The 12th Plate Treasure Hunt and Prize



Everyone is said to love a mystery! Well, here is another treasure mystery to solve with a Prize the value of Gold! I’m not sure you can ever have too many hunts to work on, so this is awesome. It’s great to be able to take a break from one hunt, and spend time thinking on others.

By doing so, thoughts become refreshed, ideas sparked, and new solutions are possible to realize for any of them. Working on different hunts tend to spur more ideas towards all.

Clues for the 12th Plate Treasure Hunt’s Prize is in form of a downloaded ‘Scroll’. The treasure to discover is a one ounce American Eagle GOLD coin! At this writing, currently worth OVER a thousand dollars. These coins are beautiful. I previously wrote about their Obverse design with Lady Liberty while sharing another unsolved mystery of the Omega Man. So cool that is too…but ok…back to the 12th Plate Treasure Hunt.

The Gold Coin is known to be hidden somewhere in Raleigh, North Carolina (note on this below). North Carolina is the 12th state admitted to the union in 1789 on November 21st. The exact location can be realized by solving the clues given on the ‘Scroll’.

So you might wonder, ‘How do I get the Scroll?’. You can get it here on this site:


What you need to do is ‘Register for the event’, or pay $2.00 for links and passwords to be forwarded to a special page where you can then download and print out the Scroll (or coded parchment).

gold-coinImmediately upon doing so you will see puzzling images, writings, and notations to work out and solve.
Down the center of the Parchment is a ‘poem’ entitled To Coin a Phrase. While reading, you might pick up other hints or clues leading on how to solve for an exact location of the Gold Treasure or at least a piece towards a solution.

One thing you should realize is there’s a lot going on and there are many possible paths to take and test on the Parchment. Trying different coding methods and techniques on certain items or anomalies will most likely provide some results.

For example, one line in the ‘poem’ is ‘Every direction revealed by tricks, Codes to be seen’- This caused me to take note of the corner, possible directional, Letters in the Poem, which are C, E, O, and D……hmmmm…..interesting…. rearranged they give the word CODE. Or by following the corner letters counterclockwise, the letters of C-O-D-E are given in order. Clue? I don’t know, but little things like this are always fun to discover. I won’t say more here (but here is a forum on the hunt)

Plus, it’s great to know it is hidden in Raleigh. Research on the state and this capital might offer ways to recognize other clues given in the parchment.

A person never loses by learning new things about history, places, and people. That is one thing I love about treasure hunts; they encourage the expansion of knowledge.

As Sir Francis Bacon stated, Wonder is the seed of Knowledge and searching for treasures sparks wonder and inspires a path towards finding knowledge, wisdom, and understanding beautifully. Treasure too.

Best of luck with all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!


NOTE: For those not close to Raleigh, I would be willing to look for you, prize all yours, if wanted. My daughter lives in NC, and so I travel there occasionally, and could check out places of interest when able.


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15 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Have fun with this hunt, Jenny.

  2. Buckeye Bob says:

    From what I’ve seen from posters around here, this sounds like something right up their alley.
    And a lot of fun for anyone.

    I’ll be looking forwards to your forum for this, Jenny.

  3. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny,
    Your writings are always a site to see, I love scrolling through your mysteries. Treasure the adventure, adventure the treasure. And, might I add, a comfortable admission for this one.

  4. Jenny Kile says:

    Forum here: (but I haven’t added anything yet, but you are all welcome to)…

    • pdenver says:

      Thank you for the forum, Jenny. I may consider joining. If you’ll allow me in the meantime to respond to “goldwatch” via this post, I’d greatly appreciate it. You’ll find what you’re looking for here:

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        Pdenver, I’m goldwatch.
        Thank you for the info.

        I signed up at HOD under this name, and then started posting here under this name too.
        I didn’t want to confuse the bears.

        And for what it’s worth, I moved on from that solve.
        I was such a rookie. (Blushes)

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Buckeye Bob. Glad I could help. Now I just need to remember your other name. As far as solves, I’m not sure which you’re suggesting. As for blushes, don’t worry, I do the same.

  5. Twingem says:

    Interesting Jenny! Thanks for posting this.

  6. astree says:

    Jenny, thanks for this posting. It sounds like a lot of fun, and definitely closer than the Rocky Mountains.

    “What you need to do is ‘Register for the event’, or pay $2.00 for links and passwords to be forwarded to a special page where you can then download and print out the Scroll (or coded parchment).”

    I may have mis-understood the “or pay”. I went to the registration, and cannot get to any further pages without giving $2 via credit card info. Is that correct? Just want to be sure I’m not missing anything.

    Thanks again.

  7. originovel says:

    The 1oz Gold Coin is still at its resting place to be found. Thanks Jenny!
    If solved, we’ll try to remember to post it here asap. Unless, of course, you beat us to both Jenny (wink).

  8. Hear me all says:

    This hunt sounds interesting and challenging. I think I will sign up. Thanks for sharing this Jenny!

  9. Elle says:

    This event has ended per the website….

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