The Thrill of the Chase Poem by Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn's treasure chest
The 1150 AD (about) Treasure Chest

The following poem is found in the book The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn.  It is said to contain nine clues, and upon complete understanding, will lead a person to a bronze treasure chest filled with over a million dollars worth of treasure.  This chest of riches has been placed ‘somewhere in the Rocky mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico’ for anyone to find!

Although the meaning of the poem is believed to guide someone to the hidden treasure, the book is said to hold ‘subtle clues’ to help one with their quest.  Many treasure hunters, who are actively pursuing the ‘title to the gold’, have also purchased The Thrill of the Chase book from Collected Works.

Below, is Mr. Fenn’s poem which encourages all to get involved with the thrill of the chase!

As I have gone alone in there
And with my treasures bold,
I can keep my secret where,
And hint of riches new and old.

Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Put in below the home of Brown.

From there it’s no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.

So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.


Good Luck!  And most of all have fun!


ADDITION:  MARCH 1st Clue:  “The Treasure is hidden higher than 5000 feet above sea level.”

ADDITION: MARCH 27th Clue:  “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure in not associated with any structure.”

ADDITION: MAY 3rd Clue: “The treasure is not in a graveyard.”

ADDITION: JUNE 28th Clue: “The treasure is not hidden in Idaho or Utah.”


Plus, click the following link for some other Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts, like it’s not in Nevada or Canada either!

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Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn is another continued segment to check out.  Starting near the end of 2015, and for the next year, I will be posting ‘weekly words’ given to me from Forrest Fenn in regards to the treasure hunt.  I feel these can offer guidance, advice, and a way to learn more about how Forrest thinks.  It’s been said, learn more about the man, then maybe a better understanding of the poem’s meaning can be determined.

Clicking Here (thrill of the chase) will take you links to Six Questions with Forrest Fenn and Notes taken from searchers discussions.  These notes can really get your mind warmed up on ideas for what the poem may refer to.

Mr. Fenn’s Website: shouldn’t be forgotten either.

Please feel free to friend/ follow me, as I will be including updates on the treasure hunt, and sharing my different perspectives and adventures of ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ and other treasure hunts, as well.



91 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Chase Poem by Forrest Fenn

  1. Having been a two time cancer survivor myself, I yearn for adventure everyday.What i cannot do for myself,i try and do for others.I run an amazing tourist train for all ages,so its a bit hard to get time off.But i will buy your book and try and see about a vacation down south.

    1. Congrats on winning the battle with cancer. The Thrill of the Chase is a wonderful book which captures the true values of life…it makes you think… and the poem at the end that leads to treasure is merely a fantastic bonus! I am glad you have survived to take part in the chase.

      I enjoy sharing my own thoughts here on this site about the book and treasure of Forrest Fenn (I just want to clarify-it is not my book).

      If you do get the chance to vacation and search for the treasure…I would love to hear about it. And the best of luck to you!

    2. Abaixo, é o poema de Mr. Fenn, que incentiva todos a se envolverem com a emoção da caça ao tesouro!
      Como eu fui sozinho ali
      E com os meus tesouros valiosos,
      Talvez eu possa manter o meu segredo sobre o lugar
      onde está o tesouro e deixar algumas dicas riquezas novas e antigas para localizá-lo.
      Comece-a onde águas mornas e quentes terminam
      num canyon em formato de garganta, profundo
      Não está muito longe, mas longe o bastante para ir a pé
      Posicione-se no sopé de Cimarron.De lá poderá ver o pico, mas perceberá que escalá-lo não é uma tarefa para os fracos.
      Siga o curso do rio caudaloso, com várias cachoeiras, parecendo sempre que vai terminar, mas nem pense em ir de bote, canoa ou caiaque, pois as águas são muito perigosas.Se você foi sábio e encontrou o o lugar do incêndio ou talvez Angel Fire(o anjo queimado),Olhe rapidamente para baixo, e sua busca irá terminar, Mas demorar escassa com olhar fixo maravilha?????????????,Basta ter coragem e ir com calma.
      Então por que é que eu devo partir e deixar o meu tesouro para qualquer um encontrar? As respostas eu já sei, pois já fiz isso cansado, e agora eu sou fraco. Então me escute e ouça bem.O seu esforço vai valer a pena apesar do frio que vai sentir. Se você se mostrar corajoso na floresta ou para atravessar a ponte de madeira, Eu lhe darei direito ao meu ouro.Boa sorte! E acima de tudo divirta-se!

