Featured Question with Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase: Forrest Levy

forrest fenn's bookDear Forrest,

On page 50 of your book Too Far to Walk, you mention your friend and namesake, Forrest Levy.

Your parents must have thought highly about this man, but I’ve Googled him and haven’t found much.

Can you tell us a little about the man you were named after?  Thank you! ~ HeidiM.


Thanks for the question HeidiM-

Forrest Levy, my father, and C. G. Wood (Concy) were class mates at TCU in the early 1920s. Levy was a star on the football team and played guard, I think. He was built like a fire hydrant. I spent a few summer weeks with him in Atlanta when I was 15 (I think).

To get to Atlanta I took the train from West Yellowstone through Chicago. The war was winding down and there were so many soldiers on the train that not only did I not have a seat, I barely had a place to stand. Since there were no hand holds I just stood there and was held erect by the mass of uniformed bodies. I learned to sleep standing up. The long hours must have been miserable, but I don’t remember that they were.

I stayed with “Uncle Jew.” He wasn’t my uncle and he wasn’t Jewish so I don’t know why I called him that. The $250 I made working with him at E. Lichenstein Wholesale Grocery was enough to buy my 1935 Plymouth that Peggy named The Bullet. Sorry I forgot what the question was.f


Best of Luck with all that you seek!  Always Treasure the Adventure!


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228 Responses

  1. GEYDELKON says:

    Thanks Jenny, HeidiM and Forrest.

  2. Jdiggins says:

    You’re so funny Forrest! You forgot (I think) 🙂
    Thanks Forrest, and thank you, Jenny! 🙂

  3. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny, HeidiM, and Forrest,
    I don’t know why you think you forgot to answer the question when I think your answer answered the question, so why is that? Oh! forget what I just reverberated, I have no idea what I was grabbing at so I’ll go ahead and bite the bullit and stoutly press post.

  4. Buckeye Bob says:

    This one reminds me of the “Worcestershire” posts, and how that led me to Worcestershire County and it’s first known peoples.
    They were the Hwicce people, whose name means “chest” (or other variations, the word “hutch” stems from this word too). I’m still working on this one so I’m not sure where it leads. It does take effort.
    But these things lead to part of a bigger picture that’s very important to solving the search. If only I had mine completed, but maybe I can keep putting pieces together.

  5. Buckeye Bob says:

    By the way, Forrest, if it was easy it wouldn’t be any fun. Thank you.

  6. Lisa Cesari says:

    Forrest – You may not have become a star football player like your namesake, but you became a star fighter pilot for the US Air Force. And I am proud to say that I know you, through these blogs and your books.

  7. Lisa Cesari says:

    Forrest – For some reason your post made me think of this song, and I know Levy is spelled Levee, and that you bought a Plymouth not a Chevy, but a lot of the lyrics fit, especially regarding your service in Vietnam and the timing.


    • Jdiggins says:

      I can’t see the u tube, but I’m guessing American Pie.
      One of my all time favorites to sing in a set!

      • Lisa Cesari says:

        jdiggins – I did not know you are a singer! But I think you have posted lots of nice poetry on Dal’s poetry page, right? And yes, that video is American Pie with lyrics. But since you can’t view the video, I will post the lyrics here for you and others, so all can see the correlations I am making to Forrest’s life and The Chase.


      • Lisa Cesari says:

        jdiggins – Speaking of a dry levee, and wanting to protect life and property by constructing such a thing,….what if Forrest created something like this to protect his chosen hidey spot, where he was originally planning to meet his demise?:


        We have had extreme flooding this year on rivers and creeks in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas, and he could certainly have used river rocks at his favorite and secret fly fishing location to do so.

  8. Spallies says:

    Thank you for the question HeidiM, Jenny and Forrest…
    hmmm… pretty good pay for a few weeks work around 1945 doncha think? 🙂

  9. pdenver says:

    Thank you HeidiM., Jenny, and Mr. Fenn, for the “Featured Question.” Mr. Fenn, there’s a lot of forgetfulness going on. There’s different things to delay memory loss, and I’ve read doing crossword puzzles or other mental activities may help.

  10. Twingem says:

    I can speak from experience that Forrest riddle has kept my brain from going to mush. I still get in my car on occasion and have to sit for a few minutes to remember where I’m going…but I’ve learned that my thoughts and memory needing time to marinade isn’t such a bad thing.

    Cheers to the chase. Come on Friday!

