Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Do You Remember?

Dear Forrest,

I recently acquired one of your old dolls, but I know almost nothing about it. Do you remember this particular doll, and can you share his story?

Really, how can you forget such an expressive face? It’s handsome, and strikingly lifelike, don’t you think?

Your friend,

Freya the Bolder


forrest fenn treasure hunt dollDear Freya,
I vaguely remember that doll. If you know it was mine then it must have my lead seal attached someplace. My guess it is from a West African country, and I don’t know more than that. Certainly not American Indian. f








forrest fenn seal

Seal from doll


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149 Responses

  1. Jennifer Kile says:

    Wow! what an awesome find and treasure! You surely found one Freya the Bolder! Thanks for sharing it with us all! such a ‘unique’ find….definitely a Forrest Fenn Treasure!

  2. Crow says:

    I don’t where they come from, all dolls are scary – to me.

  3. Jdiggins says:

    You must have a lot of creepy dolls for you to only vaguely remember this one.
    Thx! 🙂

  4. passenger says:

    Without his lead seal, it cannot be justified as coming from him.

    Forrest, I’m guessing lead is toxic.

  5. WyMustIGo says:


  6. Twingem says:

    Free ya. There is one word and a two word phrase to free me! Peace. Let go.

    Thanks as always for the posts. But the doll, very wonderfully strange.

    And I want to break into song from earth, wind and fire…

  7. Jennifer Kile says:

    Update: Freya sent a close up image of the seal, so I added it to the page. Very awesome find…

  8. Jonsey1 says:

    Those look like some of the fakes that were sold on eBay. There was an article about the a seller attaching tags and then wording the sale “fenn gallery tag attached” apparently WAY overpriced as well. I dont know this is one of the items people fell for I just remember looking at a few myself and then avoiding them based on period materials etc. I notice how F says “if this was mine”…be careful Freya! Someone was taking ppl for 3-500 on eBay by attaching those tags to the dolls. All they certify was the tags were attached…not the dolls!

  9. Jonsey1 says:

    (NOT saying this particular item was of such lot…just noting a buyer beware in general on stuff and establiahing providence before spending $ as there have been several fake fenn items on eBay)

  10. Mindy says:

    The doll is authentic.

    • Mindy says:

      But I would like to see the article about fake Fenn kachinas. Everyone considering purchases off eBay should read that article, if it exists.

      • Jonsey1 says:

        The doll is authentic what? Authentically sold as one of thousands sold at fenn galleries? I would assume when (and if) it was sold at the gallery it was sold based on the artist and/or its colorful description…not based on a gallery tag. Maybe Freya could contact the Artist that sold their stuff at the gallery for information on its history, value, or for a colorful description.

        I have no clue whether or not this doll is authentic…or what you mean by “authentic” as it wasn’t even mentioned who the artist or history one would be comparing it to to determine “authenticity”.

        • Mindy says:

          Who knows? Maybe Freya did get some background information but was curious to see if Forrest could add something personal to the story.

          I’m sure Forrest has traded and sold hundreds of dolls over the years and can’t be expected to remember every one.

          If there is an article pertaining to fake Fenn dolls, I’m sure many would appreciate the link. Thanks.

          • Jonsey1 says:

            I’m still trying to understand “its authentic”…authentic what? Authentically once sold at Fenn Galleries? I’m not sure the point. Actually I don’t care. Its a moot point.and I was referring to a few katchinas not this doll.

            You can easily do your homework on old listings and “attached labels”. I’m astounded you would think I’d do you favors in that department.

            • Mindy says:

              Authentic as in “not fake?” I am not sure I know what you mean by “fake,” either.

              I mean, the doll looks “real,” as in it occupies space and has mass. So, I’m not sure of what you mean by fake.

              I assumed you meant “fake” as in it was never owned by Fenn, but after reading your later comments, I’m not sure what you mean.

              As far as the article, I’ve searched and searched for an article about fake Fenn kaxhinas, and haven’t found anything. I wasn’t asking for a favor. I was asking because there are a lot of people interested in buying things FF previously owned, and if such an article existed, it could benefit everyone.

  11. SL says:

    Earth, Wind and Fire ~ September:


    A great performance by Maurice White. (The 21st day of September to boot).