  2. I have not read the book. As I just read an article on MSN about this book and quest for treasure. I, too, am a cancer survivor from Bell County, TX. My theory of your treasure chest…..the treasure is in the quest; travelling and hiking through some of the most beautiful scenery in our great country and the memories made with our loved ones.

    Wishing you many more years of a great life. Oh! I will be getting your book, sounds fantastic!!

  3. Forrest Fenn, is a very special person– giving encouragement to get up–get out– and do something besides be a couch potato— we have so much beauty in our Country to enjoy. I am seventy-six, still
    moving, working, gardening, life is a treasure — don’t waste a minute– I plan on reading the Book but my
    dream would be going on this treasure hunt– to enjoy all the beautiful scenery—I am so Thankful that
    Mr Fenn has won the battle with Cancer.

  4. I have three sisters and two sister-in-laws who have been struck by cancer. Sadly one of my sister-in-laws lost the battle. That loss brought my family even closer together and taught us the real value of life is being together. I agree that family is the greatest treasure one can have but it sure is great when we can all go in search for one that is buried. New Mexico is a breath taking state and one to visit again and again. Buried treasure or not It is a place we will visit any chance we have. Thank you Mr. Fenn for your encouragement to explore this wonderful state. Margie Chant

  5. If there is a treasure, it’s in yellow stone park in the pond, lake or stream you mention in the book and poem, you bathe in as a child and young adult. In the drainage pipe system of the pond, lake or stream you bathe in as a youngster. In the drainage connecting pipes or run off pipes that connect the warm to the cold water you bathe in, at the lake, pond or stream you bathe in as a child or young adult in yellow stone national park, drainage pipe system. You placed it in the pipe at yellow stone park in you’re favorite bath spot drainage pipe system. ” Clever.”

  6. I would look to the sky, for a silver box if I were a treasure hunter, look first to the Holy Grail, in AQUILAE, then read your native american and early pioneer folklore for a yankee doodle trick, and then remember like it says in the bible “As above, so below”

  7. I hope the next clue will be whether a non-athletic person can reach it. I believe I know the general viciinity of where it sounds like I wouldn’t be able to get tto the exact location. Not for the “meek”, a steep trail “blaze”? in water?

  8. I wish I was close enough to go look. Sounds like fun. Just from the poem my instincts tell me it is in a cave. It’s the only place where he wouldn’t have to bury it by digging a hole and it would be somewhat protected from the elements. Sounds like he waded through some chest high cold water to get to it’s resting spot. My guess is it is near a ‘blaze’ which is a hole in the cave where light shines in. He likes native american stuff and they lived in cave like places carved into the hillsides. Also doesn’t Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn find a treasure while lost deep in a cave. I’m going with cave. Just find the warm water creek (geothermal) that ends in a sinkhole. The cave entrance is about a 4 hour walk down the canyon from that spot, hah! From there you’ll have to go into a flooded cave system, not for the meek!

  9. Fenns treasure is NOT gonna be found by someone with the sole purpose of just looking out of the greed of money. Thats not how it should be found. It will be someone like Fenn, who just is aimlessly out there in the woods and just happens to stumble upon it. They will have LOVE for the outside and will be put in that position because THATS how its meant to be found!!

  10. If anyone found the treasure. What can you do with a chess full golds? Just thinking. Winning a lottery is one thing, but a chess full of golds; most people hardly ever think about often.

  11. Cool, however I feel this was easy to decipher. Here’s what I came up with; 1- Mr. Fenn is dying of cancer and want’s to leave a legacy behind for everyone. 2- He wants people to get up off their asses and out from in front of T.V. and explore their world around them, his clues are from places in his mind that he has enjoyed throughout his life. He just want’s to share with the world the thing’s he has experienced in life. What a better way then to let poeple believe there is a treasure to bed had if you figure out his “map”, lying at the end.
    Enjoy the things around you before they are taken away!

