Six Questions Yet Again with Forrest Fenn: Always a Treasure!

forrest fenn treasure mapThe treasure of Forrest Fenn goes far beyond his hiding a chest of gold, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, for anyone to find.  Even though this excellent dare offers the challenging opportunity for a discovery of over a million dollar treasure (by the solving of his poem found within his memoir entitled The Thrill of the Chase), other valuable treasures can be easily gained through his sharing of stories, memories, thoughts, and life.

This is the third year I have been so blessed with his participation in Six Questions.  They are always a thrill, and treasure, to do.  You never know what to expect with Forrest for he is a total original.  He continues to provide inspiration and encouragement for not only the finding of his bronze chest, but also for the pursuance of adventurous living.  Enjoy!


1Q) Enthusiasm towards finding your treasure continues to remain strong.  So many people are enjoying the wonderful opportunity you have given them for such a bold adventure. Considering the many years the hunt has been going on, and from your perspective and interaction with searchers, do you feel searchers are becoming closer to solving the clues to the treasure, or further away? Do you feel over time, some searchers have forgotten beginning basics or thoughts they once had, and might benefit going back to them?

There’s a lot brain power being expended on the blogs by some pretty bright people Jenny, and it seems they are having fun. But the great preponderance of searchers don’t comment publically. Very few tell me exactly where they are looking so I don’t know how close they are to the treasure. I’ve said searchers should go back to the poem so many times that I don’t want to say it again here.

2Q) You have written quite a few books on varying subjects; and if you consider and combine the numerous ‘Scrapbooks, Vignettes, Speed Bumps’, etc on Dal’s site, and the stories/answers to questions here on Mysterious Writings, you could say you have even written another book!; maybe call it; ‘Short Snippets from Forrest Fenn’. What do you enjoy most about writing these?  I know we all love them lots!

In those stories I’m just looking back and talking to myself most of the time. It’s fun to be reminded of details I had almost forgotten. Hopefully, readers 500 years from now will find my tales entertaining.

3Q)  In your memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, after the poem, you mention there are subtle clues sprinkled throughout that book.  You have said you hadn’t deliberately placed these subtle hints in your book; but have you done so in any of your other writings mentioned in Question two (scrapbooks, vignettes, etc)?  Or, even if maybe not purposely sprinkled in those writings of Q2, would you consider some of those to contain subtle hints too, like in The Thrill of the Chase?

I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.

4Q)  Family, friends, memories, etc. are of course some of the greatest treasures; The Thrill of the Chase has given a larger awareness of this to searchers. Thank you.  But has The Thrill of the Chase given this to you as well?  How has the Chase affected you over these years?

I wrote that book when I was full of wishful thinkings. I wanted to get people interested, energized, and outside. That has happened in such a way that now I live my life vicariously through what I have motivated them to do.

5Q) If you (with Peggy) had another 100 years to live (knew it and felt like it), what are some things you would definitely like to do that you feel time isn’t allowing you to do now?

Great question Jenny, but I don’t know how to respond perceptively or measure the results of my life accurately. During times when I was focused, thinking, and working long hours, I thought that was the only way. Now my wife and I are contented in our singular space where tranquility is important. Maybe it’s just an age thing. I could make an argument to the contrary also.

6Q) Since hiding your treasure chest, your life has certainly gone through change. Do you ever consider sliding into the background of the hunt and saying nothing? And would you rather be remembered for giving a treasure away now or remembered to have hidden a treasure for all to continuously seek and enjoy in the Chase?

It might be better for me to move father away from the story Jenny, but I have never been a successful bystander. What searchers say and think is interesting to me. No one is giving the treasure away. Whoever finds it will have paid their dues and earned the prize. When that happens is incidental, and it is of no consequence that I be remembered. But it is important that the mystery and intrigue of the story continues to excite families and motivate them to get out into the mountains. That has always been my goal.


Always a special treat with you, Forrest!  Thanks so much for another great Six Questions.  I am (and I’m sure so many others are) so grateful and truly appreciate your generosity and interaction with us all. You help keep the fire of the Thrill of the Chase a full blaze in our hearts.  It’s an incredible feeling.

Although it has been years since I was first captured by your clever quest, I will never tire of it; or your answers!  In my opinion they are as precious as the gold in the chest!  Thanks for all you do Forrest! And even if the chest is found tomorrow may the Thrill of the Chase continue in our hearts always! 


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121 Responses

  1. Mark J says:

    Fun answers, thanks Forrest and Jenny

    • Clinger says:

      We now have an “important possibility” to analyze. This will help out greatly to fill the time left over in the day after working on a “word that is key” all morning. 🙂

      I guess I’ll be contented to keep studying that infernal poem!

      Thanks Jenny and Forrest.

  2. Mark J says:

    “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    I wonder if Forrest would want to know.

