Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and the Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: In the News

Forrest, The news is full of stories about the chase and it seems like everything that could happen is happening. You must be getting a lot of inquiries from the press? Ralph Munson


Yes Ralph, and from searchers also. I received an email from someone yesterday who didn’t sign their name. It said “I’m not writing you to ask you for any more clues but if you would just tell me where the treasure is it would really be helpful.”

The search has become a sponge for everyone’s ailments. A lady was driving from Mississippi on her way to Santa Fe to “find your stupid treasure.” She got food poisoning in Amarillo and spent some time in the emergency room. She wanted to say that she was holding me responsible for her problems.

Those situations are rare. Thousands of people have had very positive experiences while searching for the treasure, and I get many emails every day from people who send photos and thank me for giving them an excuse to visit the wild outside. f



Best of luck with all you seek!  Always treasure the adventure!



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173 Responses

  1. pdenver says:

    Thank you for the “Featured Question,” Jenny, Ralph, and Mr. Fenn. I greatly appreciate it. I wanted to respond more, but each time I tried, I kept erasing my words.

    Mr. Fenn, the adventures and all the learning experiences you have given my family and me are priceless. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you.

  2. Thank you Forrest
    I always look forward to another adventure, no matter what goes wrong along the way.

  3. The Count says:

    Sometimes fate decides certain things for us like how much envolment we will have in the chase.

    Fate… Seems to be such a abstract idea for me now compared to last year.

    For me even without the chase I would still enjoy the wilderness and everything that comes with it!

  4. JDA says:

    Forrest; Count me among the thousands who have had positive experiences searching for Indulgence. “Life Happens”. Sometimes things come up that interfere with my desire to be in the mountains looking for Indulgence, but “That’s Life”. All one can do is “roll with the punches” or as others might say, all one can do is adjust. Thanks for the post. JDA

  5. Jenny Kile says:

    The Chase is such a gift….. I will love it always….. thank you Forrest.

  6. WoodyBogg says:

    Forrest – The wild outside? If I step out the door of my house is it wild ?. Well maybe where I live it might be! I think it’s more like crazy !! Everyone seems to be in a hurry and on Edge! On the edge of what I don’t know ! Slow down enjoy life and all the large and small things! Or just being Alive! Go metal detecting or as I would say Dirt Fishing!!

    • JC1117 says:

      Great expression, WoodyBogg. I like it! Dirt Fishing!

      I don’t mind if I do. I haven’t heard that one before.

      I’ve heard that old rockhounds never die…they simply petrify. I think it’s pretty clear that Forrest is a Rockhound…so I hope he never dies…and we can all go see The Petrified Forrest at The Forrest Fenn Memorial Museum one day. I’d vote for that.

      On a more serious note…I’ve had a few “moments” on The Chase that if I had my druthers I’d have been at Disneyland…or home…with my wife and children.


      I have nothing to say but…Thank You, Forrest Fenn…Sir. Thank You for the Challenge. Thank You for the Opportunity. Thank You for the Hope.

      And Thank You, Jenny…for piling up the Mysteries. 🙂

      • JC1117 says:

        And Thank You, Ralph! I get lost in thought sometimes and it’s difficult to find my out. lol.

        I’m always grateful to those who ask the questions.

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      WoodyBogg – Great post! And I hope to visit where you live sometime very soon! That boat ride across Flathead Lake, as well as maybe dirt fishing on Wild Horse Island, sound like big fun to me! 😀

  7. nmc says:

    I’ve certainly enjoyed myself, even when things haven’t gone according to plan. It wouldn’t be an adventure otherwise.

  8. Buckeye Bob says:

    I’ve only been out once and had to return home right away for my mother.
    But it’s still been a fascinating thing to participate in.
    Plus the other stuff here on Mysterious Writings.
    I like mysteries and this has been a lot of fun. Informative too.
    But I can’t wait to go out there again. And I was stunned at what an injustice pictures do for the Rockies.

