Midday Blue Apples

In 1492, Martin Behaim constructed the oldest, still existing today, terrestrial globe.  Although full of mistakes, it does depict the Earth as it was envisioned by many people in Europe before the open discovery of the New World.  He called his creation Eradapfel or Earth Apple.

Behaim was born in Nuremberg in 1459 (some say 1436), and later moved to the island of Faial in the Azores in 1486.  Living miles out in the ocean provided him the opportunity to view many marine charts used for navigating the world.  After returning to Nuremberg for a short period of time, he used these and other partial maps and accounts of the land, to create one whole map of the world.  With the help of painter, Georg Glockendon, he was able to form his Earth Apple.  Complete with the tilt, the globe gave a fascinating view of the world, to the world.

Although the title Eradapfel (Earth Apple) can relate to globe, the name often refers to potato or those fruits found within the Earth.  In France, these hidden type crops are called pommes de Terre, or apples of the earth.

Those familiar with the mystery of Rennes le Chateau are sure to be aware of the term Blue Apples.  A parchment, containing a coded message, was supposedly found within the church in the late 1800’s.  The following is the mysterious decipherment which includes the words blue apples; “Shepherdess no temptation that poussin and teniers hold the key pax 681 by the cross and this horse of god I complete this guardian demon at midday blue apples.” 

The meaning for Blue Apples is often linked to a light phenomenon which occurs every year on January 17th at noon.  Light shining through a stained glass window displays blue orbs (considered blue apples), on a wall inside the church.   Other colored orbs are seen as well, and so why such attention is brought to these specific blue orbs, on this date, at this time, is puzzling.   Possibly the importance comes not from what is only on the wall, but the way in which the ‘apples’ are produced.  Unless the sun shines, providing the rays of light to flow through the stained glass, the orbs will not appear.  All apples remain unseen.

For those who worked on the Maranatha puzzle, you may remember an article promoting the book which talked about ‘Earth Apples.’  Okay, Mr. Duncan Burden (spokesperson for the puzzle), didn’t specifically call them that, but he did talk about French Fries.  The following was his explanation for why the puzzle was created.

“For instance, imagine that the secret of Life, the Universe, and Everything amounted to nothing more than… say, the recipe for the Ultimate French Fry. And that someone simply handed it to you. Just like that.

Unless you had personally gone through the process of digging in the moist earth with your bare hands, patiently nurturing the surreptitious subterranean tubers, luxuriating in the passage of Time created by the revolution of our resplendent rock around the sun, gathering the harvested crop to be sliced and diced and transformed into succulent crispy golden batons, there would be no way that you would be able to grasp the sublime gestalt of the fruits of this verdant vegetable transmutation.”

I don’t know, but this just seems to connect to how a person’s heart could become enlightened.  I like the thought of something in darkness reaching out and growing to find the light, like the eyes of a potato do.  Of course, I would rather not be diced, sliced, and fried.

The whole scenario makes me think back to the coded message and ask are Blue Apples only blue at midday?  Instead of isolating the term ‘blue apples,’ maybe considering ‘midday blue apples’ offers more meaning.  Midday is at time when shadows vanish or are cast away.  Blue often refers to heavenly or purity.   Possibly, those ‘earth apples’ which have come out of the shadows or darkness is an interpretation for midday, heavenly or blue apples.

And maybe the fact that all apples are not blue on the wall holds meaning to why they have been referred to.  This clashing of colors may not be a cause to just dismiss the phenomenon as something as only happenstance and in which holds no meaning.  Not all apples do turn blue at once.

It reminds me of the December 31st 2007 clue of; “The apples that turn blue in pairs hold the value of the key.”   Could the clue be hinting at two coming together as One?  That the way to turn ‘blue’ or become heavenly is by uniting with the light?



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  1. Nate Beck says:

    Ahh!, another fantastic article to whet a Maranathan appetite, but hold the frenchfries for right now.

    I wanted to point something out that is often overlooked concerning that which has been released by Mr. Burden in his PDF documents, ‘Time Monk Project’ article and the website.

    First, the ‘Key’ revealed to be hidden in the puzzle illustrations is NOT the ‘Key’ revealed in the ‘Time Monk Project’ article!!!

    In the PDF release, the ‘Key’ is specifically identified as the Kabbalah Tree of Life diagram. Mr. Burden cannot deny that, because that text is here on this website for all to see. The ‘Key’ released in the other article is a tilted hexagram constructed from two squares and a circle. Although both ‘Keys’ include a hexagram, albeit by different routes, they obviously are NOT the same!

    So what exactly am I getting at?, one may ask. Well, it is simply this:

    Since we have been informed that the secret revolves around Jewish Kabbalah (or Cabala, Qabbalah, however you want to play around with the Hebrew spelling) and, indeed, even Nicholas Flamel made it clear that the Book of Abraham the Jew and the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone is wrapped up in Kabbalah, which itself is based on the Hebrew Bible (Torah)’ Then that is what can lead us into a proper identification of ‘Blue Apples’! Let me explain:

    As any Kabbalah student knows, the spheres on the Tree of Life are known as Sephiroth. This is a very interesting word and is derived from the Hebrew root word that also supplies us with the following meanings and definitions, which include: a scribe, numbers, counting, to inscribe, a book or scroll, and, last but certainly not least, SAPPHIRES!!!

    Please follow me closely.

    When the Israelites saw God in Exodus, He appeared to be standing on a “blue” pavement of “sapphire”, and then He gives Moses two tablets, which some believe to have come from this stone pavement underneath the feet of God. The two tablets are “inscribed” with the Ten Commandments, “written” by the Finger of God!

    It is Jewish “scribes” who keep, teach and learn from this “scroll” of God that contains the laws of Heaven (blue in it’s awesome clearness and majesty). There are ‘Ten’ commandments, so there are usually about ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life diagram. Apples, as anyone knows, grow on Trees that supply Life.