    • pdenver says:

      Thank you for the link, SL. I enjoy music that gets me dancing, and this one did.

    • SL says:


      I saw them perform several years ago. Something about “September” brings a smile to the soul! A friend at a San Francisco radio station played it regularly, and it was always like the first time!

      Something special about this 9th month to The Flyer? Possibly.

      • pdenver says:

        Hello SL. It must have been great to see them in person. The last concert I saw was Neil Diamond many years ago. While thinking of Earth, Wind, and Fire, and “September,” we might look at the Fall Equinox which happens at that time. Change begins. Something special about September? It would be nice to think so.

  12. Lifesablaze says:

    Say there, has anyone seen my walking stick? Oh, maybe I left it in the den.

  13. Jeff Street says:

    Does anyone remember the word “contiguous” ?
    Now read the first stanza of the poem .
    Ask yourself, how does one take things with them from this realm to the hereafter?
    In their imagination of course.
    So stanza #1 is where Forrest secreted his treasure chest.
    Remember the ball of string story?

    • ron ricker says:

      take an imaginative journey inside this:
      Oldrich Farsky oil on canvas, “Mountain Vista”.
      this is where most of the clues happen including wwwh and look quickly down…..do you see it?
      for confirmation see SB182
      all, remember forrest was an art dealer twice as long as he was a fisherperson and fighter pilot

  14. Jeff Street says:

    Keeping “contiguous” in mind,
    read stanza #2 of the poem.
    Now look at the picture of Forrest on the front dust cover of TTOTC.
    The picture of him holding the fish.

    • Jeff Street says:

      So standing at the “spot” where the chest is could one not see mountains, pine trees, animals and water?

  15. Can it be that simple?
    Could it be exactly in the middle?

    • Jeff Street says:

      One way to find out,
      Forrest did you secreted your treasure chest in stanza #1

    • Point Foot says:

      I think it probably is that simple for one who figures it all out and knows where they are standing.

      Now for us mere mortals…

      Personally I like to believe it’s a place where Forrest feels alive and at peace. It’s a place filled with memories. It is a place of birth and a place where he thought he would like to die. Now that seems to me to be one really special place.

      I like to think one day I might be able to stand in that place. I think all of us in the chase would.

  16. GEYDELKON says:

    It is time for another road trip soon. Do you agree Ghost? No one knows what it is like to be patient on this day and I shall feel the same tomorrow. Each time I think about my 30 day wait period but then again all is smooth sailing for now. Just got to wait to see my doctor to get me a new pair of binoculars. The VA is nice enough accommodate but I live each day to see what is out there and seek my row. Last night I went to look at the treasure chest and it is still there.
    I found the perfect spot that is dear to me to let it slip in there forever in the village of roses.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Geydelkon.

      “…forever in the village of roses.” I like it.

      “I remember, I remember,
      The roses, red and white,
      The vi’lets, and the lily-cups,
      Those flowers made of light!” – Thomas Hood


      • Geydelkon says:

        Pleased you liked the comment but that is where I was born. I went to the link and it was very nice to read. I dont say too much but all I can say is have a nice day.

        An Indian Scout and A Saint <—— hint

        • ron ricker says:

          you see it too…make mention of something relevant to or an important part of the chase and it gets lost in a link to a song or mention of some other who cares or whatever discussion.
          thats ok though. less competition.
          watch this…
          what if? there arent nine clues, and especially not 9 clues.
          what if there are clues “in” between “n” and “e”, in between now and eternity. or
          nine= in between nething, or anything.
          make no assumptions. nine does not mean 9.

          heres another good one…….where can water only truely halt, or nething for that matter?
          yep, in a photograph, drawing or PAINTING.
          oldrich farsky oil on canvas ‘mountain vista’.
          not far but too far to walk is not a distance.
          theres a sky, remember
          since we need too far’s, how about #2 being fahrenheit 451
          check out all the connections between last years weekly words and ray bradbury short stories.

          but this could all be my imagination of a 5legged pig, however unlikely

          oh, and in tight focus with the word that is key….


  17. Sparrow says:

    The Earl of Derby says: “There was a 5.8 earthquake near Missoula Montana yesterday—-sure hope none of the treasure spilled out of that darn chest”.

