Periodic Words from Forrest Fenn on The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt

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Periodic Words from Forrest

thrill of the chase treasure hunt

HERE are the first:

* Let’s coin a new phrase. You can’t have a “correct solve” unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest. Otherwise you have a “general solve.” What do you think? f  (posted June 2nd, 2017)

HERE are more:

*  To answer some questions and save others from being asked, I did follow the clues in the poem when I hid the treasure chest, although I hid it before the poem was complete. (Completed?) f   (posted 6/5/2107)




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Best of luck with all that you seek!  Always Treasure the Adventure!


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420 Responses

  1. Iron Will says:

    What do I think? I think I have the correct solve. But if I don’t think, then I only have a general solve 🙁

    ….yeah…. “general solve” sounds about right.

    • The Wolf says:

      I am glad to finally hear you use a more appropriate term “general solve”
      Thank you Mr. Fenn for adding an appropriate definition to hold people accountable.

      • Anna says:

        Wolf, requesting ‘accountability’ in general is a dichotomy coming from Forrest. Correct?

        Periodically, we all need to check our logic to remain in a game of wits with someone as sharp as Forrest Fenn. So here goes…

        Let’s Consider 2 statements forrest has made regarding ttotc and said box of gold:

        1. Consider his statement on inside jacket flap of TTOTC…FF states “My treasure story is true.”
        Of course most believe the treasure or that statement to be true, or wouldn’t waste time solving and searching. Correct? Yes. < notice my period. Periodically, I remember punctuation.

        2. Distinctly, ff has stated publicly on taped interviews when asked how does the public know he actually hid the treasure that we "have to take his word for it. There is no proof unless he takes you to the treasure, and then "he'd have to kill you…". Am I correct? Yes, generally.

        Following FF's 'rules' stated above, logically one has to conclude that FF has Zero accountability to anyone. So I ask you Wolf…isn't it a bit of a dichotomy to request accountability when none is given or required of ff?? Now, I forgot what I said, can you rephrase my??

        Wolf & Forrest, just having fun with you. 🙂 I know you both appreciate thinkers who periodically test paths of logic. How will anyone map the poem without logic and reasoning behind general solves to move towards a correct mapped solution? Am I correct?

        • The Wolf says:

          You are always a great tester of logic and thats why I really like you. Now, here is the way I look at it. If accountability is an absolute amongst searchers, then they are not going to search or even believe there is a chest hidden. So naturally they are eliminated from the Chase because they never started since FF never passed the accountability test.

          So what do we have left? We have searchers who have given FF a pass. But does that mean everything and everyone else is given a pass? Nope. So accountability in the Chase is relative from my perspective. If FF doesn’t like absolutes, then neither do I.

  2. Seeker says:

    Here here! Opps I mean, hear hear!

  3. pdenver says:

    Thank you for the new “Period Words from Forrest” page, Jenny, and Mr. Fenn. Interesting thought. Sounds like a “rephrase” to me.

  4. JL says:

    knowingly, the magic word then abracadabra a treasure chest suddenly appears.

  5. Belle says:

    That will work!

  6. Strawshadow says:

    Generally speaking Sacajawea is only one side of the coin, OR bip is just Dancing With the Stars. Either way, per haps the correct solve is harmoniously landlocked in time and guarded by friendly fire. And I think the other seven are also in heaven.

    • JL says:

      Seven against one not very good odds, but doable with the proper preparation. I don’t know what in the blazes you’re thinking.

      • Strawshadow says:

        Thank you for the correction, please forgive me. There I was just swashbuckling along, being all stingy in my thoughts, and forgot to thank Jenny and Forrest for the PWF. Don’t think I’m a selfish cutthroat though, I was just a little misty eyed with thoughts of fallen heroes from to much highway driving. I hope this clears up my blazy thinking.

  7. I know! I Know!

  8. MartinS says:

    One can’t have a correct solve without having retrieved the chest. One wouldn’t “knowingly” be within several steps of the chest without retrieving it. Or could one, generally speaking, knowingly have a correct solve after conducting a failed search that involved a general solve? If you know what I mean. Generally.

    • SD says:

      Well, sure, one COULD. But that would be worth zilch, nada, nothing worth writing home about – without the bronze box in their possession. Right? So maybe that’s just speculation, or maybe it’s a case of “go back to the first clue” like Mr. Fenn has said several times. 🙂

  9. ROLL TIDE says:

    Do we really know what ‘several’ means ?

  10. decall says:

    People argue all the time that the poem is too vague to get us within several steps.
    Fenn is saying that we can.
    There must be something in the poem that gives us that kind of exactness

    • Stonerolledaway says:

      Good point, Decall. Ever notice how almost all Forrest does or has done in the past shows precision and exactness? Everything from flying his fighter jet, to fishing for a targeted fish he picks out, to placing his silverware in a precise, organized manner, Forrest is all about accuracy and hitting the bullseye. I think he has somehow created the poem to have that same kind of precision and exactness. We just have to figure out how he did it.

  11. Iceman says:

    A correct solve means solving all 9 clues, period. My two cents.

  12. (At the Top) says:

    I’ve been wondering about this very thing for a long time. Thanks for the words Mr. Fenn. I have a couple of theories on the final piece to put me within several steps of the chest. It is my opinion, however, that a general solve can still put the chest into your hands if you’re willing to riffle through the brakes and thickets. Although, it’s not nearly as elegant as walking straight to it.

    • (At the Top) says:

      I will add that I would much rather achieve the “correct solve.” It would be much more satisfying to know that I had “correctly” solved the final clue.

    • tighterfocus says:

      Good luck with that. Are you retired, with a lot of time on your hands, as
      well as wealthy? The Rockies represent a huge area for BOTG searching.

  13. 23kachinas says:

    The stars learned to speak words only recently.

    “The Columbia river rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada” is an example of humans having fun with words and place names knowing they are from the stars.

    All this time they listened to the sky when it was here all along speaking to them.

    • Brad Hartliep says:

      You always fascinate me Kachina. You’re Spirit just seems in tune with the 5th Sipapu. I think you mentioned it once, but being an Idiot, I forget a lot ..

      Were you raised around the teachings of the Katsinim? Did your family gift you the dolls growing up? Do/did you go to the cycles every year? Did you grow up on Three Mesas? Or one of the New Mexico/Arizona Pueblos? ..


  14. Jake says:

    I really believe I have the correct solve, not a general solve. But I guess that all depends on F’s definition of “several steps”… And ff has said that nobody has given him a precise location for the chest… so what is the difference between a “precise” area and “several steps”?

    • The Wolf says:

      Jake, I must have missed that memo, can you provide Mr. Fenn’s statement, “that nobody has given him a precise location for the chest”
      and when?

      • Strawshadow says:

        Thats a little tilted, the correct order is important with so much game left.

      • Jake says:

        Hey Wolf,
        First of all, big fan here. 🙂 The statement was in response to a question with F I do believe. It was something to the effect of that. I could be way off, but I do believe he mentions something very similar. Couldn’t locate it now and I’m working. Sorry.

        • The Wolf says:

          Hey Jake, thanks and good to see you posting on Jenny’s. She has an awesome forum too, I even see Zap on there once in a while too. Anyway, I have been busy, so I may have missed some of FF’s statements, but I don’t recall anything like that recently, especially given his latest comments at The Lure, seems contrary to me. IMO.

      • (At the Top) says:

        Maybe this is what you’re referencing? April 15th featured question on MW:

        “I’ve learned that a lot of people are having fun discovering areas they never thought they would see. I did not expect that so many whole families would be in the search. A lot of searchers say they know exactly where the treasure is, but no one has told me where, or offered proof. I guess that is to be expected. f”

    • Seeker says:

      As of April 15 2017~ answer {in part}
      “… A lot of searchers say they know exactly where the treasure is, but no one has told me where, or offered proof. I guess that is to be expected. f

      These Q&A’s and comments are not in hiding… this particular one can be found here, on this blog.

