of a good person…money…or guns…can be used to oppose evil.

  49. ROLL TIDE says:

    lifesablaze . . .

    We are stardust, we are golden
    We are billion year old carbon
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

    By the time we got to Woodstock
    We were half a million strong
    And everywhere was a song and a celebration
    And I dreamed I saw the bomber death planes
    Riding shotgun in the sky
    Turning into butterflies
    Above our nation.

    We are stardust, we are golden
    We are caught in the devil’s bargain
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden . . .

    -Crosby, Stills & Nash-

  50. lifesablaze says:

    Thanks Roll Tide – YOU DA BEST! In another dream I am be like the Pied Piper. I lead all of the children into nature and teach them her ways. They come back into the world with full understandings and never tolerate the abuse of the earth again. Dream. Stay in the Heart. Smile – just because. It makes people wonder. 🙂

  51. ROLL TIDE says:

    Sitting here doing a little research (like always), and thought I would share . . .
    So, you will find no mildew in the treasure chest . . .
    Trust me when I say that I rip apart every word that Forrest says. I either find something, or I don’t.
    Most of the time, I do. Whether it’s useful or not, just depends on who you ask I suppose.

    So, let’s cut right to the chase, been wanting to say that for months 🙂 .
    I haven’t been able to make “mildew” cause me to have an “aha” moment. However, some of you might be interested in what “treasure Chest” revealed to me . . .
    But first, let me back up and correct myself. “no mildew” actually did speak to me, in a way, but I didn’t follow up on it. I should know better by now, not to dismiss anything as irrelevant, as that has came back to bite me in the . . . a number of times already.
    So, “no mildew” kept causing me to think “controlled environment”. Well, like I said, I didn’t follow up on it.

    Moving forward, I have never once thought that Forrest meant “home of Dal” when he said “. . . after reading hod, I am prompted to ask . . .”
    “Home of Dal” is what it came to be known as, simply because someone suggested it as a viable interpretation. I never once believed that. I researched the word hod as soon as I’d read it so, I’ve had an understanding of it’s possible intent, for months now. And let me just say, it has lead me in more than just one direction, like most words can and will.

    Anyway, here I am thinking about hod this morning, as well as these weekly words, so I start chasing words again.
    Today, I decided to follow “treasure chest”, not that this would be the first time but, there’s so many trails one can follow with each word so, I decided to follow a trail I’d not been down yet.
    So, here goes . . .

    treasure chest = repository = kettle (which I used early on by finding it through another word. after all, what’s at the end of a rainbow? Lucky Charms are magically delicious!) = hod = humidor (there it is, a controlled environment), now wait for the next one . . . COLORADO. hmmm. Colorado = humidor, a controlled environment. No mildew.
    Colorado will then lead you to several words that are another way of saying “marvel gaze”, as well as words that will equate with “look quickly”.

    So, that begs the question . . . What type of wood is the chest lined with? Does anyone know? I don’t.
    I’m now wondering if it might be lined with Spanish Cedar? Spanish Cedar is the wood that is used in humidors. It is termite and rot-resistant. And get this, it also has a natural resistance to mold and mildew.
    So, why do we need to know that there won’t be any mildew inside the chest? How does that help any of us find it? I personally can’t think of one good reason that we need to know that, I mean it’s not like any of us are hiking around with gadgets that measure humidity levels and such .

    There’s only one reason that I can see that this was posted. COLORADO.

    Now that I may have shot my solve all to hell, I’m gonna have some chocolate pie and coffee.

    • ACE says:

      What Roll??? What? Not saying your wrong Colorado hmmm…
      However as you said any word can be manipulated to represent anything. I honestly think he meant Home of Dal.
      Here are two others:
      Heart of Darkness(novel) and
      Heads out display(military aviation)

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        ACE ,
        Nor am I saying that I’m right. Just sharing some of what I find.
        Forrest never used the term “home of Dal” until well after it became the accepted catch-phrase on that site.
        And yes, words can be manipulated to lead one in thousands of different directions. But, let’s not forget that Forrest told us up front that he basically did the very same thing.
        I mean really, you have to admit that starting with “no mildew”, and winding up with the name of one of the four states is pretty interesting.
        I never say “hey you guys, here is the right answer”, I only offer up what I consider to be interesting ideas that might be useful.
        I just felt it might raise an eyebrow or two. It did for me, considering that after having chased thousands of words already, this is the first time I’ve ran across the name of one of the four states.
        I’m not saying it means diddly, just saying . . . this is what I found.

