Featured Question with Forrest: Treasure Chest Photo Shoot

thrill of the chase poem treasureDear Forrest,
In one of the photos of your treasure the bronze chest is resting on what looks like the floor of a barn. At least it looks like that to me. Can you tell us about it? Agnes


Agnes, that chest was placed on a small stool in my photographer’s studio. I thought it was an apt prop from which to launch the thrill of the chase. We messed around for a long time with lighting and rearranging the gold coins and nuggets. He must have taken fifty photos but when I got home he sent me only three. He said he picked out the best ones and deleted the others. f


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33 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks Agnes and Forrest! Interesting! And I would say that is neat looking stool! I wonder what the chest rests on now? Will have to keep up the search and find out!!!

  2. thrillchaser says:

    I wonder too where the chest now sits. 🙂 is it sitting in water, on a cave floor, beneath a pile of wood?

    great to hear from you Forrest. the chase is the best.

  3. newhunter says:

    It sounds like this photo shoot was done right before the launch of his book which means he still had the chest then.

  4. Joe says:

    yeah when did he take the book to the printers?

  5. 23kachinas says:

    Digital photographer$ are funny, e$pecially with the picture$ they don’t cho$e for you.

  6. 42 says:

    Ask yourself the right questions, not the obvious ones. Look closely at obscure meanings.

    1.Why was a “Stool” an apt ‘prop’? Keep in mind f’s numerous references to brown as forms of stool related to human bottoms.

    Why did FF use those words? Is he simply referring to “tools” used to display “loot” [backwards] or is there a muck deeper association with stool? His word choices and letter choices reveal everything in his poem.

    2. Why a chest sitting on a stool? – perhaps a landform? m=chest or twin buttes sitting atop a river bottom. Why wooden planks and nails which resemble a coffin or pirates plank? Maybe the chest simply sits below a wooden plank or pile of wood – but I personally doubt Forrest spent 10-15 years constructing his poem if it’s that simple.

    3. Why did FF select the name Agnes?
    common meaning of Agnes is lamb, innocent.
    How about ‘no place for the meek’ or page 109 TTOTC Chapter title “Teachers with ropes” Deconstruct the words as Forrest constructed them.
    Tea = at E; Cher=dearly beloved boy
    W.it.H = UUits8Eternity
    Perhaps Forrest’s secret he dares all to discover is a dearly beloved boy resting in peace at the treasured “chest” or twin buttes location at E (middle E frequency).

    NOTE: if you are an editor or movie producer looking for a million dollar solution with 2 years of intelligent research including maps within the poem and coordinates, email me: 4242 l e v e l @ g m a i l.com. You’ll not be disappointed. (I’m not interested in any chase related documentaries)

    • Jerry Jones says:

      Hi 42

      There is a loot in his book, I imagine some tools are necessary in getting to Indulgence. Does the stool have 3 or 4 legs? See photo of stool in TTOTC PG 31

      :a side of a right triangle that is not the hypotenuse; also :a side of an isosceles triangle that is not the base
      6 a :the course and distance sailed by a boat on a single tack
      b :a portion of a trip :stage
      c :one section of a relay race
      d :one of several events or games necessary to be won to decide a competition
      7 :a branch or part of an object or system
      8 plural :long-term appeal or interest

      Jerry Jones AKA PI

      • PI says:

        If you look below the chest the two bolts look like eyes and if you stare long enough you might see the whole face. Small details like that are fun to look at, perhaps a hint.

  7. 23kachinas says:


    #9. Remember that Some things Aren’t for Sale
    #10. Know Where to Draw the Line


  8. William says:

    That dirty photographer had his hands all over the chest!

  9. Mark J says:

    I always thought that Forrest took the pictures.

  10. Seeker says:

    Pick out the best ones and delete the rest. I can only recall seeing three different photos. the one above and two with the chest open.. 1 with the coins / gold spread out. And 1 with the coins / gold all inside

    What pictures where deleted? out of the three received.

  11. Patty says:

    I’m kinda surprised the camera guy didn’t bolt out the door.

    • Seeker says:

      I can’t help to think that this is one of those little stories FF may have instinctively “embellished” on, nevertheless telling it true.

      Every step of the process and all the planning of it, fenn was ever in the lead. Even to the point of creating his own publishing company. What seems strange is that he would allow someone to take all those pics and just simply walk away.

      • Seeker says:

        Just for fun…

        ” that chest was placed on a small stool in “MY photographer’s studio.” is this the same language usage as in SB 124, ” I caught a nice fish and with it he took my photo. I mean he took my photo with it”

        Is “MY photographer’s studio” …Fenn’s place he keep his camera… or even another building on his property fenn took the pictures for privacy? I mean. to have privacy to take the picture.

        ” He must have taken fifty photos”… “He” being the camera, as the same someone calling their car a she?

