The Thrill of the Chase and Too Far to Walk

Within Forrest Fenn’s poem of nine clues, is a line that says, ‘Not far, but too far to walk.’  If searching for Fenn’s treasure, a person has to wonder ‘how far is not far?’ and ‘how far is too far to walk?’  The following is a thought I have had on those questions.

For those who have the book, you know the first chapter is entitled ‘Important Literature.’  In this chapter Forrest tells of his going into a Borders bookstore and doing a little ‘investigating’ on books.  Since he hadn’t gone to college, he thought maybe he missed out on some ‘good books’; the books all college folks read.   He read some; threw some in the trash. 🙂

Although not mentioned in Forrest Fenn’s first chapter, Too Far to Walk by John Hersey is a book which is sometimes read during college.  Remember those ‘subtle clues’ Forrest talked about; could ‘important literature’ have been one?

Too Far to Walk actually gives a few different interpretations for ‘what is too far.’  However, at the end of the first part, Hersey’s book says, “He mailed the letter, too;  but he neither ran nor walked to any class at all.  It almost seemed too far to walk anywhere now.”

So……Anywhere is ‘Too Far to Walk’ with this particular sentence.  He went nowhere.

The sentence in the poem which includes ‘too far to walk’ is as follows:

Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.

What if ‘take it’ is referring to just your ‘gaze’.  What if ‘where warm waters halt’ is referring to a place which ‘halted you?’  It may not be where ‘warm waters’ halt, but where warm waters ‘halt a person’ because of the beautiful view (like Fenn’s waterfall).  Take it in the canyon down, could be saying, ‘let yourself wonder at the view.’

The above would then fit well with, ‘Not far, but too far to walk’ as being ‘standing still.’

Now this is just a thought for today.  Lol.  It could be totally wrong, and I am sure like all of us working on the puzzle, I will (and have had) many other thoughts as I continue to contemplate the poem.  Feel free to share your thoughts below or follow me/friend on facebook as I will be sharing other ideas on this hunt and other hunts, and mysteries, as well.

Best of luck to all….

(photo credit- Wikimedia- public domain- random waterfall)


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26 Responses

  1. astree says:

    What if ‘take it’ is referring to just your ‘gaze’. What if ‘where warm waters halt’ is referring to a place which ‘halted you?’ It may not be where ‘warm waters’ halt, but where warm waters ‘halt a person’ because of the beautiful view (like Fenn’s waterfall). Take it in the canyon down, could be saying, ‘let yourself wonder at the view.’

    .. What a great interpretation, especially given Forrest encouragement for people to get outdoors and see the wonders.

    • Erik Salazar says:

      I agree there is a place not far from my home that have warm waters. Which is north of Santa Fe NM, he also states there’ll be no paddle up your creek, that. Also made me think of this place near by that people go rafting. But what do I know I’m still working on it myself.

    • Clayton Berry says:

      Well, from what you’re saying, maybe the treasure hunt starts at a mountains peak and goes down hill from there. Supposedly all you need to do then is find the right peak that follows the description of the rest of the poem. After all, he did say that he wanted us to explore the rocky mountains.

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks astree. As we both know from working on other hunts, interpretations can be endless…but eventually the right one will be known. Until then, keep thinking, keep thinking….and keep all things in mind. lol.

  3. Hank says:

    I don’t have the book yet, back ordered until who knows when. Is there a list of the books he says are important to him? Or, is he just referring to literature in general? Thanks, and i dig your thought process. It will require this kind of thinking to crack this thing.

  4. g.paul dumas says:

    What a thoughtful piece. As a fan of Hershey and Fenn I applaud your taking this one outside the box.Forrest is revered as an art dealer and marketer of native American art. As such he has an artist’s eye for the world. This is an amazing clue because too far to walk would literally be different for each person so unless it relates to a road distance that goes beyond a half days walk it must be a metaphor. I suspect however that this clue tells you that the put in point “home of Brown” is an appreciable distance from where warm waters end. Additionally it is implied that you must get in and get out with the treasure whithin daylight hour and you should not tarry. Finding the difficult Home of Brown is I believe the key to having a shot at the treasure. Just my thoughts. Thank you for making me think.

  5. Elie says:

    To all, there is no treasure….. he, will not walk far, he is not used to it. remember he is rich and too used in riding his luxury car (think about the reality that he has to bring this so called treasure, must be very heavy for him at his age) now think about, money .. well , he will make a lot of money in his book that you will have to buy… Very brilliant money maker … that is he is the treasure and that he is too tired to walk. Its imagination that is being trickle down in your brain, you might just end in tragedy in the wild. Remember this, the more money you have, is the more money you need. You need the clue then you need to buy the book. Beware friends.

