Forrest’s Surprise Words: Rain Rain Go Away

thrill of the chaseSurprise Words from Forrest:

Lots of rain in New Mexico. Some mountain roads are washing downhill. Please be mud aware. f



Best of luck with the Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!

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65 Responses

  1. DoubtingThomas says:

    What does “mud aware” mean?

    • E.C. Waters says:

      @DoubtingThomas – it means “be aware of the mud” and washed out roads so that one remains safe.

      However, if you’d like to entertain alternative and outside-the-box thinking (against what Fenn outright directs), here are a few thoughts to inspire aimlessness.

      “Mud” is another repeating word or synonym in Fenn’s vernacular, like he enjoys repeating the word “banco”. To someone (me) who uses topic frequency to infer significance, “mud” has a place. Fenn uses the word “mud” in Important Literature to describe WWI depictions found in For Whom The Bell Tolls. And he uses a synonym of mud (“dirt”) to quote a line from Kismet. He has spent quite a bit of time crawling around in the muck looking for stuff he can sell, so dirt and mud are well known to him. “Lodo” is a Spanish word for mud, and it gets a bit heavy (load) when it is wet. When taking into consideration the treasure is wet, and this was just recently clarified by our self-describing physics-aware treasure-hider (hyphenation and parentheses overload), “mud aware” seems significant enough to warrant more research into place names like LoDo (for my CO friends), or Fango, or Muddy Creek wherever. In the mean time, you’ll find me uninspired and imbibing at the barro instead of out looking.

    • Iron Will says:

      It’s Forrest lil word play way of saying “Be MADE aware”

      • Mike Forni says:

        I read that the Santa Fe Trail goes through Forrest Fenn’s backyard. Does anyone have a connection between the Chase and the Santa Fe Trail? It’s been washed away, but still stands.

  2. nmc says:

    Flash floods – bad news. Hope everyone searching in NM takes precautions.

    • Crow says:

      Most of NM including search areas got rain and lots of it – flooding in lowlands. Have not been to the mountains but probably would not risk it, particularly with an RV. Thanks for the alert ff.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Jenny, did Forrest supply the picture? Thank you.

  4. Bailey says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Windows up, if you are in New Mexico.

  5. redworkdog says:

    Aah, the great monsoon season and Connie Mack are upon us in NM. Flash floods and getting soaked are a daily occurrence. Normally dry washes can fill bank to bank in a moments notice. The water is sandy and muddy, making water depths unknown and often have deep channels along the sides. I have seen semi trucks buried halfway up the cab in the soft sand, and one truck sunk completely out of sight a few years ago and as far as I know is still buried in Carrizo Wash. Good thing is, the water usually recedes in about an hour or so and you can drive safely out. Just sit back and eat your sandwich and wait. Also be aware of the 6″ rut rule, meaning the BLM and FS guys drive half ton pickups with only about 6″ of ground clearance, and they get really testy if you tear up a muddy road and they get high-centered. They will shut down all the back roads if that happens. So the best thing is just take a break for a few days and let everything dry out.

  6. WiseOne says:

    Be conscious. Be aware…. Mud-slinging.
    I’m sure forrest always thinks ahead and has plenty of windshield washer fluid in his vehicles.
    Right Forrest?

  7. Illinosghost says:

    Taking advantage of the rain to give the mud clue again.

  8. cynthia says:

    Forrest, With all the rain and muddy hillsides, is the treasure chest in danger of moving away from its current hidey spot? I’m heading out again in the morning and wondered if I need to rethink my location. Thanks. Cynthia

    • nmc says:

      Why would this year be any different from previous years of monsoon weather? Is it especially bad this year?

    • Crow says:

      Cynthia, Maybe it washed downstream with everything else. Been odd weather this year. Very hot–too hot for me. Maybe global warming will melt it down or cook it to steam. Take care; muddy roads are just no fun to slide down. Last year I saw a large Ford truck slide off the dirt road and into a mucky pasture before a creek. They had to get help to be pulled out. Luckily it was a well traveled road. 🙂

      • Strawshadow says:

        Nothing like being stuck in the mud. The longest for me was 3 days of non stop digging. I won’t mention how many times that shovel has been sharpened in a mud bog. Be careful carry a shovel.