      • Point Foot says:

        In reading that part again it sounds like no one has correctly told him “exactly where”. But he doesn’t say if someone has told him or shown him generally where or within 12 feet. Heck someone could have shown him a photo within inches of the hidden chest without being exact. I like to think the person who has been closest doesn’t realize how close he or she has been. At least that way I still have hope of finding it. 🙂

  15. JL says:

    Mr. Fenn, What do you think? Are you asking or telling?

    • Feathers-n-Glue says:

      I suppose it’s one and the same if being respectful. We will all just have to figure out what needs figured out. Just hope we all play by the same rules. 🙂

  16. joe says:

    everyone that wants a general solve goto

    43 39′ 59.24″N 109 12′ 53.04″W

    stand in FFs footprints open image date walk around watch earliest date change and dont neglect the timeline for night sky bar

    Best of Luck to You All

    thank You for Your time

  17. astree says:

    I think these periodic words are a great idea.

    And I think that this first instance rephrase what Forrest has been saying in many ways over the years.

    There is a two step there too, lol.

  18. The Count says:

    About time you say it….

  19. JDA says:

    We each hope that we have been able to work out the “Correct” solve. As indicated by it’s name, a “General” solve has taken me to the “General area that I feel that Indulgence lies. Regretfully, snow and various circumstances have kept me from making that one last search, that I hope will convert my “General” solve into the “Correct” solve. Being close, is NOT close enough.

    I freely admit that I COULD be wrong, but am hoping for the best.

    Good luck to all searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE once you do go out. JDA

    • Jake says:

      Gotta keep trying JDA, that’s what makes it an adventure right? Lol. I gotta admit, driving home empty handed does get old… 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking, when are you planning your next search? Hope all is well and good luck to everyone searching!!

      • JDA says:

        Got the “crud” (flu) – Family search members have conflicts, snow at/near my search answer – Simple answer – Not sure. JDA

  20. Helen says:

    I think that many people will magically work these Periodic Words into their own solutions 🙂

    I think that someone will coin a new term – The Within Several Steps Club 🙂


    • Feathers-n-Glue says:

      Thanks Forrest and Jenny. Geez, that’s the kind of club that puts a guy or gal in a straight jacket.

    • JC1117 says:

      Great Idea, Helen.

      In a few years…all those who think (?) they’re in The Within Several Steps Club can assemble all of the Periodic Words into a big Periodic Words Table…you know…to try to make sense of it all. LOL!

      Maybe they can even be nice to the rest of us and let us see it here on Jenny’s Mysterious Writings site.

      Btw…I can’t think of a more appropriate home for a Mysterious WRITINGS website than Jenny’s home state of PENCILvania. (sp?) :/ …maybe I should have written that on the new laughter page.

      Thanks for the new Periodic Words, Forrest and Jenny…and whichever Muses are singing/speaking.

      Always amusing. A Muse sing…ing.

    • Ramona says:

      Oh, the club I’ve been holding out for. Count me in.

  21. Point Foot says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny! This is certainly one to ponder… I wish I were several steps away right now but I’m not. I will be sitting on edge right up till Fennboree waiting to hear if any big announcement will happen.

  22. Sher says:

    I’d like to ask SEVERAL people to coffee … my treat!
    Now! Wonder how many that will be?
    Hmmm, hope it’s not too far to walk.

    • Point Foot says:

      Mmm that all sounds good to me.

      • Point Foot says:

        Sometimes the strangest things happen. A friend called me out of the blue. I was in his wedding 20 years ago this coming Wednesday. I haven’t seen him or his family in 10 years and it felt like it was just yesterday.

  23. Iceman says:

    Coin new phrase => answer phone
    What do you think => thank you, outthank, outthink, and more.

    What do I think? I need some better spyware detection for my iPhone. Cause what I have isn’t working.

  24. Rhi says:

    So where does “the WINNING SOLVE” fall in that range?

  25. Jdiggins says:

    I don’t suspect a thing…
    …’ceptin scrabble looks fun…
    Thanks Jenny and forrest!
    Always fun to have new words…along with eighty thousand new ways to think about them…lol

  26. Spallies says:

    And the word “WORDS” the one in the picture above in “WOOD” adds up to 9 🙂

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest always a treat! Happy Friday everyone-

    Oh… and it anagrams to SWORD 🙂

  27. randawg says:

    General is fine with me Major Fenn!

  28. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest. What I think is that you’re both amazing. Love this new Periodic Words from Forrest Fenn post, idea, thingy…

  29. Iceman says:

    How about I create a new phrase. “A ($50K) Bourbon in the sand is worth three ($M) in the bush.
    – Binocular Guy

  30. Anna says:

    I salute you General Solve.

  31. I think I need to do the opposite…

  32. Washaufizzi says:

    A couple of steppes?

  33. Martha says:

    I think you have made it perfectly clear, Period that “yes you have to be in the exact location!” I wonder how many words you know? Have you memorize, because I have notice that you have a way with words. No disrespect Mr. Fenn, gifted people like you often do……..I know someone very much like you, he thinks I have a difficult time making things harder than they are. However if your a little different mentally, they don’t have a clue how difficult it is. I don’t like being different!
    Thank you Mr. Fenn, and Jenny,
    Mr. Fenn I think you have made it perfectly clear that Indulgence is in an exact place PERIOD, PERIODIC. Words, I want to know why the letters are numbered, just another decoy, maybe a chemistry number but it’s not!
    Mr. Fenn your a great thinker, you made your own way, complicated to understand, Love being in your own world, working from 9-7 is not in your dictionary, and you have always been a artist as a child you were creating art, a yoyo, spinning tops I imagine, who knows maybe even marbles, and every word in your poem is exact, for the find, even though I believe it is possible to understand where that Bible chest is and the sign Omega is the 24 letter in the Greek alphabet, the last of the Greek alphabet, Omega the first of 24 letters.
    The beginning and the ending, mention in Revelation, Alpha was a Christian sign, I find it intriguing that a letter hold the same number and looks the same except that it’s backwards. Revelations 22:13, I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, the first and the last. In your book the Omega sign is very prominent. In my opinion, I believe it represents your Father and Brother Skippy you so dearly loved. Again I could be wrong because I know you loved your mother and your sister, so I don’t know what I’m talking about! I though for a time it was a horseshoe not now, I think your a man of great faith because Alpha is the sign of Christianity A, the Omega is the sign of the end. However, I hope no offense is taken by what I have revealed and I know searcher’s have study the Alpha and Omega signs. If I have offended anyone, I don’t apologize for what I believe.
    24 letters, 20,000 word memoir, periodic words, Mr. Fenn, sorry but I don’t think you ever miss a word. I think your words are always thought about before you ever open your mouth, I wish everyone had that talent!
    I apologize for this being just too long of a response.
    I wish I could attend the Fennboree, Mr. Fenn and meet the devoted searchers and you, and Dal and Jenny and all your faithful followers! I hope your son-in-law David and Shiloh will be there, what a good looking grandson you have, and what a name, just had to look it up, Shiloh that is. That’s a mighty powerful name!
    Word’s are really what makes a person and it says a lot about a person, within in a few minutes. Well, God Bless all, and lets find that Indulgence this year and make Mr. Fenn PROUD, because he is not a pretentious person, and the Trill of his chest is real and lets show the Skeptics, that his word IS GOLD.
    I was talking to a man the other day, selling an AC unit and I told him I would plug it in, to show it worked, a stranger and he said, I believe you your word is Gold and I thought to myself, what a wonderful thing to say to someone, but of course I plug it in and showed him it was in go working condition, because business is business, and he needed it to keep his babies cool, and what a cute baby he had, so precious was little Charlie, I wanted to keep him.
    I hope and pray everyone involved in this search fines happiness and contentment, even though you don’t recover it, beware of poison ivy!
    Mr. Fenn, would you consider setting up video camera’s during Fennboree , just for the people that can’t attend, it would be so marvelous just to see it on video, I know it’s a lot to ask, but I know so many of us would truly enjoy it, even 5-10 minutes of it!
    Sincerely Martha

    • Jake Faulker says:

      Martha: “I don’t apologize for what I believe.”

      I like that very much Martha.
      There are lots of people & searches apologizing beforehand for speaking their mind here & on Dals site & around the world for that matter.

  34. Jake Faulker says:

    Coin this: ” It doesn’t matter how close you are, it only matters if you know you are.