    • El Fantasma says:

      …that the treasure has been found? Would be an important possibility. An earlier statement could be setting this up for us to consider as a possibility.

      “But the great preponderance of searchers don’t comment publically. Very few tell me exactly where they are looking so I don’t know how close they are to the treasure.”

  3. fins up says:

    Thanks for posting this

  4. moonshadow says:

    Thanks again Jenny for the time you spend in sharing your thoughts and putting them into questions for Forrest. Thank you Forrest for answers to our curiosity and for the challenge you have given us.

  5. Wendy Jo says:

    Once again, the answers are vague but intriguing! Thanks Forrest and Jenny.

  6. djjmciv says:

    “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.” – f

    Interesting, this would back up his statement of “proceed with confidence.” The the poem is something to “solve” first. Just my personal opinion but I don’t believe anyone should travel to anymore locations until they have the eureka moment. One can imply that the poem isn’t one of those solve the first couple of clues but you’ll have to be at the location to solve the rest. Seems to me from these two comments that you can solve the whole thing JUST from the poem. But don’t take my word for it, Forrest has been saying this for years.

    • Project Why says:

      Well, djjmciv, I guess if that is the case, then what’s the whole point of a CHASE? I mean, why adventure and exploration if it can be COMPLETELY solved from home first and then walk right to it? Who needs ‘confidence’ for that? I wouldn’t. If you know exactly where something is, then you just go get it, right? Doesn’t seem like much of a quest, does it? And kinda defeats the whole purpose of why he said he did it, … least it does to me. 🙂 Yes, let’s all just stay home until it’s figured out. 🙂 I mean, then after 20yrs or so, if it’s not found, one can say they just never had that ‘eureka moment’ and then we can truly succeed in NEVER discovering anything at all. Is that what this is all about? I hope not……….

      • djjmciv says:

        So far nobody has found it, so far going out and looking has been unsuccessful. Forrest SAID, “all you need is the poem.” So all you need to solve is the poem and “a good map.” So yes, my statement is valid.

        • Project Why says:

          Yeah, and nobody has found it by staying home and trying to completely figure it out either.

          “Forrest SAID, “all you need is the poem.” So all you need to solve is the poem and “a good map.” So yes, my statement is valid.”

          So now we need more than just the poem, huh? We need “a good map”? …..Well, I’m sure he knows that it could probably help us. But you just invalidated your previous statement with that. And really, what good does a map do without putting it to use? But I’m not going to discuss this point anymore, …..because, personally, I prefer you stay home. 🙂

      • The One says:

        That is exactly what I have done, solved it from home and will, when the weather breaks, walk directly to it. Going to buy my plane tickets in the next couple days and iron out the wrinkles of what I’ll do when I have it hand, while I wait for that fateful day.

  7. astree says:

    Thank-you, Jenny and Forrest. What a nice background, as to the motivation and on-going thoughts related to the Chase.

    “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    Fascinating. “broaden” vs. “point”, and there are several points in the statement. Could lead to WIT, including the next response. Or, using the letters preceding, something like “toes”.

    Best to you both,

  8. lia says:

    Mr. Fenn and Jenny, thanks for your time and kindness to answer new questions for our consideration! I appreciate you both. Is it possible to get that “possibility” on the table and possibly let me analyze it?

  9. Project Why says:

    “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    Why not? I mean, ‘nobody’? Really? And what ONE ‘possibility’ would that be? And does this ‘possibility’ REQUIRE being understood in order for it to be solved?

    What interrelationship are we missing?

  10. astree says:

    Here’s a simple explanation of how he buried “Wet” in one of his responses, middle of the following post


  11. Jenny Kile says:

    Thank you all for your comments. I love doing Six Questions… it is always fun for me and I am happy to do them!

    In this last one, Forrest seems to suggest once again there is an important element (key word/possibility) to discover. This seems to help with either confirming the location or finding it…or both.

    Have to wonder if it is that 3rd clue? Which for me is the complete line: ‘put in below the home of Brown’. And now with this latest video, it just might be in the southern regions of the Rockies……No, I won’t jump to any final conclusions but it sure was an interesting day yesterday! Pinyon nuts??? Fun Fun!

  12. The Wolf says:

    The one thing I have speculated and I have observed a couple of good examples is the fact Mr. Fenn makes a statement and then provides the answer within the statement surounding it. However the they are so well hidden you have to already understand what he is hinting at, before you can confirm the hint is contained within his statement. But it can provide confidence if you can figure it out.

    So when one looks at this statement, one can narrow down some of the posibilities he is getting at:

    “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    He admits he can’t take a back seat to the chase so by that admission those stories are more interesting facts about Forrest Fenn. This is what I really feel is fun about this chase. Where else can you find such a unique interactive puzzle?

