Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Photoshop Mysteries

treasure hunt Forrest fenn the thrill of the chaseDear Mr. Fenn,

There is talk on the chatter boards that you photoshopped some of the pictures in your TTOTC book. Care to settle that question once and for all? Ollie

Ollie, I have not photoshopped anything because I don’t know how, and never had a reason to learn.

On page 64 of TTOTC our book designer put Skippy in the driver’s seat of his car. She searched my photo collection and found just the right one. I watched her size it and was amazed at the process.

It proved once again that I’m not yet ready for the 20th century. A few photos were cropped and some were enlarged, but that’s about it, except for the collage on page 133, which was her idea. f


Best of luck with all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!


The Thrill of the Chase Poem 

The above link includes Forrest Fenn’s treasure poem written out.  It’s always nice to do a quick read through, even if memorized.  Thoughts are sparked in different ways and I always find it funny how ideas arise.  Whenever I seem to read the poem, new ideas emerge.

And although the following two links are very similar topics, sometimes it’s good to look at the Treasure Hunt Poem and those things Forrest has directly said about it- only.  For instance, we are told to not mess with his poem, it contains nine clues which will lead a searcher to the treasure chest,  and the clues are in consecutive order in the poem.  These are important items to remember.  Others are listed, and I plan to update the page within the next few weeks.  (if you have thoughts on things to add, please feel free to add in comments below the post)

Treasure Facts deals with those known items involving the hunt.  For example; the treasure is not in a mine or is hidden below 5000 feet.  Again, reading over these often, can help keep us all on track, and not stray from what is known.  I will be updating that page as well, and so any suggestions you might have for what to add will be appreciated in comments below that post too.

Forrest Fenn Poem Facts (facts concerning specifically the poem)

Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts (facts on the The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt)



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132 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us Forrest and Ollie….

  2. seannm says:


    Rut Roh Raggy!


  3. HeadedDown says:

    Always answering the “ajective here” questions. I sent ya a few. How about those Mr. Fenn. I’ll remind ya of my favorite. Check your email lol. 🙂 or :/

    • HeadedDown says:

      Mr. Fenn, Maybe you could address the anagram debate. Seems many many many more searchers will benefit from that compared to whoMever “thought” what you have addressed up there. imo. Thanks.

  4. Timberwolf says:

    Never had a doubt.


  5. Iron Will says:

    Nice statement. Maybe takes some of the picture guessing out now.

  6. Twingem says:

    I don’t know why, but for some reason this makes me feel adoration.

  7. Tim says:

    Not hidden above 5,000 feet. Whaaat?
    “That’s about it.” Whaaat?
    Where is there a pic named “anything”?
    This question and posting does not in any way deny photos being photoshopped.

  8. Spallies says:

    But are you ready for the 21st Century?

    The 21st century is the current century of the Anno Domini era, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 and will end on December 31, 2100. It is the first century of the 3rd millennium.

    • Ramona says:

      He’s kind of sneaky huh Spallies? But you caught him. Now what are you going to do with him?

      • JC1117 says:

        Congrats, Spallies.

        Those old bass are the hardest ones to catch! I say catch and release. You don’t get to be the biggest bass in the pond by biting just anything that feigns to be alluring.

        Let him/her go to fight another day…and give some other anglers a fighting chance.

        It’s the right thing to do…especially during spawning season. 🙂

        Thanks for another (?) round of questions, Forrest and Jenny.

  9. litterateOne says:


    While we have your ear, may I ask why Skippy isn’t found on pages 122/123 ?


  10. I knew it was, I found his symbolic car in the wood not far from his helicopter and ZPU symbols. The Model B or A which ever it is even had the .50 cal hole in it that Forrest mention he took to the nose of his F-100. Forrest knows I took it so you will not be finding this portion of the poem, “worth the cold if you’re brad in the wood. Obviously ood is still there with Fred Harvey the Imaginary Rabbit.