    While the Book of Genesis does NOT tell us what the fruit of the two Trees in the Garden of Eden were, it has traditionally been identified as an apple. Indeed, the word apple used to be a simple generic term for any round fruit that grew on trees, before it came to be associated with the specific fruit we know today.

    The Tree of Life is said to have been able to grant Adam and Eve immortality, like the Philosopher’s Stone, but God barred access to this Tree and expelled them from Eden. There used to be a window at St. Sulpice where a blue apple and Adam and Eve being driven from the Garden was depicted! At the east of the Garden, God placed demon guardians known as Cherubim (HINT: Satan was originally one of these, but now there are only four left) which is a creature that got confused with an image of Cupid during the Renaissance.

    Cherubim (plural) or Cherubs (singular) are NOT babies with fluffy little wings! They are tetra-morph creatures that have six or four wings and four faces which consist of a man, a lion, an eagle and an ox, and they have chariot wheels and rings and eyeballs all over them! Connect these with the Assyrian winged man-bull, Greek gryphons and the sphynx!

    In the Book of Flamel, and the Maranatha puzzle, there is a mountain of God where a precious flower is guarded by gryphons, sphynxes, dragons, lions, eagles, CHERUBIM!!! What I am revealing here has the power to lead to the rest of the ‘secret’ of Maranatha and the Philosopher’s Stone.

    To prove that I am not just talking nonsense, consider: In the Maranatha Et In Arcadia Ego Companion, Mr. Duncan Burden identifies blue apples with the stone blue fruit that grew on the Tree of Life in the Babylonian legends, which share the same origin as the Biblical story, albeit in polytheistic, instead of monotheistic terms. He then links this term with all other myths and legends about food or fruit from the God(s) that offer immortality if eaten. Consider:

    The old name of Rennes-le-Chateau is Rhedae, which according to some means Chariot. Anyone who knows anything about Merkabah Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah knows full well how these are linked with the Cherubs. Consider now Asmodeus, the guardian of Solomon’s treasure. Well, well! Since Satan is the fifth Cherub, then he has an office of guardianship like the other four Cherubs! Solomon got his treasure from God’s throneroom, where Satan had the highest position. In the Bible, God dwells in the northern parts of the Universe, where the throne room is located (Read Psalm 48 and Isaiah 14 carefully). Satan runs amuck between God and the rest of the universe, which is why in ancient times Draco was always in the North!!! In the image of the Book of Abraham the Jew, the wind on the mountain guarded by Cherubs comes from the North! The Book of Job says divine gold comes from the North! Leonardo pointing upward with a right angled triangle and all that stuff!

    An apple, if split in two, reveals pentagonal geometry at the core. 5 sides, 5 Cherubs= Pythagrean obsession with the number 5, the Quintessence, the Fifth Element of Alchemy! Put the apple back together= 10. There are Ten blue sephiroths on the Tree of Life, Ten commandments on the blue tablets of Moses, ten fingers to dig for gold, during Creation week, God “spoke” creation into existence Ten times, etc.

    There’s much more where this came from, but I will save it for later. If contacted, I am quite certain and sure that Mr. Duncan Burden would confirm everything that I have written and revealed here.

    By the Cross (a cross has four arms and there are four cherubs) and this Horse of God (a cherub transports God’s chariot and throne in the Book of Ezekiel, so it is His Horse!) I complete ( four arms, wheels and this composite creature would be the parts required to complete this whole demon guardian, therefore the French word j’acheve means just that, complete. It does NOT mean destroy!) at midday, and get you some blue apples. Squares= throne and creation and matter. A circle= eternity, the divine and a wheel and the elipse of space and time. Hexagram= a Key to unlock and understand and tap into divine matter, the shape created by the union of the other two!

    But beware, this immortal trove is guarded by fierce creatures and a flaming sword (‘mort epee’ for you Rennes fanatics like me).

    Furthur Confirmation: The Ark of the Covenant represents God’s Throne topped with Cherubim, which contains the divine tablets, immortal food called manna, and a magic rod! Therefore, here you have a satisfactory explanation for those who insist the treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau is the lost Ark!

    The Ark is a central feature for the Royal Arch (ARK) degree of the Scottish Rite as well. PAX, APX= ARCH

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I think cherubim are squares inscribed in circles. The rings or wheels are the circle. The four wings are the four corners. I think the ones with six wings are seraphim, not cherubim. As for the faces being a man, a lion, an eagle and an ox, they are the constellations of Taurus (ox), Leo (lion), Scorpio (that used to be also called the Eagle) and Aquarius (the man).

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I can find no evidence that Satan is a cherub. As far as I can tell, the theory comes from guessing stuff from Ezequiel. In Ezequiel 28, the Lord gives a message for the king of Tyrus: “Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” (Ezequiel 28:12-14)

      The logic goes that a human king cannot be a cherub, so the expression “king of Tyrus”, or maybe even “son of man” (that seems to be how the Lord addresses Ezequiel throughout) must refer to Satan. I can accept that a human king cannot be a cherub, but I think a human king may have control of a cherub, and be called himself “cherub” to indicate this control (in the same way that we may say “He’s the BMW” meaning “He’s the driver of the BMW”).

      I think it’s interesting that cherubim suddenly got mixed up with Cupid. After all, the description of cherubim doesn’t sound at all like Cupid. How did it happen? My guess is that it has to do with the bow and arrows. I think that bows, like crescents, are associated with the water element. And cherubim are associated with water as well. I’ve figured that their shape must be a Templar cross, and this shape is made with pentagrams, that are a feminine water symbol.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I think you are quite right that it’s a cherub what you need to complete the demon. The four arms and the wheel are part of the cherub. But you don’t just complete it – you can also destroy it, with the reverse action.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      In the King James version, it isn’t gold, but fair weather that comes from the North. Still not literally true, but a different thing entirely.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      It’s interesting that in Hebrew the word for “sapphire” has the same root as “numbers”. In that case, could the pavement that God was standing on be not sapphire, but a pavement of numbers?

