Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Across the Ocean

treasure huntHi Forrest, we are now aware that the poem is a map. If the poem is a map and will tell us exactly where to go, why couldn’t the little girl from India get past the first two clues? I think it’s because after solving all nine clues from home, the ocean prevents her from journeying to the precise location to retrieve the treasure chest. ~ Lagerta the Bold


Dear Whoever Asked This Question,

Thanks for answering it for me. f



Best of luck with all that you seek!  

Treasure the Adventure!

(And I apologize for the duplicate Six Questions with The Thrill posted earlier.  Copied wrong page.  Will post a new one (for real!) later in the week)


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182 Responses

  1. Quakrspecl says:

    Thanks much, Lagerta; Forrest and Jenny! 🙂

  2. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny, Largerta the Bold, and Mr. Fenn for the “Featured Question.” ‘Dear Whoever Asked This Question’…time to think about this one. Definitely see plenty of capital letters.

  3. The Count says:

    Even more mileage…..

  4. Thanks f, still searching

  5. pdenver says:

    ‘After solving all 9 clues from home,…’

  6. WyMustIGo says:

    Of course it doesn’t answer why the boy from Texas can’t 🙂

  7. Mindy says:

    Thanks to Lagerta the Bold (aka Whoever), Jenny, and Forrest.

    Lots to think about. 🙂

  8. Mindy says:

    Lagerta answered “it.” The journey?

  9. Iron Will says:

    I’m going to throw some Mindy/Astree WOMBO COMBO thoughts out there for everyone to consider! 😛

    Forrest has spoken at least twice about Thor (once in his book and another in a post). He is the God of Lightning and Thunder in Norse mythology, and Odin’s son. Odin also had another son named Balder. Balder was the Norse god of Light and Peace. Why do I point all of this out?

    Because Lagertha the bold was a Norse Viking shield maiden and hottie from the show Vikings. Vikings worshiped the Norse Gods.

    “We get Norse mythology Will, but why talk about Odin’s other son?”

    That’s because something is missing. You see… Lagertha was misspelled without the “H”, which was done intentionally I believe. It flew away just like a flutterby…err…a butterfly. Sorry, I seem to anagram things often by mistake. Since I’ve stumbled onto that subject and not the chest, may I offer this line of thinking: LAGERTA THE BOLD is anagrammed to… BALDER AT THE LOG or “peace” is at the log. “Just take the chest and go in peace” ?

    What do you think? Could there be a connection? What log? Is it a staged FQ with a fake Lagerta using purported Norse Gods to hint something to all of us or one of us? I’m sure now that I’ve mentioned it, Lagerta will make her appearance to quickly dismiss my spiritual and puzzling ramblings by striking me down with a lightning bolt from Thor or shooting my theory down with a mistletoe arrow. 😛

    Oh and Lagertha had a son who was a legendary king Bjorn Ironside. I just had to get that “Iron” conspiracy theory in there for someone. 😉

    • Mindy says:

      Oh, I totally missed that upon first read! Thanks, Iron Will! And as Iron Man, I bet you know the history of Lathgertha in Marvel Comics, don’t you?

      Lagertha (or Lathgerta, or Lathgertha) was married to Ragnar, one of my supposed ancestors, if he was a real person. However, Ragnar was also married to Aslaug, who is the person I would be related to.

      Both were awesome warriors, though, but Lagertha had the added mystery of being a pirate.

      Ragnar was a brutal guy, though, a’viking all over the place until he was captured by the king of Northumbria and thrown to his death into a pit of venomous snakes. Upon hearing of his dad’s death, one of his sons was said to have gripped his spear so hard that he left the imprint of his hand in the wood.

      His sons avenged him by executing the king by the method of the blood eagle (it’s gross, so look it up yourself).

      Ragnar was the son of Sigurd Hring, aka Sigurd Ring, who had a magical…ring.

      But Latgertha, or Lathgertha, could actually be missing one, or two, h’s.

