MW Treasures The Lost Philosopher’s Stones Scroll IV Solved!

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Congrats to Melinda D., the winner of Scroll IV!  How exciting it is to share the news that another MW Lost Philosopher’s Stone Treasure is awarded!  A $250 cash prize!

There is now only one more Scroll to solve before this particular series of hunts ends!  When will Scroll III’s treasure be found?  Many searchers, like those working on this latest Scroll, are hot on the trail, and only need a few final pieces to fall into place.

And if no one has found the treasure by August 14th, clues will be given until the prize is won.  You will be able to find these clues posted on the MW Facebook page, Website, or in the Newsletter. The hunt is expected to be over by the end of summer!

mw treasures armchair treasure hunt

Location of Philosopher’s Stone IV!

It’s been lots of fun for MW to offer the Philosopher Stones’ Treasure Hunts this 2017 season, so much that MW is currently going through their ‘Secret Files’ for release of another ‘Mystery Scroll’ this Fall.  Exact release date is not yet set, but don’t miss out on the coming adventure!  Join the MW Newsletter for Updates (and other great stuff) now.  Don’t miss out!

So enough already! Let’s catch up with Scroll IV’s winner and ask her a few questions.  MW is so happy for her- as she deciphered the clues to find the treasure!

1) How did you hear about the MW treasure hunts?

I came across the MW site pretty recently – I hadn’t really heard of armchair treasure hunts, and in my intermittent interest in the Fenn treasure I stumbled on the MW site. Once I was here I was really excited to discover that there are tons of others, and I think I read every article that same night!

The Scrolls were perfect for getting started – the first 2 had already been solved when I found out about them, so I loved that I would actually be able to find out if my solves for the ciphers and locations were correct when I was done.

2) Had you worked on any other type of treasure hunts before –or even currently?

The Forrest Fenn poem and treasure was the first real hunt I’d ever heard of, and years ago. For fun I would sometimes do a little research here and there, but not enough to really call it a hobby. This summer I discovered the world of armchair hunts, and it’s definitely grown into a past time – like the Fandango key hunt, which I am really enjoying with all the incredibly minute details hidden in the book. I’m also getting into some of the past solved hunts, like Masquerade, because there is a lot less pressure when the prize is already claimed and I can relax and actually learn to recognize the pieces of the puzzle.

3) What do you enjoy most about the treasure hunting?

I enjoy reading and doing research in general, especially history, and that is built in to most treasure hunts! Solving this Scroll gave me a new appreciation for the hunt, though. I deciphered most of the clues before I went to the general location of the stone, but I had at least 2 epiphanies about the clues when I actually arrived on the trail and saw how they fit perfectly. It was such a rush! I’m definitely hooked now.


CONGRATS again Melinda!  What an exciting adventure!  Thanks so much for sharing your story with us all.  It is awesome anyone can come new into the community of ‘Armchair Treasure Hunting’ and discover treasure!  JUST WONDERFUL!

SCROLL I,  II,  now IV of the Lost Philosopher’s Stones Treasure Hunts SOLVED!

SCROLL III awaits! 

And then more Mystery Scrolls from the Secret Files of MW will be released this FALL!  Adventure never ends at MW!

mw treasures armchair treasure hunt



Best of luck to all that you seek!  Always Treasure the Adventure!


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  1. Iron Will says:

    Congrats Melinda! 😀

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    Congratulations, Melinda. That is awesome.

    I wouldn’t know how to solve those treasure hunts…and I really wish I was kidding.

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    Nicely Done Melinda:) the smile says it all.

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    Congratulations, Melinda.

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    Congrats Melinda 🙂

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