Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: Special Posting to Say Thank You

thrill of the chaseI wanted to post this as a special Thank-You for all those who voted for MysteriousWritings (and who work on the Thrill of The Chase Treasure Hunt) (I will still post words on Friday.)

The Official Announcement of the winner for NEPA BlogCon’s Blog of the Year award doesn’t come until this Saturday’s Event. I’ll let you all know the results after that, but for now….THANK YOU. Win or Lose. You are so special to the site and me. I try and live by my motto of ‘Treasure the Adventure’, and it’s inspiring to me to know others are so passionately doing the same!


A complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words (special posting) for October 11th, 2016 are as follows (FROM original list)

*If you don’t find it, then who? f



Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!



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180 Responses

  1. ROLL TIDE says:

    Win lose or draw, you are appreciated. This is a great site. No drama, no heckling, and no internet police. I like that.

  2. Jake Faulker says:

    Thanks Jenny & Forrest,
    Did Forrest pick this one out from the original list to post today?

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Jake. Jenny did state for us that it does come from the original list. Look above once more in bold letters. The “Weekly Words” do make one think. 🙂

      • Jake Faulker says:

        I think you should read what I said again pd. I saw the bold letters & we should know this seeing I used the exact wording “original list”.
        I did not ask if it came from the original list. I already knew that.
        I wanted to know if he sent her an email & asked her to pick this particular statement out of the “original list” & post it for today.
        But now seeing he thanked Jenny right below, I think I have my answer.

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Jake. My apologies for misunderstanding. In my opinion, his response does not reflect the “Weekly Words,” which is posted for today, nor did he ask Jenny to post this particular one. I hope you’ll accept what I’m trying to say as the truth.

          • Jake Faulker says:

            No apologies needed. The fact of the matter, it is our own opinions & the word truth should never be in the same statements where we state “In my opinion”. I will take it as such.

            • pdenver says:

              Jake, Jenny took care of a horrible situation. I hope you can better understand what I was trying to say.

              • Jake Faulker says:

                Well I’m sorry to hear there was a horrible situation & hopefully it is taken care of for good.
                I don’t need to hear the details & hope everything is fine now.

  3. pdenver says:

    Hello Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Thank you for this special posting of “Weekly Words.” I’d like to first start off by saying I wish you the best of luck with your blog and hope the decision is made in your favor. I truly enjoy visiting with you and others here.

    ‘If you don’t find it, then who? f’

    Certainly hope I don’t have to worry about anyone else.

  4. jackson says:

    Thank you Forrest. jdh

  5. JL says:

    Who has money and time………. a rich mans sport.

  6. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn. I love your site and appreciate the positive views from all who participate in an appropriate manner.

  7. JC1117 says:

    Thanks for the Special Posting of Weekly Words, Jenny and Forrest.

    I hope you’re the Winner for Blog of the Year, Jenny. I truly feel you deserve it. There is so much great stuff here on your site.

    I tried to make sure everyone in this household got to cast a vote. We all voted…and I’m pretty sure all the fish in the tank got to vote…but I’m not absolutely positive…since they like to hide in the rocks. I told them all to stand and be counted…but they don’t listen very well. 🙂

    Again…something to ponder deeply. Thank You.


  8. Mindy says:

    Thanks Jenny and FF.

    I’m hoping to stay OUT of the rabbit holes if my mind LETs me.

    • pdenver says:

      Outlet? Hmmm…

      • JL says:

        a shocking experience,

        • pdenver says:

          Yes, it would be! 🙂

          • JL says:

            would that be considered a structure?

            • pdenver says:

              An outlet? Depends which outlet you speak of. One on the wall, I believe it would be. Outlet which involves the flow of water…no. Then again, if the outlet involves a dam, then yes.

              • JL says:

                Clue #11
                No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure.

                Direct from http://www.oldsantafetradingco.com/the-thrill-resource-page

              • Mindy says:

                IMO, it involves neither. Remember when Forrest said, “You have to find OUT, to learn the first clue.” (Paraphrasing, sorry)

                And remember when he and Donnie were lost? Which way was out? 🙂

                • Stubber says:

                  You are assuming the poem leads to the chest, suppose it does not lead to the chest, the 9th clue does? He never said the clues are not near any structure, except for WWWH not being a dam. Look at the big picture.

                  Oh and while you are thinking about your WWWH, pretend you are a pilot flying over it getting ready to begin a descent to put in. Also, the warm waters are doing two things, halting and taking it, not you. You are not the one going down the canyon, the warm waters are using it to get down there. So WWWH is misleading, it should be WWWHATIITCD. Want to know what halt means, read about the trip FF took with Donnie, what was the reason why they couldn’t pass? It was not far to go if they could, but it was too far to walk around the mountain. So they went upstream to another fork out. That describes WWWH and TFTW, which has nothing to do with 10 miles, the preface in TFTW even said 10 miles wasn’t too far to walk, he had other reasons why it wasn’t done.

                  Trust me, drop the blogs/scrapbooks/etc.

                • Mindy says:

                  I agree with everything you said. My comment didn’t say otherwise.
                  But to learn the first clue, you have to find OUT.

