Featured Question with Forrest: End of 2014 Summary?

new yearDear Forrest,
Now that the 2014 search season has ended, can you summarize the results? Ie: is anyone close to the treasure chest? Has anyone given you a solve? Thanks, puttputt.



I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it. No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f




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219 Responses

  1. Jenny Kile says:

    Thanks Forrest! Nice and precise!

    Hope you are all having a great and wonderful holiday and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Here’s to another year of treasure hunting! It’s going to be another fantastic year of thrills!


  2. jdiggins says:

    Yay! A new question! Thanks Jenny! Thanks Forrest!
    I’m excited for the 2015 season as well. 2014 was one of THE BEST years of my life thanks to the Chase and all it does encompass!
    So, it appears then, that the playing field is still pretty level. Forrest, when you played hide and seek did anyone EVER find you??? 🙂

  3. locolobo says:

    LOL!! Forrest, I’ll bet you took the wind out of a lot of sails with that answer!! 🙂 Thanks for a great and memorable 2014. Hope 2015 brings more of the same and that you enjoy every step of it.

    Jenny, again thanks so much for everything you do with this blog and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

    “puttputt”?? I like that moniker. What’s the story behind it, how did you come by that???

    Good Luck to All, somebody will get it this year!!! (I hope 🙂 )

  4. Wendy says:

    Forrest, I like your answer! It give me hope that there’s still plenty of opportunity and fun for any one of us to find the treasure chest. I happen to agree with locolobo that your answer took the wind out of a lot of sails.

    Jenny, I love the depth of content that you provide here on Mysterious Writings. Keep up the good work!

  5. Project Why says:

    Well, since I’ve never mentioned anything more than what I thought were the first two clues, …..that is good enough for me. 🙂

    Sure makes you wonder though about those other 7 clues and WHY only the first two?? And, …..perhaps how CLOSE the others might be together or how close they might lead one to the chest, …..for no one to have NOT gotten any further than that?

    For if they “knew it”, then they probably would have continued searching in the location until they found it. So that is a given.

    Or, …..and just throwing it out there, …..the rest of the clues in all possibility, — starting with the third clue, …..once solved, will lead you in a direction/spot so close to it, that once there, the other clues will began to reveal themselves and you will systematically ‘see’ it all unfold before your very eyes, as you are lead to it. Thus, showing a major distinction between the first two and the rest as far as distance? Just thoughts……..

    Macro – Micro

  6. TaraT says:

    At last we have hot air managment system in place. Good question PuttPutt. A little like calling yourself on the phone and asking yourself not to forget to pick up some bread and milk, but it works in this case.

  7. Joe says:

    When I get that bracelet I’m going to smash it into 1000 pieces and feed it to the bass. It’s going to be a pretty fun end game. Seriously, I’m nobodies fool.

  8. TaraT says:

    My guess is you aren’t Joe. But it’s ill advised to assume that anyone else is either. And it’s also a mistake to believe you can buy ANYONE for 1.3 million.

  9. Mark J says:

    Do you guys realize what this means !?!?!?!

    It means he did not read my email 🙂

    • locolobo says:

      LOL, Mark J, I’ll bet you are correct!!! (you and a couple of hundred more who read his reply and are saying to themselves….”WTH!!”) 🙂 ……he didn’t read you guys’ emails!!!

      Ya’ll just keep on, keepin’ on, on the trail you are on and Good Luck to Ya!!! 🙂

  10. Lia says:

    I guess we all got suckered by f’s comment “she should be quiet until spring.” If no one has solved beyond the first two clues why did he say It? There was either truth and relevance to she being close in his statement, or not – which implies something all together different. Appsrently, I’m not geared precisely enough for mind games. Good news, it Looks like it’s still anyone’s treasure for the taking.

    Jenny, thanks for keeping us apprised. Forrest, thanks for keeping all surprised.

  11. locolobo says:

    Lia, “It’s not what he said, it’s what YOU think he said!!!”…….is that not right, Seeker?? LOL!! 🙂

  12. dal says:

    That’s why I don’t send him my solution…now I can suffer under the illusion that I am very close and Forrest just doesn’t know…lol…

  13. spallies says:

    At least he answered all of Putt Putts’ questions… sometimes he refuses to answer part of a question… That’s a plus…:)

  14. tarat says:

    Do you really think you’re going to find the treasure without additional posts from Forrest? From the poem? Just the poem? Stick to the poem? You’ll figure it out?

    And it isn’t what you THINK he said, it is what he does says, to those he wants to say it to. The question is…WHY does he say it and what does he want from those he says it to?

  15. taraT says:

    Did you read Joe’s comment? Doesn’t it strike you as a little strange?

  16. Woody Bogg says:

    Something has changed… And it don’t sound good!!!!!!!!

  17. Ed says:

    Hmm, I didn’t send you my solve Forrest. I just appeared at the beginning and end. How did I do it without a solve. Oh I know the importance if where I am.

  18. Gold fever says:

    Forrest I would say being within 200ft is more than reasonably close. You are the one that said a searcher was within 200ft. This post smells fishy at best.

  19. Project Why says:

    Well, I sure won’t show this to my wife!! 🙂 She supported me for the first couple of years, but now she just thinks I’m crazy for looking for it any longer, and that he never really wanted it found to begin with and this is all just his entertainment. She thinks I’m wasting my time. …..she might be right. But I guess I’ve always been a sucker for fairy tales. 🙂 A guy can dream can’t he? Personally, I think he is trustworthy and honorable and I believe he hid it, but whether it is findable with this poem? …..who knows?

    I just really find it hard to believe though, that no one has figured out anything beyond the first two clues. After 5 years!! I mean, as far as what has been told to him. But who knows? I’m sure there are many who never tell him anything at all or very little, so we don’t know the whole picture. But if this were totally true in all respects, then either we probably have no chance at all and never did, or that says a whole lot about those other clues and that may just be a huge clue in itself? …..who knows? He keeps everything pretty guarded. He ain’t giving nothing away that’s for sure!! Ahh, …..the thrill of the chase. 🙂

    • Kathryn says:

      He did not say no one has figured it out beyond the first two clues. He said no one has been completely right after the first two clues. That means anyone could have the first two or three or four …. clues correct and missed the very last one. There is always hope until the chest is retrieved!

      • JC1117 says:

        True, Kathryn. It’s not over until someone gives Forrest his bracelet back. It’s really anybody’s game until then. If “she” couldn’t do it maybe I can. I’ll put in a good word for her if/when I find it. 🙂

  20. Project Why says:

    You sure stirred it up with this one ff, didn’t you!! 🙂

  21. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here. A good friend of mine said F reminds her of a guy she knows who wants to have a good time on your dime and that pretty much sums it up for me. He hasn’t put anything up as far as we know other than his word, yet he claims the treasure is still out there. He may very well have hid a treasure but with no intention of anyone finding it.

    • That is unfortunate you see it that way. I for one see it in a different light and believe Forrest is not trying to mislead the masses for his own pleasure. Not to be rude, if you feel that way, why read this or any blog in regards to Forrest Fenn? Would not your time be well spent somewhere else?

    • Kathryn says:

      I think he just refuses to say if anyone is “hot” or “cold”. You have to figure it out yourself and you will not know if you are 100 percent correct until you retrieve the chest or until someone else does and the solve is disclosed so you can compare yours to it.

  22. ritt says:

    Try reading between the lines of his words. You know how he likes to bend them. I would take them with a grain of salt. lol.

    “I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it”

    Of course they didn’t “know” it, if they did they would have found it. Maybe they only “believed” it.

    “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

    No “one”, but maybe two or more, like a “few” have given him more than two clues, maybe not the correct solves but the correct clues.

    If someone is close…..and he’s has stated that on a few occasions, why is he now suggesting that no one is close? I bet he was laughing when he finished writing that sentence. Bending words to him is like an archer bending his bow to release his arrow.

    I wouldn’t give up on any solves that you have sent to him, just go back and rethink what maybe you have overlooked. Just my two cents.

    • The Wolf says:

      I realize it is difficult admit defeat. Returning to the same spot many times can be seen as an uncontrollable obsession by many. Mr. Fenn has just given many searchers a huge kick in the pants and a significant advantage if they do not rationalize. I too look at his words from all different angles as well, but in this case he is being straightforward – I am sorry it is as simple as that.

      Time to move one, if one takes FF’s advice it may pull them out of their spiral and give them the boost and the knowledge required to actually solve the poem. For me admitting defeat was the way I could move forward, unfortunately I had to figure that out myself, and did not have the luxury of this kind of confirmation. The thrill of the chase is all about getting excited, exploring, failing and learning and repeating the cycle until you succeed.

      I fear many will ignore Mr. Fenn’s confirmation or twist his words to rationalize a return to their special spot. For those that do so, I have one test that I guarantee will convince you: give your entire solution to the masses and they will definitely chew it apart and show you where it went wrong. Those searchers are aware of certain facts that can logically dispel any solution that the creator overlooked. There are many experienced critical thinkers here and they will find and expose the faults in any incorrect solution for free.

      Good luck on your future endeavors!

      • E* says:

        The Wolf – Alrighty, then,…this is my NEW solve,…hoping to get through clue number four…and then move on to the Bronze Chest from there:

        WWWH = Clue #1:

        Begin at Opal Spring,…at Mammoth Hot Springs,…in Yellowstone National Park


        The warm water “halts”,…turning into travertine,…and this is where Forrest banks left in his Piper Plane,…to circle around for his approach.

        Canyon Down = Clue #2


        Take Obsidian Canyon “down” South,…following Obsidian Creek,…on your Forrest Fenn flight path.

        TFTW = Clue #3

        Forrest walked 92 miles from West Yellowstone,…North, along the Gallatin River (which runs along the park’s Eastern boundary,…flowing North – see topo map). That seems to be about the same distance,…from Mammoth Hot Springs (located at the North Boundary of the park),…for him to fly South,…to West Yellowstone.

        Home of Brown = Clue #4

        Put in there,…at West Yellowstone Airport (preferably in your Piper Plane,…like Forrest probably did),…below where his Dad took all those photos of the Brown Grizzes in their YNP home,…eating garbage (at Rabbit Creek):


        OK, everyone,…go ahead,…tear my NEW solve apart. Dal? 🙂

        • jdiggins says:

          Thanks for the silly video E! I like your way of thinking…
          Of course, you probably already know this, but thought I’d post it anyway.