  11. WyMustIGo says:

    Thanks Forrest and HeidiM!

  12. Bailey says:

    That last paragraph about Uncle Jew makes me think of “Coffee Talk” on SNL. . . Oh no! I’m getting a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island. Discuss.

  13. HeadedDown says:

    Wow 250 bucks in 1945 = 3390 bucks now. Seems money has always come really easy for Mr. Fenn. Is there a hint in that? I got no idea, but pretty cool.

  14. WyMustIGo says:

    Jenny you can delete this, I copied a comment instead of a URL. URL is below

  15. Jake Faulker says:

    “I learned to sleep standing up.”
    “Uncle Jew.”
    It must be buried.

    • Jdiggins says:

      Good catch, Jake.
      Or, it has to do with standing guard…lol.. 🙂

      • Jake Faulker says:

        The blaze stands guard over the chest.

        • Hear me all says:

          Hi Jake – Are you headed for some mountain time soon?

          • Jake Faulker says:

            Yup, getting ready to eliminate another spot in my stomping grounds.


            Sean Miles Trail is not forgotten.
            Imagination – Geography – Adventure – In the wood = 🙂

            • Hear me all says:

              Hi Jake – Enjoy your time in God’s country. I heard he has a place in the Rockies.

            • pdenver says:

              Beautiful clip, Jake. Good luck.

            • Jdiggins says:

              I’m envious, jake. Be safe and have fun no matter what. And don’t eat your hat, you wouldn’t be the same without it. 😉

              • ace 340 says:

                But if in Montana, do eat at the taco bus in West Yellowstone. Not the impostor on the edge of town. The one by Eagles store. g

            • JC1117 says:

              Good Luck, Jake.

              That looks like a beautiful place. I’m jealous.

              Nice call, Hear Me All. God’s Country. I like that.



              • Jake Faulker says:

                Love that song.
                Where the streets have no name, is where I’m looking.
                I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but I know I’m not alone.

            • ace 340 says:

              Awesome potential spot music. The ecstasy of gold plays in my head, when i think i’m on a potential spot. g

            • Lisa Cesari says:

              Jake – Are you sure you can’t swing by and pick me up in Sun Valley on your way? I still want to go to the Trappers Cabin Ranch out Lightning Creek to check out that heart-shaped pond on that property, via the Lightning Creek access just near the Trail # 200.

              Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful it is in your search area is. 🙂

              • Jake Faulker says:

                Wheres Sun Valley?
                You’re talking about Sandy’s place.
                I hope she is still with us.

                There was a paddle wheel around there before I was born.

                The heart shaped pond only exists in Googles imagination.
                This is what it really looks like: https://www.google.com/maps/@45.0274195,-111.384605,133m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e4

                I have gone hikes with many friendly strangers.

                Hey, I’ll pick you up for a beautiful hike in this are if you are somewhere between Bozeman & Sandy’s place on Sunday morning the 16th of July.

                Such a great place to rest your bones.

                • Lisa Cesari says:

                  Greetings Jake – What a kind invitation! I would be delighted to join you, and if that happens that I am up that way, I will certainly be on your tail. That means I know you can run faster than me, with all the hiking you’ve done, so I will be in trouble if we run into that momma grizz with her two cubs again, like you saw on the Lightning Creek Trail. And Sun Valley is in Central Idaho, so I guess you probably won’t be anywhere near my vicinity to pick me up. Bummer.

                • Lisa Cesari says:

                  Jake – And thank you for that Google map of the heart shaped what used to be a pond, when I first started The Chase. Did you say there was a Paddle Wheel there before you were born? Then I think we need to discuss the steamboat Captain, Mark Twain, and Forrest’s quote about 12 ft, don’t we?:

                  Clemens first signed his writing with the name in February 1863, as a newspaper reporter in Nevada. “Mark Twain” (meaning “Mark number two”) was a Mississippi River term: the second mark on the line that measured depth signified two fathoms, or twelve feet—safe depth for the steamboat.

                • JC1117 says:

                  Hi, Lisa.

                  So…if a hunter is within 2 fathoms of Forrest’s Treasure then they should see it.

                  Hmmm…that’s hard to fathom.

                  That’s interesting about Mark Twain.

                  What comes after? Mark Thrice? 🙂

                  And what about Mark 4?


                • Jake Faulker says:

                  I’m in Bozeman & going to search Taylor again tomorrow.
                  I know it’s not there & will check parts of Wapiti, Sage, Teepee & Cascade by weeks end.
                  If anyone’s interested in coming along, drop me a line.