                • Mindy says:

                  And yes, I also agree that structures and human trails are possible landmarks, just not the ones associated with the clues he referenced.

                  However, I’d recommend checking out my link thoroughly to find out what exactly a structure and human trail refer to. 🙂

                • Mindy says:

                  Oh, also, I disagree about ignoring blogs and SB’s. They absolutely contain hints, just not hints that AID or LEAD you to the treasure, but hints that confirm you’re right when you’ve found the answers. 🙂

                  There’s a huge difference.

                • ROLL TIDE says:

                  Mindy ,
                  find out = nail down (there are others)
                  out = gone, from, cold, old, tired, high, down, go, leave, weak, alone, give, in, of. Those are just the ones from the poem. Keep in mind that when searching for what a word in the poem means, you have plenty of other words in the poem that mean the same thing. the poem is self-contained.
                  I have also found that when searching for the meaning of a word that is not in the poem, such as “out”, then I can sometimes find alternate meanings of the word in the poem anyway. f is a genius in that respect.
                  out also = dead, ended, chase, eject(must go), time, unattractive(homely), bounce, at an end(cease), cashier, discover, near(nigh), obvious, open and aboveboard(straightforward), start(begin).
                  Don’t know if any of this helps you, just thought I’d toss it out there.

  9. JDA says:

    Best of luck on Saturday Jenny. I Love posting and reading posts on your site.
    Good luck to ALL searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE. I know that it is not, but wish that today’s post was directed at me. 🙁 JDA

  10. inthechaseto says:

    Best wishes for a “win” on Saturday Jenny. Thank you for the post Forrest – nice to know your watching us here.
    As for the quote – if not me, then I would hope Deb would find it – I would be thrilled.

  11. Stubber says:

    I sent a slew of emails to FF from the end of August until the end of October. In those emails I documented what will be my last attempt over the past 3+ years. I am 99.9% confident (aren’t we all) and my 4th time BOTG will result in the chest. Everything lines up, the poem, the book hints, the interviews, all the Q&A and the Scrapbooks. Note that there are two hoB, WWWH, etc. The first one is the large area and the blaze has a clue that cannot be seen in GE or any map, the second run of the poem you are now starting at the first blaze and this time it leads you from there to the spot (you know know all the answers, so when you start over the second time you know what WWWH means, what hoB means, etc).

    Good luck everyone, you better move fast though and stop assuming it was a blogger who solved it 🙂

    PS: The areas are completely safe and you can do it any time of year and be in no more danger than you are at home! There are no anagrams, no ciphers or other crap, you just need to comprehend the poem and read it correctly (note the punctuation and conjunctions!). To retrieve the chest would be difficult in the snow though, so the last part may cause me to have to return for the retrieve in the spring.

  12. Stubber says:

    My final hint(s).

    Following the poem clues, the 9th one will have you making a descision. There is no chest at the 9th clue, and you won’t have the chest unless you make the right choice and have learned enough during your trip. You MUST have BOTG to get the 9th clue, sorry armchairs.

    Remember that he included 2 special items in the chest for the person who gets it, and he never said what they are! Well I am going to tell you what they are… One of them is a gold item (the one you have title to now) you learned of when you found the first blaze, it will have you laughing for sure, it is a gold record. The second item is a deed to the property where the chest is buried (private property, out of metal detector range, 10 feet deep and sealed in a waterproof box). The 9th clue will tell you how to get to the chest, which NONE of the clues in the poem point you to. In fact, that is why he is so sure the chest has not been found AND it cannot be stumbled upon. In order to get the chest you need to follow the poem and all the clues it leads to, and then execute a document that will transfer ownership of the land and its contents to you.

    So does the poem lead to the chest? Yep, if you follow the clues! Can you stumble on it? Nope, not likely unless you tresspass and dig the entire place up 10 feet deep without getting caught. Can you stumble on the 9th clue? Nope, you will be standing there not knowing what it means or that it was a clue unless you solve the other 8 clues first. Can you bring a kid? Sure!

    Where do you think it is? I’ll say that it isn’t in YNP, and it is NOT in New Mexico. Let me correct that, the 9th clue is not in NM, the chest might be 🙂 But you aint going to find it until you have all 9 clues decoded, twice!

  13. Stubber says:

    Oh… The real chest (not the one shown to his friends) was hidden in 2000 or 2001 when he still had his pilot license and plane. He then had 9-10 years to decide if he wanted to go through with it, and then all he had to do was make sure the 9th clue was in place. He would not generate any suspicion since he did not have to carry 42 pounds. Did he make 2 trips to hide the chest? Yep, 16 years ago. His last trip was to hide clue #9, in 2009 or 2010.

    • Mindy says:

      What about where he said he made both trips in one afternoon?

      • Stubber says:

        I suggest he did make 2 trips in one afternoon to hide the chest, 15 years ago when he could fly his plane OR in 2009/10 in NM. I don’t think he lied, ever. But trust me that he did not simply go hide a 42 pound chest with no way of tracking it, and pretty much saying stumbling on the chest is almost impossible. Seems pretty clear that the poem leads you to the chest, but it does so through the last clue. In other words when you get to the end and get to clue #9 location, there will not be a chest, you will use the last clue to get to the chest and it will tell you how to take title to the gold.

