MW Treasure Hunt Ideas and Clues for Kids:  Story of Missing Pirate’s Gold

treasure chest and hunt ideasCreating a treasure hunt for kids won’t go unforgotten!  They will love it!  And one of the easy ways to create a treasure hunt is to leave a trail of clues around the house for them to follow and find a treasure at the end.  The first clue leads to the second clue, the second clue leads to the third, and so on, until the last clue leads to a hidden treasure.

What the hidden treasure is can be anything of ‘value’ for the finders.

In the case of the Story of Missing Pirate’s Gold, it can be a pile of Gold chocolate covered coins, play Diamonds, Gems, or Pieces of Eight.  They will love hiding and playing with these treasures over and over again.

Anything you know the finder/s would enjoy can be an ideal ‘treasure’.

As mentioned in the Six Clues Golden Ticket treasure hunt idea, it can also be a Golden Ticket announcing something special to the finders, like ‘We’re going to the movies, out for dinner, or we have booked a vacation to Disney World!’  The Gold Ticket and treasure hunt is added fun for making the ‘treasure’ announcement.

For this particular hunt, and to make it more exciting, the ‘creator’ can tell the following quick story about ‘Missing Pirate’s Gold’ to introduce the Treasure Hunt to the searcher/s:

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but people living around our area have been talking about Captain Crook. He was mysterious thief who was notorious for stealing other pirate’s buried gold, and hiding it elsewhere.  One of the places he is known to have traveled is our town.  Captain Crook would always leave a clue somewhere to find his treasure, and guess what? I just found this clue!  It seems our house could be one of the places Captain Crook chose to hide one of the missing Pirate’s Gold.   I think he has hidden a treasure in our house! Here is the first clue to the treasure! Let’s find it!

mw treasure hunt clues and ideasThe creator then gives the first clue to the searchers, and the treasure hunt begins!

To create this hunt, you need the following:

To prepare for the hunt you only need to do the following:

  • Begin by cutting out the clues on the PDF or by writing the clues on a small piece of paper. You can use old looking parchment paper for a more authentic appearance, but it isn’t necessary.
  • Then you need to place the clues, and the Treasure, accordingly.  The First Clue is not hidden, it is given to searchers at the start of the hunt.

So… hide Clue 2 where clue 1 leads a searcher.  Hide Clue 3 where clue 2 leads, and so on.

Here are some suggestions for clues.  You can use all Ten or stop at any number.  Whatever number you stop on, just hide the treasure where the last clue leads.   An ideal hunt is at least 6 Clues long.

Clue 1:  (Give to start hunt)

Begin your hunt for gold
By looking inside something cold

(leads to the Refrigerator)


Clue 2: (hidden in Refrigerator)

Knock, Knock, Who’s There?
This is a clue to check, where?

(leads to Front Door)


Clue3: (hidden around Front Door)

Upside down, round and round,
What do you wear to walk on ground?

(leads to Shoes)


Clue 4:  (hidden under a Shoe)

Breaking news! Another clue!
There, what you see, is you!

(leads to a Mirror)


Clue 5:  (hidden on a Mirror)

Who knows where the next clue might be?
I bet the tooth fairy!

(leads to under a Pillow)


Clue 6:  (hidden under a Pillow)

Don’t give up or fall asleep
Get to back to work, sweep sweep

(leads to the Broom)


Clue 7: (hidden in the Broom Closet)

What time is it? Do you know?
Is it time to watch a favorite show?

(leads to the TV)


Clue 8: (hidden around the TV)

Don’t stop now to watch cartoons
Find the next clue by the Spoons

(leads to the Forks)


Clue 9: (hidden under the Forks)

Almost there! You’re shining bright.
You can go turn off the table light.

(leads to a Lamp)


Clue 10: (hidden on a Lamp)

Rub a dub dub, you won’t find
Three men, but a treasure in the _____!

(leads to the Bathtub and Where the Treasure is!)


Have fun!  Best of luck with all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!


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