    • pdenver says:

      Might explain the recent activities Montana was having last month. I hope everyone is okay.

    • Andesite says:

      Montana earthquake was Actually 5.8. At 12:30 am. Epicenter nearest to Lincoln, Mt. we were about 200 miles from epicenter on Flathead Lake. The quake shook our bed really hard for a full minute.

      • pdenver says:

        Sounds scary, especially lasting a minute. With what you said, I can’t imagine what the epicenter felt like. Yikes!

    • Ramona says:

      Me too Sparrow, and I hope no holes opened up and swallowed the chest.

      • Andesite says:

        Ramona – if memory serves me correct, I recall you had a “Fenn mountain” solve near Ovando…ironically the epicenter wasn’t far from there. 3 miles from Lincoln, Mt. the community is rather small with rural and mostly single story mountain dwellings. The local Wagon Wheel bar reported damage as did the grocery store.

  18. Seannm says:


    How is this even chase related? Are there no further legitimate questions from real searchers to be answered?


    • WyMustIGo says:

      Can you please go complain somewhere else? Nobody needs your negativity here, leave it with your buddies.

      • Seannm says:


        They they buddy, I miss our chats. 😄


        • WyMustIGo says:

          I’m busy getting the chest, no time for trolls.

        • WyMustIGo says:

          BTW, not that it matters, but you can ask Jenny… I’m not banned there, I can come back and make an account. I choose not to, it’s a waste of my time. Nobody there (or on most forums) listens to anything intelligent, they just argue, so what’s the point. Now that I have someone within 30 minutes of the spot, things are moving fast, better get searching, it might be over soon 🙂

          When or should I say if it is over, nobody is going to get the solve from me for a long time. I need plenty of time to bask in the laughter I will have by watching everyone freak out.

          I would suggest anyone who is serious might want to consider shutting up and getting to work. I did, why help trolls? It’s not what they say that is important, it’s what they don’t say 🙂

    • tighterfocus says:

      I’m with you, seeing that most postings have NOTHING to do with the treasure hunt. I’m
      afraid that most folks posting are in it for the perceived “social” benefits (whatever that may mean). My interest in all of this is about finding the TC, not emotionally connecting with a
      lot of folks who don’t know what “halt” means. But on the other hand, if I live long enough
      to learn what word “blanket” is being substituted for, I may be as content as Linus! Hee hee!

      • WyMustIGo says:

        I agree with you, just focus on the chest. But what’s annoying is that people are not forced to read these, so why complain about them?

        I check them on occasion to see what’s happening, and its annoying when you have to read complaints and one crazy person trolling Mindy (if she is right or wrong, who cares, this isn’t a soap opra like CC, just leave the personal drama out of it and get off her back already).

        I used to enjoy commenting and discussing the chase, but not anymore, nobody wants to listen. They find it more enjoyable to troll and complain. ALL the good posters are gone, whats left is drama on ALL the blogs except dals, but Dals has mostly all newbies and the blog format sucks.

        I agree 100% though, just let them live in the cesspool while the intelligent ones are out getting the poem solved.

        Good luck on your solve!

        • Jonsey1 says:

          Ummm…wy? You may want to reread the post. M was trolling me for explaining there had been an article on fakes a year or so ago. Phil also posted links to an identical item to this one. I posted BEFORE Mindy. Grow up.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Ok, Sean, I’ll give you a kick start.

      Fraya The Bolder = Lagerta The Bold

      ( http://mysteriouswritings.com/featured-question-with-forrest-fenn-and-the-thrill-of-the-chase-treasure-hunt-across-the-ocean/#comment-188053 )

      = Frigg = Friday (just like Thor = Thursday)

      = The Book Of Days (Indulgence).

      I don’t have this figured out, and I think it’s going to take a lot of digging.
      But there ya go.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        By the way, there’s more.
        Add in that strange bit about how many years Forrest slept in his 58 years when he got cancer and how Monday stood out.
        And Monday = moon day.
        And Forrest in the cemetery on a “moonless night” but according to the picture, clear and full of stars.

        I haven’t put much into this because I’ve been very busy on all the other stuff most seem to be missing.

