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Downed treeDear Forrest,
Do I need a 4 wheel drive to hunt for the treasure? And if I did, would it just be seasonally, as helpful in winter months? ~ Linda

Linda, anyone traveling in the Rocky Mountains should ride in a vehicle that can get them out of tough spots, especially in winter. Once a friend and I were in some lonely mountains during a violent wind storm. Trees fell across the narrow dirt road in front of us and behind. We didn’t have a chainsaw but we had a long chain and were able to drag the trees aside and pass. Bad luck is a capable adversary. You can get by without food for a few days but you must have water, warm clothing and matches.f



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63 Responses

  1. astree says:

    Interesting and timely comments. Left me wondering a bit about the “matches”.

  2. astree says:

    Okay, think I got a piece of that … “water, warm .”

  3. Jenny Kile says:

    I thought the mention of that mischievous wind again was interesting…..(in regard to the previous ‘Nature makes her own rules’ Question/Answer)…..

    There have been so many wonderful Questions and Answers. Thanks again Forrest, and also thanks to those who ask them!

  4. InTheKnow says:

    I live in New Mexico, and even though I live in a city, I always keep a blanket, lighter, protein bars, and bottles of water with me. Sometimes, you have to drive through an hour or two of desert just to get to the next town, and being without water can be deadly.

    Also, don’t let the fact that it is the desert fool you. It gets pretty cold at night, and a blanket can be just as important as water.

    You can survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

  5. Whiterock7 says:

    Sounds very ominous , like a warning that a storm is coming

    • Mark J says:

      About as ominous as the Boy Scouts, who have the same message.

    • JC1117 says:

      It only sounds as ominous as Nature. Many people have discovered the hard way that they were unprepared for the dish that Mother Nature was cooking.

      It’s foolish to think you’re going out into Nature to mind your “own” business. Mother Nature will quickly show you who got “owned”. With a flutter of her eyelash she’ll quickly relay the message, “Your businass is mine!”

      I’ve learned that lesson several times. Am I smarter for it? Only a little.

      • Whiterock7 says:

        You mean there is no hidden meaning here? Ohh good, I was starting to get concerned.
        Finally we are getting some straight talk, where yes is yes and no means no.

        • JC1117 says:

          Straight talk? From Forrest? You should know better, Whiterock…especially when it comes to the “soul-sucking” treasure. You know better than anyone that he’ll never talk openly about that…IF what you’re saying is true. And who am I to argue with your theory? I don’t want to be anyone’s killjoy.

          LOL! Killjoy. I haven’t used that word in a long time. It reminds me of the poet JOYce KILmer for some reason.

      • lia says:

        Winter arrives in 10 minutes in the Rockies. on my last search the temp dropped from 68 to 40 in 5 minutes blowing cold soaking rain. I peeled off wet clothes in the trees and scared a moose. A warm car was heaven. If you hike off trail, make mental notes of natural blazes and pinpoint mountain vistas as reference points to find your way out. It’s easy to get lost.

      • lia says:

        Ominous for me is no sleep and weird dreams. Mr. Fenn, did you realize this search would give us bad dreams. Lol. Last night I dreamed I was flying with an eagle over a site in the Andes mountains. We landed on a ridge with a house that had 390 postmarks from your book all over it. Then I woke up wandering thru Colorado not Chile, and need coffee. Please tell us how to be prepared to get more sleep. just kidding.

  6. Mark J says:

    I remember growing up my grandparents always had blankets, flashlights, first aid kit etc in their car. To my knowledge, they never used it, but it was there. They lived in Ohio, about 10 miles from town.

  7. Hi Forest,

    If you see this, I have a question. If you were to choose a geometric shape that represented the complexity of the solution to the hunt, would it be a straight line, a circle, a mobius strip, an exponential function, or perhaps something else?

  8. I’m leaning more toward a Fractal myself.

  9. deb says:

    I am going with a hole. LOL You all are funny. 🙂

  10. Yes, always be prepared! You never know what’s around the bend in this journey. Astree, I also had to think twice about Forrest’s use of the word “Match”, since he seems to be a master of double entendre.

    • 42 says:

      Wendy, matches are the right tool if kindling is available as fuel to burn. This summer I was stranded in in the mountains in a violent gully washer with matches but no dry wood or shelter to be found, which is a hopeless way to dry out or get warm. My guess is that with paper solutions sent to Forrest this year, he has plenty of fuel to feed juniper fires from now til spring anyway. LOL 😉 wish you the best over the winter Mr. Fenn!!!

