Top Ten Interesting Facts Known about the Fandango Treasure Hunt

On November 26th, 2020, if not found before, the Fandango Treasure Hunt which offers the challenge to find a Golden Key worth $10,000 dollars will end.  Below are the top ten interesting facts known about this treasure hunt.   Can this Key be found before time runs out?! Enjoy!

1)It is hidden on Mount Desert Island

Unlike some treasure hunts which only say, ‘within the lower 48 states’ or ‘somewhere north of Santa Fe’, the Fandango treasure hunt specifically states the Golden Key is to be found somewhere on Mount Desert Island in Maine.  Although this narrowing down hasn’t made the Treasure any easier to find (the hunt started in 2007), it does provide a more precise area to search.

2)A Master Riddle Needs Discovered

Within the directions for the hunt, it is clear a Master Riddle needs discovered and this is to be solved in order to discover the exact location of Fandango’s Golden Key.  This is similar to what was needed for the 1979 hunt entitled Masquerade.  A Master Riddle needed to be discovered in Masquerade, and its solution provided the location of the Jeweled Golden Hare which was the prize of that hunt.  Fandango has many similar items to the Masquerade hunt.  More on that can be read here: Fandango and Masquerade similarities

3) Letters in Image Borders Anagram to Words

As mentioned above, Fandango includes similar puzzle elements that Masquerade included.  One of these are that various Red Letters in borders anagram to words.  Sixteen different words are found within the borders of Fandango using not only Red letters, but with the addition of a few Blue letters.

4)Blue Letters in Borders Spell Out a Phrase

Although the Red and Blue letters in the Fandango’s borders spell out words, if only looking at the Blue Letters, it is noticed a phrase can be found.  The phrase PAEC FORTY SOUTH, (assumingly for PACE FORTY SOUTH) is found in order.
More about these RED and BLUE letters Here: Words in Fandango’s border

5)Number Squares Give the Word Masquerade (and C HINT)

Within the books pages are two 4×4 grids filled with numbers.  There is also one 4×4 grid filled with letters.  If the corresponding letter to number is used to fill each 4×4 grid, it is noticed a searcher gets the word MASQUERADE mirrored from each, and the additional letters of C HINT.  C HINT could imply SEE HINT: MASQUERADE. (The Squares)

It is possible this hint might have been to draw lines to find ‘letters’ in the border.  In Masquerade, searchers drew lines from the eyes to fingers/toes in the images and into the borders which provided Letters.  Although done differently, the Star Points of Fandango can be used to draw lines and find Letters. (see next Fact)

6)Star Points of Fandango Images Offer Words

In the corner of Fandango’s images are certain colored star points.  If lines from two of the same colored star points are drawn, where they intersect, in the Borders- pinpoint letters.

The Blue star points gave the word NUMBERS

The other colored star points gave the  ‘almost’ words that follow:

Pink: OPE    (maybe for OPEN)

Red: RIDLDE   (maybe for RIDDLE)

Yellow: TREUSRE (maybe for TREASURE)

Orange: HIDFEN  (maybe HIDDEN)

More here: Corner Star Points

7) Highest Point and Signs

On the image in the Fandango treasure hunt book (page 44), there is a road sign with multiple distances and place names being displayed.  The signs are also of various colors.   Besides the two pointing in the different direction (their distances adding to 407 which is the peak of Mt. Kebo), it has been noticed the first letters of the White, Red and Blue signs give the words, BOOK (white signs), Yellow (red signs) and Red (blue signs).  Might an ‘Orange Book’ be important. Page 30 of Fandango has an Orange Book on a shelf.  Might it be important? More on the highest points here: Highest Points.

8)Numbers Convert to Letters

Also on this same page of signs, page 44, are numbers on the license plate which when converted to letters gives ACADIA.  This might hint to other ‘number to letter’ clues.   On page 7 of the book are the numbers 1653.  When converted to letters, FACE can be an anagram of that.  Hint to something?

9)Text and Images Hold Multiple Possible Clues for Solution

Many of the images link to locations seen on the island and in Acadia National Park.  The text tells of a story about a fox traveling around the island, and it is on the Fox’s journey that he lost the ‘Golden Key’ that we as searchers need to find!  The back of the book states clues are given both visually and verbal, and although one must travel there to get the Golden Key, it is said the Puzzle, or key’s location, can be solved at home.

10)Golden Key Can be Discovered Year Round

In an interview with the creator of the hunt, it was asked if the Golden Key could be found year round. His answer was ‘Yes, although maybe a little harder to find.’


So there you have some of the exciting things happening and being found with the Fandango Treasure Hunt!

This is a fun hunt which hasn’t been solved yet.  Can you solve it?

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    This ones on my backyard- which only means that I have better access than most people. The suggestion that the orange book is important is interesting. I was working on the idea that it’s a “white book,” and there is one with an obscured title. I’ve got ITLOTW on order. Thanks, j- you’ve helped me before this-

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