  35. Crow says:

    You need a correct solve, meaning you must have all 9 clues correct and in order. Only the correct solve will bring you close to the chest. If you have anything less than all 9 correct, you have a general solve. IMO There was something about the location being very large and the specific place being small. I think a general solve will simply bring you to a large area or the wrong area. I think there are no shortcuts and that you need to know all the clues and their meaning to get a correct solve and that only a correct solve will bring you to the chest. What good are any of the clues if you do no know what they mean?–IMO it is a waste of time to continue forward when you don’t understand why or how you got to where you are. I think you need to understand each clue in order. Maybe that is a reason why searching for the blaze first has been discouraged. Start at the beginning. I guess if you don’t know why you are where you are, your solve is not correct.

    • Feathers-n-Glue says:

      Hi Crow,
      Do you know of someone who set out for the blaze from day one?

      For my solve I did them consecutively, as laid out in the poem. If that’s the wrong order then I suppose I do have some figuring out to do. For me though, I most definitely did not throw darts at the location of my blaze/s. All IMO. Best of luck to all.

      • Crow says:

        I think it was a comment at one point in the blogs. I think given a general area, yes. I searched for the blaze before the hoB. It’s not a good idea. 🙂

    • SD says:

      Reminds me of the one school dance I went to, tried to dance but didn’t know the steps, tangled my feet up and fell on my butt in front of everyone. They laughed, I got up redfaced and left the dance floor and promised myself I wouldn’t do THAT again.

  36. ace 340 says:

    I would have to agree. g

  37. HT says:

    just freeforming here.. kaster is as kaster does… an ass to risk is an as ter kis.. no scull up my creec.. 4303 to the nee.. that’s where the SWORD hangs.. are you prepared for the offering?

  38. HeadedDown says:

    Who is the “you”? And what are the steps… clues? I dont know about “you all”… But he said 12 feet away and you cant miss it so the “steps” just gotta be referencing more than stairs, ladder rungs, walkable things, etc. Or maybe not. Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Now what about that fence and finding the edge? Have a great summer you.

  39. William Legrand says:

    You can have a correct solve and not be within a few steps of the chest if you did not bury the chest precisely were the poem says it is. Kind of like how Scrap Book 180 describes the hiccup you claim to have witnessed but did nothing for over seven years to correct. That would make your poem a general location when you said it was precise. How far is a teeter? I looked it up and found nothing. You lack character . Care to debate your integrity and my solution in a public forum? I’d bet not. You Are a charlatan by your own admition. Listen to The Lure Trailer. You said it first not me. Please add 15% to the amount of truth you tell. You have my permission to post my solve ff

  40. Buckeye Bob says:

    Kind of funny, Forrest, that you used the missing letters from Edard and knowlege and they are the only letters with values > 1.

  41. William Legrand says:

    The letter is missing so it anagrams to
    Skippy died park at me.
    In the first sentence gone alone in there the first letters spell gait so you are to go through the gate and park by were it is buried. Forrests grave The combination equals the number of letters in each word 4525. You then dig 25 ft south from the blaze but it is not there according to sb180 it is a teeter right 4= forrest wife and kids and the 5 = forrest mom dad brother sister. Lets debate forrest!

  42. HT says:

    Linguistics. the figure of a star (*) used to mark an utterance that would be considered ungrammatical or otherwise unacceptable by native speakers of a language, as in
    * I enjoy to ski.

    • HT says:

      If you happen to be reading this, hello Forrest.. just wanted to share that one of my favorite memories is the time that I got to have a one on one meeting with Noam Chomsky at M.I.T… I’ve been a fan of his work in linguistics.. in hindsight, I was horribly unprepared for the meeting.. but that I got to shake his hand and share some warmth.. well, I guess I just have to forgive myself.. anyway, I enjoy your work in linguistics too!

      • Pisces says:

        Often times, the simplest of things can be the greatest gift. I’m sure that meeting meant a lot to you.

      • passenger says:

        I think you mean ****linguistics*****.

        Mr Chomsky is a legend… Forrest has called himself a “salt & pepper conservative”, so not sure he would be a fan, although people can be surprising. They both seem to share similar ideas about war.

  43. Bailey says:

    I agree. I’m not sure if I agree, but I don’t not entirely disagree. Thanks for the new periodic words Jenny and Mr. Fenn.

  44. tighterfocus says:

    I imagine those “several steps” could be quite challenging for a three-year-old girl.

  45. WyMustIGo says:

    The poem DOES give exact questions, and he has the exact answers now too.

  46. HT says:

    an apple seeded.. a poem coined.. the rocky mountains.. a pome stamped in granite.. at this moment, I have an idea of what the surprise gift in the box is.. if I were a betting man, I’d see that and raise (heave).. ready, willing and abe L

  47. Chesney says:

    I don’t particularly care for a “general solve”, mostlyy because the first thing that comes to mind is the late arrogance of General Custer who couldn’t wait for other troops to arrive. I think you know “the rest of the story”. Thank You Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile.

    • Feathers-n-Glue says:

      The other troops were offered. I’m not sure he was trying to be arrogant. I think he just thought it safer in numbers. IMO.

      • Chesney says:

        The other troops were coming, but the war was as dumb as Custer was. He didn’t wait, hence getting killed. I don’t think it was really right to kill so many Native Americans and take over the land they lived on. Just as sure as the sun rises and falls every day, and a train can be heard about every 15-30 minutes, there is someone named “you” who must be very close to Indulgence!

        • Feathers-n-Glue says:

          “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Twain

          • Point Foot says:

            Yeah that’s the part that worries me. Sometimes when I’ve been stuck I’ve found my way forward again by laying down to rest and looking for a higher hand to guide me. I find life becomes easier when led vs blazing my own trail.

  48. JL says:

    I think f needs to define treasure chest? I also think that if the poem does not get you within several feet of the treasure chest that f hid then the most anyone will ever have is a general solve. So generally speaking let’s coin a new term: fenn’s foolies leads to failure

  49. HT says:

    alone in there . literally, way around”
    * lone star
    “the point from which a Master Mason cannot err”

  50. HT says:

    I have heard there will be peace in the valley.. so I was surprised to discover the worth of a dollar

  51. OH! says:

    I think if a person has a general solve they have found the location but cannot pinpoint it down to the square foot. If a person is sure of their general solve they will NOT leave until they have the correct solve.
    1. General Solve. 2. Determination. 3. Correct Solve.

    It appears that someone out there has a general solve which can be corrected with some effort.

    • (At the Top) says:

      I agree, but I think more than one person or group has the general solve.

      • OH! says:

        Very possible, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

        • Iron Will says:

          I agree with Forrest on the new phrase he wants to coin. I believe it’s the best way to have the treasure found by Somebody who knows, within several steps, where it is. It also eliminates outside interference. I really would’ve enjoyed waiting to see everything happen that he put into place. But this new way is probably for the best.

          • Jdiggins says:

            Hi Will. Are you saying he’s bending his own rules?
            “I really would’ve enjoyed waiting to see everything happen that he put into place. But this new way is probably for the best.”
            OR did I misinterpret your intent? I do that a lot, lol. But I disagree, if that’s the case. I believe he his disciplined to the point of painful, and I believe he makes rules for himself and will not bend, shake or break them. Just my Lil Ole open. 🙂

            • JL says:

              doesn’t sound like much of a maverick

              • JL says:

                Now this weekend for example I encountered 3 cowboys and a cowgirl breaking all the rules. riding horses with open containers, not staying on the designated trail and I’m pretty sure them saddles bags were heavier when they came out then when they went in, which could only mean two things, either they picked up a lot of trash in there or they picked up somthin else. I wonder what could have been in there.

          • Jdiggins says:

            Hi Will. Are you saying he’s bending his own rules?
            “I really would’ve enjoyed waiting to see everything happen that he put into place. But this new way is probably for the best.”
            OR did I misinterpret your intent? I do that a lot, lol. But I disagree, if that’s the case. I believe he his disciplined to the point of painful, and I believe he makes rules for himself and will not bend, shake or break them. Just my Lil Ole op 🙂

  52. Jdiggins says:

    This is a fun new category, jenny.
    Was it your idea, or did forrest surprise you again?
    Thanks in advance for a reply. 🙂

  53. Mindy says:

    It isn’t at Boar’s Tusk, but we had a great adventure on our first day in Wyoming! Boar’s Tusk is truly an awesome and unique place!