  12. These clues I have worked out I think is the chest is inside a waterfall that runs into a hot spring because if its not to far but to far to walk its you must aether swim or climb I believe it is behind a waterfall that runs into a hot spring witch would be nerd a volcano with a forest around you

    1. Tower falls in YSP has steam vents and warm waters that ate the lime stone and left towering Rhyolite towers on the top of the fall might be heavy loads and water high. to get to the bottom you have to take a trail on the east side of the canyon not far to get to the bottom, just a 130 ft but to far because you have to walk the sides of the canyon to get down to the water fall where there are petrified trees near the fall which slow it flow in winter time.
      You won’t need a paddle in the cold water it will be low enough to walk in and the wood are near the place the waters halts in winter, and in summer the falls are out of the way from heavily traveled areas so it you can hear the roar of the fall unless you are very close to it. Rhyolite rock is brite grey and when the sun shines on it it seems to glow. So Tarry Scant and have a great day.

  13. Cimarron Canyon
    Clear creek trail, waterfall(up creek without a paddle, heavy load and water high) walking up a creek without a paddle cause its a trial not literall, heavy load , hiking gear/backpack
    near an abandon town or settlement (not near in graveyard?? cimarron cemetry tolby
    riches old and new, minining towns /history
    these places above sea level too, no farfrom where fenn lives

  14. Its interesting to read it
    As a poem that’s not about a box full of gold.
    And look at it as a poetry piece too.
    There are some incredibly odd choices on the part of the writer.
    An abundance of alliteration. Some rhymes that don’t quite.
    A vocab that’s common salt of the earth 90% of the time and 5% that’s nearly Shakespearean.
    Deliberate punctuation. Oddly thrice-rocky meter.
    But theme wise, it’s about life and death. And time might an important aspect to that. …

  15. Just a thought, Fenn says I keep my secret where ? Where he went alone, where he hints of treasure new and old, where he goes boldly in, where no one is with him it’s a place he knows really well. It’s the place only Mr. Fenn goes and he is always alone. The secret hidden box is in a secret hidden place. It’s below the home of Molly Brown or someone named Brown. The million dollar box is in a place too far for anyone to walk . The treasure is not buried but it’s underground. If you find it you will be cold. So just begin it where warm waters halt or where there is no warm water at all. Don’t forget to go down a canyon or hallway steps. F.y.I the treasure is right where Mr. Fenn put it . ( It’s in his basement vault) with all his other treasure new and old. Mr. Fenn likes to keep his secrets where? In his vault . Game Over. If anyone goes in there they will end up cold. Dead and cold. Thanks for nothing Fenn.

  16. I really hate to burst everyone’s bubble but let’s get real. No body will ever decipher TT O T C poem. Not you, me or even the CI A the FB I , not even the Israeli Intelligence agency could decipher that poem. The author uses
    words to describe a place on a map that only make sense to him. It’s like telling someone to go stand in the corner of a round room, you’ll never find the corner . Nobody will ever find the box of gold . I think it’s great people are getting out of the house but if your looking for Fenn’s treasure your wasting your money and time.
    I think people underestimate what Mr. Fenn is capable of doing to make money. How many books did he sell?
    Does he own stock in a hotel’s around Santa Fe? Does he still sell Indian artifacts ? Great advertising.

    How many people have looked for the box of gold ? How long has the search been going on? I’ll tell you, thousands of people over the past four years have searched for Fenn’s gold, How much gold was recovered ? Zero amount of gold found, That’s zero dollars . How much money was spent by Fennseeks ? Probably millions of dollars spent looking for phantom gold. WOW

    I think Fenn is really a good guy. He probably ment well and he probably never cheated at cards, but l don’t
    believe he put gold or anything worth millions of dollars in the mountains for some poor sap to find. Rich people
    don’t do things like that unless they sell books or own stock in hotel’s or restaurants. Holy cow !!!! That’s the answer to the poem TT O T C. Buy stock in the Santa Fe area then chase everyone there to spend money.
    That’s the thrill, while your chasing the gold, the stock holders are cashing your check s. Yep , yep yeppy I’m going to be rich…….

  17. Mr. Fenn
    What a great story! I read the pome two to three times a month and discuss with a co-worker and family members. Some don’t believe in hidden treasure and some do. For those that don’t good for them. For those that do they won’t be bothered by the non believers during there quest for the gold. Your story is the stuff of legend and adventure. The great United States of America and some of its citizens have lost there sense of adventure. The GOOD ENOUGH attitude these days has been excepted as the normal way to live and work. Your book challenges that way of thinking and living our lives in this great country we call home! Once again thank you for what you started! VVP IDAHO.