  9. SL says:

    Thank you, Forrest and Jenny. Together a gift; the kind that keeps on giving.


  10. Brad Hartliep says:

    I don’t think any one blames you for their stupidity ..


  11. WyMustIGo says:

    Forrest, I can honestly say that your book and this Chase has led to many opportunities for not only getting to see the sights of the Rocky Mountains, but many new friendships have been built as a direct result!

    I do not post much anymore, and as a result I am making quick progress in my solution! Having said that, with or without the chest, I have already been rewarded. Thanks Forrest!

  12. WoodyBogg says:

    ,,By the way THANK YOU FORREST FENN!!! For the TTOTC and everything I have learned along the way!! Riding your rainbow has been and is one hell of a fun ride. Keep on riding . I will always ring your bell and hope I can find a place @ your banquet Table.

  13. aardvarkbark says:

    I’m still waiting for the demand from an armchair searcher for reimbursement for a tube of Preparation H for the hemorrhoid suffered while spending too many days planted in a chair seeking the solution.

  14. Dan says:

    Missy musta had some bad ice cream or something…it has been hot in Texas! Thanks Mr. Fenn, Ms. Kile, and Ralph!

  15. Spallies says:

    Thanks for asking the question Ralph… The chase has brought me so much fun I don’t think I could even begin to explain how much…
    Thank you Forrest and Jenny. 🙂

  16. Iron Will says:

    Yet another Viking reference.

    Ralph – The name Ralph was derived from the Ancient Viking name “Radulf” who was a Viking King or Lord.
    Munson- Surname brought to England from Normandy, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Normans were descendants of the Vikings.

    I’m just say’n .

  17. Valerie says:

    “…the chase has become a sponge for everyone’s ailments.” NOT so FOR ME:-)

    My sincere thanks Forrest. Your ttotchase brought me back to life from stage 3 cancer and lupus. It gave me an entertaining, engrossing hobby I desperately needed.

    Next to raising my sons, it’s been the greatest challenge of my life. I’ve enjoyed 4 years of traipsing thru Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico; planning, solving, saving for each summer to hit the trails. It’s been a blast.

    I no longer search or spend time solving, but will always be thankful for the enjoyment spent hunting for your elusive box of gold.
    My health isn’t much better but I ignore that fact and try to enjoy each moment inside or outdoors.

  18. Jdiggins says:

    I bet you have a great collections of searchers photos, forrest. Lucky you! 😉
    Especially nice if you had one where they will walk right up to it with a smile on their face!

  19. Jake Faulker says:

    Wild outside, reminds me of Marty Stouffer.

    • Alsetenash says:

      Jake, back from your latest search?

      • Jake Faulker says:

        Back in the work saddle again. Found high creeks & rivers not to cross. Sad some have tried & payed the ultimate price.
        Water high was too high. Heavy loads were too heavy.
        Your effort may be worth the cold but not the gold in such conditions.

        • Alsetenash says:

          Lol. Well there’s always next time. I just don’t know when I am going to go and try to actually reach my spot, yet. I’ve been pretty quiet about my ideas; to many spooks around me lol. I am trying to line up a trusting search partner for safety reasons, family member or a friend I know. Small percentage but high return . Though it’s not a search per se but an exact spot. Heck, I may not even go until next season .

          • tighterfocus says:

            Next season may be too late. The “banana truck” doesn’t stop for the convenience of
            any one person. IMO.

            • Alsetenash says:

              Well my genes are not evolutionary from monkeys. I am in this world but not of it lol. There are 1000 varieties of bananas but only half are edible. Only one ( Cavendish bananas) is the main commercial one. There are many banana trees and many trains. Only one person is going to find the treasure, riding on the right train. Nothing random about it. IMO .

          • Feathers-n-Glue says:

            I would go at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately “work” requested that I complete some additional paperwork before I make like a tree for another search.

