Featured Question with Forrest: A Secret Treasure in the Chest?

secretAre there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike



No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f



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139 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    An added incentive to find the chest and be the only one to know this ‘special something’! (and read his autobiography)

    What do you all think it is?

  2. jdiggins says:

    I don’t know what the “special something” is, but there is no need for added incentive! Just to solve the poem, which is priceless in itself; then to find the chest and be able to return to Forrest his beloved bracelet; that is incentive enough!
    Jenny, I love this forum. You and Dal have the best!!!
    Thank you Forrest for another exciting Q & A!

  3. djjmciv says:

    A woman must be REALLY close in finding the chest. Or at least have given Forrest the correct solve for the poem. Why else would he assume a woman would find it – “when she sees it”

    Guess this chase is soon to end. Unless someone got there first, went quietly, left the chest and “she” only finds it and his biography.

    • E* says:

      djjmciv – Here’s another possible explanation for the phrasing of that sentence,…which includes the words, “when she sees it”:

      E* was so pleased,…after having solved the clues,…and upon opening the bronze chest,…to have found the mystery object,…which E* could not wait to photograph,…so the female artist responsible for it,…could see that Forrest honored her,…by including it in his trove. I couldn’t wait for her to see it.

      • djjmciv says:

        Interesting, didn’t think of that angle. Yet if you think about it, would that person be pleased? I mean the chase is indented for 100 years so that person wouldn’t be around to see that day. And you give something to Forrest only to find that he didn’t keep it, instead he hide it out in the middle of nowhere with gold. haha

        Although, on your side. If the “she” is referring to someone Forrest had placed something of into that chest could they be related to CE5? Is the thing Forrest didn’t want to forget connected to this “she.” More Questions, no answers.

      • djjmciv says:

        But be warned in taking things out of context.

        The whole thing reads: “It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f”

        So, proper English dictates that “that person” is referring to “the person who solves the clues” and that person is a female.

        • E* says:

          djjmciv – Ah,…but as I showed in my example,…that “she” reference could be someone else,…other than “that person”,…”the person who solves the clues”. It could even be a reference to Forrest’s wife, Peggy. Wouldn’t a love letter to her,…even if it was found 100-1000 years from now,…be great for the finder to discover? And I think the whole adventure we are having,…in solving the Poem,…is all about taking things out of context,…don’t you? 🙂

          • Strawshadow says:

            You E* are exactly right, taking things out of context. However some, to prove a point, will go to drastic extremes which may do more harm than good. It is not nice to falsely play with mammal emotions at any price. And it seems funny to me that the hardest student to teach is the instructor. You do share a beautiful thought though, with your love letter.

    • Iceman says:

      Sorry but it wont be a woman that solves the Chase. It will be a guy. Just sayin.

  4. William says:

    I am assuming it’s a man cause he says I think that person will be pleased so to me that is the person I believe he might be in contact with and for some reason he know there’s a women either with the searcher or some how knows there is a woman involved

  5. The Wolf says:

    Well I was going to keep that secret object a secret, but you are making it really hard there Mr. Fenn! Now I have to include that chapter. E* – keep it quiet until I have finished. 😉
    I was wondering how long it was going to take for this to come out.
    The Wolf

    • E* says:

      The Wolf – Who, Me? Keep quiet? Surely you jest!

      A few guesses,…as to your story about the secret object:


      “She” being Mary Magdalene.


      “She” being Athena,…the goddess of wisdom.

    • E* says:

      The Wolf – OK,…how about if we all guess what “it” really is,…in Forrest’s answer above? I think we did this on Dal’s blog already, though. I wonder if “it” has anything to do with the Knights Templar? Or maybe something to do with the books that the author, Dan Brown, wrote? Or maybe the English poet William Browne is somehow associated with “it”?

      Oh wait,…nevermind,…for now,…the “she” will not fit into THAT definition of “it”. But maybe in 100 years?

      OK,…onto the next idea for “it”,…which works well with, “put in below the home of Brown”:

      (Hand-tied Bead Head Brown Stonefly Nymph)

      I hope there is a Hardy Zenith 9′ #5 and performance reel hidden somewhere nearby “in the wood”, too. 🙂

      • The Wolf says:

        Hey E* – since you continue to mention knights, I suggest you read up on Camelot and maybe little red riding hood (for the kids). Get that right and we can drink from a goblet together.

