MW Armchair Treasure Hunts:  More Secret Files of Mysterious Writings to be Released Soon!  Will be Totally Armchair!

mw treasure hunt

Hidden Location of the Lost Philosopher’s Stone of Scroll III

At the beginning of this 2017 Summer Season, Mysterious Writings released Four Scrolls from their highly guarded and sensitive files.  These particular scrolls were collectively known and released as The Lost Philosopher’s Stones. They marked the first of the MW Armchair Treasure Hunts.

The hunt for the Philosopher’s Stones will soon be over, as expected.  The lost treasures were all planned to be found by the end of summer and each of the four $250 cash prizes rewarded!  Currently, with only one to go, it seems this will be the case!  It is so much Fun!

Thank you all for joining in on the adventures!  Congrats to the winners so far!

Read about the winners here:  SCROLL ISCROLL II, and SCROLL IV   (SCROLL III Philosopher’s Stone yet to be retrieved) (solutions will be posted once all stones retrieved).

However, don’t be discouraged, if you missed out on these first hunts, because the MW Secret Files include numerous other mystery scrolls, classified documents, treasure maps, unsolved codes, legendary stories, enigmatic ciphers, and more; all concealing hidden treasures across the world yet to discover!

And so it has been decided another ‘Mystery Scroll’ will soon be released this coming FALL!  Again, to be solved within a few months of release (or sooner!).

What is most exciting about the release of the next MW Treasures Hunt Secret File is it will be considered a full ‘armchair treasure hunt’.  What this means is it won’t be necessary to retrieve any physical item from an actual location.

ALL can be solved and claimed from the armchair of your home!

This is another exciting aspect of MW.  One of our main goals is to inspire the exploring of mysteries, adventures, and treasures!  MW feels one of the ways this can be done is by providing a ‘treasure hunt’ which gives equal and fair opportunity to all.  No matter where you live!

So get ready for some more thrills…..and chance to win cash rewards!

MW Treasures Fall 2017 treasure hunt coming soon!

AND It will be Totally Armchair!

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Solved Scroll IV below (To give a sample of a MW secret file and what is to come!)

mw treasures armchair treasure hunt


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