  11. 42 says:

    E* I’ll bet you a pile of those chips that a forrest and Skippy flung some dung at Donnie now and then! The free movie was a bit weak. I tried to download Legends Of The Fall for you since it fits nicely with Forrest’s new ‘voice of the bear’ knife post on Dals Blog. The Montana scenery is stunning and a great movie. (Have to pay for the uptown movies.)

    • E* says:

      42 – I have seen “Legends of the Fall” multiple times,…but thank you for the lovely thought.

      Tristan vs. Bear Medicine,…even with HIS impressive knife,…which I am sure had very strong medicine,…it was no contest:

      And like I said,…no one,…not Brad Pitt,…nor Bart the Bear’s trainer,…would EVER think of hurting Bart the Bear (so the knife was rubber):

    • E* says:

      42 – I guess those Crow Indians had Bear Medicine knives coming from all sides,…seeing as their other enemies, the Blackfeet,…liked them, too:

      Blackfoot Dag

      This particular copy and style of blade supplied to Hudson’s Bay Company by Sorby & Co. and by Jukes Coulson & Co. of Sheffield, England, was greatly favored by the tribes of the Northern High Plains, which are adjacent to the Rocky Mountains. An orginal knife of this type is indeed rare. It seems to have been highly prized by the Blackfeet, Piegans, Bloods, Assiniboins, etc., and was probably most used during the era of the fur trade and buffalo hide days. Its handle was a bear jaw or slab antler, the former being exceptionally rare. The slab antler handle usually had a copper sheet between the slab and the tang and was secured by copper rivets. The sheath was soft smoke-tanned moose or elk leather, entirely enclosed the knife, and was work either around the neck or tied to the belt by leather thongs.

      We offer our version of the Blackfoot Dag with a double edge blade and a bear jaw handle, either of black or grizzly bear. The latter is offered on a basis limited by availability.

      Tristan CLEARLY had the slab antler one,…wrong knife,…too bad. 🙁

    • E* says:

      42 – And speaking of stunning Montana scenery,…I saw your post,…over on Dal’s blog,…but I can’t respond to you there:

      I think Forrest is a “Between the Lakes” kind of guy:

      • E* says:

        42 – More detail for your Forrest Fenn,…vis a vis the Madison River,…character analysis:

      • 42 says:

        *E* – thanks for the Madison photos. I appreciate how beautiful the spur formations are as well as the river, and also believe Forrest likes the middle – too many references in the memoirs which land you in the middle, imo. I recently took an Enneagram character/personality type indicator on-line hoping to gain baseline understanding of who ff is. My own results were so spread out that I’m guessing his would be very complex. I liked my k.i.s.s. river analysis better. While I don’t have the correct solve, I’m done for the most part since I ran out of boxes to hold my research. For fun, I’ve solved the poem following streams, rivers, and lakes in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to fish for 9 types of fish. Could also solve it with dude ranches, or following a number of numbers which are either recurrent or fun link to ff. Too much info to incorporate into my solutions. and I’ve given up mining dals blog for hints, too <3time consuming. not certain if I'll look again.

        • E* says:

          42 – On those dude ranches/numbers solves you mentioned,…did you find this place?:

          It has an airstrip,…so I thought it would be a great location for The Chase Victory Party. Forrest’s grandson, Shiloh,…could rent a plane and fly him there. That would be a great grand entrance, right? 🙂

          • E* says:

            42 – I replied to your post about Forrest being “in the middle”,…but it is no longer there. Did you remove it?

            • 42 says:

              E* in one of my 5-6 completed solves, I landed at that dude ranch in the end with a strong historic property reference adjacent. It seems people can’t complete their solves , but I have six which all make ‘forrestsense’ . As I have no control over posts…obviously I did not remove mine. Not sure where it went, just trying to put solving on the back burner until spring girls trip and work thru life; backing away from blogs is only way thru it for me. I’ll check Jenny’s site now and again.

              • 42 says:

                E* – make that 7 completed solves. The most important one that I walked had no gold attached. A dry gulch WWH was the equivalent of a lifetime of tears wept; and TFTW a trail of sorrow and regret laid to rest on sacred ground near truly meaningful treasures.

                • E* says:

                  42 – I liked this description,…of the history of the lands in and around the Nine Quarter Circle ranch:

                  The ranch’s history dates back to the 1800s, when it was first homesteaded. The Indians once ran with elk herds here, Jim Bridger rode after buffalo, and Chief Joseph passed through here on his retreat to Canada. The stagecoach lurches no more over the rocky trails, the hunter is gone with his long Bowie knife, but nature’s wilderness still remains. Come, join us at our Montana outdoor ranches and live like a cowboy.

                  Coincidentally (or, not),…I just read the part in this book,…where Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce,…go over Targee Pass,…and then into Yellowstone (going right by the ranch, apparently),…and then start to head up the Clark’s Fork River:


                  Was that the “trail of sorrow and regret” from your solve?