  2. Mark says:

    Pythagorus mentioned that there was a FIFTH Element, which is referred to as ETHER. The Platonic Solid referred to as the DODECHAHEDRON cooresponds to that Element. One day, while I was searching the Internet for information regarding the BLUE PEARL, I stumbled upon this website which depicted a VIsual Representation of the BLUE PEARL as representing a Dodecahedron rather than a SPHERE.

    In the Language called Latin, the ACTUAL WORD for STONE is LAPIS. Likewise, the Babylonians wrote about LAPIS in “Annana’s Descent into the Underworld.” Another INTERESTING point that you bring up is the
    SUNLIGHT shining THROUGH the BLUE APPLES (and the other colors in the stained Glass Window) casts a reflection on the WALLS of the Church. Because the LAPIS is NOT an Opaque Stone, this does lead me to
    Wonder about the SAPHIRE.

    ANOTHER reason why I mention this is because Yogananda in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi,” only mentions ONE Stone, and that is the SAPHIRE. Yogananda also Used an ANALOGY likening the Christ Consciousness to the SUNLIGHT which PASSES THROUGH a CRYSTAL BALL. Here is a link to a forum which discusses it, but you’ll have to scroll down a ways until you get to one of the comments by XAN. The comment (by Xan) begins:

    Yogananda wrote;


    • Maria Rigel says:

      I get the impression that Yogananda is familiar with the European esoteric tradition from what he says. I find it interesting that he says that the Father creates the Son by reflection, and then the Holy Ghost is somehow created by a combination of the Father and the Son.

  3. Nate Beck says:

    Thanks Mark!

    I appreciate that link. Pretty good.

    By the way, what did you think of Duncan Burden’s article?

    You know, it amazes me that, with all of the information from Duncan Burden linking the Holy Grail and the Maranatha puzzle with Jewish kabbalah, that our fellow researchers don’t look into the Zohar more concerning all this. It would seem, that since the ‘Key’ is kabbalistic, and the 681 Key has shown to be hidden in the Song of Solomon, one should also see if the rest of the cipher clue regarding demon guardian, midday, horse of God’, etc. is also kabbalistic and hidden in the Zohar, Kabbalah or the Bible. I have done just that and I have found the demon guardian of midday and the horse of God are both linked with something else that appears in the Rennes-le-Chateau church, which I will post on at a later date.

    The Greeks had a legend that if one took an emerald to fend off a snake, it would petrify the snake who stared at it. It is an emerald that fell from Lucifer’s (Rex Mundi, the king of the world (Luke 4), the serpent (Revelation 12), the dragon)) crown in the Grail legends. Perhaps a sapphire, our ‘blue apples’, need to be used to stun our demon guardian! I find it fitting that horses love apples! In the Bible, Genesis 49, the horse tramples a snake (serpent).

    ‘By this sign conquer him’ probably just takes the horse used in divine battle (thus, God’s horse) in conjunction with the cross to complete or finish off the demon. Duncan Burden also links this horse with Constantine and the pale horse of Revelation 6 in the Maranatha Companion. Maybe the underlying message is simply death! After all, a cross and battle horse are instruments of death! Perhaps we should simply read the cipher as ‘By death, or through death, I complete this demon guardian at midday’. After all, Freemasons carry out their rituals of symbolic dying and rising in their Master Mason degree at midday!

    Of further interest, in the Maranatha puzzle, St. Bernard de Clairvaux (meaning ‘clear light’) is called ‘the high priest of the emerald monks’. In the Bible, the two stones associated with God are the sapphire and emerald. Before Satan fell, he owned both of these stones as part of his garment (you can read about that in Ezekiel 28). Some also interpet the name of the Greek healer Asclepius, who used a serpent staff, as ‘one who eats a stone’. And Moses got water from a rock using a serpent staff (no doubt the source of the Greek myth, which brings us straight back to Jewish kabbalah and legends)

    Food for thought.

  4. Mark says:

    Duncan Burden mentions that when the Two “Overlapping Triangles” are joined together to form a six pointed Star, there is a Hexagram in the center that represents a KEY. The upward pointing Triangle symbolizes the Element Fire, and the downward pointing triangle symbolizes the Element Water. When these two overlapping Triangles (the Star) are surrounded by a Circle, it can go by MANY different Names … The Anahata Chakra of Hindism which reoresents the Heart, The Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, etc.

    And I do understand the Analogy of the Honeycomb at Andrew Gough’s Website as it relares to all of the Hexagramal shaped honeycomb cells. At the Time Monk Project Website depicting the painting of Pousin, notice that the sheppard who is Kneeling down on one knee holds his INDEX finger out. In Hindism, this is a reference to a Mudra (or SEAL). When the INDEX finger is Raised up to the Air, it represents a ROD (as in Teniers painting depicting St. Paul holding his Index finger pointed upwards.

    Perhaps Duncan Burdan KNEW this which was WHY he connected all of the various lines (rods) to form the Star of David. I spent many years practicing Hindu Astrology. The INDEX Finger is linked to JUPITER (Jove). In the SCIENCE know as MUDRA VIGYAN, the Index figer represents the ELEMENT referred to as AIR which represents the SAME Element as the HEART Chakra.

    If you go to Wikpedia, and look up Jove (Jupiter), you will see the Statue of Jove. As the KING of the GODS, he SITS on a THRONE with a LIGHTENING ROD in his Hand. To the Greeks, JOVE was known as ZEUS, the King of the Gods, and the Weilder of the Thunderbolt!

    That being said, JOVE is NOT a God of PEACE (a reference to the latin word Pax). Rather, the Prophets referred to him as the LORD JEHOVAH … The UNMERCIFUL GOD! who is ALSO referred to in the Bible as the LORD of HOSTS (The Lord of WAR).

