Treasures in United States Mint Coin Sets

us mint coin set uncirculated

US Mint uncirculated coin set

Ever wonder how many different circulating coins are minted each year? A United States Mint Uncirculated coin set would answer this question. It would also be a treasure to keep and enjoy, and to give as a gift too.

These coin sets which consist of the various coins minted throughout the year are available for order through the U.S. Mint’s website. The 2016 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set sells for $26.95 and holds all thirteen different coins minted for circulation.

This set includes coins from both the Denver and Philadelphia production facilities for a total of twenty-six coins. A United States Mint Proof Set, which sells for $31.95, is also available, and includes coins produced at the San Francisco Mint.

The 2016 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

Giving a U.S. Mint coin set to a child or that hard to buy for person makes for a unique and special gift. They will be amazed at the clarity and brightness of the coins. Special presses are used to produce a finer detailed and sharper image on these exclusive coins. The 2016 uncirculated coin set includes a Lincoln one-cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Kennedy half-dollar, one Native American dollar coin, the five 2016 America the Beautiful quarters and the last three Presidential dollar coins.

The Presidents honored on the Presidential coins are Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. The Native American coin highlights two helmets of WW1 and WW11, along with other victorious features to honor Native American contribution towards Code Usages.

The America the Beautiful quarters of the set feature Shawnee National Forrest (Illinois), Cumberland Gap National Historical Park (Kentucky), Harpers Ferry National Park (W.Virginia), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (N. Dakota), and Fort Moultrie (S. Carolina).

The 2016 United States Mint Proof Set

proof coin set

2016 Proof Set

The 2016 proof set includes the same set of coins but of proof quality. Proof coins are minted at San Francisco and so they will also differ in that they display the S mintmark. These coins are of exceptional merit.

The process to mint the coins involves proof blanks being specially treated, cleaned, and polished. They are then struck at least twice with polished dies to give the sharp relief and mirror-like field on the coin. The set comes in protective lenses to keep and present the amazing beauty of the coins.

Receiving these sets as gifts will be welcomed. Although the coins are not meant to be spent, their value comes from appreciating the magnificence they display. Not only the brilliance by the process of minting, but by the joys and wonders of America in which the images have chosen to commemorate.


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2 Responses

  1. Twingem says:

    Gosh Jenny, I can’t thank you enough for sharing such cool articles and treasures. Makes me want to start coin collecting. You are an angel for all you do.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks Twingem, I love the beauty and history of coins….. Plus, they are making so many new ones to honor such historical sites, places, and people, it’s just great to be inspired and learn from them.

    One of my goals is to visit each and every America the Beautiful ‘coin’ spots. I will have to count how many I’ve been to…..and will be planning where I’m going next!

    I’ll be writing this soon too…..but for a treasure egg hunt idea for kids is to have them find eggs filled with each National Park Quarters and then give them the collector board to put them on. They find the eggs…..but they are filled with collectible treasures! (not just candy)…

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