          Obsidian – Protection, Grounding, Remove Negativity, Infections, more – includes Green Obsidian

          Mahogany Obsidian – Inner Strength, Psychic Protection

          Rainbow Obsidian (also called Sheen Obsidian) – “Stone of Pleasure”, Love, Light

          Snowflake Obsidian – Balance, Serenity, Protection

          Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color where ever it  pleases. Carrying this imaginative spontaneity into the realm of you life can bring strong creativity.

          Opal has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone. 

      • ritt says:


        I believe that Forrest is telling the truth, just not all of it. A while back I emailed him and asked if he was still following the blogs..he replied, “no”. So how does one take that? With a grain of salt! We know very well that he is following and even responding frequently.

        As to defeat, one is defeated when the chest has been found by someone other than yourself, or when you quit searching for it. I have no plans on quitting the chase, we all have the same odds of finding it. I think you have a few blow-outs yourself. You know what I’m talking about.

        Thanks for your advice, but my solution to the poem is just too solid to abandon. I think you would agree with it if you knew the details. And, believe me I’m still very excited about the chase. Until I have search the area completely I will not move on, even when Forrest has said no one has given him a correct solve past the first two clues. “Given”, maybe it wasn’t given but mailed or emailed to him. Just the kind of bending he would use to keep it interesting.

        Good luck with switching from maybe a good reasonably good solve to one that is not even close just because of a few words from Mr. Fenn.

        Patience and determination will win this race.

        • The Wolf says:

          I looked at my previous searches in a positive light and I am learning from my mistakes. I do not consider them as blow outs but rather part of the process. I realize that is difficult for anyone to admit when they makes a mistake but if one takes the failure as a learning experience and that is all a part of the adventure they will come out ahead in the end.

          I use a disciplined approach that does not allow me to go to return to the same area more than twice and I have kept that discipline. I am learning as I go along and as a result I believe I have finally cracked the “word that is key” and how to apply it. Now before we all get too excited I do not plan to actually retrieve the chest and lets be very clear – I am not saying I have the final solution. To me this adventure was all about solving the poem not retrieving the treasure (although that would have been nice but a promise is a promise). I was thinking of including the key in my book so everyone has a chance to use it (if I ever decide to publish) what do think I should do? I mean no one wants to read about a bunch of “blowouts” now do they?

          Happy New Year !

          The Wolf

      • ritt says:

        Wolf…….If one had what they thought to be a good solve then why on earth would they want to give there entire solution to the masses? Why don’t you give out your solution. How would you feel if someone finds the chest in an area that you had abandon? And tell me how do you prove a negative?

        Just because you didn’t find it after two trips doesn’t mean it’s not there in that area. Maybe you are giving up to early on your solves. I know you are an intelligent guy from your post, but don’t give up too easily on your older solves.

        If you are one of them that have sent there solve to Forrest don’t let what he said above stop you from that solve. Good luck and Happy New Year.

        • ritt says:

          I meant……..”their” not “there” in both cases, typing to fast. Sorry.

        • The Wolf says:

          “if one had what they thought to be a good solve then why on earth would they want to give there entire solution to the masses?” Ritt

          Because it would expose what the owner of the solution either refuses to or can’t see.

          “Why don’t you give out your solution?” I have and I continue to do so.

          “How would you feel if someone finds the chest in an area that you had abandon?” I would feel absolutely awesome because I matched wits a guy who dared us to. To know you were the first one to solve the solution is what it is all about, the prize is just proof that it has been done. I plan to give out my solutions as I develop them in hopes that we will finally solve this ultimate challenge. I how what I uncover will help someone find the treasure, it is possible that many are close but just need that second look or opinion to get them to the next level.

          The reason I do not return more than twice (other that it costs way to much – lucky you to live in the search area) is because after the second visit there is nothing else to change. Einstein (or who ever said it) stated: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” There are enough people who think I am insane – I just don’t need to prove it! lol
          Happy New Year

          • ritt says:

            Wolf…….no one will know how close they have come to the treasure until it is found or if for some unforeseen reason Forrest should divulge it. So I wouldn’t be putting down anyone’s solve. I do think that my one solve is closer than any one of your (how many? 5 or 6) solves. lol. Good luck, buddy.

            • The Wolf says:

              I have not put down anyone’s solve here, how could I, no one except E* has presented any of their solutions? You however, just put down my solution(s) so one might say that is hypocritical.

              Now if you want to continue your childish school yard game of “my solve is better than yours” then bring it on and present it – let court of opinion decide – you might be surprised by the results. If not keep your opinions to yourself or as Mr. Fenn once said “put up or shut up!”

              Happy New Year buddy!

              • spallies says:

                So I posted this a while ago over at Dal’s site… No one seemed to see what I saw but maybe this line of thinking might help someone else along in the quest. I don’t mind helping just give me credit if credit is due… Like Wolf said… maybe someone can give it that second look or opinion to get it to the next level…

                As I have gone alone in there
                And with my treasures bold,
                Mr. Forrest Fenn has boldly displayed many of his beautiful treasures online at various websites. He has probably even gone alone into the source code himself of the websites….IMHO

                I can keep my secret where,
                And hint of riches new and old.
                His secret is the chest and his knowledge of computers and the Internet gives us all access to riches new and old. The hint is to look on the Internet.

                But, Where to look???

                Begin it where warm waters halt
                WWW. (wwwdot=stop)
                Where did almost all of us start? Online.
                I started at the Old Santé Fe Trading Co… (Dal’s site was second… sorry Dal)
                So you BEGIN at the Old Santé Fe Trading Co. You can also use Warm Water Halt to mean when water Freezes or as in the Frieze of the website the top banner of the Website “Old Santé Fe Trading Co.

                And take it in the canyon down,
                Move down from the Frieze to the other links (not too far)

                Not far, but too far to walk.
                Anagrams to TONTO Buffalo Artwork (we’ll revisit this later). Could also mean go from the link “Home” to the link for the “store”. It’s usually not to far but too far to walk to the store…:)

                Put in below the home of Brown.
                Home of Brown is his nickname for his website. Maybe because of the brown siding behind the Frieze or it just kind of Brown looking with all that BROWN…..

                What? is put in below the home of Brown?? I don’t know the technical term but there is a set of rotating images starting with his new book Too Far to Walk put in below the Home of Brown…

                From there it’s no place for the meek,
                The end is ever drawing nigh;
                Once you are above the images the end is ever drawing nigh because they keep rotating again I don’t know the technical term but I am sure Forrest does.

                There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
                Just heavy loads and water high.
                No Paddles needed here to navigate but with images come heavy data loads…

                If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
                Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
                The Blaze = TONTO Buffalo Artwork we found from Anagramming Not far but Too Far to Walk. TONTO= silly or stupid in Spanish. There is a VERY Silly piece of a Buffalo Skull artwork in the fifth picture in the group. If you look quickly down you can see the chest sticking out from a pottery bowl or pot. It is hidden by some objects and the picture is blurry but it is there. I believe you could also find the Blaze without the anagram if you figured out you needed to be on the website since the crazy piece of Buffalo artwork also has a sort of Blaze.

                But tarry scant with marvel gaze, …
                Just take the chest and go in peace.
                Don’t take your time or the picture will change…:)
                Just save the picture and go in peace…
                Also there is a great article on Sitting Bull’s peace pipe on the #4 slide that if you read you learn that Forrest used a lot of imaging techniques to prove the authenticity of the pipe. This is when I first started thinking Forrest knew a lot more about technology than he was letting on.

                So why is it that I must go
                And leave my trove for all to seek?
                This was easy I think a lot of people got this “The Thrill of the Chase!!!

                The answer I already know,
                I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
                He explored and played in the outdoors even when he was tired but now he is week so he is exploring and playing online…

                So hear me all and listen good,
                Your effort will be worth the cold.
                This one was the HARD one and I mean hard! The cold was not hearing anything from Forrest. But I could hear him on the Blog and I even listened a few times although many times I was deaf. Sorry…

                If you are brave and in the wood
                Initially I thought this meant Brave=Explorer=Internet Explorer. But I think I have finally learned that it was to be brave to post your solution on the blog..

                I give you title to the gold
                This is the last line of the Poem but for me held the Key word “Title” If you anagram the FULL Title of the Book “The Thrill of The Chase A Memoir” you get
                “E-Mail Forrest to Claim He He”

                Sounds like someone we know???

                And my final confirmation was:

                We Shall not cease from our exploration
                And at the end of all our exploring
                Will be to arrive where we started
                And know the place for the first time.

                If you go to the Old Sante Fe Trading Co.com It is the # 5 picture in the scroll of pictures click #5 or CE5 maybe???

                Here is the pic…


                I welcome any thoughts and/or discussion on this!

                Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for all the fun…:)

              • ritt says:

                Wolf…….You had said earlier that I should give up my solve.
                That’s a dis! And, you said that I was rationalizing what F said. That is also a dis. Don’t you think? I only had mentioned that you have claimed to have several failures, you told on yourself, buddy. Yes I should take Fenn’s advice to be quiet and not stop the those going down the wrong path. So I’ll leave it at that.

                Happy New Year !

    • El Fantasma says:

      Hi Ritt, I concur with your summary.

      I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it”

      Of course they didn’t “know” it, if they did they would have found it. Maybe they only “believed” it.

      “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

      Again, if someone had the complete solve, they would have picked up the chest.

      Additionally, Fenn refused to answer the question “has anyone seen the blaze?” Why would it matter if no one has solved past the first two clues? I think it’s plausible, and his comment does not rule out the possibility, that there are more clues that have been solved just not in the correct and complete order. The only thing this statement squashes is complete solutions like the ones that German Guy and Pam and others have posted. Other comments from Forrest about solving a few clues and being close to the treasure are important in the interpretation of this statement too. I believe that solving the first two clues puts you very close to the treasure and that’s how he knows it hasn’t been found.

      I’d like to believe, and still do, that Forrest would not intentionally mislead us. That is paramount. In my mind, instead of telling us how far away we are, I think he’s telling us how close we are.