    My understanding of JEHOVAH is that it is a reference to a COMPLETE SEAL of the head which goes by the name of YONI MUDRA (Womb Seal) in Hinduism. In Yoni Mudra, the THUMBS are used to seal up the EARS. The Thumbs represent the Element FIRE. The EARS represent the Element ETHER (Heaven). So by using the THUMBS (Fire) to Seal up the EARS (Heaven), this can be LIKENED to KINDELING the WRATH of Lord Jehovah.

    And this WHY the Bible explains that we must FEAR the LORD JEHOVAH. His SEAL does NOT represent the TRUE SEAL that grants us PEACE. Notice that the Hebrew word for PEACE recited at the end of a verse
    Is SELA (Say La). In Hindism, the syllable LA cooresponds with the Element of EARTH.

    “Lord, Lord … an EXCELLENT NAME this EARTH (EAReth) which SETTETH (Seals) the GLORY of the HEAVENS.  Out of the MOUTH of BABES and SUCKLINGS, appoint STREGNTH. The ENEMY (Breath) STILLED is the ENEMY AVEVENGED! CONSIDER the HEAVENS (to be) the WORK of your FINGERS, the
    Moon and the Stars which YOU have appointed (SET).” (Psalms 8:1 – 8:3)

    “Thy Kingdom come, THY WILL be DONE … 
    IN EARTH (EAReth) as it is IN HEAVEN.” (Mathew 6:10)

    Using the Ring Fingers to Seal up the Ears can be likened to Sealing up Heaven using Earth. The RING FINGER cooresponds to the Element known as EARTH. Rumi HINTS at this SECRET in his Poem “The Sunrise Ruby.” In Hindu Astrology, the RING FINGER Is linked to the SUN, and the RUBY represents the Gemstone for the SUN. So the “Seal of the Kings Ring” is actually more of a reference to the RING FINGER.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      Generally speaking, I don’t think the associations of the Hindu esoteric tradition are going to help to understand the European esoteric tradition, because the associations are different in each area.

  5. Nate Beck says:

    Thanks for that, Mark.

    I love your phonetic kabbalah word play. Although, I don’t know much about Hinduism (I am a Christian myself, and please don’t take this to mean anything like Roman Catholic or self-righteous, close-minded, moron. I only follow Jesus Christ Himself, not those who merely claim His name for their beliefs).

    I also firmly believe in one God, this being Jehovah, although I am of the opinion, backed by years of historical research and comparitive religion, that the Greeks took much of their “mythology” from the Bible and Semitic religion. We must remember that if the stories of the Bible are as old as they appear to be, let alone being true, then the Greeks and other Mediterranean peoples were surely reading these in some form, whether Biblical or otherwise, long before the Greek “myths” took their form.

    Therefore, your comparitive points are totally accurate, even though many scholars and academics would be reluctant to admit such. We must also remember that the legends surrounding and of the Holy Grail take in not just Biblical imagery, but also truths and secrets from a wide range of myths, religious archetypes and belief systems. A truth is a truth, regardless of it’s historical or religious context or source.

    I also find your knowledge of Hindu symbolism in the fingers and gestures extremely interesting. I am also aware that books such as ‘Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods’ by J. S. M. Ward (cited in the Maranatha bibliography, which many Maranatha puzzlers didn’t seem to pay any attention to, for some strange reason, as I found that all of the phrases and code-words in the text can be defined and understood by reading these books) show that Masonic systems are derived from Hindu sources as well Biblical and Judaic.

    You add much to consider and add to the search.

    Thanks a million Mark!

    • K Ells says:

      I am new to all of this . Would you please recommend the books you value the most that would be understandable to a newbie?
      Thanks, K

      • Nate Beck says:

        Hello K Ells,

        I will help with whatever you need, if I can. I am also sure that most, if not all, of the great people who contribute to the site, as well as Jenny herself, will be willing to help you as well. Are you looking for books on a particular subject?

      • Nate Beck says:

        Though, if you’re looking for books on Hinduism, Mark is the best person to ask for that, as that is not my area, but his.

      • Mark says:

        As much as I would love recommending a book to a “newbie,” I don’t want to give people the impression “OK, here is a book which help you to understand many of these ideas which we are sharing or the subject of religion in general.” Even if there were such a book, religion is different from other subjects in the sense that those who really do understand it often attempt to make a mystery out of all of the “relevant” facts.

        What I am trying to say is that I’ve been a follower of the spiritual path since 1985, and I understand religion as being a subject which was “not” meant to be understood by man. One of the reasons why I came to this website is that I believe in sharing a lot of my ideas with “newbies.” That will come in time. I am still in the process in integrating many of my ideas into an article to post on Jenny’s website, in the event I get her permission to post it.

        Truthfully, it is hard for me to think of any books which cover a lot of these ideas which we were sharing. The “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” is a good “primer” for some of the ideas explained in my next article. But like any other work in religion, it is hard to understand.

  6. Mark says:

    Oh yeah … Another thing that just occured to me. The INDEX finger, when held up can represent SEVERAL different things. ONE of these is a ROD. ANOTHER thing is the NUMBER 1000. If you Subtract the Number 681 from the Number 1000, you get 319. When you first read Revelations 3:19, the verse has this general sort of meaning which might not be understood, but if you read the WHOLE of Revelations 3, then you will see that MANY of these things YOU MENTION, for example, the KEY of DAVID (the beloved/tenier) are there.

    Notice that just prior to Revelations 3:19, in Revelations 3:18, it is mentioned:

    “Council thee to BUY of me GOLD tried in the FIRE that though mayest be RICH and the White Remaint to CLOTHE and the SHAME of thy NAKEDNESS will NOT appear …”

    The THUMB represents the reference to the Element FIRE. In Hindu Astology, the THUMB represents the planet VENUS, but the METAL for the planet VENUS is SILVER and NOT GOLD. However, the RING Finger which represents the Element EARTH cooresponds to the SUN, whose Gemstone is RUBY and whose METAL is GOLD.

