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game night ideas Spy Alley

Spy Alley Board Game

Do you need a game to play with an aSPYring secret agent? Or need a gift for one? Check out the game Spy Alley!

Below is how you play the game, but to give as gift, you can create a fun and games spy gift basket! Featured in that array would not only be the clever game of Spy Alley, but a few other undercover gadgets too! When the surprise is opened, it will be hard for even the best Spy to hide his smile.

Some suggestions for including in the gift assortment (besides Spy Alley) are:

*Invisible ink pen with black light for decoding

*A spy kit which includes a motion alarm for protecting valuable documents

*Finger printing spy kit

*Rear view glasses


*Disguise glasses and hat.

*And instead of a basket, the collection of items can be placed inside a black backpack for the Spy’s stealthy missions.

The present will not only provide lots of top secret activity, but playing the game is great for all spies to enjoy with others.  Nothing but fun will be detected!

game night ideas from MW spy alley game board

Spy Alley Game Board

Spy Alley is for 2 to 6 players and recommended for ages 8 and up. All spies are given the mission to be the first player to either collect the four items required to win or be the last Spy remaining. The suspense of the task keeps players on high alert.

The game begins with each spy being dealt his Spy Identification Card. This card is kept Top Secret. No one must know your identity or the country in which you operate for. Spies could be agents for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, or Russia.

Each Spy is also given a certain amount of money which depends on the number of spies involved in the game. They receive a scorecard, as well. Spies record items purchased on their scorecards for all to see.

game night ideas from MW spy alley board game

Spy Alley Scorecard and ID Cards

Players roll the die and move around the board. The different spaces on the board allow players the opportunity to collect the required items to win the game. On the scorecards are the 4 items listed for each country. Each Spy will need to obtain his own password, disguise, code book, and keys of the country he works for, without revealing his identity. If his identity is guessed by another Spy, he is eliminated from the game.

Playing Spy Alley is an exciting game which develops spy’s minds. As spies move around the board and collect items from not only their own country, but others in a bluff move, spies learn strategic thinking. He must be patient and not in too much of rush to complete his mission or his identity becomes known.Since all items are recorded on each player’s scorecard by placing pegs in the correct hole, this is where strategy for purchasing items is vital for a Spy’s survival. Unnecessary items are purchased to throw an enemy Spy off of his correct identity; while he also collects items for winning the game. Finding this balance is crucial to stay alive in the game.

He seeks to discover the winning balance.

Spy Alley is a fantastic game and gift for the wannabe detective or spy. It is also great entertainment for any family game night.

My family and I love to play it! 🙂




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