Featured Question and Weekly Words from Forrest: Masquerades and Special Places

forrest fennForrest, if you were invited to one of the legendary costume parties thrown at El Delirio (the shared estate of Martha Root White and Amelia Elizabeth White in Santa Fe in the early 20th Century) – what characters or creations would you and Peggy show up as? ~Billy in Texas

Billy, When I was asked that question many years ago about going to a masquerade party I said I’d wear my best clothes and go as a bum. My wife didn’t like that answer so I should not mention it here and risk visiting her wrath again.

I built my home in the Amelia White Sub Division and she lived only two blocks from me. The School of Advanced Research is housed in her home today. She had a lot of animals and the pet cemetery she maintain on her property is landscaped beautifully and has a little fence around it.

There may be 100 graves, but I don’t know how many for sure. There were times when the stress of my business required that I get away for an hour, I would go sit in the speckled shade of a few pinon trees by that special little place and read the grave markers. I was quickly rejuvenated by that experience. Sorry Billy, I forgot what the question was.f


The above Featured Question is also Weekly Words for May 20th, 2016.  The complete list of Weekly Words can be found here: Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn.

Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek!  Enjoy Life’s Adventure!

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82 Responses

  1. PL289 says:

    First let me say how creepy that sounds. Obviously f is not scared of death…or Stephen King.

  2. Chris says:

    FF once said that if he were ever to be diagnosed with terminal anything again that he would go fling his body upon the chest with his last gasping breath. Not to be rude but He stated he tried to think of everything, so my question would be once the bears and wolves and birds found his decaying remains was FF able to find a way to protect the chest from the animals possibly destroying it? Especially the bears. The treasure could have wound up being strewn all over the place and the chest being destroyed. I am not asking HOW he would protect it just IF he found a way to protect it from the animals.

    • Chris says:

      I am not surprised that nobody would consider my question. The world has become so PC it makes me sick so I am asking FF himself to speak on this topic. I doubt that he will but I believe it an important question that NEEDS to be answered if the treasure is to be found. Forrest, You throw your body on the chest and then pass on. I wish for peace for you. I however believe it needs to be asked after 3 days when the animals smell you and come to feed IS THE CHEST PROTECTED FROM 200 POUND BEARS that would in their desire to feed would more than likely destroy the chest and scatter the contents. I am not asking a clue to where it is. This is a realistic question. Is the treasure protected in such an event. Yes or no. No explanation is necessary. Just yes or no.

      • Chris says:

        Forrest I respect you but it took me 3 years to understand that your words didn’t make sense. I am not trying to be ignorant but truthfully if a bear smells your decaying body and you are draped over the chest the bear isn’t going to care about the chest or it’s contents. In the bears effort to feed the chest will be destroyed and the diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, your own personal life story in the olive jar would be destroyed and scattered to the world. DID YOU TAKE ALL OF THAT INTO ACCOUNT when you hid the chest? I am not asking how. Just yes or no.? Did you take everything into account? Yes or no? Hell it took me three years to think of the question. I think it’s a relevant question. I think the question is IMPORTANT to all searchers. Will you answer the question? I will say this, If you choose not to answer the question then it answers my question. My preference? Just tell the truth no matter what. Be at peace with yourself. NO MATTER WHAT.

        • Nope says:

          I don’t think he will answer this. Many people think he intended to have his bones found with the chest. So is it a natural protection? Or did he alter a natural structure to suit his needs? It would be a clue. Imo. And I’ve been drinking. 🙂

          • Passenger says:

            Chris — The area may not necessarily have bears or wolves. Besides, I doubt that a bear would try to lift or pry open a 42lbs chest with no food inside. He said the chest is not locked but I’m sure it’s latched.

            Most likely Fenn also covered the chest in tar or something similar to resist nature. It’s also been speculated that the chest doesn’t contain the gold at all, but a note that gives the bearer rights to claim the gold from his family.


            • nmc says:

              I don’t think he’d coat it in tar, but he might leave it in the backpack he used to transport it and its contents to the special place.