    Note he used the word “analyzed,” which means it could have been publically mentioned or inferred by not studied to the point of producing a meaningful result. IMO
    The Wolf

    • The Wolf says:

      Thank you so much for conducting the 6 Questions. I find this segment the most interesting part of the chase and I couldn’t wait until this year’s questions came out. Once again you have come through big time! Keep up the great work you are doing to keep the search alive.

      The Wolf

    • The Wolf says:

      To continue my theory that Mr. Fenn provides the answer within his questioning statements surounding it.

      For example Q3:
      “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

      Then in Q6 he says:
      “It might be better for me to move father away from the story Jenny, but I have never been a successful bystander”

      So what do we focus on? – “no one has analyzed an important possibility” I have always speculated that FF hides the answers in his questions. It is an awesome trick and makes the puzzle that much more interesting and will make people slap themselves upside the head when the answer is finally revealed. It is a very clever concept to provide a clue to the answer in the question.

      So to me this is very obvious because it matches a solution I have recently produced. Isn’t that human nature to justify our solution? So I will put this out there for you folks to confirm or deny, because I am bias.

      I have noticed this trend for quite some time but now is the time to challenge it with other searchers, by doing so everything else Mr. Fenn says going forward no longer may apply to this theory since he is now aware.

      First he spells the word “farther” as “father” in Q6 – initially this looks like farther as that is the intended meaning. Some will pick up in the misspelling and treat it as such, but the wise searcher must not assume and look at all possibilities.

      Thus what could he be saying with – “It might be better for me to move father away from the story…”? To me he says NOT to look at (his) father. Father in this context is a family member thus that leaves Skippy, Mother and June. Many have already looked and analyzed Skippy. Now if you look at the other answer he provided: “I don’t want to broaden the clues.” The use of the word broaden is understood but IMO not the natural word in this context and many are better choices. So why “broaden”? broad – en or “broad” is a slang word for woman. Thus if it isn’t father then it is more likely “mother.”

      Still not convinced? Well then consider this statement from Q1: “I’ve said searchers should go back to the poem so many times that I don’t want to say it again here.”

      Loosely translated – “Hey idiots stop getting so creative and look at the poem – how many times do I have to tell you!?”

      Ok we get the point Mr. Fenn, anything we come up with has to come from the poem. So what does my example have to do with the poem?
      Consider the line – “Your effort will be worth the cold.”

      I am a multiple meaning kind of guy and this line has a more significant meaning but it also can serve as a hint to something else as well. If we just listen good what do we hear and what does it trigger in our brain? I hear “your F Fort is worth”, thus it makes me think of “your Forrest Fortworth.” So what does Forth Worth have to do with Forrest? Forrest’s mother was born in Fort Worth and if you look at it from that perspective her “f” is Forrest.

      Yes I know some will say you are messing with the poem and I say the underling meaning of that line is still in tack for teh main clue but if one listens as he says to do, this link can be heard, understood and confirmed. Thus why would he tell us to listen in the previous line?

      I have much more on this theory which points to an precise spot, but I thought I would dip my toe in the water to see what the reaction is first.

      The Wolf

      • Project Why says:

        The Wolf,

        Personally, I think we should explore all options and theories. And you are doing that. 🙂 I know we’ve had our disagreements, but I would never say you are a slacker. You do present some compelling thoughts at times, …..I’ll give you that much. 🙂 Covering every base must be done, I believe, before we understand. I mean, I’ve tried figuring it out so many different ways, sometimes I have to go back and look at my notes. I’m just at the piñon nut and sagebrush point now, …..where I feel I need to try and figure other things out while in the field. But I know not everyone can do that, nor do many believe it should be done that way, …..and that’s ok, like I said, that’s just where I’m at with it, …..and fortunately I live in an area where I can be able to do it. Besides, I just like getting out there and thinking about it. To me, it really puts things in a whole new perspective. Do I have any answers, …..I wish I did, but I don’t, …..but every day the sun shines at a different angle, right? … who knows what tomorrow will bring?

        • The Wolf says:

          PW, we share the same sense of keeping a mind open and “close no door”, just use the facts and logic to filter the realms of possibilities. Some can be ruled out. I presented this example (which is one of many I hope to share in the future) as a possible topic for which seekers have not analyzed (to Fenn’s surprise). Why is he surprised? Because family (his mother) is important to him, yet not one person that I have ever read about has produced a solution around his mother. Sure a few have mentioned her on a side comment but that does not classify as “analyze”

          I thought I would throw it out there in the most obscure manner that I could to see if there was any interest. And as suspected – no interest, which in a way provides strength to the theory; because, if for a moment one assumes this is what he is referring to and the correct answer is provided- there is still no analysis or discussion. Now I am sure if I gave a few more concrete bits of evidence it may get people involved but I thought I would start slow first to test the waters. But come on searchers get your head out of the sand – Mom is important!