      Good discovery, Iron Will. 🙂

    • Mindy says:

      Since you mentioned Thor, IW, one of the Norse stories tells of Thor wanting a ferry ride after traveling “from the East.” The ferryman doesn’t want to give him a ride, so they get in a “flyting” match, and in the end, Thor ends up walking…a long way. 🙂

    • Squat Cobbler says:

      Thank you Ironwill maybe peace is at the log, literally means there is a peace symbol carved into the log, a blaze if you will. Very popular symbol during the Vietnam War.

    • Moonshadow says:

      Hey Iron Will!
      Did you ever write about your last adventure? I’ve been waiting to hear about it!
      I love that you all know so many things!!!

    • JC1117 says:

      That’s interesting, Iron Will.

      But what I want to know is…


      …can Lagertha sing?

    • HappyThoth says:

      “In the 2013 film The Lone Ranger, Tonto states that it means “wrong brother” in Comanche.”
      But I’ll bet Forrest already knew that from the barnyard

    • Iceman says:

      The log does have a peace sign on it. You are correct. Good detective work. How do I know? It’s in a photograph. I saw it in a photograph. Inside the log is a copy of the treasure chest by f. I am required to say my opinion. Rules are rules.

    • Zaphod73491 says:

      “ALTOGETHER BALD” is a simpler anagram of Lagerta the Bold. 😉

  10. Point Foot says:

    A mud puddle looks like an ocean to an ant so what do you call an ant from overseas?


    Lol. Thank you Forrest, Jenny and Lagerta the Bold. I’m eager to roll up my sleeves and kick off the season.

  11. The Wolf says:

    Hey I thought these feature questions are reserved for Loco?! That is pretty Bold of you!

  12. OH! says:

    If I was the little girl from India, I’d love to be invited over. Maybe we should pitch in and send her a plane ticket and drive her to the Rockies.

  13. cynthia says:

    I believe the little girl from India actually already came here or is coming here to visit “friends” in the Penasco, NM, area to go on a search. Does anyone else remember reading this?

    • SL says:

      The little girl from India could cover several areas of interest from her friends place in New Mexico if she does come to visit.

      Arroyo Hondo is one of those areas, and less than an hour North of Penasco,

  14. HT says:

    My Thigh Tor

    Leg I see

    Odinson was toth the following:

    Then I was fertilized and became wise;
    I truly grew and thrived.
    From a word to a word I was led to a word,
    From a work to a work I was led to a work.

    • HT says:

      He survived in this state, teetering on the precipice that separates the living from the dead, for no less than nine days and nights. At the end of the ninth night, he at last perceived shapes in the depths: the runes! They had accepted his sacrifice and shown themselves to him, revealing to him not only their forms, but also the secrets that lie within them. Having fixed this knowledge in his formidable memory, Odin ended his ordeal with a scream of exultation.


  15. Sparrow says:

    “The odds of finding that treasure are exponential” –Todd Willinger, struck by lightning 3 times.

  16. Moonshadow says:

    Hi Jenny!
    Do you create the titles (“Across the Ocean”) or does Forrest?

  17. Iceman says:

    Since f didn’t answer the question, let me. The girl from India is unlikely to get past the first 2 clues because identifying one of those locations is best executed with onsite experience. My opinion.

    • Seeker says:

      “…The little girl in India cannot get closer than the first two clues. There are many disabled people who are deeply into maps and geography, and they are having a lot of fun.”

      There’s a difference between ‘Unlikely to get past the first two clues’ to “cannot get closer than the first two clues”

      “Q&A– How much progress can be made by someone just thinking and searching the Internet from home? (Another way of saying this: How many clues can only be decoded in situ?)”
      “FF: All of them, in theory, but not likely in practice. A searcher must go to the site to find the treasure.”

      It seems to be that all the clues can be “decode” deciphered at home. But, to actually get to the chest, one must go to the site to retrieve it…
      In the case of Little Indy or a boy from fenn’s fathers home town or a kid from Europe… maybe they “cannot get closer” because they are as close as they can get… to the chest… without actually tripping over it.

      Folks have been at the first two clues because they told fenn their process, but even then, being on site didn’t help much in their execution… the few, several, many, that deciphered the first two clues have gone past the other seven clues and the chest.