        • ACE says:

          Yes and thanks for the share. I did not research how does humidor translate to Colorado?
          I strongly feel all you need is poem, a good map, andTTOTC is a good confidence builder. Just be careful not to go down too many rabbit holes as they say here, you may lose track of your beginning, middle, and your end.
          I will say this one quote that I got a chuckle out of with my solve is the T.S. Elliot. You know the we shall not cease exploration one. Read it and think think think. AIMO
          To you and all goodbye. You can read all my posts and take them how you want. I will continue to read yours but as much as I would like to I will no longer chime in. Going into hibernation mode. Good luck to ALL. Happy Holidays!!!

  52. John Boy says:

    THE BIGGEST CLUE FF HAS EVER GIVEN!!!!!!!!!!! I am not joking folks. This truly is the absolute biggest clue he has ever given . It’s there you just have to see it. There are very few places in the world where he could have put the chest where it will be wet but not grow mildew on the inside wood. Ask yourself what “thing” can be found in nature that would make it impossible for mildew to grow where that “thing” exists. Once you have answered the question you will know where to look. John Boy / Chris Clark

  53. Michael Koen says:

    I can’t believe that none of you guys haven’t seen the clues in the poem and book, after I read the poem I was pretty sure of the rivers but I did purchase the book and did exactly what Forrest said to do and found 90% of the clues in 2 hours-hell my wife got tired of running back into my room when I yelled here’s another, I found over 17 different clues in the book and did not find the last 2 until I had returned from my trip west and I will give you one–it’s where he says how long should a piece of metal be for a horseshoe (times 2 plus 1 inch). Yes it’s in a code–you figure it out. I found the blaze-I drove right to the spot but did have to look for 5 minutes (not on a road-need four wheel drive) found most everything on google earth but could not do it with out the poem and book

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Michael Koen ,

      Really? Do tell. What gives you the impression that none of us have found the clues in the poem and book?
      I must say, if you solved 90% of the clues in two hours, then I do believe that is the record.
      So tell me Michael, what does it mean that f was walking around in his socks quite a bit ? And what is the relevance of all the school-kids being in their socks? You know, those kids shown on pages 18/19, in the big picture?
      If you can answer that, then I might be concerned.

      • nmc says:

        And the cats hanging like “wet socks” on a line.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          nmc, ,

          Yep . . .

          • Michael Koen says:

            And here is another clue, “Catcher in the Rye”

            • ROLL TIDE says:

              Michael Koen ,

              I do agree that “Catcher in the Rye” is a clue. In fact, it is a Very significant clue (imo).
              Not knowing (why) you believe it to be a clue, I will say this . . . it might not be what you think.
              I’ve brought it up briefly, but most everything I offer doesn’t get commented on so, it was no surprise that further conversation failed to ensue. I’m starting to think that most folks here and elsewhere think I am just a nut-job or something.

              • pdenver says:

                Hello ROLL TIDE. I hope you truly don’t feel this way. I’ve been watching what you’ve been saying with interest and wondering how you came about with your thoughts. In regards to “THAT = IT,” have you figured what each means?

                • ROLL TIDE says:

                  Thanks for the encouraging words.
                  “eso si que es” (s-o-c-k-s), is Spanish for “that’s what it is”.
                  My Spanish Toy Factory is loaded with hints that will confirm one is in the right area (IMO).
                  One thing that has stood out to me more than any other is found in “Me in the Middle”.
                  “. . . I was in the middle and that was significant . . .”
                  What was significant, (he) was “in the middle”? Okay, what does that mean? Well, as I shared with Spallies below, “in the middle” can be interpreted as “in the wood”.
                  Me in the middle might also be alluding to Burke, f’s middle name. That word (burke), will prove to be interesting also, once you “chase” it.
                  I firmly believe that everything relevant to the chase is designed to have more than one meaning, and that each way one interprets any given clue or hint, must also validate and support any alternate interpretation that one has accepted as viable. If not, then I don’t employ it as a clue or hint. Any given word or group of words in the poem, must support at least one or more word or group of words found elsewhere in the poem. One example would be “no paddle up your creek” and “in the wood”. They support each other in meaning.