        • Lisa Cesari says:

          Jake – Just found this post… thanks for the report on the conditions.

        • Hear me all says:

          Hi Jake – At least you can find solace in the fact that you were in the correct state where the chest is waiting.

    • pdenver says:

      For me, it reminds me of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.” My parents, sisters, and I use to watch it every Sunday. Loved the program.

      • aardvarkbark says:

        OT, but as a kid, I always equated Marlin-Jim with Lone Ranger-Tonto. Jim and Tonto were doing the real work while Marlin and LR were getting all the glory.

      • mindyfausey says:

        pdenver, my dad and I loved that show, and now, too late, I realize my mom suffered through it for us. Tomorrow is her birthday, and she hasn’t yet been gone a year…I hope her journey through life had more happy times than not…and I hope I was able to make her happy when living grew tougher…

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Mindy. Look deep inside yourself and feel your mom. Know she had you, and it made all the difference in the world.

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      Jake – How was your trip to the Taylor Fork and the surrounds?

  20. Kee Muncaster says:

    Mr Fenn,
    From the bottom of our hearts, my family and I would like to thank you for all the memories thru the years. My kids and friends will always remember the trips that we have made in search of the treasure. You have made our family closer and brought many smiles in our 5 years of looking. You have made this world a better place, and you will always be remembered not only in history but in my family’s hearts. Someday, I hope to leave a lasting impression on this world like you have.
    Thank you,
    The Muncaster Family

  21. Iceman says:

    Mr. Fenn … every day of the Chase has been a thrilling adventure, except for yesterday. That was a bad day.

  22. Jeremy P. says:

    The best ailments of the whole year are those spent out there looking for the treasure chest! Mundane daily chores are way worst.

  23. Waterhigh says:

    That’s too bad for the lady. I discovered my new favorite place to eat in Amarillo on my second trip through.

    Forrest: I’m just holding you responsible for a lot of entertainment over the past few years.
    (BTW–just cleared by the specialist. I’m back in the game. Hope to make next year’s Fennboree, etc.)

  24. Iceman says:

    You know what they say. Ignorance is bliss. I’m thinking if you knew where the treasure was, you might not be a such happy camper. That concept might be difficult to process, but true nevertheless. My opinion.

    • Point Foot says:

      I think the one who finds it likely won’t be camping the night of the find. Just a guess…

      “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” – Thomas Gray

      I had to think about that for a minute. I believe that is a period reserved for our youth.

      • Point Foot says:

        I suppose the question is what is the age of reason? I thought it was 18 but now I am certain that isn’t true.

      • Point Foot says:

        I suppose the question is what is the age of reason? I thought it was 18 but now I am certain that isn’t true. Perhaps it is 42?

      • Point Foot says:

        I suppose the real question is what is the age of reason? I thought it was 18 but now I am certain that isn’t true. Perhaps it is 42? Oh wait that is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

  25. Pen Ghost says:

    Become a ‘sponge’. I suppose a sponge could be negative as in blaming the chase on everything that ever went wrong no matter whose fault. I suppose a sponge could be positive as soaking up the experiences of exploring the outdoors. It depends on the motive for accepting the ‘challenge’ of the chase. There is noting wrong with a positive sponge soaking up creativity, thought activity, physical (safe) activity, and enjoyment in analyzing and communicating about experiences. It has been a ‘sponge’ for me – positive in time and new adventures and new interests. I soaked up every possibility to create a better life through the chase experiences. Can I blame the chase for it? No, I think not. I blame my interest in accepting the challenge at my pace and my ability. The chase is just a topic to explore and find new meanings in life that I chose to seek. So, thanks for the fluid to soak a sponge in my life that needed a new beginning, a new reason, and a new area of interest. I believe I used the chase to positively fill a dried out old sponge! Optimist here 🙂

  26. crimsonblazeblog says:

    If i didn’t know mrfenn was such a saint I would think that is a threat.