      “It’s not a matter of trying, its a matter of thinking… Sure, I mean people figured out the first couple of clues and unfortunately walk past the treasure chest” Torg n Elliot podcast.

      So what happened to those searchers that ‘were’ on site, “figured out,” “deciphered,” “indicated the first clues” { not my words but fenn’s – I would think “identifying” falls in to the same category } and still executed everything else wrong, on site? Apparently.

      • Iceman says:

        Seeker –
        Unlikely but not impossible. I applaud those who are disabled and continue to chip away at the poem and try to decipher the clues. I listen closely to the blogs and I know some of the searchers are veterans with serious war injuries. I do believe they could figure out the nine clues from where they are at. I hope they do. And I honor their persistence.

        • tighterfocus says:

          It would be wonderful if a veteran with a serious war injury is the first
          successful solver of the poem and thus benefits from the finding of the TC.

      • GBM says:

        I am trying to catch up.

        Where did this come from

        a boy from fenn’s fathers home town or a kid from Europe

      • GBM says:

        I am trying to catch up.

        Where did this come from?

        “a boy from fenn’s fathers home town or a kid from Europe”

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          I don’t know. Maybe Fenn used that comment in a later post related to the questions of the little girl from India.

          • GBM says:

            I don’t recall the second comment about fenn’s father home town.

            Seeker, do you know?

            • Seeker says:

              The comment can be found on Dal’s site…
              Feb 19th 2016 Odds n Ends thread.

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              I tried posting the link but it isn’t posting.
              It’s under Odds and Ends Part 5.

              A new person can go insane looking. 🙂

              Here’s the quote.

              “Forrest Fenn on February 19, 2016 at 4:31 pm said:”

              “Dal, I am sure you remember that the little girl from India was the lark of Jenny Kile, who inserted it into a question she asked me. It might just as well have been a boy from Waxahatchee, where my father was born, or an Arab kid from Marrakech, a city that Winston Churchill said was the most beautiful place in the world. He was an excellent artist and I once sold his oil painting of that city. We are getting a lot of mileage from that little girl from India, doncha think?”

  18. Iceman says:

    Across (the) Ocean => raccoon, carcase

  19. JDA says:

    “…after solving all nine clues…” W O W ! ! ! Do we have a winner out thwre somewhere? JDA

  20. Buckeye Bob says:

    Here’s what I get….

    From ancient sources,
    Lagertha by some accounts is also Freyja, the goddess.
    Freyja had a special necklace made of amber, named ‘Brísingamen’.
    (Remember that amber is what the ancient Americans used as “glue” to attach their Clovis spearheads/arrowheads.)

    In an account in the Prose Edda (written around 1220 AD) the story is told of how Loki stole the necklace Brisingamen, and Heimdall went to get it back for her.

    Heimdall is the Norse god who guards the Bifrost Bridge, which is made of a rainbow.
    He also has a horn named Gjallarhorn which he will blow at the beginning of the final battle in Norse Mythology known as Ragnarok.

    I was just talking about horn, in the previous Fenn posting, “Nucleus of the Poem”.
    That was about “The Gates Of Horn And Ivory”, a literary image/tool.

    In reference to the Chase, is the horn about to blow?

    (Lets not go releasing a hoard of old gods on us, Mr. Fenn. Ok?)

  21. Chesney says:

    Soon Sir, very Soon! It might be an ocean now, but I know my way well enough that I am confident that I could get there blindfolded. As the late Paul Harvey would have said, “Stand by for news”!

  22. Iceman says:

    Little Girl (from) India => diligent

  23. JCM says:

    Hmmm… how about a non-answer on this one. A question needs an answer, this one came with one and f is happy he doesn’t have to provide a response. I am happy when at work, someone else answers a question asked to me. I am happy to let it stand, even if it was not even close to what I would have answered or what I think. I suspect it is the same for f on this one.