    So “GOLD tried in Fire” is actually a reference to both the THUMB (Fire) and RING fingers (Gold). The word BUY in the verses is a reference to the SEAL (Mudra) referred to as JNANA MUDRA (Wisdom Seal) which is made by the joining together of the Thumb (fire) with the Index finger (air), which represents the Holding of a COIN, and also goes by the description of a TOUCHSTONE. Janana Mudra represents the Seal for Brahma, the Creator God in Hinduism. The THUMB ALONE represents the Seal for SIVA (See Va), the Destroyer God. The RING finger represents the Seal of Vishnu, the preserver God, and also matches the description for. A CROWN.

    The CLOTHING in the verses is a reference to a GLOVE which is used to cover the Nakedness of the Hands.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      The correspondences in the Hindu esoteric tradition are different from the European esoteric tradition.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      Revelations 3:17-18 is quite interesting: “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.”

      One should ask what sort of poverty, blindness and nakedness is of the kind that one may not notice.

  7. Mark says:

    Actually, Nate, most of my best friends are Christians. One of my best friends is a Minister, but he ended up blowing me off because he didn’t like all theses ideas that I have regarding HIS Religion. So I can understand
    how difficult it is for you, being a Christian, to listen to all of these different ideas that I have in regards to both your Religion and Other Religions. I am glad you said something. Otherwise, there is no telling how far I would have taken this whole “Unmerciful Jehovah” thing. Ha Ha!

    I believe that you are Sincere when you say that you are find the study of the Hand Gestures as they relate to the fingers interesting. Therefore, I will share with you this Link which I consider to be my LUCKIEST find ever on the Internet! True, it is Hindism. It is written in regards to what are referred to as the HASTA MUDRAS. Each of the different Hasta Mudras comes with a DESCRIPTION for what they can represent. It’s these DESCRIPTIONS which make the Hasta Mudras so valuable. In fact, MANY of these descriptions we find in the Bible.


  8. Nate Beck says:

    Thanks Mark,

    Unfortunately, many of my fellow Christians are VERY close-minded, but I have a very broad view of life and religion in general.

    For me, as long as it’s not anything that degrades God or Christ or undervalues human life, I have no problem with it. Many times I find confirmations of what the Bible already says in other mythologies and religions more than anywhere else! I think that Christians who ignore or downplay these other sources are limiting both their view and preventing them from defending their beliefs which are confirmed in other legends, belief systems and religions.

    I decided a long time ago, that I would not allow myself to be limited by intellectual blindness and prejudice. If it wasn’t for my study of other legends and religions, I wouldn’t know half of what I do about the Bible and everything else of a historical, cultural and occult nature.

    Also, please do not feel as though you have to agree with me on everything or be afraid of offending me in or by stating your true opinions and beliefs. I am very easy-going and I try to be as constructive as possible in any criticism that I do give.

    I have more problems with my fellow Christians than I do with anyone else, to tell you the truth.

    So I appreciate everything you have shared and look forward to reading and sharing more.

    However, at this stage I have to be extremely careful about anything concerning Rennes-le-Chateau, as I have found something that, quite frankly, scares the hell out of me, and I am not sure it would be ethical to say anything about it for right now, but I am still struggling with it.

    maybe I’ll just drop hints here and there so everyone else can see it for themselves. Time will tell, and I must emphasize the TIME element.

    They called themselves TIME MONKS for a damn good reason!

    Thanks again Mark

    • jkile says:

      Such great sharing of information, Nate and Mark. Much to think about. Thanks. All the above talk about ‘stones’ does remind me of a chat session which was shared by fellow researcher, Linz. She and a few others were chatting with Duncan Burden when he made the following comment about ‘stones’ when answering about the Key being ‘metaphorically solid’:

      “You can have TWO stones, they can represent TWO, but they are not the number TWO, but a clear definition of the number TWO.”

  9. YHWH is the merciful one, Ba’al (MASTER) is a Lord of Justice. His temple was at Balbeck, Lebanon and Zeus’s temple was built right on top of it. Ba’al became Zeus and later Jupiter.. Ba’al worship was a constant problem especially in the Northern tribes Remember Jezebel?

  10. I can tell you another concept of midi blue apples if you ask me. It just might be the right answer.

  11. Nate Beck says:

    Hi Janice,

    I would like to hear your thoughts on Midi Blue Apples. I’m sure Jenny would love to have them posted here, or you can email me directly.



  12. Mark says:

    Hi Everybody! Sorry for being gone for so long. Nate, I was going to post my e-mail Address below so that you to contact me, but I am not sure if that is permitted. However, Jenny has it, so if you contact her, she will already know that I have given her permission to give it to you. And if she prefers that I post it rather than give it to you, she can always comment. 

    In Response to Jackie’s post, YaHoVaH (The LORD) Didn’t BECOME GOD until He gave his Covenenent to be with Abraham as a SIGN to “BE GOD.” The moment this happens, Jahovah changes His own NAME from YEHOVAH to GOD ALMIGHTY (Shadai) in order to CONFORM to the Understanding (Genesis 17).

    I would argue that BEFORE Jehovah did this, he was known as the UNMERCIFUL LORD, whom we must all FEAR. Jehovah BECAME GOD so that Others could obtain MERCY through THAT UNDERSTANDING.
    (Luke 19:19). How do I know? Because I understand Jehovah’s WORKS. These are NOT the SAME Works as GOD’S Works (Exodus 4:11). 

    What CONFUSES Everybody is that for Every Person whose NAME that Appears in The Bible, there is a DEFINITION Cooresponding to that NAME. And the DEFINITION for JESUS’S NAME is actually “JEHOVAH grants SALVATION,” which is actually MISLEADING.

    By that, I mean that JEHOVAH has His SEAL, which represents the understanding for DEATH, and GOD has His own SEAL which represents the understanding for LIFE
    (The Seal of the Living God). 

