Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts

fenn's treasureThe following is a collection of facts about the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn.

I realize fact is a pretty strong word.  Some people may not think it is fact Forrest Fenn has hidden a million dollar (or more) treasure.  However, since I choose to believe Forrest Fenn is a person of integrity and not one to mislead, I believe what he says, and this, then, is how I am determining what is ‘fact’ or not.

The facts are:

The poem, if followed precisely (and understood correctly) will lead a person to the location of the hidden treasure.  Nothing more is said to be required.

The treasure is ‘hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe’.  This is written in the book.  However, Forrest later said, ‘hidden in the Rocky Mountains’ specifically.

Also written in the book is the statement that there are subtle clues sprinkled in the stories of The Thrill of the Chase (TTOTC).  In a radio interview (around 21:20) he said these help with the nine clues in the poem.

Forrest says when he wrote the poem he wasn’t playing any games. The poem is straightforward. He also said it took him 15 years to write it, and changed it many times. He felt like he was an architect writing the poem and each word is deliberate.

If a person reads the poem over and over again and deciphers the first few clues, he says they can find the treasure chest.

Only one person alive, Forrest Fenn, knows where the chest is hidden.


In Six Questions with Forrest Fenn, he says nothing about the finding of treasure will be accidental.

In Six Questions More with Forrest Fenn he says, “Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few on in tight focus with a word that is key.”

On February 4th, 2015 in Six Questions Yet Again with Forrest Fenn, Forrest said that, ‘nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.’


The clues given on the Today Show are fact:

March 1st:  “The treasure is hidden higher than 5000 feet above sea level.”
March 27th:  “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure.”
May 3rd:  “The treasure is not in a graveyard.”
June 28th: “The treasure in not hidden in Idaho or Utah.”

Update:  July 12th, 2015:  The Treasure is NOT in a mine.

Forrest Fenn is known to have said a few other things about the treasure:
It is not in Nevada.
It is more than 300 miles west of Toledo
It is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe
It is also not in Canada according to the 9/17/2013 article: 5 Million Rocky Mountain Treasure Waiting to be Found. (that 5 million amount is a rumor/not fact) Plus the map, showing the search area in Too Far to Walk (published fall 2013), does not include Canada highlighted.

There is a clue in the newer book (Too Far to Walk) that Forrest says he didn’t know was in there until after it was printed.  He says it is an important one if you can find it. (some believe it was the ‘not in Canada’ clue of the map)

The treasure is not on top of a mountain…… (but may be close to the top)

The treasure is hidden below 10,200 feet


Update 5/16/2014: On Dal’s site, scrapbook 68, is the following quote.  It informs us that WWWH (where warm waters halt) of the poem does NOT relate to any dam.

“Many searchers have thought that warm waters halt at a dam because water being released through flues near the bottom of the dam is much colder than water on the surface of the lake.  I have discussed around that subject with several people in the last few days and am concerned that not all searchers are aware of what has been said.  So to level the playing field to give everyone an equal chance I will say now that WWWH is not related to any dam.”  ff


This article has Forrest saying “There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been.  Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.”  The article also includes him saying how he prefers to say the treasure is hidden, instead of buried, because he does not want to give that as a clue.

(Update 12/31/2014- Forrest answered a question providing an end of 2014 summary for the hunt– He said again, “no one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”) 

(Update 5/5/2014) The following two quotes are from Forrest.  They were posted on Dal’s site in April 2014. They seem like great points to keep in mind when trying to discover the location of his treasure.

“It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it? It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f”

“Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” f


The following thoughts may be more my opinion: so I preface it with ‘I think’ it is fact that the finding of the treasure should in no way include ‘dangerous’ territory or actions; as in doing something that risks your life or requires special skills or equipment (a flashlight is not ‘special equipment’ but, scuba gear is, (my opinion).  I base this from Forrest saying to go only where a 79 or 80 year old man can go and that a child could pick it up (that is if he can lift 42 lbs.).

Although I think many may put the physical aspect to the 79 or 80 year old statement, I think it could also include the wisdom of a man of that age.  Forrest hid the chest in a ‘safe’, but ‘Thrilling’ location.


What’s in the Chest?

The treasure consists of (written in the book) “gold coins, mostly old American eagles and double eagles, along with lots of placer nuggets from Alaska. Two weigh more than a pound each and there are hundreds of smaller ones. Also included are pre-Columbian gold animal figures and ancient Chinese human faces carved from jade. The different objects in the cache are too numerous to mention one by one, but among them are a Spanish 17th century gold ring with a large emerald that was found with a metal detector, and an antique ladies gold dragon coat bracelet that contains 254 rubies, six emeralds, two Ceylon sapphires, and numerous small diamonds.”

In the book he also mentions the chest contains; a Tairona and Sinu Indian necklace from Columbia that consists of thirty-nine fetishes carved from quartz crystal, carnelian, jadeite, and other exotic stones. Plus, two cast gold objects (jaguar claw and frog).

A small silver bracelet that has 22 turquoise disc beads is known to be in the chest, as well. It is this item Forrest would like to have back and is willing to pay the finder for it. I would think most would just give it to him, though.

These items (along with some others not mentioned) are contained in a Romanesque Lock Box (dated to around 1150 AD) made of Bronze. The treasure chest is 10x10x5 and weighs 42 lbs.

In Featured Question with Forrest, ‘A Secret in the Chest’, Forrest says, “Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues.”

Watch a MW Video highlighting Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts, what’s in the Treasure Chest, and Safety Tips about searching for the treasure.  Please Subscribe to the MW YouTube Channel.

Many more links concerning thoughts on the treasure:  The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn and Questions with Forrest page (A page where Forrest has answered questions from searchers)

Plus be sure to check out ‘Featured Questions with Forrest’.  Here he answers questions from searchers and so there is lots of additional information to be found there.


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222 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    I had not heard the “at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe” clue before. When/where did Forest say that?

    Oh – you can add Forrest’s comment, “sounds like three or four clues to me” regarding the first key stanza beginning ” Begin it where warm waters halt…”

    and his comment “sounds like a couple more [clues]” regarding the next four line stanza beginning, “From there it’s no place for the meek.”

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Marc,

      The ‘at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe’ was mentioned in a comment Forrest made on the MountainWalk blog. ( Dal has confirmed it was actually Forrest who made the comment. Initially it wasn’t thought to be him.

      And thanks for the additions….

    • Tom Gregory says:


      Regarding your first question, Marc, do not try to analyze this without knowing Fenn’s methods, like this 8.25 miles quote, because it issimilar to the “300 plus miles left of Toledo” quote.

      The important thing is Toledo is a city that has an inference to the clue “The home of Brown!”

      Can you hear me now?

      However the Clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” is simple, Forrest is an avid fisherman and he did not say Hot Water, or Hot Springs He said “WARM WATER HALT” every fisherman in New Mexico is familiar with this “Game and Fish Warm Waters Halt”and”Cold Waters Start” in the proclamation.

      If you want to understand more go to

      And email me
      Tom Gregory, Hunt Guide

      • Jaime santos says:

        Jenny, in an interview Forrest said there were Grizzly bears. New mexico has no grizzly bears. So I’m starting to believe new mexico is not the place 🙁

    • Richard says:

      He also made the same comment to josh on Expidition Unknown

  2. Laura says:

    Hi – And where are you getting the fact that Forrest wants the turquoise bracelet back and is willing to pay for it? I have not seen this … Thank you.

  3. Julie says:

    Do the clues have to be solved if you have an idea where it might be?

  4. wil says:

    could yellowstone still be a good place to look, and why the difference between warm and hot water. Water is warm once it touches cold.

  5. I posted a crude video on YouTube titled ” the answers to Forrest Fenn’s poem and the map ” the treasure is in a national park and now public domain so I’m afraid all you can do is “chase” check out the answers for yourselves

  6. Rick says:

    Where did you hear it was in the Rockies?

  7. Lori p says:

    I have not heard of any mention about Toledo and the home of brown! Although I noticed Brown is capitalized in the poem, I take it to be a person…. Could be wrong…a place?

  8. Tom Gregory says:

    Dear Forrest Fenn,

    You recently told a blogger named “Cowboy” that any clues translated by nmtreasure were “worthless” and furthermore, “everyone wants to get in on the act”.

    Now, we at carefully track all emails and I have none from you asking for “OUR” interpretation of your clues and hints from “Thrill Memoir” so, unless you are now into reading minds, we are not sure how you knew they were no good?

    Not so long ago a made for television film was shot on our family’s ranch in southern New Mexico, it was called “Treasure of Victorio Peak”. I will not go into great detail, but it turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

    Our intentions at are out in the open. We do believed in your altruistic motives and applauded your “John Muir” ethic for challenging people to save our beloved Rocky Mountains and respect your sacrifice in this cause. That is admirable.

    However, the truth is you have never read our interperation’s and you credibility may be in doubt?

    If you actually read this and read what we have gleamed from you poem and book, and you will tell us that we are completely wrong, then we will remove our web site and refund to all the people who paid us for these translations. We believe that if there is a treasure hidden out here in New Mexico, based on your clues, it is near “Hidden Lake, NM”.


  9. Tom Gregory says:

    Forrest has answered me in “private” and we are still in business. See

    Tom Gregory, Hunt Guide

    • MattLogger says:

      You guys are so full of it. First of all, Mr. Fenn did not contact you, and if he does, it won’t be to confirm that your interpretation of the clues is correct. He hasn’t done that for anyone and I’m uncertain why you think you would be the exception. You are, after all, a hunter just like everyone else. Furthermore, if Forrest said publicly that your clues are worthless then he would have publicly retracted that if he had contacted you and changed his mind. He has not.