    Maybe we’ll peek at Periodic Spring while we’re here, for fun, even though it’s guarded by a giant Doberman. 🙂

  54. HT says:

    in case anyone is interested..
    Woman Walks Ahead is the story of Catherine Weldon, a portrait painter from 1890s Brooklyn, who travels to Dakota to paint a portrait of Sitting Bull….

    • HT says:

      I truly believe that there is a connection between Forrest’s Chase.. and Chief Sitting Bull’s Peace Pipe that he has in his possession

      • HT says:

        the movie Arrival is playing for me now.. actress is teaching about Portuguese and how it is different from the other romance languages.. the story of Portuguese began in the kingdom of Galicia.. in the middle ages where LANGUAGE was seen as an expression of ART.. a definite reminder to me of TTOTC

  55. OH! says:

    Lets say a group of 3 has a general solve area of 27,100 sqft. Each person could meticulously cover 1,286 sqft. per day. The general solve can become a correct solve in just seven days thus taking away the several paces to the chest. What do you think?

    • Point Foot says:

      In my brief experience I’d say if your general solve is that large of an area I wouldn’t bet on walking out with the prize. But what do I know I’m still empty handed, my general area is a lot smaller and my wife thinks I’m crazy to go back yet again…

  56. Iceman says:

    The Fennboree spin on this post is to bring board games. Is f challenging us to a game of Scrabble?

  57. SL says:

    The history behind our railroads has always fascinated me. If you ever have the opportunity while in Wyoming, IMO,…. this is one of those places that you will always remember!

    Vision, dedication and hard work opens doors,and can take you to such beautiful and wonderful places. I *return* here…a lot:


  58. Buckeye Bob says:

    If w = lower case Omega, we have 2 Omega signs at the end of the book.
    Omega = end.
    If there are 2 ends, one is a false end and one real.
    If d = Delta, delta is a symbol for change.
    There is a change in the map to lead to the real treasure.

    I also have clues (hints since they aren’t from the poem) showing where the change occurs, and more clues showing how to read it all to get to the real treasure. These clues have supporting verifications.

    I keep saying there is a false treasure room, like any good treasure map.

    • Iceman says:

      Yes there is!

      • Iceman says:

        Which of the 2 trails are you following? The real one or the fake one?

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Almost certainly the fake one.
          That’s just the way I roll.

          No, I think I’m on the right trail because of other stuff. But here’s the thing. I’ve found so much stuff that has verification that I have to wonder if there isn’t still more stuff to find. In which case I’m on the trail but not done yet.

          This quest is fascinating, worthy of a great treasure hunt.

          • Feathers-n-Glue says:

            It’s better than the best book. We’re all living it. How cool is that!

            Mmm, I could really go for some of the those old fashioned verifications right about now, with a side of fries.

          • anna says:

            One thing is certain…if a false ending exists…no man places that X at his own home, even if it is brown! Shirley not 😀

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              See, there’s where you could be wrong. Maybe Shirley did it!
              But there’s no doubt that the treasure is not hidden at someone’s home. That would ruin the whole idea.
              I hope you don’t think I’m that crazy to search at FF’s home.
              I might be crazy, but Shirley I’m not that far gone.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          And I’ve got to say this. At one point I realized something that was very cool,
          –and it will blow your mind! —
          This thing already had verification and was already used in another aspect. But once I realized this thing, it opened the door for more verifications of a strong nature.

          • anna says:

            Buckeye – please don’t light the m-80’s as you are blowing minds…we don’t want a follow up episode of Skippy landing in the ER.

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              M-80’s aren’t enough firepower anyways, Anna. And since they won’t let me have dynamite to play with I guess that’s out too. I’ll have to stick with the gloves and a sandwich.

    • HT says:

      colophons.. two omegas.. one bull.. one horse (publishing)… dos amigos.. like Forrest said.. who cares if it makes “sense” so long as the other person knows what you mean.. pony tracks.. it gets to a point where the tracker finds himself riding the same horse
      I just watched VVonder VVoman.. i give it two thumbs up
      Eugene Brave Rock plays The Chief.. that was a pleasant surprise.. and so was the scene that focused on multiple languages 😉

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Per FF’s second posting here…

      “To answer some questions and save others from being asked, I did follow the clues in the poem when I hid the treasure chest, although I hid it before the poem was complete. (Completed?) f”

      Related to my “false treasure room” comment,
      yes, you can also get to the right spot by following the poem. It’s all in the way you answer the clues.
      The false path is the more obvious, in my opinion, and it also has a way to lead you to the right one (on top of getting it right the first time).

      So, yep, you can use the poem to find the right hidey hole without any of the sidetracking. And if you are aware of the sidetracking, it verifies the true end if you figure it out.

      • anna says:

        One thing is certain…if a false ending exists…no man places that X at his own home, even if it is brown! Shirley not 😀

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Ha, anna, this is the second time about the home. You DO think I’m that crazy, huh? lol

          Have no worries, I am not crazy. Maybe my pinball machine is a little tilted, but I ain’t gonna go off the deep end.

    • Ron Ricker says:

      The change that occurs is in the poem.
      It happens at ‘But’.

      ‘It’, in this case, being the change.

  59. Viceroy~Timpanac says:

    I have my general solve for this Periodic Words…It’s called the “Texas Two Step”…is this the appropriate forum Jenny 😃.

  60. HT says:

    periodic words.. not unlike smoke signals.. skemo.. worth the cold, heh

  61. Point Foot says:

    My advice is to always check the saddle before jumping that pony…

    But right now it is time for the late night showing of Wonder Woman with the family. Looking forward to it based on the good feedback.

  62. Buckeye Bob says:


    I have to say I do not have a definite “correct solve.”
    I have a hidey hole to the left of me, and a hidey hole to the right of me. One has a solid verification, the other seems like it should have an even better verification but doesn’t. Instead, it takes me more than 500′ away.
    I can make this one work by offsetting, and to perfection, but I don’t have verification to do that.

    I’m thinkin’ that it may be impossible to have a “correct solve” until you get there and look quickly down. But I keep looking until I leave again and hopefully can search the area. It’s not that big, so I’m very hopeful.

  63. DelaYah says:

    Hello Buckeye Bob,
    Correct solve corresponds with completed as used verbially transitatively hahah (that can’t be a word but it sounded fun).
    When you’re within several steps of the trash, I mean the chest, it’s solved. This time.
    com·plete (kəm-plēt′)
    com·plet·ed, com·plet·ing, com·pletes
    transitive verb

    1. To bring to a finish or an end: She has completed her studies.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Dela, if I have all my ducks in a row, I’m going to complete it. I have strong ideas on exactly how it’s hidden too, so I know what I’m looking for.
      It’s in the rocks, either down or sideways, and probably covered with a rock lid like on page 218 of TFTW or gravel. I’ll have my gloves, call for bears, and dig it out if none interfere.
      My favorite is sideways, which might be that hidey hole to my right that seems to perfect. That one would require that I missed something to get it to that perfect spot, but it just seems too ideal and fits so much so well.
      But the hidey hole to me left is very enticing too. I’ll look between them if I haven’t found it AT either of them, since my ‘X’ might actually be what lies between these two places.
      Unless I’m all out of whack, I’m going to find it. (Famous last words, eh?)

  64. pdenver says:

    Complete vs. completed? The treasure chest was hidden before the poem was complete(d)…before the end of the last stanza? ‘Just take the chest and go in peace’?

    Thank you for the current “Periodic Words,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Gosh, I’ll have to think about this more.

  65. Jdiggins says:

    Me four. 🙂

  66. Jake says:

    And I believe I know why you did it that way f… Also, not completed yet. Waiting to go back out. 🙂

  67. GGGGGGusGuy says:

    lets coin a new phrase
    “completed Poem”

  68. Onuat says:

    Someone is knowingly several steps away from retrieving the chest without having given Forrest the “correct solve”.
    So you hide the chest when you were 79. 🙂
    Thanks Forrest and Jenny. This is fun.

