Map of the Dead Armchair Treasure Hunt

map of the dead armchair treasure hunt bookHidden within the adventure filled novel, Map of the Dead, are clues to find a Golden Pyramid worth over $13,000 (£10,000).  Murray Bailey, from the Dorset Coast, UK, embedded clues within his recently released novel and challenges you to find a buried treasure!

The Pyramid, decorated with fascinating Hieroglyphs, is made from 18ct Gold and makes for a most excellent prize for this ‘Armchair Treasure Hunt’.  The book Map of the Dead takes you into the captivating world of Egyptian history, hidden tombs, secret writings, and mysterious artifacts.  All this is entangled in a race to break codes and discover the truth before it is lost forever.

All a searcher needs to do in order to begin the adventure is to purchase a copy of the Map of the Dead: The gripping thriller and treasure hunt (either Ebook or Paperback (Hardback coming soon)) and register on Site.

From here, read the book and progress through the 4 stages to discover a hidden location and claim the treasure of a Golden Pyramid!

Although ‘something is buried in the UK’ (not the Golden Pyramid), a person does not have to travel to ‘dig it up’ if he doesn’t want to.  Bailey has stated that he will ‘accept someone who can tell me precisely where it is located’.  This, of course, makes it a full Armchair Treasure Hunt.  Exciting!  Anyone from anywhere in the world has the equal opportunity to claim the TREASURE!  Will YOU be the one?

After reading the book, questions need to be answered on the Map of the Dead website.  There are 4 stages. On top of the website’s ‘submission page’ is a ‘Progress Bar’.  As one progresses (answers questions correctly) the various 4 sections are filled in gold.

A person may answer incorrectly.  If this is the case, a message within a WIDE RED LINE will appear on your screen when you have reached your limit of ‘incorrect answers’ for the day. You simply need to come back the next day and try again to submit the correct answers.

No one, as of the beginning of July, has solved clue 3, and it seems clues might be needed in order to do so from the following statement made by Bailey on Reddit; “Before the end of the year I’ll help people get past stage 2 though.”

Since that comment, there has been a ‘small clue’ provided for searchers. The clue, which was found on Mapofthedead/murraybailey twitter and facebook pages, was as follows:

“The animal in the hieroglyphs at the start of the section marked “Third” is an otter”

Hmmm…  interesting. But, I still don’t have the answer to question 3 though. 😊

Join in the on the hunt for the Golden Pyramid today, and join the MW Forum where there is a special board for discussions for the solving of the clues to the valuable treasure!



Best of luck in all that you seek!  Always treasure the adventure!


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8 Responses

  1. Buckeye Bob says:

    That golden pyramid is a beauty.
    Nice, Murray.

  2. Crimsonblaze says:

    Where did you view it at BB? I got a soft spot for them and they should be protected for future generations.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      There’s a link “Map of the dead website” above.
      From there it’s a link in the text “golden pyramid”.
      Then you go to “read the press article here”.
      And there’s a cool picture from the top down that shows all four sides.
      One has The All Seeing Eye,
      one has “MAP OF THE DEAD” written on it,
      and the other two sides have what looks like two different hieroglyphs. Probably clues.
      From the press article:
      “The pyramid is crafted from 18ct gold, with an 8cm square base, engraved with hieroglyphics.”
      (That means the base is 3.15 inches per side.)
      Very cool!

  3. Buckeye Bob says:

    Ahh, I see Jenny has a forum for it too. Shows how much I’ve been paying attention. lol
    I have been busy lately though. Too much going on all at once.

    • crimsonblazeblog says:

      Thanks, that wood make a cool looking paper weight for my desk. Do you think a foreigner wood have a chance or is it too farr to be behind the eight ball?

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        There’s always a chance until there’s not.
        “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.”

        I jokingly thought “paper weight” too, but that doesn’t seem like it’d do it justice. 😉

  4. Crimsonblaze says:

    Well it’s gonna be pretty hard to take to the coin shop and cash it in.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      You’d be better to auction it.
      Testing and certification and all that means more confidence, more bidders, and more value.
      This is a unique item, after all.

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