  27. Sparrow says:

    It’s been a year now and I still feel like I’m just starting. I’ve made many imaginary journeys to Wyoming and Montana, and they’ve been wonderful. Thanks for the Chase Forrest—it’s a beautiful thing.

  28. Iceman says:

    Amarillo => yellow
    Mississippi => great river

    I don’t know if that means anything, but I think something a whole lot bigger than a grumpy old lady with an attitude is happening. Something big. My opinion.

    • aardvarkbark says:

      Are you suggesting that whenever Forrest speaks, it’s in tongue?

      Great River of Yellow just takes me back to the outhouse solve, which he has ruled out. But now I’ll be spending the rest of the evening noodling on just what ‘food poisoning’ and ’emergency room’ are metaphors for (especially when used in a sentence that ends with a preposition). hmmm….

    • mindyfausey says:

      The Mississippi was known as the “Father of Rivers” by The Library of Congress.

  29. Farcus says:

    Ralph what do you mean by “it seems like everything that could happen is happening?” Do you know something we do not?

  30. Lisa Cesari says:

    SD – A truly lovely post. 😀

  31. Iceman says:

    This might explain why searchers are responding the way they do …

    Begin => beg => sponge

  32. Bailey says:

    Newsflash. I’m out in the Rockies now having a blast.

  33. JC1117 says:

    Sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure, SD.

    If I ever came home from an adventure…and told my brothers that I’d seen wild life…like beavers up close…they’d laugh and say that surely I couldn’t be serious.


    They can keep their water fishing. I’m going dirt fishing. Besides…the chest isn’t under water.

  34. Strawshadow says:

    Thank You Jenny, Ralph and Forrest,
    Like life itself, complex, tasty and reminiscent of an opus one. How can one not enjoy playing with the bulls and bears of emotion brought about by a timely rising sun or the setting of another day in heaven. To blame the stars for shooting their blaze would be like casting to a shadow on a moonless night. When its all said and done, each splendid morsel shall be relished with grace. The natural beauty shines from within and sparkles with satisfaction knowing the aquifers of fate flow freely towards those who believe. Thanks for the lickings Mr. Fenn, they will make a difference in even a most persistent disposition. Looking back in time, leaves me with a smile knowing there has always been an X in spirit.

  35. SL says:

    That’s an excellent observation, Strawshadow. Even better if that’s possible!

    Here’s something that will make your heart smile, my friend:


  36. Iceman says:

    I am reminded of a story. When I was in college, my high school friends and I spent much of the summers white water rafting on the Youghegheny River below Ohiopyle. These were class 2-4 rapids. One day I got dumped out of the raft in a double hydraulic. Next thing I knew I found myself pinned against a large rock by the powerful current … underwater. I could see daylight above me but I couldn’t move. With only seconds left to escape I instinctively moved both hands cupped to the side in the strongest part of the current and began to work my way off the rock inch by inch. Then suddenly my whole body got sucked through the opening ands shot out to calmer waters. That could easily have been the end of my story. I was living closer to the edge than I thought. And I still am. Some things never change.

  37. HeadedDown says:

    Love it. The “wild”…. outside. So scary that wild outside. Lol. He’s a very sarcastic guy. Focus on the positive, Mr. Fenn, and have a good weekend you all.

  38. Desertphile says:

    Gosh, ff! I don’t want to be told where the treasure is. I just want to be told where home of Brown is….. surely that’s not too much to ask for.

  39. OH! says:

    und the Rifle b

  40. Lifesablaze says:

    Bee husks! Oh and the beautiful hawk who called out and showed off his dip and glide moves. And the little blue beetle and the perfect point crystal and the dove in the clouds… yes there were tears…of gratitude. The treasure of the place and peace brought to the spirit are worth more than gold. Can’t complain, no sir not one bit!

  41. crimsonblazeblog says:

    If searchers are not writing for any more clues but want to know where the treasure is then it must mean that the treasure was not there when they got there and that my friends in blog land means Forrest Fenn is a Indian Giver.