        Lets assume I am wrong and someone found the chest in 2011, took it, and he had no way of knowing because they did not contact him. So years go by, people died, people were rescued, people were arrested, people spend tens of thousands of dollars for nothing? I highly doubt FF would allow that to happen, not only due to ethics but his family would be sued like there is no tomorrow and his estate will be tied up in court or gone. He isn’t that stupid, you know that Mindy.

        I do not think he meant for people to go white water rafting, scaling canyon walls, marching 10 miles into the wilderness to get killed, etc. He knew amateurs, people with ZERO mountain experience would be on the search. I do not believe for one minute that he wanted to put anyone in danger, he wanted it to be hard to solve, but something a family can do, not Joe the Rugged outdoorsman/survivalist, or a champion in the olympics, etc. He even tells us to focus on the poem and avoid danger, but people don’t listen.

        There are some very smart searchers, but they are too smart for themselves, they don’t have a chance because they cannot see what is in front of them. They also lack common sense, kinda like Einstein could not tie his own shoes (or so I am told).

        I wish everyone here luck, I really do. I’ve only been at it just under 2.5 years, many have been at it much longer. I dropped everything and started over, with only the poem (for the most part). I use the book to confirm things, combined with BOTG, the book, and simple logic. In the past I was way over complicating things! In fact, I did not really study the poem, I mean *really* study it.

        So far none of my clues are in NM, but I have a feeling the chest itself is 8-10 miles north of Santa Fe. Out in the middle of nowhere on private land. Just like his life is scattered around mainly from TX, WY, MT, and NM, the poem clues are too IMO. The biggest clue I can give is that to me the poem reads as if he is taking you on a flight, once through the good times and once through the bad/war times.

        I have not posted in almost 1.5 years, I try to keep to myself now. The only people who know exactly what I am doing are my wife, my father, and Forrest. My last trip was over 2 weeks ago almost, and he was getting daily updates. I probably drove him nuts, but the solution I have to the poem is very emotional, there is no doubt in my mind he will be famous for it! My only hope is that he is alive when its found, I want him to rest knowing that everyone knows he is not a scammer and this isn’t a hoax. I want them to know that every damn thing he has ever said in public has been true, at NO POINT have i ever been in danger beyond what is in my backyard.

        Good luck Mindy, you are one of the few sane people 😀

  14. Stubber says:

    Almost forgot, clue #9 is on a location that is public property.

    The person who I think was closest is a man who posted on Dals site over a year ago. He failed because he went into the canyon when the poem tells you not to. Yep, he went the wrong way. He was with someone when he was BOTG. Other people have been within 200ft because they were on vacation in town after a failed solve and did not realize the significance of what they were looking at (clue #9).

    1 year ago I threw away all the crap i had, ignored all the blogs, scrapbooks and other useless stuff and went back to the POEM. You must have a perfect understanding of why he chose certain words and the context in which he used them.
    Forget about fishing, it has nothing to do with fishing at all. If anything, make sure you understand “My War for Me” and think like a pilot on a bombing mission in Laos. All the clues, including put in are terms a pilot would use, and yet everyone ignores the largest chapter in the book! He’s done it at least 238 times, why ignore that? At first I thought oh crap, here we go, he’s going to lead me to the memorials, I was wrong. He flew over WWWH in Laos, in fact he made it a point to go back there before leaving! Well, imagine you’re in the Rockies when you look for a very similar place, you will then know where hoB is and where it was put in.

    I gave up on the blogs and haven’t posted there in years, though I do still read. I am only posting here because I like Jenny, she does a lot, but I am also tired of hearing the same people brag anytime FF posts anything, they *think* it was a statement directed at them, it was not, stop thinking you are the only ones out there looking! The quiet ones are the people you need to worry about, not the people who failed for six years OR claim its a hoax OR that they were right and someone beat them to it. FF isn’t stupid, if he is alive when the chest is found, he ABSOLUTELY will know about it. He may not know who got it, but he WILL know its gone. Nobody is stupid enough to hide a treasure, then have no way of stopping it if it is found, especially when people do stupid things and risk their lives even when he tells you it is NOT in a dangerous place!

    • The Wolf says:

      ” If anything, make sure you understand “My War for Me” and think like a pilot on a bombing mission in Laos.”
      -Help me out, from your vast experience of bombing in Laos, what exactly does a pilot think like in that situation?

      “All the clues, including put in are terms a pilot would use”
      -What and how is “put in” a pilot term?

      Everyone ignores “My War for Me?”
      – maybe you have been away from the blogs too long, I think many have used it and some have even written books about it, but that is another story…

      • Stubber says:

        Research it, talk to a vietnam pilot and ask them what “put in” would mean on a bombing mission. I did, talked to a good friend who was not only in the war for years, he had 2 purple hearts and was shot twice. He re-enlisted after being shot the first time, then was shot in the head (but lived, with a plate in his head). He finally came home. He died 2 years ago, from war related injuries. His job was a gunner on a helecopter.

        PS: I too am a pilot, just not from a war.

      • Mike Forni says:

        Wolf —

        You say everyone has ignored My War For Me, but you have ignored an obvious omission. What is it? Why was it omitted?