  9. SB says:

    Urban Dictionary: MUD – Multiple Username Disorder. “Every …discussion board you check out these days seems to have a minimum of 2 MUD cases trying to monopolize the conversation…”

  10. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn for the heads up, Muddy waters run deep, be aware of her multiple personalities, Mother Nature may look nice and peaceful but her tune can change in a torrent.

  11. William says:

    Let’s say it’s in the mud but what would 12 feet away tell you it’s right there?

  12. HeadedDown says:

    I got to start looking in New Mexico.

  13. Twingem says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny! It’s cats and dogs here in Colorado too. Patience is stressful…. Ha!

  14. Timberwolf says:

    I think he is referring to all the mud-slinging on the internet and blogs today. Lawsuits may be pending. IMO.


    • Twingem says:

      As the betting woman that I am, I’d imagine Forrest would sooner sign over all but $50 in his pocket to someone he felt deserving rather than give an inch to a frivolous law suit —- such as any that would come as a result of the a persons free will to participate in the Chase (or their ex-spouse’s free will). Remember the story (not exact but close enough for horseshoes) of him turning his boot sideways to avoid his sisters kick – sister got hurt. He got whipping for defending himself from kick. He had no regrets of the whipping….something to the effect of sometimes principle is reason enough to abandon logic. Well, anyone who would consider bring a lawsuit for their free will (or any other human beings free will) to participate in the Chase is lower than low in the food chain IMO. Principle would likely encourage Forrest to abandon logic IMO. Logical, don’t ya think?

      No free rides in this life. Lawsuit seekers … get off your duff and earn something honestly. No one wins in a lawsuit but the lawyers.

      • Strawshadow says:

        Haven’t heard about any lawsuits but I know people will do anything for a buck. It seems sad to me that our society has lost its honest, work hard ethic. Trust is a word that many know nothing about, you sound like a principled person Twingem.

        • Twingem says:

          I try to be the best person I can be for sure – a perfectly flawed beautiful disaster – that’s me! Isn’t that the human condition really?

          True story – my dad loaned money to brother at one point. When my brother made his last payment on the loan – he rounded it up to nearest dollar. As he was walking away, my dad said “wait a minute – I owe you 30 cents change – you over paid the loan amount due.”

          I’ll never forget that lesson. Don’t take more than you’ve earned. Be willing to earn every cent. And once you’ve earned it, be aware of those who will try to take it away on some self-serving principle based in a sense of entitlement.

          Hope you are well this fine evening!

          • H.A. says:

            Twingem, I love your description, “a perfectly flawed beautiful disaster” — may I borrow and use that, please, as it fits so well these days who and what I see when I look in my personal mirror?

            Regarding you lawsuit thoughts, I find them disturbing. But I have been disturbed by the sue-happy mentality since the woman who sued McDonald’s because SHE dumped her coffee in her lap and was burned, won in court to the tune of several million, as I remember. It seemed to be the trigger for any and every one to claim, “It’s not my fault, it’s yours so you owe me.”

            I have a relative in the legal profession generally, and from listening to their stories and justifications, I am just confirmed in my thinking that the grab what you can mentality behind so many lawsuits is just purely abhorrent. Just let it go, nothing you might gain is worth what you’d do to your soul, your humanity. Not to mention the damage to your ‘opponent’.

            Or am I just an impractical and shallow dreamer.

            • nmc says:

              The continued misrepresentation of the Stella Liebeck vs. McDonald’s case mystifies me. The real story can be found here:
              This wasn’t a case of a sue-happy, irresponsible 70 year old woman looking to profit off her own clumsiness. She originally asked for $20K to compensate for the extensive medical treatment she required after sustaining 3rd degree burns. McDonald’s refused, and ended up paying considerably more, but not the $2M everyone thinks she got. The punitive damages were reduced to $400K.