    • nmc says:

      No, it means that some searchers want something for nothing.

      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, Crimsonblazeblog and NMC.

        I think you’re both right…

        Something for nothing. That reminds me of one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. It’s kind of rowdy so I’ll let y’all look it up and crank it up when you want. I’d put up a link…but it’s Sunday. 🙂

        Rush – Something for Nothing. From their album 2112…


      • Crimsonblaze says:

        No it means an Indian giver gives something that turns into nothing.

        • nmc says:

          He can only be an “Indian giver” if he takes the treasure from the one who found it, and no one has found it. The folks claiming they arrived at the right spot but the treasure wasn’t there have no proof it was there in the first place. Since they were all in different locations when they “found” the treasure’s hiding spot, it’s more likely that they were all wrong.

          • GEYDELKON says:

            Oh. do I have a story to tell about Shiloh calling his grandpa an Indian giver and what it pertains too. It will be in my book.

            • pdenver says:

              Perhaps it was something special Mr. Fenn had given to the Native Americans?

            • nmc says:

              I stand corrected, Crimsonblaze. Mr. Fenn does expect something of equal value in exchange for his gift. Your effort. He also wants his bracelet back.

              • Crimsonblaze says:

                I played the e ffort game already, how about you do you have the e ffort?

                • nmc says:

                  I suppose we’ll have to wait and see about that.

                • JC1117 says:

                  Hello, All.

                  “Before the game is e ffort, thou still let’st slip.”

                  How dost thou like thy tea?

                  Cold…warm…or hot?

                  Oh…and uh…how many lumps do ya want?

                • awingit says:

                  That was funny JC117. I’ll have some tea while we wait. I sometimes takes a lot of lumps.

                • pdenver says:

                  JC1117, I think you might want to serve the tea cold with a lot of ice in the glass. It is Summer and temperatures are rising. Do you suppose the e ffort game is a board game?

                • Point Foot says:

                  Iced tea sounds nice to me. Board game? Bored game? Wood pecker? Lol. I don’t see how that helps.

                • pdenver says:

                  It doesn’t Point Foot. I can only laugh at myself when I try to read between the lines of what others are saying. I usually fail.

                • JC1117 says:

                  Hello, Awingit and Pdenver.

                  I’m glad you liked the tea…and here’s a cigar for ya. :/ … 🙂

                  Did you see below the video that Pete Puma only made one other appearance in “Pullet Surprise” in 1997?

                  Foghorn Leghorn stars in that one…


                  Pdenver, in answer to your question about the e ffort game being a board game? I’d say…Kinda. I want to say it’s kinda like Monopoly…because the end is like the beginning…in a way…except the train/players only pass by the banana tree one time…so you never really get the chance to “pass Go” again…except in spirit. Does that make sense?

                  One thing’s for sure. It’s certainly NOT a bored game, Mate! 🙂


                • JC1117 says:

                  Oh, and Hello to You, too, Point Foot.

                  I didn’t see that you had commented before I posted…or I would have said Hello to you…also…as well.

                • awingit says:

                  I sometimes feel like I’m the Puma LOL but not always. I have to agree with you the Chase is definitely not a bored game. Its the greatest game I’ve ever played. I remember playing Monopoly when I was young… I especially enjoyed the occasions I won.

                • pdenver says:

                  Hello JC1117. I do not understand what you’re saying, but seeing that I should trust my gut feeling, it’s probably best that I shouldn’t.

                • JC1117 says:

                  Hello, Awingit…Et Al.

                  This is how a typical game of Monopoly ended…while playing with my older brother…who always insisted on being the banker…with a whole lot of “slight of hand” and “hey, look over there” type shenanigans…


                  Older brothers. You can’t live with ’em…and you can’t kill ’em.

                  Wait a minute. Who says I can’t?! LOL!