  11. Lia says:

    Well Forrest, It’s nice to know you and Peggy are really that good looking without the help of photoshop.

  12. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny, Ollie, and Mr. Fenn for today’s “Featured Question.”

  13. Ramona says:

    Very interesting indeed! He must be telling the truth, I read it on the internet. There are lot’s of programs to alter images but I guess “Photoshop” covers them all…LOL.

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest, keep up the good work.

  14. squat cobbler says:

    Thankyou Forrest, its nice to put this debate to rest.

  15. Madesquare says:

    About what I thought-

  16. Mindy says:

    Don’t people READ? Lol. He said “photoshop.” Photoshop, like Gucci, is a brand. I said he didn’t photoshop. (Feb 6 CC post) I said he “manipulated.”

    Ollie should’ve asked, “Forrest, did you manipulate or alter (which includes using black marker) photos or drawings in ANY way?

    People didn’t learn from Delores and are still calling a tail a leg.

    • nmc says:

      Manipulated or enhanced? Manipulation implies an intent to deceive, while enhance implies an intent to draw attention to.

      • Mindy says:

        Manipulated can mean any way of alteration…he wants to draw attention to certain photos and drawings, but you have to really be paying attention to see what’s there.

        I’m not sure “enhance” is the right word…but enhance is technically manipulation…

        • nmc says:

          If the reader has to really pay attention to see what’s there after it’s been manipulated, then the manipulation was not meant to draw attention to it. Drawing circles around faces (as an example) in a photo does the opposite – it draws attention to the certain parts of the picture.

          • Mindy says:

            I agree, to a point. But when you want to “hide something in plain sight,” you know, like the CIA does, you guide with subtleties, like “adjusting the gunsight a little to the right” or “just past midnight,” and if you’re paying attention to those subtleties, you know where to look to find what will draw your attention…

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          Did anyone see my comment on CC where I put forth my theory about the ‘Deloros’ story being primarily a venue for hinting towards ‘enhancement’ ?

          And then, he comes back with this and addresses enhancement again.

          It’s not what you say, it’s what they think you say…

          Ooooh, look at the pretty colors…

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Mindy. Isn’t Photoshop a form of manipulation? I don’t know enough about this subject to be able to answer myself. Rather than Ollie asking, I’ll (re)ask the question for which you’ve personally stated, but with a little more in depth (I hope.):

      Mr. Fenn, did you personally manipulate or alter (in any form or matter, which includes using black marker) a photo(s) or drawing(s) in any way in, or, for the use of “The Thrill of the Chase” book?

  17. Lia says:

    I think you are correct Mindy.

  18. Mindy says:

    Thank you, Forrest, for confirming what I had said on ChaseChat on February 6th and 7th, 2017, on the “Who in the photos aren’t who they say they are” thread, comment #’s 25 and 29.

    But Forrest, please answer the REAL question…were any of the photos and/or drawings MANIPULATED (to include drawn/written on) in ANY way? (Excluding the ones you admitted to being photoshopped).

    I’ve already established the photos aren’t photoshopped. Your “answer” doesn’t answer the real question at all.

    Give us something concrete, Forrest.

  19. Gil Garcia says:

    Mindy, is it that my eyes are deceiving me? Take a look at the mound of coins on page 131 of the TTOTC, if you look closely you will see the duplication (photoshopped in). Start by comparing the two stacks of (four coins) in the back of the mound of coins. You can follow the seam of duplication right to the bottom of the photo. I feel that ff just forgot about this one because I believe he is an honest man. Yes, he does play with word meanings, but that is not dishonesty.

    • Mindy says:

      I’m not questioning F’s honesty, Gil. He said his editor “photoshopped” some of the photos. I’m asking if any other photos or drawings were manipulated in ANY way, excluding the ones that are obviously photoshopped.

