The Decoded Text of the Maranatha Puzzle

All of the decoded text for the Maranatha Puzzle is scattered across public forums.  In an attempt to solve the mystery, many puzzlers openly discussed possible interpretations or applications for the sentences and phrases.  Below is the complete assembled text.

The encoded text comprised of 156 Pig-pen characters in a 12×13 arrangement which filled each page.  An exception to this is a page which only contained 103 characters.  This unique page was third from the end of coded pages.

time monk project page

Puzzle page with different format

There was also an introductory page(added below) which did not make use of the Pig-pen cipher.  In the original 2005 version this page was marked as page 1.  The encrpted text then began on page 2 under the first chapter heading of “Terribilis Est Locus Iste.”

Included are the three chapter headings in the following text.  It should be mentioned none of the chapter titles were written in the pigpen cipher.  Also added in the decoded text below are wordbreaks, capitals, and some punctuation, which did not appear in the book.  There may be other ways to separate or read it.  (for example ‘to ward’ could be ‘toward’)


Terribilis Est Locus Iste

 So did I echo those words of Jacob the Jew as I too was ascended to the glory of heaven and the fearful vision of the perfection of its divine plan.  To all the guardians of heaven was this immortal knowledge known.  Even to the Promethean Serpents that revealed the truth of the Great Tree and to the fallen King of Terrors who waged war against its very essence.  Thus it was through the dreams of these damned beasts that the secret prize entrusted to Abraham can be discovered again.  By the talents of Abrahams kin can the key to the greatest of treasures of which nothing now on this earth can prove of better fortune nor be its equal could be found.  So gaze now upon those ancient images the hidden visions held in the thoughts of the once divine creatures and learn of the meaning and form of their lives.  In four scenes is the key hidden in the unbalanced divide of their number is its shape defined.  Then seek the meaning of the Staff of Tiresias the relic of Hermes.  For through its power it transmuted that which it touched beyond the value of gold.  For seven years it solidified the entwined serpents of sarman and sarmoung.  Until as with the mortal frame the power restored that flesh through the value of gold.  Such was its wealth that the gods gave the caduceus as a key to a single god who could travel through the three worlds.  The messenger.


Solis Sacerdotibus

 So now to the fearful warning.  To read these words proof is given that a scribe can reveal their meaning.  Through the secrets entrusted only to the Priesthood from the messengers of the divine through their sharing of the sacred design.  For in the arc of the Staff of Time’s Scythe even the form of the thrice great Hermes falls in its wake.  This child of the shepherd lands of Arcadia this Michael this Mercury this Thoth is the sole conveyor of the hidden truths of the three worlds.  And so shall three shepherds works reveal the meaning of a mortals life and each shall describe the edifice of a tomb from above beside and below.  Listen to these three speak for each shoulder their own caduceus.  See to the first Joseph the prince the shepherd of Canaan.  He leans and prays upon his staff.  His gaze through the all seeing eye of wisdoms guidance falls like a treasure to his kin to the very heel and toe of Aaron.  For like Hermes this Egyptian prince travelled the three worlds slain by his brothers to be raised to the beasts of life.  In Egypt read could he the messages of dreams sent from the topless mount of Olympus where truth is protected in its tender frame.  So did the demons of life reborn the second son of Hermes Mosis the Priest the shepherd of Midian born again into the royal house until he rose above that death and gazed down with the aid of his brother and revealed the secret mark of Josephs wisdom.  It was as his staff turned on the other serpents under Josephs guidance did it consume its tip to assure perfection allowing this so of Hermes to climb the mount and hear the laws of creation.  But look to the preying face of the demons for like the fiery serpents they obscure the undulating moving of the divine truth swaying in the breath of Zeus.  Such then is the need to solidify the wisdom to dispel these beasts and offer firm understanding.  For mortal endeavour now do we learn of the third son of Hermes and his staff Aaron the Levite the shepherd of Mizraim.  For from the tip of his staff does he find the divine balance of the wisdom of Mosis and Joseph.  See him Kneeling before his own tomb on the mount for wasn’t his staff that was laid to rest in the Sacred Ark a talisman to ward away the rebel beasts.  The single direction of the pointing fingers are as true as the half broken nehushtan.