                  Just kidding. God said I can’t. THAT’s Who. 🙂

                  I’ll have to remind my older brother…who is now much smaller than me…that he should be thanking God that I grew up to be such a nice guy.

                • Point Foot says:

                  Lol. Hi JC1117 that brought back some childhood memories for me. Let’s hope the chase doesn’t end that way. Lol.

              • Spallies says:

                See how much you can learn in the chase I did not know that Pete Puma had only one Pulitzer Prize… 🙂

  42. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny, I love this website. Thanks for asking a question, Ralph, which gave us this response from Forrest. Thank you Forrest for this question and answer.

    Now I know I’m not special in any way but I sure feel special because Forrest told me where the treasure chest is. In fact I think I will go get it very soon.

    Why, you ask, would Forrest tell me where his treasure chest is? Well, I don’t have all the answers but I know he told everyone where it is in THE POEM. We don’t need any more clues or hints and we don’t need him to just “tell us where it is” he already has. No guessing. No searching. And definitely NOTHING dangerous. So if you don’t have confidence that you can WALK straight to it, it’s like he said stay home and play Canasta. If you want to get outdoors anyway, no one can make you be safe. You are responsible for you period.

    Happy Sunday folks. See you on the flip side.

  43. Lifesablaze says:

    Two cents doesn’t go very far these days so here’s my dollar’s worth. First to the dude who wants to know where it is: dude, life ain’t a dude ranch. Mr. Fenn has made it very clear that the treasure will be earned.
    Now to the Lady: you did manage to get yourself out of those muddy waters looking for higher ground so stop singing the blues. You must have some passion for it all and Santa Fe is a really nice place to be. So maybe you might want to choose your words more carefully when you talk about the treasure. I have never met Mr. Fenn but maybe someday and I would be grateful and certainly show the proper respect.
    Amarillo? Well every time I’ve gone through there is one thing that can’t be avoided and that is the smell! No matter from what direction you approach it’s just stinky. Then you see the stockyards. So if your body is the treasure chest and you were going to higher grounds what would YOU put in your box. I would say pack your own lunch and be careful what table you sit at. The fortress is being stormed from all sides.
    Now don’t feel all victimized and go off emailing Mr. Fenn about that bigmouth on the blog. He has enough going on. Just know that I practiced my little speech in front of the mirror.

  44. Buckeye Bob says:

    Some statistics.
    It’s hard to find up to date stats without digging them out yourself. This is from an article dated 2015. (Link at the end.)

    Here’s an important quote:
    “1. You are not going to die at a national park.”
    “I mean technically, you might. But the odds of it happening are really, really, low. Somewhere between 120 and 140 people typically die at national parks each year, not counting suicides, according to numbers maintained by the National Park Service. That may sound like a lot, but consider that roughly 280 million people visit the parks each year. That means that if you go to a national park, your odds of dying there are roughly 1 in 2 million.”

    The number one cause of death in our national parks is drowning.
    As you can see at the link, in the 5 year period from 2003-2007 a little over 350 people tragically lost their lives in the water.
    That’s 70 people per year on average.
    These numbers are from all of the national parks. But even so, water is the biggest danger.
    Who here can picture an 80 year old man carrying 20+ pounds of metal in his backpack into that danger? Twice.

    The second leading cause of death is…
    …car accidents.
    Who would think that? But a little more than 250 people died in car accidents.
    While the next leading cause of death is falls, with somewhere around 175 deaths from falls in this 5 year period.

    The big takeaway for us searchers here is the dangers of water. Not to ignore the other risks, but obviously fast running waters anywhere in the world are dangerous.

    All of the numbers at the link would have been a lot higher if people didn’t take precautions, naturally.
    For most of us, common sense and self preservation goes a long ways in keeping us safe.


  45. MartinS says:

    When things go wrong, memories are made. That’s part of the adventure. It may be frustrating at the time, but in hindsight most people laugh at those things.