        • Fake Forrest says:

          Yes – I did think of everything.

  3. Twingem says:

    I must say that Friday morning coffee with time to ponder these weekly gems has become such an enjoyable tradition. Thank you Jenny, Billy, and Forrest!

    • 42 says:

      Yes, Friday morning coffee and a new post from Forrest is a great way to start the weekend. While this one is particularly interesting, I can’t help thinking there is so much more to Forrest than his treasure hunt. Perhaps he was instrumental in supporting the excellence of SAR, and teaching seminars on art, archaeology, Native American studies, etc. Thanks Jenny & Forrest.

      • JL says:

        SAR now that is some school. I wonder how you get in. Seems that it’s like the twilight zone, so far out in left field, nobody knows whether it’s a home run or a foul ball. A portal that only some get a glimpse at.

        • 42 says:

          JL – after reading up a tad on SAR, you may be correct. They seem to embrace diverse disciplines but seems elitist on the surface. Can’t help thinking Martha & Elizabeth had a lot more fun on the property,,, and that Forrest landed in Santa Fe at the perfect moment in time to take the sister’s place in a world of thinkers, artists, archaeologists, collectors, musicians who were welcomed at the home of Peggy & Forrest. I’ll bet there are some great stories of parties hosted by the Fenn family.

  4. JohnR says:

    I never liked fences.

  5. Chesney says:

    Very Enlightening, Thank You Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile!!!

  6. 23kachinas says:

    Maybe next life I’ll go a SAR field trip, in this life I’m busy with Grizzlies and aging parents. #adulting

  7. Carolyn says:

    Forrest is so funny all the time. He has a great imagination. Thank you Billy, Forrest and Jenny! I hope Amelia’s 100 or so animals weren’t all hers. Hope she let others put their animals there.

  8. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny, Billy and Mr. Fenn for this week’s Featured Question and Weekly Words. Something to think about throughout the day. You have quite the sense of humor, Mr. Fenn. 🙂

  9. This leads to the idea we should have dug under the circle of red flagstone with taller landscaped stones in he center d’oh.

  10. pdenver says:

    Gosh, I’m seeing a lot of opposites. Mr. Fenn, you really have me rolling on the floor. Best clothes going as a bum. Shouldn’t post because of the wrath from Mrs. Fenn, but goes ahead and posts. Mr. Fenn, I do believe you’re either quite brave or you like to run a lot. How’s that for an opposite??? 🙂

    Gosh, Mr. Fenn, you’ve got my sides hurting from laughing so much. 🙂

  11. JohnR says:

    Jenny, do you offer to edit the words from Mr Fenn? Or do you just post what he has written? Thank you

  12. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Everyone,
    Madness If you ask me and madness if you don’t. Unleash the hounds.

  13. Kim says:

    I don’t know! Sounds like you need protection from the things in your head. Time to head to the library – one love all!

  14. Mark J says:

    I always liked cemeteries.

  15. Perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks f!

  16. SL says:

    The ‘type’ of another most special, dedicated place, ( located in Texas);….. that, IMO would seem quite befitting the memory of a rather unique human being.

    A ‘thrilling’ and very special Park.


  17. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny, Billy, & Forrest

  18. Magic 8 says:

    Quite the sense of humor. There are around 100 from 80 and I think that’s funny.
    Now what should I do with my tickets?

  19. Onuat says:

    Dragon with a beige tie was my best costume.Bum in disguise. Love it.
    Thanks again,Jenny and Forrest.

  20. Oh Mr. Fenn, you’ve done it again! Nothing like making us all (try to) drive forward by using only our rear view mirrors, you sneaky ombre!
    Gracias amigo.