                  Now, back to “Me in the Middle” . . . “I was in the middle and that was significant . . .”
                  Again, what was significant? Like I’ve said, several interpretations are possible for anything related to the Chase.
                  One I’ve not mentioned . . . “THAT was significant . . .”
                  So, what is “that” ?
                  “That”, is “IT”. So, what is it? Well, that and it are synonymous words. One is equal to the other.
                  ( “blaze” is synonymous with “=”, equal sign.)

                  So why is it that I must go . . .
                  This asks us a question while at the same time giving us the answer to that question.
                  Well, what is the reason he must go?
                  “WHY” . . . is it. And, we’ve already seen that “it” is “that”. Therefore, “why”, is “that”. And if you reflect/mirror that, you get . . .”that it is”.

                  These are just my thoughts, nothing here says that my thoughts are correct.
                  I know it all sounds confusing, I’m not really that good at expressing my thoughts in a manner that others will easily understand.

                  Are you snowed in today?

                • pdenver says:

                  Hello ROLL TIDE. This is quite interesting and I’ll need to go back and try to see the connections you are making. As far as snow, only received about 3″ from our last storm, but has melted quickly. The mountains have received the white gold. Tonight, we’re due for rain, which might get mixed in with a little snow overnight into the morning. We are expecting some snow during the coming days. Currently, the sun is out with very few clouds.

      • Michael Koen says:

        That did not mean anything in terms of clues
        I only found out about the poem 2 1/2 months ago and bought the book just over a month ago and made 1 trip out west and found the blaze and would be returning tomorrow but it is now covered in snow and will probably be until this spring and my Avalanche almost wasn’t good enough as a 4×4 to get in and out of that area. Other people have been in the same area but probably just hunters as I could see tire tracks in some of the snow that was present. I would be more than happy to send you a picture of the graves if you want but that’s all I will send.

        • Michael Koen says:

          I mean the socks and cats didn’t mean anything

          • nmc says:

            The “wet socks on a line” to describe the cats do go towards showing how Mr. Fenn uses his imagination. Something that might prove useful when you’re out there searching.

          • ROLL TIDE says:

            Michael Koen ,
            eso si que es
            that’s what it is
            that is what it is
            THAT is what IT is
            THAT is IT
            THAT = IT

            That’s just about as simple as I can make it without just spelling it out.
            I will not tell you what that is.

        • SL says:

          Do not answer if it’s uncomfortable for you. – Is there a dog involved with the graves?


      • Michael Koen says:

        Look close and you can see they were all in gym clothes-all white and easier to get all white without sneakers

    • Sparrow says:

      I’ll alert the media.

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Yer killin’ me Sparrow. I sweardagod, yer killin’ me. 🙂

        • Michael Koen says:

          While I wasn’t sure of the snow fall I have been watching it and if there is less than a inch tonight I will be making a trip west on Friday, as I had already found the blaze of the last 2 clues only 1 was needed, it will put me within 30 feet.
          All you guys forgot FF was a pilot.
          I will be going to Catcher in the rye (a Descripyion)

  54. jackson says:

    There sure are a lot of people that know where the trove is.
    I might say “Show me the gold”.

  55. Buckeye Bob says:

    It’s in a Leopard Outdoor Cooler Bag.

    “13”L x 9″W x 11″H; weights 1lb12ozs when empty; Made from durable camo polyester; Built-in antimicrobial properties in the FDA-approved lining resists odor, mold and mildew; Heat-welded seams prevent flexible liner leaks; Well made and pretty roomy”


  56. 23kachinas says:

    Mold needs food, water and a warm place to party. Take one of these things away and mold can’t grow.

    • Spallies says:

      A nice big fire works wonders to dry out a damp house… Vinegar works good too… Maybe the TC is in a pickle crock next to his fire… 🙂

      • JL says:

        Im in a pickle, I just drink the juice to alleviate muscle cramps. Better than Gatorade cuz you don’t have to worry about makin the gator mad if you dont cross the river.