            • Twingem says:

              Hi H.A. – yes of course, please use it! Hope you are well.

    • Timberwolf says:

      I was thinking of lawsuits against the writer of the libelous letter that was published. Lots of claims, conjecture, and accusation without providing evidence or cites…

      The accused will likely let it slide. He’s getting used to it, and may even think it’s amusing. IMO.

      I just thought the mud/rain/washing downhill statement and the letter seemed very timely if not coincidental.


  15. Ramona Queen of Poor Execution says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest. Be safe everyone.

    • JL says:

      I’m sorry but I just have to ask. Did you execute someone poorly?

      • Ramona Queen of Poor Execution says:

        Hi JL, thanks for asking. No, I did not execute “someone” poorly. But I have on several occasions executed my solve very poorly. I once posted my solve online for all the world to see. I mean anyone could have stolen it. I’ve over shared on some of the threads on a couple of the blogs. I drove a thousand miles to my location only to suffer heat exhaustion and failed to even make it to the hidey spot. So I just decided I might as well go ahead and admit it. I’m the Queen of Poor Execution. I know Mr. Fenn’s title is very important to him so I’m going to follow his example and own my title. There, now I have given you the full explanation of my title. Hope it helps. =)

        • JL says:

          Thank you Ramona,
          I suspected as much I was just fishing for your story. It appears you are proud of your endeavours and by acknowledging your faults you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in the future. Over sharing may be a fault, I am not certain. That might be a virtue you could just cut back a little on. Good Luck and remember *Don’t be impatient, the treasure chest isn’t

        • decall says:

          Lol Ramona, you are so funny. I also read your solve and it was very good.

    • Ramona Queen of Poor Execution says:

      Actually, I guess I could be the one I was poorly executing by sharing my solve. If someone had taken my solve seriously and retrieved the treasure chest. OH!

      I was thinking of abbreviating Queen of Poor Execution as QPE, which reminds me of Kewpie Dolls, which reminds me of the Spanish Toy Factory in TTOTC, which reminds me of a place somewhere near (in the same county) as the hidey spot. But I don’t think anyone will follow that trail. Such is The Chase.

  16. Spallies says:

    Thanks for the warning Forrest… Could be some uber mud and/or a lot of muck and mush to deal with…. Be careful everyone…

  17. 23kachinas says:

    Stay safe out there NM searchers. Goodnight, sleep well to the music of rain.

  18. Mark J says:

    Mother Nature can be powerful, thanks for the heads up.

  19. Onuat says:

    Nature makes her own rules. Be safe and stay dry,everyone.
    Thanks for the warning,Forrest. Thanks Jenny.

  20. Spade says:

    Yeah, I hope it’s all downhill from here. And believe me when I tell you, I am definitely “mud aware”. On my last search all I got was this really ugly mud bath, when all l probably needed was a nice little southern foot spa.

  21. Jeremy P. says:

    “Please” is traditionally a magic word. If the man says please be mud aware, best to mind the mud.

  22. lifesablaze says:

    Just for fun…there’s a great movie called Mud staring Matthew McConaughney. Its about two young boys in the south who find a boat in a tree and an interesting character living in it. I think it goes right along with the spirit of our adventures.

    • Strawshadow says:

      That was a wild Mud movie, the boy stole the show, and a bit to much Mississippi, I think. Uh oh, no offense meant. Maybe it was Alabama or Florida, or wherever. Wish I could find an island like that though. Matthew’s part was a bit on the back side of Burke I thought.

    • rose says:

      lay not for your selves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break thru, and steal; but lay up treasures in heaven , where moth nor rust corrupt, and where thieves break and steal, for where your treasure is, your heart will be also, No man can serve two masters, for he will either HATE, THE ONE, and love the other; or else he will hold to the other. Ye cannot serve God or mammon…… as much as you can’t see what I say, it’s still a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, I realize to type this is vanity , with the expected, continual, outcome, I give u this much, your passion, zealousness, your drive, your desire, well, more power to you, u are what u you are and I can see right thru you, and so can others!!!!! it is written, cast not your pearls upon swine, my last message to u…….