      What you are running is no different than any other get rich quick scam. If you actually had valuable information you’d go find the treasure, not sell clues.

      So stop spamming message boards with sales pitches for your crap, which I can say without a shadow of a doubt (based on your statements above) is incorrect. You have no idea where the treasure is and are either trying to make a quick buck (or thirty) or worse, trick people into thinking that because they paid they are in some sort of partnership with you and can “collaborate” with you by sharing their interpretation of the clues where it differs from yours – information you’ll use to go find it yourself.

    • Seeker says:

      He answered you i less than 3 min.?

  10. DJ Frit says:

    On several occasions Forrest has said that he knows that people have been within 500 ft of the hiding place.

    1) Frist off, IF, IF no one but Forrest knows where the prize is hidden, how does Forrest know that people were 500 ft away?? Something is wrong with this statement that Forrest keeps repeating.
    2) Has anyone verified that people were 500 ft from the prize??
    3) Has he ever said WHO these people are??
    4) Has anyone contacted them??

    Forrest on a couple of TV interviews has stated that he (Forrest) has NOT gone back to check on the box. Nor has any representative of Forrest has checked on it. (since ONLY Forrest knows where the box is) So, how does he know people have been that close to the box?? He is not using human or electronical devices to receive information from.

    See, something doesn’t make sense about this whole “500 ft” business.

    Your thoughts and proofs (IF ANY) .

    • Sixer/Jenny says:

      Hi DJ Frit, thanks for visiting….Forrest has said he knows people have been within ‘about’ 500ft is because people have sent him emails telling him where they have looked (but he has never shared who (other than searchers). Knowing where they have been, he would then have a way of knowing if they were within 500ft. Hope that helps..

    • The Head says:

      What if? The people that have been within 500 feet were camping? They buy a permit. Then a simple phone call to the camping ranger station that sold the permit to that certain camp ground could tell someone
      (Mr. Fenn) how many people camped there for a given time or period and WOW! You suddenly know how many people walked right by the treasure.

  11. DJ Frit says:

    Hey Sixer,

    Thanks for your response. Like some Fenn enthusiasts I have spent many hrs researching and rereading his book. I also believe that I have hit a few sites and/or people (that no one else has contacted) that had information helping with the 9 clues. From all of time and effort (over 4,ooo hrs) I believe I can narrow that 500ft gap to 100ft and find our prize. I am hoping to test my theory in SEP or OCT. Then I will know if I got it right or not.

    Has anyone come up with a way to contact Forrest for authenticating the find, and not alerting the US Marshalls or FBI (who are both monitoring Forrest’s physical movements, post and e mails )?? Plus I wish to keep this from publicity with the news people.

    I wish you well in your search.

    GOD Bless

  12. Seeker says:

    Have to say Great site… just read “The Beale’s paper”, not really sure how to take it as of yet ( reading again ).
    About three months ago i heard of FF poem on the today show and , like ya’ll have been searching the poem for clues. warm waters, home of brown, etc. But on this blog and others i have not seen anyone talking about the structure of the poem. and yes the poem as more information than just the (9) lines people refer to as the 9 clues. Would like to hear from anyone else who may have found the other ummm clues or info imbedded in the poem. I’m not going to say i have solved it. But if I’m right in my theory I may have located the AREA to be searched. again like the mysterious writings… great site… need to try and solve the unicornis manuscripts next.

    • Sixer/Jenny says:

      Hi Seeker,

      Thanks for the comments and visiting the site..hope to see you here often…..I am not sure what you mean by the ‘structure’ of the poem? Can you offer any clarification?

      I find the Beale Treasure fascinating. It is believed by some (even if the treasure is gone or was never there) that the remaining two undeciphered codes, once solved, do hold clues to the purpose of the story; if not the treasure itself.


      • Joshua says:

        I like your post. It is very interesting. I am subscribing to your letter. Please keep me informed on the updates of Forest Fenn. I am going on a search in Colorado in the month of June. Wish me luck.

    • mikel says:

      a lake with a warm waters in the rocky Sanchez reservoir fit the bill for a start

  13. Seeker says:


    What I mean by structure ( maybe not the best word ) is that there is more information in the poem then just the 9 clues…back on that in a sec… using archaic language, All poems seem to have many meanings by using certain words such as bad meaning wrong or bad meaning (now) cool. beyond that the poem also have other clues hidden in , for lack of a better term, format. I’m not saying that the 9 “common” lines are not the 9 clues but i have a different 9. 1st stanza last line clue one. 2nd stanza clue two. 3rd stanza clue three. (9) nine itself clue 4. in my method of solving the poem I have 8 clues with IF YOU BEEN WISE AND FIND THE BLAZE, LOOK QUICKLY DOWN YOUR QUEST TO CEASE as my achilles’ heel. tarry scant I get, But can not be used till I find the true meaning of blaze or go to the “location” where the chest is. my other 5 clues deal with, example all the capital letters. I have not seen any talk on this except ” that the way FF wanted it to be” Well yeaaaaaah! and there’s a reason for it as there are others. I was hoping maybe someone else was looking at the poem the same way and what they have come up with. I’m really not sure “exactly” what FF is implying what the nine clues are my method or just the nine lines.
    Any thoughts??
    letters on each line.

    • Smith says:

      I’m with you – the choices the Poet Fenn -not the millionaire Fenn- made
      are clues TO the clues. 9 sentences = 9 clues is how I see it, one of those sentences being a question.
      The ABAB structure is simple, so it tells us not to expect much high art, and the alliteration reinforces that stance, but the technical choices – the ‘backstage’ stuff – he made are very intriguing!!
      I’m also in the ‘there’s a code or cypher at work here’ camp. Though im confident I’ve got the blaze, oddly enough, 100% figured, so much so it affects/confirms in 4 other lines.

  14. Seeker says:

    Ah! the blaze… a debate all it’s own… but if one finds the blaze, what is the next step to find the chest? Some would say if you find it, the chest will be there. I feel that there is more in the search once you have solved the location of the blaze.
    The real question, is THE solution in the poem? Is there a HINT to solve the solution in the poem? or at this point, does one need boots on the ground to discover another or MORE CLUES to take you to the chest.
    There is a gap between heavy loads and water high—-If you been wise and find the blaze. which I take to say, once you “know” what the blaze is, go there and finish your field work on site. Then the chest will be found. So is there a cypher or code in the poem? or in the field waiting to be found by the one who is WISE? This is my Achilles’ heel.

    • joe says:

      yes seeker their are at least 5 additional clues that become clear once u find the approximate location

      • joe says:

        btw the whole thing is pretty strait forward the man tells you right where to go and the best advise Im going to share is simply dont think so hard if you have to question every thing you think than your wrong let the poem unravel itself then the answer to all the clues will be revealed with the exception of about 3 which are boots on the ground clues

  15. reyna says:

    The area is not the problem its simple:-) its so simple people are passing by it I have done all my work at home I do know all that area been there in the past many times financially no money to get there at the moment. Has any one ever thought he has a tracking device in the box just a thought. I have four good clues to get me in the area after that just look for it the rest of the clues I can’t make out I’m in Tucson az

  16. Seeker says:

    Was wondering, you say there at least 5 additional clues that become clear…
    Would that make 9 clues or at least the 9 clues FF says are in the poem, in addition to your 5 clues? 15?
    One of my problems is not only trying to figure out what FF’s 9 clues are to him. But even knowing what they are is needed to solving the “meaning” to the poem and/or taking one to the 10″x10″x5″ spot. there are so many ways to look at what a clues IS never the less what they really are. 9 words, 9 sentences, 9 lines, 6 stanzas and 3 hidden clues, or even the poem as 1 clue and 8 hidden clues to be deciphered.
    I could even say…the poem clue 1 and information found in the poem leads to clues out side the poem. example: WWWH, if you know what it means, but the actual “clue” doesn’t have anything to do with Warm, Waters, or Halt. but in the research is the real clue and could mean a Bird. ( that is just an example )
    Or is 9 a clue itself. Whom ever find the treasure and meet the Author. Please ask him that for me… thanking you in advance…

  17. Paul says:

    Hello my name is Paul, I found the treasure.
    I haven’t taken it though. Check out my web page if you get a chance

  18. chris volkay says:

    Like many others- I claim to know where the treasure is-check it out it’s over at Kindle “The Fenn Treasure:How and Where to Find it. Think I’m full of shit-get a refund-for some of you that are in the know-it’s in Northeast-not west-but east Yellowstone. Yeah it’s quite a cache.

  19. You have a reference that Forrest Fenn said it took 15 years to write the poem. However, in the 6 questions section he is quoted: I see my memoir as being a story that was ordained by some unknown hand. It came to me at age eighty as though my entire life had been waiting for that moment. The bulk of the book was written in six weeks.

    Where did you get the statement it took 15 years to write the poem?

    • sixer/jenny says:

      Hi Christy,

      He says that in an interview he did in the fall of 2013. Video of that event is here:

      The idea for hiding the treasure, and the writing of a poem leading someone to it, came to Fenn after he was diagnosed with cancer. He was told he only had a short time to live, but wonderfully (and miraculously), he got better. This allowed him more time to consider the poem, to which he then decided to include the poem in his memoir entitled, The Thrill of the Chase.