      • ritt says:

        El Fan,

        I agree with you, why wouldn’t he just come out and say that no searcher(s) have mention the blaze to him, it may not be have been mentioned in a correct solve, but it still may have been mentioned to him in an incorrect complete solve. He has a way of answering questions that makes you think that he has answered it, but really he has not given a straight forward answer. I.e not telling the whole truth. He has said he would not intentionally give out a clue the is meaningful, well has he? Can see what I’m saying? He does tell the truth, it’s the way the questions are formed that allows him to escape all of the truth.

        • ritt says:

          Oh, yeah, when the question is formed where there is no escaping the truth then he doesn’t want to answer. Just like a politician or a good salesman. lol

    • James says:

      You never know what the spin master ff means. “I know of a few searchers you have been reasonably close to the treasure put put, but there is no indication that they knew it.”

      … But what if there is a searcher that ff knows of that has been at the “exact” spot! … And for a good reason like “it’s just a little more difficult to retrieve the chest than one expects” or “the searcher is waiting to announce”


      “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

      That same searcher didn’t turn in a solve from point A to point B.

      This senerio should or could apply to the responce ff gave, right?

    • Gus Chiggins says:

      Perhaps ‘no one’ is an actual person.

  23. Mark J says:

    The thing to keep in mind is that this is also, only a summary of 2014.

    Maybe no one has been close or emailed a correct solution this year. But with Forrest, will we ever really know what he is saying? Sometimes (actually all the time), I am amazed at his use of the english language. Or maybe it is me only thinking that he uses it well. Maybe I am thinking too much. I should go back to bed now.

  24. Iron Will says:

    Well, doesn’t that just take the cake!? The spot I thought was it, was not. It’s so amazing what the human mind can create out of ordinary sentences and memoir posts to keep a hope alive. Well, back to the drawing board! Anyone got a huge eraser? I got a lot of stuff to wipe out of my memory 😛

    • The Wolf says:

      There is hope for you after all Iron Will. lol
      As I boldly stated before, no one can get it right the first time because Mr. Fenn set this up to be the thrill of the chase and as such we must fail first and learn from those failures in order to succeed. I realize that advise from those that have been there before was hard to swallow but you have just been advanced a year because you put your ego aside and admitted failure. Now you are dangerous thanks to Mr. Fenn’s generous gift!

      Good luck!

      • Iron Will says:

        “no one can get it right the first time” – Actually Wolf, I did get it right. You have just failed to understand Forrest, and the purpose of my post. But I can tell you this… my plot was a success. I got the answer I needed from a voice out there in the stars, and before you jump to stark rebuttal… No, it was never about you.

  25. Seeker says:

    “I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it. No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

    As I recall, the first part of this answer as been said a number of times in the past. Now we just seem to have confirmation, That is still the same… A few have been close and a few have the 1st two clues and may not know it.

    I also recall many moons ago… we the searchers were not sure of FF reading post on the blogs. As of the last year, that has been known to be so. The 2nd part of this answer only states, “No one as given me….”
    So for the others who have not send FF an e-mail….your still in luck..lol. it just could be, he read something interesting in the blogs.

    Seems that in reading the poem, the 1st two clues could / maybe actually put-put a searcher in close proximity of the area the chest lays in wait. Now I ask myself, are the other seven clues only used or useful on site? This would give argument that, a few got the 1st to clues and walk / went pass the other seven. It may also give argument that, The blaze is the poem and need to be finalized / utilized on site, and why FF did not answer the question of… the blaze in the poem or is the blaze ‘only’ in the field. Sounds like they could be one in the same.

    For me… That is a great example of being straightforwards to some, but is it? It has me thinking, especially on how the poem may need to be read…

  26. Elementary says:

    Interesting Q&A. Perhaps we each see what we want (or don’t want) to see in it.

    Although I have been e-mailing Forrest for 1 1/2 years, during which time I made him aware of my ups and downs, forward and backward steps et all, I have always tried to be careful not to declare my specific numbered clues or the exact spot over the internet. I respect the fact that he would never confirm any of that anyway.

    As I have no intention, as yet, of giving up on my solution, perhaps, the only way for me to “spell it all out” to him is by that slow U.S. mail service. To ensure that “only” Forrest reads it will mean I must send it “Restricted” delivery. Between Forrest’s arrowhead gifts lately and my soon using “special services”, maybe we can send some revenue their way.le

    I will have to ponder doing this next year (smile).

    To Forrest and to All – a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year.

  27. Mb4urk says:

    Thanks for the uplifting message, I should have walked away two years ago….

    • Seeker says:


      Are you looking for a pat on the back or a chest full of gold and trinket? There is nothing simple about all this, like most would hope. If it was…four years ago it would have been found. Then what would you have done for the past 2 years.

  28. Eliza says:

    Assume for a moment that this post actually contains clues, and that Forrest determined the precise wording of the question as well as that of the answer.

    Now look at this fragment of the question:

    Ie: is anyone close to t…

    First of all, the first two letters look a little odd. They are supposed to be read as i.e., but the first character sure looks a lot like a small L.

    The essence of Forrest’s response is that no one is really close at the moment. Anyone close? No. So drop “anyone close” from the above phrase.

    We are left with (eliminating the colon): l e i s t o t

    which anagrams to TS Eliot.

    Now consider puttputt.

    A paired t, if an uppercase T is used, looks just like pi (TT). Pairing things up, we get:

    pp >>> Peggy’s initials before she married Forrest

    uu >>> W, the first letter of William Marvin Fenn

    2 pi >>> a full circle, where the end of your journey brings you back to the beginning!

    Best wishes to all of you for a healthy and happy New Year.


    • ivyarbor says:

      Wow. Eliza that’s pretty good.

      • spallies says:

        Wow!! Yes Eliza… Eliza… (Sorry… couldn’t help it!) that is brilliant!!! I guess Jenny already figured this out as she posted on her Facebook page the following poem yesterday.

        For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
        And next year’s words await another voice.
        And to make an end is to make a beginning.
        ~T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”


  29. ivyarbor says:

    But wait…
    rea·son·a·ble  (rē′zə-nə-bəl)


    1. Capable of reasoning; rational: a reasonable person.

    2. Governed by or being in accordance with reason or sound thinking: a reasonable solution to the problem.

    3. Being within the bounds of common sense:arrive home at a reasonable hour.

    4. Not excessive or extreme; fair: reasonable prices.

    rea′son·a·bil′i·ty, rea′son·a·ble·ness n.

    rea′son·a·bly adv.

    Does this mean that something has changed? Previously, searchers had the first two clues right then went right past the other seven because they didn’t understand the relevance (paraphrase, of course). Now, a few searchers have been reasonably close… does this mean they reasoned/solved the poem to the point of the location but because they did not know how close they were, there is still some reasoning to be done? And what if, what if you placed a comma right after no and before one…
    just thinking…

    • ritt says:

      Ivyabor……Exactly! Maybe he forgot the comma. It does seem he miss places or omits punctuation marks all the time, either on purpose or accidentally. Yes what if:

      “No,…. one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

      Not saying this is the case…..just agreeing with ivyabor.

    • Iron Will says:


      there is a hint in this post that supports your thinking and ritt’s response, but I like how your thinking is processing it. Keep looking and thinking outloud to yourself, the answer is there.

  30. locolobo says:

    ra·tio·nal·ize ___ verb \ˈ ˈra-shə-nə-ˌlīz\

    : to think about or describe something (such as an incorrect solution) in a way that explains it and makes it seem proper, more attractive, etc.

    You are correct, again, Forrest. Human nature will hold sway every time!! 🙂 🙂

  31. Gold fever says:

    Don’t need an explanation from searchers trying to gloss this over. Reasonably close @ 200ft. Let’s try boiling hot. So, according to Fenn a searcher is boiling hot but doesn’t know it?? I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe. The other part about no one correctly figuring past the first two clues. o 0 WOW!! Unbelievable!!

  32. puttputt says:

    Apologies, I’ve been cutting firewood. imagine my surprise to visit the site and see my name in lights! All I can say is wow- I am honored Mr. Fenn, that you answered my question, and thank you Jenny for submitting it. It seems that everything I would have said has already been said so again thank you and Happy New Year all!

  33. William says:


    • Project Why says:

      Perhaps William?? Although that has never been stated. Has it? Only that some have solved the first two clues and some have been within 500ft. He has never said that those that solved the first two clues were within 500ft. But he did say this:

      “Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are.” f — Forrest gets crazy mail.

      “If a person reads the poem over and over…and are able to decipher the first few clues in the poem, they can find the treasure chest.” f

      “There are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I don’t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest.” f

      — Moby Dickens Book Shop in Taos/11-2-13.

      So, he said, “The first FEW clues”, not the first two, so more than the first two may need to be solved to get one within 500ft?

      And just because people “walked right on past the treasure”, doesn’t mean they were within 500ft either.

      For all we know, those that were within 500ft of it didn’t solve anything. They may have just been searching and nothing more.

      It would be nice to know that though. It could narrow things down more. …..Because it sure does appear so, doesn’t it. 🙂

      Happy New Year!!

    • Seeker says:


      The question you ask is just as difficult as the poem. In one case, the 1st two clues could take one to the spot or 500′ from the chest. Yet they didn’t understand the next clues correctly.

      Yet another could be, some searchers were just simply near the chest [ 500′ ] while searching and not even have the correct two clues, just lucky enough to be in the right area. That area of their search could be miles in space.

      I have often wonder how many have simply ‘went by the chest…’ So many searchers in the same areas or overlapping another searcher pattern. My question is how can one have the first two and not have another? Or could it be, some have other clues correct but just not in the correct order or complete.

      And yet there is the possibly that, “…several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I don’t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest.” f. ” Maybe because, begin it WWWH may not be the the first clue as most think.

      • ritt says:

        Seeker…..Forrest has said that the clues get easier as you go, not more difficult. So I see Williams point. It doesn’t add up. If you were clever enough to get the first two clues then why wouldn’t you have found the third an further clues, it should come easier. Some have had the first two clues for over two years now. Why do you think they haven’t progressed from there.? Would you have? Remember it gets easier……..so what do you think is wrong here. Sounds almost like an oxymoron doesn’t it……hmm.

        • Seeker says:

          Ritt, I tried to answer yours questions and wolf’s comment all in one below. But in the basics… I just think at some point in the poem we try to read the obvious and not the actual interpretations.

