Welcome to Mysterious Writings!

“If there wasn’t anything to find out, it would be dull.  Even trying to find out and not finding out is just as interesting as trying to find out and finding out; and I don’t know but more so.” ~  Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain

The above quote encapsulates the purpose of this website.  It is a quest into differing topics, matters, and treasures. Destinations are not always known, nor always found.  However, the exploration is always enjoyed.  Feel free to comment, share ideas, or offer insights on the various subjects covered.

The site includes thoughts and perspectives on the treasure hunt of The Thrill of the Chase, Fandango, The Beale PapersUnicornis, the continuous quest for the Holy Grail of the Maranatha puzzle, and more. The Maranatha puzzle is what inspired my own serious search beyond the ordinary.  It was the basis for creating this site, and instigator for Six Questions. For this reason, the site incorporates, and continues to discuss, material offered during the puzzle.  Consisting of an array of unique subject matter, the puzzle encouraged a quest for wisdom and understanding.  I’m not sure that ever stops.

Additionally, since I love all searches and find pleasure in other ‘mysteries’, I, and others, comment on these here too.

But when not out hunting down actual treasures or researching possible leads to answer life’s mysteries, I often enjoy playing games of similar themes. Pulling down one of the many Treasure Games  from my shelf  is always fun to do.  As a game collector of games from the 1800’s and up, I have many.  Besides sharing some of these old games, I will provide reviews for more recent games that you and your family could enjoy if wanted.

You may notice the website features Six Questions.

‘Six Questions’ are interview-like discussions with individuals who, I feel, inspire each of us to search beyond the ordinary.  They are with people who are actively exploring and are willing to share with others. They offer intriguing insights into life’s journey.

The site hopes to strengthen and inspire you on your own quest for whatever you seek.  I believe we all intuitively sense a desire towards an adventurous seeking.  Is it so dissimilar to the search for the ‘Holy Grail’?; (defined as ‘something of immense worth and treasure’)

I invite you to share in the journey and follow me on Facebook for thoughts and updates on quests.

Again, Welcome, and feel free to look around.

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  1. Jenny,

    Just want to thank-you again for your site. Your articles are fascinating, and written in a relaxed style that is easy to read without losing information. Your range of exploration is inspiring.

    Good luck,

  2. I appreciate your nice remarks, astree. And thanks most of all for visiting the site and being part of it.

  3. Thank you so much for the welcome Jenny!

    I am so glad to be part of one of the best sites on the whole wide web!

    I appreciate your articles and the many adventures one can find here on mysteriouswritings.

    It is my hope that the site will continue to grow and help to make us wiser and better people on this road of adventure!

    • Well thanks Nate, but like I said to Astree, it is those who visit the site that make it great; so thank you.

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  6. Was this ever solved? His book site is no longer active. I’m tempted to reach out to him and ask. I have the book. I can see some patterns, but I’m curious if I’m wasting my time. I need “enlightenment” less than I need Forrest Fenn’s money. lol

    • A solution for the Whistle Pig hunt, in which all can agree upon, has never been given. Since you have the book, you know the back of the book says, “the key has been in place since Feb. 2, 2003, and is hidden on accessible public property within the borders of the US.” No one has come forward to say they have found this ‘key’.

  7. HI Jenny –

    The new look / arrangement of your Mysterious Writings is nicely done – organizes the information well, and has a crisp, clean look to it.

    In addition to the armchair treasure hunts, I hope to get out with our girls in the near future, and look for gems and/or gold in the area around Maryland. ( I mention this, because I recall that your wrote an article on this subject some time ago).


    • Thanks Astree…..The new look for the site was an unplanned makeover; initiated after I had lost a few things during a theme update. I like it though..and feel ‘enlightened’…lol (for those who are new to the site, it had a black background)….. glad you like it as well.

      We plan on doing some gem hunting too this summer…..we hope to make it back down to North Carolina to our favorite spot….

      Good luck to you! Let me know how you make out!

  8. nice new design :)


  9. Love the new site and the articles and writings by you and Nate and the answers given by others. Subjects that make one think.

  10. Your site does have a new airy feel and I love it. What is with the curly hair I almost did not know it was you. I commented to my husband and he said she changed her whole site. Happy New Year and keep it lite and airy and lets figure out Mr. Fenn’s Puzzle and start on another adventure. Thanks, Jenny You Rock.. Ms. Girl

    • lol…..thanks Ms Girl….Lots of adventurous and exciting things happening this ‘new year’! Looking for Fenn’s treasure and others will have us all busy…best of luck to all!

      and @Ramona: Thank you too….

  11. Great fresh new look for the front page of your site, Jenny.

    The blended header images remind me of the faces and shapes sometimes hidden in the clouds, and now appearing at the http://www.wherewarmwatershalt.com site.

    Be Well,

  12. and another nice design change.. I really like the image at very top.. when I look at the aged man looking up with the symbol on his cheek.. I feel that I can relate.. heh

    anyway.. hope all is well and that you’re having a wonderful day Jenny :)

    • Thanks Rob and Jerry. Hope you are both doing great too! I change my site like I change the rooms in my house. I get bored with it always be the same way…lol…

      Mark Foster, who does a fantastic job with Andrew Gough on the Heretic Magazine designed the header/logo for me. He also designed the Kardtects.com website…. He’s awesome!

  13. It is a great look, Jenny! Makes me feel more like the intellectual which I feel I actually am. lol

  14. Hi Jenny, Hope you don’t mind use of your main header page



    Thanks again for the continuing variety of fascinating material.


  15. LOL Jenny! Let me tell ya how tricky computer AI is now. I’m sitting here looking at latest replies on your site and I see my email light up. I go to it and its a Facebook query “Do you know Xxxxx Xxxxx, Yyyyy Yyyyy, etc” so I went to next page to see if I recognized some of the names and with the list of those 2 were 4 more possibles…and one of them was Jenny Kile!

    I was like “WTH, where did that come from!??” Come to find out its not the same one as you hehe…

    • lol…….well it goes to show then, computers don’t know everything! They can be wrong…

      It reminds of the line…….Will the real Jenny Kile please stand up…..lol (you might be too young to remember that game show….although it was shown off and on throughout the years up to 2001)


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