  20. If I think I know where the treasure is, how do I convey this to someone with contacts to Fenn?

  21. Ted Nicol says:

    I am having such a hard time trying to understand all these people who seem to think that Forrest hid the gold in the mountain or in a stream. Can you not see any common sense in studying his character ? He has an ego and an desperation to not disappear after death. He is an archeologist at heart and loves to preserve things. He loves mystery and challenging others to a mental fighting game. So lets begin with being an archeologist ,,, What is the character of an archeologist ? it is to find and preserve. SO NOW ! do you think that he is going to buy an 1150 AD bronze box and then put his prized possessions in it AND THEN go and put it into a creek where the snow runoff can destroy it. Runoff is powerful enough to move much larger boulders and could and would destroy the box and contents easily. ALSO, Standing in the middle of Santa Fe you would be above 5000 ft. and in the Rockies. Also he never said it was in Santa Fe ( CITY ) …. Just Santa Fe !!! But there is Santa Fe rd, city, ave, restaurant, railroad, etc… His first book lays out a map that when turned at an angle, makes the gold on top to take the outline shape of a man with a backpack and a box behind him and pointing in an certain spot , but !!! what if the box behind him is the spot ? ALSO the first paragraph of the poem gives TWO words that describe the picture of the map next to it. ( BOLD and HINT. ) Check the definitions of those two words. next, look at the map and see what is out in bold and what is vague. NOTICE !!! to put gold on top of a map and then take a picture of them would make both either clear or out of focus, so to see them being both says to me PURPOSE . Now to jump ahead a bit, DID YOU NOTICE that his family ARE NOT bent out of shape with the idea of his SO CALLED intent to go up into the mountains and die with his gold ? That is because they KNOW that he is NOT !!! PAGE 125 or 127 ( can’t remember exactly which ) SAYS that he ( WILL BE ) PILLOWED DOWN AND SCENTED IN which is what the morgues do to people when they die. which means buried !!! NOW look at the poem again . Warm waters in my opinion is tears, heavy loads are heavy sorrow of the heart water high could be tears again or a specific water tower near a grave yard or something of the sort. put in below the home of brown , in the wood, no place for the meek ,,,, ALL THREE are names of people but only one is capitalized . He speaks of death ALL THROUGH his book … says about a little lady that if he could find her grave , he would go out one DARK NIGHT and push a nickel up under her marker ??? nickel = money under a stone and at night meaning doing it in hiding meaning something illegal and with is prior problems if you found it there it means HE TOO did something ILLEGAL !!!

  22. Ted Nicol says:

    In continuation to the above : in his talks, Forrest speaks of how he likes history. and at the beginning of the book he has a place that says, ( not quoted precisely because I lent my book out ) it is like the respect thing, like when the sheriff told the outlaw that he respected him so much that he would hang him with a NEW rope. where have you heard that before ? ( Young Guns in Billy the kid ) and who’s picture is in the book TWICE playing Billy the kid ? Forrest ! Also, if you look at his picture in the book you will find his picture where he is on the ladder of his plane and the sticker on the plane says: Lucky me, I live in Lubbock Texas. Where is Lubbock ? 90 min from where the little square piece of gold on the map picture on the book is. AND guess what is there in that town ? SANTA FE Railroad and with its big sign there now go north of that and what do you find ? ( A cemetery with a water tower in the corner, and guess who is buried there ? AND ABOUT 4 to 6 Fenn’s ) ( also there is an Air force base there ) HMMMM . guess who else’s names are there , yep you guessed it, Brown, Wood, Fenn’s, Meek ! Also in the book above the map Forrest writes : I dreamed last night that I was Capt. Kid reincarnated and went to Gardeners Island to find the gold , it scared me so bad that I woke up ! why would he put that in there so abruptly ? BECAUSE Capt. Kid was a pirate who buried his gold with dead people! NOW with all of this AND MORE , the ONLY conclusion that can be made is Forrest has picked his place for burial , either in a cemetery or has bought his plots back when he first found out that he had 80% chance of dying for himself and his wife and hid his gold UNDER a MARKER near where he is to be buried. Some of the stones are 4″x12″x2′ and given the box is 10″x10″x 5″ and the gold figure is designed on the map to look like a man with a backpack , then it is possible for him to have gone into the cemetery with his gold , lifted a stone marker , dug a small hole beneath it , placed the dirt in the pack and the box in the hole , laid the stone back on top of the hole and then walk back to his car laughing. ALSO SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING , IT SEEMS,,, that he parallels things with other peoples writings and gathers ideas from them because he parallels Joseph Smith Jr. almost to a T. Look up on the internet the area where Joseph Smith Sr. Tells A Mr. Chase ( HMMMM ) that his son Jr. was told by a sprit to dress in black and ride a black horse with a switch tail to a specific place and get the BOX of gold plates and leave without looking back which according to him that he did dress in black and rode the black horse to the place and retrieved the gold and box BUT as he was leaving he thought someone would find where he got it and so he set the gold down and turned TO COVER THE HOLE WITH THE ( LID ) but when he turned back the gold was gone. hmmm , do you see any similarity’s here ? box, gold in box, hole with lid,….. black apparel ( death ) ride a black horse with a switch tail ( hearse ) hole with lid ( stone marker ) he says ( Forrest ) hat he expects that no one will find the gold for 1000 to 10000 years and that means something doesn’t change ! what doesn’t change ? CEMETERYS AND THE VALLEY OF FIRE LAVA SPILL IN NEW MEXICO , BOTH southerly direction of SANTA FE ( CITY ) but he didn’t say city and both on the map THAT HE FIRST PUT OUT and BOTH NORTH OF SANTA FE RD and Railroad !!! Can I be so wrong ??? NOT FROM WHAT I SEE.

  23. Ted Nicol says:

    P.S. The blaze is the book and poem itself. it is the trail that leads to the gold. I also did not catch some misspelled words up there but I think you will get it. If this makes sense to you please post it so I can see your thoughts. Thanks

  24. Terri says:

    LOL…you sure are tryiing to confuse people…The poem is straightfoward…Not straightbackward. (EDITED) Thanks

    (EDITED by moderator of site- thanks for understanding)

  25. Andy Hughes says:

    Does anyone know the laws in NM, CO, WY, MONTANA about finding a treasure like Fenn’s? If it is not buried but hidden? Is it an antiquity the state can confiscate? I have heard folks talk about melting the treasure down if they found it, supposedly to keep people from knowing you have it, but if your bank account suddenly has hundreds of thousands of dollars in it the IRS is going to ask you where you got it? I know its pipe dreaming to think I might find it, but nothing would be worse than to find it and then find out you don’t have rights to it or a way to profit from it, Anybody know the laws about “treasure” found (not dug up)?

  26. Garrett says:

    You stated ” There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f” My question is this. Is it possible, from the location of the treasure, to see ANY trail through the woods not including State or Federally recognized roads.

  27. Lia says:

    Garrett, look up the definition of trail. It may surprise you.

  28. Stephen says:

    I am a Canadian planning on tripping to the States in search of the treasure. If I am lucky enough to discover it, as long as it is declared at the border, I believe I’d be allowed to keep it. Does anyone have any thoughts about this. Thanks

  29. WD says:

    Just wondering where the comment is posted about the treasure is hidden below 10,200 ft came from?? Is there an actual quote, video, or otherwise proof of this? I prefer to work with facts and as we all know the internet is full of fiction…lol

    Great website by the way.


  30. 42 says:

    WD – here is a link to f’s statement that the treasure is under 10,200 feet elevation. Other helpful statements by Forrest contained there as well. (that statement came from a media interview I believe)
    Good luck.

  31. Christopher says:

    I read where Mr. Fenn stated he received email(s) from a searcher(s) who correctly identified the first 2 clues but went past the next seven without knowing it being so close.

    I believe he also said some have been within 500ft of it.

    My question is this, is Mr. Fenn referring that the searcher who identified the first 2 clues but passed the next seven as the same as the one being within 500ft of it?

    I am under the impression these are two different statement referring to separate events but im not sure.

    • Pothole says:

      Christopher it is my opinion only that a searcher has been closer than 200 ft and knows it. The verdict is out on wether that searcher has the treasure as no one has been there to check.

  32. lia says:

    Christopher, it’s also my estimation those are separate statements and refer to different events. But only F could clarify that, and I doubt he’d give out that definitive of a hint. Boy am I glad he hid it under 10,200 feet elevation… I’m at 9600-11,000 today and dizzy with the effects of high altitude. Pilots, climbers and skiiers understand his health/safety concerns for searchers. Hoping hydration, O2 and carbs will help.

  33. Pothole says:

    Chris we really don’t know and we may ultimately never know. My own take is a deeply spiritual one that takes into account the name of the chest “indulgence”. I believe Forrest gave the chest to God as a sacrifice. So with this in mind it is my belief that God wills the chest to who he wills and confounds those that he doesn’t want it to come too. I’m thinking along the lines of “The Lord of The Rings” this chase to me is spiritual. I’m not joking either, I think he Forrest gave his best to God.

  34. Chris says:

    Quick question. Has anyone ever heard Forrest say what color the “blaze” is?


    • Jenny/Sixer says:

      Hi Chirs,

      Below is a question that was asked to Forrest about the color of the blaze and his answer. I am not thinking Forrest ever said what color the blaze is…….

      Question posted 6/24/2014:

      Did you really say the blaze is a white streak, as has been rumored? Thank you. ~Deb

      Thanks Deb,
      No, I did not say that. There is a lot of bad information floating around the blogs and many posts that are not well thought out. One person said (I’m paraphrasing) “He said the treasure is hidden in the trees. Then he contradicted himself and said it was in the sun. How could it be both.” Makes me wonder if that person has ever been in the forest.f

      This is found here:

      Best of luck! and thanks for visiting the site!