          • lia says:

            Hey Wolf, not everyone can keep up with all of the comments on several blogs. I had worked on a location solve months ago centered around f’s photos and kind sentiments about his mother. I’m revisiting that solve now. As a mom, I know what it means for young boys to have a ‘softy’ they can confide in and rely on when dad is stern.

      • astree says:

        ” It might be better for me to move father away from the story Jenny ”

        Good catch, The Wolf. It looks like several things there, including

        fr OMTHER e it’s no place f ORTHEM eek (kee)


      • The Wolf says:

        In the Q&A Fenn’s response- “Nature makes her own rules, James, so I try to not be absolute when talking about her. Who is her? Mother Nature or Mother? The case is getting stronger.

        • The Wolf says:

          Forgot the end quote – should read:

          In the Q&A Fenn’s response- “Nature makes her own rules, James, so I try to not be absolute when talking about her.”

          Who is her? Mother Nature or Mother? The case is getting stronger.

  13. James says:

    Jenny, I know you posted these on February 4, 2015 like every Feb… But when ( what date? ) did you actually ask Forrest the questions???


    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi James,

      I had sent him the questions the last week in January for him to answer at his convenience. It was on the 25th. Feb. 3rd they were complete, but I wanted to wait to post on the 4th for the anniversary of the last two. And so we did.

      thanks for visiting and best of luck with the hunt! ~j

  14. djjmciv says:

    I would like for someone to explain to me how in the world did they get video of the chest and why does it look fake?

    • Project Why says:


      How does it look fake?

      That video could have easily been put together with just the pictures of it.

      What I find interesting and pretty cool though, is that it is solely a New Mexico’ tourism video.

    • The Wolf says:

      It is not a video, it is a a video affect taken from a still picture.

      • Djjmciv says:

        Really? Can you send over the making of video you saw that shows how they did it?

        • The Wolf says:

          Have you ever played around in Google earth and use the fly through feature or just change the angle to see the photo to see it from a different perspective? Same technique – it is included in most movie making software, it is all about modelling a two dimensional photo and then changing the perspective and recording it as the angle of view or perspective changes to produce a 3-D image that looks like a movie. that is why in your opinion the chest looks fake – when the angle change the pixels are spread out and new image is not as precise as the original but close enough for the effect.

          • Djjmciv says:

            The picture would stay the same. This has depth, as you can see new coins come into view.

            But the real point I want to make, and been making it from the beginning. Why isn’t there any real world photos of the chest? Why are all the pictures in a staged environment?

            • The Wolf says:

              My apologies, I thought you wanted a logical explanation. Now come to think of it I did see a Sasquatch at the grassy knoll take those photos to a UFO in Roswell. Might want to follow up on that lead.:-)

              • djjmciv says:

                Yes wanted one. That’s why I contacted the director of the video. He came back saying Forrest had given him the video. The effects were to counter the low quality of it.

  15. Project Why says:

    I’ll tell you though, some of those comments he made in that tourism promo video kinda blew my solve out of the water, …..especially the ‘mountains’ comment. Dang it, I guess I’ll have to rethink it once again. And he says he doesn’t give out any clues 🙂 …..well, anything that narrows it down for me, … a clue. Or I guess we could just classify it this way:

    * There are two types of clues:

    1. The clues in the poem that will lead you directly to the treasure.

    2. Hints — Other statements from Forrest Fenn that will not lead lead you “directly” to the chest, but will help you with the poem, or at least keep you on the right track.

    So we will just call them hints I guess. 🙂

  16. Carolyn says:

    Jenny those were great questions and thank you very much Forrest for the answers. I agree with Jenny 100% that you Forrest help keep the fire of the Thrill of the Chase a full blaze in our hearts. I too will never give up or tire of it and I have been asked that before. I love Forrest’s stories and I too think they are as precious as the gold in the chest! And I’m glad that Forrest will live through us out exploring and searching. It makes me happy to think that. It’s like having one more special friend with you on the search. Thanks Jenny and Forrest!

  17. Jdiggins says:

    Thanks Jenny and forrest! Lot to play catch up with! Interesting, very interesting…
    I’m so happy you are having as much fun as we are forrest!
    Pepper can’t go, but she said I could borrow her jewelry…for good luck. 😉
    Spring spring spring please come so I can hear you sing!

  18. JC in NV says:


    For clarification, does Forrest send you a typed response and you cut and paste his answers or do you re type into your blog? I am asking for clarification of the “Father/Farther” spelling issue or maybe it was intentional. Can you provide some clarity on this since it is being discussed? Thanks for your blog.

    • sixer/jenny says:

      Hi JC, I cut and paste them. However, I was supposed to look for spelling errors…:) So I am assuming that if I would have noticed it…..he may have had me correct it.