  20. pdenver says:

    Mr. Fenn, I do believe you might need an extra tall glass of orange juice this morning after reading our comments/questions. 🙂

  21. Mindy says:

    And while we’re at it, Forrest, why do you always say “the poem IN MY TTOTC BOOK?” Can, say, the poem on your Old Santa Fe blog lead a person to the treasure? Can I just write the poem down on a scrap piece of paper and follow it to the treasure? Or does it HAVE to be the poem in your book?

  22. pdenver says:

    Mr. Fenn, you may want to spike your orange juice!

  23. Ms. Girl says:

    Hello All, Forrest did not do this himself! His person or person’s who did his drawings, photo layouts, and the one’s who put his book together are actually the one’s who physically did it. Literal is such a broad word to me Mr. Fenn has always had an unusual play on words. Would this topic on his Answering questions be any different? Literal and Actual are close but not in the same boat as to speak. Mr. F’s play on words is and will continue to be his little game with us and we all know that he just wants to continue to have something to write and keep us glued to his every word. His half truths are what keep us all coming back and guessing. Reality and the truth are what we all see in our own interpretations just like figuring out the Poem and all of it’s meanings! This is a game and the winner takes all and playing with our perceptions on all things Fenn is part of it so do not take anything Mr. Fenn says literally just with a touch of salt, a dolled up tale of half truths and good old fashioned honest fish stories sprinkled with mostly the truth stretched to fit his fanciful imagination only he can understand. Genius is as smart as they think they are and as only smart as we can interpret how much Bull Hockey they think they can get away with. My hat is off to you Mr. Fenn once again. Still in the Chase, Ms. Girl Stay safe out there all and keep scratch’n that head all of us Mr. Fenn is still the FennMaster….

  24. litterateOne says:


    Some are so far “outside the box” that they require a magnifying glass to see anything. They never get the message, and continue looking out the window for the postman. You are funny, go back to the poem, what does the poem say?


    • Mindy says:

      The poem says to look in the book. I thought you were big on that.

    • Seannm says:


      Some great ol’ 80’s music for the moment, enjoy.



    • Seannm says:


      Here is the cold hard fact, the bitter pill, so to say; It would have been much easier for you, and all of us involved, to have just simply said “touché Mr. Fenn”, and moved on thus the wiser, but instead you chose to justify yourself by twisting and marginalizing the words of “the Legend” himself, why is that, do you actually view yourself as superior to all of us or even Forrest? So here is my parting advice to you, take this hat, and go enjoy your vacations.


      • Mindy says:

        Twisting and marginalizing? Please enlighten me on how I did that. Lol. I didn’t twist anything. He, “The Legend” himself (or should I say ‘Himself’), said he didn’t “photoshop.” I have also said weeks ago (I know you’ve read my posts on CC–refer back to 2/6/17) that F didn’t photoshop. No twisting or “marginalizing” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) on my end.

        Have a great day, Sean. Sounds like you really need one.

        • Seannm says:


          Bye Felicia!


          • Mindy says:

            Whatever, Dude. Like I said, have a great day. Stop your stressing…it’ll make ya look old. 🙂

            • Seannm says:


              LOL, like you? Your too funny, but I hear looks aren’t everything. Again bye felicia, and don’t forget your hat.


              • Mindy says:

                I’m content as a kid with a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone. Happy as a hummingbird drinking the sweet nectar of victory. Go ahead, I’ll let ya have the last word.

                • Mindy says:

                  Oh but let me first say: your kakwangwa is showing.

                • Seannm says:


                  That’s OK, because your true colors are showing, and that taste of nectar is the only victory you will taste, so enjoy your sweets while you can, kid.


                • Mindy says:

                  My true colors are bright. I’m not the one incessantly calling others names and I’m not the one raising the battle cry against felllow searchers and other blogs. Seems you’re going all out in that respect. For some reason, you can’t get enough of me. Why do you read my blog more than 5 times a day?
                  Is it to try to grasp any fodder you can to use against me? That’s not the right phrase. The phrase I’m looking for is “childishly make fun of me.” Real cool, Sean. How very grown up of you.

