2012 National Park Quarters: Treasures Found by Coin Collecting

coin collecting treasure huntStarting with El Yunque National Forest, the America the Beautiful Quarters Program presented another fresh set of five brilliantly designed coins for 2012.

The first set of five America the Beautiful Quarters (also referred to as National Park Quarters), became available to the public in 2010. Collectors quickly added these newly designed coins to their collections. Then, and continuing with the program’s release of five new coins per year, the 2011 National Park Quarters were introduced to United States’ coinage and earnestly grabbed by collectors.

The year 2012 brought the same anticipation and eagerness for its year’s issuing of the America the Beautiful Series.

2012 National Park Quarters Release Dates

The El Yunque National Forest quarter is the first of the America the Beautiful Quarters to have been issued into circulation in 2012. The reverse of the quarter represents Puerto Rico and depicts animals and vegetation from the only tropical rainforest in the nation’s National Forest System. The official release date for the coin was January 23, 2012. However, proof sets for all five 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters were available for direct purchase through the United States Mint before this date. For those collectors who had rathered collected them all at once or wanted the magnificent proof set, ordering the complete collection from the U.S. Mint was the perfect option.

Collectors who patiently waited to collect circulated coins were able to start searching for the second 2012 public released quarter on April 2nd of that year. This quarter features Chaco Culture National Historical Park of New Mexico. It prominently displays the ancient pueblos discovered in the area and honors the people who once lived there. The other three 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters, along with a brief description and their release dates, are as follows:

June 11: this release honored Acadia National Park in Maine. The coin’s reverse shows the rocky coastline below the Bass Harbor Lighthouse.  (although collecting this coin would be a found treasure, another treasure hunt for a $10,000 golden key (Fandango) waits to be found on Mount Desert Island (home of Acadia))

August 27: this coin depicts the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. The volcanic eruption presented on the coin is that of the Kilauea Volcano.

November 5: this quarter portrays Denali National Park of Alaska. Mount McKinley is remarkably illustrated behind a Dall sheep.

Collecting National Park Quarters

Although a thrill and a joy can be found in searching and hunting for a complete set of the different America the Beautiful Quarters in circulation, there is another or added option. Many collectors actually choose to do both.

For those who wish to ensure they won’t miss out on any one coin, the U.S. Mint offers a subscription program. The subscription program will guarantee a collector receives the coins he desires or subscribes for as soon as they are available from the U.S. Mint. If interested, a collector should visit the official U.S. Mint website and decide which of the many different kinds of plans best suit his needs.

The National Park Quarters Program will continue to run until 2021. A final collection of these coins will illustrate fifty-six extraordinary locations across America. The designs express and share the beauty discovered around the country. These coins inspire and encourage a viewer to realize a deeper appreciation for the amazing places and history found all around them.

Treasures indeed found by collecting coins.


Best of luck with all that you seek!  Treasure the Adventure!


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  1. Iron Will says:

    I have a question for ya Jenny… What do you think gold coins pre-1840 might be worth? both Mexican and U.S. ?

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    I’d like to find some cud and laminate errors in these new ones.

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