  21. E.C. Waters says:

    Seems like he’s saying a grave marker is the blaze and one of these markers has words or symbols that are related to the final obvious steps from the poem (the last post on how far is the treasure from the blaze). For example, at Inspiration Point, Jackson and Weimer both have markers. If this is what he’s saying, I can’t seem to interpret these specific markers how he wants us to read them. I probably have the wrong location completely.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      A few things I am now thinking through…

      – rejuvenate (tart up) and masquerade kind of mean the same thing. Fenn included a jade mask as one of his social media posts. Shakespeare (All the world’s a stage) and the Muses’ masks (Thalia and Melpomene) are also symbolic.
      – the pet cemetery has a sign with a dog’s name “Finn”. Fenn posted a $5 bill in a social media post (SB 107) which is nicknamed a “fin”.
      – I’ve been looking at the Spanish translation for “blaze”, and a very curious translation has turned up for “shouting into the four winds”… leading me to wonder about weather vanes, and his recent post here about the blaze not facing N, S, E, or W. Fenn also had another post at one point about a misquoted polar bear riddle suggesting the same theme.

      Hope this helps spark ideas. I’m in a bit of a box (canyon) at the moment.

  22. astree says:

    What an interesting Weekly Words. Thanks Forrest, Jenny, and Billy. Intrigued by the wording, and content. Also, the “Masquerade: brings memories of that famous puzzle by Kit Williams (“i will mask it”).

    Maybe follow-up on this around Halloween. Quoting from the Santa Fe Ghost Tour website





    “Place of Zara, face the high place, pace 20, dig”


    … for a quick rejuvenation.


    • 42 says:

      Astree, nice of you to provide links to the “history” of the Elizabeth White mansion – which is certainly no place for the meek. Not so sure I would enjoy the Pet cometary or water fountains termed occult-like by local historians as a special spot. If he hid his treasure there, I’m definitely asking him to retrieve it for me! LOL!! I had no idea Santa Fe was considered the most haunted city in America with a history of cattle mutilation. Mostly, it saddened me to hear the White sisters ignored the hungry, poor living next door during the depression but fed their dogs in luxurious style. I guess there could be alternate historical interpretations.

  23. astree says:

    Is that the o pinon tree at the back side of the grave markers? He’d need x-ray specs, or maybe there was another pinon tree?


  24. astree says:

    First letter of each response paragraph


    First letter of the questioners signature




  25. Jas says:

    The POEM…
    Reminds me of a tubing trip my brother and I had, down a river in a canyon back in the 70’s. That memory will always be forefront in my life.
    Thank you Forrest !!!

  26. BW says:

    This weeks answer made me remember the story in TFTW #46 …..r.i.p. Are we suppose to see hints in this story?

    Mr. Fenn is that an eagle feather you are holding in the picture on page 242 of TFTW? If so, as a collector of “all things” do you still have that feather?

    • Ellen says:

      BW…interesting thought and question to Forrest…about the “white” feather in Forrest’s hand as he rests it on Mary’s grave marker.

  27. pdenver says:

    ‘Sorry Billy, I forgot what the question was. f” Sounds like someone with ADHD. I’ve read from a blogger that this person has ADHD. I wonder if she is getting close. If so, I wish her all the best. 🙂

  28. pdenver says:

    ‘Sorry Billy, I forgot what the question was. f’

    Could it be “The Fallen” or “The Forgotten” from wars, particularly the Vietnam War (or any war)?
    Wrath…mad…anger? Possible feelings, but I’m not sure. Just trying to put things out there and see what others think.

  29. pdenver says:

    Masquerades and Special Places…MAPS? Masquerades…hidden place?

  30. pdenver says:

    My gosh, I just read what I posted earlier today and I apologize. I have no idea where my thoughts were going when I posted. I know I was exhausted, but that should be no excuse.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Don’t sweat it. Throwing out ideas just to see where they go usually does leave us wondering what we were thinking. Because we didn’t know in the first place. lol

      • Strawshadow says:

        So right, how many times do you write something and then have writers remorse. I found a way around that though, never go back and reread what you wrote. If it was good when you posted then your thoughts then we’re good then as well. You can’t judge one by a single misinterpreted line. Dal once told me that I was the most complained about poster on his blog. Sometimes I do do something right.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          I’m going to assume that you had complaints because of going off topic, like we are now.
          But I hope Dal and Jenny and others realize the purpose. I like to keep spirits up in my little ways. Because this treasure hunt is a marvelous way to do that in several ways.
          It’s the thrill, but also the mental exorcise where minds can grow.