      I usually don’t ask questions about what he sends me….because if things are ‘intentional’ I shouldn’t know. And if there are mistakes….I don’t think he cares….but I could be wrong on that…lol….I should ask him about that to be sure the next time I post something of his. 🙂

  19. Hofster says:

    From my knowledge, everything is in the poem just as he said. After studying and studying this poem and getting no where, i gave up for a bit. Then it came to me. Its only 9 clues. Could be letters, words or sentences. After a quick glance back at the poem it all made sense. Keep it simple.

  20. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest. Oh, Mr. Fenn, you and your words. Very intriguing.

    “nobody to my uncertain knowledge”

    Does that mean…

    someone to your certain knowledge?

  21. Magic words says:

    ∠ The Rockies will be open for business shortly. Will there be any takers though? A raven said pickup trucks can fly too. I ate the strawberry shortcake ummmm well try and find this cadre of men 19 so long friends life is a forward motion.

  22. puttputt says:

    Am I supposed to break my silence?
    A good poker player holds tight til the rest fold…

    • Iron Will says:

      It IS strange you haven’t spoken more 😛 How goes it amigo? 🙂

      • puttputt says:

        It goes,slowly just watching the blaze of activity going on. What will everyone do when one of us finds it will?

        • Iron Will says:

          Well… honestly I think the first thing when news hits is everyone searching will feel a heavy weight drop into their stomach and then a disappointment. After that, there will probably be a profound sense of relief, being able to get back to what made sense in our normal lives, without all of the wondering if I’m right or he’s right or she’s right or not. Immediately after all that (about 5 minutes of elapsed time), a new Chase will begin. A overwhelming desire to simply understand the entirety of it all.

          I know that will be how I feel if I’m not the one to recover it. 😉

    • puttputt says:

      Actually, not til all fold…til all have called…

  23. Chris says:

    The poem DOES tell you the location. Then again it doesn’t. It tells you the location but not the location OF the location IE it’s in a bowling alley. Well which one. There is one clue in the poem that is MUCH more important than any other. Took me a while to see it. Oh and yes in my opinion you MUST be on site to find the location OF the location. Unfortunately I have to keep it vague. Will tell more in June. God Bless. Thanks Forrest. It’s been fun.

  24. Chris Clark says:

    The correct solve isn’t the problem. I have that much. The books helped a lot. My concern is how does anyone know that it is still there? While I will love the vacation as I haven’t had one in 8 years, who can say that it’s still there for sure? Can you say for sure that it is still there Forrest? I will be seriously dissapointed If I get there and it’s gone. See I found YOUR blaze Forrest. Are you sure it’s still there?

    • Bernie says:

      Chris why does it matter if it’s still there? Odds are extremely unlikely you’ll win the lotto so go and enjoy the trip. Isn’t that what the chase is all about?

  25. Jdiggins says:

    The important possibility works for me. 🙂
    The result of this wonderful chase will not be a book that was never written.
    Forrest Fenn, you are an absolute genius, a gentleman, and an angel. Miss Peggy is very blessed, as are you.
    Thank you for what you have done for THOUSANDS of souls! 🙂

  26. Helen says:

    This is possibly not the best place to post this, but hey…

    Forrest has regularly declared that he wrote The Thrill of the Chase to get kids off their little texting machines and out of their game rooms to smell the sunshine. He thinks that we have a real problem with today’s youth.

    It seems that every generation thinks that the next is going downhill. Nearly 25 centuries ago, the philosopher Socrates supposedly said that “The children now love luxury; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in places of exercise. Children are tyrants, not the servants of their households.” If you put that into plain English, doesn’t it sound familiar?

    In reality, today’s youth seems to be just fine. Every day I see something that inspires me to believe that the future is in safe hands. Nonetheless, Forrest’s dream and intent, to get kids out and about, is to be applauded. Has the Thrill of the Chase achieved this? I don’t see much evidence. If anything, the chase seems to appeal to older people or singles, and a lot of people seem to be spending more time on the computer than out in the field.

    So, my question is – how can we help Forrest to achieve his goal? How can we use his treasure hunt to get kids out and about? If you’re doing this already on a small scale, good for you, but I mean on a large scale. It doesn’t have to be in the Rockies, I believe that there is treasure in our own backyards. There are many creative minds employed in the search for Forrest’s treasure, I’d be interested to see how those creative minds can make Forrest’s oft-stated dream a reality.