  35. I have come to believe it’s all about the “Thrill Of The Chase” and nothing more. There are too many discrepancies when he hid it.

    In an interview of Forrest, he said he hid the chest 15 years after he got sick with cancer in 1988. So 15 years from 1988 is 2003.

    He said in another interview after being told he had a 20 percent chance of living three years 1988 to1991, he decided to hide the chest and made the poem. After getting well he had to rewrite the original poem which said “just take the chest and leave my bones”.

    And finally he has said he hid the chest when he was 79 or 80 years old and to not look for it where a 79 or 80 years man couldn’t hide it. He doesn’t want anyone knowing the exact years which is why he says 79 or 80. Even so that would still make it 2009 or 2010.

    So here’s the problem.

    According to Forrest, he either hid three different chests or the same chest three different times. The first time from 1988-1991 or in 2003 or in 2009-2010.

    I find it difficult to understand and believe a person can’t remember what year he hid a chest full of gold. Why is it so hard to get the story straight and stick with the same time theme.

    As much as I would like to believe the chest exists I no long do so.

    I feel Forrest wants people to get out and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends and to experience what nature has to offer in all it’s beauty and I agree.

    I also feel it’s like Forrest has said, “It’s not who you are, It’s who people think you are” and It’s all about the “Thrill Of The Chase”…

  36. Ed says:

    That’s great Chris but don’t you think that’s incredibly narcissistic on his part to lead people into thinking there’s a treasure and a possibility. I think he did Hide a treasure, sometimes I have my doubts. I guess seeing is believing.

  37. Indy says:


    You should update the clue – “The treasure is not hidden in Idaho or Utah.” to the correct statement that he made on the Today show – “The treasure is not in Idaho or Utah”. There is a big difference because with Fenn exact language is important. The first statement might be interpreted that the treasure is actually in Idaho or Utah and just NOT hidden.

  38. Ted Nicol says:

    To Terry,, (EDITED). Re-read my theory paying close attention to the fact that NO archeologist would ever take an item of great value and load it with things that of great value as well , then put it into a creek where spring runoff would destroy the box WITH it’s contents , tell me who in their right mind would do that. Try (EDIT) to think like Forrest would (EDIT)

    (EDITED COMMENT by moderator of site- thanks for understanding)

    • Randawg. says:

      In response to Ted Nicol’s comments that an archaeologist would never put an antique chest or ancient items of historical value in a creek (or more specifically, in water). But what if it’s sealed in a waterproof container? Certainly a well to do man like Forrest could have easily had such a container (or box) made for the occasion. Water is mentioned 3 times in the poem if you count creek and ‘no place for the meek’ hints at water as well. Fact is nobody knows and I am not ruling out water as a possibility for the hidey spot. Just my opinion of course.
      Good luck to all in your search.


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  40. geeth says:

    is mr fen has some mathematical background??

    • E* says:

      geeth – I’ll post the quote about Forrest and math in a second,…but I found this quote he said about math and a searcher also:


      Just cause you will probably get a laugh…i spent hours last night with those numbers below…i added them, multiplied them, found a pattern, try latitudes, hardshad #, morse code, applied it to the alphabet, searched zip codes, elevations, phone codes etc…dreamt of numbers and woke up this morning and said. If Hegben was that deep it would reach China and have a drainage hole, all the water would leak out and if you did plunk it at Hegbens depth then I could just walk around and find it. Giggles.

      Here’s a lady who may find the treasure because she has done the math and knows exactly where it is. f

  41. james says:

    There are a lot of interesting ideas mentioned on these posts. Lots of speculation as to wheather the treasure even exists.I first saw this poem a couple years ago and have read a lot about Forrest as a person and I believe the treasure is hidden. I worked for about a year on the poem before I solved it. Or at least think I have solved it. Forrest is a very intelligent man. And very well respected . I will be headed out on my own search in June . If I find it I will head down to Sante Fe to see Forrest and return the bracelet. I wish everyone good luck in their search.

    • Realist says:

      That’s great James! Let me caution you…many people have gone out and every single one has returned empty handed. I’m not saying he didn’t hide a treasure. What I am saying is I could hide a box in my backyard and you still couldn’t find it. Gold luck, or good luck my freind your going to need it!

  42. I know where it is. ! I loved the clues.

    • Kathryn says:

      Jillian, have you been to your solve location yet? Seems many “know where it is” until we get there 🙂 I had fun with the clues as well and am emptied handed still. I will not give up until this winter. Have a good time.

  43. bhndr says:

    Seems as though people on this site actually say something instead of hinting and talking about nonsense like they do on xxxxx site. I’m no longer allowed to post on his site. Maybe I will last longer on this one! Good luck to everyone but I’m beginning to think that someone will stumble on the treasure before they figure out the exact spot the poem is referring to! It has been quite some time now. When people know that they are going to die, some give away their possessions so there is nothing to cling to. It is much easier to let go when you don’t have anything! My mother was a very selfless person and spent most of her life giving to other people. She knew she was dying and was very happy about it. She had a tumor the size of a baseball on her brain. Don’t know if that had anything to do with her disposition but she would smile and say that she was going home and even though my heart was breaking I would smile back at her and say that I was happy for her! Anyway Forrest may have had a similar reason for doing what he did, even though he got better. Who knows.

    (edited by moderator)

    • William says:

      I look at the sites different then you I guess, I get different ideas from all the forum site. Each site has its own ideas of content and discussions.

  44. videoboi says:

    hmm. not really interested in actually finding it. i think the *came within 500 ft* but passed by it is a good clue.

    my guess is that’s it’s in a water tower with a long ladder. . .

  45. Andrew says:

    He said it isn’t inside a structure. I have a great idea of where it all falls together but being on the east coast makes it difficult to check my theories.

  46. John S. says:

    One thing I been wondering. Will one find the treasure by just walking? Or is there parts that some what require transportation? Is there a way to ask Mr. Fenn if there are any tools required when searching?

    • John S. says:

      Well, wondering more than one thing. Lilly

    • Iron Will says:

      John I think he commented once or twice that no special tools are needed. And a metal detector will help you if you are in exactly the right spot 😛 He also said it might be a good idea to bring a sandwich and flashlight.

      • John S. says:

        Oh yeah I know. I read that somewhere on Dal’s blog. Really good site for reading and going back for the research. Ugh, what sucks is the distance from living far from the area one needs to search that fits the whole poem.

  47. Bryant Hale says:

    Honestly doesn’t everyone that is genuinely committed to the treasure in the Rockies just work together. To me at this point i honestly am in it for the since of adventure and excitement. I could honestly share with anyone that would group up and tackle this experience together. I’m in the army reserves and was trained land navigation very well. i dont know the area well at all there. but with the right crew i think it would work out perfect. Im a bit of an adrenaline junkie and can carry my own weight. so if anyone is serious about starting a crew to do this thing. email me and lets plan something.

  48. WinterBlaze says:

    Honestly I could care less about the gold. I’m intrigued about Mr. Fenn’s poem/riddle. I just love questions that tease my brain, even when the answer is right in front of you. If I were to find the chest, I would like to personally give Mr. Fenn the chest.

  49. Ruben S. says:

    It sucks not living up where the treasure is said to be hid. Sure there’s family members up there, but can’t just call them up for a visit, much less to let them know why not that they’ll be up for the hunt. haha

    After just researching the poem for a week and a half I found a nice little area that fits the description of where Mr. Fenn could’ve hid it. Mr. Fenn was really creative with the poem, especially stating one with imagination could find out the meanings, which I have mainly since I need it for the industry I’ll be joining in the future (with the help from the treasure or the job I hope to finally obtain). It’ll be a long while before I can search the area and a lot could happen till then… I just hope I can have a chance to join the hunt. Assuming it is the place, I’ll eventually want to continue what Mr. Fenn started by saving a good portion of the treasure and add it to one of my own to hide later on. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be, it’ll be a nice place to visit.
    Truly exciting to know there’s a treasure not far, but too far to walk. haha

  50. Havan says:

    I love the fact that Mr Fenn made this awesome hunt! My older brother and I are thinking about giving it a try since we love riddles. Mr Fenn if you’re reading this I would like to ask that since you never specified that the treasure is buried it still doesn’t mean its not below ground like in a cave, is that a reasonable assumption to make? And when I first heard bout your treasure I thought “hey he could’ve hidden it in treasure mountain, but that would be too easy.” Thank you Mr Fenn!

    • locolobo says:


      There are about 50,000 searchers who would line up to kiss you, if you received a reply to that question which was definitive!! LOL!! 🙂

      Welcome to the Chase and Good Luck!!!

  51. Ivan says:

    Here is my dilema. I am a young high schooler with a very high level of curiosity about this hunt.
    A couple questions are on my mind.
    1. Mr. Fenn specified that the chest is 42lbs right? How could a 79/80 year old man lift a bronze box that heavy into a mountain? I infer that the hiding place must be on a flatter area. Maybe a prairie or a cave?

    2. Has Mr. Fenn ever specified whether “Not associated with a structure” refers to man made and natural structures?

    3. Has Mr. Fenn ever confirmed or denied the treasure is still in its original location. How do we know it hasn’t been discovered? Personally if I found it I wouldn’t want media attention.

    Thanks guys,
    As a resident of Colorado I am in close proximity to the search area.
    Happy Hunting!

    • Seeker says:


      As you are just starting out in the chase for the chest, one thing you will need to do is read this blog and others as well. The information and answer to your question are out there. [ as Loco pointed out one of them ]. Yep that will be some reading on your part, but we all do it ourselves… even those who have been on this from the start.