    • Geoff Idaho says:

      Just curious, how do you know? (If you feel comfortable providing any details.) Thanks!
      “Have flashlight, will travel”

  69. 23kachinas says:

    The poem is beyond words.

  70. Jake Faulker says:

    I completely agree.

  71. HT says:

    Chest . Chaste . Chased

  72. Geydelkon says:

    I can nickle and dime my thoughts all day long and be retired by now. Yet, today is a good day.

  73. (At the Top) says:

    Said Forrest Fenn, 90 years from now…

  74. Geydelkon says:

    But then again, I need to go fishing with my granddaughter this week. I do have my Bullet ready to go. Its a primier sight that is key. Lol

  75. Jonsey1 says:

    Maybe, the poem, it follows the trip home as well.

  76. Feathers-n-Glue says:

    This thread..I feel like Linus:

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Feathers-n-Glue.

      Maybe Agent 99 knows what the heck is going on here…but she’ll give you the brush if you have a dandruff problem.

      Funny story…when I was little and I saw it was snowing…I always thought that the Angels in Heaven were scratching their heads. :/

      I wish I was getting ready for Fennboree…but work is keeping me tied down. Maybe next year.

      Thanks for the new Periodic Words, Forrest and Jenny. Always fun.

      • anna says:

        JC1117 how are you and your artistic wife doing? Has she won any more of Forrest’s contests? Where did you place the antler she won? I wonder where it was placed in Forrest’s den, don’t you?

        • anna says:

          JC1117, I forgot to add how wonderful it is that Forrest shared part of his collection with you.

        • JC1117 says:

          Hello, Anna.

          Thank you for inquiring. I hope You and Yours and healthy and happy.

          My beautiful wife and I are doing pretty good. We are both busy working and trying to keep the kids happy for their summer vacation. (I wish WE got a summer vacation.) :/

          My Teddy Weahkee antler carving…I mean my WIFE’S Teddy Weahkee antler carving…sorry…sits on the mantel (mantle?) above the fireplace. It is beautiful to see on a daily basis. Where that carving was in Forrest’s Den is a great question! I would like to know that one day.

          And since we’re on the subject of my Talented Wife…just a few days ago I had out the copy of The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo and the Gaming Pieces that my wife won for the Easter Egg Contest. True story. I was showing my neighbor while we were talking about Forrest and The Thrill of the Chase.

          It’s neat to imagine the hands that have held those gaming pieces throughout the ages.

          Fun stuff! Thanks for asking, Anna. I hope you’re doing well…because I know you’re doing good.

          • anna says:

            Wishing you and your family ALL the best to you and your family as well JC1117😀
            How old are those kids you are trying to keep busy? Here’s a suggestion…Maybe Dal and Forrest will babysit them at fennboree next week.
            Every kid loves running through the pines at “camp run with a hot pointy stick” after eating hot dogs! Just kidding😀

            • anna says:

              Actually, I have a box of art supplies I’m no longer using and happy to share them with your kids. If interested let me know where to ship to.

              • JC1117 says:

                Hello, Anna.

                I apologize. I had to go to sleep…because I was tired. Then I had to get up early and go to work…

                …and I’m still trying to figure out Why? :/

                I hope to put a stop to that one day. LOL!

                Anyway, I’ll get back with you later today about those art supplies. I have the cutest little 5-year-old daughter who would spend every waking moment “making art”…she says.

                She’s only 5 and she’s literally done it for years. 🙂

                I might still have your email address, Anna.

                Thank You. I’ll get back to you.

              • JC1117 says:

                Hello again, Anna.

                I found a email address…which I assume(d) was yours…at the “swan” address…but apparently it is no longer a valid address…or I’m blocked from using it.

                Anyway, if you still have my email address…please feel free to send a note to me…or I’ll post my email address here for you.


      • Feathers-n-Glue says:

        Hi JC1117!

        Me too, definitely working hard and tied up, but mostly on the chase. Sorry you’re not going. I leave ~ midweek. I’m so excited to meet everyone.

        Always have been curious what those heavenly angels have for a vantage point. Guess, I’m just glad they have me in their gaze.

  77. Fenngshui says:

    If you are Ben Wise, congratulations, you have the “correct solve”. Mr. Other Wise, please take a seat, you only have the “general solve”. Mr. Wise Crack, you are dismissed!

    • MS girl says:

      There actually is a person, a researcher in Wyoming; that is named Ben Wise and Forrest May know him. Need more work on this one but just thought I would let you guys know this. Ms. Girl still in the Chase, would love to go to Fennboree but not able to this year. Have fun and have a little fun punch for me …..

  78. strawberry says:

    July 4 will reveal who has got the correct solve

  79. Feathers-n-Glue says:

    I’m not clicking that but I’m tempted.

  80. JL says:

    Don’t be askared. You never know how long it may be available, someone else will be shopping at Gucci.

  81. Iceman says:

    My next spin on this post is based on the image. Scrabble is a great educational game for kids. Parents, if you want your kids to grow up to be geniuses, and I know you do, buy them board games like this from Hasbro, Parker Brothers and Mattel. Kids … Play games. Think like Einstein. Find the treasure. Be like Iceman.

  82. Point Foot says:

    JL I think I found a shortcut at the U of Inspiration but then lost the short cut or rather got lost going down the shortcut. Then there was that u-turn I was supposed to make which I think I took too fast almost hitting the curb. (Maybe I hit the curb but who is keeping track). Alas that was last year and this is this year. A new year. A fresh start. What do U think JL? U seem to be keenly aware of the underlying meanings of things… any advice for us relative newbies as we kick off the season?

  83. OH! says:

    Completed = Successfully completed or brought to an end.
    Complete = Having every necessary or normal part or component or step.
    Completion = A concluding action.
    Completely = To a complete degree or to the full or entire extent.

    Hmm? I’m completely confused.

  84. Iceman says:

    Correct General => Catercorner?

    • Iceman says:

      You pulled a switch? You made a U-turn? You pulled a U-E? Why? Where did that come from? Huh?

    • Iceman says:

      I guess a missing “minus sign” could correct this. Huh.

      • Point Foot says:

        I think my blood sugar was running low… I was basically ready to throw in the towel after seemingly chasing my tail all day. And then I got rained on and that just did it. I decided to call grub time. In town I grabbed a double u call it burger and a well drink and guess what!? I made happy hour! I’m feeling better all ready. This might just hit the spot. Once the rain stops I’ll give this pony one more ride.

  85. Iceman says:

    being asked > bankside

  86. Iceman says:

    treasure chest => chartreuses, restretches

    save others => overhaste

  87. Buckeye Bob says:

    Yes I believe I have a “correct solve” now, Forrest.
    Just sent you an e-mail.

  88. JL says:

    remember the rules Bob, fight club just around the corner and up the street.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I know. Rulz ‘s rulz.

      • JL says:

        Less your a maverick and make your own, you do what you want. First rule at the top of my list and it’s been there along time.
        Fight or flight and i dont know how to fly.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          That’s the nature of things.

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            It kind of reminds me of the lady shopping for wood cabinets, and she complains to the salesman that there was a knot in the wood.
            The salesman says
            “Lady, I didn’t do that. God did that.”

            • JL says:

              Speaking of knots, do you think god gave forrest that knot head or did he acquire it in trade?

              • Buckeye Bob says:

                Any knots are on my head. I can’t believe I didn’t see what I found yesterday before now. Not with all the stuff I knew already.
                What a knot-head I am.
                But I wear my knots with pride because it means I been banging my head for somethin’ and not just sitting around.

        • Feathers-n-Glue says:

          Only way to win is to try your best and to play respectfully. There’s more to the feeling of accomplishment than is material. IMO

          But I would need to check myself in.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      By the way, to FF, if someone beats me to it (and assuming I have it right) then I’m not harboring any resentment. And I ain’t asking for a share. It’s theirs, they won it fair and square. Nothings perfect and no one else can be responsible for my failures.
      I’ll fill in blanks on the solve if I can, because I do have a lot of stuff. There’s so much of hints and clues and verifications that I’m sure I don’t have it all, and I’m sure they don’t either. So I’ll congratulate and then chime in as best I can.

