MW Treasures The Lost Philosopher’s Stones: Scroll III SOLVED!

Eternal Flames Falls (flame hidden behind falls burns constantly)

MW (MysteriousWritings) is so thrilled!  The last of The Lost Philosopher’s Stones treasures has been found!  Congrats to Genetic Blend who solved Scroll III, formed a team, and retrieved the stone! It was on the Eternal Flames trail near Buffalo NY.

At the beginning of the summer, MW released Treasure Hunts entitled, The Lost Philosopher’s Stones.  These hunts involved 4 Scrolls; each with their own treasure worth a $250 cash prize to be claimed.  ALL four scrolls have now been solved and their cash prizes rewarded! $1000 dollars total!  It was a successful and exciting Summer 17’ adventure!

THANK YOU ALL who participated in making it so!

Now let’s hear the story about SCROLL III’s solve.  Genetic Blend, who was involved in the solves for Scroll I and II, also managed to be the one to put the final pieces together needed to forward a successful claim for Scroll III.

Congrats again on a hunt well done, GB!  MW loves a great ending! I love when treasures are found!  Below is her story:

I had several ideas for possible places in New York that this third Philosopher’s Stone might be hidden. When Jenny posted her clue, I knew immediately that it was hidden along the trail to the Eternal Flame Falls Trail.  It really looks like an interesting place.

I would love to visit Chestnut Ridge Park and see Eternal Flame Falls, but unfortunately at this time, I just started a new job, and my son is getting ready to go back to college in Arizona. So we have very limited time right now, and can’t squeeze in any day trips.

I was talking to my son about the hunt, and when I mentioned it was outside of Buffalo, he said, “I have a friend who lives there!” Who knew? I asked if his friend would be interested in going on a treasure hunt. Danny immediately sent him a text. It was later in the evening that Danny and Ryan talked and coordinated a plan for the next day. Ryan was a bit confused about why he was looking for a rock in a park that was full of rocks. But Danny convinced him there was a $250 rock hidden along the trail at the switchback, between some roots of a tree, and covered by moss. The next morning, Danny woke up to a text.  Ryan was searching at the switchback. Over the phone, Danny guided him with instructions on where to look. It wasn’t long before we received photos of the rock.

My son has never been interested in my treasure hunts, but he was pretty excited to be involved with this one.  And for Ryan, a trip to a familiar local park turned into an adventure. The prize money is going to the two college boys. How they spend it is up to them!


Thanks so much for sharing that part of the story with us!  I also forwarded some Questions to GB and asked if her son and friend would like to answer them.  They so graciously did!  THANKS!

  • Dan (GB’s Son’s Question):  First congrats to you too!  How great a son to help your mom out AND give an adventure of finding a treasure to a friend!  Since you helped direct the find, what did you think when you heard the stone was found? 

Dan: Thanks! I was worried that because it was a weekend, some other treasure hunter might get there before Ryan did and find the stone.  So when he told me that he had it, I was excited. It was fun to work together with a college friend over a long distance to find the location. I will see him in a few days at college in Arizona to give him his cut of the prize money.

  • Scroll III Philosophers Stone! (a bit dirty)

    Ryan (Dan’s Friend’s Question): Congrats for finding the LAST- Lost Philosopher’s Stone!  Would you want to share any thoughts about your treasure hunt adventure?  Had you known there were such hunts out there to have fun with?

Ryan: About a month ago, there was a tornado in the area. The stone was hard to get to because there was a lot of brush and debris to get through. I run cross country on that same trail all of the time. I must have ran right past that stone many times! But I never ran down the path and got $250! I didn’t know treasure hunts like this existed. This was fun.


Thanks all!   Awesome stories and ending to the MW Treasure hunt adventures of The Lost Philosopher’s Stones!

But don’t forget that there are more MW Treasure Hunts to come!

Best of luck to all that you seek and Always Treasure the Adventure!


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3 Responses

  1. Buckeye Bob says:

    Fantastic. I think the biggest thing I get out of this is some young folks having fun with discovery.

    I’m wondering if this whole “armchair treasure hunt” thing is just in the beginnings of a very big thing.

  2. pdenver says:

    Congratulations to Genetic Blend, Danny, and Ryan. Enjoyed the story. Hope it continues to get everyone outside.

  3. Nate Beck says:

    Very cool! 🙂 Looking forward to more Treasure Hunts Jenny. I have no funds to participate from here in Ohio, but am enjoying other people’s stories and adventures with them. Very happy for all the contestants.

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