    The SIGN of “The Covenent of Circumcision” represents what The Bible refers to as a SEED. The “Flesh of the Foreskin” is actually a reference to the NOSE. So Simply Pinch the Nose using the Thumb and Index Finger of the Right Hand and you’ll understand the SIGN. The Bible even apoints a DELIVERER to Address “the flesh of the foreskin part” whom is referred to as MOSES (Hear NOSES). The “Parting of the RED SEA” (Hear See) is a reference to the LIPS.   

    Whereas Christians understand JESUS to be the SON of GOD, and GOD to be the FATHER, I understand JESUS to be the FATHER (I and my Father are ONE), and GOD to be the SON. This is WHY Jesus is always saying things like “Now I GO to my FATHER, so you will NOT SEE ME.”  However, Jesus put thiese next verses in The Bible as PROOF that He is Really the FATHER (John 14:5 – 14:9).

    In fact, if I had to a GUESS, it wouldn’t surprise me if JESUS (of the New Tetament) is Really ABRAHAM (of the Old Testament), so the big JOKE of the New Testament is that the JEWS throw Rocks at Jesus NEVER even understanding the fact that He is really ABRAHAM (The FATHER of the JEWS). The DEFINITION for ABRAHAMS NAME is “FATHER of the Multitudes,”

     Notice that The KORAN DOES’T even mention JESUS, but it DOES mention ABRAHAM. That is because the UNDERSTANDING for the FATHER is the SAME as in The Bible. The moment that the SIGN was Given to ABRAM, The HAM was ADDED to Abrams NAME, so it CHANGED to ABRAHAM. That is because there is a SEAL (SIGN)  found in The BHARATA known as HAMSASYA, so HAM represents the Understanding for The SEED (Sign) which was given to ABRAHAM (The FATHER).

    Basically, this is the SAME Understanding that we find in Hinduism. The Hebrew word BARA means CREATION, so the Hindu GOD BRAHMAN (Baraman) Means “CREATED MAN” as a reference to the SON. Basically, the Understanding is this: 

    ABRAHAM (Hear A Brahman) = BRAHMA
    SARAH (Abrahams Wife) = SARAswati (Brahma’s Wife in Hinduism). 

    Again, Luke 19:19

    “Today, Salvation has come into this House because He too is a SON of ABRAHAM (Hear a Brahman/Created Man/Son)

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I’m pretty sure the parting of the Red Sea was a crossing during a spring tide at low tide, that allowed people to pass, with the waters parting at both sides. I’ve been in such a situation myself, and it matches quite well the description of the Bible. Hours later, the water would be several meters deep.

  13. Nate Beck says:

    Hello Mark,

    It’s been awhile and I hope you are well. Good to hear from you! Yeah, I’ll ask Jenny for your email address and then we can go from there. After having to change my email address recently because of unwanted spam and other “visitors”, I prefer not to broadcast my email on a public forum.

    As always, I love your ideas and insights. What you have above reminded me of a very curious fact.

    You mention the episode where the Jews try to stone Christ after He declares to them that “I and my Father are one.” John 10:30.

    I have always found it fascinating, ever since I learned some Hebrew, that there is a detail here that few know about.

    How ironic that they pick up stones to throw at Him considering that the Hebrew word for stone is ‘Eben’, which is composed of the Hebrew words ‘Ab’ for Father, and ‘Ben’ for Son! EBEN= FATHER AND SON ARE ONE!!!

    Gotta love that Kabbalah!

    I’m still curious to see what Janice’s thoughts on blue apples are though!!!

  14. Mark says:

    Hi Nate! I spend a lot of time at Studylight’s Interlinear Bible Website clicking on words in Bible Passages, so the Same Thought occured to me regarding the Hebrew word EBEN. Actually, The Prophets were like “Masters of Language” because they somehow understood HOW All of the Other Languages Evolved from LATIN.

    The word MID-DAY of “Mid-Day  BLUE Apples” is likely a reference to the SKY because the Latin word for GOD is DEUS (or DYEUS) which is often translated as Meaning “God of the DAYLIGHT (Mid-day) SKY.” In fact, the word DAY was actually Derived from the Latin word DYEUS. Here is an article on the Subject;


  15. Mark says:

    Also to add to that, the LATIN word for Both APPLE and EVIL is MALUM. The only difference between the two words has to do with the way the “A” in the word Malum is pronounced. In this link (Apples), scroll down to where it says “Cultural Aspects,” and then to where it says “Forebidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden.” 


  16. Nate Beck says:

    Thanks Mark,
    I looked at the wikipedia page and that is thrilling! I had no idea about the Latin word for apple being so similar to the Latin word for evil. Very fitting!

    I also find it amusing that so many are ignorant of the fact that ‘apple’ is a generic term for any kind of fruit. For example, pomegranate literally means ‘grain apple’, and would actually be a more likely candidate for being the forbidden fruit of the Bible, although I think they were actually grapes, which I can justify from the rest of the Bible if anyone is interested!

    I find it interesting that the term ‘demon guardian’ from the Rennes-le-Chateau clues appropriately fits in with the serpent that guarded the Garden of the Hesperides and the Cherubs that guarded the Tree of Life. I have always found it quite interesting that God, in the third chapter of Genesis, actually makes it clear that had Adam and Eve actually eaten of the Tree of Life, they would have gained physical immortality. A benefit well worth guarding if seen from God’s perspective I might add.

    I also believe that the ‘Horse of God’ clue, Biblically, has to refer to Cherubim as well, because of the fact that if it’s described as being God’s Horse, then it is something He has to ride on, and the only creature He rides on in the Bible are the Cherubs!

    I think that another aspect of Jewish Kabala that one should focus on here is Merkavah mysticism.

    For another hint, in the book of Ezekiel (quite the source for the Merkavah tradition), the 28th chapter deals with a being many identify with Satan before his fall, and he is actually called the anointed Cherub.