      It might take me a while though, ’cause I’m gonna have to recover from beating my head against a spot I have chosen on a brick wall just in case.
      After that though, I’m all in on being good about it.
      The thrill was worth it.





      • JC1117 says:

        I’m jealous, Bob.

        You got to go on The Ride and I didn’t…

        …the next time you see Him could you pass along a message from me?

        If possible…I’d like to go on The Ride, too.

        You…and Ellie…are having all the fun.

        And You’re right. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

        I haven’t even scratched the surface.

      • Feathers-n-Glue says:

        I haven’t been riding except when I was 11 and 16. Nothing like these guys though. I want to go again sometime.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Mankind bred horses to be what they are today, of course, but what a beautiful, elegant, and powerful animal they are.
          I sense “God’s work” in things like this.

  89. Jake Faulker says:

    Ive got the “major solve”.

  90. OH! says:

    15% knowledge and 85% imagination, that has been my take on the poem. Mr Fenn states above that the clues were already in the poem, yet he continued orchestrating his architectural feat of utter amazement.
    Why? Because there is more in the poem besides the 9 clues, he has a few incredible stories. The poem can be solved if you let your imagination loose and think outside of the box.

    • Iceman says:

      OH! You could be right but I’m guessing it takes 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. My opinion and my experience here.

  91. Iceman says:

    No. Make that 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

  92. tighterfocus says:

    Forrest, you’re teasing (some of) us a lot with hints in your recent postings.

    Please don’t worry . . . the TC will be found soon. You are likely to be notified of this by
    anonymous snailmail (mailed to the Collected Works Bookstore).

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I love the smell of confidence in the air.
      It’s a lot better than a bunch of you-can’t-do-its.

      Be safe, my friend.

    • Jake says:

      Hey tighterfocus,
      I like the confidence… and I agree with his recent postings. Any idea when you are going to search and what percentage would you say you are confident it’s there? 🙂 Of course, you don’t have to answer any of these ?’s… just always trying to stir more conversation as it’s fun to hear from people. Best of luck to everyone searching!!

      • tighterfocus says:

        The details would probably bore you, but thank you for your apparent interest
        and support. I expect to announce (to FF) in late summer that the TC has been found. Good luck to all searchers.

  93. Strawshadow says:

    Although your slate, green or black, may be complet don’t neglect Mr. ed. Or some compete while others complete but not before a completed whifferdil.

  94. B says:

    This is the strangest thread I think I’ve ever read in here. Lol

  95. HT says:

    please pardon the duplication here… I think it apropos to the finer points…
    free thoths
    lindt, brandt, veldt, bundt… connecting the DoTs
    like Shakespeare, he speaks from between the lines..
    and hint of riches new and old
    like clovis man.. et hind.. the chase is for the sweetest meat
    del tau

    like shakespeare, he achieves multiple entendres..
    P.I.E. bald
    language unhindered

  96. HT says:

    begin “it”
    the TIGH that binds
    He that hath the substance of this world, and shall see his brother in need, and shall shut up his BOWELS from him: how doth the charity of God abide in him?

    • HT says:

      Today is TESTIFY day
      dew point.. worthy thron star.. worth the icy stare.. ic thus.. IXoye.. 9 worthies
      delta delta delta.. daleth tau.. door life..door life.. door life.. knock knock knock
      “He said to the senior servant in his household, the one in charge of all that he had, “Put your hand under my thigh.”
      Forrest hasn’t lost his marvels
      I’d bet my SCROTA on IT!

      • HT says:

        from curious to curator

        Castor Actors Scrota Arctos

        Bienvenido a mi CASA 🙂

      • B says:

        HT… I think I like you… But you are also scaring me a little. Lol

        • HT says:

          I understand B.. I really dew.. I seem to have a cycnus.. but fear not.. i’m not called Happy Thoth for nothing!

          in d’ end.. we are all the same.. for the most part anyway, lol

        • HT says:

          fear becomes awe
          perhaps aha
          perhaps haha
          puer happy
          heavy loads; so full of it
          c umber some?
          kaka doodle doo
          do you crow?
          do you see the Great Worc?

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            “puer happy”, yep.

            “c umber some?” Yes. Twice, in fact, once Adolph (The Forlorn?) informed me of the one up the road. And I found wisdom twice there too. Also see the broken hearted phantom involved in this, but the connection seems weak.

            “do you crow?” Three times. But one is weak.
            Maybe I just need a smarter smart pill.

            “do you see the Great Worc?” Oh wow…what a loaded question. I’ve seen alot and I think I get the general point. So much that’s different is so much alike.
            As far as “Worc”, that’s one that needs a lot more work.

            • JC1117 says:

              Hello, HT and Bob.

              I don’t have a problem with Great Worc. I can see the gist of it…

              …which I’m pretty sure isn’t referring to a great Lea & Perrins…or even Lionel Brand…Worc-estershire sauce.

              I’m also pretty sure you’re not talking about a “great orc”…like Guritz…who…”sadly”…didn’t survive the attack of The Army of the Dead…and Gimli.


            • Buckeye Bob says:

              JC, if I “win” this treasure, it’ll be because I put in the work.
              Look up Worcestershire and follow the links.
              Eventually, among other things, you’ll find a reference to the Holy Grail.
              But there’s more.
              Is this how FF was cured of cancer?
              Malvern Water?

              “To drink thy waters store, Lie in bushes
              Many with ulcers sore; Many with bruises.
              Who succour find from ill, By money given still
              Thanks to the Christian will; O praise the Lord.
              A thousand bottles here, were filled weekly,
              And many costrils rare, for stomachs sickly;
              Some were to London sent, Some of them into Kent,
              Others on to Berwick went, O praise the Lord.”

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              By the way, I’ve posted before, back when that “Worcestershire” post was made by Forrest, about the Hwicce, the earliest peoples of County Worcestershire.

              “One etymology comes from the common noun hwicce “ark, chest, locker”

              • JC1117 says:

                Thanks for sharing that info, Bob.

                I didn’t know about the Hwicce People…and their possible origins…related to The Holy Grail.

                I do love a good Worcestershire sauce. Perhaps I should consume more of it. I’ve heard about the benefits of creating a more alkaline environment inside the body.

                I haven’t read up on Malvern Water…yet.

                It sure is quiet tonight. Perhaps the quietest I’ve heard in years. I sure wish I was eating a few spicy hot dogs. 🙁


              • Buckeye Bob says:

                JC, I think some of this stuff is about the “story”. The meaning of this whole quest. The point FF wants to make.
                Which is basically, “peace on Earth”.

                One thing stands out as I go through so much history and the many sciences of mankind.
                We’re all the same.
                This could be the “Grail” of this quest.

                Also, I think I have to be open here, or FF will kick my butt.
                There is something in this particular topic, I think, related to solving the quest. But you have to already know it, it’s another verification.
                Verifications are sometimes like repeating a statement to drive the point home.
                I might have missed something too. Or even forgotten that I got something new from this particular topic.

                That’s what I think at this point, anyways.

      • JC1117 says:

        All interesting thoughts, HT.

        Speaking of teste-fying… :/

        …The Puzzle Master Fenn IS from Texas.

        Maybe he wants to play Texas Hold ’em.

        Deal me in…but I’m not very good at bluffing.

        If I’m ever all in…and smiling…it means I’ve got the nut hand.

        If I’m all in…staring straight ahead…and sweating profusely…you’d do well to call. :/

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Ancient translations are difficult.
      “Bowels” is better understood as the depths of a human being. Think “heart” and “inner self” here.
      They used this sort of thing on the Knights Templar too.

  97. HT says:

    Forrest, I hope you don’t mind me posting a couple pics from your book to illustrate some points…

  98. Joe says:

    Thank you, Forrest and Jenny, for your continued efforts in providing information to those of us in dire need of it.