      • The Wolf says:

        This is an interesting question and it is worth exploring all options for we may all be locked into a searcher’s paradigm. I do not believe the trove can be collocated with the first true for a couple of reasons:
        1) Forrest said: “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did.” since he used the word “places” plural he is referring to more than one place thus impossible to be the same place.
        2) Forrest was asked if a searcher would find themselves switching back (or returning) to the beginning to find the treasure. He confirmed that was not the case. Thus it is impossible to leave the first clue and return to the original place via several places.

        One has to think, what is it that causes a searcher to get the first two clues correct then not get past that? It is worth noting the clues are difficult and even though they get progressively easier they are still very difficult. There is nothing unusual about this fact. He said if you can get “the first few clues correct you can find the treasure” Thus we need at least one more clue correct to have a chance.

        Thus the third or fourth clue seems to be the key clue. What clue does Forrest said is key to finding the treasure? You know the one described by this Forrest/ Joan London exchange:

        Joan London: “In the poem in which you say has these nine clues. There are references to water, there is references to Brown’s house, who is Brown?”
        Forrest: “There is references to wood”
        Joan London: “You did not answer my question, who is Brown?”
        Forrest: “If I told you that you would go right to the chest.”

        With all of that information I am comfortable in assuming that “put in below the home of Brown” – or for some “puttputt in below the home of Brown”, is problem clue.

        Again, we have returned to the same old dilemma, why this clue is so difficult? This is what I believe:
        1) It has to be difficult otherwise it would have been found already
        2) If one uses the standard 9 clues/map concept this is the key turning point where you leave the canyon/river/creek and go straight to the treasure. Thus when Forrest reverse engineered this map, it was important to make it difficult or as vague as possible,

        How can he make it difficult? I believe he could have used one or more of the following:
        a) interpretation factor between clue 2 and 3. We are not reading the poem correctly. This is a puzzle after all, thus not everything is straightforward and there may be a trick to interpretation.
        b) The blaze is very obvious and the searchers went right on by the home of Brown. This theory is backed by the repeated statement by Fenn that one must follow the clues in consecutive order. Skipping clues and going straight to the blaze is not possible.
        The Wolf

        • Seeker says:

          Your #1 on places being impossible to be the same place maybe a bit off. Example; There is a place In YNP with a board walk, within this single place, is many other places with physical land features different from one to the next A wooded area, a rock area, a thermal area a flower area etc.. It’s in a area that could be walked in 30-40 mins without stopping to see enjoy those features. Point is, they are in the same place yet different places at the same time.

          The other part of, “but most of the places the clues refer to did”…Most doesn’t include all the clues being actual places or at the very least a place one can actually go. This could be why using a step by step method of ‘only’ physical’ places would have searchers missing a clue and walking by the rest.

          Or could it be that, what we think are natural land references are something totally different in what is actually meant in the poem. A canyon is just a low level area with tall side…. that description can match a lot of thing other than a natural made canyon.

          You are correct… it seems we are reading the poem wrong, at least some of it.

          Joan London: “In the poem in which you say has these nine clues. There are references to water, there is references to Brown’s house, who is Brown?”
          Forrest: “There is references to wood”
          Joan London: “You did not answer my question, who is Brown?”
          Forrest: “If I told you that you would go right to the chest.”

          The fact in- the above quote – about the use of “house” can be an example of how we ‘think’ of an interpretation and not be at all accurate. So IF the first two clues happen to be WWWH and canyon down…searchers could have walked past the other clues while looking for one incorrect clue… a house. Just as an example.

          • The Wolf says:

            I agree about with house being confused with home. Interpreting “Brown” or “home”,etc could be the problem.

            Reference all 9 clues at the same place. I find it too much of a stretch to pass the “what took me so long” criteria. One sill needs to explain how being in the same place is too far to walk, oh wait a minute, actually I do have an explanation… forget my last.
            Happy New Year!

            • Seeker says:

              Ah! too far to walk… well you know my theory on that and even if my timing is off, the concept may still be the same. a clue could refer to time and still be in the present [ only that the present place represents the past]. So with Time as a possible reference to a clue, that eliminates a [physical] place but still can be a “place” in time. leaving a true statement that most of the clues as places.

              I think reevaluating methods on how to read the poem is in order. at least for me.

        • Project Why says:

          First of all Wolf, let me say this, and you can take it however you like, I really don’t care, but I’ll say it anyway:

          You may think that I am attacking you at times or putting my focus on you, and you would be correct, about the focus part 🙂 …..but it is only your words and your theories that I examine, because heck, I really don’t know you from Adam, …..so don’t take it so personal. 🙂 Also, for me, if I pick apart something you’ve said or anyone else has said, it is because I am only trying to also poke holes in my own theories. For me, that is just my way of determine where I stand, …..it’s just how I do it, like it or not. 🙂 Because, for the most part, if I didn’t think someone had anything useful for me to use, then I wouldn’t even bother. And I hope others would do the same for me? Now, that doesn’t mean you or anyone else is not going to be offended, or that I won’t get offended, because after all, …..we are only human. 🙂 And yes, I could disagree in private, but that wouldn’t afford me the possibility of you defending your point and perhaps even more information gained, now would it? And if it helps anyone else peering in, then your welcome!! 🙂 These discussions, although emotional at times, are mostly beneficial I believe and can possibly give us some TRUE answers in the end. And I will do whatever it takes to get there……….

          So, with that said, …..I do think for the most part, that you do have some logical explanations, but once again, for the sake of finding the facts, I will have to question a couple of things. Now, most of what you said in this statement I do concur with, but not all of it:

          Here you said:

          “This is an interesting question and it is worth exploring all options for we may all be locked into a searcher’s paradigm. I do not believe the trove can be collocated with the first true for a couple of reasons:
          1) Forrest said: “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did.” since he used the word “places” plural he is referring to more than one place thus impossible to be the same place.
          2) Forrest was asked if a searcher would find themselves switching back (or returning) to the beginning to find the treasure. He confirmed that was not the case. Thus it is impossible to leave the first clue and return to the original place via several places.”

          Well, I think Seeker already answered better than I could have, but since I already wrote it, here ya go: 🙂

          1. Not true. It only takes more than one place to make that statement correct, unless you meant “the first clue”, but you said “true”, so I don’t know what you meant? But if you meant “the first clue”, then that doesn’t make any sense anyway. I don’t think anyone ever thought the trove could be found with just the first clue!! So I just looked at as if you said, “the first few or two”, catch my drift? — So, can there not be places within places, whether that be a canyon or a, in fact, small confined area? I mean, I could say that when I bought my house there were places that did not exist within in it, but now there are, …..because I built them? Just as an example. But yes, you’re right, “the chest is not associated with a structure”, but you get what I mean? I mean, also, …..the blaze doesn’t have to be a structure, …..and that would also satisfy as another “place”, wouldn’t it?

          2. Since ff said this couldn’t happen, then no need to incorporate it, but I do see how you were trying to tie it in with the first, so enough said. Although, I have tried that method just for drill, because I thought that perhaps ff didn’t understand the question or was on the spot when it was asked and couldn’t come up with anything else. And again, it only takes one or more “clues” to make it plural. But no matter, we know now from other things he’s said that what he said is correct.

          I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m having fun!! 🙂 🙂

      • William says:

        Forrest also said that searchers got the first two clues right and went right past the chest ( paraphrasing) so my thought was maybe the it takes you a 7 clues step process which is a 500 feet distance after the first two clues and also maybe that’s why in the poem ( not far but to far to walk) maybe walking the road to get there is far and you might be better off to climb at the end of the 2nd clue

        • Seeker says:

          I agree that the seven remaining clues could be within that 500′ area. what is interesting if the FF has repeated that the searchers may have not known they had the first to clues correct ‘because’ they went past the other seven…The real question is Why did they not know? or better yet did what they thought was “their” 1st clues actually be the 3rd or 4th clues because they started in the second stanza with WWWH and not the first stanza?

          There are many possibilities of why they didn’t know….reading the poem wrong or knowing where to start is my best guess.

  34. ritt says:

    Jenny, thank you for giving us searchers a way to ask Forrest questions and have him reply.
    The only question that I would like to ask is; Are any of the nine clues in the poem derived from an anagram of a word or words in the poem? Please ask him this one question and see if if he will reply or deny an answer. I think any response or non-response from him will help all searches with there solve.

    Thanks, Jenny and have Happy New Year!!

    • ritt says:

      Sorry,…there I go again…. “their not there”

    • The Wolf says:

      Forrest has already confirmed there are no anagrams. No need to waste a question on that anagrams are yesterday’s news.

      • ritt says:

        Wolf,….Can you tell me where he confirmed that? I didn’t see it in that SB where he said no codes and,etc…. I think it was SB62. If that is where you think he said it you are mistaken for he didn’t mention anagrams in that SB. But, if you found it elsewhere and you are correct then I’ve been wasting my time on some of the clues. Please be nice and tell me where Forrest said that none of the clues were anagrams. Thanks.

        • The Wolf says:

          Prove to me that an anagram is not a type of code, then you can state I am mistaken.

          • ritt says:

            Wolf,…I don’t need to prove anything to you. But, I’ll respond anyway. An anagram is a type of word play not a code, Look it up and prove to me that it’s a code. Word play is exactly what Forrest is known for, for he even laughs when he arranges a sentence in such a way. That is why it’s my only question to Forrest. It needs to be specifically asked so as not to assume.

            So now what do you think?

            • The Wolf says:

              I think you are rationalizing again. Look up code that is the word Fenn used.

              • ritt says:

                Exactly, Wolf, “code” that is the word he used. It doesn’t necessarily mean anagrams, although you could use an anagram as a code. It’s up for interpretation as to how Forrest meant it, not you or I. So are you still assuming that he meant to include anagrams when he said codes? I wouldn’t count on it. Don’t Assume!

                I shouldn’t be given out such secrets…..lol

                • The Wolf says:

                  So Ritt I will take your advice and I won’t assume you looked up ‘code’. So I will provide it the defintions.

                  A system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy:

                  A word or phrase made by transposing the letters of another word or phrase

                  Since trading one one letter for another in a phrase is a system of letters used to represent others; by definition an anagram is a code.