        • E* says:

          The Wolf – Isn’t there a Wolf,…in that, “Little Red Riding Hood” story??? I’ll bet there are a few of those where I am headed, too. And as to Camelot,…I prefer the tale of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”:


          I hope when I get to the Green Chapel,…that there is a green and gold girdle in the Bronze Chest,…to protect me from the Grizz on the way out! 🙂

          • lia says:

            E* take your buddy Bart2 along and no worries about Grizz. They will smell Bart’s soft shiny fur washed clean in Prell concentrate and run for their dens!
            So I’ve been drooling like a moose over the secret possibilities – and I’m going with an owl tetradrachum or Sacajawea proof coin. Sometimes it’s just fun to let go and dream about beautiful objects a bit. Of course the one thing I would most enjoy seeing is th 17th century emerald ring, because I’ve dreamt about it! What do you want most from Forrest’s treasure?

            • JC1117 says:

              Hi, Lia. I dream of taking those gold nuggets that are “as big as chicken eggs” …like Forrest said…and making a golden omelet! …with pearls for onions…and rubies and emeralds for bell peppers …and smaller gold nuggets for bacon bits. That would be better than the breakfast buffet at Excalibur…in Las Vegas…and that’s hard to beat. 🙂 Of course, I’m just goofin’ off…as usual. Do you think that Glenna might have given Forrest the Sacajawea proof coin #1? That would be SO COOL. It’s fun to think about all the possibilities, isn’t it? Actually, I should say it’s THRILLING to think of all the possibilities. 🙂

  6. Seeker says:

    She? SHE?! the names Mike as In Michael, Not Michele… crap, all this time I thought he was sending me hidden hints in the comments, statement, and Q&A’s, reading my spectacular well thought out post.

    Oh well, what ever the special thing is, I hope it matches my shoes !!!!

  7. Mark J says:

    I will let my wife know 🙂

  8. samsith says:

    Mr. Fenn has thrown more wrinkles in this chase than in a basket full of shar-peis…

  9. TaraT says:

    I think it’s a book/publicity contract. It’s one of a few things that could be designated only for the solver (if there is only one). If the chest is retrieved by a team, the pre-agreed upon ratio of profit division would hold if the thing was a tangible object. It’s also insurance that the retriever is not someone that would try to cheat a solving partner out of their share. If you can’t explain how you solved the location, how DID you find it? It sounds like Forrest knows a solution has been completed, or is imminent. It sounds like Forrest has good reason to think it’s a woman.

  10. BW says:

    Bella Abzug would be pleased!

  11. TaraT says:

    From Forrest’s description of Bella Abzug, why would she give a darn about a treasure chest? Why would any other politician for that matter? It won’t get them any votes in the next election.

  12. locolobo says:

    Nice twist!!
    I think both of them will be pleased that you placed one in the Chest. After all, one saved our forefathers and the other has saved us for future generations.

    On another note, if I could just find an interpreter for the Poem and a guide with knowledge of geography, to lead me thru the wiles of nature and circumstance, I could have a few dollers of my own!!

    Thanks again for the Thrill and I hope your juniper fire burns bright all winter!! 🙂 🙂

    • E* says:

      locolobo – By “placed one in the Chest”,…did you mean this “one”?:


    • Seeker says:

      Things some say { loco } just kick start the ole’ engine back to life – even if it spits and sputters a bit. I believe Loco [ hope I’m not talking out of turn here loco] maybe referring to a document. Or at least, I can see it being one, with reference to “… Might find dull… “. Now the “she”, is now not so much a “her”, as much as the meaning of such.

      Ok then, back to my research on Molly Brown and the Hope diamond theory thingy.

      • E* says:

        Seeker – What if the “something saved especially” is a magnifying glass? Then, “might find dull”, would make sense,…in reference to his autobiography,…the text of which he reduced at Kinko’s,….so he could roll it up and fit it in the olive jar,…right?:

        vague ; unclear ; undefinable ; blurred ; hazy ; misty ; faint ; dim ; blunt ; dull ; out of focus ; muzzy ; filmy ; foggy ; clouded ; fuzzy ; bleary ; blurry

        I know I would like to get to reading that autobiography,…as soon as I found it. I don’t think anything I have seen,…that Forrest has written,…has been ‘dull’ as in ‘boring’. 🙂

      • locolobo says:

        Seeker!! I don’t have to tell you what I think of your abilities, we been tight for awhile. Things not the same without you around. You might be the one!!