    The last 4 years have been filled with plenty of memories thanks to the Chase and for that I am grateful to Forrest. Had it not been for this adventure my life would pretty much be just another page on the Dilbert desk calendar.

  46. Jake says:

    I have drove over 1,000 miles, twice this year alone, to try my solve and uncover the treasure.. but the first time the snow dropped and made it too bad to hike in, so we waited. It was not worth my friends and my safety. The second time was June, the water was too high to cross due to the late spring, again my brother, dad, and myself decided to return home and wait. The next time I WILL be successful. Forrest Fenn has given us the chance to form our own adventures, what he has envisioned as the ending location is not dangerous, our lust for riches and a better life is what pushes some beyond their breaking point. Be safe, for the end of your adventure is not made by Forrest Fenn, it’s made by your imagination. God Bless! 🙂

  47. JDA says:

    Well, it is almost August. Back in December, when I celebrated my one-year in the chase, I would have never thought that I would see August, and know that Indulgence is still in her resting place. Time is so fleeting. In less than a week, I will be 75, my – how time flies when you are having fun. Who knows – maybe August will be the magic month. I never expected to see 75 – but I think I will. I never expected to find Indulgence, but maybe I will – or not. What fun I have had in the search though! What a Birthday finding Indulgence would be…Oh well, I can dream can’t I?

    • pdenver says:

      Wishing you the very best, and an early Happy Birthday wish, JDA.

    • Jake says:

      Hey JDA- I know you are going out looking sometime soon for your 75th! First of all, Happy Birthday, I h0pe it’s a great one! Second, I have some information about the search area that you may find useful if you’re willing to listen. I don’t know how far along you are, but I believe you have a good portion of it figured out. I’d like to help if possible and I am sure I can offer another few ideas and facts that you may or may not have noticed. Let me know and as always, God Bless! 🙂

      • JDA says:

        I will take all the help I can get – SculptorJDA at aol dot com – Thanks JDA

        • Jake says:

          Hey JDA, my email is working right now. I’m not sure why but I can’t log onto it. I wanted to reach out and discuss it with you but it’ll have to wait. 🙁

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      JDA – Happy birthday, and good luck in your search. It is so good to see you and Jake getting along so well! I hope this is the best search ever to celebrate your birthday. And I truly hope you find the bronze chest. And I have always appreciated you reminders in your posts for us to stay safe. 😁

    • JC1117 says:

      Maybe Eric’s “friends” left him to die…and didn’t report it…because they found the treasure and wanted to keep it secret.

      This whole story reeks of foul play…and where there’s smoke there’s fire.

      Those “friends” need to be thoroughly interrogated. Eric’s family deserves answers.

      With friends like that…who needs enemies?

      • pdenver says:

        It will be something that will replay in their minds for the rest of their lives. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

      • Strawshadow says:

        “This whole story reeks of foul play” , absolutely, it reeks of drugs. I wonder if the news media will issue an apology after the FACTS are known.

  48. SL says:

    Fear comes to mind.

  49. Jdiggins says:

    “This thing is taking a toll on me,” he added in an email to NBC News

    THIS is what concerns me… :-[

    • pdenver says:

      I’ll admit, after I read the article, I became misty-eyed.

      • JC1117 says:

        I agree, Jdiggins and Pdenver.

        I hope Forrest is doing ok. I’m sure he never wanted something like this to happen.

        There’s sort of an overcast sky of sadness.

        I hope it lifts.

        • Lisa Cesari says:

          JC1117 – A photo by Nils Ribi here in Sun Valley to illustrate your point. When the smoke clears, I hope one of us finds the treasure:


          • JC1117 says:

            That’s a pretty picture, Lisa.

            I saw it yesterday…and can still see it in my mind’s eye.

            At first I thought the photo was taken from a human trail…but then I realized that it probably wasn’t.

            Maybe Nils is the only one who can answer that. I’d ask him…but I’m pretty sure his answer would amount to a whole lotta Nils…which…judging from his photography…looks like a good thing.