                  Now I am pretty sure (I won’t assume because you asked me not to) that this won’t convince you because you need to hear the exact words from Forrest. For some reason I think that even if he put out a press release every day saying “no anagrams” and you would not be convinced because he didn’t put a comma in the right place,etc

                  Just joking but you I hope you get my point. I realize there is a strong natural human tendency to not admit when one is wrong, but if one is honest with themselves, what good is it to fool oneself?

                  That said, I could care less whether you continue to believe in anagrams and if you return to the same place for the next 50 years, it makes no difference to me.

                  However, lets not waste a question on something that has already been answered.

                  Happy New Year!
                  The Wolf

                • ritt says:

                  Wolf……All I can say is ha, ha, you really have fooled yourself.

                  A very Happy New Year! to you! ……fin.

                • Iron Will says:

                  Wolf…. you should listen to Ritt. He is 100% right. There is no definition of Anagram that calls it a “code”. For Forrest’s purpose and structure of this hunt, that makes it “fair play”.

                  I can tell you this….. I’ve already deciphered over a dozen anagrams from Forrest’s posts, emails and scrapbooks. If you turn a blind eye to the concept of solving this hunt with anagrams, then you will “cripple” yourself to the point of throwing a dart at a map of the Rocky Mountains, and then hoping a solution exists. Why would you want to do that to yourself and your chances? Just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s just because I’m the one decoding these anagrams. Perhaps that’s why you won’t take the notion seriously. You might still think the “newbie” has such a profound sense of naivety, that there is no reason to do anything but roll your eyes. Then let’s look at it this way…. What if my name was Isaac Newton? And I was one of the greatest scientific minds in the world? I bet you’d listen then. Well, who do you think Newton was before he became famous? Nobody special.

                  Know that you should “listen good” to what I have said, because I just happen to be an authority on the subject……. after Forrest that is.

                • The Wolf says:

                  Iron Willy,
                  I don’t care it you are is Einstein or Stephen Hawking. Forrest is the only voice that counts.

                  Iron Will your behavioral attributes are following the chronological mold of a “cocky searcher” just like clock work. We just had a discussion on assuming and yet you assume what others have done.

                  Almost everyone will look at anagrams to begin with because that is what most puzzles comprise of; Heck, I spent a month or two looking at them and found all sorts of cool things if you look long enough. These were my some words that I found anagram to something you might be interested in:

                  “I, I follow no liars”
                  “I fall, is Orion low?”
                  “oil floor, win sail”

                  Then after learning about who Forrest Fenn really is, I realized he doesn’t feel it necessary to follow the every one else’s rules and he was smart enough to realize many would go to the anagram route. Finally he confirmed it with SB62 – that there will be no codes or cyphers and an anagram is a type of code as I proved earlier by logical substitution.

                  As I said before, you can anagram until the cows come home, read fortune cookies, tea leaves and horoscopes to confirm your bias. I really do not care, just please don’t tell me what to do!
                  Happy New Year!
                  The Wolf

                • Iron Will says:

                  You know Wolf….Forrest probably reads all this, and my bet is, he’s laughing at you quietly right now shaking his head sideways.

                  …Not because someone who didn’t have to, just offered you a final olive branch and you rejected it….

                  …Not because of what he and one other person knows…

                  …and not because you called me a fool with a child’s anagram…

                  …but mainly BECAUSE it’s a child’s anagram. I have deciphered anagram messages from Forrest that are near 100 characters long….all with my mind.

                  So call me cocky if you like. In a world of success, we call that “confidence” . Know that all my post above did was “TELL you information” and “give you helpful advice”. At no point did I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. That’s simply you “assuming”. But fine, call me a fool if you wish. At least this fool knows where the path ends.

                  “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him participate in synchronized diving.” -Cuthbert Soup

                • E* says:

                  Iron Will – When you added that Cuthbert Soup quote,…I wondered if you had seen this movie?:



                  – Horse to water (coincidentally,…named “Lightning”)
                  – Synchronized diving (Rider is a “She”)
                  – AND the Rider becomes blind (“so hear me all and listen good”)

                • The Wolf says:

                  @Iron Will,
                  “Know that all my post above did was “TELL you information” and “give you helpful advice”. At no point did I TELL YOU WHAT TO DO” – Iron Will
                  “Wolf…. you should listen to Ritt. ” – Iron Will

                  Really? I guess you work on a different logical system the rest of us.

                  A confident person would assess probability of 85-95%. An extremely confident person would assess probability at up to 99%. Only a fool would assign 100% an leave absolutely no chance of being wrong.

                  Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking. ~Tim McMahon

                  Look, if you want to lock your self into a paradigm and confirm your bias with “100 character anagrams” be my guest, but please stop telling everyone how brilliant you are everyday with the same old drivel, it gets old after awhile. Otherwise put your money where you mouth is – “put up or shut up” as Mr. Fenn says.

                  You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward. ~James Thurber
                  Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. ~Ray Bradbury

  35. Onuat says:

    I thought PuttPutt asked the question. When did PuttPutt become part of a hidden clue that Fenn is supposedly saying….I’m confused.

    • ritt says:

      Onuat….the lack of correct punctuation can change the meaning of a phrase or sentence drastically. Forrest uses incorrect punctuation on many occasions either intentionally or non intentionally, who knows. Look at the two sentences below….one comma changes the meaning from a treasure named puttputt as it is written by Forrest to what most people assumed he meant, a statement about the treasure to puttputt.

      It’s not easy to always use the correct punctuation, I know I’m guilty. Maybe this is how he can bend the meaning of words.

      Check it out.

      I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure, puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it.

      I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it.

  36. John says:

    Clues could get easier after the first 2 clues, as Forrest said, but they could then also get more difficult for the last 2 or 3 clues. So someone who may have initially solved the first two clues, may also have solved the next 4 or 5 clues, but still not the last 2 or 3 clues. This would not contradict Forrest’s statement.

    When Forrest says searchers have been within 200 feet, or reasonably close, to the treasure, what kind of “searchers” is he referring to? The way he twists the meaning of words to change the context, a searcher could be any kind of a searcher other than a treasure chest searcher. What about an animal searcher (deer, elk, grouse, or rabbit hunter), an archaeological searcher (arrowheads or other artifacts), a geological searcher (scientific or gemstones), or a historical searcher (old structures and other artifacts). Thus, if they had been close to the treasure chest they would have never known it unless they stumbled upon it.

    Also, maybe the few who were close, if they were in fact treasure chest searchers, possibly they “did” know it but it just wasn’t apparent to Forrest from their emails to him. Forrest only said that there was no indication that they knew it.

    “No one has given me the correct solve past the first 2 clues.” ff

    I’ve not given Forrest my solve to “any” of his clues but I’ve described to him the area of my searches in a way that he could easily determine if I was near the chest. In other words, Forrest doesn’t need to know if you’ve solved his clues to know if you are searching near his chest.

      • Seeker says:

        I wouldn’t say they are good points, as using the example of an Animal or Scientist looking for something totally out of context of the Question. That would not just be misleading but an out right lie. There is no way fenn would use those other type of searcher as an example for answering This Q&A.

        As well as fenn has stated the first two clues have been solve… but those searchers may have not known they had them as they went by the other seven… anything else is speculation what the correct “area” would be…an entire state can be a correct area and still not know of the first two clues.

        • Project Why says:

          Why don’t you go back to your flimsy abstract way of looking at things, since you’re never gonna leave your couch anyway. 🙂 They are really all someone like you has. I’ve been listening to your ridiculous notions for too long now. Although you do have some relevant points at times, most of them make absolutely no sense. Don’t quit your day job little man. Have you even gone on a search yet? I mean, it’s only 4yrs. in now. I guess some people have different thrill than others. Some people just know how ONLY to talk.

          “Speculation”? What is any of it? But of course you are going to say that, because your understanding is about as vague as I’ve ever seen. Why don’t you explain it once again for everyone here and see what they think? And no changing it, because I have it on file. Weren’t you searching in Colorado?

          • Seeker says:

            Well,Nora, pw, suzie or whatever fantasy you’re playing with these days, you assume a lot for one so confused.

            Seems all you do is complain when someone doesn’t agree with your brilliant way of thinking. All your every concerned about is how many failed searches folks have done, Why is that?
            How many failed attempts does it take before one realized a half baked solve will not cut it.
            In- fact, is that not the topic of conversation here… how some have solved the first two clues and may not even know they even did?

            Yep, keep following that line of thinking, You’ll do just fine… I’ll stick with old fashion common sense. But don’t assume you know anything about me personally, because you feel brave hiding behind a monitor.

            • Project Why says:

              Well, seeker, or whatever YOU are?

              Is that all you got? 🙂 Ridiculous.

              Complain? No. I usually have some good discussions with most people and I enjoy hearing most people’s ideas. I’m just working on it like everyone else. But I do recognize when someone is not yielding in their own thinking and they keep the same ol’ thoughts post after post, like yourself, with nothing but vague theories. But I understand you need to do that, because you probably can’t go put any of it to the test. And that’s ok. Not everyone can. And I respect that. But your not going ever say something ridiculous to me and think I’m going to stand by and let you get away with it. 🙂 Common Sense? Yeah, I guess if abstract and ambiguous is common sense? Go for it!!

              Brave? — You wouldn’t be the first I’ve told to meet me wherever you want and I’ll say it to your face. I have no problem with that. 🙂 If you don’t like what I say, then don’t comment on what I’ve said, easy enough? I mean, shoot, didn’t you get enough of me putting you in your place on Chasechat? …..and you never came back. Now you are going test me here? Ain’t going to happen pal. One would think you would have learned something……….

    • Wess G. says:

      John nice way to cover For F. Let’s have a look at this statement:

      No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f

      Ok, so no person has given the correct complete solve past the first two clues. Well of course not they’d have the chest. However what if someone had correctly mentioned the blaze or HOB without explicitly spelling out how they had arrived at that conclusion, would this statement still standup? I would say this is a false statement if someone has alerted F to either his blaze or HOB.

      • Project Why says:

        No one probably has, …..at least not in a way that he would at least acknowledge it. But I would guess it’s just that, …..no one has given him the correct blaze or HOB.