        • Seannm says:


          Interesting thoughts indeed, I must wonder who chooses the pseudonyms, the initiator, JK or Forrest himself.


          • Buckeye Bob says:

            That’s a good question.
            Does it seem to you too that Jenny has backed off of answering such questions? I get the feeling that FF wants to be able to choose this, and maybe the picture sometimes, himself.

            • Seannm says:


              It may be that JK does not receive that many questions from searchers to forward to Forrest, Or that Forrest chooses not to answer ones forwarded to him, but this is all left to our imagination of course and that if fine.


        • Buckeye Bob says:

          I just wanted to add something here.
          I don’t see these hunts for deeper meaning as always being very hard.
          Basically, it’s often just looking at the words and names and such and noticing similar things about them. And then using that to see if there’s other FF comments that lead you to the same conclusion.

          Although I do think there’s also some much deeper stuff, but this simpler stuff gets ya goin’.

          But most importantly,
          (But you can’t help but run into this stuff along the way. If you notice it.)
          This is all about the extra story. Think of it as additional ways to solve it. More complex and more decisive. But also with the deeper meaning to why he did this, buried inside.

          At least that’s how I see it.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        And stamps. (I can’t even remember all the connections, lol.)

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        By the way, if this is part of the big picture like it seems, it’s probably only one aspect of these topics.

      • WyMustIGo says:

        None of the above 🙂

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Have you already checked it out, wy?

          • WyMustIGo says:

            Yes, but I can’t comment on what I think it means because I would need to explain part of the ending. I see where he is going with it, but it isn’t norse related IMO 🙂

            How you been, Bob? I miss you guys.

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              I’ve been good, how about you?

              I have more of a comment coming soon, but got to do something.

              • WyMustIGo says:

                Well I had some big problems a few weeks ago and had to switch partners. Also had some personal business to deal with.

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              That would follow my last comment that my ideas were likely only a part of the bigger picture.
              I don’t want to concentrate on the Norse aspects too much, I think these hints are also part of the bigger picture of humanity’s history.
              But the specific takes, for example “days of the week” still might be very useful.
              It’s not a complicated thing, I don’t think. What he’s saying could be as simple as
              “LOOK AT THE DAYS”
              or it could be more complicated as in

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            Ya see, here’s the thing.
            Everything I said above is factual.
            Freya, Frigg, and Lagerta are considered by some to stem from the same ancient goddess.
            The days of the week do come from these ancient deity names, as Friday does come from Frigg-day and Thursday does come from Thor’s-day.
            And FF has used days of the week in unusual ways, such as that Monday sleep thing, and the fact that in the stamps in TTOTC the days don’t correspond correctly to the dates.

            And despite that, you think that none of it is right? So, that’s why I’m wondering.

            • WyMustIGo says:

              No no, I know about the hints in the book and scrapbooks, I just tied them in a different way. They are doing the same thing the book does, just in a different way IMO.

              One can get the same info from the book. Praying to Thor for example.

              • WyMustIGo says:

                By the way, you did see the huge mistake Iceman made in that other thread, right?

                An Ocean had nothing to do with why the little girl from India cannot get past clue 2, so mostly everything Iceman said is confirmation bias. Why? Because Forrest also said that the boy from Waxahatchee Texas also cannot get past clue two.

                The reason why is because they cannot drive or fly, simple as that. Nothing to do with an ocean.

                Those names are useful though, for a certain part. 🙂

              • Buckeye Bob says:

                Ha ha, wy, you might be on to something there. I hadn’t looked at it that way but I see a possibility. I’d need to check it out to find a meaning, but that’s a good catch. 🙂

                • WyMustIGo says:

                  Do you remember this video interview ?

                  Go to 34:45


                  When he says to the lady “Do you have an airplane?” he pretty much rules out NM and at the same time answers why the boy from TX can’t get there”.

                  Think about that, they are IN NM, why would she need a plane to go with Forrest to the chest?

                • Buckeye Bob says:

                  Wy, Forrest also said that he asks women who want to marry him if they have a plane.
                  That’s curious.

                  And now I’m wondering. FF had said he didn’t want people to search for his flight records (so he didn’t give the date when he hid the treasure).
                  Could it be that that’s a clue he actually expects us to solve?