        • Lisa Cesari says:

          Jake and JC1117 – Thank you for the details of your travels, Jake. I really appreciate it…who knows what the universe has in store? And JC 1117, I really appreciate that Mark 4:22 quote. It is beautiful and so appropriate to The Chase. 😀

    • Spoon says:

      Curious as to how you work that out, Jake.

  16. JC1117 says:

    This is fun stuff!

    Thanks, Forrest…HeidiM…and Jenny.

    From what I gather…Forrest has been well-accustomed to hard work from his earliest days. That has to mean something. The simplest deduction that I can conclude is that Forrest is a hard worker. 🙂 A Guy like that is not likely to throw in the towel…ever. And I mean “ever” in the “Forever” sense of The Word.

    So what’s it all about? I’ll have to think about that for a while…

    On a lighter note…a much lighter note… 🙂 …since so many of y’all have posted songs on this page…and since somebody recently posted some classic Earth, Wind & Fire and their song “September”…I thought that whoever it was that posted that might appreciate some classic Commodores and their song “Brick House”. It’s not Lionel Richie singing the lead…but he does a great job when he does sing it.

    For a little fun…simply replace the line “She’s a brick house” with “He’s a fire hydrant”… :/


  17. WyMustIGo says:

    Maybe Forrest is trying to unload some pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, who is related to the same Lichtenstein who owned the grocery store, loan company, etc. hehe

  18. Jordan says:

    Marvin and Forrest Levy must have been close for Marvin to name his son after him.

  19. Jdiggins says:

    “…that it begins where eagles nest…
    Drove my Chevy to the levy but the water was high..lol

    • pdenver says:

      Is that what the fire hydrant is about?

      • Strawshadow says:

        Coincidently, I just came across a “Red Firehydrant” in a most peculiar place, lo and behold there was a logic sign next to it? I just had to take a picture. Then for some reason the line “To the Caliph I am dirt, but to the dirt I am a Caliph” sent me into deep thought. With the only connection being one of a curious nature. Don’t mind me, it was one of those “you had to be there” moments.

        • Geydelkon says:

          You all are doing some excellent research. Perhaps it will be found before I get it and I do get it for the moment.

        • Lifesablaze says:

          This idea of yours has stuck with me. I have to admit logic is an exercise for me. I tend to think spatially drawing seemingly random elements together to form a viewpoint. It seems to me that the caliph and the dirt are one in the same otherwise he would not be the caliph. If so, it would benefit both the caliph and the dirt if the caliph walks softly. Also, as a side, imagine the dirt’s delight to find itself clinging to the caliph’s foot. Until it starts to rain.

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      jdiggins – A photo from Quake Lake in Montana to nicely illustrate your fine post:


      I still wonder if anyone has climbed that tree to see if the bronze chest is in there…

  20. thanks mr. forrest for answering questions,since I can’t e-mail you no more at earthlink,I’ll send you a letter,I sure hope you always read what I send to you.

  21. passenger says:

    Forrest…. Levy is a Jewish name. Maybe he wanted to keep that information from Mr. Lichenstein?

    “I learned to sleep standing up.” What an ordeal… From there I’d be throwing up, hand holds or not.


  22. JDA says:

    I found it interesting that what was posted here by Forrest differs from what he wrote on page 50 of TFTW. Same story, different remembrances. different emphasis on certain things or people. Is there any significance to the differences? Probably not, but interesting all the same. More detail in this posting than the story in TFTW. TRY to STAY SAFE ALL!!

    • Hear me all says:

      Hi JDA – The differences are critical in my opinion. Those who dismiss the differences might as well stay home and play Canasta.

    • Friend says:

      Hi JDA, I do not own TFTW. What are the differences that you speak of?

      • WyMustIGo says:

        Buy the book

        • Point Foot says:

          Yeah I used to believe one could solve this with just the poem. Then after my first trip I decided to buy the books. I think one key is to find a way to think as a child does but still open one’s mind to how everything can fit together. And don’t feel so bad if you can’t see how it all fits. It is after all the puzzle of the century in my humble opinion. That doesn’t mean it’s super complex. Sometimes the hardest things to figure out are the things hidden in plain sight right in front of our eyes.