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Spallies ,

        In a pickle . . .
        in a fix
        in a jam
        in a scrape
        in a tight spot
        in a bind
        in a mess
        in trouble
        in a stew
        in a predicament
        in hot water
        in the middle
        on the hot seat
        on the spot
        out on a limb
        put out
        up the creek
        behind the eight ball
        hanging by a thread
        in the line of fire
        in dire straits
        like a sitting duck
        off the deep end
        on thin ice
        on the line
        over a barrel
        playing with fire
        . . . in the wood.

        Now, go back and read TTOTC again.

        • Spallies says:

          Lol… OK Roll Tide I will piece it back together and read it again… It has been a while…

          • ROLL TIDE says:

            Spallies ,

            While I’m thinking about it, Donnie got in a serious swivet when they were lost. That’s another way of saying he was in a dither, which brings us right back to mildew . . .

        • JL says:

          Can I burrow yours?

          • spallies says:

            You can barrow mine…

            • JL says:

              That is very kind of you. Thanks

              • spallies says:

                No problem JL… Just ask Jenny or Dal for my email and I can mail it out to you. I must be honest though it’s been wrung through the wringer… The cloth cover has been removed as well as pages 131-134… 132 has some burn marks and holes from the whole hidden chemicals that only show up when lit on fire fad… :). Oh it’s also been frozen, boiled, soaked in oil and Tea! The dust cover and cloth cover have likewise been subjected to similar tactics just in case they were hiding any secrets 🙂 I did not find any hidden messages but I can say that Fenn makes one hell of a high quality book!!! I’ll go back to making pies now… Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

                • JL says:

                  That sounds like a well used model. I will put one on my Christmas list and see if anyone in the family would like to contribute to my affliction. It seems as if f has come between my family and I, they all think I’m crazy believing sum old dude that keeps blowing his hats out and then naming em mildew. Maybe u could make FF a humble pie for me I will be willing to cover the cost, then I would know his hats wouldn’t be having any unplanned blow outs.

                • ROLL TIDE says:

                  Yer killin me spallies .

                  Did ya try dousing it with sodium pentothal ?

    • David says:

      It also needs acid. If there is no acid mildew cannot survive.

  57. ROLL TIDE says:

    23kachinas ,

    With all due respect, I’ve seen mold grow on food that is left in the refrigerator too long, more times than I can count. While not having any signs of mold anywhere else in the house, which is obviously warmer than the fridge.
    So, what am I missing here ?

  58. ROLL TIDE says:

    I see now that astree has addressed this at the top of this page. Some growth can occur between 0-95 degrees F.

  59. jjdiggin says:

    Movi(e) with zz top.
    Ok. I’ll watch closely. Geez.
    Yes folks, I’ve lost it. I’m starting to sound like cowboy. 🙂

  60. Jeremy P. says:

    In case anyone lost track, next week is when the Weekly Words would have ended if the original list (assuming there were 52 of them) were not augmented with additions. Here’s the break down so far:


  61. ACE says:

    This was to Roll Tide I wanted to post at bottom of this page for all.

    Yes and thanks for the share. I did not research how does humidor translate to Colorado?
    I strongly feel all you need is poem, a good map, and TTOTC is a good confidence builder. Just be careful not to go down too many rabbit holes as they say here, you may lose track of your beginning, middle, and your end.
    I will say this one quote that I got a chuckle out of with my solve is the T.S. Elliot. You know the we shall not cease exploration one. Read it and think think think. AIMO
    To you and all goodbye. You can read all my posts and take them how you want. I will continue to read yours but as much as I would like to I will no longer chime in. Going into hibernation mode. Good luck to ALL. Happy Holidays!!!

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      ACE ,
      Any thesaurus worth it’s salt will show that Colorado is synonymous with humidor.
      And yes, T.S. Elliot has fit perfectly into my solve from the beginning.

      Happy Holidays to you and yours as well.

      • DPT says:

        Roll Tide,

        I gave my email to Jenny thru an email to her to get to you and I also asked her to do so in our conversation above.

        She hasn’t obviously. Why? I don’t know.

        Email is cworksjp@aol.com

        That is for Tide only please!