    • anna says:

      Helen, that’s exactly what Forrest wanted to happen, and to a large extent it has during the summer months when families can play without the pressures of homework and sports schedules. After raising my family I’m keenly aware that our fondest memories were simple trips to the neighborhood park or nature preserve to look for bugs, birds and turtles, collect leaves, run in the sunshine. We were able to visit national parks during the summer which built into my sons a life long love for fishing and hiking. Through TTOTC I believe Forrest has jump-started a new generation of explorers. My grown kids were thrilled to search for his hidden treasure in the Rockies last summer. For city folks, parks and recreation offer outdoor science/nature outtings. Homespun scavanger hunts are simple, free and easy for families. I started collecting heart shaped rocks because of ttotc, and now my sons look for them (in the city) too. We all feel more alive outdoors drinking in fresh air and listening to nature’s symphony of sounds. Forrest reminded me how important that is. I’m truly grateful to him.

    • lia says:

      Helen – great topic for discussion of ideas. Forrest loves the outdoors and wants families with kids to enjoy what he has for a lifetime. In the past Anna and I have discussed the type of place he may have hidden the treasure. She hates snakes and I’m concerned about bears. However, your comments caused me to rethink F’s public statement over and over about it being in a safe place and hoping families would adventure together. It’s important to know about possible dangers before hiking unknown territory, but the only reference to danger is kids with ropes – and the only apparent danger is while crossing the road. I think Forrest could be saying keep your kids close while near roadways, but take a sandwhich and enjoy a picnic with your family along the trail. That’s what I plan to do 🙂

      • Helen says:

        Anna and Lia, thanks for your responses. I don’t want to lead this conversation at all, but I was thinking along the line of this:

        Because of your involvement in The Thrill of the Chase, you guys are role models of intelligent adventuring; the Indiana Jane or Forrest Fenn of your local community. Your local media would probably be interested in the story of how searching for Forrest’s treasure has inspired you, and you could tell them that you want to pass that inspiration forward to others around you.

        I had in mind something more thought-provoking than a scavenger hunt, and less mechanical than geocaching. For example, you could wrap a $10 note up and place it in an acorn shell, in your local park, and challenge people with simple “clues” that also need some luck, e.g.

        “It’s in an oak’s nut, where the whippoorwill lives, not far from a Taxus, in a local park”. This wouldn’t put people off as it’s quite simple, and families can learn about nature and actually take time to look when they are out and about. Something like that, perhaps?

        • Jason says:

          Winner takes 1 coin and bracelet leaves all other stuff. How would they put pieces back together though……

          • Helen says:

            I think it’s important that it’s something that we do right now, not wait for someone to find Forrest’s treasure. To take one of Forrest’s quotes about the treasure and turn it around for my own purposes:

            I’m not talking about 1,000 years or 100 years down the line, I’m talking this spring break, this weekend, this evening… now! 😉

    • Buddy Allen says:

      Boy Scouts have been doing that since 1910. There have been 110 million boys in Scouting just in America.

      • Helen says:

        Buddy, that’s not my point. I’m talking about:

        1. Treasure hunts
        2. Specifically attributed to Forrest Fenn’s inspiration.
        3. Local.
        4. Specifically aimed at encouraging those who would not otherwise be interested in getting outdoors, to have a reason to do so *and* a reason to look carefully and learn something. Scouts are already doing this. Kids on their little texting machines are not. Kids on their little texting machines probably like cash, even if it’s a small amount. Ergo…

        Just because somebody is doing something similar, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Otherwise we’d still be stuck with steam locomotives 🙂

        Just to be extra clear: Forrest says that he wrote The Thrill of the Chase because he thinks that kids don’t get outside enough, and they need to. That’s *his* thinking, despite all the wonderful organisations like the Scouts. I’m asking what can we do to help *Forrest* to put something more into the world, and I’m making one suggestion about how we might do it.

      • lia says:

        Wouldnt it be great to sponsor an annual treasure hunt in a National Forrest or local nature preserve just for Foster kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity?

  27. Helen says:

    And if anyone *is* interested in doing something like this, I would be happy to start the “pay it forward” ball rolling by personally sponsoring ten $10 prizes for you budding “mini Forrest-Fenns” to hide.

    Yes, I trust you 😉

    • Lou Lee says:

      Yes, I have been posting about this idea and I and others have been leaving treasures on the trails and in fun places we search. I know one searcher after I suggested this, left a 100 bill for someone to find. I don’t do that, But I leave, Coins, Rocks, Crystals, and other small tokens on the ground in Crevases and hanging from tree’s. I have been doing this for 10 years and its fun. I suggest that everyone do this if can. When I was searching on other treasure hunts, I found some really cool stuff. It makes it a treasure hunt for everyone if they keep their eye’s Wide Open…..Did you hear about the man, in Calif and other places, leaving money tied to places and such. Pretty Cool! I like your idea leaving notes!

      Lou Lee Belle, Treasure Fairy…LOL

    • lia says:

      Nice of you Helen to spear head kid friendly adventures. I would be happy to participate this summer (June) when kids are out of school but writing a letter to local media and planning a treasure hunt for local kids in a park or nature preserve.