      • JDA says:

        Here is what is in the book – you figure out what the differences are. You should buy the book though –
        “In 1945 when I was a fifteen year-old kid, I took a train from West Yellowstone, in Montana, to see a friend in Atlanta, Georgia. The war was winding down by then and every rail car of that train was so full of soldiers there was standing-room only. Even all of the holding-on places were taken. I was so crowded in so tight between bodies that there was no way I could fall. That trip taught me that I could sleep for long distances standing up.
        When I got to atlanta, I didn’t have any money and I needed a car. My friend and namesake Forrest Levy, invited meto spend half a summer with him and earn money loading trucks for wholesale grocery business. When school was about to start I took my $250. savings and purchased a ’35 Plymouth. JDA

  23. SL says:

    “And…..we need a little”… happy. (Haven’t seen very much of that for awhile).


  24. Jeff Street says:

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    The Thrill of the Chase
    A Memior
    By Forrest Fenn
    The Thrill of the Chase
    A Memior
    By Forrest Fenn
    The Thrill of the Chase
    A Memior
    By Forrest Fenn
    Is the Treasure Chest!
    Hello! is this thing on ?
    Forrest Fenn can you hear me now?

  25. passenger says:

    Don’t hang me on it, just a hunch…. but I’d venture that Forrest has help, a collaborator.

    “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. I’m guessing Forrest thought he’d be dead.

    So who could be his ‘proxy’ or ‘mime’? Granddaughter?

    What a fantastic gift (and responsibility) to bestow to his kin…. The Chase would live on. He/She would be a superstar.

    • Iron Will says:

      The collaborator is the one who is dead, and that person was not kin.

      • Strawshadow says:

        That’s no secret, who’s kin?

        • Lifesablaze says:


          • passenger says:

            Lifesablaze. Both Morphinae and Morphemes are interesting.

            Straw: Secret is Turkeys backwards

            IW: The granddaughter may be his kin yin but he hid it alone at eighty. Don’t make me say it twice (ha).

            • Strawshadow says:

              You are a wise one:), looking backwards one has to remember the rabbit holes, many of which are now being dominated by the honey badger. The one who rests after dineing with a cobra.

              • passenger says:

                Thanks Strawshadow…. I’ll have to think about that a bit. The more I know, the less I’ve understood. I just realized the long-tailed Ermine is simply a weasel.

  26. BW says:

    Uncle Jew?…….. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_EZrhYg8O_U

    Maybe he got his name for playing a Jews harp…..an unusual musical instrument.

  27. Thanks f
    Listening to this code
    Not sure how to decipher it yet but I’ll figure it out.

  28. Onuat says:

    I think William Forrest Fenn had a lot to do with how Forrest got his name. 🙂

  29. Mindy says:

    Here’s what I think. Before Forrest Levy lived in Atlanta, he lived in Missouri.
    And you all can find the fun associated with him there. Well, not really fun, I guess, but super interesting!! 🙂

  30. Jdiggins says:

    Well, here’s Moses.

  31. Mindy says:

    I think misspelling was on purpose.
    Google lichen and beer (stein) and see what you get.

    Compound words (or just regular words) that can be created from the “and” phrases in the poem would probably make Forrest smile.

    Ex. …wise and found the blaze…

    Wise and blaze can both mean “brilliant.” Not a compound word in this case, but you get my meaning…

  32. ron ricker says:

    ive got a copy of ludmillia signed by the barroness von fals fein wishing luck to my brother and i.
    no connection, merely coincidence

  33. Mindy says:

    So, from the pics of F’s license on page 50, I think I can safely say this story is not all the truth. It doesn’t appear there was any 681 Barnett St in 1945. And, the house on N. Highland NE that ends with “19” wasn’t the correct house.

    For those who have studied F’s ancestry, there have been questions about who CK Simpson was before he was CK Simpson, and there was speculation the last name was something close to “McElvey” or “McElroy” or similar.

    However, at 568 N Highland NE, Charles McKelvey, 27 years old in 1940, couldn’t be F’s grandfather, but could be an “uncle.” Charles was listed as a lodger in the home of Wesley Haralson, whose job description was “salesman” at “wholesale grocery company.” Charles was a “meatcutter” at “wholesale grocery company.”

    So, sorta interesting!

    • Mindy says:

      Curiouser and curiouser!
      So Lichentstein was a cigar manufacturer who partnered up with Mr. Harralson. Harralson Bros & Co was the name of the wholesale grocery, apparently. Lichtenstein had two cigars…named….”The Rabbit’s Foot” and “The Three Wise Men.”
      From the Atlanta Constitution, Dec 1, 1889.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Mindy. I do not have funds for Ancestry.com, but find what you had to say interesting. Google Maps, when dated December 1945, shows an address of 681 Barnett St. NE in Atlanta, GA. Many times people omit the latter part of an address.