        I have some info you may need.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          DPT ,

          I will be in touch, now that I have your contact info. I’m sure Jenny is busy prepping for the holidays and such.
          Talk to you soon. Make sure you are sitting down 🙂

  62. Steve McNichols says:

    That’s helpful, if you find the treasure there’s no mildew in it. No bio hazared suit needed to recover said chest.

  63. lifesablaze says:

    I am surprised no one picked up the Yttrium idea and it’s anti-mildew properties. It is also used for the RED component of TV ray tubes, used to produce artificial garnets, again RED. Also, The radioactive isotope yttrium-90 is used in drugs such as Yttrium Y 90-DOTA-tyr3-octreotide and Yttrium Y 90 ibritumomab tiuxetan for the treatment of various cancers, including lymphoma, leukemia, liver, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic and bone cancers. Too many applications to list. Read up on it the stuff is amazing! Anyway, it’s all over my search area. “Married” to the rocks. 😉 Also, another meaning of ‘Dither’ : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dither “So HEAR me all and listen good” And, I have mentioned before that meall is Gaelic for ‘hill’.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      lifesablaze ,

      Actually, I’ve made somewhat of a connection since you posted about the yttrium.
      I took “no mildew” and made a (questionable) connection to Colorado, by the use of the word “humidor”.
      Going back to the story that the hat was named Mildew, and that it was acquired from a fellow named George Dither(s) ? (someone help me out here, was it Dither or Dithers?), anyway, “dither could possibly connect with “in the wood”.

      I then took the word “George” and started trying to find it in Colorado. Well, sure enough, I came up with Lake George. After further research, imagine my surprise when I found that the area is known to contain Yttrium. hmmm . . .
      Further searching revealed that “george” is synonymous with gargantuan, which is synonymous with “mammoth”. Now, imagine the curious look on my face when I find that not too far from Lake George, is the Florissant Fossil Beds, dated to about 34 million years. AND, mammoth fossils have been found there that date to about 50,000 years.

      Sooo, I am studying that area at this time. Although, it’s gonna take a FULL confirmation of the area matching every clue in the poem to get me to divorce my New Mexico solve.

  64. Buckeye Bob says:

    Forrest had said at one time that he inspected the lid of the chest and it was made of tinplate steel.
    Guess what food cans are made of.

  65. Lost says:

    Look up, The Clark Fork River in Montana, fishing report in between Deerlodge and Drummond Montana ( The Home of Brown Trout ) this area is just down the canyon from Warm Springs Montana, below Drummond Mt. at Bearmouth Mt. turn right off interstate 90 on Bear Gulch Road on the way to Garnet Ghost Town, before reaching Bear Town there is a marker in Secret Gulch and spelled with a i Finns Gulch, the marker talks about the gold claims in the area and Secret Gulch means ( STAY OUT ) because of the claims there. This place is also studied by colleges for the high seas thirty thousand years ago left heavy loads of rock not native to the area. Look that up to! Garnet Montana they say is a treasure trove for the poor man. I found this place after studying Robert Redford’s ” A River Runs Through It ” ( A quote from the movie, I often fish the larger water alone, although some friends say I shouldn’t, but when I’m alone in the half light of the canyon all agistants seem to fade to a being, my soul and memories and the sound of the Back foot river and the four count rythom and the hope that a fish will rise, aventally all things murge into one and a river runs through it.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Lost.

      That’s a great movie…inspired by some great literature.

      “I had as yet no notion that life every now and then becomes literature—not for long, of course, but long enough to be what we best remember, and often enough so that what we eventually come to mean by life are those moments when life, instead of going sideways, backwards, forward, or nowhere at all, lines out straight, tense and inevitable, with a complication, climax, and, given some luck, a purgation, as if life had been made and not happened.”
      ― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

  66. Michelle says:

    Just a thought, but he said wet; could he have meant the treasure is Whet?? Definition to excite or stimulate. I don’t recall it actually being written down by himself so this could just be word play on his behalf. Thoughts?? Anyone thought of it like this?

  67. John Boy says:

    FF has given us the biggest clue yet to where he hid the chest. Most people however aren’t really listening in my opinion. The people that aren’t speaking here are the ones that know the most. I am speaking here because, in truth I don’t believe that most who talk here will listen. FF stated, and no I cannot reference the EXACT quote, but he did state in the past, something to the effect, that if there is no back story nobody could EVER find it. If a person reads everything FF has written and makes a list of every PLACE that FF has ever spoken of and correlate that with what he has stated in this weeks weekly words, if you understand them completely, then there is only one search area.

