Six Questions with Dal Neitzel: Owner of The Thrill of the Chase Blog

Dal Neitzel has shown his dedication, cleverness, and integrity through his pursuit of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase. He has given his time (which could be used on his own interests for the treasure) to help others by offering information, and in creating a platform for discussion on his blog.  Dal has also taken time to write about some of his adventures and thoughts about the Chase.

It was while reading these (and Stephanie’s blog) that first inspired me to get involved.  I was busy with other ‘hunts’ at the time, but realized from their posts there was something special about The Thrill of the Chase and knew I couldn’t ‘pass it up’.  I am thoroughly enjoying the hunt and I thank Dal for his continued commitment and taking time to answer the following Six Questions.  Enjoy!


  • 1Q) Since the airing of the Today Show segment, the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest has attracted thousands of new seekers. What do you think is motivating people to get involved with the thrill of the chase? Do you think it is merely for the money?

I believe that for the majority the quest is about getting rich quick. Many of these folks will drop out of the search once they find out that quick is not the way this will happen. The terribly fascinating puzzle is the allure for many others. There are a substantial number of folks who want nothing more than to match wits with Forrest and figure out his wonderful riddle-poem. Another large group are kids who see this as an adventure and spend hours searching for clues and likely places on their computers and are planning treasure hunting adventures to the Rocky Mountain states this summer and bringing their parents along to drive. I’ve even heard that there are Fenn Treasure Hunt Groups organizing in schools all across the country that spend time researching the clues and raising money for a group trip this summer.


  • 2Q) Although some people have only recently heard about the treasure hunt, you have been searching for Forrest’s hidden chest filled with gold and other jewels for a couple of years now. Do you ever get discouraged or feel like giving up? What spurs you to continue hunting after being unsuccessful in finding it thus far?

I never feel compelled to give up. My enthusiasm has grown rather than diminished. I too have visited beautiful places and met fascinating characters while looking for Forrest’s treasure. I enjoy writing stories about my travels and for me the search for Forrest’s treasure has created a new pallet of places and characters and twists to share with my readers on the blog.


  • 3Q) The treasure consists of numerous rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, gold coins, gold nuggets, historic jewelry, and many other valuable artifacts. If you found the treasure what would be some of the first things you would do?

After I picked myself up off the ground and after I stopped jumping up and down and after my blood pressure returned to normal I guess I would look around very carefully to see if anyone was watching me. Then, assuming no one was, I would get that chest to my truck as quickly as possible and head to Forrest’s house. Forrest and I would sit around at his kitchen table and he would tell me the story behind every piece in that chest. He has said that every piece in that treasure chest is special to him. I need to know why, and how. We’d sip lemonade and laugh and tell stories til the wee hours. Then I would consider what to do next. That’s as far as I have ever gotten with planning.


  • 4Q) On your blog you share some amazing stories about things that happened during your searches. What would you say is one of your most memorable moments? Would you offer any precautions to those not familiar with the ‘mountains north of Santa Fe’?

To me the people I meet and the places I’ve been are the most wonderful take-a-ways of this entire journey. Certainly the most fascinating was what happened to me out at that old, abandoned trading post outside of Coyote, New Mexico. I think those puzzling events and old Yellow Hat will stay with me until I die.


  • 5Q) As owner of a main Thrill of the Chase hunt blog, I am sure you have heard people claiming to have found the treasure. Do you feel one of them could be telling the truth, or are you confident the treasure is still out there to be found?

There is no question in my mind that the treasure is still there waiting to be found. It’s easy to have adventures looking for it but it’s not easy to find. The poem is not a roadmap, it’s a personal challenge. I am confident that its still where Forrest hid it for you, or better yet for me, to discover.


  • 6Q) You have personally met Forrest Fenn many times. Would you share some of your thoughts about him? And from what you know about him, how intricate or deep do you feel the poem could be?

I think the nine most important things I know about Forrest are the following:
1. He is a relentless planner and plotter.
2. He has a charming and witty sense of humor that infuses everything he does including the poem.
3. He is a very well read and astute individual.
4. He has remarkable knowledge about the geography, geology, history and legends of the mountain states.
5. His knowledge of western art and artists is nothing short of extraordinary.
6. He loves to have fun.
7. He has a lot of guts.
8. Fish simply give up when he approaches a stream.
9. It’s impossible not to like him.



Not only are there nine clues in Forrest Fenn’s poem, Dal has just offered nine clues about Forrest Fenn!  Thanks so much Dal for your insight into this exciting hunt.  Your answers show the joy and a commitment needed to undertake such a chase.  I am sure you have encouraged those thinking at first in may be ‘easy’; to realize the greatest gifts come from a challenge, and to keep on!

(Dal’s story mentioned above about Yellow Hat  (and part two) can be read on his fantastic blog.  If it wasn’t for searching for the treasure, how else would that have ever happened?  The story alone is part of the treasure…..and mystery!!)


I would also like to mention, in the days after first reading Dal’s and Stephanie’s blogs, I had discovered there were lots of other great people talking about the hunt too. These are found on The Thrill of the Chase Resource page.  They all bring much to the hunt.


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7 Responses

  1. Lori says:

    What about lid low?

  2. Lori says:

    So sorry I meant ludlow….associated with Molly brown?

  3. Tom Gregory says:

    1Dear Forrest Fenn,
    You recently told a blogger named “Cowboy” that any clues translated by nmtreasure were “worthless” and furthermore, “everyone wants to get in on the act”.
    Now, we at carefully track all emails and I have none from you asking for “OUR” interpretation of your clues and hints from “Thrill Memoir” so, unless you are now into reading minds, we are not sure how you knew they were no good?
    Not so long ago a made for television film was shot on our family’s ranch in southern New Mexico, it was called “Treasure of Victorio Peak”. I will not go into great detail, but it turned out to be an elaborate hoax.
    Our intentions at are out in the open. We do believed in your altruistic motives and applauded your “John Muir” ethic for challenging people to save our beloved Rocky Mountains and respect your sacrifice in this cause. That is admirable.
    However, the truth is you have never read our interperation’s and you credibility may be in doubt?
    If you actually read this and read what we have gleamed from you poem and book, you will tell us that we are completely wrong, then we will remove our web site and refund to all the people who paid us for these translations. We believe that if there is a treasure hidden out here in New Mexico, based on your clues, it is near “Hidden Lake, NM”.

    on July 6, 2013 at 8:23 pm | Reply Tom Gregory
    Reply from Forrest Fenn

    If I am not mistaken, what I told Cowboy was that he should not listen to clues given on the internet. I was referring to the many bloggers. I have not seen what clues you are giving to your paying clients but I have no problem with private enterprise, I don’t know how you can give clues to the treasure location when you don’t know where the treasure is. Maybe you can enlighten me.

    I just looked at your site and it looks legitimate to me Tommy. I don’t want to lessen what you are doing. I have not studied your site but some of the things you say, while not true, they don’t effect the outcome. I do not go into the mountains to meditate or pray.

    Your item #4 says houses or ruins nearby but they are not very close. I don’t understand what you are trying to say with that line. Is it a clue to the treasure site? In several places you imply that the treasure is in New Mexico although you don’t come out and say it. Do you worry about giving your paying clients a few anti-clues.

    I applaud what you are trying to do and certainly don’t want to interfere. I would like to make one request. Please don’t state something as fact if you are guessing. Good luck. f

  4. Seeker says:

    FOR Tom Gregory
    look up “Slander”

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