  24. Spallies says:

    I’m confused??? Who asked this question? Whoever asked… THIS QUESTION = I HINT SS QUOTE ? 🙂

  25. tighterfocus says:

    Not every “featured question” event provides any hint(s) or teasers from Forrest. He didn’t become
    a (relatively uneducated) millionaire by being a dummy. And those of us with brains and education
    should use both, as well as decent punctuation, grammar, and proofreading before posting — in my
    opinion. And as Chesney and the late Paul Harvey said, “stand by for news”. . . before the end of
    summer 2017.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      So, when do you plan to retrieve it ANDREW JEF ?

      I seriously doubt that anyone is here for grammar or composition lessons.
      That crap is really getting old, ANDREW JEF.

    • BradHartliep says:

      Forrest Fenn is FAR from being “relatively uneducated” – in fact, he’s probably one most highly educated human beings in the last eighty seven years. There’s a huge difference between being educated and graduating from University — and you don’t need the later to achieve the former ..


      • ROLL TIDE says:

        In the eyes of Andrew Jef /aka/ tighterfocus, everyone but himself is ‘relatively uneducated’.
        He trolls several forums correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

        Must have something to do with the multiple-personality thing he has going on.

        • WyMustIGo says:

          He isn’t going to find it where he is looking, and now that I stopped posting he is out of ideas I think 😀

  26. Iceman says:

    Dear => Drop Everthing And Read (cause they worked hard on it)?
    Dear Whoever => a musical group (maybe check out some of their lyrics)?

  27. lifesablaze says:

    However It May Bee that she is separated by an ocean of circumstance. The late spring snows have dampened the budding orchard. Iounn’s basket is not as full this year. I’m sure Bigfoot misses his apples. I bet he could take just one step and be across that ocean in Know Time. In the Mean Time…

    • Point Foot says:

      I can’t speak for Bigfoot. But I know I like my apples. Now if I can just find someplace that has boots in my size. 14 is hard to find. With all the chatter about the race starting soon I’m hopeful this tortoise still has a shot for a photo finish.

      • lifesablaze says:

        Yup, them’s some BIG feet you got there Point Foot. I will take notice if I see a print while I’m out there.

        I turned over the fishing boat once at my great-grandmother’s in northern Louisiana and under it were 2 great land tortoises. My uncle had caught them. What a sight. I remember I wanted to ride one of them. I don’t think they even exist anymore there. Someone tried to feed my turtle soup once and I started crying. Remember, Point Foot, it was the tortoise who won the race.

  28. HT says:

    What a wonderful Linus Castor you are lifesablaze! van Pelt for sure. Wise to heath your wold.

    Take stock of this: Wikipeadia, Today’s featured picture: the father of modern taxonomy

  29. KeGarrison says:

    Wow, the imaginary little girl from India is forever fastened to the TTOTC. It almost seems iconic.

  30. HT says:

    blaze.. fired.. fried.. freed.. don’t blacken to a crisp.. get it just right and you end up with the best aroma..
    all in good thyme..
    -with sincere affection to you all.. I’m truly loving this Chase with you

  31. HT says:

    wold.. weald.. wield.. a sword is being drawn.. like a tractor beam 😉

  32. HT says:

    Weasel it.. Shakespeare certainly did

    When You Wish Upon a Star, choose your words carefully

    Forrest baked the
    poem to perfection

  33. Iceman says:

    Now Aware => Meditate => Relax (good idea, think I will, done)

  34. Iceman says:

    You know with a sword in one hand and an axe in the other, you can’t help but look like a Viking. All we need now is one of those hats with the horns on it. I guess that’s how you will recognize other Fenn treasure hunters this season. I’m getting this picture of all the searchers lined up at the starting gate and running like crazed soldiers into battle as soon as the snow melts. Priceless.

  35. Iceman says:

    And I’m thinking “marvel gaze” is that look on the faces of the park rangers throughout the Rockies as the Fenn treasure hunt is ignited.

  36. HT says:

    MG.. It’s full of stars!

    ICY her!.. so forth worthy the cold!



  37. GEYDELKON says:

    Today is a good day and I am getting weaker in the moment.