    Even though I shouldn’t I will explain why.

    Mildew CAN grow on wood given the proper conditions. Water is necessary. The second most important thing that mildew needs is acidic conditions. Not a lot of acid, just enough. Let us say there was a river that FF frequented where there was such a condition where acid was naturally neutralized. Mildew could not live there no matter what. There is a place where FF frequented where the water is alkali instead of acidic. He never spoke of the waters alkalinity but he spoke of the place often. The waters in the area that he spoke of are alkali meaning completely NON acidic.

    If a person does the proper research of EVERY place FF has mentioned they would find that there are very special places. These places because of their very special makeup beget a much larger population of fish and as a result animals. Where there is more food there is a much larger population of animals that feed on them. I believe, not that I have any ability to prove it, that FF believed his place to be a special place because of the abnormally large amount of wildlife in his special place.

    In the last 2 years I have been to this place 3 times. At this time SPECIFICALLY because of FF words this week, I believe I have been within 10 miles or less of his spot. Am I correct? Nobody is correct until they find it.

    I will say in closing that no matter if I find it or I don’t the fact that FF got myself and my lady to go exploring in part of the country we never believed we would ever see, regardless of the cost, was worth everything.

    IF you have been patient enough to read everything I have written I will give you a HUGE clue.
    There are only 200 places in the WORLD where he could have hid the chest where it is impossible for mildew to grow.
    Correlate that with the places he has spoken about that he has been to and there is ONE place. Just one.

    FF stated something to the effect that it was a very small place in a very large area.

    FF wrote me once when I was there to early in the year and told me ” You cannot find it in the snow”
    If anyone understands me and what I have written I expect a race in the spring. There is however 20 miles of area. I have been to everyplace but one. I brushed it aside not believing it could be there. Nobody goes there. I just recently found out it’s where Brown goes in the winter.

    I have given away to much already. I will now retire till March. Book your rooms now. I already have.

    GOD bless. Everyone have a great happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas / Hanukkah and a safe New Year.

    Thank you Forrest Fenn
    Thank you Jenny Kile

    John Boy / Chris Clark

    PS. Not that it matters but I am an associate at an auction house in Daytona Beach Florida by the name of Central Florida Auction Block. I am in charge of all research, photography “not that I am good at it” and advertising on the internet. I am 50 years old. I have been doing research in a serious capacity since I was 14. I truly love a seriously hard challenge. That doesn’t mean I can figure everything out in days or weeks. I have items in my personal collection that took me 4 years to identify properly. I also have items I have owned for 8 years I STILL haven’t identified. That which FF has put before us intrigues me. Something inside me will not allow me to let it go. I may never find it, but that just proves FF point. It’s the thrill of the chase NOT the find that keep’s us searching.


    Christopher Lawrence Clark

    • Lost says:

      I hear you John boy, sometimes I thank I’m reading friends talking to each other on Facebook haha, the way you put it is the first time I’ve read something on here that made cents, good luck and I’ll be watching you.

    • Mountain Ash says:

      So those were Forrest’s exact words–“You cannot find it in the snow,” meaning the treasure can’t be found when there’s snow on the ground? That’s major information! I know he’s said “snowy days are the searcher’s enemy,” but this goes beyond that.

      • Mountain Ash says:

        Am I the only one who’s surprised by this? Has FF said before that it’s impossible to find the chest when there’s snow on the ground?

  68. SL says:

    John Boy,

    Might ‘volcanic glass’ be a term that you are familiar with? – (I can only imagine the magical way it could reflect sunlight). I believe researching the term would be most beneficial.

    Good luck to you and yours,


  69. astree says:

    Then again, you won’t find anything in the chest if you don’t find the chest. This is a more pessimistic interpretation.

  70. Twingem says:

    Perhaps the chest is cealed.