        Nope, not a document, but what it documents!! And he does mean “she”!! LOL!!

        • Seeker says:

          As far as the document, I was leaning to what I got from your comment [ just, a glare that popped, a thought ] as well as words in the answer. I also have an interest in the words “saved” as in rescued. Is the item something he is keeping safe from harm – so to speak? Something he felt needed rescuing and wanted to pass it on for future generations to have?

          SHE, there’s a word worthy of some research. With a twist. ” that person = the person will be pleased….for SHE.

          So, I’ll be the “First” to say…..

        • locolobo says:

          Seeker, thanks for the again discourse! 🙂

          Not so much keeping it safe as perpetuating the legacy of the two “she’s”.

          This is part of a post I made:

          Freebie-> There is a person that Fenn shares a bond with. She received a number of objects for her endeavors. When she disposed of them, she “saved” a number of them. It is only logical that she would pass one, or more, to Forrest. He would recognize that the object would absolutely complement the treasure he was putting together. So he also would have saved it, for that purpose.
          here-> http://www.chasechat.com/chat/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=1750.0

          Didn’t get any positive reviews there, but, oh well….

          Nice talking to ya again…..Good Luck to All….loco 🙂

          • E* says:

            locolobo – You just HAVE to give me some points for this one,…because it might not be the object you were describing,…but I think it DOES fit Forrest’s description of the object,…and my assessment of who Forrest’s “she”,…or your two “she’s”,…might be:



            This year, the U.S. Mint expects to circulate more than 1 billion of the new $1 gold-colored Sacagawea coins that Goodacre designed. To win that design competition, Goodacre’s Sacagawea triumphed over 121 designs submitted by 20 invited artists.

            SHE #1 = Sacagawea
            SHE #2 = Glenna Goodacre

            • locolobo says:

              *^#!**^^>)%$@< -fireworks going off and bells ringing!! 🙂
              Give da man a box of ceegars!! 🙂

              She received $5,000.00 worth of them for her winning design. They were specially minted (not for circulation) for her.
              Given that Forrest was the catalyst for her career in sculpture, I'm quite sure she passed some on to him before she disposed of the bulk of them.

              Because "she" saved them, Forrest was able to place one in the chest "especially for the person who solves the clues."

              Glenna Goodacre and Sacagawea will both be pleased to see it!!

              Course, this all just my opinion.
              I know how it might work for my solve, but not how anyone else might see it. Thought I'd throw it out for someone else to look at……Besides I owed Jenny some traffic for posting on dal's the other day!! 🙂

              LOL!! See I knew you were good (what took you so long 🙂 ) Say hi to the red-headed step-children for me. Maybe I'll stop in sometime. 🙂

              Crazy huh??? No wonder no one pays any attention to me at ChaseChat!!!! 🙂 LOL!!!

              Thanks again, Jenny for hosting (and putting up with me)


              • E* says:

                locolobo – I dunno what took me so long,…sometimes I am a little slow,…especially when I don’t sleep too well (due to loud drunks on the street). Here’s what I posted about your riddle,…over on that OTHER great blog,…where the “red-headed step-children” (who have been kicked off Dal’s blog) hang out:


              • E* says:

                locolobo – Another great site on Glenna Goodacre,…and that great “manganese bronze” coin,…with some nice photos:


                This new coin was first officially struck on November 18, 1999 during a ceremony where dignitaries and special guests were allowed to strike coins one at a time.. Although the coins were not legally allowed to be released until 2000, in which the dignitaries and Glenna Goodacre received the coins they struck. Throughout that first year, over a billion of these coins were produced at the US Mints. The dollar coins themselves were golden in color, but do not actually contain any real gold metal. Instead, they contain 88.5% copper, 6.0% zinc, 3.5% manganese and 2% nickel. This overall manganese bronze composition is what gives the coin it’s golden appearance.

              • E* says:

                locolobo – A little more on Three Forks, Montana,…and the Spirit of Sacajawea,…that crossed the path there:

                (I like the “Coming Home” statue in Three Forks the best)


                • E* says:

                  locolobo – And that Three Forks location,…and Sacagawea “Coming Home” to it,…made me think of this excerpt,…from “Little Gidding”:

                  With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this Calling

                  We shall not cease from exploration
                  And the end of all our exploring
                  Will be to arrive where we started
                  And know the place for the first time.
                  Through the unknown, unremembered gate
                  When the last of earth left to discover
                  Is that which was the beginning;
                  At the source of the longest river
                  The voice of the hidden waterfall
                  And the children in the apple-tree
                  Not known, because not looked for
                  But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
                  Between two waves of the sea.