                  And in relation to my points above about”days”, could there be clues in the book(s) that lead us to the exact date he did it?

                • Brad Hartliep says:

                  “Do you have an airplane?” was one of the first clues I think I figured out ..

                  But then I lost my fedora ankle deep in the river bed and can’t remember where the Fenn Den is ..


    • Seannm says:


      Rofl, some are too easy to read.



  19. Bailey says:

    Cool looking. Freaky. It would be a great doll to leave on someone’s porch on Halloween. lol

  20. Jonsey1 says:

    I meant *fake* attributed to a particular artist and/or time period when in fact they were not made by that artist or in that time period.

    This particular doll and description lists no artist or time period. If you mean “authentic” as in it physically has mass and takes up space and would be labelled as a “doll” by many then sure…I guess its authentically a doll. Sorry for the confusion. Im not interested in arguing with you and my post was merely about some items (NOT THIS DOLL) sold last year. Please. Move on to someone else.

    • Jonsey1 says:

      (Accid. Posted to far down. My bad.)

      • Mindy says:

        Fair enough. I suppose the only way to know for sure would be to ask Freya if she/he could post anything they might have learned about the doll.

        You said this doll looks like one of the fakes. You said there was an article about this seller selling fake Fenn dolls. I’m sure the seller would be interested in seeing this article as well. And if there is such an article, the general public should know who the seller was and beware buying anything from them in the future.

        I was merely asking for your source (a link to the article) that fake Fenn dolls or kachinas were sold last year, because I can’t find it, and many could benefit.

        No worries…I’m sure Freya is a big girl and hopefully did her research before buying.

        • Jonsey1 says:

          As I have explained, I don’t respect your character and chose not to be involved with helping you. I was not talking to you in the first place. Please badger somebody else and leave me out of the never-ending drama.

          • WyMustIGo says:

            Can you please STFU already? All you do is whine and complain, take it over to the loser board.

            • Jonsey1 says:

              Grow up Wy. I responded to Freyas topic honestly and truthfully of things ive seen and read. No need to blow smoke when someone is wondering about an artifact.

            • nmc says:

              Why don’t you take your own advice? You are one of the most disrespectful and negative people posting on these forums. Take a break – you more than most need one.

        • quakrspecl says:

          I suspect you did indeed research before buying, Mindy 😉

          • ace 340 says:

            Forrest said that he does remember that doll and does not own it now. Would he sell it with his seal if it wasn’t a period piece?

            • Jonsey1 says:

              It probably is a period piece. And Fs gallery may well have sold it. I didn’t mean to imply that this doll was not “authentic”…just meant generally when one claims something to be authentic they are referring to the artist or the period. Neither of which was listed in this post. I wouldn’t say a painting was “authentic” because it was sold at Sothbys…I may say it was an authentic Picasso and list Sothbys as part of establishing provenance.

              So I was confused by “Freya” seeming to want to know the history in the first place, and “Mindy” already knowing it was “authentic”. Just made it seem weird/loaded question to ask about history if she already knew it. I was not aware she/freya was planning to sell it at the time I made the comment about the tags, merely discussing the tags in general- oblivious to any ulterior motives with the question.

  21. Me says:

    Hi! I would like to say that dolls may be involved in the Chase, but I’ve discovered roads might be involved too. Heavy loads might be Skipton, for example. Two pi could be 3232. The symbol for lead looks like nearby roads. I think the running man symbol is a human trail marked with a running man, but once you get close you aren’t near a human trail. Horses factor into this too. Try Googling “Native Dancer” “Indulgence” “Glencoe” “Whiskey” and “Santa Fe”. The blaze lived, and lives. It’s creamy. And once you are in the right area, which is near a Rio Grande tributary, look for land that should be a school. Well not sure about that last part. There are two “F’s” there, and a dry creek. There’s a giant diamond of land and math that goes with it. Let’s have you get the chest. Bring boots and forget a sandwich. There’s a dam but it’s way up by the marble rock. Be careful of “Snare” and “Trap” which are also horses. Lastly, the elevation is ground level, but you can’t see what is going on unless you look from 5,000 to 12,000 feet in the air. Google maps can help you with that. Ahem, my family made it clear to me that I can no longer treasure hunt. I was getting too obsessive. So, I gave up on the millions to keep them. They are my treasure.