  38. Buckeye Bob says:

    I wonder if the girl in the bookstore with the braids had “Lagertha Hair”?

  39. 23kachinas says:

    I was only 6 when I hear Jack Jones sing his popular song but it’s clear in my mind now. Humans are wired for hopi, anything else is an act.

  40. Snyder says:

    A cross the ocean is a long way to go.
    Definitely to far to walk.
    For me only about 11 hours to were Forrest parked his car.
    Had to cancel first trip plans. But next week I will leave for shore.
    I am ready. For what I do not know?
    Remember there is one thing inside the chest that Forrest will not talk about?

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Yeah, I’ve wondered what that is. You have an idea?

      • HT says:

        undefiled or stainless i’ll bet

      • Snyder says:

        I have a few ideas.
        Title to the gold.
        Personal letter to finder. With instructions?
        Title to possibly a piece of private property.
        Remember he asked to please wait 30 days?
        Oh lord the possibilities. I am sure when the finder opens the lid to that chest all of their ideas and plans will go out the window.
        I am also 100% convinced that the finder will be on camera. Forrest will be watching. Just remember to say high to him, and smile.
        Many many many more ideas. I could go on for days.
        Remember he thought of everything. 15 years to put this all together is a long time.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          He said “she’ll be happy” too, didn’t he? (or something to that affect.)

          Of course, “she” can mean a lot of things in poetic/riddle terms.

        • JL says:

          may be it’s just a buffler chip

        • Chesney says:

          I wish I could tell you how “spot on” I believe you are without giving away too much!

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            For both of you, didn’t FF say that there were no notes or deeds or anything like that in the chest?
            Or did you see some word play in the comment?

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              Having trouble posting this. This is at HoD under “cheat sheet”.

              “I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

              • Snyder says:

                Sorry for the late response.
                BB, I totally agree with your last statement. There are no notes to be found. “Inside a structure.” And also no lock boxes.
                It will be waiting when you arrive.
                It is not always the same thing. It is up to us to figure out what it is .
                I don’t know witch video it is? But Forrest talks about him spending money with a lawyer. Why why why would Forrest hire a lawyer?
                If I wanted to go hide gold in the mountains, and did not care about it afterwards, then I sherly would not hire a lawyer!!!!!!
                You should probably rethink this??
                Sorry folks just my opinion.

                • Snyder says:

                  The clues can lead you to the “TREASURE “, and “IT” will be there waiting when you arrive.

                • Buckeye Bob says:

                  Who says he shouldn’t care what happens to the treasure after he hides it? He wouldn’t want to hide it in the wrong sort of place, ya know?
                  Just because he doesn’t care when it’s found, I’m sure that he cares what happens after it’s found.
                  But I did re-read it with your point of view in mind and I can see where you are coming from. I just don’t believe that.
                  Your opinion is as valid as mine though.

  41. HT says:

    Catch Her In Their Eye

    good teach (blackbeard too, he did say there was a pirate somewhere back in his story didn’t he?)

    catch her in the eyrie

    all the cents I s’pose

  42. Afana says:

    Ms. Kile, did you receive this FQ directly from Lagerta the Bold ? or did Mr. Fenn forward the question and answer to you ? Thanks

    • Afana says:

      Ms. Kile, We searcher’s spend a great deal of time analyzing the information we are given. I’m sure most searchers would appreciate being given the pertinent disclosure in regard’s to that information. Dal does on his site, and he does answer searcher’s question’s. I for one can’t afford to chase rabbit’s. Using one of Fenn’s favorite word’s, no “subterfuge”.

      • Afana says:

        Ms. Kile, I know you read your own blog, it’s only fair we have the same inside information that you have.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          Afana, it’s “Featured Questions With Forrest…”
          FF send these in to Jenny. There’s no subterfuge, outside of what you’d expect from a riddle of a treasure quest.

  43. Mindy says:

    Here’s an interesting link to some Viking things that may be chase-related. Some things might surprise you.


    Other blog post dates relating to Vikings and the chase are 3/27/15, 3/31/15, and 1/13/16.

