Monthly Clues of the Maranatha – Et In Arcadia Ego Puzzle

During the course of the Maranatha Puzzle, clues were released on the puzzle’s website.  Each month a new clue was presented to the readers.  They were to “offer aid in the successful conclusion of the project.”

The following is a list of those clues; similar to how they were given on the site with caps, punctuations, and spellings. It has been debated whether any or all of the inconsistencies in the clues were intended as additional hints.

The last 13 clues that were given on the Time Monk site came with elaborate pages of additional text.  The clues themselves were etched on stone tablet images.  They did not have any caps, word breaks, or punctuation.  They were given in the Pig-pen cipher which was the same for the encoded text of the book.

Here is the first clue:

‘There are no ‘Red Herrings’ in the Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego publication.  Every sentence of the coded text has a specific and genuine reason.’

15th October 2005

‘Look to the Pig-Pen Cipher.  It has been used to hide secrets for centuries.  With it you can read what was written!’

17th November 2005

‘Pharaoh THOTHMOSIS knew the secret of the serpent staff even as he was in his grave SET.  In his tomb were the secrets revealed to eyes that shouldn’t see the wonder.’

25th December 2005

So did those feet in ancient times walk where they buried their burning gold!  So did they lay their mantle down for a King to raise it as his standard!

26th January 2006

‘The perceived mistakes were designed to authenticate those who will reveal the answers; it is not advised to pursue the prize through these aspects.’

20th February 2006

‘Buried beneath where the Paths of Ermine and Icknield mark the spot, Answers and more secrets can be found!’

19th March 2006

‘White is the land of the beast!  The Red Serpents cross the land, like the blood on the Shield of Joseph.  Are you like those who came, saw and conquered?  Have you discovered the secret history of the standard of the land?’

23rd April 2006

St Georges Day

‘To find a description of what you are looking four.  Three names for it are found in the books warning two its readers, before the encrypted words even start.  Be assured You will have no doubts when you find it, no uncertainties, it will reveal all that you need in the most amazing fashion.’

29th May 2006

‘Staff in Serpents, Serpents Intwine Serpents, much is the reason for this spelling!’

29th June 2006

‘Peace was never meant to be found, here the Romans put the begining after the start and before the end.’

29th July 2006

‘As with most Truths the answer is right in front of you, and you have been told where to look.’

28th August 2006

‘As the answer affects history, then surely answers could be found in hisstory’

30th September 2006

‘The Mistakes are not to light your way but to prove where I’m from’

13th October 2006

‘Whether you began over a year ago or yesterday, it takes only a day to look and find the secret’

23rd November 2006

‘The Priests of the red and white knights wore green’

30th December 2006

‘It is not always what, where or when, but simple how!  The last is as important as the first!’

28th January 2007

‘The Egyptian Staff is the rod that the masters used to measure their work’

27th February 2007

‘The power of the secret is not what it is, it is how it is used’

30th March 2007

‘Look to where nothing was recorded to discover the first path’

30th April 2007

‘The raised hand of da Vinci points to the growth of the secret and the answer’

30th May 2007

‘All the parts you look at conjure the beast’

30th June 2007

‘The Ancient Aztecs and Ancient Asians knew the secret of nothing’

31st July 2007

‘The quest is ended with the true number of the Beast’

31st August 2007

‘Discover the word and write without a pen to answer without a letter’

30th September 2007

‘Find in a burden’s name the rod not to use, just as the artist cast it away’

30th October 2007

‘See how much bread you need to divide between two birds’

30th November 2007

‘Find in the Deserts the Old and the New, two ages of thought in two ages of men’

31st December 2007

‘The apples that turn blue in pairs hold the value of the key’

31st January 2008

‘Not the perpetual star do you seek, just the star that lights the way.’

29th February 2008

‘From the tomb not only kings touch the stars.’

31st March 2008

‘Like the split elm, join the broken tree together to find the way.’

30th April 2008

‘If no planet is there then it is naught to be thought of.’

31st May 2008

‘More than the Tau is shouldered by those who know.’

30th June 2008

‘Her words to speak are from those not numbered.’

31st July 2008

‘Crossed fingers not only bring good fortune, but the point to where it is.’