      • JL says:

        “But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by any human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself. For I am not aware of anything against myself, but I am not thereby acquitted. It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God.”

        • JL says:

          And while we are on the subject;

          Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

          Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.

      • Strawshadow says:

        I have no idea who these charged emotions are aimed at? If at me then you probably have cause, if at lifesablaze then I see no reason.

        • rose says:

          there’s some thing s that u don’t know about, some guys here do, that was to them…. there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, so to speak, a lot more, sorry, some day, ill explain, people and things aren’t always as they seem, I have extensive experience with socio-paths , and the only language they understand is HARD, BOLDLY SPOKEN WORDS, women, just as Jenny, are easy to take advantage, u wouldn’t see that type of behavior in dal’s in blog, , this guys filth, if u can read between the words, believe me, I know these kind of people, I ve been around it extensively, and unfortunately, the only thing they respect, is when u put them in their place, I know , sorry, it was for him and he has many many many names he goes by!!!!!!

  23. lifesablaze says:

    Words easily spoken from your comfortable perch. I see the world through the eyes of the hungry and homeless. These eyes belong to God as well as yours. The false world of hustle and shine is just a lie. The truth of the Christed one is in the Nature of the world. So how does one live both in the world and out of the world without winding up on the streets? It’s no great measure of mental health to be well-adjusted to a sick society. I would see to the children and educate them in the ways of their Mother Earth. And most creditors as far as I can tell are just vultures feeding on others hopes and dreams having no original energy to produce or create anything themselves. It seems to me we are all trapped in this shiney lie. So we wait for our rewards in heaven. But if Gods heart is here on the earth manifest in every breath and molecule then I choose to believe that my heaven is here right now. And I know this to be true because my heart truely weeps with the beauty everytime even a little bird sings. So if I am to be judged then judge my heart.

    • spallies says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 LifesABlaze!!!!

    • rose says:

      All I can say is this, my pastor, a MARINE, WHO SHED BLOOD FOR HIS COUNTRY, FOR the USA, who was a humble man, a good teacher, one day a socio-path came into his recording studio, and try to assault him with a gun, guess what the pastor did??? He got his glock from his table, on live t.v. and was going to take care of the situation at hand. In countries, women, get acid thrown in their face, their bodies mutilated, etc, etc, here in the US, well thank God, God gave us the right to protect ourselves, ….. I would tell Mr. Fenn, in the case of his granddaughter, do what it takes, …. God expects us to defend our family, our loved ones, that’s the truth (as for turn the cheek, the real meaning is, if some one slaps us with un-truth, u turn the cheek, and slap back truth), as tactics, that socio-path, try, manipulation on words, sorry, being there, done that, u see, I also study, human mind behavior patterns, just look up SOCIOPATH ….. this people never stop, and they are predators, always looking for prey… there u see, the other side, of me, the ones who defends herself!!!

  24. Strawshadow says:

    Yes, I like Jenny’s sight, it’s informative and for the most part positive. Honest opinions may cause some temporary pain but must be respected because they weren’t meant to deceive.
    The one thing that Jenny did that has me scratching my head is her Sunday quote. “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you got his shoes”. ?

  25. lifesablaze says:

    I’m not sure I understand the entire line of this thread. But here are some more ideas about MUD I’m sure have been brought up before…maybe a look again. Eric Sloane’s Adobe structures. Home of Brown…do beaver use mud when building their “own home”?

  26. lifesablaze says:

    Take off the Br from brown. Bromine…idk just throwing some thoughts out there…

  27. Chesney says:

    Best thing that could happen…. someone finds Indulgence! Then everyone could “Rest Easy”! Mr. Fenn , I wish that you and Mrs. Fenn are both in Great Health! !!!

  28. Brad Hartliep says:

    I would just like to add, with Spring Approaching, for anyone who isn’t from the West and has never experienced a Desert Flash Flood Do Not Go Past the Road Closed Signs! — and if it’s been Raining a lot – stay home or in your hotel until Flash Flood Warnings subside ..


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