                • 42 says:

                  E* yes, the history of the ranch including Chief Joseph factored in to my solve, as did mbrown who I believe stayed there when the Butler family owned it. Chief Joseph was a very wise and peace loving soul. But no, the trail of tears I spoke of is perhaps one more personal to ff. My solve to 9 qtr circle connected a parcel of land also important. I know the Clark’s Fork at its confluence with the Blackfoot well, my dad fished it often and our family owned property near by. I wish you a happy weekend.

          • JC1117 says:

            Hello, E*. Do you know if they serve tea there at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch? I’m just thinking how peaceful that would be to sip tea there in the pines.

            • E* says:

              JC1117 – Was that Red, Black or Green Tea,…JC,…or all three? 😉

              And I guess it’s BYOB there for alcohol:

              Dinner is served early to the children while Mom and Dad are relaxing and enjoying Happy Hour in the rustic lounge. We furnish only the ice and mixers (BYOB). You will enjoy the easy, informal atmosphere at the Nine Quarter Circle. The ranch is five miles off the main highway, snuggled in a beautiful valley where the only sounds at night are the cascading waters of the Taylor Fork and perhaps the howl of a coyote or wolf.


  12. 42 says:

    E* – ff’s bear tooth knife looks like it threw some serious ribs on the Barbie in its day. Did you enjoy an occasion to meet Bart the Bear? I’ve had a dreary, sad day, trying to keep my mind occupied watching Oak Island Mystery…according to Norwegian researcher Amundsen there are possible Oak Island links to Rosicrucianism and Knights templar treasure which I’ve seen discussed here on Jenny’s blog. Some interesting discussions; Jenny does a nice job presenting intelligent discussion covering many topics.

    • E* says:

      42 – No,…unfortunately,…I never did meet Bart the Bear before he passed. I read over on Dal’s blog, though,…that Forrest had a close encounter with a Grizz (20 feet away),…at his favorite river bathing spot on the Firehole. He submerged himself in the warm water,…with only his eyes and nose above the surface,…having a stare down with the Grizz,…until it finally decided to leave. I wonder if the Grizz thought he was an Alligator? Oh,…the Grizz probably hadn’t seen one of those,…yet,…anyway. Now with Global Warming,…who knows? Or maybe the Grizz thought Forrest was a 9-Pound Brown Trout? Or a Beaver? Or a Vicious Otter?:

      • 42 says:

        E* quick “life” thinking on Forrest’s part, but I suspect that was par for one who spent summers romping like a cub in the back country. I would really enjoy hearing more of those stories. My carefree days in the back country were always supervised. I had to wait for college days to camp out and roam freely. Boy did a.have fun then! Back in the day grizzleys were nearly extinct except in YNP and GNP and wolves completely gone. Brad was def the wrong guy with wrong knife. It was safer 35 yrs ago, but I’m grateful those magnificent animals once again rule the territory.

  13. Linda says:

    Hi, Thanks forrest for answering my question, I think it was edited. Someone just alerted me to the answer of this question! I am so happy it was answered and thanks for the response. This means so much to me. Its so exciting. I am very prepared forrest for most everything. I carry lots of warm things. And ready for Bears and Big Cats too. Once you have been followed by a bear and injured, you will always be on guard! So….the answer is YES! Yes you do! That is how I take it. Any Questions? Or if you walk, its just too far.

    • sixer/jenny says:

      Hi Linda, I didn’t edit your question at all. I send it to Forrest just as I receive them….below is a copy and paste from the contact message (xxxxxxx’s are mine to hide personal info)

      Name: Linda xxxxxxxxx
      E-Mail: xxxxxx
      Message: Hi Jenny, I would like to ask a question to Forrest. Not sure how to do it here. Here it is.

      Dear Forrest
      Do I need a 4 wheel drive to hunt for the treasure? And if I did, would it just be seasonally, as helpful in winter months?

      • sixer/jenny says:

        Thanks for your reply below (14), Linda……It was a great Question and Answer and you are certainly welcome.

        My response above was just to let people know I don’t edit questions. I am thinking some searchers ‘word’ their questions precisely for Forrest; trying to voice some hidden understandings. I don’t want to mess with that possibility.

        And so, you asked do I think there are hidden clues in his answers? Nothing that gives anyone an edge over anyone else….but I do find all his answers help give a hint to who ‘forrest fenn’ is, and in time and quantity, this may help in understanding the poem.

        So in that respect, yes, I think there are at least those type of clues in his answers…..:)

        Thanks again, Linda

        • Linda says:

          Hi Jenny.