31st August 2008

‘The number of the stars of Sirius must be joined to find the number of the beast.’

30th September 2008

‘The oldest tale tells of the oldest tree which bares the immortal fruit’

31st October 2008

‘X does not just mark the spot, crosses can lead the way also’

30th November 2008

‘It is said the oldest man mentioned in the book buried the prize in a serpent’s den’

30th December 2008

‘The Planets were numbered to send messages across the sky’

31st January 2009

‘Where the widow’s son rose under the cross is the secret hidden’

28th February 2009

‘The Masters point to the answers and their eye behold the truth’

31st March 2009

‘As twice it is shown hidden to prove the worth of this book’

30th April 2009

‘Interlock the twice hidden key to find the planets align.’

31st May 2009

‘Take the tree to the heavens to find the code of its secret message’

30th June 2009

‘The divided balance of the staffs reveal the centre of both keys.’

July 2009

‘In the pointed view see the tower in which the boy was raised.’

August 2009

‘The number of those depicted echo the vision of those you are meant to see.’

September 2009 (appeared on October 19th)

‘In the circle of Hermes, can Time be squared’

October 2009 (appeared on October 31st)

‘The coils of the Serpents hold the shape of the King of Terrors’

November 2009 (appeared on October 31st)

‘The virgins sign upon the skull, see where two meet in the desert.’


New Time Monk site clues:

December 2009

‘The sign to the village shows the way.’

January 21st 2010

‘Fallen angels become the demons you look for’

(Page on Grail)

February 2010

To claim the reward in the book you must first find the beast here clearly defined

(Page on Tobit)

March 2010

Two lands of red, white, and blue linked like the key

(Page on Atlantis)

April 2010

Artists learnt to hide all that you can see

(Page on Raphael)

May 8th 2010

Masters who know are simply why they are called masters

(Page on DaVinci)

June 2010

The teacher of thibault knew the measure of a man

(Page on Francis Bacon)

July 2010

The real st rosalines points to where the secret has been held above and below

(Page on Saintly Hermits)

August 11th 2010

The stone blue fruit was the first to be savoured

(Page SIS, Moses and Staff)

September 3rd 2010

Four scenes hold the tempted view of the shepherds

(Page on Priory Paradox)

October 1st 2010

At the end is where the chapter and verse can be seen to be different

(Page on English Freemasonry)

November 2010

On the topless mount it is sealed

(Page on Sacred Geometry)

December 2nd  2010

Draw a circle around hermes using his feet as the edge

(Page on Royston Cave)

January 3rd 2011

Draw a square around time using his back as the edge

(Page on Shugborough Hall)


February 2011-ended with emails and PDF’s


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13 Responses

  1. susan says:

    do you need to buy a book or not. if so, what is the name of it.
    how long has puzzle mystery being going on.
    what is the prize at the end so i know got the right book.

    • Cat says:

      The wisdom lies in the solving of the prize and that is the prize itself . They don’t send you one
      . He who has an ear let him hear . The clues are self evident . Free your mind .

  2. Sixer/Jenny says:

    A summary of the maranatha puzzle is here: It was first published in 2005.

    There is not a prize anymore from the creators of the puzzle. The competition is over. However, the puzzle was never completely solved or explained, and like so many other mysteries/unsolved puzzles, people still like to work on them. The reward is in the journey of learning and discovering.

    The book is called Maranatha-et in arcadia ego. You can probably find them on auction sites…but, do not pay a lot for it…if you can’t find one and want one, let me know….

  3. astree says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for this very complete and accurate summary.

    ” for example, “HelloWorld” becomes “HE LL OW OR LD”, and map them out on the key table ”


  4. Anonymous says:

    new balance~͂W·̵

  5. Maria Rigel says:

    “The raised hand of Da Vinci” refers to the raised hand of the Vitruvian man. By the way, it’s been recently discovered that the face of the Vitruvian man is most likely a self-portrait of Da Vinci.

  6. khael says:

    “The power of the secret is not what it is it i show it is used”

  7. JL says:

    So much to learn………. so little time…………when a person discovered that they had found their rainbow it became obvious with the stunning display of humility that they did not even understand the game that was being played. As a righteous man, the master will prevail to teach the apprentice?

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