                  – T.S. Eliot

            • E* says:

              locolobo – OK,…bear with me here. Let’s read Forrest’s answer again:

              “Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f”

              What if, “the person who solves the clues” is Sacagawea???!!!

              And what if her “Coming Home” statue has made its way from Three Forks to Forrest’s “secret where” hidey spot?:


              And what if, “And tarry scant with marvel gaze”, refers to that statue of her,…at the hidey spot?

              Then, “I think that person will be pleased when she sees it”,…means:

              The one thing in the chest,…that Forrest doesn’t want to talk about,…is saved especially for Sacagawea,…”THE person”,…”who solves the clues”,…and Forrest thinks Sacagawea “will be pleased when she sees it”,…meaning that Sacagawea will be pleased,…when her Spirit looks through the eyes of that statue,…at his hidey spot,…to see the Glenna Goodacre $1 coin likeness of her,…when the lucky finder opens the unhidden bronze chest.

              I just keep thinking about Forrest and Donnie “Looking for Lewis and Clark”,…and Sacagawea’s Spirit just won’t leave my side. 🙂

              • locolobo says:

                Hello E*!!
                My, you have a very fertile imagination!!! I’m not on the Lewis & Clark Bandwagon. But hey, whatever trips your trigger. Each of us must go where the Poem leads us, no??

                Yes, I think Sacagawea is the one who will be pleased. But only in the sense that Forrest talked about when he said “I think my friend J.D. knows” and “Somehow I sense she knows that and is smiling down on me.” 🙂

                • E* says:

                  locolobo – Is J.D. the woman friend who is buried in Colorado near this chapel?:


                • locolobo says:

                  E*, No. I was referencing FF;s remark about J.D. Salinger, in the book. And also the grandmotherly lady who broke the fried pies and sold to him, also in the book.

                  But, you have piqued my interest with your question, Who is the lady friend buried near that chapel??? …(if you can share or care to share)

                • E* says:

                  locolobo – I might have read about Forrest’s woman friend,…who was also in the Air Force,…on Stephanie’s old blog,…or one of the others. I can’t find the reference now,…but I thought I remembered a photo of what the unique looking chapel looked like (is it the one in Colorado,…or is it in Wyoming?). I think there was a song or poem that he remembered her with, too. Maybe someone else who reads this can help?

    • E* says:

      locolobo – Your “dollers” comment made me think of this quote:

      “Ring the bell loudly- for he who dies with over fifty dollars is a failure.”

      And that made of think of this $50 gold coin,…which I hope is in the Bronze Chest:


      I mean,…those bronze bells and jars may not be found for 1,000 years, right? Forrest may well have chosen to put his “50 dollers” in the Bronze Chest, symbolizing that quote, instead.

      • E* says:

        locolobo – Here is the image of that bronze bell I mentioned,…with the “dollers” spelling,…from Richard Saunier’s blog site:


        I was thinking he might have attached that $50 gold coin to the striker,…inside that bell,…which was made from those tacks,…that Forrest salvaged from the truck bed,…at the Spanish Conquistador find in Wyoming.

      • locolobo says:

        E*E*, I gonna have to take the cigar back!! You are way cold with the bell. And I had high hopes for you with the doller bill.

        I really liked Wood river canyon……….for awhile!!! 🙂

  13. astree says:

    for the nite owls



  14. JCM says:

    Some thoughts on this answer from Forrest…

    Could be that whatever the not talked about item is, it may be some piece of woman’s jewelry that some lucky lady will be very impressed with some day, or maybe not… Perhaps a woman is really close to figuring the poem out.

    How will f be convinced the chest has been found? How about a person identifying what this not talked about item is.

  15. Whiterock says:

    The “She” is his bride!
    It has no relevance to physical he/she. It is a spiritual partner he is looking for

  16. Eliza says:

    So astree found “nest” lurking at the ends of the last words. I think the same word might also be hiding in the prior exchange with Forrest.

    There are three parts to the exchange. They end:

    Johnny Q

    It is tempting to make the following associations :

    Johnny Q >>> Jo(h)nny Quest
    f >>> Forrest

    What these have in common is that they end in est. The only word one can make with the end of “anyone” and est is nest.

