Six Questions with Stephanie: Owner of What’s a Blaze Blog

Those familiar with The Thrill of the Chase hunt have most likely heard of Stephanie and her What’s a Blaze blog (update: Stephanie’s blog has been discontinued and she now runs Chasechat (a forum for the hunt)).  She has been active with the hunt since near the beginning, and her sharing is always encouraging and uplifting.  Her enthusiasm towards the hunt is part of the reason I got caught up in the Thrill of the Chase.  After reading about Dal’s adventures, I followed a link to Stephanie’s.  It was exciting to read about a family enjoying the search for treasure.

Although I am not new to the excitement of treasure hunts, like I said in the Six Questions with Dal, I could tell there was an extra ‘something’ with Forrest Fenn’s hunt.  At the time I wasn’t sure what it was.  However, I am beginning to feel it is the camaraderie being displayed. I feel Stephanie is one of the best at conveying this friendship. Even though players hold their top cards close to their chest (it is a treasure hunt, of course), we don’t mind sharing, encouraging, and inspiring others.  She has experienced the Thrill and will ‘frenemy’ all!  I hope you enjoy the following Six Questions.


  • 1Q) Like mentioned in the introduction, the sharing of your adventures was one of the things which inspired me to get involved in the hunt. You are not new to the hunt, and have actively searched in various locations. What are you enjoying most about The Thrill of the Chase? Do you ever regret getting involved?

The challenge to my mind I’d have to say is the most enjoyable thing for me along with the new found friendships. I don’t want to discount though that the dream of being financially secure isn’t on my mind most of the time as well. I’ve asked myself if I regret it, because of the monetary cost to our family and I never have one bit. It’s changed me as a person like I wouldn’t have otherwise.


  • 2Q) I find it wonderful that your family is taking part in the quest for treasure with you. As a mother, I am sure you have thought about (and possibly experienced) some of the dangers that exploring in mountainous areas may present. Do you feel there is any downside for people getting outside and into the mountains?

I totally worry about people going out there and taking dangerous risks. I worry, because I know things I have done were probably not the smartest. Walking on the side of a mountain 10,000 feet up with loose rocks under foot comes to mind. There’s only one side to a mountain I realized. I’m happy that Forrest has since given the clue that he didn’t do anything dangerous to secret it.


  • 3Q) You have visited and talked with Forrest on different occasions. He opens himself up and is happy to listen and encourage all. However, he seems to be very quiet when asked for additional clues. But, do you feel he will accidentally let something of importance slip sometime?

I’ve never asked him for a clue. I don’t think he will slip either. That doesn’t keep me from looking into things he says which probably is a detriment to anyone who knows him. If he tells me that branches fell down in his backyard, because of the big wind they had last night….I’m off looking at piles of branches near my next spot. Forrest has always told me to never ever look at anything he says as a clue as there will be none and he has also always said how serious this is for him….but if he tells me he ate a fish filet at McDonalds….I’m probably jumping in the water next trip.


  • 4Q) Many people will search one or two places for the treasure and may give up, thinking they will never be able to find the hidden bronze chest worth millions. You haven’t done so. What encourages you to keep searching?

I know that the amount of money I’ve spent on this is part of the reason. I don’t lose that money unless I give up. It isn’t that though. If I got all that money back tomorrow, I’d be booking my next flight. Being a parent, it’s the desire to be financially secure so I can always provide the needs of my family. I’m not a big spender(till now *yikes*), so it wouldn’t be to buy extravagant things. I’d probably try and find fun ways to make it grow as I’m the Monopoly type too.


  • 5Q) Since you have experience in searching for the chest, (and realize it is not the easiest thing to find in the ‘mountains north of Santa Fe’), would you be willing to share some of what you have learned ‘not to do’ in order to help new searchers? Plus, although not ‘thee treasure’, what is one of the most treasured things you have discovered while exploring?

I would not believe everything you read as fact even if it comes from a media source. They have gotten so many things wrong. For example some have said that it’s in New Mexico, and Forrest has never said that. He has said it’s in the mountains North of Santa Fe and people assume that means New Mexico. It doesn’t mean it isn’t in New Mexico, just that it can be anywhere from Santa Fe to Canada.

Also, the only places you should believe are from Forrest’s web site, and only on Dal’s web site where he says he actually got answers from Forrest or when Forrest has answered emails on Dal’s blog.  

This probably isn’t the type of answer you were looking for….but, if you leave two teenagers alone for a weekend while you’re searching out West, they will realize how much they enjoy a clean house, and actually do something about it. Ok, it might have been the older one bartering with the younger to clean and she’ll drive him to Gamestop, but they figured it out.


  • 6Q) This hunt could very easily go on for years and years. Of course, it could actually end tomorrow too. Nonetheless, if the treasure is not found ‘soon’ (this summer, in two years?, whatever), do you think you will ever want Forrest to start giving out more precise clues in order to ‘end’ the hunt?

That’s a definite no. He’s spent so much time on creating this adventure, I’d hate to see him give it away. It’s his game of dreams and his rules, so it’s not my business to tell him what to do and I just feel fortunate to play.

I just want to add that I appreciate the fun opportunity to answer your questions. It’s been a lot of fun to read the questions you’ve posed to others as well. Thanks Jenny 😉



The thanks goes to you Stephanie! Your comments on blogs, and now the above answers, always make me smile.  You speak straight from the heart and it is wonderful to know such great people are involved in The Thrill of the Chase.  It is clear that the dream of finding the reward is not your only draw to the hunt. You are enjoying the search, living the chase, and are inspiring others to do the same. Thank-you.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Thank you for the post! I am having trouble linking to Stephanie’s blog…do you know if she has since discontinued it?


    • sixer/jenny says:

      Hi Joseph, yes, stephanie has discontinued her blog and runs now. (I will take the link out- thanks for catching it). A lot of her research she has reposted on there.

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  1. March 26, 2013

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  2. March 31, 2013

    […] “
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.”: These phrases of the clue is referring to Forrest’s condition when he hid the treasure.  He was 79 and had just recovered from cancer.  Cancer can be a very debilitating disease.  Forrest is a fighter and the cancer is in remission, but by this phrase we might be able to infer that the disease he defeated may have had some impact on him. He is strong, so I would think that I would even have trouble keeping up with him.  That being said, Forrest inserted this into the poem, so many folks have interpreted this to mean that the Treasure is not far from a road.  Folks also belief that he drove most of the way to hide the Treasure and only hiked the last stretch.  It has been reported that Forrest took 2 trips to place the items in the chest.  It is a common belief which I share with others, that this clue indicates you don’t need to do anything heroic to search for the chest.  No repelling, rock climbing, or herculean efforts needed.  Just 42 pounds of treasure on a one way journey.  For total disclosure, some folks also believe that this clue means he did not hide it far from Santa Fe.  Maybe this hints at New Mexico, but you can get to most of the Rockies driving a car on a 3 day road trip.  The quest has been enjoyable for researchers and some have even taken their families along on the journey as reported by: […]

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