      I am not able to afford the funds for Ancestry.com, and find what you had to say a little interesting, and wonder why you feel CK Simpson’s last name may not be. It’s possible the family changed the name, as some do, when arriving to Ellis Island. My husband’s family did. Could the other names simply be people who work for the same company in Atlanta that may not have been largely populated as it is now?

      • pdenver says:

        Apologies for my double thoughts. Changed what I was going to say, but forgot to proofread.

      • Lisa Cesari says:

        pdenver – I have recently joined a Genealogy Club here at our Community Library to trace the roots of my own family. We have been trained to use Ancestry.com and there is another site we use that is FREE, I think:


        I missed the last meeting, because my dad and brother paid me a surprise visit from California and waylaid me while using the computer at the library just before it. But we are going to the club leader’s headquarters at the Mormon Church tomorrow for a tour.

        • pdenver says:

          Thank you so much for the link, Lisa. I greatly appreciate it. I briefly used it to see if my mother was listed, and she was. I took the opportunity to see if her husband was alive, and sadly, I saw he has joined my mother in their final resting place.

          • Lisa Cesari says:

            pdenver – I am glad I could be of assistance. But I am sorry to hear about the news you received. Went for a three hour hike out Adams Gulch this morning, and I have quite a little headache going on, so I missed the meeting down in Hailey for the Genealogy Club. But I’ll go down and meet with the leader another time, and get the skinny on how to do a search at the headquarters.

            • pdenver says:

              Thank you, Lisa. Sorry to hear about your headache. You might have a little dehydration going on. Looking forward to learning more. Once again, thank you for your help and your kind words.

              • Lisa Cesari says:

                I think you were exactly right the headache left after about 3 hours time and after drinking a ton of water since my hike. I was pretty sure it was dehydration, too.

  34. Mindy says:

    Hi pdenver,

    I’m using a few different sources (mostly newspapers.com), and right now, there’s some confusion about names. Some list Forrest Levy’s sister as Tillie Finkelstein and some say Tillie Lichtenstein.

    So, I’m still looking at things. But I can safely say that 681 Barnett NE is not listed on the 1940 census, and there are no matches on Barnett that list any familiar names, but there IS an address on N. Highland Ave NE that lists two employees of a wholesale grocery. One is Charles McKelvey. The other is Mr. Haralson, who did own a wholesale grocery. Then there’s also a Harralson, who owned a wholesale company that partnered with E. Lichtenstein. So, I’m trying to sort through the who’s who. I have a theory, though, but right now I can’t say…

    There was talk a while back that CK Simpson changed his name from McKelvey to Simpson to avoid discrimination due to his Irish heritage.

    The McKelvey Cemetery in Texas is something I want to look closer at. 🙂

    I’ll try and post updates.

    • Mindy says:

      Oh yeah, I meant to say this was an interesting snippet from newspapers.com, dated 08 June 1909:

      “Mr I.A. Levy…and his son, Mr. Forrest Levy, are in Excelsior Springs. Afterward, Forrest will spend two months in Salt Lake City and Yellowstone Park.”

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Mindy. When you said you can safely say the 681 Barnett NE is not listed on the 1940 census, could you explain a little more, please? Are you suggesting the address did/does not exist? Forrest Levy didn’t live there? I’m a little confused.

      Thank you for explaining the other topic in regards to CK Simpson. I greatly appreciate it.

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      Mindy – Really excellent research! Thank you very much for going down that road for all of us. 🙂

  35. Mindy says:

    One more curious thing…

    The page in TFTW has the ID with the address of “Highland.” In this question and answer, F mentions Concy. Concy’ gravestone reads: “God gets his soldiers out of the highlands of affliction.”

    That is a near quote of “God gets his best soldiers out of the highlands of affliction,” by the famous apologist, Charles Spurgeon.