      • The Wolf says:

        “touché Mr. Fenn” Oh so that is what Seannm calls a public burning on Mr. Fenn’s book? I guess we all have our ways of saying “touche”

        • litterateOne says:

          Oh look it’s PUK’s seeing eye dog, I wondered when you would come skulking around. Yes that book burning felt real good too! You should try some time I here you have a few books just sitting around collecting dust.


          • litterateOne says:

            Mindy and Wolfy,

            I’m done with the discourse here on Jenny’s site, if you like your more than welcome to come over to the rebel base and discuss.


  25. SL says:

    Some are transparent and one can see right through them.


  26. Sparrow says:

    It was interesting hearing this question from Ollie. Normally all he is ever says is “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”.

    Thanks Forrest and Jenny once again.

  27. pdenver says:

    I like the cloud formation, Future Gold Channel.

  28. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, Ollie and Mr. Fenn,
    This’ll take a lucky load off a pardners back.

  29. Twingem says:

    Reading this thread reminds of a quote… “Everyone you encounter is fighting a battle you likely know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

  30. pdenver says:

    Manipulated? Adjusted?

    • nmc says:

      Whatever “adjustments” Mr. Fenn had someone else make to the photos were meant to be noticed. It’s the “making sense of them” that’s the real trick. If folks want to read more into the photos than what meets the eye, that’s their prerogative 🙂

  31. squat cobbler says:

    To whom it may concern. There are some important photos, particularly in the scrapbooks and vignettes. These photos call attention to words in the solution. But these photo’s are transparent, plain as day. You dont need these photos. All you need is the poem and a good map. But the photos provide confirmation of “key” words. No need to photoshop or manipulate the photos. There are no hidden images in the photos. The solution to the poem is much simpler than you think. He has repeatedly said to show it to a child. He never said blow the photo up 400 times normal resolution and show it to a child. The meaning of the poem will come out sooner than you think. If you are still looking at magnified or manipulated photos you are wasting your time. If you were lead down this dead end by another searcher, I think an apology is in order, for wasting your time. I suggest you find another line of thinking. Or find another treasure hunt.

  32. DPT says:

    Thanks Forrest and Jenny,

    I just looked up the word Ollie. It means Olive, peaceful( symbol of peace).
    Also means elf army. I guess a little girl in India likes this:-)

    • DPT says:

      And one more thing. Read it again. Forrest imply there is something up with the collage on page 133 but doesn’t say what it is? Anyone have an idea?

      Collage is an interesting word to use. Near, gather together.

      • The Wolf says:

        Very good DPT. If you notice the latest picture of FF’s desk it has a bottle of glue on it. No big deal, but collage is derived from the french word “to glue.” So one just has to look at what is glued together (big picture) and it becomes quite clear.

        BTW – glue used to made from horse hooves. I know that because my other grandfather raised horses. Reminds me of that Frank Turley story about making horse shoes.

        • The Wolf says:

          DPT, remember that recent picture of the treasure chest with the two time pieces in it? Look at the top left and you will see this “collage” of nuggets and coins. It is obviously been taken from that photo and inserted on top of the map via “photoshop.”

          Many have speculated over the years what that collage looks like. When it is in the chest it is much more revealing. It has been a long time since I have heard it discussed, I wonder what does everyone think it is?

          • DPT says:

            Wolf, great job yourself. Glue could be important here. If you glue two things together they are near or adjacent to each other. Two becomes one.

            Near, nigh, not far, warm etc.

            And two Omegas together. Two ends glued together.

            If we stand it End to End that’s lengthWise or long.

            How deep is a hole? We find out by measuring lengthWise. How long it is End to End. To find lengthWise measurements we use a plumbob.

            Thanks for getting the wheels turnin Wolf!

          • Seannm says:


            Very good observation of those items and the image on page 133! Makes one wonder if the treasure was already hidden prior to the book being edited? What do you think?


      • jl says:

        Collage, isn’t that something you smack with a stick and candy fals out?