    I returned from a search recently not with THE treasure, but with one nonetheless. I managed to wander across a very nice piece of what appears to be anthracite that was lying innocently at my feet during a pause to reflect and scratch my occipital area (my apology to those I’ve offended). I was a bit surprised to find this fine geologic specimen (the anthracite), as I had seen nothing like it during any of my searches thus far. It somehow made its way into my pack, and I’ve decided it will accompany me on at least my next search where, perhaps, I can return it to its home. I’ve also decided to stop obsessing about where, where, where and start focusing on why.

    Best regards to all.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hey, Joe.

      Feel free to scratch your occipital area.

      No offense taken…unless you really start goin’ to town on that occipital protuberance. :/

    • passenger says:

      Nice attempt Joe.

      “Imagination is more important than knowlege”

      My take on this is that “knowlege” is easy to acquire…but imagination derives from ideological risks, regardless of societal discountenance. Logic just may take a back seat.

    • Point Foot says:

      Indeed. Wisdom comes at its own pace. I believe sometimes I require the right imagery or perspective before finding the why.

      • Joe says:

        An interesting combination of words, but perhaps ‘and’ is the more appropriate conjunction.

      • Joe says:

        … and kudos to you for what what strikes me as a very profound ‘wisdom’ statement.

        • JC1117 says:

          I agree, Joe…and Point Foot.

          Imagery and Perspective.

          Perhaps that’s why Sages like to be on top of mountains…or somewhere near the top.

  99. HT says:

    he points the way .
    As I have gone alone in there
    I have to lean on a signe here
    “he hammered (Thor) the wooden sign into the ground”
    “I prayed for D’s in all of my classes, but no one ever listened”
    reading, writing, ‘rithmetic
    mayday! mayday! mayday!
    dew point.. due regard
    “About that time my father gave me a look and I mean really a look”
    winned ow pain about to break
    Four eyes
    Miss Ford
    Delta Delta Delta

  100. lifesablaze says:

    Question? Is a bell pepper a fruit? I carry seeds from all around the world. Like the bird who distributes the pomegranate.

  101. Buckeye Bob says:

    Wow, Jenny, the ads are killing me here.
    I had to use ad blocker because of it before, lately even that isn’t working and I end up in a constant state of refreshing.

    • B says:

      Might not be Ms. Kile. Im having no problems with ads.

    • HT says:

      I did see a hijacker malware start to run from here once.. they’re embedded in ads.. even if you don’t click on them.. just moving the pointer over them can cause them to start.. it’s on the ad providers to to keep their ads clean

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        I’m avoiding running my mouse over the ad area as it loads. I’ll see how that works out. But the funny thing is this problem seems to only happen in the later morning to early evening hours.
        Ha, I just saw a slight blip of that activity start up in the lower left corner of my screen. (“waiting on aniview.something or” notices.)
        So mouse-over might not be it.
        I don’t know, but when it gets going it slows me to a crawl.

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Buckeye Bob. If you have Windows, try pressing the Windows Key and the letter R at the same time, then type in “cleanmgr” and follow directions. This might help your situation.

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            I’m going to wait until tonight to do that.
            Is that the same as defrag?
            Been a long time since I did any of that stuff. It’s overdue.

            • pdenver says:

              I’m not sure. I learned about this program last week. I went into a link doing research, and had a pop-up window saying it was from Microsoft and to call the telephone number. I couldn’t clear the screen, so I shut the computer down. I went onto Microsoft’s website and directly corresponded with a person there. It was just as I suspected…a fraudulent pop-up. The person taught me the program and I ran it. I think it just might help you and others, too.

  102. WyMustIGo says:

    I used AdBlocker all the time, not about to stop for anyone.

  103. Chesney says:

    Mr. Fenn,

    Please advise Piper that you little bracelet will be returning home soon! 😀 I am not done, and I Do Not Fail!

  104. C.M.R. says:

    It feels good to retire from the chase having given F the most logical and fitting “general solve” he has probably read. I’m back to enjoying the Rockies for what they are and not the secret they hold. Well wishes finding “correct solve”.

  105. LMN says:

    “What do you think? f”
    Well “correct solve” is useless unless the trove was found to qualify for the title “correct.” Then, a “general solve” is an oxymoron, because you would have no “solve” if you have no trove to show for it. I think the best phrases to coin would be “nice vacation” or “frustrating trip” and only the person who actually found the trove really -had- the “correct solve” which was also one “nice vacation.”

  106. SL says:

    One might wonder if the Flyers ‘secret place’ was created by way of the most cherished and revered realms within his mind; where, in fact.. it will forever remain.

    “As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where
    And hint of riches new and old.”

  107. lifesablaze says:

    Bear, bear don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. Mama’s on her way home.

  108. strawberry says:

    Tc is not in any tunnel, but the tunnel knows where the treasure chest is.

  109. strawberry says:

    Mr ff challenge is a challenge. And july 4th is going to be the world cup final.

  110. strawberry says:

    Mr ff i know what did you mean by indian girl. But the world cup is going to be won by an indian from the indian soil itself, without leaving india. That is because of modern technology mixed with psychic power.

  111. strawberry says:

    Need not wait for 1000 years, as july 4th is the mandate.

  112. strawberry says:

    Mr ff would u like to have anything other than the bracelet?

  113. strawberry says:

    Mr ff would you believe me that i could have retrieved the tc without the help of any clues, hints and visuals. My weapon is only the photograph of the desired object. Then the match is won.

  114. strawberry says:

    ‘Stargate’ project of usa and its findings has helped me a lot in improving my psychic power, and as a result i have found out the correct solve.

  115. strawberry says:

    Rectangle-water-rocket-horizontal-brown home-nearer-two-way-stream-846484-a to z-tunnel-sketch of a man-chest-high water-stagnant-overflows-trees cut-look-up-heavy load water-grass-take bath after heavy work-fishing-heavenly presence-vast area to view from…

    • Iceman says:

      Strawberry –
      I don’t know who you are or what you’re on, … but … waiter, I’ll have what she’s having. Oh wait, I do know you! Ha.

      • strawberry says:

        Iceman, if you want to know about me and what I am capable of, you must learn about siddhars of south india in ancient time.

    • Ron Ricker says:

      Several of the above describe the general area. Others…your ‘visions’ may not be as clear as you think.

  116. Onuat says:

    Don’t forget gloves,bob wire in the horizon .

  117. BradHartliep says:

    I think my highly traumatized brick- headed brain turned to a pumpkin in 1215 ..


  118. Jdiggins says:

    Good page. Good page.

  119. GBM says:

    Jenny, is this your picture or did Forrest provide the picture with “Words”

  120. strawberry says:

    Pdenver, i had challenged mr ff through email, to fix a date for me so that i can retrieve the tc on the given date. He chose the date, july 4th (his marriage date ).

    • pdenver says:

      He was married December 27, 1953…the year may be questionable, but I believe it’s correct. The rest of the date is correct.

  121. Jdiggins says:

    “. ..unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest.”

    This keeps squeaking my wheels…

  122. strawberry says:

    Pdenver, the date is not the issue, but july 4th is the date given by mr ff. As i am in india and very few days left i am contacting a few people who are in usa to retrieve the tc on my behalf. If you are interested, contact me. The final option for me is to go for press meet and declare the exact place.

  123. strawberry says:

    To all, i am going to narrow down the search area by declaring open to all. Todays announcement is that ‘leave out one state from the north. Search 3 states only’.

  124. Tampaguy says:

    I’m fairly new to this search and I’ve had a chance to read through a few different possible solves, and thousands of theories and posts over the last several years. I have some pretty decent ideas myself now but I’m located in Florida. I would partner with someone who’s in the West and in one of the four possible States. If anybody is interested.

  125. strawberry says:

    Iceman, if you want to know about me and what I am capable of, you must learn about siddhars of south india in ancient time.

  126. strawberry says:

    To all, today’s ‘narrow down the search area’ is that – leave the 2 northern states out of 4, and search rest of the 2 states only.

  127. Jeremy P. says:

    A correct solve is “within several steps of the treasure chest”.

    Challenge accepted!

    I’ll get back with you once I’ve solved it 🙂

  128. strawberry says:

    To all, today’s ‘narrow down the search area’ is New Mexico state. Leave out rest of the 3 northern states and concentrate on the New Mexico state only. Tomorrow, I would narrow down the search area further.