    • Mindy says:

      I read the book My Utmost for His Highest, by Charles Spurgeon, when I was a teenager. I’m reading it again now…if you Google his quotes, it’s worth the effort to read them…good stuff…:)

    • Pen Ghost says:

      Wonderful to hear and at a time most dear. The removal of affliction would probably include those competing for home and food–basic necessities– and those interfering with all the above mentioned heredity. God’s soldiers need to remain pure and be taken care of. Before DNA, you never knew who the daddy really was and many cultures determined heredity according to the mother–particularly Jewish. If the father is not Jewish, the offspring are not Jewish by birth. Haven’t heard anyone mention Charles Spurgeon in a long time. The question is throughout time and according to individual: Who is God and who are his soldiers? Nice work, Mindy. I do not have the TFTW book and cannot have any more books unless they are on e-readers 🙁

      • Mindy says:

        Thanks…Charles Spurgeon was a powerful preacher. I’m comforted to know Concy had one of his quotes on his tombstone, but at the same time, a little sad wondering what afflictions Concy suffered.
        And sad that he was taken at such a youngish age by a car accident. Sometimes we never know “why,” and just have to trust in God’s omniscience.

  36. pdenver says:

    Thinking about the Chase, and how much fun it’s been. Good times to be celebrated:


  37. Mindy says:

    Here’s the find a grave for Forrest levy, and has a pic of him. He does look like a fire hydrant!


    • Lisa Cesari says:

      Mindy – That he does!:


      You notice there is only one r in his name on his gravestone, right? The name is spelled Forest.

      • pdenver says:

        Noticed that, too.

      • Mindy says:

        Yes…there’s discrepancy all over the Internet about how his name was spelled. Our Forrest’s birth certificate only has one “r” too.

        There was apparently another Forrest Levy in Missouri, but the Forrest Levy from Texas is the correct one. Sorry about that mistake from the other day.

        However, I don’t see that Forrest Levy lived on either N. Highland NE or Barnett NE in 1940, at least. I can only see results from the 1940 census, so it’s possible he did live at one of those addresses in 1945.

        My question to Forrest would be, “Why use both addresses?” (Pic of ID’s in TFTW).

        And then there’s “Uncle Jew.” Who was he? Was FF referring to Forrest Levy, or someone else?

        And then he mentions E. Lichtensteins Wholesale Grocery. It appears wholesale companies were everywhere in 1945.

        I found the Haraldsons that lived on N. Highland NE, and they worked at a wholesale grocery under the same name. E. Lichtensteins did business with them as a cigar manufacturer.

        Charles McKelvey was a boarder at the Haraldson’s home. I said the other day something about a rumor that Forrest’s grandfather, CK Simpson had changed his name when he went into Vaudeville. The story about that can be found on Find a Grave. I think that information is wrong.

        I didn’t find any evidence that CK Simpson has been anyone other than CK Simpson. He married Arie (or Arrie) as a Simpson, and every document afterwards, he was a Simpson.

        Forrest’s dad’s father appears to be Emmett Fenn (possible middle name of Marvin) who was married to Iva (or Ira) Pearl Davis in Hunt County, Texas. Emmett’s father appears to be William Charles Fenn who was married to Martha Carter, apparently married in Collin County, Texas.

        And, I haven’t gone back any further, yet. It’s fun, though, to go through the names and fit them together like puzzle pieces. I’ve learned the hard way, though, that no matter how unusual a name might be, there probably is someone with the same name, around the same age, as the one you’re searching for. 🙂

        • Mindy says:

          According to Forrest Levy’s registration for the draft in 1941, he lived at 1303 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA.

        • Mindy says:

          And I suppose it was possible for CK’s birth name to be McElwain, but there’s some evidence to support it being Simpson. It’s really hard to tell, because when people transcribed the written records to computer, things often got messed up.

          For example, William Charles Fenn died as William Charles Finn. So when researching, you have to search every possible wacky spelling. Lol.

          • SL says:

            I would suggest from my own research, that Charles Karl was indeed born a McElwain.


          • Pen Ghost says:

            Mindy, the Internet itself mixes up too many individuals and incorrectly assembles data. The only source IMO to begin with is the Mormon Church records. Then, birth certificates. People often changed their names throughout their lives without needing court rulings. I Googled myself and am confident the Internet data sources are completely incorrect in names, addresses, dates, employments, and relatives. I’m so confused finding my heritage, I feel hopeless in determining another’s without DNA verification 🙂 Although for animals, I wish we had Alan Turing’s work on pattern/spots predictions. Most of his genius died with him.

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Mindy. I understood “Uncle Jew” to be the family friend, Forrest Levy, unless I misread the response.

        • pdenver says:

          I appreciate the information, Mindy. It’s nice to see some of the family members’ names and where they relate on the Fenn family tree. In regards to the two different addresses, is it possible Forrest Levy changed addresses during this time period, or, if he owned property, maybe he owned both?