      • The Wolf says:

        Collage is generally a mosaic but this “collage” is different. I had to look at it 4 times.

      • Seannm says:


        The “collage”, synonymous with collection, found on page 133, depicts a blurry map, and some items that are found in the chest, maybe a subtle hint. At this point, in the chase, there should be no question among searchers that the depicted map is of New Mexico, and most may see this as a potential confirmation or subtle hint that riches new and old must refer to New Mexico/Mexico and that NM is the state the treasure may reside in or possibly the starting place that warm waters are found in. But “what if” the real subtle hint is in the items shown, the gold, both in it’s raw form and it’s transformed form in the coin and frog, thus “riches” new and old, recall the story about the bracelet being repaired and how it was return to Forrest.

        Anyway, just a random thought, good luck all.


        • nmc says:

          I like this definition of collage: “an assemblage or occurrence of diverse elements or fragments in unlikely or unexpected juxtaposition”. Unlikely meaning, not likely to have occurred by chance.

          • Seannm says:


            Yes, and it sounds vaguely similar to another key word found within the poem. So while I obviously vehemently disagree with “images” being altered and or manipulated as being clues, it is possible, however, that images found with TTOTC may reflect the physical representation of words found with in the poem. Here is a little something for people to research; semiotics. Have fun.


          • Inohury says:

            I’ve found this. Two rocks wedged in a horizontal Crack, looked like a stump with a boot on top. Super small, not natural couldn’t be.

            • JDA says:

              Pretty Interesting Inohury How big were these “Super small” little rocks? JDA

              • JC1117 says:

                Good question, JDA.

                Were the rocks small enough to…say…float on water? 🙂

              • Inohury says:

                JDA, I took a photo of them on my first search about three years ago. They were placed in a Crack about 3 inches high or so…I remember it was not too far from a nesting goose, she was not pleased I was so close. At the time, I dismissed the irony of it. And my search partner said just coincidence. But I don’t lean that way, so I look at it often. I would like to find it again. Not hard, I’m fairly certain where it is.

                JC1117, I doubt they would float.

        • Ron Ricker says:

          Heres the skinny on riches new and old…
          think of them as the riches brothers. Google oldrich and newrich. Look for oldrich farsky and his work. Find the painting that most resembles mail 15. Mountain VIsta oil on canvas. Go alone in there and look very closely at the procession down the creek. No paddle needed. Youll find horse face blaze….much more.
          dont want to ruin the suprise.

  33. jl says:

    oh, I must be thinking of something else.

  34. squat cobbler says:

    Denial is not a river in Egypt

  35. jl says:

    where is it then?

  36. squat cobbler says:

    Well I can tell you it certainly isnt in a manipulated or photoshopped photo. The problem is that people have invested so much time and energy in promoting this idea that to admit they were wrong now, would be to lose face. They cant stand the thought that they were wrong. They cant handle the truth.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      The truth is, I don’t recall Forrest “repeatedly saying show it to a child”.

      The problem, is that people have invested so much time and energy in promoting this idea.

    • jl says:

      Deniably, that I cannot say to agree or disagree, some things you just know when you see it.

  37. Mike Nelis says:

    Jenny, At one point in 2015/16 Forrest specified that the chest -It is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe and he included – the north boundary or northern city limits of Santa Fe- something to that effect. I no longer remember when or where he amended that clue, but it was immediately after my 1st solve was based upon the southern city limits boundary and ff made that clarification, because it opened up parts of the city to exploration and he put a stop to that. This was never picked up on Dal’s site, but I imagine someone knows where he said that and how it was worded. Thanks for all you do!

  38. ROLL TIDE says:

    To the best of my recollection, when answering a question asked by a woman off -camera, his reply was something like ‘a kid might have an advantage’.

    I’d like to see where he has repeatedly said show it to a kid ?
    If I’m wrong, I’d like to know it.