        But, …..look on the bright side, …..if you do ever get that far, then you’ll probably find the chest. 🙂

        • Wess G. says:

          Well the dirty details will come out after the chest has been found until then he holds all the cards and his word is God.

          • Project Why says:

            Ain’t nothing fair, but you either do the best you can or walk away, right? But that doesn’t mean you can’t stick up for yourself either. That’s just what you do!! I mean, if you have passion about something and it don’t perhaps seem logical, then you’re gonna question some things. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂 Ain’t nothing in life, worth anything, that’s easy. But don’t ever let anything bring you down!! If something don’t make you happy, then move on……….

            And I speak for myself as well. 🙂

  37. Project Why says:

    Dang it!! Whatever happened to keeping it simple?? 🙂

    I guess I need to start looking at maps and geography again………..

  38. sean says:

    I think the solution builds on itself and without a complete solution you can’t really figure out the later parts. But with 50,000 searchers it’s very probable that some have guessed the right general area and might have even searched there, but they lack the complete solution that would enable them to find it.

    If this is true then Forrest is being very honest and I see no problem with his statement.

  39. Mark J says:

    I sometimes wonder, if somewhere, someone is sitting back, relaxing and having good chuckle over how this is being analyzed whilst sipping on a Dr. Pepper.

    • Iron Will says:

      I am 😀 But I’m drinking Diet Sierra Mist. I would explain a lot of things to correct a lot of notions, but this is Forrest’s game, and I feel I would betray him a little bit in some way. So I’ll keep sipping 😛

  40. decall says:

    Yeah, Forrest, I am a little skeptical.
    I do not doubt your honor, and I certainly realize that I could be wrong about my solve.
    You have said that a person would go with confidence. You have brilliantly placed hints in TTOTC that CONFIRM the Blaze and WWWH. (here’s a gem: even generically blaze and wwwh = “ff”) I personally believe that it would be a royal mess out there if I were to share my solve (based on simple ideas from your book rather than Latin and cubits) Just wondering now what is to be learned here. If you were to say “yeah someone is real close” that would be discouraging to a lot of searchers out there.

    • decall says:

      Thanks Forrest for making me think a bout what you are saying.

      “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f”

      so I ask myself: What are the first two clues?
      As I have gone alone in there
      And with my treasures bold,
      I can keep my secret where,
      And hint of riches new and old.

      thinking out loud: This looks like it belongs at the end of the poem… and it must be at the beginning of the poem for a reason… I think I understand why it’s at the beginning. Hmmmmm, “alone” sticks out “where” stands out… yeah,.. If someone went PAST these two clues, they would be very near the chest indeed. Forrest, you really struck an emotional chord with this last question.

  41. locolobo says:

    LOL!!!….PW, The Wolf, Seeker, all together again!! Feels like old times…..Bravo!! 🙂

    Maybe one of you giant-minded searchers can answer a question??

    -> Where did Forrest ever say the Poem, or the clues, was not associated with a structure??
    I seem to remember he said the treasure is not associated with a structure. I never heard, or saw in an article, where he said the Poem or the clues.

    Course you guys know I’m not the researcher ya’ll are and prolly just overlooked it. Or maybe I should just “assume” he meant Poem and clues when he said “treasure”??

    So, how about it, can you please provide a link????

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • Seeker says:


      I don’t recall I ever stated anything about a structure ‘not’ being part of the poem or clues. As you just stated, the only mention of anything not being associated with a structure is the chest alone. So to answer your question directly…. I have never said or heard of a structure “not” being associated with the poem or clues other than, there is not a structure associated with the chest. You can quote me on that is ya like.

      • locolobo says:

        Hiya Seeker. Yeah, I didn’t say you, or the other two, had said that. I was merely remarking that it was great to see you guys going at it again. That always did provide food for thought, even though we never agree on anything!! LOL!!

        ->One of the others referenced Forrest’s “not associated with a structure”. I was trying to take the discussion on that tangent. I’d like to know what their thoughts are on it.

        A lot of searchers have said, and others assume it, that neither the Poem or the clues can be associated with a structure, because of that statement by Fenn……I think at least one, possibly two, of the clues are related to “structures”.

        Forrest said “most places existed when he was a kid”….to me, that means “some” of them didn’t. So that means they were created later.

        As far as I know, there have been no mountains, rivers, canyons, etc.that have suddenly appeared, in the Rockies, since 1930??

        So a place that didn’t exist when F was a kid is almost assuredly “manmade”(a structure)….

        nice hearin’ from ya, Seeker

        • E* says:

          locolobo – On The Wolf’s suggestion,…I submitted my NEW solve,…for Clues 1-4 above,…for the New Year of 2015.

          But,…as per my OLD 2014 solve,…couldn’t Hebgen Lake Reservoir,…be the “home of Brown”? Remember that picture in TTOTC,…where Forrest’s Dad laid out all those Brown Trout,…in a circle? He caught those at Hebgen Lake, right? And German Brown Trout were introduced to their “home” in the area,…in the late 1800s. And I believe the area where the Dam and reservoir were later built in 1910,…were known as the “Burnt Hole” in the time early YNP area explorers,…like Osborne Russell,…due to a large fire that gutted the area previously. That makes me think of “home of Brown”, too. 🙂

          Forrest did day that WWWH was not a Dam,…and that the TREASURE was not associated (Read: “next to”) any structure (like a Dam),…but he didn’t say that a Poem clue did not translate to be a structure,…like a “home of Brown” RESERVOIR,…where Forrest loved to fish with his beloved Father. 🙂

          • locolobo says:

            Hi E*!!

            Sure it could. And someone might be able to build a solve using Quake Lake as one of the clues…… No one knows until the chest is found.

            I just don’t think either is viable. But, it does keep searchers from looking at where I “think” it is…..So, I don’t argue with them much!! 🙂

            (Seeker is an exception, we go back a long ways!! 🙂 )

  42. spallies says:

    Hi Locolobo;

    Clue #11 on The Old Sante Fe Trading Co is:

    “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure.”

    I think this supports your theory…

  43. locolobo says:


    decal & Miz Pallies, thanks for the links!! But I know about those.

    I think spallies sees what I am getting at with that question.

    • Seeker says:

      You stated,Forrest said “most places existed when he was a kid”….to me, that means “some” of them didn’t. So that means they were created later.

      Ok I was thinking along the same lines. Not a web page so to speak, I would have a hard time with it [ a web site] being a specific clue needed for the poem. But along that line of thinking… is no reason that a clue wouldn’t be man-made or even fenn designed. Could be why searchers went pass the chest, because they were only thinking of clues as physical places for ‘ traveling ‘.

      But, I believe the comment was more like… most of the places the clues refer to did. [ I’m not going to look it up again… but close enough for my point] which I can see as, Not all the clues are physical places.

      You said; As far as I know, there have been no mountains, rivers, canyons, etc.that have suddenly appeared, in the Rockies, since 1930??

      I wouldn’t pass on a ‘natural’ change in the landscape. I can name one place and i’m pretty sure there maybe more. Quake lake did not exist until 1959. This may be the reason for the need of comprehensive knowledge of geography. One could argue that would be “US history” and contradict fenn comment to a Q&A. At the same time one could argue it’s just Mother nature and not man made history such as a Dam….

      Apples and oranges, I guess. But I wouldn’t take anything I comment on as helpful, as I haven’t been on a search as of yet… that seems to be a major criteria in the chase, how many failed attempt one has to be a Pro-fenner. Us Armchair thinkers couldn’t possibly understand or solve the poem.

      • locolobo says:

        OK, Seeker, let’s put the correct statement up, in it’s entirety:

        06/25/14…..The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f

        Your position seems to be that the clues refer to “places” in time, in a strictly abstract sense.

        So, why would he refer to geography (physical) and the probability of it changing; and that the associated “physical” changes (of geography) will have an impact upon the ability of one to use the Poem to find the chest……If it’s more difficult in 3009, than it is now, it might be damn near impossible!! 🙂

        Those are Forrest’s words talking about “physical” locations, not mine!!!

        (told ya before Seeker, I’m not going to argue with you about your solve….but don’t take my silence as validation, either. 🙂 )

        • Seeker says:

          Ya know I like a good debate Loco. At least with you, I have a challenge ahead of me which makes it that much more fun, does it not?

          OK lets start…First, when it comes to the actual clues, they can be physical land scape. they can be man made…excluding the chest, and yes, a place in time. There is nothing I can see in the poem that refers to only physical land travel of the present time.

          How can a searcher still use “places” in time, in a strictly abstract sense? by description of the land in that time. WWWH may Not about water, it can be about the Glacial period. If Canyon Down is not about a present canyon today, it can be a description of the Ice Free corridor… which at that time was a lower level area with shear side…the definition of what a canyon is. Straightforwards, yes? So why use these instead of present day places, even though they have changed in landscape? Because of the overall knowledge of their existence, will last longer than the hunt itself.

          Are all the clues of another time period? probably not, but some could be. Not unlike, some clues could be man made as long as IMO they can stand the test of time with the knowledge of them.
          So why would fenn refer to geography (physical) and the probability of it changing; and that the associated “physical” changes (of geography) will have an impact upon the ability of one to use the Poem to find the chest……If it’s more difficult in 3009, than it is now, it might be damn near impossible!!?

          First off, Geography is the “study” of the surface of the Earth and it’s inhabitants animals, plants etc. So the use of that Knowledge or ” Comprehensive knowledge of geography” will be useful. Lets face reality as well…If a major change came along, an impact, another ice age, YSP erupts etc. of course it would be more difficult to located the chest, if not impossible.

          Is the poem not about interpretation? Then why would All clues be just physical areas to travel? Is Hear me all and listen good a physical place? and if not, is there no way for that to still be a clue as well?

          In short, ‘some’ clues can be physical places that existed in Time and still non- traveled by a searcher. IMO this ‘could be’ the failure of the simple physical step by step, boots on the ground method a lot of searchers seem to adhere to.

          So, what say you.

          Here’s a thought. what IF a word, line, sentence or stanza [ first two clues] just puts you at a spot? and the other interpretations of the poem are all non physical. Maybe that was why others walk right past the other clues… But hey! The poem must be all Physical places we need to travel because that is the simple way of reading it, right? Straightforwards…

          • locolobo says:

            LOL, now that’s the Seeker we all know and Love(?)!!!