    I’m not quite sure why astree brought up owls, but I have thought for some time that an owl nest/nook would be a great place to hide the chest if the opening were the right size.

  17. lia says:

    Certain species of owls nest near the ground or build an underground nest in a burrow. Looking quickly ‘down’ could mean soft feathery down cushions the chest in a nest near the ground. An owl can keep a secret and is an ancient symbol of wisdom.

    • Seeker says:

      I see the line of thinking here. Lets take it a step further… feathers, nest, and thing as such, don’t truly last or stay that long. Winds, rains, snows, time etc. tend to displace them, as well as other animals deconstructing them for their own use or at the very least make them unrecognizable. But, using this line of thinking, a “nest” is nothing more than a place of habitation. A home is the same, a cave, a mud brick structure, a wooden building, the wood land, a camp, a nest, a burrow etc. only describes a type of habitation. Just a thought.

    • E* says:

      Lia – Thanks for the heads-up on Burrowing Owls. The sources I read did say that they prefer open, treeless areas,…and that their burrows are prone to flooding in heavy rains. But the one in this photo looks like the perfect hidey spot:


  18. Crazy Horse says:

    Mr. Fenn

    Have you been back to open the chest one more time since you hid it last?

  19. Paris says:

    Me. Fenn
    I read about your one room cabin in the woods but I follow the blogs and did tons of research on trying to find it but I always come up empty or at a deadend. My question is has anyone able to do research to find it or is there research you was able to find on the Internet that would show a picture or tell about it or is the picture you provided the only one in existence and the knowledge of it only located in ttotc?

  20. 42 says:

    Mr. Fenn, anyone should be pleased with the beautiful Romanesque box and your bio ‘alone in there.’ However, if we are rendering guesses as to the mysterious object (which just makes it more fun)… Intuition and the poem lead to the presence of an Athenian Owl coin, symbolic of ancient wisdom, democracy, philosophy, and architectural elegance ancient Greece passed on to western civilizations. By the way, I hope you included your history of when and where you collected each of the trove’s antiquities.

    [note to Paris] – the family cabin Mr. Fenn describes is quite similar to cabins built from 1934-1941 by President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps. as part of the New Deal on National Forest properties. Here is a link: http://livingnewdeal.berkeley.edu/new-deal-agencies/ccc-civilian-conservation-corps/page/9/

  21. 42 says:

    E – yes, it makes sense that f was there. May have to check it out next summer.

  22. 42 says:

    Forrest: if you honored Glenna Goodacre by including her Sacagawea dollar, what a thoughtful, elegant tribute!

  23. 42 says:

    E* – lol, Passed right by TeePee Creek last week. Thought about scraping the dirt on the south side, but was having too much fun sightseeing with a friend who had never seen YP. Can’t afford another trip until spring. If tc is there, you still have time before the snow flies.

  24. E* says:

    42 – Yeah,…I don’t think anyone got my previous reference to this mountain’s elevation at 10,236 ft.,…and its treeline,…which is probably right below 10,200 ft. And because Forrest said that the blaze was maybe White,…it could be considered the blaze,…and WWWH,…all in one!:


    I had fun finding some noticeable TeePee rings on Google Earth in that area, too. I hope both of us get to check that area out “live” someday,…but if you do,…BEWARE THE GRIZZ!:


  25. 42 says:

    E* its a date next spring to check out the area together, and your Grizz photo doesn’t scare me. I would recognize Caseys friend Brutus anywhere. Wild Grizz don’t have their teeth whitened for the movies! His cousins near the cabin scare the cr@p out of me, so bring your gun since I only pack a Daisy air rifle.

  26. djjmciv says:

    Developing Story:

    Dal just posted a recent blog about Keri and her journey to meet Forrest Fenn. Don’t know who Kari is? She is the “she” Forrest was referencing as the one finding the chest here. More details coming soon I’m sure

    • E* says:

      djjmciv – I don’t think so,…but she WAS the one who was very worried about her husband, Sean,…last Spring,…when he got lost and overnight “in the wood”,…with his truck stuck in the snow,…and the wolves howling. That’s when she called Forrest. And then Diggin’ Gypsy helped find the truck. And Forrest and his cousin helped, too. And then the helicopter flew over the area and lifted Sean out.

