Contemplating Sabratha: Featured Question with Forrest

Theatre_sabratha_libyaDear Forrest,

In your book, Teepee Smoke, you show a small image of Joseph Sharp visiting the Acoma Pueblo where it is written he liked to “just sit and look and contemplate.”  Where would you say is a place you like to ‘just sit and look and contemplate’?  And why? ~j

There’ve been many sites where I’ve rested and fallen under its spell. One of my favorites was at the Roman city of Sabratha where fifty times I sat against an ancient wall and looked out across the Mediterranean. Thoughts of those thoughts still are indelible in my mind. So much history in that place; so many invisible lives still are there. I invite you to use Google Earth and see for yourself. It’s on the extreme north western edge of Libya.f



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19 Responses

  1. Forrest Fenn says:

    Thanks for posting my answer Jenny. Ancient ruins are a great place in which to wander around through a thousand years of accumulated debris, and wonder how things used to be. Each place and time had different rules and customs. In Libya they have what’s called “Quiet Hour.” As I recall it was daily between 2:00 and 3;00 pm, and there could be no noise at all. Honking a horn was a terrible breach that brought a swift punishment. It also meant that US Air Force planes arriving from Europe could not land during that hour. If you didn’t plan your arrival correcrly, and didn’t have enough fuel to hold out over the Mediterranean until after 3:00, you had to jump out, and hope to be picked up. That happened at least once that I remember.

    • Jenny/Sixer says:

      So appreciate your answers and thoughts, Forrest. I have since been googling and learning about the site. How wonderful it must be to have memories of such a historic place in your mind. Treasures, for sure. Thanks for sharing. I always love them.

    • lia says:

      Forrest, what an inspiring and peaceful place to be alone with your thoughts. Thank you for introducing me to Sabratha. I’ll enjoy reading her history and envisioning you sitting beneath the shaded columns.

      Did you enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean when you jumped?

    • Chest Hunter says:

      Where warm waters halt……..check.

  2. E* says:

    Jenny – I was just mentioning to someone else,….that I am reading this book by Timothy Egan, “Lasso the Wind”,…which includes vivid descriptions,…and the history,…of Acoma Pueblo. Then I connected to your blog,…and saw your post about Joseph Sharp being there. Too cool. 🙂

  3. The Wolf says:

    Yes lots of ugly houses sitting on the rock but that is one beautiful castle built upon the sand!

  4. Cynthia says:

    I’ve been a NM resident for over 20 years, and have visited Acoma many times…in fact, it’s one of the places I make sure to take first-time visitors as it is so rich with New Mexican history, and the view and serenity from atop Sky City is almost surreal. They still allow visitors to walk down the old stone “staircase” that winds through the rock face as well…I highly recommend a visit here to those who are able to experience this wonderful site. Maybe someday I will get to experience Libya and the Roman city of Sabratha, too…thank you, Forrest, for sharing.

  5. 23kachinas says:

    Nice story about Sabratha, Libya…if you like working on jigsaw puzzles as much as I do, you can buy UNESCO World Heritage Site ones on for around $35. Of course they are most fun with a few people helping.

    Just search “UNESCO puzzles”

    • JC1117 says:

      Thanks, 23Kachinas! I LOVE coming home from work and putting jigsaw puzzles together. I just LOVE it. Thank you so much. I’ll have to get a few of those…for sure! 🙂

  6. Mark J says:

    Ancient places are great.

    I had the opportunity to wander Olympia Greece. I think my family were the only visitors that day. I wish I could have stayed longer. I wish I didn’t have the tarantula climb up my leg.

  7. astree says:

    “Sabratha where fifty times I sat” and “sabratha” means “3 sittees”

  8. jdiggins says:

    I love moments when you can just sit and breath it all in…

  9. Carolyn says:

    Thanks Forrest and Jenny! I’m going to Google Earth it right now.

  10. Carolyn says:

    WOW Forrest, those were awesome pictures! It amazes me that they could build that way back then and that it is still standing, somewhat. And the water is like the Caribbean water; just beautiful!

  11. 42 says:

    In desert places, beneath Arabian skies,
    Forrest grew calm, centered, meek and wise.

    Its a good thing to have things settled internally by wisdom before they are unsettled externally.

  12. HappyThoth says:

    No more dams I’ll make for fish
    Nor fetch in firing
    At requiring;
    Nor scrape trencher, nor wash dish
    ‘Ban, ‘Ban, Cacaliban
    Has a new master: get a new man.
    Freedom, hey-day! hey-day, freedom! freedom,
    hey-day, freedom!

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