      Check out all the Q&A’s on this site from Mr. Fenn, you’ll find them very interesting and helpful. Such as… He made the two trips from his car to the hiding spot and was done in one afternoon [ I’m paraphrasing, so you should look it up for your self…]
      Personally I like a younger person who is getting involve with the chase. You may help some of us um not so young folks out with fresh ideas. Like locolobo for one…LOL .

      • locolobo says:


        I concur with Seeker. New ideas are certainly welcomed. And do the research yourself, don’t buy into something someone may post that Forrest said, unless they provide a link to same.

        Seeker!!! You managed to get through an entire post without using a question mark!! How did you do that??? 🙂 🙂

        Good Luck to Both of Ya!!!

  52. locolobo says:

    Forrest recently had a radio interview:

    It will answer your first and third question…..don’t be fooled by appearances, a lot of 79/80 year old men could transport 20 lbs. a considerable distance, even in the mountains! 🙂

    To my knowledge, he has never differentiated between man-made or natural structures. You’ll have to make up your own mind as to what he means. He just said, ” no need to dig up old outhouses”. 🙂

    Good Luck to You, Guy!!

  53. Ted Nicol says:

    Hi everyone once again…
    I just wanted to say that before ANYONE judges me to trying to confuse or mislead anyone, I AM NOT !!!
    I have posted my true beliefs of where I believe Forrest may have put his gold on Dal’s blog site and I had several people being rude to me even though I was ONLY GIVING MY OPINION by sharing my thoughts. EVEN DAL and his partner gave me hell just because I didn’t allow someone to disrespect me. and then blocked me because I believed that Forrest wasn’t being totally straight with some things he had said but NOT BECAUSE I was being malicious but because of what he said and I gave page and place for my reason. I ask you to read ALL of my post there and follow my thoughts and see my good attitude while NOT being attacked , but when I was ,,,, I wasn’t that rude in retaliation. At least not to me! MORE IMPORTANTLY ,,, Read my findings , my logic , my reasons for coming to those conclusions. IF MY FINDINGS ARE NOT LIKE YOURS,, CHECK MY LOGIC PLEASE. then it is my belief that you will not judge me so harshly. You might find that some are putting way to much into the clues than there really is. NOT BEING ARROGANT but it seems that my clue findings line up fairly well. Thanks

    • Ted your words are like a soothing symphony of music to my ears. You are original and a deep thinker and for that I must say not many can claim your talent. What we really need is a third high powered blog to create a trifecta. I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it I feel there is a sort of a monopoly on information. Jenny Kile is pretty fair minded, while I like Dal my critique of him is he can’t be objective seeing that he is too close to Forrest. So much of his time is spent with press/media it’s like he’s caught up in the romanticism of the chase ‘idealist’ so to speak whereas you and I are pragmatists. Now Goofy he’s a whole nother kettle of fish, he’s taken it upon himself to police the blog. Even going so far as deciding what are hints and clues. You may ask when did he do that? Well the simple answer is all the time, if you go “OFF TOPIC” as he puts it then he deletes comments. How does he know what off topic is.

      • Ted Nicol says:

        Thanks for your comment.

        It has been a long time since I have looked at this blog and so I did not respond to your kindness . My Appologies .
        I agree totally with you in EVERYTHING you have said, especially about Dal and his partner. Moving forward,,, I would like to make an amendment to some of my findings if I may.
        Though I haven’t changed my line of thought concerning the location of where I think the treasure is, I have changed my thoughts on the WAY he hid the treasure .
        Mr. Fenn’s posted clue day’s…… If you are brave and in the wood ( singular ), I give you title to the gold . so by definition, what is title ?
        Mr. Fenn loves to tell about his small writing abilities and so I believe that he has created a small piece of wood hollowed out and inserted the title , location and key to a lock box in a bank somewhere , then hid the wood piece in or beneath a tombstone near where he will be buried and by doing that has created a two trip process that he said it took him to do . ALSO , if you were to watch FOOLS GOLD with Matt M. And Kate H.,,, it follows Forrest’s endeavors fairly well , giving the name of a stone marker and the name of a ship PLUS it speaks of a Captain who was a kid ( captain kid ) . COULD IT BE. ?????? FRANCHESCA IS THE NAME OF THE SHIP. Put into English and add Brown to it equals Francis Brown . looking into the website for Clovis New Mexico that coincidentally lies directly beneath the single goldpiece on the map in Forrest’s book , I find a Mary Francis Brown , and in that town I find Santa re railroad , north of which is this cemetery. And in this cemetery I have found a water tower ( heavy loads and water high ).
        Also in the book there are TWO places that SHOW a woman with her right hand down and her left hand up and in this cemetery is a statue of a woman the same way. Also… The season the book have 8 which have the number 039 and there is an 039 locator in the cemetery. Other clues spoken of are also there . I could be wrong but to many clues line up .
        Once again though, I thank you for being kind . best of luck to you.
        Your Friend Ted Nicol

        • Ted Nicol says:

          Please excuse some misspellings due to the fact that my tablet changes the words that I write and my failure to check first before posting.

          • Ted Nicol says:

            To Mr. Fenn

            I truly admire your endeavor and am not trying to disrespect you on any of my posts !
            I am following what you have written and doing like so many others are doing.
            Only you know if I am anywhere close to the truth.
            I want to thank you for the adventure in the search through the literature as well as the search across land.
            I hope you remember me from the poem I sent you about the old man in the mirror as I have kept the email as a remembrance of correspondence between us .
            Please don’t take my distaste for Dal and his partner personal.
            It was due to their actions with me and no doubt a great many others that has caused my reactions as I pull no punches when attacked.
            I would like to ask that if someone found it and made you aware of it, would you please let us all know so that the few of US that are limited in funds do not continue to spend money in hopes of bettering our life’s for naught?
            Thanks Mr. Fenn

            Your Friend. Ted Nicol

  54. Gil Garcia says:

    Jenny, let me give you what I believe is my solve on the first and last stanzas.

    “As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    and hint of riches new and old.

    Here I believe his is describing a National Wilderness Area, like Glacier National Park, or Rocky Mountain National Park, a location with history of old riches too.

    The last stanza:

    “So hear me all and listen good,
    your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    Here he is talks about the treasure box itself. We know it is wet and we know he sealed the lid. Here I believe the treasure was dropped into a deep water creek or some body of water whose edge is deep, and it is in one of the most beautiful locations in the Rockies. “If you are brave and in the wood.” refers to the chest itself. It is lined in wood __take a look at any color photograph of the chest with the lid open, you’ll see both the lid and the inner box is lined with wood, and again “If you are brave (you jumped in the cold water to retrieve it) your effort will be worth the cold.

    • Naught Forya says:

      Gil, i don’t think he put it in a creek. During spring runoff the water can easily dislodge and move 200 pound boulders. The chest wouldn’t be safe in a mountain creek.

  55. hi forrest fenn i like to ask a question when you had hidden the treasure alone how far from your place of residence at 1021 old santa fe trail did you have to drive to hide the treasure ? email me back with the truth please my 12 year old daughter wants me to take her looking for the treasure thank you mr,forrest fenn from crystal at

  56. elisa romero says:

    HI MR Forrest Fenn,i like to ask you a question how far did you have to drive to hide the treasure from your residence at 1021 old santa fe trail new mexico my 12yr old daughter would like me to take her looking for the treasure i am not good figuring out poems can you help us can you please tell her the truth thank you mr Forrest Fenn from Elisa,Romero AT thank you MR Forrest Fenn.

  57. E.C. Waters says:

    Regarding this:

    (Update 12/31/2014- Forrest answered a question providing an end of 2014 summary for the hunt– He said again, “no one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”)

    Should we wait until 12/31/2015 to hear if this is still valid?

  58. katilyn says:

    I was wondering if you guys know forrest fenn’s email?

  59. Brea says:

    Does anyone know Forest’s email address?

  60. Ashlee says:

    I was wondering if you guys know forrest fenn’s email.??????? Or if you personally know him?

  61. Mary says:

    Can someone lead me to where Forrest talks about returning to his hiding place? On here. He says like: his trail is growing to weak to return. He is commenting on the question asked: Is the treasure hid where you wanted us to find your bones. Thanks fir your help.

    • E* says:

      Mary – I entered ‘Forrest Bones’ in Jenny’s search field and found this pretty quickly:

      Question posted 7/7/2014:

      (Although the question was previously asked if the treasure location remained the same as the one Forrest had plotted to have his bones rest beside (and the answer was YES), this searcher wanted to know if it was the EXACT same spot. Forrest shares a bit more on these thoughts)

      Is the chest hidden in the (exact) same spot that you would like your bones to be found, or is it a short distance away for reasons beyond your control? ~ Phil

      The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that means many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to me. I still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient pleasure before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey. To make that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just want it all the more.f

  62. chetan kumar says:

    dear sir,mam
    i wish to talk mr. fann to giving some information and joining with you.
    please mail me on
    please try to contact me it’s very important.

  63. George says:

    Did anyone else watch Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates? That was a fun show but what I wanted to say was that the metal detector was the star of that show. I wonder if Garrett paid to be in that show seemed like a ad to me. Also I think the show was great for the kiddos and cool that they found a beer can but Josh wanted a six pack also the horseshoe very important I think was planted but more importantly was star Josh found in the tree stump pretty big clue there then they fly out of an airport with Katya that looked like fun.

  64. james burke says:

    Anyone know how I can contact Forrest fenn? I want to ask if he would be willing to help a poor student pay for college is studing marine biology. I wes homeless until my father took me in a few months ago.