Parce Signe Tu Le Vaincras

 The high Priest of the emerald monks knew the meaning of the work for see did he that the word was length width height and depth.  Feast did he on the honey of the prize that he took the mark as his own.  Like the kings before he knew the worth of these Queens.  By this eternal Royal Family is their eternal value kept.  Now is it time to listen to the shepherd kings the last teachers of the line of Abraham.  First harken to David the astrologer for as he rests his staff next to his sons he points to the centre of the heavenly spheres and draws their frozen music.  For he is the measure of all things.  The pointing of his hand followed this lost art and to the symbol of his sons treasure guardian.  Even as the Great Tree withers that eternal truth will support its aged frame.  Look at its dead branches like fallen wings.  See no Gardener can use a serpents staff to hold back the vanishing stream Alpheus.  So to the words of Solomon the philosopher is this riddle completed.  For with the formidable jewel that fell from the crown of Rex Mundi is truth known.  Look to the armoured King of Terrors see him cast away a pilgrims staff and take the balanced shape of a staff of death a sword with this power in the mortal realm he seeks to slay the innocent before they receive the gift of freewill.  Such does he set to win the divine battle as the ruby elixir of life is caught in the vessel that grail the cup of Joseph and the heirloom of Benjamin.  So high is the prize Solomon rose the beast of Tobit.  Such is the beast that you must seek in the land of white where the red serpents of Icknield and Ermine gathered to protect the tomb of Rosenkreutz and the gold of Enoch here buried above him.  Here conjure the beast with the key and write the wisdom of numbered lines and words of the king.  Contentment is the philosophers stone.  Without me the rich are poor and with me the poor are rich.  So from nothing is the key revealed as the tree grows such does the lead turn to gold.  The treasure is not new it is known but lost like the richness of the spring of Arethusa.  It feeds the wilderness and the refreshed serpents.  Know this key will be like the Great Serpent Staff and will consume them all to one.  So seat the robe of Athanasisus on your shoulders like the master you follow.

The End & The Beginning

time monk project

Page 1 (original version)

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8 Responses

  1. Madmonk says:

    “Terribilis est locus iste” what does a statement like this really mean?

    Why would a house of God be a terrible/awesome place? There is alot confusion about weather it is terrible or awesome.

    To understand this statement , either one must have exprienced the upper worlds directly as jacob did or have an understanding for concepts that rules the upper and lower worlds.

    Material World: This is world we live in this is world you can touch, smell, feel with your hands. This world is ruled by a very simple EGOTISCAL rule. Least amount work for most amount pleasure.No matter where you look there is no pure altruism in this world everything falls under this one rule.

    Upper Wolrds: This is, for most people in this world just an idea or unattainable. They have no direct exprience of these world. This is worlds where intellect, time and space, speech are no longer valid. These upper worlds are ruled by pure altruism. The ego can not survive in it raw state in these upperworlds.

    Now you have basics ,back to the statement. If a person who was unprepared was suddenly take from the material world and dropped into upper worlds he would exprience, through his egotiscal senses( the ones we use to exprience these material world.) a great terror. It would be the most terrible place every? why? because the ego hates alturism and for it to be in world of pure altrusim is worse situtation it can feel.

    Now take a person who has prepared themselves with the right state of mind who has developed altruistic senses. They would expreince the upper worlds as the most awesome place every. Again its because the alturistic senses would find the egotiscal world a terrible place but the alturistic worlds(upper ones) as the most wonderful place every.

    One person can see terror and another can see heaven. Who is right? They are both right. until a person has developed any contact with the upper worlds via ego will be exprienced with great terror. Just as warning Abraham gave on “Be Gone. I hold the secrets of God!”; ” So be you warned that unworthy shall persish in thier efforts to find the Key!. For to know the Seal is like death of your present self”

    This is exactly what you exprience, death of present self- The Ego. It doesnt actual die it comes under control like a wild horse that is tamed and put to work for the rider. If all you are interested in is material gains then you will suffer because as you draw the light via your development they go straight into ego senses and not into developing new alturistic ones. As i stated above the ego does not like pure alturism.

    It can be either the potion of death or potion of life.

    This knowledge is freely available and is not hidden. Some groups of people like to keep this hidden , those times have gone. People who want to know about these things must approach and the people who know, must give this knowledge.


    • JL says:

      Is there a list of people to approach? Does one approaching the people who know means that you will automatically receive this knowledge or must one prepare to receive?

  2. HT says:

    So So So.. people who want to know..

    I want to approach..

    but don’t know the next step…

  3. HT says:

    ” See him Kneeling before his own tomb on the mount for wasn’t his staff that was laid to rest in the Sacred Ark a talisman to ward away the rebel beasts. ”
    I find it interesting that you capitalized “Kneeling”, Jenny…


  4. Maria Rigel says:

    Of the whole text of the puzzle, the single most interesting line is “Parce Signe Tu Le Vaincras”, taken from the water stoup of the church of Rennes le Chateau. Effectively, if you fully understand that line, you have the most important part of the answer to the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.

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