  22. Twingem says:

    So September is 9, 21 is blackjack. Hmmm. Me thinks someone has solved it!

  23. Twingem says:

    Well technically 21st night of September.

    PDenver, any chance you want to go on a search adventure? My kids think I’m nuts and I need a fella chaser!

    • pdenver says:

      You’re so kind to think of me, Twingem. It sounds like a lot of fun, unfortunately, I need to keep my hiking boots hanging for a while.

  24. Snyder says:

    From west Africa? Hell, i can do better than that.
    That doll is a replica of me from my last search.
    Notice the red around my neck. REDNECK!!!
    Notice my hair? 5 days without a shower is a long time.
    I was dressed in all black because I thought I was going to a funeral??
    My eyes got cross eyed from looking quickly down for way to long!!!
    Notice my legs? Ankles? And feet?
    Yes they were swollen from hiking back and forth, and back and forth. Looking for something that I know is there????
    That lead seal is my belt buckle. Notice it is down and to the right a little bit? That is because I just ripped my belt off to grab my bear spray. No there was no bear, I used it on my search partner. I wish he would have stayed at the car like I told him to do.
    Almost forgot the frown on my face .
    No I did not find the treasure!!!!!

    • pdenver says:

      Oh my gosh, Snyder, this is funny! 🙂

      • pdenver says:

        With all kidding aside, the craftsmanship of the person who made this doll is amazing. Telling the tale of history and trying to replicate what was worn. The detailing in the hair and clothing, particularly the beading, is outstanding. Freya is a lucky person to own such a doll. To have Mr. Fenn’s lead seal/label may make it more valuable. His name may be of some importance if one truly thinks about it.

        Ramona, has anyone checked your area for you? I recall you mentioning Fenn (Finn) Mountain a few times.

  25. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Freya, Jennifer and Mr. Fenn,
    Great find Freya, and doesn’t appear to be made in China. Her features tell a story of adventure, very special.

    • Ramona says:

      Hi Strawshadow, really enjoyed meeting you at Fennboree. You asked me twice what secrets I had and then I went looking for you to tell you and couldn’t find you. Isn’t that the way it is?

      • Strawshadow says:

        The pleasure was all mine Ramona, as I recall the only question you never answered was answered with a question. Yes, two can keep a secret if one of them can’t be found:)

        • pdenver says:

          Strawshadow, were you shown in any of the photos taken at Fennboree? If so, which one of the searchers are you?

          • Strawshadow says:

            I don’t know pdenver, but I doubt it, because someone said that I didn’t like my picture taken.

            • pdenver says:

              Was the someone you?

              • Strawshadow says:

                Not me, my reflection on film may have a shadowy undertone but I could careless. I will share my spirit freely amongst those who shed the right light.

                • pdenver says:

                  You have a way with words, Strawshadow.

                • JC1117 says:

                  I also like your Way With Words, Strawshadow. I wish I could have attended Fennboree to meet you…and take a mental picture. Like the Ancient Israelites…punished by Pharoah to make bricks without straw…I feel that we would be punished to make solves without Strawshadow. Keep on keepin’ on. And You, too, Pdenver. And Y’All.

          • Sandy says:

            PD, scan the pics for a tall, ruggedly handsome Indiana Jones type – he can be found lurking in the shadows and on the edges.

            • pdenver says:

              Hello Sandy. I think this is going to be a tough job because they’re all as you described. Whom took the photos and maybe I can guess.

            • Strawshadow says:

              Thank you all, I guess this is what happens when one answers one with a question. Then another inquisitive one tries to get the picture. Only to be misled by another one with an over exaggerated imagination led by a hankering for adventure. Then finally the one, with the answer, who stretches the shaded field knowing all along the answer lies at the beginning.

              • Jeff Street says:

                Let us break this down to its simplest terms , shall we. Forrest said he planned on taking his treasures with him when he dies. Ok so where is his treasures? In Death

                • Jeff Street says:

                  For it is written ” Upon your death you shall receive total consciousness “

              • pdenver says:

                Gosh Strawshadow, that’s what friends are for. 🙂

                P.S. I was able to compare the two photos and feel pretty confident it is you.