        Thanks Master Fenn and Jenny!

        • The Wolf says:

          I was quoting Stubber who made the claim.

          • Mike Forni says:

            Wolf –

            My apologies.. Glad to see you are still in the Game! I read comments on theses blogs (that have a lot of conviction) but can’t tell if it’s the Tin Man speaking or not.

            Have you ever thought the winning solve involves golf? Just curious.

            The “Flyers” are pushing the aeronautical solve, which has some validity to it. I have read a couple times that that the First Capital letter in each chapter of TTOTC corresponds to a compass and 32 or 42 degrees is a way to check your solve. I’m still trying to figure than one out. I am still working on the 9 clues.. my current solve suggests Forrest Fenn is more interested in dancing with the stars than he originally portrayed in his book.

            And I did buy your book by the way. Good Job!

            Wishing You the Best,

            • The Wolf says:

              Hi Mike,
              Thank you for purchasing my book and supporting cancer research! And yes, I have considered golf and I really like it. I also think your intuition w.r.t. dancing with the stars is bang on.

    • Iron Will says:

      Wow Stubber, I’m impressed. Such a thorough and completely detailed (albeit veiled) explanation of why you know where the chest is, over all of us… and you chose not to say “IMO”. I’m all on board to your declaration that you’re 99.9% sure you will have the chest, if you can just take a moment or two from your valuable time to answer a few questions I have about what you said. I promise I won’t ask you where exactly it is. Let’s begin:

      1. You are assuming the poem leads to the chest, suppose it does not lead to the chest, the 9th clue does Using logical assessment, the poem has only 8 clues now? Because if the poem won’t lead to the treasure, but the 9th clue will? I’m also wondering how this conflicts with Forrest saying there are 9 clues in the poem and if you solve the poem it will lead you to the treasure?
      2. Trust me, drop the blogs/scrapbooks/etc …… Everything lines up, the poem, the book hints, the interviews, all the Q&A and the Scrapbooks I’m trying to understand how you can say both of these statements in context to your theories. Can you help out there?
      3. One of them is a gold item, it is a gold record. The second item is a deed to the property where the chest is buried Have you confirmed this with Forrest? I’m curious what he thinks about it.
      4. Oh… The real chest (not the one shown to his friends) So now this bronze chest with all the gold and jewels that he’s let friends and family toy with and gawk over, the chest that has been talked about, photographed, and even admitted by Forrest as the chest with the treasure…. is NOT the real chest? You have me really confused there.
      5. Did he make 2 trips to hide the chest? Yep, 16 years ago. His last trip was to hide clue #9, in 2009 and also Forrest’s statement I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f How can I accurately reconcile this? Should I believe you? Or should I believe the person who actually hid it? Please help me understand.
      6. But you aint going to find it until you have all 9 clues decoded, twice! So there are 18 clues? But Forrest said there were 9.
      Stubber, please understand I see most of what you’re saying.. the way a river seems to halt at a waterfall from a plane’s view approaching it, and how the drop over the edge down into a canyon can be TFTW. I see how the blogs can sometimes be misleading and how people can decide that he’s talking to them (I plead guilty on both counts). I also get how you assume the 9th clue is a set of documents of title transfer that will give you ownership of private property at another separate location, where the chest is kept, and that the chest is buried (private property, out of metal detector range, 10 feet deep and sealed in a waterproof box) . But if that would be the case, then I have one last question … how to you weigh those statements against this…
      The “Chest” and the “Title”, are these 2 separated objects? ~Mr. T ….. No, Mr. T. f

      • Stubber says:

        I am not assuming I know any more than everyone else assumes about themselves. Get over yourself, my time is valuable. $1500 an hour, pay in advance on paypal, and I will be willing to discuss anything with you.

        As is typical with guys like you, put down others without backing anything up. No sweat bro, trust me that I will have the chest before you.

        • Stubber says:

          BTW Iron Will, arent you the guy who thinks Forrest wanted to throw himself on top of a tree in west yellowstone? ROFLMAO

          • Iron Will says:

            I’ll allow you to have your last word, since Jenny’s site is one of higher standards of character. I simply wondered about your contradictory statements is all. But if all you know is to insult, then so be it.

    • marvin candle says:

      You say you are headed on a last attempt and yet you said: The second item is a deed to the property where the chest is buried (private property, out of metal detector range, 10 feet deep and sealed in a waterproof box).

      If clue 9 is the one that tells you where and how to retrieve the chest and, you know this level of detail, and you are headed out to pick it up, we can only conclude that you’ve solved the ninth clue. Have you executed the paperwork to assume control of the private property?

      • Stubber says:

        When you have clue 9 you will own the land where the chest is, plenty of time to go get it later and you will know exactly where it is on the land.

        Of course I could have taken the easy way out, like those who think the chest is in NM because of the old and new statement in stanza one. I could have taken the YNP easy way out too, but alas both are wrong.

        PS: If you are looking for ancient artifacts and picked NM due to that, try looking at the state right above it that has more artifacts. People have been searching in NM and WY (YNP, Cody, etc) for 6 years and you all came up short, perhaps you are in the wrong state, just sayin 🙂

        • Joe says:


          Very good information! When are you headed out again? I’m interested in the “blaze within a blaze” theory. Please forgive me if that is not exactly correct. If I’m correct, you stated that the first blaze could be seen via GE but the second one would need to be found while on the ground.