  27. 42 says:

    E*/E8: Go easy on my friend Brutus, he was raised in captivity and learned to swim in the city pool bobbing for marshmellos. I could never kill a wild grizzly in my own self-defense, but if a grizz was attacking my kids I would literally bite back to save their lives; or sing a lullabye which may work. It was a mistake as a teenage girl to read “Night of The Grizzly” which happened not far from home. Don’t want to meet one without a strong man to defend me. By all means invite Brad Pitt, and Mr. Fenn too. Forrest is the more interesting of the two, and I’m guessing the better shot.

  28. 42 says:

    E* thanks for that video.guessing you knew it was geographically fun. And no worries about me hiking in grizzly country alone. I search a safe area, with the exception of an additional fork of a creek to investigate next summer with at least 9 known Grizzlys in the area. Hoping to affirm it with research.

    Jenny, thank you for your excellent website!!

  29. Paris says:

    I believe the item he doesn’t want to talk about is the mirror and she should have turned around!

  30. 42 says:

    Paris, I understand there are two ancient mirrors in the TC and many references to mirrors, images and reflections. But, I don’t follow you on ‘she should have turned around’ Would you kindly explain?

  31. Iron Will says:

    It’s a Diamond. Either a diamond ring, diamond bracelet, diamond necklace or just one hell of a nice diamond. Forrest has stated that people have solved only the first and second clues repeatedly. Meaning NEITHER gender is close. At that point, you have to assume the greatest probability…and that its, that the “she” refers to a general statement of a woman. If a MAN finds it, he will most likely give it to his wife or girlfriend. If a WOMAN finds it, she ofcourse will love it. And the highest probability to fit that is a diamond of some fashion.

    • JC1117 says:

      You might be right, Will. You know what they say…diamonds are a girl’s best friend…and Forrest is a mysterious man. Forrest has been really smart about a LOT of things in his lifetime. It’s pretty obvious if you study him for even just a little while. I think he’s correct that a woman is closest to the Treasure. Maybe even a “few”. My wife is much smarter than I am in many ways. I should listen to her more often…typical man that I am. Speaking of diamonds, have you seen this one, Will? Of course, I know it couldn’t possibly be this one…but it’s fun to imagine.


      • Iron Will says:

        Why’d you have to do that!?? Now I’m obsessing over a large diamond in the chest! o.o

        • JC1117 says:

          I know, Will. As if all the pictures of what we already know is in there isn’t enough already, right?! And then Forrest adds more intrigue and mystery to the equation. Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? You and me both! 🙂

          • Jenny Kile says:

            And me too..:)…that was a neat article. Thanks for sharing JC…love those. I just read (in a book, so can’t give a link) about the La Peregrina Pearl, so your link was a nice addition.

            The La Peregrina Pearl was sold recently to a ‘private’ buyer in 2011 and is currently out of the public’s eye. Mysterious buyer and treasure. (I don’t think it is in the chest or that Forrest bought it….just love learning about hidden or wonderful treasures :)) I’ll add the Golden eye diamond.

            • JC1117 says:

              Thanks, Jenny. I googled the La Peregrina Pearl and read about some of its history. Wow! The coolest part of the story, I think, is that it was found by a slave who his freedom by doing so. It’s there on Wikipedia. Recently, after it was appraised for “only” 3 million it sold for over 11 million!!!

              Thanks for keeping this website, Jenny. There are a lot of really interesting things here. I love mysteries and finding hidden things.

            • lia says:

              Jenny, I’m a lover of history and historical jewels. La Peregrina ‘the wanderer” was new to me, and so much fun reading the history. As peregrine birds were the hunting falcons of kings, I guess the pearl wandered from queen to queen.
              Because modern cultured pearls are common and relatively inexpensive, we forget natural large pearls are extremely rare and the most costly jewel worn only by royalty for centuries. I loved La Pergrine’s history, and the Golden Eye Diamond. thank you for the fun read Jenny. I appreciate you and your terrific site!


            • Iron Will says:

              Let me throw some craziness at ya Jenny…

              “The end is drawing ever nigh; There…” semicolon connector The end is ever drawing night. Perhaps it means the end of the day is ever drawing to night. Once again meaning “Evening Star” which signifies the end of the day to explorers and olden adventurers. so replace the end and restate it…

              The Evening Star is drawing near. Why is that important to all this diamond talk?


              The Evening Star diamond sold for 5.4 million dollars to an ANONYMOUS buyer in the latter half of 2009.

