Win a Case of Buffalo Trace Bourbon: Solve the Breakfast Tea & Bourbon Riddle

Win a case of Buffalo Trace Bourbon!   After the successful conclusion of the Breakfast Tea & Bourbon Treasure hunt for $50,000, Pete Bissonette released a Riddle to solve on his website.  This riddle leads a person to a 4×4 inch section of land in the USA and is a bit of after fun for those who worked on the BT&B hunt. However, anyone can join in on this fun at any time!  Visit his site to see the Riddle. It talks about Bourbon Reds, Pointy heads, and feathers!  Fun!

If you can solve the riddle to a precise location, you do NOT need to go there.  You simply submit your answer via an email which is found within the introduction of the BT&B treasure hunt book (with possible hunts yet to be activated by a ‘missing chapter’ release).  The Riddle is a full armchair treasure hunt with a prize waiting to be claimed!

Each month, starting in September, riddle submissions are gathered from the previous month and a random drawing held from those of correct submissions. The winner of the case of Buffalo Trace Bourbon is the person who wins this random drawing (if there are multiple correct submissions)!

Pete recently sent an update on August’s submissions and September’s drawing and stated no one had yet correctly solved the Riddle’s location.  So no winner yet!  The Bourbon remains unclaimed!

For those who might have missed Pete’s email, here it is below:

The Riddle is still on. We have no winner from August. The case of Buffalo Trace bourbon remains unopened.
But, let me tell you that a handful of folks found a location that is a near perfect solution.
After the Riddle is solved, I’ll share that other location. You’ll say, “Come on, Pete, that has got to be the winner.”
But…when I share the real location, you’ll say, “OMG. You’re right. The solution is even more amazing than I could have imagined.”
And that’s not all. There is another amazing location that someone found that will get you excited.

Here’s the Riddle

I’ll look at the September entries during the first week of October. Have fun playing with the big unravel.

Cheers. Pete Bissonette


Exciting!  Take a chance and have a look at the Riddle and full details on Pete’s site.  YOU might just be able to solve it, submit an entry, and win a case of Buffalo Trace!

Good luck!

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