  65. steve says:

    I see a man made object that is very peculiar looking where I have been looking on Google earth. How do I run this by ff because I don’t have any money to go. My mom is sick …Alzheimer’s and I have to take care of her…it may be it…

  66. honeybunny says:

    Has he ever said where the pre-Columbian gold figures came from?

  67. Sixer/Jenny. Or anybody,

    (I specifically mentioned Jenny because you seem to have a lot of info on this topic) Does anyone know of a way to contact Mr. Fenn? I’m in middle school. I’m new to the Chase and have a few questions because I tend to be an over-thinker. I just want to make sure I’m not over-thinking his poem while dechiphering it. I’ve seen that Mr. Fenn has said no one has given him the correct answer past the first two clues… Does this mean “put in below the home of Brown” does not refer to Brown trout? The way I see the 9 clues, “put in below the home of Brown” comes 3rd. If anybody can give me some insight to these questions, please let me know your thoughts.

  68. Ed says:


    It’s hard to say if hoB is number 3 or not as far as getting 2 clues right I imagine some have. It’s rumored one may have gotten 4 correct. No one is closer than 200ft, don’t sweat it more than likely that treasure will be there for many yrs to come.


  69. Thank you, Ed. That is the second email I’ve seen on here, the first was submitted by Mykal. Then yours, Are either of these emails proven to actually be Mr. Fenn’s?

  70. Ed, the email: also showed up on a different site with other information of Mr. Fenn’s. I’m having a hard time seeing the email you gave me as being his. I don’t want to email an email that isn’t Mr. Fenn’s.

  71. Ruben S. says:

    It has been a couple of months since I researched the poem. I had moved to Wyoming in late September. I had hoped to give the treasure a search on my way up here (I came from Texas) in an area that was aligned with the clues: Especially the ‘home of Brown’ that Forrest said to be missed by searchers. But time was wasted by my cousin’s childish spouse.
    . Not long after arriving I was able to find what I couldn’t in Texas being so willing but wasn’t able, employment. I would soon get back on my research being I read a comment stating Fenn spent a lot of time in Yellowstone. In my search as I feared the poem would or rather has taken me to search another area that aligned itself with the poem. From home of Brown to the creek, to even in the wood. Course for now I work to achieve my personal dreams, but one day soon I’ll give it a search. Maybe on my way back after visiting the family in Texas. Should luck finally be at my side the treasure would help others and I (I intend to invest it) achieve a major goal.
    But thanks to Mr. Fenn’s bravery to let such a thing go I will hide part it somewhere in the world as well with new treasures of mine with it. I been wanting to do such a thing since I was a child as well. Well as usual, patience.

  72. Tommy C says:

    Just wanted to follow a different path than most seem to have here, and see if any of you have any thoughts on this possibility:

    I have very recently stumbled across the map and poem (planning on ordering the book as soon as I am employed again), and the very first thing that stood out in my mind was the line “And take it in the Canyon down”, and then look at the Map, which contains Cañon City (pronounced Canyon), CO. And then two other bits of clues that drew my attention to this region were as follows: Viewing a map of Piñon Trees (due to his statement about smelling Pinyon Trees/Nuts) shows the region around Cañon City does support their growth, and the other bit is the Map from TFTW. The clue that it’s “north” of Santa Fe. What if that “north” was the Magnetic North described on the Map, and you follow the 9º mark up, and it is roughly the same distance from Cañon City CO as it is from Santa Fe NM.

    Probably a long shot here, but after reading forum after forum, I don’t see any discussion on Cañon City. Any ideas or thoughts? I can’t bind any other clues yet except maybe the “not far, but too far to walk” could be related to the Railroad Tracks going into the Canyon from Cañon City.

  73. deanna says:

    i believe i know what he means about home of the brown but will not be sharing it. from what i have seen people are looking in the wrong area. i don’t believe this treasure trove is in a state park or any other government own land. i believe it is in open land. that being said if i get the funds i will go check it out on my vacation.

  74. Luke says:

    Been working on this for couple hrs. Thought I’d add some possibilities… Bandelier National Monument is almost the exact elevation he mentions (above 5k ish, below 10.5k) It’s a national park where rangers wear brown and the buildings are brown. The area was once covered with volcanic ash (blaze) and/or there is a trail called Burn Mesa trail (blaze?) Burn Mesa trail ends at a canyon going down. It’s closed in winter… he said not to bother looking in the winter. There is a damn below the park… where warm water ends. Anyway I didn’t put much thought into this. Just throwing around ideas.

  75. I promised earlier to go out and find the treasure, what better day than today? I see they got some snow out west. I’ll be leaving today …. Snow is not a factor for the one who knows. He told everyone else to stay home! If you must though make sure you have all-wheel-drive and warm clothing snowboots GPS etc.

  76. Ted Nicol says:

    May I have someone go over my post around June 14 2015 plus read my reply to vertical science and see what you think of my findings ?
    It may be very interesting to you .
    Please post your thoughts on my findings .
    Thanks . Ted Nicol
    P.S. ……. Dal and partner don’t bother , you are either blind or trying to divert others findings to get on Mr. Fenn’s good side for second hand fame. Brown nosing NEVER looks good.

    • TinyTim says:

      Ted I think you are DEAD ON.. and you should go out and find it and then report back to everyone. That is the only way you are every going to convince anyone that what you are saying is right. Because if you notice everyone thinks that they are RIGHT. I bet you are right and you need to now prove it. That is pretty much all anyone can say because even if everyone here agrees still that will not be proof enough that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Kind of like religion. Everyone thinks their religion is the ONE religion that is the RIGHT religion. At least once found the answer to the treasure CAN be proven.

      • TED says:

        It has been a long time since I have been back to this site. Thank you for your response. The sad part on this search is, there is no telling if someone has already found it so it can go on and on. I wish Forrest Fenn would own up IF IT HAS BEEN FOUND. I n his book he said, if I could find her grave ( female) I would sneak out some dark night and push a nickel up ( UNDER) her marker. In other words, he went at night and hid the CLUE and rights to the money UNDER A FEMALES GRAVE MARKER. That is my belief. Thanks again for your comment. Your friend, Ted

  77. A Secret says:

    Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” f

    Mr. Fenn has covered everything here but anagrams. What if you were to anagram everything after the last comma? and/or a good map, f

    It tells you a secret!

    And it takes almost 4 years to finish.

    • The Wolf says:

      Anagrams are a type of code or cypher.

      • 49 dollers says:

        Yes Wolf perhaps but what if we go back to word origins then it doesn’t seem so cut and dry.
        How technical are Forrest’s definitions? I think this is one of the toughest aspects of the puzzle……How far do you take his definitions, structure is one example, most everything has structure of some sort but Forrest uses it to stop people from digging around buildings. Why did he not just use a word like” building” when he made the original statement. is it because it does not have as many possible meanings or does the word building hide a clue? Arggg 🙂

        code (n.)
        c. 1300, “systematic compilation of laws,” from Old French code “system of laws, law-book” (13c.), from Latin codex, earlier caudex “book, book of laws,” literally “tree trunk,” hence, book made up of wooden tablets covered with wax for writing.

        cipher (n.)
        late 14c., “arithmetical symbol for zero,” from Old French cifre “nought, zero,” Medieval Latin cifra, with Spanish and Italian cifra, ultimately from Arabic sifr “zero,” literally “empty, nothing,” from safara “to be empty;” loan-translation of Sanskrit sunya-s “empty.” The word came to Europe with Arabic numerals. Originally in English “zero,”

        • The Wolf says:

          I have a lot of respect for your opinion and thus I agree totally and fact would emphasis your first paragraph. I think his word choices are absolutely key to solving the poem. So his use of code and hyper could very well have an important meaning while still ruling them out in a literal sense.

    • Muset says:

      Anagrams are whatever you want them to be– mostly categorized as good ones or bad ones, I think.

      I wouldn’t call anagrams either a code or a cipher. I think if a person has the ability to make good ones, the Chase could be the greatest of all word game challenges ever.

      • Iron Will says:

        They’re not Muset. Anagrams or Anagramming is often referred to as a game of word play, but no where in the English and American language is it defined as a code or cypher. Forrest spent his valuable breath to try and teach these searchers that they need to pay more attention to the meaning of words..not just to tell the world a false definition. What they try to “assume” really “amuses” me. (see what I did there? o.o)

        • The Wolf says:

          The human mind is a powerful thing. A logical mind overcomes bias and gold fever. Otherwise we are susceptible to concluding the treasure chest is in a tree, beside a picnic table in a town; or in a sewer; or anagrams are not codes.

          • JL says:

            I read your solve and it seems that it had no better results than Iron Will.For your pretentious attitude, I must place a pirate curse on your logical abilities to ever find FF’s treasure. Iron Will may advance.

    • The Answer says:

      When you anagram ” and/or a good map f ” it will spell ” Do pod of anagram”
      meaning: Do a container of anagrams….. The secret is out!

    • astree says:

      Personally, I’d consider anagrams a type of code or cipher. But, then again, the puzzle is quite tricky. Would we dare approach it without considering the possibilities, in spite of what has been said and written?

      Callhenge authority!

    • Goldwatch says:

      I think even anagrams are getting too complex for this.
      In my opinion FF was dealing in poetic verse.
      For example, “From there it’s no place for the meek.”
      To me, he may be referring to the biblical saying “The meek shall inherit the earth.”
      And the meaning, if so, would be that at this point you are looking towards the water, not the earthly land. And that goes well with the previous “put in”.

  78. A Secret says:

    But, what does: ” and/or and good map, f ” say once it is anagrammed is the secret.