            Seeker, I have been concerned, for a while now, that many people did not have the slightest idea what you were talking about, in some of your posts. For some time you have been posting in the vaguest of terms relating to how you see the Poem. With this post, you have clearly described the concept you espouse that may be necessary to formulate the correct solution….there should be better response to your posts now, if not more!!!

            Yes, the Poem is about interpretation. I see physical places in the words and you see time periods in them. While I understand the concept (and I never said you were wrong), I just don’t see Fenn utilizing that to devise the Poem, at least to the extent you espouse…….and yes, while you may see an abstract “place” in “so hear me now and listen good”, I definitely see a physical place (and no, I won’t explain that) LOL!!!

            And, as you suggest, there may be a combination of both within the Poem. Stanza 1 leads me to a physical place. But the concept of that place is strictly abstract, in every sense of the word!

            So, as usual, we are at an impasse on this. The only way you can convince me is to go get the chest (or make arrangements for someone to do so), then and only then will I concede!! 🙂

            ***Wolf, I agree on this: Seeker’s logic is based on a different concept and thus he will always be able to pick out any fault in my logic because he looks at it from another angle……he is a good wall to throw spaghetti against, to see if it sticks!! 🙂

            And, I knew Quake Lake was formed after Forrest was born and was also well aware that Seeker knew this also. I hoped to draw him out and….well, you see how that worked!!! 🙂

            thanks for the discourse, seeker 🙂

            • Seeker says:

              And that is how two people can disagree and not throw spaghetti at each other…Oh wait…

              Your correct loco, I some times slack off my explanation as to not give away the farm. But at the same time I think, I put as much out there as most, for folks to trash on.

              I may not be the sharpest knife in the draw…But I’m not just a pretty face either…I have great lookin legs too.

              • The Wolf says:

                Congrats boys! Now that is how a debate should evolve. Keep it up!

              • Project Why says:

                Here’s some more spaghetti to throw on the wall:


                Of course. 🙂 I just find it funny and somewhat naive that anyone would think that just because someone has been on some searches, with ‘boots on the ground’, that they are ‘strictly’ adhering to only ‘physical’ areas of travel? I surely have never said that I’ve done that, although I have used that route in the past. I actually think there are some clues that aren’t physical, …..but I do believe they ARE traveled by a searcher!! 🙂

                And anyone that says something ridiculous like, “the simple physical step by step, boots on the ground method a lot of searchers seem to adhere to.” — That person needs to get out there and put either a ‘simple’ method or an abstract one to use and maybe, just maybe, they will see it from a different point of view, …..at least? …..heck, they might actually even learn something or see something or at least be able to use that information to help them in the future??

                Regardless though of what approach one uses, …..anyone that says that a ‘boots on the ground’, step-by-step physical path, is ‘simple’, has either NOT done that themselves, in numerous areas or any area, with a solve or varies theories, while trying to put those clues together in that environment, …..or they have an ‘abstract’ theory that really cannot probably EVER be put to a specific hiding spot, …..or one must come up with RIDICULOUS theories as such, because they CANNOT go there to put anything to the test.

                I mean, isn’t that what it is all about? EXPLORATION and discovery? I mean, hasn’t that been made plain enough to see, …..that we ARE going to have to go look for it with whatever confidence you can muster up and with some sort of solve? That’s the THRILL of it!! Not sitting in front of the computer trying to figure it out for years and years. He wanted us out there, with “sweaty bodies” searching and failing, frustrated, but loving it and perhaps, …..eventually figuring it out!! 🙂 ……..But always learning something and …..how do you lose when you do that? You don’t.

                And abstract thinker, but hopefully one day a future searcher, once said, “The poem must be all Physical places we need to travel because that is the simple way of reading it, right? Straightforwards…” …..But of course, I think he was only being a smart #^**!! — Simple to read? Yes. …..But why don’t you go try doing that, instead of always just taking about or about other people’s theories?

                You know, personally, I don’t even care if people can go search for it or not, that’s not the issue, because I know a lot of people can’t for many, many reasons, and that’s ok, …..you have to do the best with what you have 🙂 …..but when certain people, who have never gone searching, whether that be ‘simple’ or ‘abstract’, but SIMPLE as well, …….when these people start running their mouths about what other people have done(which they only know, because we’ve shared that information), and calling something ‘simple’, then I have a problem with it!! What the heck do you know about really anything anyone else has done, besides what you’ve read? Nothing. So don’t act like you do. It come across as quite arrogant!! But I guess that’s all you got, right? …..so keep telling yourself what you need to. But dang, buddy, if you can?, …..get out there and look around!! You might see something amazing and surely you will come back a little more humble and might even learn something will give you some insight that is from some experience and not just talking about it……….

                • Seeker says:

                  You need to re-read my comment… your attempt to add your word to throw off my meaning is contemptible.

                  Your adding, “strictly” and “only” to change what whats actually stated, which was ” could be”….your version was: “that they are ‘strictly’ adhering to only ‘physical’ areas of travel?”

                  My statement was..”.IMO this ‘could be’ the failure of the simple physical step by step, boots on the ground method a lot of searchers seem to adhere to.”

                  Where do you see Strictly or Only in my statement or anywhere in my comment in relations to Physical Places.

                  I won’t even bother with the rest of your comment, it is just as far off as this one.
                  It doesn’t matter if you agree, disagree, like or not like anything I have said. At least have the intelligence to get it correct.

      • The Wolf says:

        Your Quake Lake example is a good example of a geographical clue that did not exist when Fenn was a child. I like the fact you have a different way of looking at the poem. I believe in the “9 clues are a map” and your logic is based on a different concept and thus you will always be able to pick out any fault in my logic because you look at it from another angle. Thus I encourage your continued contribution because if anyone can convince you, then we know the argument is sound.
        The Wolf

        • Seeker says:

          Thanks wolf,
          It doesn’t matter if searchers agree on others theories…for me it’s all about different methods of trying to solve the poem. Some of my favorite discussion where about, ‘Failed Methodologies’ and ‘lets assume …if all ya had was the poem’ [ I miss SnC ]. But as of late, it seem if searchers don’t agree, it lead to ridiculous and personal bantering. It’s sad to say the least.

          Hope ya had a good holiday.

        • Project Why says:

          Here’s some spaghetti for you. 🙂 Always served cold, because that’s the way you like it.


          “Your logic is based on a different concept and thus you will always be able to pick out any fault in my logic because you look at it from another angle.” ?

          ” if anyone can convince you, then we know the argument is sound.” ?

          That’s just contemptible!! Do you even know what you are saying half the time? I sentence you 10yrs. hard labor for that slaphappy comment. 🙂

          If you guys are done making out, …..could you please not do that in front of the children?

  44. Cloudcover says:

    No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.f. No ONE but several. Maybe…..

  45. Wavy Gravy says:

    Think about this hard,it’s trick answer,some person has got this in the bag and they know it,,,,fenn knows it too. One last hurra

  46. ritt says:


    I don’t know if you’ve read my post asking you to ask Forrest my one and only question to him so I’ll ask again. If you have already asked then thank you, but if not, please see if he will respond to that question. Posted at #35.

    Thank you, I hope you are having a great new year.

  47. Rhi says:

    If someone sends him a fully correct solve, I doubt he will announce it.

  48. locolobo says:

    LOL!!…..and why in the H*LL would he??? 🙂

    Until someone gives him corroboration that they actually have the Chest in hand, such as they send pictures, bring the chest to him, etc., then it is still out there.
    Just sending him a complete, correct solve doesn’t prove that you believe in it enough to go and get it!! There would be no “teeth” in such an announcement!! 🙂

    Good Luck to Ya, ritt!!!

    • Jan says:

      Your own name tells us a lot loco. So why do you feel the need to be a spokesman for him? Your thoughts are just that. I agree with Rhi and Wavy. The answer doesn’t sound forth right….why didn’t he just say beyond the first two clues no one has emailed me any of the other clues.

      • locolobo says:

        Hah!! Thanks for noticing, Jan!! Sooo many people miss that!!! 🙂

        Yeah, I forgot to add “IMO” to that post. Sorry if I came across as speaking for him.

        But, if you’ve read very many of Forrest’s comments/answers, very few of them seem to sound forthright, at least by the criteria that some seem to judge them by!! 😉

        And, my comments were just paraphrasing what Forrest himself said, unambiguously, on dal’s site a few months ago!! 🙂

        IMO…IMO…..loco__________Good Luck to Ya, Jan!!!

    • lia says:

      Loco, you and the wolf better hurry and sink your ,,,, claws into it before she sinks her vvvv teeth into her solve! Gravy wavy seems to have an insider track of info.

      • locolobo says:

        Hi Lia (I really like that name:))

        LOL!! The Wolf can’t go and get the Chest because his “Book” is not finished, Until the Book is completed, there is no ending. Without the ending, he has no idea where the Chest is at!! 🙂

        As for me, and you ain’t gonna believe this, I really wish he, she or it would grab that dang banana!! 🙂 Then I could go on and leave you folks alone!!
        I have a solution that works very well with the Poem. It flows nicely and the locations(sorry Seeker:)) fit the words of the Poem very well (IMO)…. I hope to have the location checked out as soon as the snow melts. 🙂

        Good Luck to Ya, Lia (and “gravy wavy”??)

        • Lia says:

          Hi locolobo, I like your name too and far more creative than just using my name;) I’m reworking my quirky-man solve as I lovingly refer to it. My two keyest words are alone and drawing so my solve matches well with those words physically and is a bit quirky and fun.

  49. Cammy says:

    Has anyone ever considered just announcing their solve in the spring (assuming they think they have it within 500ft) and letting 1000’s of people descend on the spot when the snow melts? That would be an unexpected way to end the chase wouldn’t it? Or is that crazy talk……

    • locolobo says:

      Hi Cammy!! I don’t think it’s crazy talk….but heck, everyone knows I’m “loco”!! 🙂

      Shoot, why wait till spring?? Do it now!! 1000’s of pipples fighting in the snow…..now that vid would go viral in record time aaand probably would crash the whole dang internet!!! 🙂

      IMO 🙂 🙂 ……….Good Luck, Cammy (nice chatting with you, again 😉 )

  50. G-5 says:

    After reading this I am 120% discouraged.