    For example, the Scandinavians first called their land, “Fennoscandia.”

  44. Iceman says:

    So the Vikings and Norsemen are from what country? … drumroll please … “Iceland”. This is just too easy. 🙂

    • Mindy says:

      See my blog today for common misconceptions about Vikings. Them being from Iceland is one. 🙂


      • Iceman says:


      • Iceman says:

        Mindy – I think you might be the best researcher in the Chase, but you missed on this one. Iceland was settled by the Vikings. Look up Iceland on Wikipedia. It’s right there. Still you’re the best. My opinion.

        • Mindy says:

          Yes, Iceland was settled by Vikings. However, remember I’m very literal-minded, and you said they “came from” Iceland. They eventually “arrived” at Iceland, but didn’t “come from” there. I posted a map on my blog showing where they came from and how they got to where they were going. I believe they didn’t settle on Iceland until the tenth century, but were inhabiting other parts of Denmark and Sweden and Norway long before then.

          Maybe I misinterpreted what you meant by “came from.” Maybe you meant “came from” in the sense of their seafaring after they settled there.

  45. HT says:

    “Well, I didn’t have a clue about what we’d learned, but was praying to Thor because he was holding my hand and smiling”


    Hast thou, spirit,
    Perform’d to point the tempest that I bade thee?

    To every article.
    I boarded the king’s ship; now on the beak,
    Now in the waist, the deck, in every cabin,
    I flamed amazement: sometime I’d divide,
    And burn in many places; on the topmast,
    The yards and bowsprit, would I flame distinctly,
    Then meet and join.

  46. Chesney says:

    I fully agree!

  47. JL says:

    If the competition is making a mistake am I obligated to correct them?

  48. Iceman says:

    Logically, if the ocean is the only thing preventing the little girl in India from retrieving the treasure, then anyone else that has figured out the 9 clues has nothing to prevent them from retrieval. Or is there a lot of water to cross first? Yea, that’s it. I think?

  49. Iceman says:

    Viking + Ocean + (Tom-foolery) Cruise => Viking Ocean Cruise! Maybe a suggestion for the lucky yoyo that finds the treasure? Or maybe just a figment of my imagination. Or is this just Forrest Fenn tomfoolery? You guess. 🙂

  50. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, Whoever and Forrest,
    Why is it that I must go the answer I already know. Was the answer the correct? As I follow down this page the highlight begins to fade. If your hearts not in the Rockies your nowhere near the treasure. Thanks for including Forrest Fenn, Jenny, together you two are salt of the earth.

  51. lifesablaze says:


    In Dia


    Paul and Ringo look stylish but I bet they are pretty cold. My mom had a coat like John’s. I inherited her coat. I like George’s coat. It’s wild!

  52. HT says:

    Like the scene in Robin Williams’s Hook where Peter has the food fight with the Lost Boys.. Forrest is encouraging play time which in turn inspires imagination.. I am indeed having fun.. thank you Forrest..
    .. tag, you’re it! 🙂

    • Point Foot says:

      I love play time. My niece told me I’m no longer allowed to help my two little ones hide. She says I make it too challenging. I love trying to find new places and challenging my girls to find me. It’s fun to watch it spark their imaginations. They stumped me a number of times. Once one of them hid in the play oven and onother in the play dish washer. And they really got me one time where the littlest one was helped up on a higher shelf in the closet. That took me a while to figure out. Fun memories.

    • JC1117 says:

      Great scene, HT!

      “There’s nothing here. Ghandi ate more than this!” LOL!


      But with IMAGINATION…

      Thank You, Forrest Fenn, Et Al…

      • Point Foot says:

        Thank you for the link. I enjoyed that. I’m planning a bit more time when I finally head out on my next trip. I’ve found you need to allow a little time to let the imagination out.

  53. WoodyBogg says:

    I still like love the song Follow Your Arrow Wherever it Points. By Kacey Musgraves. Were some of the vikings Archers??

