Maranatha – Et in Arcadia Ego Puzzle

Brief Summary of Maranatha Puzzle

Maranatha Et in Arcadia EgoLaunched in 2005, the puzzle entitled Maranatha – Et in Arcadia Ego challenged readers to the discovery of a ‘Key’; a protected and historic lost secret.   By way of a small red puzzle book, the authors sought to release a powerful understanding in the best way thought possible.  The puzzle guided searchers each on their own journey in effort to prepare and help searchers realize the hidden Truth for themselves.

Because unforeseen circumstances arose, the initially planned puzzle competition and support from the puzzle authors ended in early 2011.  This left searchers of the choice to continue the adventure without further aid of the puzzle’s creators.  A geometric shape of a Hexagram on tilt was later given as a representation of the Puzzle Key by Duncan Burden, but the Key’s complete significance eludes, and it’s use towards the ultimate discovery of the Holy Grail remains to be achieved.  As the Maranatha Puzzle companion book states;

“Take up the Challenge.  It is never too late to start!”

Hexagram TiltedThe following links offer a beginning for any who dare to take on the challenge of discovering the Key’s meaning, and how it leads to the Grail. The links also provide a resource and continue to present new discussions about the Quest for the Grail for those already in search.

Longer Summary of Puzzle

Questions with Duncan: Includes questions asked by puzzlers and answers given by Mr. Burden about the hunt’s subject matter.

Main Puzzle Content: This includes links to the Books, the Text, the Images, the Clues, and the Key given in the TimeMonk Project.

Additional Puzzle Content:  This includes links to the final PDF’s, the Parchments, the Alchemical Symbols and Highlights of the Key from a chat session with the author.

800px-Rennes-le-Château[1]Rennes le Chateau:  This includes links on subjects concerning Rennes le Chateau.  From a recent (May 2014) article in The Heretic Magazine vol 5 by Duncan Burden, and by the puzzle’s references to enigmas of this place, it is clear it holds importance to the Maranatha/TimeMonk Project.  Article links like A Demon, a Stone, and the Aspirant

Nicolas Flamel:  This includes links on subjects concerning Nicolas Flamel and his mysterious book.  The Maranatha puzzle book claimed to hold the same sacred relic of Nicolas Flamel’s lost tome.

408px-Le_Diable_-_Asmodee_-_Rennes-Le-Chateau_en_1990[1]Puzzle Musings: This includes links to musings on things about the puzzle, like Find a Devil

Clue Musings: This includes links to musings on things related to the clues, like Measure of a Man

Links to six Time Monk Screen Shots

Six Questions with Duncan Burden