    Whether its because the solve i sent him was wrong, or the fact that he “supposedly” read my 10 emails I sent him and didn’t respond to one of them. I think the latter is more hurtful.

    This whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth………..

  51. lost says:

    No fun standing in the corner while everyone else is having fun…

  52. Jdiggins says:

    Imagine being so close and to not know! Boy I’d be laughing at myself for that! No offense anyone…close searchers..whoever you are. Do you even know? 🙂

    • JC1117 says:

      You’d be laughing, Jdiggins? I’d probably be crying…but then after I thought about for a while I’d probably laugh…but because I was crying so long I’d likely blow snot bubbles…so then I’d laugh even harder as I yelled for my wife to come and see! 🙂

      • Iron Will says:

        I actually did cry. My 2nd trip to where I believe it to be. So frustrated that I couldn’t narrow it down. I was missing something from the poem, once I got to that area. That night I went to a nearby city to hotel to wait for flight back home the next morning and they had Shawshank Redemption on tv. Red was narrating the part where he desired to go back to prison and just just wanted things to go back to the way things were, when everything made sense. Where you didn’t have to be in fear all the time. (for me fear of failure). He said the only thing that stopped him was a promise he made to Andy. It was then I thought of my oath to Forrest to find it, and it was at that moment, in a short flurry of tears that I knew…I wasn’t giving up yet. It turned out to be a good thing, as I returned home and cracked what I believe to be the final clue. Only time and one more trip will tell now. You know what they say about a “Third Time” 😛

        • Jdiggins says:

          I cried on trip one and two…pretty darn hard. Now..I just gotta smile. It’s all in fun right? 🙂

        • The Wolf says:

          Hold it Iron Will!!!
          Aren’t you the same Iron Will that said you had this all figured out and gave us 8 months until you retrieve it? If so what changed and made you go early? And while we are on the topic, wasn’t there some conversation about crow and how you were so adamant that I was going to have to eat it because I dared to predict everyone must fail before they can learn the clues?

          You have some explaining to do my friend!
          The Wolf

          • Iron Will says:

            If only you knew the truth Wolf….if only…. well… today is your lucky day. Let me tell you the truth.

            -Even though I don’t care for you or you chase after your words towards me, I DEFENDED you against Dal and Goofball, and got banned for it on dalneitzal.com .

            – And yes I am that same Iron Will. And yes, Initially gave everyone 8 months from the 3rd week of Oct. , but I believe the HINTS have stepped up to “level” the playing field and I’ve had to ADJUST my timeline to combat that.

            – And as far as the crow goes…I never failed. I just slowly zoomed in closer and closer on the treasure. My solution area has NEVER changed. But if you STILL think I’m trying to use “wording” to strengthen my defense, I’ll gladly eat crow WITH you at Fennboree 2015…Desertphile can BBQ it up.

            • The Wolf says:

              Ok you are the same Iron Will. I must say I am surprised you went so early at this time of year – Yikes!

              First off I don’t need you to defend me – I am quite capable of handling those two by myself. I don’t agree that you should be banded, but you were probably just put on moderation. They do that when people get “disorderly”

              Congratulations are in order you are no longer a rookie any more but you are not out of the woodwork, you have just entered phase 2. Denial. That is where the seeker cannot believe they are wrong and can’t admit it is because it is too painful so they return to the same spot over and over again. It is tough to get out or that phase, one has to be very disciplined. I put a two visit limit and then I must admit I am wrong, learn from my mistakes and move on. I know this is hard to believe, I have been there and I could not imagine there could be a more perfect solution, but the discipline has saved me.

              I do not expect you to listen to me and I really do not care if you don’t, I am just commenting on a trend that I have noticed. Good luck and remember a little crow dinner never hurt anyone, it is good to be humbled once in a while!

          • locolobo says:

            LOL!! Wolf, you are quite correct in your assessment of Willy’s words and actions. But be forewarned, you don’t want to get on his “list”. Dal and Goofy are on it and he has threatened to “destroy” them. Don’t bring down his ire!!!! 🙂 🙂

            Good Luck to You, cousin!!!

            • Iron Will says:

              😀 😀 As I said…no real loss, good luck chasing your tail 😎

              • locolobo says:

                LOL!! Oh, I can chase that any old time. At present, it is more amusing watching you dig that hole…..Gomer…er, I mean Willy!! 🙂

              • The Wolf says:

                Willy or Gomer is that your real name? You are in for a world of pain. I am not sure what you did to upset the my crazy cousin, but I all I can say is when Loco sinks his teeth into you – he never lets go! Good luck, you are going to need it!

                • locolobo says:

                  oowwooooo!! 🙂

                  Good Luck to Everyone!!….even you Iron Will!!

                  Somebody find that dang thing!!
                  I’ll bet Forrest has seen an uptick in solves being presented to him, since he posted this 2014 summary. I wonder if one of them had more than 2 clues solved??

                  How about it, old son? Would you care to give us an update on whether you have been presented a solution with more than 2 clues having been solved, within the same solution???

  53. Kathryn says:

    Yes, Iron Will, three is a charm. It will be three for me as well. Tears and struggle make the final success even sweeter – particularly when you figure out what you missed.

  54. Lia says:

    I agree with you Kathryn, struggle makes success that much sweeter. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful ending if Forrest was there when the tc was found to see the look of joy and jaw dropping amazement on someone’s face!

  55. Jdiggins says:

    All the recent posts are just links to forrest fenn facts and such…what’s up with that?
    Am I missing something? I don’t receive notifications for this site.

  56. spallies says:

    I noticed that too Jdiggins… Not sure what it is… Are people doing Ping Backs??? btw I have absolutely no idea what a Ping Back is does any body know????

  57. Gregorious says:

    I am new here so excuse the ignorance. I noticed numerous times that several people stated that it has pretty much already been determined where the first two clues are. Can someone please tell me what is the overall agreement as two the first two clues?

  58. sixer/jenny says:

    Hi Gregorious, welcome to the Chase! It will be fun! In regards to your question, Forrest has said the following:

    “There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been. Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.”

    Exactly what those ‘two clues’ are has not been confirmed.

    When referring to the poem, many seem to think they are ‘where warm waters halt’ and ‘take it in the canyon down’——but where those clues refer to on ground is still anybody’s ‘SPECULATION’. No one has found the treasure and so no one can for sure say they know without a doubt what the first two clues are. (in poem or on ground really)

    best of luck in the Chase!

  59. puttputt says:

    Look out for puttputt
    With a big BUT
    Come spring, birds and e t will sing!

  60. Elementary says:

    puttputt…Thanks for both the smile and thoughts of Spring. It’sm nice.

  61. 23kachinas says:

    Spring 2015 starts on Friday, 20th March 2015, 3:46pm and ends Sunday, 21st June 2015, 9:38am

  62. Elementary says:

    Thanks 23kachinas for the Spring 2015 info. I live on the East Coast…I’ll have to check if that is for the Eastern Time Zone.

    I especially like your gravatar…as far as I know, I don’t have any Irish Ancestry….but I do have blue/GREEN eyes and may have a wee bit of their “luck”.

    Although both St. Patrick’s Day (17th) and my birthday (18th) are officially still Winter, I always envision the “Green” and think of Spring’s awakening with grass, flowers and tree buds. Of course, it takes more imagination this year, as my grass (and crocus) are hiding under abut 6 to 8 inches of snow still.

  63. 23kachinas says:


    Go to http://days.to/spring/2015

    Happy birthday in advance. You have the same birthday as my lovely mother (March 18th).

    • Elementary says:

      Interesting spring site and countdown. It does mention New York and so, East Coast time zone.

      Thanks to you and to Jdiggins for my birthday wishes. Thanks also, 23kachinas, for sharing about your mother having the same special day. (smile)

  64. Jdiggins says:

    Thx 23 for the spring update! And Elementary, happy birthday!
    My birthday isn’t in march, but I am defiantly from Irish blood on the maternal side. Great game straight from ireland! 🙂

  65. locolobo says:


    Jenny, and the poster named “puttputt”: There is thread over at ChaseChat http://www.chasechat.com/chat/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=2287.0 , where the initiator is postulating that Forrest has been manipulating searchers questions…this one by “puttputt” in particular.

    I do hate to bother either of you with asinine stuff, but could/would you guys go over there and clarify the allegations for us??? Pretty please….

    Jenny, thanks again for this wonderful site and for putting up with everything you have to put up with!!! 🙂

  66. puttputt says:

    I am puttputt. I am not forrest. That is the exact question I sent. Does that help?

  67. locolobo says:

    Yes puttputt,. Thank you very much for replying.

    Good Luck to You!! 🙂

  68. Mark J says:

    Almost time for an end of year summary. Will there be any revealing news?

    • Kathryn says:

      Excellent question, Mark J. It is now snowy, freezing (not cold) and not advisable to be out searching. Even scouts earning the Eagle Scout need to have extensive knowledge about camping and such in this weather. Other than statements like . . . every day outside is good and dreams come true for a transient time and didn’t we all have fun anyway . . . there’s been no word about Indulgence. Is she still there? Are people closer or further away? Numbers of those out and still committed? Yup awaiting 2015 summary.

  69. Mark J says:

    Did Forrest give a year end summary for 2015?

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Something soon, Mark…:)

      • Kathryn says:

        That will be nice, Jenny. Awaiting to hear; it will help me decide future steps. Although I sent an additional solution in 2016 – means that the info on 2015 for me is sort of valuable and sort of not valuable. It’s 50/50 as to whether I will get back to the chase in 2016. Been nice and adventurous however, we need to see other equally wonderful parts of our Nation and the world.

  70. Keep in mind the MOST IMPORTANT CLUE. He says,”,I’m nearing 80 (if not already) and can still get to it.

  71. Excuse me, but here we go again…. Did someone nonchalantly say,

    “TFTW = Clue #3 Forrest walked 92 miles from West Yellowstone,…

    FORREST WALKED 92 MILES? Can anyone walk 92 miles? Definitely not FF.

  1. February 21, 2015

    […] 12/31/2014- Forrest answered a question providing an end of 2014 summary for the hunt- He said again, “no one has given me the correct solve past the first two […]

  2. June 23, 2016

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