          Would you be willing to elaborate?

        • Joe says:

          Also, you stated that the searcher will have to decode the poem twice. Does that start at the very point where we find the blaze and look quickly down (which I assume is where one would find clue #9)? OR would it begin on the land that the searcher would get as a result of finding clue #9 (that, as I gather, is the deed)?

          I REALLY hope that makes sense. If not. I’ll try to think of a way to re-word it.

          I’m very interested. Thanks in advance.

  15. Mark J says:

    Good luck Jenny!

  16. Stubber says:

    BTW, Jenny, you have the contest in the bag! 🙂

  17. Jonsey1 says:

    Then who they think you is?!? 😉

    I have a feeling it just keeps getting better

  18. Geydelkon says:

    Jenny, I am proud of you on the development of this website. The changes to the site has made it easier to navigate. I am sure the 9th clue is lingering here somewhere perhaps embedded. Well, got to go get my hair done because it is picture day.
    Good luck Jenny

  19. JL says:

    Thanks, Forrest and Jenny,
    The only two that I know who can fit 10#s of stuff in a 5# bag.

  20. BW says:

    Jenny, the hard work you put into your website is obvious. You have a user friendly design, maintained in a classy manner. I hope you win!

  21. The Wolf says:

    Wishing you the best of luck on the competition. I am always amazed at how you are able to run a well organized an civil blog. Thank you for all that you do.

  22. Twingem says:

    You are a class act and I love your site!

    Cheers to the win, Jenny. You have earned it.

  23. 23kachinas says:

    Everyone loves surprises. I voted several times from a few browsers for you Jenny!

    I’ve got my vodka prepared to celebrate your big win. And a bought a good book to go with my vodka too. Now, I’m ready for the cooler weather.

  24. IN1564 says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest. Jenny, I never blogged before I found your site. If substance, altruism, fun, anticipation (a word from Jonsey1) and community were criteria for the award, then there should be no competition…IMO, but I’m glad I was able to participate by voting for you…congratulations!!

  25. Iron Will says:

    If the website voting was a chess game, I’m sure you’d be crowned the queen 😉 Good luck and thanks for what you are doing here.

  26. JL says:

    If having a knack for coming up with the best illustrations counts toward your winning the NEPA Blog of the Year Award I am certain you can count this one as in the bag so to say. I shall cross my digits for you and I whispered in my search partners ear that she should also.

  27. Jeremy P. says:

    If you don’t win it, then who? Some crappy blog that isn’t half as interesting, that’s who. Best of luck Jenny!

  28. Ramona says:

    Best of luck to you on Saturday Jenny. I came to your blog because of your postings on Forrest Fenn and TTOTC. But I find myself also reading other interesting posts so thank you.

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest for the words to ponder today. Surprises like this always ignite a little spark of excitement in me that renews and refreshes the thrill of the chase for me.

    *If you don’t find it, then who? f

    Don’t we all feel like a kid in the classroom with our hand up saying “Oh me, me!”

  29. Snider says:

    Thank you Jenny,
    This blog is hands down the best.

  30. astree says:

    Good Luck, Jenny – If not you, then who? 🙂 Fantastic site.

  31. Danny-boy says:

    @ Stubber Seems pretty clear that the poem leads you to the chest, but it does so through the last clue. In other words when you get to the end and get to clue #9 location, there will not be a chest, you will use the last clue to get to the chest and it will tell you how to take title to the gold….The second item is a deed to the property where the chest is buried … The 9th clue will tell you how to get to the chest, which NONE of the clues in the poem point you to. In fact, that is why he is so sure the chest has not been found AND it cannot be stumbled upon. In order to get the chest you need to follow the poem and all the clues it leads to..

    All distinct possibilities!

    • JL says:

      Didn’t work that way for me, i saw a chest but it had do not touch written all over it. I am sure someone is having a good laff over that one.

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        JL ,
        Am I the only one who actually read what you said ?
        hmmm . . .readsaid . . . red’s head . . .
        Was she a redhead?

    • Stubber says:

      Exactly Danny.

      Forrest isn’t stupid, he set it up so that he knows (without leaving his house) when the chest is found, if the finder wants him to or not! (note: He may not know who you are, but he WILL know when its gone if he is alive of course).

      The ONLY way he would have the best chance that the chest can remain is to have it on private property, period. It is not on Federal or state owned land, it is not on a reservation, it is on public or private land. But public land chances almost yearly, parks are added, buildings are added, property is rezoned, roads are made, etc.

      The 9 clues, or better said “The information contanied in each of the 9 clues, or at their location” will give you all the info you need to get the chest AND take title to it legally without any risk due to abandoned property laws (remember Fenn Abaonded it, he did not lose it!).

      I assume the poem is going to lead you to a bonze box or jar, and its contents (perhaps in small print like the autobiography) tell you the precise location of the chest and what is needed to be done to take ownership now that you have earned title to it.