        “but when I got home he sent me only three. [ from another building where the pics where take ] “He” said he picked out the best ones and deleted the others. f”

        Maybe the other pics didn’t come out well, fuzzy, shadowed, or not at all etc. and with a play on words “he sent” , by way of a camera card to his computer, only three usable pictures.

        I did say, just for fun… didn’t I ?

  12. WiseOne says:

    It seems a little odd that he says, “Agnes, that chest”… not “the chest”…
    Also I noticed that he didn’t initial cap the words, “the thrill of the chase”…
    Barn floor, stool, photographer’s studio, apt prop, launch… Hmm.
    And again, there are numbers in there… fifty, three, and the best ones.
    Thanks for the Q&A’s with forrest, Jenny! Just love’um.

  13. 23kachinas says:

    I wonder who took these 3 photos that were sent to Dal with no explanation?


    Forrest sent these without explanation a few minutes ago. Where in the blazes are these? I know what some of you are thinking but I am not sure…

    (Stephanie is busy digging out her old photos to compare…)

    My favorite is the running guy with the bike helmet and what appears to be a spike on his back..perhaps he’s running from a bear in Yellowstone…

    Different fonts for the “f”..and they definitely look like they could have been around for three/four years…

    It’s so fun to use our imaginations! 🙂

  14. Spallies says:

    Thank you for telling us about “it” Forrest!

  15. 42 says:

    What I notice:
    1. The castle turret design on the top of the chest also looks like a large Elizabethan style “E”
    2. compare the photo on cover of TTOTC. The one coin singled out with lighting is British with an image of QEII.
    3. A very important question which is tied to the blaze – why a Queen Elizabeth Coin…steeling the spotlight among American eagles and double eagles associated with a decorated US golden pilot?
    4. E & L are letters in the word BLAZE. Maybe they are the blaze you find after following the Y’s, because Why is it.
    5. Note that “EL” is predominately the name for the triune Godhead and used as such in multiple cultures and languages.

  16. Windy City says:

    Wise one:

    I believe that he is merely addressing Agnes. He begins a lot of his responses to questions that way.

  17. djjmciv says:

    How convenient. I was waiting on that ONE particular comment to throw into question this entire thing. And here it is. NO, photographer, and I repeat, NO (professional) photographer will ever delete a paying clients photos.

    I mean. I’m upset.

    I have been asking for over a year now for additional photos and now we know they “got deleted.”
    Which is something that just would never have happened.

    Either Forrest went to a friend or a amateur, but either way he went to the wrong person.
    Or, the simple answer, this is a hoax.
    Who is this photographer?
    Maybe Forrest doesn’t want to give out a name because nobody would ever go to that person if they are just deleting photos you’re paying for.

  18. 23kachinas says:

    Just a guess but looks like Nora Levine was one of Forrest Fenn’s photographers.

    Oddly the photographers name (Nora Levine) appears in the file name on Dal’s website.



    She does nice work if you ask me!

  19. 23kachinas says:

    Two of my favorite pictures:

    One Mindy posted of Forrest on her new Fenn Hotspot blog: http://static.wixstatic.com/media/e8f57b_37a0fd30dc2e4fe98d603bd1b9ee6a04.jpg_srb_p_601_339_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb



    I never get tired of thinking the left is the text version how to find it and the right is the visual way to find it on a map.

  20. uken2it says:

    Are your interviews with folks all done through email or are some of the interviews in person or verbal as opposed to writing? Specifically I am most interested in the six questions with Forrest.

    • Jenny/Sixer says:

      Hi uken2it, the three specific Six Questions with Forrest were done through emails back and forth. The only fully verbal Six Q was with Michael Green concerning Unicornis.

      The other questions with Forrest are mostly email as well. But the ‘Chatting with Forrest’ posts includes some of the conversations I (with my family) had with him in person.

      hope that answers your question

  21. uken2it says:

    Thank you Jenny. I have been trying to determine if forrest said/sounded a word or wrote the actual word. A word that is ‘key’. If sounded out it might mean Chi for instance. But if he emailed it I prefer to stick with ‘key’. Thanks again!

    • Seeker says:


      I’m glad to see some keep the wording correct… a word that is key… and not the use of, key word.
      IMO, a key word is an absolute must to have, as it would unlock a specific thing needed to solve the poem. As where the word that is key, is more an understanding that one word has a meaning or indicator that we the readers should take serious notice to.

  22. uken2it says:

    I agree and as an example: “Take it in the canyon down” can mean a few other things than ‘down in the canyon.’ It might mean to not take the canyon(s) above (elevation) the canyon in mind. No messing with the words.

  23. uken2it says:

    This is embarrassing but how do I follow threads on this site so as to receive new comments via email? Also how do I sign up so I can log in? I have tried searching a bit but can’t find these items.

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