Forrest Fenn Treasure Exclusive: A Peek at Forrest’s New Book Once Upon A While

How exciting to be able to share an Exclusive Peek into Forrest Fenn’s new book, Once Upon A While!

Lou Bruno and Susan Caldwell are doing an excellent job directing and preparing for its release.  The following video for MW by Rokethouse  features highlights of the amazing work involved in offering such a highly anticipated product!

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek – Once Upon a While by Forrest Fenn from ROKETHOUSE on Vimeo.


However, Lou and Susan have done many other books for Forrest as well.  All of which are compelling reads and include fascinating images.  I’m sure you are aware of:

*The Thrill of the Chase


*Too Far to Walk

thrill of the chase treasure hunt

Poem and Map of the Rockies where Forrest Fenn’s Treasure is Hidden.

These of course directly relate to the search for the million dollar treasure chest hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, North of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Thrill of the Chase contains the poem, and subtle clues to help solve and understand the poem which will lead a person to Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

Too Far to Walk contains the map of the Rocky Mountains for where it is hidden.

*Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch is another wonderful book designed by Lou. It shares heartwarming stories about Forrest and his friendship with the famous painter, Eric Sloane.  I wrote a book review about this book and I think I’ll let that MW post convey my thoughts.  It also contains one of my favorite little poems by Forrest.

Other books Lou and/or Susan have directed are:

*Teepee Smoke

*Leon Gaspard, The Call of Distant Places

And now…

*Once Upon A While

(ONCE UPON A WHILE foreword by Douglas Preston)


MW will be releasing a Six Questions with Lou Bruno concerning all these fantastic books, and his work with Forrest, in a few weeks!

Stay tuned, and for now, ENJOY the Sneak Peek!


Any Questions about the new book, please contact:

Once Upon A While by Forrest Fenn


Video snapshot of Once Upon A While page


Video snapshot of Once Upon A While






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21 Responses

  1. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny. I think the book looks great. Can’t wait to own it.

  2. Jenny Kile says:

    It is going to be awesome! I can’t wait either!! 🙂

  3. crimsonblazeblog says:

    Very interesting indeed, can someone remind me what is the point again? I think I lost track of where we’re at in this point in time.

  4. Lou Lee Belle says:

    So excited to read! And get my books signed.

  5. wendyjobradshaw says:

    Fun video! Thanks for sharing this, Jenny!

  6. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, I feel like a little kid at Christmas sneaking a peek, except now I’m excited to find a book.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Thanks Jenny!

  8. Buckeye Bob says:

    Forrest, you are the maestro. I’m fascinated by the way you work us.

  9. MartinS says:

    Thanks Jenny! Fun stuff.

    There’s a typo on page 14. “it’s” should be “its”. Or maybe it’s a clue!?
    But that’s just my two sense. 🙂

  10. JC1117 says:

    Very cool, Jenny and Forrest…and Lou and Susan.

    I can’t wait to read it. I love the style.

  11. Pen Ghost says:

    The cover continues to intrigue. I wonder why he didn’t hook the biggest and brightest star. I would think it would be within reach. Maybe the brightest and biggest star is stubborn, picky, or too wise to go for ‘that’ hook? It reminds me of a childhood book, “Arty the Smarty”. It was a story about a fish that would not swim with the others–it always went in the opposite direction. I loved that book as well as “Katie the Kitten” the adventurous cat who finally slept in a catcher’s mitt with a baseball bat at its side. I always thought that Arty and Katie described me. I hope ff goes for the brightest star by the end of his 3rd memoir.

    • JDA says:

      I would almost bet that the cover is a “map” of some kind. Why not catch the “Big One”? One clue at a time – one fish (star) at a time. After this one is “caught” – then the big one, maybe, will be easier to snag. JDA

      • Crimsonblaze says:

        I t is a map but only if you know where to look. I wonder if the weather will hold precisely above snow cover. I got a couple of days maybe I should take a walk about.

  12. Jake Faulker says:

    I wonder if there are 2 omegas at the end of his 3rd memoir.
    It will be odd.

  13. pdenver says:

    Hello Jenny. Just viewed your current MW Armchair Treasure Hunt video, and I enjoyed your “wild goose chase”. 🙂

    • Crimsonblaze says:

      Ha ha, I get it. WGC

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Thanks pdenver, we had a fun time…:)

      • pdenver says:

        You’re welcome, Jenny. I loved seeing the places you videoed. Was the fireplace you checked out belong to the cabin or to another building? The stone walls were amazing. Being from New York, I remember walking back into the woods and seeing very old stone walls used as property boundaries. I would guess they were a couple feet tall. A lot of great history. I hope you and your husband continue to have fun and I look forward to seeing more videos of your hunts. 🙂

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