  39. squat cobbler says:

    Actually you are correct Rolltide. The line “show the poem to a child”, does have an unknown provenance. The earliest reference was in a thread at dalneitzel.com in nine clues part 4 in April 2013, The following comment is from Thrillchaser in a 9/11/16 thread started by Indy at Chase Chat called “show the poem to a kid.”

    “Support for the comment “show [the poem] to your kids” goes back at least to a comment in Nine Clues Part Four from April 2013 when someone named Stance Brooks made the claim. In the next comment, Dal said he had never heard that statement. Further down the page, Chad from NM claims that he was told to show the poem to his kids, presumably in a private email or conversation (ctrl+f “my kids” on that same page).”

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Yes, locolobo was good enough to point me to that. It turns out that I had read it early on shortly after I got involved.

      I for one, put no weight at all into the whole “show-it-to-a-kid” fiasco that seems destined to be perpetuated into infinity.

      If it were something worthy of aiding a searcher, why was it supposedly given to only a select few ?

      Would that not go against what Forrest has said ?
      If it were of such importance and pertinent to the progress of the chase, why would he have chosen to not give it to everyone ?

      I think that it was just his way of saying that it’s not as hard as folks are making it out to be.

      It’s not all that, and it doesn’t come with a bag of chips.

      • squat cobbler says:

        Having said that, I still firmly believe that the photo’s do not have hidden images. In the scrapbooks there are a couple obvious manipulations, Brad Pitts head being placed on Forrest’s body is one example in the scrapbook proper dental care, sb 115. Another is the bear and the floating hat in the scrapbook personality galore, sb126. These are obvious manipulations, you can see them without having to enlarge the photos. I believe Forrest is using the term photoshop in the generic sense. I believe his statement is sincere, and there is no deception in the statement.

    • JDA says:

      Here is a quote from Jenny’s sight that may shed some light on this subject:

      Question posted 6/9/2014:
      You said in the past that the chest is not in a dangerous place; yet searchers are searching along Cliffside’s, raging water, and other seemingly dangerous places. Could you please elaborate or qualify your statement in which you said” The chest is not in a dangerous place”
      Edward, thanks for the question.
      The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. Remember, I was about 80 when I hid the chest, and had to make two trips.f I hope this helps. JDA

  40. Madesquare says:

    Not positive, but I think all ff ever said was that he wanted kids to go outside. I don’t think he meant that they could solve the poem unaided. Kit Williams did make such a claim about his puzzle Masquerade, but he was being optimistic.

  41. Chesney says:

    Thank You Ms. Kile and Mr. Fenn, very interesting! 🙂

  42. SL says:

    Might a kid have an advantage if it involves seeing something at a certain level?

  43. Ron Ricker says:

    Wow. I reckon i put too much faith in what i believe to be a valuable perhaps first clue.
    Anybody have any input on my above mentioned oldrich farsky painting? This poem is as much hollyWOOD as it is driftwood.
    the Clark Gable statement…….anybody…..bueller……bueller…..

  44. Strawshadow says:

    From another perspective, iguanas vs snakes, the thrill of the chase.

  45. Seannm says:


    Some cannot get past their own ego’s and therefore have no chance at adjusting. Forrest has attempted to assist, but you just can’t fix self righteousness.


    • Passenger says:

      Sean, I’m guilty too but remember, our egos seeking affirmation has the consequence of the world passing you by with nothing but a polite nod.

      Take comfort that you are an individual with a perspective. Find friends with similar perspectives in life and know the world at large will not be underestimated.

      • seannm says:


        It will be one who is a rational thinker, not one who believes themselves an intellectual, that will find the chest.


  46. Jdiggins says:

    Neoprene feels funny. 🙂

  47. Ron Ricker says:

    I think many here have quit searching for treasure long ago. What label will you give or judgement will you pass on the one that finds the chest. It dont make no nevermind. Carry on…

  48. Jdiggins says:

    Forrest, I hope you are resting as you should, and feeling well. You are the treasure, that’s all there is to it. Your fortune cookie should read: The sunshine you bring to others’ will warm you eternally. 🙂

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