    I have detailed info on this as well, if anyone wants to know more.

    Thanks Mark and Jenny.

    • Maria Rigel says:

      I’m pretty sure of the connection between the demon guardian of the cipher and the cherubs that guard the tree of life. I’m less sure about the serpent that guards the garden of the Hesperides. I think it may be related, but not quite the same thing.

  17. Mark says:

    The word GUARDIAN is actually a reference to the EAR, Nate. From the perspective of The Bible, it has a DIFFERENT Meaning than what we tend to think that it Means. We tend to Reason that a GUARDIAN is a PROTECTOR. However, I would argue that the TRUE Meaning of this Word as The Prophets Understood it is “BLOCKER or WITHHOLDER from the ENTRANCE to LIFE,” and NOT a PROTECTIOR.

    Does a SERPENT PROTECT? No. It BITES! Is a FLAMING SWORD (Cherubim) a Symbol for LIFE? No. It is a Symbal for DEATH! It was the SAME Story with CAIN. He referred to as his BROTHERS (Breaths) KEEPER (GUARDIAN). So in playing that ROLE, He KILLS his own BROTHER, Hevel, 
    the Hebrew word HEVEL Meaning BREATH,
    And the very Meaning of the word BREATH is synonomous with LIFE! 

    So CAIN (Hear Cane) is a KILLER of his own Brother. LIFE (Breath) WHY? Because Cain reoresents a SYMBOL for what The Bible refers to as the HARVEST. This is 
    WHY The Bible refers to CAIN (Cane) as a “TILLER (SICKLE CUTTER). of the FIELD. Cain uses his SICKLE (Sword) to KILL LIFE (his Breatheren). In fact, CAIN (hear CANE) represents the very PRODOCT (CANE/Son) of the HARVEST, itself. The HARVEST is NOT a Symbol of LIFE, but of DEATH. 
    SOWING is a Symbol for LIFE, and REAPING (Harvesting) is a Symbol for DEATH!

    Likewise, It seems Logical to me that WHOEVER came up with the wording “DEMON GUARDIAN” was trying to make a Point. That Point is that the Word GUARDIAN does NOT Mean PROTECTOR, but rather it Means SLAYER (KILLER), in the sense that this GAURDIAN that YOU KNOW  is Really a KILLER (SLAYER).who Rides on some HORSE with A SICKLE (Sword) in his Hand (The GRIM REAPER).

     In Hindism, the Color BLUE is associated with the Planet SATURN, which is ALSO Asciated with a SICKLE (Sword). The Color BLUE is Also Associated with the SKY, and is a reference to the Element ETHER (Sky) which is Also Associated with DEATH and the EAR  (in Hinduism).

    In fact, just to give you some Idea of How CUNNING and CLEVER The Prophets were
    At HIDING Certain facts from People, in GENSIS, they mention; “CURSED is the GROUND (Adamah) for your SAKE (SIN)!” Notice that the Prophets DIDN’T use the Word EARTH Here, but the word GROUND (Adamah) Instead.

    Why? Because when they mention the word EARTH, we are Supposed to HEAR “EARETH,” which is a reference to the EAR. The ETH at the END of the Word EARETH is 
    A reference to the Element called ETHER (Sky). Had The Prophets Mentioned “CURSED is EARTH (Eareth) ..”  some Clever Person might have Caught onto the fact the ORIGIONAL SIN was some reference to the EAR(eth). That would have been Too Easy!””

    The Prophets refer to the “Origional Sin” in Other Parts of The Bible as “BLASHPHEMY Against The HOLY GHOST!” The Person who Commits this SIN, REAPS (a BREATH) 
    In the LOCATION where He is SUPPOSED to SOW (A BREATH). Such a person is NO BETTER than some EAR of CORN to be CUT DOWN ifor The HARVEST!

    FRUIT (Apples) is a reference to FOOD (Breath), which is LIFE. The Hindus refer to this SPECIFIC Type of BREATH (Food) as PRANA (Life Energy). BLUE APPLES
    Represent the Understanding for DEATH. 

  18. Mark says:

    Sorry about the WAY that this “Turned Out” (ABOVE). Normally, I first type my words on a seperate doc file and Paste them. I wasn’t aware of the fact that it would leave so many Spaces.

  19. Nate Beck says:

    Very good observations Mark. As a matter of fact, there is also a very shady reference to Cain and Abel in Le Serpent Rouge as well. I am still taking time to consider all your points.

    Man, I really wish this Janice Bennett would post her thoughts on her interpretation of Midi Blue Apples soon! Will post more later.

  20. “The Prophets were like “Masters of Language” because they somehow understood HOW All of the Other Languages Evolved from LATIN.”

    OMG! Are you serious??? I guess we were all still swinging from trees until the Roman Empire came along?

    Have you ever heard of the HEBREW Bible? The JEWISH JESUS? The Prophets (ALL HEBREW) had no part in the ENGLISH words you are basing your logic on. They didn’t even write the GREEK scriptures you are crediting them with.

    Ancient treasures would not be hidden in modern words or languages. You can’t put the cart before the horse.

  21. Mark says:

    I prefer not to discuss Religion with people that I offend. However, I do understand your point. You are trying to say that the Old Testament (Hebrew) was written during a Different Period of Time than The New Testament (Greek). So you don’t believe that the Same People wrote both Testaments. 

    Actually, that makes sense. So I am probably wrong about that fact. Your Point about the Prophets All being HEBREW is Debatable. Actually, I did take the time to do a little Research on 
    This point. If you Google up “John the Baptist, Prophet, it will mention that John the Baptist (of the New Testament) was a Prophet.  However, judging from Bible Verses, there seems to be a QUESTION as to whether or Not John was Really a Prophet.

    Judging from Other verses in the NEW Testament seem to say, there doesn’t seem to be a question that Jesus is a Prophet. So my GUESS would be that this is what you mean by “The Jewish Jesus.” However, if that fact is REALLY true, then doesn’t that just go to prove that both Testaments are in some way Related? You don’t seem to agree with that fact.