          Thank You so much! I did not think forrest would answer my question. So well its been awhile since I ask. I have not checked since. And forgot about it. So happy he did. Thank You forrest! You just get better and better looking with age! Cutie Pie! Hope you having a great fall. I hope someday to have a chance to meet you and get my books signed!

          Your Welcome,

  14. Linda says:

    Oh Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for getting it to forrest! I forgot all about it and not sure what all I was trying to say. Than a friend saw it and ask me if it was me. You site is Awesome, the best! Thanks so everyone! Do YOU think there may be a little of a clue or so in forrests answer? What do you all think?
    Except E*, She can keep Wikipedia info. to herself!


    • E* says:

      Linda and Jenny – I just can’t resist:

      Linda: “Hi, Thanks forrest for answering my question, I think it was edited.”

      Jenny: “Hi Linda, I didn’t edit your question at all. I send it to Forrest just as I receive them….below is a copy and paste from the contact message (xxxxxxx’s are mine to hide personal info)”

      Linda: “Oh Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for getting it to forrest! I forgot all about it and not sure what all I was trying to say.”

      Linda – Many people have said they really appreciate the information I have shared,…as I joyfully discover it,…while on “The Chase”. But I respect that you do not.

      • E* says:


        Here’s input,…of a sort,…from no other than Dal,…who ALSO used a Wikipedia link to support his point, by the way:

        “Forrest’s intention is to inform and share…not mystify..
        If he encourages folks to look things up…investigate…research…I think that is by plan.”

        • lia says:

          E*, I appreciate your historical info and don’t mind being corrected by Forrest and Dal. I find their discourse interesting or in some cases ..down right entertaining 🙂 I doubt many appreciate the level of THOUGHTFUL ideas and time required for Forrest to continue providing scrapbooks and Dal or Jenny to maintain such EXCELLENT blogs.

          • E* says:

            lia – Thank you for your appreciation. 🙂

            I enjoy playing with the Giant Ball of String,…aka. the intriguing and thought provoking content,…of ALL of the blogs,…maintained by those who are so clearly passionate about doing so,…like Dal and Jenny and Mike,…and Forrest, too. I also especially enjoy the new additions to Forrest’s Scrapbooks,…with all those unique, historical objects (some that will soon be MINE,…that are in the Bronze Chest,….Ma-Ha-Ha-Ha!). And I appreciate that Forrest takes the time to create great stories to go with them. They have provided hours of research entertainment for me,…needless to say.


          • E* says:

            lia – You posted this comment,…over on Dal’s blog (where I can’t post,…most probably because I posted WAY TOO MANY WIKIPEDIA LINKS!!!):


            It looks like the costume designer from “Dances With Wolves” is a Santa Fe resident also,…so I’ll bet she spoke with Forrest about the movie:



            • E* says:

              lia – That link didn’t paste correctly,…but if you copy it and paste it into the search field,…and then hit “enter”,…you can read the great article about the costume and set design on “Dances With Wolves”.

              • Lia says:

                E* thank you. The article link worked for me and will be a nice reading distraction from a couple tearful goodbyes this week. Already looking forward to planning a spring girls trip to SFe to visit the galleries. Sorry you’re in the blog doghouse. I’m done with my clues and sitting in wait to test my solve for the last time next July. so I better be careful posting fluff on Dals blog too. I’ve posted substantive info and tried to give away an unusual solve, but no takers. Thanks for yr kindness.

            • E* says:

              lia – Oops! She doesn’t live in Santa Fe,…that “Chasing Santa Fe” is just the website the story is posted on,…she lives here:

              She learned her craft early and well, growing up on a ranch in western South Dakota, tucked between two Sioux reservations. She mastered traditional Native American art forms, design, and techniques, and is an expert in the sacred art of porcupine quill work. And her home, near the Nambe Trading Post, is filled with the rich trappings of a prolific and meticulous artistic life.

  15. trucker sue says:

    What does wwwh mean?
    Thank you.

    • Lia says:

      Trucker Sue, are you referring to Mr. Fenns poem? If so, please go to for a wealth of information on the poem. use his search engine, type in “where warm waters halt” for a thorough discussion of ideas on WWWH.

      Best of luck to you Sue.

    • Linda says:

      Sue, Where Warm Waters Halt, He said begin it here, in the Poem. so well everyone is looking for a “warm” place. The big question is where do these warm waters halt and why? I think warm water halt, when it goes down the canyon and mixes with cold water. Than the warm water stops and becomes cold. Lots of places where this happens in the west. Especially in Yellowstone. It does not say HOT waters, so warm….Good Luck, we are all going crazy trying to figure this out. Also he used the term. “PUT IN” which is a boating and flying term. So? Do we need a boat? Lots of questions..

      Linda Eagle Feathers.

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