  18. Fenn is quite a genius and I do believe his story is true. A man who was dying of cancer will do these things for obvious reasons. One of them is to enjoy beauty, another is the thrill of the chase, and the third is that he hopes that the one who finds his treasure will use it wisely! Like I said: A genius!

  19. Mr. F the reason the chest hasn’t been found is because you’re still holding onto it in your heart,,,,you haven’t really given it up, no you see if you had the idea would have been given to the person that is supposed to find it,at this pointThe chest is obscured in the shadows. When you make your exit and you’re truly ready to give up the chest then it will be found.

  20. Thank you forrest, from a dreamer.
    I always say; be positive, optimistic, hopeful, have a dream, believe in God and love your children.
    Oh and did I mention I’m smiling! 🙂

  21. How wonderful! You have made us all believe in adventure! But, it is the true treasure of the adventure of hunting for this box. The time spent with family or friends or even alone, the beauty of area, learning history or meeting people along the way. There is treasure in knowledge of time and space, but the true prize is the nature, weather, mountains, rivers, springs, ponds/lakes, trees, animals, birds, fish, rocks, sounds and smells, the stars, moon and sun! What a great adventure and education he is teaching all of us! Good luck to anyone search! Have FUN enjoy the adventure N. of Santa Fe, NM!!!

  22. so i will never get to this location where i believe the treasure is to be found below the wreck of the william brown ship that sank in the gulf stream near newfoundland in the atlantic ocean, interesting case the william brown which struck an iceberg in the 1800s full of my relatives scottish and irish 🙂 so anyway be nice to be right and id love to go a discover this treasure but i am poor but enjoyed the THRILL OF THE CHASE 🙂

  23. I think I know exactly where it is yet I do not have the means to get there”money”. If I could get the funding I would be more than happy to split the earnings with my funder! After reading the poem and understanding the clues and topography of the region for me it has taken me 3 hours of this morning to figure it out! The place I hav in mind meets a the criteria of the poem and makes so much sense!

    1. I gather you must be hunting in New Mexico, Don…with that much confidence. I’d race you to it, but I don’t have any money, either. That and other reasons…like work, for example.

  24. This reminds me of the Emperor Norton Treasure Hunts in San Francisco, CA. The clues were posted in the San Francisco Examiner Newspaper. About 60 years ago the clues led people to believe it was buried on the beach directly across the Great Highway where I lived with my Mother. It was so exciting and I was sure I knew right where it was. We had no shovel other than a small fireplace utensil which I used. By the end of the first day the beach looked like nothing but giant holes as far as the eye could see. Some were so deep, you wondered how they would ever fill them in again. As it turned out the treasure was found and not on the beach at all. If my age and health would permit, I would be out there to where I thought the clues led; digging away myself. The memory of that summer long ago has brought me almost as great a pleasure as finding the treasure. Thank you Mr. Fenn and I think New Mexico should have an annual Treasure Hunt named after you to keep “us kids” on our toes. Good luck to you all.

  25. I found out I had brain cancer in 2004, now I’m married, having a kid and trying to be employed again. I wish more than anything that I was in a position to go on an adventure like this. Good luck people! I wish I could be there. Sounds like fun.

  26. House of Brown could refer to Henry “Brown” and John Tunstall (group known as “the House”) also all involved in “Blaze” at Blazers Mill battle.
    just my thought, im in NJ so wont be searching anytime soon but GREAT story and love the intrugue

  27. Ya’ll are way off. I have deciphered the clues Mr. Fenn has left only in his poem that says nine clues. Prepare for an update soon, and the return of the piece he requested that is in the chest. I apparently think like he does. This is not a five year hoax.

    1. .

      Welcome to the group that believes the treasure hunt is real. Any more info ? ( how do you know that you have the correct nine clues, when will you be going out searching, etc.?).


  28. I know 100% where is the treasure. The poem have hidden GPS coordinate and I decrypted it. My only problem is that I am from Europe and don’t have money to go there. If someone wants to share the money and go to find it let me know…

    1. I will be in the Vail, Buena Vista and Glenwood Springs area of Colorado this coming weekend. If this is in the area of your coordinates, lets talk.