  54. Strawshadow says:

    Interesting how a recent poll has 80% of Americans believe we are in a moral decline. And those that think that everything is about them, me, me, me, what about me has taken over our society. We know Mr Fenn dislikes smartphones, my guess to go in peace is to go where no cell tower can reach. I remember a scary weekly words once with a funny looking woman, I think, holding a stupid phone. Its always easier to sail south and follow the trade winds, much more difficult to tack back. And this might be where adults and children would disagree. He never said it would be easy sailing, nor the course chartered. Make your adjustments wisely and tie your fly to match the hatch. One last word as everyone enjoys Memorial Day, there was a huge price paid for your enjoyment, toast one for the those who gave it they’re all.

  55. Crow says:

    Strawshadow, 🙂

  56. Jdiggins says:

    Thank you forrest and Jenny.
    .I love the pic, it’s beautiful. Reminds me of my own view…just switch the water for ridges and trees. My guess…sunset?

  57. Iceman says:

    Symantics. I used the wrong words. Hadn’t done my homework. You did.

  58. John Boy says:

    Hi Jenny,

    It’s been a while since I commented. I had to take a break from it. I just commented over at a Gypsy’s Kiss vlog and I thought I would also share it here. Hope you don’t mind.

    It is only my opinion but I agree with FF when he stated a child might have a better chance of figuring it out. I believe most people think that the solve must be harder than it really is hence why no one has found it yet. Everyone seems to be making things to difficult.

    I decided to keep it simple and what did it lead to?

    How about a canyon with a rainbow in a river where mildew cannot grow and you cannot park legally so you should have your search partner stay with the car. My only mistake… I didn’t wait for the snow to melt. The water was to high and fast for me to go the last 200 ft. It wasn’t safe. All of the other things where there too. All of them were in order and led to the canyon. WTWWH, in the canyon down, home of Brown, No place for the meek ( which by the way was so obvious I can’t believe it took me 4 years to figure it out), water high, there is no trail in close proximity, if you go, as FF stated, when the mud has dried, then a child could get there with a little help and believe it or not it is possible for searchers to be within 50 ft and not ever know it. The biggest clue FF ever gave is that there will be no mildew in the box. If you know why that is then you know there are VERY few rivers in the search area that FF has defined and only 3 that FF has spoken about. All 3 of those rivers are such that no mildew can live there and all three are key to finding FF’s treasure. I understand most people will disagree with me but until you understand WHY there is no mildew in the box you won’t have a shot.

    I must thank you for something though. In all of my searching I had not read the interview where he stated “It took me two trips in my car to hide the treasure. And I can tell you an 80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again.” When I went in April (2017) I had never read that comment. I didn’t know about him going into a canyon. But that is what I did. I also agree an 80 year old man isn’t going to do it twice in one day. I went the long way in and the steep way out and I was finished for the day. There was a sheer cliff that I could not walk around without going through the water and the melt water made the river level so high and fast I truly feared me feet would be pushed out from under me and I would get caught under one of the many trees laying down across the river. There was no safe way around the cliff. FF was right. Wait till the mud dries up. The water levels will be much lower and safer.

    The last clue I will give and I am very foolish for giving it… but Forrest did and it fits in perfectly now…. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

    That statement has confused many people. Focus on it and re read the books. It’s in there.

    If you figure out where I am talking about be very careful. The last 200 ft there is only one way in and one way out and it is EXTREMELY steep. I used air horns when I went to alert animals that I was coming. I know nobody want’s to hear air horns in the forest but I certainly didn’t want to corner an animal with only one way out. BE CAREFUL. I personally wouldn’t go until at least July.

    John Boy

  59. John Boy says:

    I would like to clarify something.

    Forrest said ” an 80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again.”

    Most people would think the canyon he is referring to is the same as ” in the canyon down” In my opinion that is a mistake. “In the Canyon down” is a canyon at the beginning of the search. The chest is in another canyon at the end of the search. The canyon at the end is where “waters high” is. Where the waterfall is that the mist helps create his rainbow.

  60. Chesney says:

    “The train only goes by the banana tree one time, grab every banana on the way by”.

  61. strawberry says:

    Yes, It is in the stagnant water.

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