  79. Forest Fenn is a true adventurer. Someone who is willing to take his expenses throw’ em in a box and say whoever finds it gets it. I’ve always but a avid treasure hunter around the mountains of California, finding a few things here and there but what people fail to realize is that you have to be passionate about going on a adventure. I’ve come up empty handed about 99 percent of the time but I still have the same love for looking for treasures or anything in that sense because it’s all a great adventure. I hope the person who will find Fenn’s treasure will be someone who is passionate about going on adventures and making new discoveries. By the way if you happen to be by Yosemite, stop by and search for a silver case somewhere near a letter shaped body of water. It should contain a 1000 worth of coins, a piece of jade, a pearl bracelet and the most valuable thing inside of it a note. I know it’s not much but it’s something!

    P.s- climb a tree and look for a strange reflection

  80. Maybe its a funny poem from an old guy who wants to tell you a joke like a pirate 😀
    Do you think he is a cultured person with a huge sense of humor??

    First time I read the poem I thought it describes a sewage plant 🙂
    A place where I will go alone …. my bathroom.
    Where warm waters halt … My bathroom.

    Home of brown… wastewater outside Santa Fe

    But okay I dont think a would hide the chest there 🙂
    I am from germany and would like to know If we could find the treasure If I translate the poem into other languages. Its interesting to know because it could be that anagrams doesnt work in other languages. So I will ask him If we could solve the poem only If we know all different meanings in the original language.

    • tighterfocus says:

      Alexander, people have already discussed all these interpretations. None of them seem to help solve the poem correctly. I also suggest that only English was used to create the poem, and only English will work for a correct solve. Good luck to you.

      If you feel like “going the extra mile” that may help solve the poem, you might want to do a
      bit of research about American culture when Forrest was a child of about 11 years old. This
      is a small hint that may be helpful to anyone in solving the poem. When I say “American culture”, I’m talking about entertainment of that era. And this hint only relates to solving
      the last one or two clues. If you solve the earlier ones, you may be able to solve the entire
      poem without my hint, because once you have the first clue correctly solved, the following
      clues get easier and easier, just like Forrest told us. Good luck.

  81. Jim says:

    Forrest Fenn is a fascinating person I’m wondering though if this is an accurate account I found while searching the web located on a south Florida publication. Is it true that he has the largest private collection of Native American artifacts in the U.S?

    Combined with a passion for American history, Forrest accumulated the largest private collection of Native North and South American artifacts in the world. Forrest’s collection boasts thousands of pieces of pottery, artwork, and even Sitting Bull’s favorite pipe.

  82. I will post this one because when you get to this part of Forest’s poem you already have the chest, ( If your brave and in the wood ,I give you title to the gold ) Meaning- What Forest is saying is that if you take the piece of wood off the inside of the chest’s lid, behind it is a Will and Testament Willing the treasure to the finder, that way no one can’t touch it then no matter what land you find it. Look at the pic. of the chest and look at the in side lid. walking out with the treasure and a title of ownership you will feel braver with it when a park ranger stops you to see what you have. The only thing bad about that is Forest isn’t dead yet !

    • Goldwatch says:

      That’s an interesting idea.
      I don’t know about the “in the wood” part as I have a different thought on that, but Forest said that there’s something extra in the chest for whoever finds it.
      I wonder if he included something to get around the laws that might mean a government confiscation?

      Then again, he also said “just take the chest and go in peace.”
      But maybe the peace is peace of mind?
      Ha! For now my mind can hardly go in peace.

  83. Np says:

    Do you know Who where the people that got about 500 feet away from the treasure?

  84. wildbirder says:

    we were just repeating all the hints and clues and ideas in our little pile. the 500 ft remark has caused me some headaches because Mr Fenn said there was no human trail path whatever in close proximity to the TC. these two did not seem to be compatible until we check on a few random canyons which are close to a road and found a lot with the opening within 500 ft including our canyon. YES! it works now if we can find out who was within 200 ft we will have it made. lol

  85. josh says:

    I’m done! Took me 19 hours to crack! Sent forrest email. All of you are gonna be

  86. paul hunter says:

    Its great people getting out in the fresh air with your family and friends looking for treasure or just having a walk.
    This is a good thing Forrest has done hes brought people together.I think Forrest has given more clues out than people think.
    All the clues he has given out iv not thought about them like over people have.So if i found the chest all i would ask for is one
    nice diamond for a ring for my wife and give the chest back to forest to hide again.So i would just like to know if i have worked it out,I am not crazy or a con man and I would not like to cause unrest by saying where i think it is on here.So Forrest must get hundreds of emails from crazy people I just sound like one of them.

  87. Scott says:

    I’ve moved on to Pokémon GO. Still getting good exercise and finding little mini treasures all over the place! 🙂

  88. Jflo says:

    This is all so fun. I have a hunch where it is. My wife and I will have a fun time exploring Sante Fe on our quest. Yes, I think the treasure is hidden in town.

    • Chesney says:

      It is hidden downtown. Go to the Collective Works Bookstore, and buy a copy of “The Thrill of the Chase”. Mr. Fenn will even sign it for you, if you give him due time, and are polite. . 🙂

  89. HeadedDown says:

    “Forrest says when he wrote the poem he wasn’t playing any games. The poem is straightforward. He also said it took him 15 years to write it, and changed it many times. He felt like he was an architect writing the poem and each word is deliberate.”

    Anyone have any new thoughts on:
    Forrest felt like an architect with the poem… Its a poem… Right? Did he write about emotions, a something here, directions, put one foot on top of the other… and what? fall out the other side. 🙂 idk. Do you?

  90. Sam Peppiatt says:

    From the hot spring, (Ojo Caliente), I followed the clues East, (18 miles), to the river. And up the old pack trail along the Rio Pueblo de Taos, past the rock slide, to a small box canyon with the blaze on a basalt cliff. The blaze is pretty amazing! It is in the shape of an owl at least 3 feet tall. White calcite has leached out of the basalt about one foot wide, forming the owl, which is actually a dark color, with the white all the way around it. Altogether, it must be about five feet high and about eleven feet up from the base of the cliff.
    But there is nothing there. No treasure, no chest, nothing not even a claim check. So what gives?
    Maybe I’m in the wrong place, but i don’t think so——————–Sam Peppiatt

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Sam, I looked at a similar solve for that area. I determined that the clue solves just weren’t strong enough. They fit, but weren’t directed by the poem.
      So I’ll ask, are your solves for each clue directed by the poem, or do they simply fit well?

    • tighterfocus says:

      Sam, I don’t think anything looking like an owl is part of a correct solve, even though folks have discussed this. When FF used the word “wise”, he wasn’t referring in any way to owls.

      I suggest you concentrate on solving the first clue. Use a dictionary. Show the poem to some
      children. I have advised many others to do these things, so I’m not “picking on” you. If you
      have a tentative solve for the first clue, then try to solve the next clue, by choosing something
      that is not too far away from your location for your first clue’s solve. Each clue’s solve has to
      be compatible with the adjacent clues’ solves. Make sense? And if you don’t have 9 solves
      (for the nine clues) that ALL make sense with you conflicts, then you don’t have anything
      that’ll take you to the TC. It takes all the clues correctly solved . . . and even then, the BOTG
      search area is still perhaps a half acre in size. Don’t underestimate Mr. Fenn, please.

  91. darren obrien says:

    Ive been working on this for only 6 hours, as I only just heard of it…but I live near Gardiner, MT so I’m kind of interested now…
    But when I thought “warm waters halt” I thought The Boiling River meeting up with the Yellowstone in Gardiner. Then I looked up who Brown could be and of course Joe Brown searched for gold out in Montana in the 1800’s which I think could be “the riches of old”. Where did he find this gold? Theres a trailhead right by this “halt” that goes into Black “canyon” and leads right to the mouth of Bear Creek, the location he first found gold. Take the trail farther, and it leads to Crevice Mountain, the second location he found gold. I mean….is this too obvious? I know people have searched in this area but….well….i’ll search too. How do I meet up with these people? (

    • tighterfocus says:

      Darren, expect to spend more than 100 hours to achieve a correct solve. Look up common
      words in the poem. I give this advice to lots of searchers, and am not “picking on you”.
      I even looked up these following words myself, and I’m a degreed engineer, in my 60’s.
      It helped. Look up “warm”, “waters”, “halt”, “down”, “meek”, “drawing”, “nigh”, “paddle”,
      “high”, etc. You get the picture. And don’t ignore ANY word in the poem. But you don’t
      need to count clues, as long as you consider the entire poem. This all worked for me, and
      I’m giving you and all the other searchers a few months to solve and search, before I go and
      find the TC (treasure chest) this summer. Good luck.

  92. chris says:

    I know what theBlaze is I have been doing this for a year now ….everything he writes or says has double meanings….and asking kids intepert the poem has simplified some statements ex heavy loads and water high ….kids say big rocks in the water…..also could mean electrical loads…..BUT I KNOW 100 percent what the blaze is!!!! If you like to share my thoughts contact me ….I will give you another fact it starts at a spring where he wnt for healing himself……..also a lot of it is map cooridinates such as home of BROWN had 2 meanings the 1st it is below the map of the Gov of Cali at the time Jerry Brown also the other Brown which I figured out….I am going soon to search the 10 such spots I have outlined remember the chest is WET

    • tighterfocus says:

      Surely 10 spots don’t all fit the poem clues excellently! I suggest you re-think your solve(s).
      And maybe your method of solving is too squishy, too. Be logical and deliberate. Act as if
      you are a defense attorney for your favorite person. Don’t overlook details. And DON’T
      think that FF made any mistakes in the poem. Don’t underestimate him. Good luck.