          Even at the age of 63, I’m learning things from this.
          For example, I always knew about water causing land slides, but this has led me to refine that knowledge.

          Did you know that there’s a thing called:
          Quick clay?
          And when you consider “quickly down”, it might be what that means. Look to where there was a landslide nearby, which obviously also includes a depression of some kind. I’m not saying that’s it, but it adds another possibility.

          There’s been other things I’ve either learned or learned better, too.
          I’m thinking of Forrest’s poem as a classroom of sorts anymore, on top of the carrot to get people outdoors.
          This is really great stuff.

  31. PL289 says:

    The thing about a masquerade party is that every one waits til the end of the evening to see your face.

    • anonymous says:

      There’s always a lot of feathers all over the place too. Hmmmm

      Zoo’s have birds and all kinds of wonderful animals too. They have to have fences sometimes to keep them safe. They have to conserve the wild animals that can be scary sometimes. Now where did I put my zoo pass? There are so many feathers all around I can’t seem to find it.

  32. JL says:

    Just look udder the pale green jar lid for the Texas size story, might have to add a chapter or few yet. Have magnifying glass will travel.

  33. Ellen says:

    JL…There is so much small print in today’s world…I’ve also had to dust off that old magnifying glass.

    Came across lyrics to “The Next Chapter Of Our Lives” (Shane Harper)…

    “Can’t erase yesterday…we’ll remember it always
    We started something that won’t never end
    Now let’s write the next chapter of our lives”

    • JL says:

      My chapters have been filled with wonder, I can only hope that in some way I might be able to influence helping others to write their chapters in a positive way. Now that I’m passed my amateur stage I hope to step things up a bit. I’m so excited I can hardly wait.

  34. Wayno says:

    I always thought Amelia White Sub Division was in Arizona. Boy, I was not even in the right U S grid. I think I better put a small x on it so I don’t forget!

    • JL says:

      That’s funny lol, my grandpa Charlie used to say that all the time, I always thought it was Spanish for do you understand or understand. Most the time I just figure I no wayno, but I will figure it out through trial and error. I hung out with my grandpa a lot from the time I was about 3 he was my babysitter I guess you could say, my mom being recently divorced and not much money. We would do plumbing jobs together. He would give me instruction in some task than say ” you wayno” and I would just shake my head and try to look smart.

      • Wayno says:

        I liked the response comment. I get it. I know I am not much of a plumber, this I know, I was about half way through a work project when I thought I had to do some plumbing so I dove right in. Needless to say I left the project thinking I would have to dive into it again and did not put the pieces back where I got them only to surmise that I really did not need to do it in the first place. I believe I was desperately excessive. Go figure. Next time I go there I’m going to put everything in its place so that when someone goes by they will say thats Wayno’s handywork. This maybe interesting, I was bestowed the name Wayno from a South Dakota cattle rancher who hired me to help pick bales for the summer. He was an acquaintance of my Dad who’s name is Vaino, so that summer he called me Wayno and the name was born.
        Thanks, JL

        • JL says:

          I learned a lot from my Grandpa, he was a master plumber. We moved away when I was six so my education ended, strange I could remember all of that from age 3-6. I started a big project yesterday but a big part of it went down the drain. Today I am just gonna rest up and think about it more, I already have a different route in mind. Sometimes when the direct approach doesn’t work you gotta come in sidwazs.

          • Wayno says:

            There’s been many of slip ‘twxt the cup and the lip. I have been putting in many, many, hours lately. One thing has been certain every time I get 5 hours away from my project I think of better ways to change my project for the better. Yesterday I concluded nothing is set in stone, and the sky is the limit. I just want an end project I can be proud of and put my name on. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. But don’t ask Roberto, LOL.
            Good Luck with your project

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