      This is common sense, there is simply no other way he could have done it without risking his estate being tied up in court if any laws were broken when he abandoned it OR when it was retrieved. He isn’t stupid, he knows the laws, he didn’t just walk into a state park, indian or BLM land and slap a chest in a creek! He also didn’t simply find some nice public land, stuff it in a sewer pipe and hope for the best! He did not stick it somewhere without tracking it somehow for it to be found in 2011 as the chase continues and people died for years to come. He and his family would be wiped out financially.

      He planned this right, he considered everything, and he tried to make a fun chase for the entire family. Why do people overcomplicate it? Simple logic tells you this, unless of course you think FF is a moron, that would be your bad 🙂

  32. 5-leaf blaze says:

    You know, I turned to my search partner and asked that same question in the last week: “Who else could possibly continuously be BOTG and having this proximity?” Ahh, double adjectives 🙂
    *I am relieved to know there are cameras out there, and that I’ve been extremely close*

  33. tr_hunter says:

    Thank you for your site. It is a great source of insight.
    I can only quote to you these words
    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Ben Franklin

    • Lia says:

      Tr hunter. Benjamin Franklin has some of my favorite quotes. What do you think? My opinion is he got this one wrong. An investment in people pays better dividends than an investment in knowledge. Just thinking about my kids…they could care less about what parents “know” but always response favorably to our expression of unconditional love. Just a thought.

  34. SL says:

    Aviation is in the blood. (It certainly runs deep in mine).

    Forrest Fenn is a Flyer among the best. Forrest Fenn also respects Artifacts. – There’s a special and unique ‘place’ IMHO, where he has found a connection with the best of both of these worlds.

    I might suggest doing a bit of research involving a former World War II Army Air Force Base where Museum connections may well lead you and yours into a remarkable experience. There is a “Spotlight Case” which holds an array of REAL WORLD……History in a most special…place. “Names” mean a great deal there. Names seem *especially important to the Flyer as well.

    Veterans Day is just around the corner, and for many……it’s always Veterans day.




  35. Joe Sparrow says:

    All the best Jenny. This is a great blog. Thanks for the additional words Forrest.

  36. Lou Lee Belle says:

    I might have to check a location again. Or Two…. Lou Lee Belle from Whoville. Chased by Bears in Jellystone park and lived to tell.

  37. lorna says:

    There will not be a “then who”, i am on the 9th clue, tittle to the gold.

  38. lorna says:

    It will be me and i am a she. 😃

  39. Tony says:

    Congrats Jenny! Hope you win! Voted for you a bunch of times ( not sure they all counted). But good luck!

  40. Inohury says:


    Apologies for the delay, just sorting chatter, win ding my watch and cleaning the 45. I wish I could wait in the car, but if I dont lead, I wont follow. All or not, the watches are ticking now, time for pie. Laugh or cry.
    How deep is a hole? Morning or night?
    The answer IS in there!

    • JL says:

      tick tock tick tock TRUE! –nervous –very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses –not destroyed –not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily –how calmly I can tell you the whole story. tick tock tick tock

  41. DelaYah says:

    Thanks for your blog Jenny. I pray you and your family are blessed!

    Lives in the past and ahead

    I am he you all can’t see
    No, not easily mistaken
    the owner of the home of brown
    The title was given, not taken

    The interpolation you will now study
    It will tell a tale you can follow
    to find your way without getting bloody
    and understand who lives in that hollow

    Sometimes I don’t stop and to others I’m perfect
    I have the function-ing capacity to quaintly describe
    Stop and say hello and I’ll surely object
    There’s no way I will let you offer me a bribe

    My state of being is good and as indicated
    My opinion plays a part in the whole structure
    The condition I see is plain not complicated
    Your sentence depends on me not your stricture

    Past or future to many seems automatic
    I am borne and definitely not forlorne
    The problem with me is I’m anti-phlegmatic
    You’re not a foe so you I will just warn

    Have a blessed day as you set your mind on things above!

    • JL says:

      Well I’m glad we got that out of the way, I thought it was my stricture. Now I see it is not me and the part about not getting bloody is always a good thing, my debt is already been paid in full and I would never attempt a bribe.
      May you have a blessed day also!

  42. Bailey says:

    Hey Jenny. Your sight is fantastic. Your spirit and enthusiasm bleed through every story in an easy, obvious, and fun way. Great info on a wide range of topics. Fingers crossed here, hoping you win. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. (it’s a chant)

  43. Buckeye Bob says:

    Good luck, Jenny.
    You certainly deserve it if you win it.

  44. DelaYah says:

    JL, Thanks! Thought provoking poesy before breakfast is my diet! lol 🙂
    My your way be lit by Him!

  45. IN1564 says:

    Speaking of chess–Did you know Mary Stuart was a hunter? In 1564 she went on a hunt at the Blair Castle (I thought that was cool coincidence). What an interesting history of the White Queen (called “White” because she wore white at her husband’s funeral and at the sound of the Scotland mort-bell). Interesting time period, for sure!

    • pdenver says:

      Hello IN1564. This is interesting. I’m continuing to read different things about her. Haven’t found the part where she was a hunter or about being called “White Queen” just yet, but I have read that one in mourning in France during that time did, indeed, wear white. I didn’t know that. Quite interesting.