      When I was younger my home town radio station hid their 4 call letters around town with $ prizes attached. They offered clues over the radio all week which we wrote down and looked around town searching. My sister and I found call letter A and turned it in for $500 to share. I had forgotten how much fun treasure hunting was until Forrest started TTOTC.

      *** Wouldn’t it be great if a Santa Fe Radio station sponsored a treasure hunt to kick off summer hunts around the U.S. ***

  28. Spallies says:

    Helen, I love your idea! But I can’t help but worry that squirrels or chipmunks might abscond the acorn 🙂 Maybe people could use a little box?

    • Helen says:

      Spallies, thank you! I didn’t want to be prescriptive – a little box that is unappealing to squirrels would be good too! Anything, so long as people have to *think* and drink in nature as they go looking for it, and hidden in such a way that it is obvious where it is once you are at the right spot. In other words, you won’t need to dig around if you are in the right place.

      I’m sure that you all can come up with far more creative ideas than I have suggested, and as I said, less mechanical than geo-caching and more thought-provoking than scavenger hunting. Something in keeping with our very best hopes of what Forrest’s solution and location and purpose will be 🙂

      • Helen says:

        And my final thoughts on this, sort of guidelines in my own mind:

        1. Make it clear that this was inspired by Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase, and that you are “paying it forward for Forrest”.

        2. Probably don’t make it in some really out of the way, tricky place – just the sort of place where kids can easily get access – there’s treasure everywhere.

        3. Don’t spend a lot of money travelling to hide it.

        4. Try to make sure that any “clues” that you give are based on recognising and understanding nature.

        5. Make it so that there’s not a lot of research needed – have kids outside rather than on the computer.

        6. Not a very valuable prize.

        Something like that – as I said, you guys are probably more creative and experienced than I am 🙂

        • JC1117 says:

          That’s a great idea, Helen. Maybe whoever finds the treasure could start The Forrest-Wise Foundation with a website with (eventually) thousands of different treasure hunts and treasures…submitted by thousands of people…with the intent to teach about nature and get kids of all ages out and exploring. In that respect, it’s different than geocaching. Maybe somebody could lock up forrest wise foundation dot com or something. I’d do it, but I’m poor…and I suck at internet stuff. 🙂

          • anna says:

            JC1117, your suggestion to lock up Forrest Wise Foundation . org & . com is a great idea. Done – I just completed that transaction which is good for a year and renewable.

            please note: I’m not an administrator or good with the internet, so if it gets rolling we’ll need someone who knows what to do, but the domain name is now secured.

            • JC1117 says:

              Wow, Anna ! You are so Awesome!!! Some people dream while others just get-er-done! I’d love to play a part in that if I could…even if just creating a few treasure hunts for others to enjoy. And good going on the question for Jenny to submit to Forrest. Every little thing to pick his brain, right?

  29. anna says:

    Dear Jenny, would you kindly submit this question to Forrest?

    Forrest, Helen & JC1117 have a terrific idea to start “Forrest Wise Foundation” for children/families which would facilitate many treasure hunts in the future; and get families out into the great outdoors.

    If your treasure chest is found, and you could encourage altruism to pay it forward, would you hope the finder leaves the chest in place with some of the gold for future hunters to continue TTOTC? Or, retrieve all and start Forrest Wise Foundation with a portion? Of course, someone may keep it all which would be hugely disapointing after your generosity and thrills we’ve all enjoyed.

  30. Jenny Kile says:

    Great thoughts all. Time doesn’t allow me to comment as much as I would like, but I’ve followed many of the constructive discussions on site lately, and love these type of interactions. Thank you.

    There are many great minds here!

    I will pass the question on to Forrest. I know he still likes to answer questions (if they won’t reveal too much about the location of the treasure chest)…..and maybe I shouldn’t say, but he also has another chest sitting on his desk filled with dollar presidential coins…..I’m not sure what he was going to do with that….That is another question to ask him…lol…..

    • Helen says:

      Hey everyone, thanks for stepping up! It looks like this is a little snowball that could grow!

      I suppose that you could call this “ReForresting” 😉

      If there’s a further need for motivation, I’d be happy to make arrangements to send $10 notes to the first 10 ReForresters who volunteer here 🙂

      • lia says:

        Helen, I will contribute monetarily as well. Thank you for getting the ball rolling. I love your newly coined word “ReForresting.”

        • Helen says:

          Lia, you are a star.

        • JC1117 says:

          Hello, All. I love the “ReForresting” term, Helen. ReForresters a great title for all those Indiana Janes and Forrest Fenns who like to explore and start “Forrest Fires”…but in a good way. That could be a term used for altruistic acts…NOT arson. 🙂 (Matthew 5:16)

  31. H says:

    Sounds like a publicity stunt to get people to read/buy his books…Smart business move.