          • Mindy says:

            Could be, pdenver. Since I don’t have the 1950 census, it’s hard to tell if the people who were on those properties in 1940 were still there in 1950.

            And I’m not sure how accurate censuses are, but I don’t see anyone living at 681 Barnett in 1940, unless I missed it.

            • Pen Ghost says:

              Was the address rural or farm? I once lived where my actual address was never used for census – not even the correct town name. They used the larger town neighboring. I know of someone who is experiencing the same thing today. The census categories may not have included certain towns or streets by name but perhaps by government route. Data collection in 1940 did not have the computers to help.

        • Onuat says:

          Iva Pearl Lofton(Davis) was married three times, first to Thomas E Fenn than to William Forrest Fenn and lastly to Jesse L Lofton.
          Records show that she and Jesse had one son Wm Marvin Fenn. Something must have happened to William for his name to have been carried over to another marriage .

  38. Sparrow says:

    Thanks for the Featured Question Forrest!

  39. Mindy says:

    In the 1930 Census, Forrest Levy lived at 687 Spring…close to 681 but different street…

  40. Mindy says:

    Maybe the important info in this Q&A is the route he took to Chicago.

    The Hiawatha? If so, then:


    Hmmm…worth a second look….:)

    • Iceman says:

      Correct. The route from Chicago to Atlanta goes through Indianapolis. It’s the home of that what’s her name $$$ painting. It’s the home of Iceman.

  41. GGGGGGusGuy says:

    For the sake of argument lets say that Mr. Fenn does give hints in these Featured Questions. I know nothing about nothing but I am guessing Mr. Fenn would not give us a hint that was as simple as just going on google and looking it up. I’m probably wrong but just sayin.


  42. Five-leaf blaze says:

    Green gemstones near where i think it lies. Sorry, I forgot about the chase.

  43. Kee Muncaster says:

    Omg , if it was a snake it would of bit me! Sometimes I think you guys are bananas on this site! Actually, it’s me who is going crazy, maybe I will knock your rocks off someday! Hopefully sooner than later! I am totally laughing but after the last couple days I want to cry!

  44. Bubba Thomas says:

    Anyone happen to notice the horse-shoe shaped pond just south west of artist point, in Yellowstone? Kinda interesting. Looks like it was dried up last year.

  45. Jonsey1 says:

    I have a public tree up on Amcestey.com since a few years ago. You can trace Marvin / Iva lome back to the Carter/ Fenn / Stone line. Carter name came after the Fenn name due to a marriage to an Indian Carter. After that you need to trace the child and names through the five tribes registry. The furthest I got was to Texas around the same time and place, though I am not sure it is the same Fenn at least the theoretical ancestry route is documented there.

    A woman named Meta Neild lists that CK a grwat great grandfather was actually a McElwain and wanted to rename himself as Pennsylvania Dutch. She suggests he was from an immigrant family (named Ira originally I think) and ran away young. There IS historical documentation from family members etc that liat such a man renaming himself “Charlie Simpson” along with draft registrations etc. Often chamgimg the birthdate by a number in the day or year. That line was a lot harder to trace as the name (remember poor/ low fluency immigrants) often gets spelled differently by the person taking the census. (Mcelvain, Maclwain, McElvane etc) you can still trace the family on their route as the childrens names and ages line up across the years. That tree is public also. I cant say whether or not it is the exact same family line as CK but I did take the time to map out all the theoretical possibilities I ran across and attach available documentation etc. I think I have 3-4 different trees up and several private but I DID explore all possibilities and theories I wondered about differwnt lines of possible family lines on there. If anyone is a member and wants to see them just shoot me a request and I’m glad to open them all up and you can explore the theories/ citations/census trails amd decide what you think. I was conflicted on many but spent quite a bit of time documentimg and going down each trail I though possible and would be glad to share.

    • Jonsey1 says:

      Or, if not an ancestry member, but using one of the free sites you can start just by searching Anna Stone and William Forrest Fenn. Emmet being William F’s ‘trusty’ brother.

      • Jonsey1 says:

        *again– may be entirely different W. Forrest and Emmet as well. I only traced and documented the theories I’d read about looking for answers myself.

  46. Jonsey1 says:

    Here’s the basic pre-PRE history on that Emmett Marvin all the way back to Will Franklin Fenn up to 11 before going to Texas.