      • pdenver says:

        Still haven’t found the information, but what I found was fascinating. She was a redhead and upon her death, she wore a crimson red dress. The other details about her death is gory. Perhaps others will enjoy read the following link:


        Thank you for the history lesson. 🙂

        • IN1564 says:

          PD, thank you for the link. I’m going to skip the scary movies this month and read Antonia Fraser’s book instead–now that is a Halloween type story!

  46. ACE says:

    Fingers crossed for you Jenny.

  47. ACE says:

    To Stubber and all,
    If the chest were not found for say 825 years, how do you account for taking of a piece of land that may even be financially developed at this time and 10’s of thousands and maybe even 10’s of millions of tax dollars have been paid by someone who at that time currently will own the land. I do not see how your dated piece of paper would hold any weight. Also it is 328 missions in which the last one he was sipping on some good homemade sun tea while he was transported to a place of significance he vowed to return too.
    I to read posts here and at dals site and feel that there are so many people that have studied and are deserving of Fenns chest. Whether an idea is right or wrong that is the beauty of the poem. Regardless it gets people out and challenging themselves in a way they never imagined.
    Can we disprove your theory? Again no that is the beauty of it. I wish you the best but if you come up short think about the many of people you may have offended.
    I like this site and I do not feel I have to tiptoe around a little RED BUTTON.
    Although you have possibly belittled some of other searchers ideas here let me compliment you on one of your ideas…
    I have not said this anywhere or in any fashion so this is to all IMO and only IMO, Forrest in his private plane has discovered something. After all he has flown over most if not all the vast American Rocky Mountains. Rented a local form of transportation(what? you decide I will go no further on this). When and where this transpired, only he knows. Later great success, insidious disease and for third time staring down the wrong end of the barrel, a beautiful mind and imagination, blah blah blah…
    Now with plot in hand I feel he waited patiently for 2 things. One for Google Earth technologies to catch up and two when he felt he better act now because age may soon be a factor. AIMO
    Oh and one last thing that a few may wonder what got me nuked at dals site. Here was my post and do not take it at face value only and IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY TO BE OFFENSIVE! I truly admire Forrest and The Thrill of the Chase.
    Take cover!!! Here come the rooster.
    Can I disguise myself and just change my IP address or email address and start posting again. Sure but for once I will play by the RULES. No offense to Dal or even Goofy keep up the good work.

    • Stubber says:

      Thats the point Ace!

      The ONLY way he could be sure it would last as long as possible is if it was on land he owned (and it is completely possible to do so without anyone knowing).

      Federal / State / Indian Land: Illegal to take property from there unless you own it. If it was lost property, you turn it in, if it isn’t claimed it is yours after a while. BUT when it is abandoned (like Fenns chest), it would mean the minute he abandoned it, the USA government takes ownership.

      Public Property: Always changing

      Yes Private property can be taken, but it has the least chance for problems than any other type.

      Lets assume FF was stupid and put it in YNP. Years go by, people are arrested for digging up the place, getting stuck requiring rescue, illegally taking the chest without telling them about it, etc. Chest is found, you can be sure that his estate will be sued for causing problems with the chest being there.

      PS: Goofy is a moron

      • Stubber says:

        BTW, don’t go looking on private property. I believe the chest is on private property, but none of the 9 clues are that will get you what you need to take title to the gold. Going on private property, especially in the west, can get you killed. Just do the poem, have fun, if you find all 9 clues you will then know what to do to get the booty. Do not take risks! Do not break the law! FF thought of everything, he is not stupid and would not risk putting himself or any searcher in a bad poisiton!

  48. ACE says:

    Thanks Jenny this picture reminds me of another movie. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. What were their prizes again and where were they hung.
    Hey Jeremy P. I know in the past you have mentioned that you are okay as a recluse, but if it is legit I think you would be a perfect candidate for the TV interviews and possible air time with Zack. Your humor is great. I love the recent one with the bag of rocks. Sure many of us were thinking it but you put it into words. You are very creative. I really enjoyed your electronic art of Forrest Fenn. Plus you have had BOTG and obtain a vast amount of knowledge of the man himself. The photo icon of yourself tells a lot and you look to be a good fit in every way. If this pans out to be something amazing please consider it.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      Hey thanks, ACE! I appreciate the nod. He’s looking for stories, and honestly I would love to tell the story from my point of view. I am a huge fan of what Forrest has done.

      From my perspective it’s not just a story of looking for a box of pretty things out in the mountains somewhere. It’s the last Great American Adventure Story. It’s all the books I read as a young adult, distinctly American stories of wandering through this huge country of ours, but ever westward bound. It’s cowboys and pirates and self-made millionaires and crazy folks from small redneck towns. It’s families, it’s friends, it’s loners. Well-off retirees and poor folks between jobs. Like America, the Chase is a melting pot for all the people who have hope, people who embrace opportunities.