  32. Crack Pot says:

    why would ff tell a story about a indian trying to sell him some tee- pee poles and then explaining that he didn’t have a tee-pee or even want one; what is he trying to tell us? Sketch- Draw to the end of the tee-pee poles and you see W and the smoke goes out between the X’ing poles as they Saint nick (cris-cross where the poles exit the tee-pee) I am SMART; I have to go contemplate how this connects to the North far enough you still end up south statement. but first I am going to fix a pot of coffee(Sheriff Coffee)

  33. KC Cowgirl says:

    I wish I could afford to buy your book “The Thrill of the Chast” Forrest, just to read what an interesting story you must have to tell. Unfortunately, at $125.00 I won’t be buying your book or reading it.

    Perhaps you might consider getting the publisher to lower the price to a more reasonable level so more people can enjoy it.

  34. inthechaseto says:

    Order the book here for thirty five dollars – Best of luck to you.

  35. don’t count on any help from the people who live in Flrida as they don’t consider themselves in touch with reality and they like it that way; everyone appears to be wearing close from 1967 too. It seems to be contagious, glad i am leaving today.

  36. was once upon a time south was north,science said that japan was at the north pole long ago when their was ice forming where the north pole is today, perhaps the treasure is south of santfa in where the Rocky Mountains use to be and why would Forrest tell us its Noth of Sata face in the FIRST FACE? After visiting McDonals in Winter Gardens, Florida i have also decided that people that are ugle in the face don’t want to wear new cloths. And landscape painter like the great Thomas Cole and after i knew Cole better, in fact the next day i was talking to a sales man down in Winter Gardens at Camper World and i asked him his name and believe it or not he said his name was Thomas and He spoke broken English, mostly Spanish, he was so polite, not a mean bone in his body, i told him my daddy made me at the age 7 use a hoe with to tear drop holes to mix mortter for laying bricks on a wall ofcourse so he better not mess with me if he knew what was good for him; we both laughed hardily after i said that crap.

  37. is it just coinsidence that in TFTW their is a story about a car, now look at CARson, now look at new mexico’s flag and find the tips of a ravens wing in 4 places, i am the only person who found this i have not read where anyone else can explaine the look.

  38. say heath nut; i am guessing the meaning of your word, “bedraggled” are the wrinkled, scrap rags, i saw this women stuff in her underwear to make her butt ox stick out furtur, farthur too, it certainly gets my attention.

  39. the arch in the hole in the painting the boy made in the museum reminds me of Kit carsons arch on the end of his index finger, get on your poney and- i think hills are ment to be explored all the way around them.

  40. after you cut the cards in half combur the pieces to Fonald Raguns Signiture unless you are dum as a ox, you will be glaze you did.

  41. but bur row was ment tioned in the bible to carry Marry, mother of God also in a clint eastwood movie to bur rows for sister sara.

  42. on the inside of my Mcdonalds coffee cup lid is a M which is the first letter of Mary and i have heard people say the golden arches, did the wise men cook the first hamburgers and was one of them’s named BIG MACK? will i go to hell for my imagination? what is being composed in my subconscious mind with out my knowledge and when we die are we judged by how much faith our subconscious mind has and our conscious mind is irrelivent and since you can’t look into your subconscious mind, you really say for sure that you believe in Jesus.

  43. harper, staring Paul New man, not to be confused with harpers ferry or should it be, no not let it be by the beatles yes beatles roll a ball of and the beatles band is rock and roll and no kin to rocky mountains. not to ment tion david playing the harp for king saul, and also lorrel and hardy and thats not close to harper, hardy, r, r. heavy loads and water high?

  44. have any of you ever seen chickens fight and kill, what accomplishes this, now be carfull, were chickens here in the new world is more to the point i think. Near the soap?

  45. yes i jump around a lot it’s inmy nature; so take the word ‘WOW” turn it up side down, “MOM”; i know all that talk about code is your way of picking at Jesica, i don’t look for morse code, however the invention of 99 percent pure copper makes for a better conductor as less impurities, but people are not part of nature so impurities in mixing blood lines is not rellivant hitler said. i do think naviho code talkers were brave and they turned the other cheek, where would they get an idea like forgivness.

  46. did anyone really get that; i just proved that we did not come from slime on a pond.

  47. yes, jc1117, the dark, that’s right, the bird heads beak too on the irish lock and the cowboy’s boots, both of them on order form on 2 or 3.

  48. Tamara says:

    It’s what lurks BEHIND the primordial slime that’s really scary.

  49. Wavy gravy says:

    He says he regretted killing a lion then he tells us to get out of the game room.

  50. Jdiggins says:

    Forrest, you have given so much to so many so you should smile now. 🙂

    Jenny, ur pretty alright urself! 😉

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