    • DL says:

      You could never find the treasure because you do not understand the man. You just keep your a$$ on the couch while the adults find it.

    • Chesney says:

      You sound like you are very disgruntled in this post, but sure of yourself because you read TTOTC. So did you find his “little treasure chest”?

  6. Brian Massey says:

    Simply enough Forrest has made it easy for the mind to truly think about what something really is and why it is important to connect with each part of the poem as a piece of imagination. This treasure is creative thinking,it’s hid soo well that people are missing the starting point and which Waterfall is connected to it. I’m stuck on the waterfall and which one it’s truly connected to. If you want my imagination it’s probably hid near a waterfall that’s in front of a dry creek bed close to a cavern that few people know about. If I get too far thinking about it it’s hid underneath a waterfall in a cavern that no one knows about.

  7. Jay says:

    Where is Yellowstone ?

  8. Nick says:

    I don’t get where the whole Waterfall idea comes from. I don’t get that reference at all. I have ideas as to what some of the clues mean but the “too far to walk” and “heavy loads and water high” have me a little stumped. I’m thinking there’s a sign with those words on a trail somewhere going over a bridge. I’m going to searching for the treasure in the next month so wish me luck. or don’t and I would understand. To those that think it’s all a big hoax perpetrated for money I feel sorry for you. Sorry you don’t have an adventurous spirit and faith. So keep sitting in front of your monitor laughing and mocking those of us who have a life to live outside the four walls. Nothing ventured is nothing gained.

    • Cody Buford says:

      the “House of Brown” has been researched…. only thing i can think of is of the animal type of brown. So when you think outside the box, people have actually when to peoples back yards. State laws are different, so know all state laws before searching by lands that belong to people. you may get shot….

  9. Jim Bennett says:

    Some people dream and take action to follow their dream. Others sit and rot and scoff at the dreamers and doers. To suggest this is a hoax is to insult Mr. Fenn horribly.
    Has anyone really researched “house of Brown”.
    I have hit on a very interesting coincedence regarding the house of Brown.

  10. garry says:

    Anyone have any reports on treasure mail me
    It’s almost done …

  11. Goldwatch says:

    Jenny, I think you are spot on except for the part about “halt a person.”
    “Too far to walk” by Hersey does seem to be about apathy and cynicism. I think the whole point may be about getting started. You need faith that this quest is real, and without it a person isn’t going to start the journey.
    Anyone doing something like what FF is doing here surely knows that there will be doubters.
    That may be the point of “too far to walk.”

  12. BenitoQGaeth says:

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  13. JL says:

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    BenitoQGaeth, are you a community of hackers? Can you expand on your volunteers and community for us?

  14. Elaine says:

    I’m thinking about a brown donkey who can carry heavy loads down a canyon

    • JL says:

      Do you need a more compact model such as a burro, f might have a couple of those running around San Lazaro.

      Donkey’s are great but not much to look at. Now I know where you can get a handsome Jack Mule, but some would just call him a jackass.The price is right though.

  15. Andrew Jef says:

    Jim Bennett, I’d like to respectfully remind you that the poem doesn’t use the word “house”.
    If you are not EXTREMELY careful when you try to solve all the clues, your chance for
    success will be (– shall we say — ) EXTREMELY limited. Good luck to you. Please stay
    safe if searching in the mountains.

  16. Via says:

    I am so glad my coworker shared this treasure hunt with me. I can only say, I am amazed by all the people and their take on the clues.

    It is a giant puzzle that just keeps me more aroused with everyone’s thought on this.

    The magnitude of study to the poem and the map and the book is unbelievable.

    I take Fenn’s poem in this stride…..the truck that got stuck under the bridge….all the great engineers could not figure it out until a little boy came along and said, “Why not take the air out f the tires?”

    Perhaps, we are all over thinking it?

    But what amazing over-thinking it is…God bless you all!!!

  1. March 15, 2013

    […] Warm as in ‘heartfelt, peaceful, cozy’.  In the book, Forrest talks about places he has fished with his family and alone.  He mentions how they are ‘great places’, how others are now fishing there, and he writes;  “I hope they feel the reverence that I once did and now still do.”  These ‘fishing holes’ hold a ‘warm’ spot for Forrest.  Could they be the ‘warm waters?’  Could it begin at a fishing hole which ‘halts’ a person. (Forrest stopped to fish).  Or something like what is mentioned in the ‘Too Far to Walk’ post. […]

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