The Maranatha Puzzle Parchment and its Hidden Message

time monk projectRepresentatives (Duncan Burden and his sister Claire) of the Maranatha Puzzle Series took part in a Book Expo in Washington D.C. on May 19th, 2006, at booth 4561.  As a promotional tool, parchments were handed out during the event.  These parchments (seen below) were aged looking single sheets of paper which provided an intriguing introduction into the puzzle.  Following the event, the sheets were offered to those who were working on the puzzle.

It seems there were actually two different parchments which were printed and given out.  Much of the same material was included on both, but there were some differences on the parchments which were noted by puzzlers.

On both of the parchments a hidden message could be decoded by taking the first and last words of the main central paragraph.  The sheets were folded in a way which, when reversed, highlighted and brought together the beginning and end word of each line in the paragraph.  The message could easily be read by simply looking at the center.  The messages do differ slightly as some of the words were different from one parchment to the other.  Nevertheless, the message was basically the same.

The decoded messages:

Hunt the key for those discovered pages curious by the values depicted create the shape that designs the only authentic key to the lost three worlds invisible books flamel college


Find the key in those discovered pages curious by the(re) strange depicted values all together they form the key the worlds three together an invisible One flamel college

With punctuation added the messages could read as follows:

Hunt the key for those discovered pages.  Curious by the values depicted.  Create the shape that designs the only authentic key to the lost three worlds.  Invisible books.  Flamel College.

Find the key in those discovered pages.  Curious by the strange, depicted values.  All together they form the key; the worlds, three together; an invisible One.  Flamel college.

Many of the clues given on the website or found within the book seem to suggest the combining of ‘something’.    This message (and how it was found) keeps with and supports this possible approach.

The message is ambiguous.  This uncertainty has caused readers to question whether it is intentional or merely coincidental.  Like many indeterminate hints of the puzzle, it is just kept in mind.

If the message is intended, one realizes a shape needs to be formed and may ask himself a few questions:

  • What discovered pages?
  • What depicted values?
  • Create exactly what shape?


time monk project parchment

Parchment Front


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