Six Questions with Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers is a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, health advocate and entrepreneur.  Her highly successful and multifaceted career has earned her numerous awards; ranging from People’s Choice Awards to Mother of the Year to Humanitarian Awards.  Her latest books, Sexy Forever and Bombshell share powerful and groundbreaking strategies on staying healthy, looking great, and feeling young.

It was an honor and a delight to ask Suzanne about her accomplishments and interests.  Her answers to the following six questions show her dedication to her work, family, and friends.  She is beautiful inside and out, and I am sure you will enjoy.



  • 1Q)  Through the writing of your 24 books (with over 25 million books in print), you have shared a wealth of information.  Many of your books are New York Times best-sellers.  What would you say is your most important book?

My most important book is my recently published “BOMBSHELL” containing explosive medical secrets that redefine aging.


  • 2Q)  You revolutionized home shopping during your 20 years on HSN and SHOPNBC and are known as the ‘The Queen of Electronic Shopping’.  Why did the star of Three’s Company and Step by Step decide to change careers?

I have never changed careers.   I keep adding layers of new initiatives that engage me.  We created so long ago, my friends had never heard of a website.


  • 3Q)  When you were on Oprah, you said you take dozens of supplements and bio identical hormones every day.  Can I ask what sparked your interest in these, and why do you continue taking them today?

I spend most of my time interviewing western trained doctors and scientists trained in advanced medicine for my books.  I learned that as we age, our bio chemicals decrease and need replacement to maintain good health and peak performance.   Based on blood, urine and saliva testing, I know exactly what my body needs and that includes dozens of prescribed supplements plus bio identical hormones.   Most people won’t do this and prefer to ‘let nature take it’s course’ which usually leads to diseases of aging and that’s when their conventional doctor gets them all pilled up.    It’s work to be healthy, but it’s a lot more work when you’re sick.


  • 4Q)  I admire the energy you give towards those things you feel passionate about.  Besides the numerous books you have written, much is shared on your various websites.  Would you mind telling me more about some of your ecommerce and informational websites?

I like to think the Internet was invented for me.  It allows me to disseminate current cutting-edge medical/health information to my constituency instantly.  It also allows me to share products we developed that create a better quality of life with our customer base. Our three most active sites are,,,

Forever Health is my newest site that provides doctors trained in advanced medicine and age management for people looking for my kind of medicine and it’s free.  The first week we introduced it, over 14,000 people arrived.


  • 5Q)  From just the few questions and answers above, it is clear you have many achievements.  However, I feel one of your greatest successes is being married for 45 years.  Congrats!  I think that is fantastic. What would you say is the big secret for your long marriage?

It was love at first sight. (Alan said that for him, it was lust at first sight).The day I met Alan in the 60’s, I called my mother and announced I had just met the man I would marry.   It was complicated.  I arrived with my 3 year old son and Alan had two children about the same age.  We worked very hard to combine our families,  it took years,  but it worked big time; we are now one big happy family with 6 grand kids.     Alan and I spend 24/7 together.  We have not spent one night apart in over 35 years.   We ‘date’ regularly several evenings a week.   We meet in our bar, I turn on Martini In The Morning, an Internet radio station, Alan pours a couple of Patron Silvers, we watch the sun set and we often dance.   We are perfectly aligned with one another and celebrate our life and family; we are one.


  • 6Q)  Even with all the work you do, you still find time to play!  I enjoyed seeing images of you, out with your husband, searching for ‘relics’ with Forrest Fenn at San Lazaro Pueblo.  What did you most enjoy about that experience?

Forrest Fenn is a dear dear friend for over 30 years and a major national treasure.   Sometimes I will tell Alan ‘I miss my boyfriend, let’s go to Santa Fe’ and off we go.  Digging at San Lazaro is always a spiritual experience for me knowing there was vibrant life there hundreds of years ago.   And when I find something special, I realize that I am the first person to hold it since it was discarded perhaps a thousand years ago.   And Forrest is one of my great teachers who graciously shares volumes of stories about ancient life in San Lazaro.  Forrest is also full of mischief.   I have witnessed a new visitor to San Lazaro find a perfect arrowhead and get really excited.   I just know that Forrest ‘planted’ it there; he never admits it.   This tells me who Forrest was as a young boy in Texas….charming.



I appreciate your sharing of thoughts, Suzanne.  I love how you describe your relationship with your husband; “we are one.”  No matter how much work it takes for such a connection, the enjoyment found certainly would be worth it.  You are proof it can be had.

Your responses reveal a wonderful zeal for life and help encourage others to strive for the best. Thanks again for the time you have given in answering the above questions.  I enjoyed learning more about you and it is easy to see why you are one of America’s beloved personalities.


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  1. Anne says:

    I wish I could find a doctor in my area who has Bio Identical Hormones. I live in Mass. 20 miles from Boston.

  2. I live in north east Louisiana, I am trying to find a Dr. that offers Bio Identical Hormones. I am 60 years old. I have gain about 40lbs in the last 3 years. I eat right and excerise, but still i can’t seem to lose the weight. Can you help me.? I have been depressed over the years about my weight gain. I have lost interest in lots of things.

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