              All I can dare to say is… WHAT IF?

              • Iron Will says:

                Oh! and what if…

                and hint of riches new and old. This diamond goes back 300-400 years old…. AND, if my wildly reaching synopsis happened to be right, it is hinted about in “the end is drawing ever nigh”. So the Treasure itself (new) and the diamond(old) are both hinted about in the poem. Now I know this is a stretch that only Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four could handle…. but man I’d have a heart attack if it were there.

                • Iron Will says:

                  and….(can you tell I’m bored?)… That was the ONLY item Forrest will not identify in the chest. ALL of the other items worth 1-3 million he ID’d, but this ONE he wouldn’t say. Maybe it’s because its the crown jewel of the treasure.

                • JC1117 says:

                  The Evening Star diamond making its way into the chest would be quite a stretch…even for Reed Richards…but I think the timing is very interesting. An ANONYMOUS buyer? Might I add Fennonymous buyer? I know it makes me drool just thinking about it, but I’m usually drooling when I’m thinking about anything, really…and I drool twice as much when I’m not thinking about anything…which happens about ten times as often…when I’m awake, of course. LOL! Do you think when Reed Richards gets drunk and belligerent that he goes around trying to introduce others to his “little friend…Hairy Reed”? 🙂 It’s late. I better call it a night before I type something I’ll regret later. 🙂

  32. Linda says:

    Of Course he said “her” Forrest KNOWS Women are smarter than MEN……LOL…
    I know its still there…..Because it is waiting there for me!

  33. Elementary says:

    Who knows….perhaps Forrest even hints at this secret extra surprise in the poem and the books! I can only imagine the thought would be fun for him.

    Going further….perhaps this extra item plays a role in the “after” the chase “happy ending”. Time will eventually tell, but Forrest won’t until then. Forrest’s generosity continues to both humble and amaze.

    I would wonder if his “oops” comment made him smile at the end of his sentence.

  34. astree says:

    ancay ouyay eepkay a ecretsay


  35. puttputt says:

    Ihay ayay. Ooyay ustmay avehay istakenmay Imay ommentcay…

  36. astree says:

    Okay. Thanks putt putt and good luck to ya

  37. Elementary says:

    putt putt…milesay! Avehay a icenay ayday!

  38. puttputt says:

    Oodgay objay! Otnay odecay, igpay atinlay!

  39. spallies says:

    Some might consider Pig Latin a code… imho… But wait… the pigs???

  40. E* says:

    spallies – Just wondering if Pig Latin,,,.is considered to be one of the Romance Languages,…like French:

    The Romance languages—occasionally called the Latin languages, and even more infrequently the Romanic or Neo-Latin languages—are the group of modern languages that evolved from spoken Latin between the sixth and ninth centuries A.D. and that thus form a branch of the Italic languages within the Indo-European language family.

    Nothing lost in the translation here:


  41. astree says:

    As to the poem’s 4 x 6

    Humongous Good


    ( well, maybe throw an A in there, I bet she wouldn’t be to pleased to see that )

  42. puttputt says:

    Humongous A! I resemble that remark! 🙂

  43. Sailed says:

    Would be nice if F would re affirm the chest is still there… Even a crude picture would do… As it stands now I can hardly justify a trip without know for sure… seems it’s possible someone scooped it up quietly… Here were all dooped.

  44. astree says:


    That ought to go well with the remark Doctor Fenn made re: the treasure hunt…”think big” 🙂

    Sailed – It would be nice. If it is as Forrest says, then it should still be there.


  45. Gregorious says:

    Well is SHE knows where it is and is just waiting for the spring then there is no reason to keep searching and wasting time in these forums. Idios

  46. Abel says:

    I hope it wasn’t the last search I was on.. I can’t remember everywhere I walked. I do have senior moments even at 59.

  47. Most says:

    There is a cabin for rent in Ouray, Colorado – called the Brown Cabin.. which sits HIGH UP overlooking the area which has a canyon.

  48. Inohury says:

    She is not what you think. She is a she though.

  49. Pen Ghost says:

    I think she would only understand the special item. I think she will appreciate it. I hope she likes it . . . begs the question: why would she want to part with it (sell it or place in a museum)? I think she can’t wait to see it!

  50. Jdiggins says:

    A SECRET treasure…hmmm…. 🙂

    To the Caliph I am the dirt, to the dirt I am the Caliph… 🙂

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