            And I agree with you Whole-Heartedly, Lisa. I hope one of us finds the treasure.

            • Lisa Cesari says:

              JC1117 – A comment from Nils Ribi from his Facebook site underneath that picture:

              It was that kind of day and the scene caused me to hit the brakes and lay my camera on the middle of the road.

              He has been a celebrated photographer and a city official in Sun Valley for many many years here. 📷

    • Strawshadow says:

      Me to Jdiggins, in no way is Mr. Fenn to blame for anything. The accidental loss of life is always troubling and my heart goes out to the families. However every day I see families out having SAFE fun together in the outdoors searching for Mr. Fenns treasure. Thirty years from now they will be taking there kids out and the talk around the campfire will be about the treasure they searched for as a child with there parents. I hope he knows we are behind him 100%.

    • tighterfocus says:

      Please be more specific. Who is he?

  50. ace 340 says:

    IMO, To recover the treasure you do not need to move down or cross any large rivers, walking through, or in a raft.. The treasure is not on the banks of a large river. g

  51. ace 340 says:

    Curious to know what all you long timers think. If it were up to you, and you were the one that secreted away indulgence.
    Would you end or continue chase?

    • tighterfocus says:


      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, Ace and Tighterfocus.

        I would continue The Chase…but who knows what will happen by the end of the year…or before Winter sets in.

        I still have a trip…or two…left before the season is done.

        • Awingit says:

          Ditto. Please let us know if you complete it JC1117. I have one trip planned before the snow falls assuming the one who is close sits the rest of the season out… 🙂

    • Point Foot says:

      Continue. The most dangerous parts of my trips have been the drives. The places I search are safe for my young children. I would not put my life or the lives of my family at risk. That is part of the draw of this great adventure for me. It is supposed to be a safe family friendly treasure hunt.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Accidents and mistakes happen with everything. If we were to surrender to negativity we’d never do anything. We’d sit at home feeling safe until something happens to someone at their home too.
      And we miss out on the things we learn along the way through our research of hints. We’d miss out on the wonders of nature and the beauty of the world around us. And we’d never experience the excitement of a dream that could really come true.

  52. SL says:

    I don’t feel that The Flyer would take heed in others advice – With even the best of intentions from his supporters, it may well go much deeper than that.

    There are some places within him that he will not take many; and all others must never ask to go. (IMO)


  53. SL says:

    Continue. Please feel free.

  54. Madesquare says:

    Sgt. Ralph Munson, in “Secret Commandos,” p. 286-7

  55. passenger says:

    SD — I can understand your position, but then please don’t ever go skiing, surfing, rafting or any activity that could potentially put you at risk. In fact, let’s make a law banning you from partaking in anything dangerous at all. … to save you from yourself of course.

    Chief Kassetas would probably ban The Chase if he could…. primarily to save the “ignorant masses” from themselves. People simply don’t know what’s good for them, and so we need officials and ‘enlightened’ folks to mandate how we live our lives. Quality of life is secondary. It’s all for our own good of course…. and Orwellian Utopia.

  56. delayah says:

    A lady was driving from Mississippi on her way to Santa Fe to “find your stupid treasure.” She got food poisoning in Amarillo and spent some time in the emergency room. She wanted to say that she was holding me responsible for her problems.
    She either didn’t read the rules set forth to those who engage on the great quest or is completely ignoring them. Either way, there will be fruit at the end of the trail unless one walks the exact path prescribed to find it.

  57. delayah says:

    She either didn’t read the rules set forth to those who engage on the great quest or is completely ignoring them. Either way, there will be no fruit at the end of the trail unless one walks the exact path prescribed to find it.

  58. Sandy says:

    Sponges are prone to mildew if kept in a moist environment.

  59. C.M.R. says:

    Forrest, your silence of late is deafening. I hope you and yours are well.

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