  129. strawberry says:

    Correct solve ” within several steps” would be revealed exactly on July 4th by me. Till then I would reveal narrowing down to that place little by little.

    • Ramona says:

      IMO the fireworks show on the 4th is not going to be very spectacular since you have already eliminated the state where the tc is but I await your reveal.

  130. tighterfocus says:

    I think somebody should be having fewer strawberry daiquiris, and spending more time re-thinking
    a solve.

    • JC1117 says:

      Perhaps, Tighterfocus…

      …but I’m curious to hear what Strawberry is talking about. I’ve been looking in New Mexico for several years. It’s a Big Part of my solve…assuming I have anything right.

      Personally…I find the Land of New Mexico to be very Enchanting.

      I should copyright that. 🙂

    • strawberry says:

      There is no need to rethink my solve. I have every reason to believe that i am correct. Because, all the clues, hints and visuals are perfectly matching with my solve.

  131. strawberry says:

    All the seekers are not successful in finding the blaze. But i have found out the correct blaze, that is a man-made structure. And that too in a horizondal posture. That makes the difference.

  132. strawberry says:

    Total number of miles from Santa Fe to the treasure box is what the wicket stands for. The answer is hidden in ‘jc1117’.

  133. strawberry says:

    Little Indian girl is none other than American-Indian girl, Native American-Indian girl.

  134. strawberry says:

    The treasure chest is Submerged in a water body. The water body has its bountaries. The boundaries have four sides. The four sides are in a raised platform. The raised platform lets water in and water out. The incoming water comes from the higher altitude. And the outgoing water goes to the blaze area. The blaze area is previously owned by American-Indian. The American-Indian knows the little Indian girl. The little Indian girl knows Mr. Forrest Fenn…

  135. strawberry says:

    Today’s ‘narrow down the search area’ is to move 25 miles north of Santa Fe.

  136. Point Foot says:

    I’m going to make a prediction… many will still be posting here in 2018 wondering if we or anyone else has gotten any closer and if someone is going to find it soon.

    Blessings to all in the chase and remember to stay safe and cherish the journey.

    • JC1117 says:

      Sad…but most likely true, Point Foot.

      Hopefully…it is found soon though.

      • Ramona says:

        Why, JC1117, are hiding the secret and keeping it all to yourself as per Strawberry above? Please, do share with all of us. I’ll tell you a secret.

        • strawberry says:

          Ramona, jc1117 has no secret. Why I mentioned is that ‘111’ is in his name, that is the distance between Santa Fe and the treacher chest.

          • Ron Ricker says:

            What is your unit of measure? You have used miles previously so if you are remaining consistent, the tc is located 111 miles from santa fe?
            Im sorry but you have yet to wake. However your illusion is entertaining.
            please elaborate…you asked forrest if there is anything else in the chest that he would like? how can you make a statement of such without having any intention of taking physical posession of the tc?
            All in all, im not waiting till the 4th to see the result of your revolutionary locator practice.
            Research shows that the obstacle present from my last search is no longer. The retrieval has proven to be equaled by discovery of its location.
            Then again, perhaps ill be posting my “wRONg Solve: A Story of Undiscovered Treasure Sorrow”

        • JC1117 says:

          It’s a good thing you clarified that “secret” comment, Strawberry. You were kinda spookin’ me out for a second there.

          But if you ever want to share secrets, Ramona…I’m game… 🙂

          Woah! Now I’m spookin’ myself out. LOL!

      • Point Foot says:

        There will always be sad in the world. I choose to focus on all the adventures in between…

    • strawberry says:

      Why i am posting all this is for all to seek the treasure chest and find it. As i am in India, i can’t participate rightnow. That is why I reveal the eluding secret to all. The wealth never matters to me, I want to prove the world that I can find out any object hidden in any part of the world. The only thing matters is the photograph of the desired object.

      • JC1117 says:

        You have some interesting viewpoints, Strawberry.

        Your comment that wealth never matters to you reminded me of this…

        The contents of everyone’s “treasure chest” eventually comes to Light…even those things placed there in secret.

        • Point Foot says:

          A beautiful song and a verse speacial and dear to me. Wouldn’t it be special to find at the end that Forrest Fenn’s search for buried treasure is also in parallel a search for the ultimate treasure eternal life. Now that really would be something special.

          • JC1117 says:

            That would be one of the greatest stories ever told, Point Foot.

            It would be Incredible…and nearly “unbelievable”.

            Of course…Eternal Life is a Gift given by The King…Himself.

            Word Is…He only gifts It to those who Love.

            • Point Foot says:

              So true. Your words made me think of a song I enjoy listening to. It took me a while to find it:


            • Point Foot says:

              Hearing Forrest say the chase will continue brought a smile to my face today! It is heartbreaking what happened but many of us do search safely. I am sure many are looking forward once again to their next thrilling adventures. Thank you Forrest for bring us the adventure of a lifetime.

              • JC1117 says:

                I was happy to hear that, too, Point Foot.

                I’m looking forward with anticipation to my next Commune with Mother Nature.

                I Love getting Out There.

                Thanks Forrest!

      • Brad Hartliep says:

        If you can find anything in the world with just a photo, tell me where Forrest’s 1935 Plymouth Tudor is hiding? There’s a photo or two of it in his books, so it shouldn’t be too difficult ..

        You should also be able to correctly locate Forrest’s F100 Sabre crash site. I’m sure he could tell us whether you are correct or not ..

        By the same technology, tell me the EXACT location, to within 6 feet, of the remains of the two pilots from the 1988 Frecce Tricolori crash site in Ramstein, Germany (the two pilots that did NOT crash into the crowd – since THAT location is obvious). Their photos are freely available on the internet, including photos of their planes, so you should have no problem at all finding them) .. GPS Coordinates to within 6 feet of where they were found should be enough to satisfy me ..


        • strawberry says:

          Mr Brad, you have flooded with lot of questions to me. I take up your challenge sportively and answer each question gradually. My way of finding things is unique and first of its kind in the world. I am ready to explain and prove it. Challenges brings out best results. It is a win-win situation.

  137. Point Foot says:

    Yes. You never can tell for sure though. Things like this can be a bit like the weather. Unpredictable. I do believe though whoever does really solve this thing will have an amazing tale to tell.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      I agree on that story to tell.
      But I wonder if Mr. Berry up there has put thought to the idea of a search trip on the 4th of July. It occurs to me that the timing might be off just a tad bit for a secret search.

      • strawberry says:

        I am unable to participate in a search rightnow. As i had challenged Mr Fenn to set a date for me to retrieve the Tc, and he has given me the date july 4th. I want the tc to be retrieved on july 4th itself by anyone using my postings details. That is what I want.

      • strawberry says:

        Bob, I want it to be a open search. Whoever participates and follows my points will have edge over other secret searchers.

    • strawberry says:

      Mr pointfoot, Be positve. If you make a trip to Santa Fe and 100+ miles north of it, you will be within the range of the treasure chest. And follow my postings; you are going to be the winner.

  138. strawberry says:

    Anyone willing to go for a win and retrieve the Tc can move to Santa Fe rightnow. Faith is what needed for a win. From Santa fe to the Tc’s place 100 plus miles to travel. I could have revealed the place earlier itself, but i want it to be retried on july 4th only.

  139. strawberry says:

    My way of leading life is content with what we get, lead a normal life, helping those in need. Siddhars of south india led a simple life and served the community with natural remedies which are cost effective. Their field of interest were in medicine, astrology and yoga etc. I have mentioned a little bit, it is a vast subject.

  140. ROLL TIDE says:

    Wow, they are everywhere.
    Who left the gate open ?

  141. Ron Ricker says:

    I recall a while back that someone stated (here i believe) that somethin somethin from the land of siddhars will retrieve the chest soon in 2017.
    Was that you strawberry? Also, do you care to please explain, why strawberry?

  142. strawberry says:

    Today’s ‘narrow down the search area’ is Chama, 106 miles north from Santa Fe.

    • pdenver says:

      You must be quite excited to be getting ready to pick up the treasure chest in six days, strawberry. Have fun and good luck.

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