  71. Lost says:

    http://www.landwatch.com/Montana_land_for_sale/Granite_County . Look at property #2 & #20 now on Google map start at Warm Springs Montana and take it in the canyon down past the towns Deerlodge and Drummond, in between these two towns you look up the fishing report on the Clark Fork River, this well really tell you that it’s the home of Brown. So go below those two towns to Bearmouth Montana because from there it’s no place for the meek turning right towards the Garnet Ghost Town up Bear Gulch Road following bear creek, there will be no paddle up your creek, if you’re in a boat with only one ore, it will turn, there will be no turning up your creek, your creek is Bear creek, as you drive up bear Gulch Road the names of the roads entering are names of creeks. So don’t turn stay on Bear Gulch Road, zoom in close to the road and right before Bear Town you will see Finn Gulch, which I know spilled with a i but zoom in more and the Gulch next to it is Secret Gulch, either I’m on to something or Fenn’s Poem is being forced to go there by me! Need some help from here I’m Lost.

  72. Sparrow says:

    I think there is a Bible verse that says “If the blind lead the blind they will both fall into the gulch”. Oh wait, no, that’s ditch. Never mind.

  73. GEYDELKON says:

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
    When you look at the big picture, what do you think is missing from the wood?

    An Indian Scout and A Saint.

  74. JDA says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all – My cyber friends. TRY to STAY SAFE ALL – JDA

  75. Buckeye Bob says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    And I know a certain turkey that’s “missing from the wood.”

  76. Chesney says:

    Happy Thanksgiving a everyone! I may not be at home with immediate family, but after 6 months in my “searchy spot or happy place”, I have family here too! Thank you Ms. Kile and Mr. Fenn, I will never stop searching! 🙂

  77. pdenver says:

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all. Have a wonderful day.

  78. ROLL TIDE says:

    I hope each of you are as blessed as I am this day. Every now and then I come across something that moves me in such a way that I wish to share it with others. I don’t know who, but I felt like someone out there needed this today. Hope all of you enjoy it.

    Loving can hurt
    Loving can hurt sometimes . . .
    It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.

    Loving can heal
    Loving can mend your soul . . .
    I swear it will get easier
    Remember that with every piece of ya
    And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die . . .

    Wishing all of you a blessed holiday season.

  79. Jenny Kile says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all……. I’m thankful so much for this community here and hope you all had a great day! I know I’m quiet much of the time, but do appreciate your sharing of thoughts, ideas, and cares. Thank you. ~jenny

  80. Sparrow says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jenny, Forrest, and everyone who blogs here, or reads the posts. Thanks so much for this site, and also for the thrill of the chase. May God deeply bless everyone today, and in the future! 🙂

  81. jjdiggin says:

    Hap hap happy gob gob gobble! 😉
    Xoxo to all!
    Oh..that could mean so much…haha!

  82. jjdiggin says:

    Side note from NOT the sharpest tool in the tech shed, meaning I dunno if it’s just on my “rotation”, but on this page alone, I count 5 pictures that are whet…

  83. Buckeye Bob says:

    It took me a while but I finally found my posts related to the chest inside being made of tinplate steel, rather than wood.
    There are two relevant links inside this post, the first link being the most detailed,
    but this link includes a bit more so I’ll start there.

    This could be the reason for no mildew in the chest.

    I don’t seem to pick up any traction with this, for some reason. Despite Forrest’s own words.
    But here ya be:

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      And I’ll add something more to this tinplate steel inner box.
      If you look closely (blow up) this image:
      notice the front and rear corners (front right side and rear left side of the chest) of the inner box.
      They appear to be cut at 45 degree angles, judging by the color differences between the panels.
      This would be the weakest way to make a wooden box. A dove-tail or tongue and groove construction would be much better, and both of those would have straight edges rather than a 45 degree cut.
      So I don’t think it’s wood.

    • locolobo says:

      Re your earlier post: “Forrest had said at one time that he inspected the lid of the chest and it was made of tinplate steel.
      Guess what food cans are made of.”

      Here is what Fenn said: “When I was ready to put the olive jar that contained my autobiography and two of my hairs in the treasure chest I studied the lid. It was made of tin coated steel, which is not easily oxidized in air or water. Over time those characteristics can break down.”