  47. Jonsey1 says:

    And heres the basic entire “roots” of that Fenn clan on a public list. Ok ill shut up now but good places to look for those that are interested in the beginnings.

  48. Pen Ghost says:

    Too many trees! I think I need DNA! Genetic purity seems lost to the point that even DNA would be confusing. Nice Q & A, but demonstrates how difficult it is to find out where a family really began in the first place. Many questions, but I think only one answer. I’m visiting a new national forest this week to let the mountains and streams clear my mind.

    • pdenver says:

      I don’t blame you, Pen Ghost. Getting ready to leave this morning for RMNP, myself. Looks like a lot of rain is in the forecast, but it will nurture the beauty with a much needed nice drink of water.

      • Pen Ghost says:

        Greetings pdenver, The national parks are nice and the forest needs a drink now and then. However, I’ve had so much rain water that I think I will soon be able to fish by just standing on my RV steps. Rain, Rain, Rain it can’t be long before the fish follow the stream to the new lakes surrounding my RV.

  49. Jdiggins says:

    Sometimes I feel like…exploding…

  50. Jonsey1 says:

    From what I can gather I think Lichtenstein may have been Levys German/Jewish uncle.

  51. JDA says:

    Could E. Lichtenstein somehow be a hint? If you look up Lichtenstein it says that it is a “Central European” country. Could the fact that it is a “Central” European country have any significance? Why the “E.”? Does the “E” have any meaning? “East Central” – “East of the center” Does this make sense to anyone? Or maybe there are no hints here. JDA

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Hi JDA. I wrote something on this up above in one of the earliest posts here. I recommend you follow the link in that post to John Davis’ topic on the Nebra Sky Disc for more.

      The “E” is part of the other line that I haven’t posted on yet (and I’m not done with yet). It does stand for “east”, but it’s about the Hallstatt culture which was divided between eastern and western peoples of the Hallstatt culture. Western being of a Celtic origin and eastern being of an Yllirian origin.

      This is one of FF’s more difficult puzzles, in my opinion.

  52. Iceman says:


    Uncle Jew => Uncled You

    Forrest just “Uncled” somebody. They got it. They found it. They told him. He’s giving up. This is BIG!!!!
    Somebody IMO just found the treasure location!!!!

    • nmc says:

      If he “uncled you”, isn’t that saying he got you to cry uncle?

      • Point Foot says:

        I don’t know about Iceman but he certainly got me to cry uncle nine times already lol… and I’m still ready and willing for more. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there in chaseland? I’m ready and willing for trip X now if I could just get my better half to agree… In the meantime I hope whoever Iceman is talking about doesn’t get there first!

        Blessings to all in the chase!

      • Iceman says:

        No. Forrest Fenn just cried “uncle”. He surrenders. He’s given up. He’s saying YOU WIN. After every previous trip I ever made I send him a text that says “you beat me … or you win again … or you win this time”. But this was different. The message is coming from ff … it’s very subtle but it’s there.

        • Point Foot says:

          Hmm that is an interesting perspective. If that is true who is “You?”

          I think I’m going to watch the clock and sit for it out for a while this season waiting to see if “You” shows up before my journey. I will probably go around the beginning of fall.

          That way I won’t waste a trip if someone else really has it all figured out and can put a stake on the map.

          I have to think anyone that really has it figured out would just go get it right now wouldn’t they?! Certainly before the end of summer.

          I certainly don’t have the chest and I don’t I believe anyone else has solved this thing so I say let “The Chase” continue until someone can prove otherwise or Forrest says so.

          Blessings to all in the chase!

      • Iceman says:


        • Point Foot says:

          I told my wife I might get laid off soon. She said if that happens we can take off and go on another search. So worst case I go on a little vaca and get some relaxation while figuring out my next step. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having the right perspective.

      • JC1117 says:

        Hello, All.

        Forrest cry “Uncle”? Oh…I doubt that very much.

        That’s a kin to a trip down the rabbit hole…at the very least.


        A trip down the rabbit’s tunnel? …


        • JC1117 says:

          The video’s a bit weird. That’s true. But I like the ending…

          • Point Foot says:

            I guess you can say he figured out how to stick it in the end.

            Yeah I don’t see Forrest as the type to cry “Uncle.”

            That is for all of us searchers walking in circles looking for the nucleus.

    • Lisa Cesari says:

      Iceman – Good one! That sounds like truenForrest Fenn speak to me!

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