  29. I will be in the Vail, Buena Vista and Glenwood Springs area of Colorado this coming weekend. If this is in the area of your coordinates, lets talk.

  30. After a few months of research and two trips out west, I found a place that totally fits all the clues in Forrest Fenn’s poem. I did exactly as Forrest said and solved it in sequential steps. He said ♦ “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental”. I implemented this principle and it led me to a specific area of about 200 feet on the far side of a river. On our first trip in July, my wife and I found the blaze. When we proceeded to the next line, ‘”Look quickly down, your quest to cease,” we realized what Forrest meant by the next line, “So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold”. The river water level is too high during the warm, summer months from the snow melt and the treasure is submerged. We were looking down at about 5500 GPS. We returned home and started watching the USGS river water level site. The water had been as high as about 18000 GPS in the previous month of June. As the level continued to drop through August, we returned to the place where Forrest’s poem led us. My first challenge required floating across the river and disguised as a fisherman, I spent 5 hours searching and found nothing. After sleeping on it and sharing thoughts with my wife, my poem translation narrowed my search area and I decided to make a one hour float trip, repeating what I believe was Forrest Fenn’s journey. I spent two more hours searching under rocks, boulders, and debris along the water’s edge before I realized I needed a better flashlight and longer handled digging tools. Two days later, I repeated the float trip with a Maglite and a long handled digging tool and still did not find it. I think the treasure has either already been found, or the river buried it forever. Forrest said “From there it’s no place for the meek” and he was right. I am not able or willing to continue searching and want to share my poem interpretation as it gives me closure. He does not want us to find it and he wants us to have fun searching but, what I think is, he really wants us to talk about him! Also, is Fenn responsible for everyone’s safety trying to find this treasure?
    His poem is full of metaphors and he has had a lot of fun playing us. Here are a few of my interpretations of the Cheat Sheet:
    • People have been within 500’ of the treasure. There is a major highway about 500 feet from this place.
    • He never said it was buried (he never said it wasn’t) .The river buried it for him.
    • I found 14 clues in the poem not nine.
    No Name

  31. Here is what FF said about his inspired treasure hunters. It was in the Santa Fe Local News in May 2015.
    Fenn said it’s typical for those who are certain they have solved the mystery to fashion an alternative explanation when they do not find the chest. “They know exactly where it is, but someone got there before them or the whole thing is a hoax,”
    I have become one of many that absolutely fit into his description. I share the following to bring closure.
    Possible Solution to F. F. Poem
    As I have gone alone in there (#1 Glenwood Canyon) And with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, And hint of riches new and old.
    Begin it where warm waters halt (#2 Glenwood Springs)
    And take it in the canyon down, (#3 No Name Exit 119 on I 70 turn right and take road down to dead end)
    Not far, but too far to walk. (unless you can walk on water)
    Put in (#4 boat in Colorado River) below the home of Brown.(#5 Grizzly Creek Exit)
    From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; (downstream about ¼ mile to youtube location) There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads (#6 trains go up stream) and water high. (#7 river rapids up stream)
    See youtube
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,(#8 Natural notch on canyon wall from a rock slide see youtube)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (Interpretation TBD. Could be in river? along river bank? is not there anymore?)
    But tarry scant (#9 Tarry looking train tunnel entrance see photo) with marvel gaze,(#10 metaphor for canyon wall) Tar is small in perspective too…
    So why is it that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek? The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    So hear me all and listen good,(#11 hazard warning) Your effort will be worth the cold.(#12 River water level too high and murky in summer. Best time to search is Winter)
    If you are brave and in the wood (#13 Glenwood Canyon) I give you title to the gold.
    • I counted 13 clues and there are only supposed to be 9.
    • I have a lot more to share about the poem and an extensive search if anyone is interested.

  32. I would love to go on the search. I have my own sob story that could be added to the others looking. But as the saying goes, you need to have money to make money. I can’t even scrap up enough to join the search. I live to far and the travel money needed I don’t have. But I still look and hope someday…..

  33. Half mile down from Manby hotspring they breed Brown trout byArroyo Hondo. It is cursed! If you go to get it, please donate $40k to my cleft palate was fixed by charity.

  34. Virginian here. I have no means of searching for the gold, but I love riddles. I thought I’d share my impressions of the poem, having just discovered it a few days ago.