                • JC1117 says:

                  That’s a picture of Strawshadow at Fennboree?

                  I thought that was Charlton Heston…until I realized it couldn’t be…so I concluded that must be Clint Eastwood.

                • Strawshadow says:

                  Since I can’t seem to get the picture I’ll go with whoever you think I am:)

                • pdenver says:

                  Strawshadow, book signing wearing lime green shirt. Your smile and other facial features gave you away. 🙂

              • Ramona says:

                The answer may lie at the beginning but the treasure chest lies at the middle. I couldn’t help outing you Strawshadow because some things are too good not to share. I hope we’re still friends.

                • Strawshadow says:

                  No way would I let the little picture that I can’t get-get in the way of the big picture that lies in the middle amongst friends:)

  26. ace 340 says:

    The beadwork looks Masai.

  27. Ramona says:

    No pdenver, no one has checked my area for me. Thanks for asking. But wow, an earthquake in the area.

    • pdenver says:

      Sorry to hear this, Ramona. If I may ask, the plate you shown, would the treasure chest fit inside/underneath it? Also, what I’m about to ask is sincere. How deep is the hole under the plate? If the hole is wide enough to slip the treasure chest in, would it be retrievable? I keep imaging this hole is pretty deep, but I certainly could be wrong.

  28. Ramona says:

    Yes, Andesite, that is the area. I wonder if the tc is still at the same elevation or if that quake pushed it up a bit. Probably not.

  29. Ramona says:

    I love it. Thank you Jenny, and Forrest and Freya The Bolder.

  30. Twingem says:

    That doll’s nose looks odd.

  31. Me says:

    That doll’s nose looks like a snake’s. Ps, I think it is better to stay away from butterflies. Let them flutter by. Find a mirror someplace else. Closer to floating hats, bears, Frosty, headdresses, Marvel. It’s not very gentlemanly by the butterfly.

    • Strawshadow says:

      Oh what’s the point, you sound like Me, somewhere back in time. Only twice has my hat ever taken a float, both times a descent, yet only once a soak. From Frosty the bears and headdresses to marvel so why is it not a cocoon and what follows. The beauty is there, once she takes in the air, so why is it not both ways to be fair:)

    • Brad Hartliep says:

      Floating Hats, Bears, Frosty, Headdresses and Marvel? ..

      You confuse me, Me ..


  32. Lifesablaze says:

    I see your hoodoo doll and I raise you one toad prince. I have a ten foot pole but there’s no way I’m using it to touch that. Careful you’re out of your territory and on my turf now. I breathe fferyllt. https://www.justsomelyrics.com/1801610/peter-gabriel-higher-love-lyrics.html

  33. Zaphod73491 says:

    “Freya the Bolder” — an anagram of “A bothered flyer”. Hmm.

  34. Jeff Street says:

    Let us shed some light on this “chase”.
    The chest & everything in it is of a “religious” nature!
    but Forrest is not a “religious” man.
    Who is he looking 4 ?

  35. Point Foot says:

    When he left the chest I believe he was leaving it for someone in a future time who he wasn’t sure he would ever meet. One last great deed of good. That is in my humble opinion of course.

    On the topic of time I can’t explain why but sometimes I like to watch old movies from long ago. I’m watching one now called Time Travelers from 1964 (on Amazon Prime). Its a movie about time travel mostly in the distant future. Watching this movie with its effects was funny as they are even older than the original Star Trek series. My kids would laugh but I enjoyed it. They did a remake of the movie a few years later with some details changed including the title. It took some time to find that one and it clearly had a lower budget but I found it fascinating as well. After watching these I was reminded of Forrest and how he likes to change the details sometimes when he tells stories. His changes are more subtle though.

    I don’t expect anyone else to watch these but I found it a nice way pass some time waiting till my next journey. And I’ve got a bit of before I go… until the fall.

    Blessings to all.

  36. Point Foot says:

    I just found there is also a 1976 movie by the same name “Time Travelers”. That plot actually looks interesting about a deadly virus. People in the future must travel back in time to find a cure that was lost in the Great Chicago fire of 1871. I may watch that one next. And then there is the Time Travelers Wife… that’s a newer old movie. Ah so much to watch while I wait… I love the internet.

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