  93. Eastcoastseeker says:

    Ive been into this for a little while now but im from delaware. What is the best month out there right at the end of summer into spring? End of may into june?

    • Iron Will says:

      From everything I hear, Snow is melted off around May, in Yellowstone, Gates I think open April 15th, and June the flood waters from snow melt are tapering off. Someone who lives there may be able to give you better advice though.

    • Hunny says:

      End of May first of June is probably a bit early. Summer comes to Yellowstone very slowly. I would say don’t go before the middle of June if you want to get off the main roads and still have a pleasant trip. If you are anxious to get out there and search and are a bit flexible the best thing to do is check all the web cams in and around the park to see what the snow cover looks like. Also don’t forget that there are a lot of closures in spring and early summer in Yellowstone for bear management.
      Outside of the park the snow is gone earlier but it’s definitely not “summer” until well into June in the regions around Yellowstone.
      Hope that helps a bit.

    • tighterfocus says:

      Before I went searching, I posted to craigslist an inquiry about weather in the month of May
      in my search area. I was told by a person who lives near there that any day in May is likely to be a rainy day.

      I did my searching on May 22, 2016, and the ground was way too muddy for safe hiking. It was very slippery (I fell 3 times), and also the mud (having a lot of clay?) built up on my boots, making it very difficult regardless of the slipperiness. I suggest you do some similar research with local folks in the area you plan to search.

      By the way, I returned in August of 2016. The ground was nice and dry. Good luck.

  94. ROLL TIDE says:

    That’s all very interesting, since Fenn has said if you know where it is you can likely go get it in any weather…
    Would seem to me that if the roads are closed then it’s not in that area.

  95. JL says:

    IW and RT you would both be wrong and right at the same time. F said “retrieve” that in itself implies that you had possession of it in a prior time. So the only person who could do that would be fenn and probably only if the road is open. It’s the little things that make a difference.

  96. jennifer ponder says:

    So maybe this has already been asked-I am new to fenn and the treasure and admittedly I did not read all of the q&a on the page here. Since its capitalized is Brown referencing Yellowstone lover and painter Grafton Brown? This is the best site so far for new fenns! So informative!

  97. donavon says:

    a cave inside a waterfall

  98. Brad Hartliep says:

    I love how Dastardly Dal never posts anything I write — despite its usefulness to other searchers. A regular Sgt. Pinhead if ever one existed ..


    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Business over there must be so good that they have the luxury of refusing anybody.

    • Sandy says:

      Brad, I just read a great comment you made on Dals site – basically, “how not to get lost in the woods”. Excellent advice. Your words are a good reminder to me that not everyone grows up scrambling about the wild places. Or what’s left of them.

    • Passenger says:

      It’s unbelievable… I posted something about ” beyond your ego lies god” and he must have thought I was a Jesus freak. Censored.

      Lots of other censors for various clues that seem outside of his solve paradigm. That must be why that board in general is still looking to find warm waterfalls I see that he’s now talking about deeper solve aspects — so we’ll see. Maybe he’s had an epiphany.

    • tighterfocus says:

      Brad, I got banned from hoD, and politely inquired about this. Got no reply. So I created a
      different “name” for myself, and I post using that name. You might want to consider doing
      that. But on the other hand, maybe it’s not worth that much to you. I follow several forums
      about the Fenn treasure hunt, to see whether anybody posting appears to be “getting close”
      to having a perfect solve. So far, it doesn’t look like much progress since about 2013. I
      plan to make my next (and hopefully LAST) search trip this summer. Good luck to you.

  99. thomas says:

    I also have been banned from Dal’s site, I mentioned Forrest knows someone is about to find the chest because of the latest words on this site by Forrest, don’t aim to make others angry by saying that, I was just speaking my mind of what I see he is saying.

  100. Mike E. says:

    Very close to solving clues.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      How long have you been at it? Got the book? Both books?
      Can you give an idea of how you are working it out?
      But be warned, Mike, 7 years and thousands of people say it ain’t easy.

  101. astree says:

    I couldn’t find the general comments page so am posting here.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny, who is in the opening line of this new Armchair Treasure Hunting article.

    “The World of an ‘Armchair Treasure Hunter’

    Jenny Kile spends her days solving artificially constructed mysteries, and she’s not alone. ”

  102. SL says:

    Enjoyed the article, Jenny. Congrats!

    An observation:

    I can not picture the Chest as being in the same location as the Treasure. To any ones knowledge, might this possibility have been discussed at length?


    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, SL.

      I don’t know if that idea has been discussed at length. I know that Bob on another blog has been saying something like that for years.

      It’s an interesting theory…which has yet to be proven. I suppose finding the Chest…or the Treasure would put it to rest.

    • ron ricker says:

      i believe that the chest and treasure are not at the same location as well. i learned this from BOTG. The shift or variation occurs at “BUT tarry scant with marvel gaze”, perhaps one of the most misinterpreted parts of the poem. “But” in itself is difficult. It, by definition and usage, almost makes everything prior to it somewhat removed and inapplicable. This is where i believe forrest was referring to when he said that the successful will be those that are able to adapt. I have a couple interpretations (maybe a few, but not quite several) of what tarry scant with marvel gaze could mean and it definitely is not, dont look at the treasure and lollygag, get out of there quick. If i were to share them they would give too much away about the general location and even the hoB. That in itself is good intel.
      please tell me, Have you found the chest yet? not the treasure or trove, just the chest. cuz they ARE NOT one in the same.

      hope this helps
      (as if i know what im talking about)


      • SL says:


        It appears that we may have the same mindset insofar as “Tarry scant with marvel glaze.”

        I am also very interested in your interpretation(s) involving “not one and the same.”


  103. SL says:

    Thank you, JC1117,

    Perhaps Bob will see this and guide me in the direction of his penned comments on the subject? I find D’s Blog a hassle to perform searches; (SEARCH box doesn’t function.) Options complicated without any real direction.

    The possibility of the *2 locations has puzzled me “for years” as well. Will keep researching, as I strongly believe in this possibility.

    Thanks, again,


    • pdenver says:

      SL, maybe I’m mistaken, but I think I remember reading/hearing (paraphrasing) that Mr. Fenn said when one opens up the lid to the treasure chest they’re going to faint.

  104. SL says:


    I remember that comment, my friend. I can also recall The Flyer using the word “shocked” in the same context. I remain nearly convinced however, of a (prerequisite) *object of some sort being necessary in order to accomplish that.

    Insofar as “shocked” being another reaction, I’ve not dismissed the consideration of some type of electricity being involved. The word ‘Ohm’ comes to mind.


  105. Ted Nicol says:

    Ok, I will try again and see what your thoughts are. pass this over for possible truth.
    As I have gone alone in there ( bank Vault )
    And with my treasures bold ( no need to hide )
    I can keep my treasures where ( no worry’s in anyone finding it )
    And hint ……. ( which is in his book of clues )
    If you have read my posts, then it is no secret that I think that he hid something in a graveyard.
    He speaks of writing in miniature., SOOOOOO, I believe that he placed his treasure in a bank Vault and hid the clue in a graveyard. ( two trips ) He said that he walked back to his car laughing.
    he said there will be no paddle up your creek. two key words ….. Your and creek , check the definition of both. Question then, what belongs to you that is a small stream of water ?
    ( TEARS )
    Begin it where warm waters halt…. where your tears fall to the ground? so then, why would you be crying if not for someone who passed.
    What about heavy loads and water high ?
    Ever question why he never finished the sentence that it was North of Santa Fe ? Santa Fe WHAT ? Rd ? Restaurant ? Railroad ????? Why didn’t he say ?
    Here are some questions I asked myself.
    1. Why wasn’t his wife and daughters upset about him going up to die by his gold somewhere ?
    2. Why didn’t he finish his sentence on Santa Fe what ?
    3. Why was the picture by the poem in Two different focuses.
    4. Why did he place the gold outline in the shape of a man with a backpack and a singular piece of square gold ( box ) in that particular spot ?
    5. Why did he place that dream out of the blue above the map ?
    6. Who is Forrest’s hero ?
    7. What makes people think this man would go against everything an archeologist’s practices ? ETC,,,,,

    These are just a few of my questions that I have answered. ALSO , if you look at the map and check out where the single square piece of gold is on the map, it is located exactly over Clovis NM. I believe that Forest told the truth that the gold is not in the graveyard, BUT….. He did not say that the clue isn’t in the graveyard ! Last part of the poem, IF YOU ARE IN THE WOOD, I GIVE YOU ( T.I.T.L.E. ) to the gold. WHAT IS A TITLE ?
    PUT IN BELOW THE ( HOME ) > PERMANENT RESIDENCE < of BROWN ……. The paragraph above the map will give you the name of the person BROWN…. WATCH FOOLS GOLD with Matt and Kate. Now one more thing, in Clovis NM near Forrest Fenn's childhood hero , north of SANTA FE RAILROAD is a cemetery WITH a water Tower inside the graveyard and dump truck loads of dirt. ( heavy loads and water high )
    There are several Browns in there as well of which I am fully aware of the first name of the Brown that I believe is the holder of the piece of wood that holds the TITLE to the gold under the headstone. We Shall See !!!

    I read that it took two trips so

  106. Ted Nicol says:

    ooooppppss forgot to delete the last sentence. and fools gold follows Forrest’s storyline fairly well. please comment and at sometime I will respond. hope to someday have a reporter doing a story on my hopeful find.
    STILL,,,, It is only my theory until I actually have the gold in hand.

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