    First, it’s useful to think of each stanza as representing a specific portion of the journey. If you do that, then the transitions between stanzas are extremely important because they mark the place where one leg ends and another begins. Fenn himself said to focus on where warm waters halt, but I think that the previous line, about riches new and old, is a hint for finding WWWH. He even uses the word “hint” in the line! More on that in a second.

    “Begin it where warm waters halt,” reminds me of the confluence of two rivers. A warm water river flows into a cold water river. “Warm waters” could also refer to the species of fish that live in the warm river, and looking at fish population data might provide a clue here. I say that because the word “halt” (walk and halt are the only lines that don’t rhyme, so it must have some significance) implies that something is moving in a particular direction and then stops. Fish could do that. Regardless, there are a lot of places where warm waters meet cold, so there must be some other way to narrow it down. “Riches new and old” invokes a sense of history, and it reminds me of the gold rush or some other kind of economic prosperity. Perhaps the confluence is a place where prospectors once panned for gold, and did so very successfully.

    I think that the later lines reinforce the idea that we’re looking for a river, because the “it” that you take in the canyon down is the same “it” that begins WWWH. I hear many people talking about “it” and asking whether it is a river, a road, or a trail. I don’t think it matters. Rivers and canyons are part and parcel with each other; after all, rivers form canyons in the first place. Regardless of whether you are physically boating down a river or simply walking alongside it, you will be following the path of a river. You follow the river and put in below the home of Brown. I don’t think that “home” in this line refers to the place where something lives, like a species of fish. If it were a place where something lived, there would be too many possibilities. Fenn said that you wouldn’t find the gold on accident, so I’m going to assume that “home” is not literal. I think it refers to the origin or source of something. My best guess is a creek of some kind, because you can “put in” below a creek and walk up towards its source. I think that the name of the creek will invoke the name “Brown” in some way, like Joe Brown Creek on HWY 89. Start at the confluence of two rivers, one cold and one warm, then trace the path of the cold water river south through a canyon until you reach a creek.

    At the home of Brown, a new part of the journey begins. This is the leg of the journey that you can’t solve unless you are physically present at the location. I think that the initial part of the poem can be solved by looking at a map, but it’s boots on the ground from here on out. From there, it’s no place for the meek. I see two interpretations for this, and they’re not mutually exclusive. Either (a) the terrain is difficult, or (b) you are wading through water of some kind (biblical interpretation, the meek shall inherit the earth, so it is by water). When the end draws nigh, I’m asking myself what “end” means. Obviously, he means the end of your journey, but he might mean the end of something else, too. There’s also the fact that “nigh” can mean “to the left,” and a “draw” is a very shallow gully. There is no paddle up your creek, either because the water is too shallow for a boat, or because the creek has dried up. Heavy loads and water high could refer to a bridge of some kind, and it could also refer to high water markers. Either way, if the transitions are important, then the blaze will be near heavy loads and high water.

    Finally, I think it’s pointless to think about what the blaze might look like. FF prefaces the blaze with “If you’ve been wise.” That tells me that finding the blaze is predicated upon interpreting the preceding part of the poem correctly. It’s a reward for being wise.

    From there on, I’m not sure about anything else.

    P.S., there’s a strong possibility that the gold has been found already, and whoever found it is keeping it a secret because they don’t want to pay taxes on it. If you find $2m in gold, you’d be lucky to keep $1m afterwards. Whoever finds it, the first thing you should do is hire a good tax lawyer! I think Fenn himself is warning you about this, too. Just take the chest and go in peace. Don’t give in to the desire to publicize it.

    Of course, my inner child wants to believe that the gold is still out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. Happy hunting! Maybe one day I’ll venture over to your neck of the woods and try my hand at it, too.

  35. I just read about Fenn some days ago. I am so far away in Nigeria, yet this is as intriguing as it gets.
    I do agree that Fenn wants people to explore the area. But I am open to imagine that there truly is a treasure out there (or maybe “was”, someone may have gotten to it).

    One thing is for sure, there will be a finale to it, not the least likely when he is gone. I don’t think he would wake up someday and give out the ultimate clue to it. He may feel dead (not literally) if someone uncovers this treasure in his awareness.

    Happy hunting people. I just put New Mexico and other Rocky Mountain states on my list for future adventures.

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