      It’s a timely story as well. We are living in a shrinking world. Some of those in the Chase can remember a time before satellite images of the Earth were available on TV and in magazines. Now we carry the whole world around in our pockets. We don’t think of vast distances when one can hop on a plane for a few hundred bucks and be on the other side of the country in a few hours. And yet, when you’re staring at a map of the Rockies for a 1 ft. by 1 ft. chest — or even better, when you’re standing at the foot of a mountain that it took you over a day to drive to, you’re immediately reminded of how big the world really is and how small you are in it. Today, you have to go looking for adventure to find it, and you have to look deeper to find whatever mysteries are left, but the Chase reminds us that these things are still out there for those who want it.

      Beyond all of that: It’s The Great Game. It’s a huge challenge. You really have to think about it, to solve the puzzle, or at least it seems that way to me. One thing is for sure. While you might think you’re competing against other searchers, or even against Forrest Fenn, you’re really competing against yourself. The sooner you realize that, you might make some progress.

      The things everyone needs to do to make this the very best story it can be is to simply be safe, realize the odds are against you, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t risk more than you can afford in either finances or personal well-being. Chances are you’re not going to find it, but you’re guaranteed to have a good time looking if you follow these simple rules.

      That’s my take on it.

      • pdenver says:

        Wonderful post, Jeremy P.

      • Chase Fan says:

        That is very well put, Jeremy. Hope, opportunity, a challenge…embrace the adventure! I enjoy your posts. They are usually sensible, sometimes thought provoking, and often very funny.

      • ACE says:

        Well said Jeremy P. See you have fans. I think it would be a perfect for your grit. Just keep it in mind. Oh and one of your other traits I forgot to mention a pretty good writer as well.

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Jeremy P ,
        I always enjoy your comments. You are one of the ones I keep an eye on . . .
        But, I choose to look at the Chase a bit differently.
        I don’t see it as the odds being against me,
        I see it as Me being against the Odds . . .
        And the odds had better just get in, sit down, shut up, and Hold on .
        Just as you said , I am actually competing against myself.
        Therefore, I have no reason to allow for possible failure, as I know my toughest opponent better than anyone else does.
        I’m not in this with the belief that I may never find it.
        I’m in this with the belief that I just may be the one who beats those odds.

      • JDA says:

        Very, very well said. You definitely should be picked.

  49. Kim says:

    All I want to say is: Love Life!
    Mr. Fenn certainly has smart fans. You all must be doctors, lawyers and bankers! Luck to all!

    • ACE says:

      Well if I am not too busy scrubbing toilets I am down at the local casino building my bankroll. I feel like a winner. Besides lawyers only win half their battles. Everybody knows that.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Kim ,
      Closest I come to being smart is the Idiot phone I have. And Doc Holliday, Doc Marten and Dr.Scholls is as close as I come to even knowin’ any docs. Lawyers? pfft !

  50. DelaYah says:

    JL? How are you at climbing on 60 degree ridges? Want to talk about a trip to fenn land?

    • JL says:

      WOW 60 degree is purtty near impossible for an average man, I maybe could have pulled that off when I was younger. I am not as good as I once was but im as good once as i ever was. I leave my old wore out pickup truck idling in the driveway just waiting for an invitation.

  51. DelaYah says:

    It’s a small ridge 🙂 but, Fenn did it.
    I’ve been “there” a time or two… With a rodeo rope, we may put a big texas smile on Fenn’s face! Really..
    myhostingteam@gmail.com – give me a holler and let’s talk!

  52. DelaYah says:

    Jeremy, nice input!

    In reading this you wrote:
    when you’re standing at the foot of a mountain that it took you over a day to drive to, you’re immediately reminded of how big the world really is and how small you are in it.

    It seems you have stared down (up at) the jawbone. My first words were… wow, google earth lies!!!


    • IN1564 says:

      Hi DelaYah,
      From jawbone to toe of a Mountain, I agree, it’s large and easy to lose orientation. But, do you think alpha and omega means something about how to connect clues? I know others blogged about that. what do you think?

      • DelaYah says:

        If you mean the omega omega symbol in the back of the book, I have no idea. I tried to think about the significance of that and didn’t come up with anything.
        But the Alpha and Omega has helped me to locate the area in the very beginning of my search! Truth!

  53. JL says:

    Patiently waiting for the next set of weekly words…………………
    Maybe they will say, along with the time pieces I removed several gold coins and replaced them with Widow Mites……….lol

  54. Diggin gypsy says:

    I know who 🙂

  55. Point Foot says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest! I do hope Jenny that you win. I love your forum and all the information you have collected is a joy to read. And not to worry Forrest, I plan to find it just as soon as I figure out how to find the hideout. 🙂

  56. pdenver says:

    Just read the news, Jenny. Congratulations on your win. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  57. The Wolf says:

    Congratulations and awesome job Jenny! There was no doubt in my mind that you would prevail. You run your blog with class and the utmost fairness, while letting your viewers contribute in a meaningful way.

    Jenny for President!

    I tried to leave this message at Dal’s but the mafia rejected it.

  58. LMN says:

    You ARE a winner!

  59. JC1117 says:

    Congratulations, Jenny!

    Well done! 🙂

    Love the Site.

    Keep up the Good Work.

  60. Onuat says:

    Yay,Jenny. Congratulations ! 🤗

  61. joey nelson says:

    The picture makes me think of a tree house that I had as a kid but it’s been cut down years ago and it’s laying on the ground still today.lucky me I don’t have to climb it any more.

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