      – – – It seems to me that he is saying he studied the lid of the olive jar. The characteristics of it is what led him coat it with wax. – –

      If you want to read it as the lid of the chest being tin, that’s OK with me and Good Luck!! 🙂

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        Loco, it seems to me that Forrest would have thought about sealing the lid, and especially in the thread, before he was ready to put it in the chest. So it wasn’t “ready” to be put in the chest until after it was sealed.

        Also, Forrest is often going a little bit off topic in his replies, and those comments are where the “hints” lie. I see this as a cleverly disguised “off topic” comment like that.

  84. ROLL TIDE says:

    “You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f”

    Nothing inside the chest will be mildewed.
    Mildew is a mold.
    Nothing inside the chest will be moldy.
    Moldy = plain, drab, shabby, corny, disagreeable, shabby, sloppy, slouchy, lousy, tacky, useless, worn out, rusty, beat up, debilitated, dilapidated .

    If that didn’t get your attention, maybe this will :
    Moldy = heavy, weak, homely, dusty, limp, old, on the ropes, out of gas, gray-haired, wimpy, and wizened.

    Now, read TTOTC, the poem, and the scrapbooks again.

    Why is it that a “lazy newbie” is able to find these things when the “experts” on that other blog can’t?
    What’s wrong with that picture ?
    Maybe it’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so . . .

  85. ROLL TIDE says:

    And, just for added measure . . .
    Moldy = gone to seed.
    Step back non-believers . . .

  86. Buckeye Bob says:

    Roll Tide, better yet…
    “You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f”

    So there’s no hat like the one he calls “Mildew” in the chest he calls “Indulgence.”

    Forrest keeps his indulgence (secrets) under his mildew (hat).

  87. paul hunter says:

    If you seal a chest with wax it will last for years under ground,or in WATER.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Paul, I have tossed around the idea of the chest being under water too.
      But over 1,000 years, I’m sure that the water currents would erode the wax off the chest. If it had a lip where the lid closes over the box then the wax inside that area might last, but that would be uncertain. But this chest doesn’t have a lip, and overlapping area of the opening, judging from the pictures.

      So the chest would have to be covered with something that would also last, after it was sealed with wax. That’s possible, I think. But I think now that maybe that would be expecting too much of the unexpected. For one thing, sediment could cover the chest and bury it beyond ever being found.

      In a nutshell, I think it could possibly be under water, but unlikely. I know when I make it out there with boots on the ground, I’ll be looking for an underwater hidey hole as I go, but I expect it to be above water level.

      I keep looking for a clue to how the chest is hidden. But I think maybe that’s a thing that a seeker can only discover once they get there. So I keep thinking about possibilities, so that IF I get to the right spot I hopefully can recognize it.

  88. Andrew Jef says:

    Hey, y’all — here’s a thought I had just recently, about the phrase “tarry scant”. It has been thoroughly discussed,
    I think (on one or more of these blogs/forums about the chase), that a scant is a slab of stone that has been
    sawed on 2 sides. And “tarry” could mean dark or blackened, as in covered with tar.

    What if the TC is coated with tar to keep it sealed and protect it from the weather and other things for thousands of
    years? If so, the TC could look like a black slab of rock (or “tarry scant”). Just a thought.

    I honestly hope that FF didn’t do this. Removal of the tar, in order to open the TC, could damage the artwork of the
    cast bronze.

    I prefer to believe that the TC is just sitting on either the ground, or on a decent-sized flat stone of dark color.
    I believe there are some of these in the correct search location (based on my BOTG search experience).

    I also hope that FF didn’t cover the TC with one or more rocks, although if he did, it might make it easier to find.

    Good luck to all searchers. Please be mindful of safety in the Rockies.

    • Lia says:

      Hello Andrew Jeff! I agree, your ideas are strong contenders.

      BTSWMG has so many fun possibilities to consider:

      Tarr “ys” wise can.t
      Tarred y-shape rock
      Tarr/dark owl/eyes rock
      Tarry’s can-t/cantine
      Tarred short rope
      Buttarry cant – butter colored butte/ butt shaped hill/slope
      Arry’s cant (ff’s maternal grandmothers hill)

      I once found twin butter colored short buttes which adjoined one another to form a butt or heart shape. The left Butte was marred with an EL blaze creating a very real Mar-V-el gaze. Alas, checked on 4 different Very thorough boots on ground searches with metal detector. Nothing there.

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