    Nor do I really understand Why you even Care. Apparently, you have your own Agenda, and I have mine.  So let’s just leave it at that. 

  22. It wasn’t a religious discussion that offended me. It was when you said all other languages evolved from LATIN. Latin is only 2,000 years old. The Bible is at least 4,000 years old. Writing is at least 8,000 years old and spoken language is way way older than any writing.

    I should not have used the word Jewish when referring to Jesus, that implies religion. I meant Hebrew. That is a race and a sacred language. The Testaments are related as to Israel, but the Church is of the N.T. only.

    John the Baptist, a pure Levite ( The Hebrew priestly class ) was of the rightful heirs to the priesthood. That is why people were going to him instead of to the puppet priests installed by Rome and King Herod in Jerusalem.
    It could be that when Herod beheaded John, the mantle fell on Jesus as this is when he began his ministry. Just as the mantle of Elijah The Prophet (whom they acquainted with John the Baptist) fell on Elisha when he was taken up, and then Elisha became the Prophet.
    The testimony of Jesus is called the Spirit of Prophesy in the book of Revelation. The SPIRITS are REAL.

    I am not a member of any religious organization. The farther from the source, the more it is corrupted by man. I am just seeking wisdom and truth. I am partial to the Gnostics though. They do not kill their religious opposition ( LOL).

    This puzzle and all the clues are related to religious history. ( Maranantha means ” The LORD Cometh” ) . You cannot solve this puzzle without the Bible and other religious teachings. Even the Kabbalah is Jewish. So please don’t think that everyone who discusses religion has some sort of religious agenda or bias.

  23. Mark says:

    Your Comment

  24. Mark says:

    What is sad is the fact that I actually knew that Latin was NOT the FIRST Orional Language when I wrote the post. I even understood the fact that LATIN was possibly Derived from the “Slavic Languages.” 

    Just goes to show you the legnths that some people will go to in order to make a point. I just didn’t know how to make it without looking like some type of “Bigger Idiot.” So allow me to Rephrase that. Basically I was trying to say that there is “SOME LANGUAGE which I DON’T really KNOW which …” Ha Ha!

    I know. Not funny! Actually, I like HEbREW more than I do LATIN. I kind of liken the HEBREW LANGUAGE to the “Building Blocks” that represent the Key to the Underatanding of ALL Languages (or Religions) because it is THAT particular Language which has helped me to understand OTHER Religion, in General. 

    So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if at some point in time, I discover the fact that BABYLON was some reference to Hebrew all Along. Even The Zohar seems to Suggest the fact that there is Something SACRED about the “HEBREW ALPHABET,” And I myself have Witnessed the Proof that OTHER Religions seem to using that very “Same Alphabet” in an attempt to make their Points. So what was I going to say … Oh yeah! Good Point. Ha Ha! 

  25. Mark says:

    The post that says “Your Comment,” I didn’t write. What happened is it says “Your Comment” in the Reply Box, and after I filled out the Name and E-Mail Part, I accidently hit “SEND” before I wrote anything.

  26. Maria Rigel says:

    I think the blue apples refer to the apples of the tree of knowledge. The Maranatha clue “The stone blue fruit was the first to be savoured” makes it fairly clear. I don’t know yet why they are blue. I think they are stone because for the masons, knowledge is carved in stone.

  27. HaywardG says:

    Blue Apples, Kabbalah Tree, called “Sephirot”. Like the blue stone, “Sapphire”.

  28. Maria Rigel says:

    I think the reason that the “blue apples” of the church of Rennes le Chateau on 17th January get such attention is simply to point at the date. If it’s true that the lights don’t shine anywhere specific at noon on that date, it could have been something that was added after the fact. The angle of the sun at noon on 17th January on that latitude is significant.

  29. Maria Rigel says:

    Shadows don’t vanish at midday! They’re shorter, that’s all. And the length of the shadow can be measured.

  30. Maria Rigel says:

    Are the “blue apples” only blue at midday? That’s an interesting thought. The best explanation I’ve found for what are the blue apples is that they are sapphires, or the sephirat of the tree of life.

    But here’s an alternative idea, that doesn’t exclude the previous one, but may complement it: The main holiday of the Jews is Passover, that is connected to the spring equinox. And the angle of the sun at midday on the spring equinox is special in Jerusalem, because at that latitude, that angle is the same as the angle of the diagonal in a golden rectangle. It seems likely that the “promised land” was chosen based on the desired angle of the sun at midday on the spring equinox. And the spring equinox is associated with the air element, that is also associated with the blue colour.

    • HaywardG says:

      Blue apples as the (sapphire) sephirot is the best explanation I’ve been able to come up with.
      To me it means you must study the Kabbalah tree extensively, and learn of its properties and correspondences. The demon is the one who begins straight down from noon. Follow the pointing hand of Davinci to climb back up the tree.

  31. Maria Rigel says:

    Is there any photo of the coloured glass that produces these “blue apples” (as well as other colours)? It would help to work out what, if anything, was intended with the light effect.

  32. Maria Rigel says:

    My current guess is that if those apples “turn blue”, their colour would be red before.

  33. MickeyWRayne says:

    Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually
    had been a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from
    you! However, how can we communicate?

  34. Hope says:

    The blue apples are the descendants of Atlantis. Without their covering they are golden and luminous. Hence gold is alchemized when one that is not of their heritage mates with a female who is.

  35. Dan says:

    In ‘Flight into Egypt’ painted by Gentile da Fabriano in 1422 there are two fruit trees with what could possibly be apples on them. Most of them are gold in color (which reminds me of the Garden of the Hesperides) a few are red and each tree has one bluish tinted apple. Maybe there’s a hint in there. Judging from the position of the sun in this painting though, it’s not midday. Maybe there’s something worth following there and if not, the art and stories are a nice way to spend some time.

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