Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for November 4th, 2016

thrill of the chase treasure

Bracelet in Fenn’s Treasure Chest (Photo permission by Forrest Fenn)

A complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words for November 4th, 2016 are as follows:

*Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge. f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!


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284 Responses

  1. Thank you Forrest and Jenny

  2. HeadedDown says:


  3. Chesney says:

    Mr. Fenn,
    You seriously made me laugh hysterically with this one… you will get it back. Thank you Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile for the weekly words! 😀

  4. Mindy says:

    Thank you, Forrest and Jenny! 🙂

  5. JL says:

    From that simple , straightforward statement, It would appear that Mr. Fenn is not as big a fan of the bracelet or jewelry as his granddaughter may be. Why would anyone seek revenge?

  6. litterateOne says:

    Keeping the bracelet will be the best reward.


    • Chesney says:

      No, No, NO! He asked for one thing out of Indulgence to be returned…. let’s not be Greedy!! 🙁

      • LitterateOne says:


        Greedy, no. The ole coot could go back anytime and retrieve his bracelet if he really wanted it that bad. I don’t play fetch, finders keepers.


  7. astree says:

    Excellent. Introduces a neat perspective on the two sides of the drama, too. Need to think a bit deeper on this one. Bet there’s more there.

    Thanks, Forrest and Jenny.

  8. astree says:

    In the secret where are many treasures ?

  9. ROLL TIDE says:

    ROFLMAO !!!

  10. Chesney says:

    Think about it like this … “Someone was told they were wrong about where Indulgence is, and the Best Revenge was to prove them wrong”. Just my take on it… been wrong before! 🙂

    • DeCall says:

      Good idea. You return the bracelet and you silence all the critics. You get revenge on the doubters. You are rewarded. It’s worth the effort.

      • LitterateOne says:


        You ought be be out tending that old crack of dawn. How you been brother?


      • Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord

        • Martha says:

          I have a hard time processing this type of ungratefulness.
          You obviously don’t understand the real deal!
          Please show respect, name calling Mr. Fenn an old coot is completely unnecessary!
          Age is a number, and by your remark, I find you most disturbing!……Greed is a SIN, try to remember that!
          Dog’s play Fetch!

      • astree says:

        I was thinking that the revenge is on him, by finding and keeping the treasure – the bracelet symbolizing the find. Your take makes sense, too.

      • Zaphod73491 says:

        Chesney and DeCall: that is EXACTLY what Forrest is saying. He’s talking about *your* revenge on the naysayers.

  11. ROLL TIDE says:

    Not sure I’m following you there Chesney. Best revenge for who? You don’t actually think Forrest would take pleasure in proving someone wrong, do you ?
    Why would he hide the chest in the first place, if he didn’t hope someone would eventually find it ?
    I have an entirely different take on what these words mean, and I think it’s funny , in a goofy sort of way.

    • Chesney says:

      Let’s take a rhetorical approach to what the weekly words have said in the past. Say hypothetically, my Great Aunt who knows nothing about translation of the poem, told me “She is certain it is in Santa Fe, NM”. Now do you catch my drift? 🙂

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Yea, kinda sorta. Maybe I need another cup of joe. There’s only one way your Great Aunt could be certain it’s in S.F. though, right ?
        The most intriguing thing about these words, is the use of the word “is”. The whole comment seems to allude to “present” tense, instead of future-tense.
        So, assuming these are from the reserve collection, I feel they must be read from a different perspective.
        I just find it as funny as a pay-toilet in a diarrhea ward that they get posted at this moment in time. Read the blogs for entertainment . . .

  12. Strawshadow says:

    Thank You Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    A vengeful spirit will receive they’re reward in a most unexpected way. Time to think about this for a moment.

  13. Twingem says:

    A broken heart seeks healing. A broken ego seeks revenue.

    I only seek healing.

    • Twingem says:

      Should be a broken ego seeks revenge, but revenue works equally well.

      • Strawshadow says:

        Revenge or revenue, does either one justify the cost. When my mind becomes occupied with thoughts of getting even I realize I’ve already paid a very dear price. Those thoughts are the ones that I regret the most. With more than enough years behind me to know that the unavoidable obstacles that suddenly appear are the true test of ones conviction. As an afterthought, sometimes I confuse myself when I think how much I love a sincere heartfelt apology, both given and received.

  14. JDA says:

    If someone were to have told Forrest that they had been made to feel “Lesser-than” by comments made to them by certain bloggers, Forrest could be telling this person “Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge.” f – – – Don’t continue to feel hurt – Go out there and find the chest! “That will show them who was right!” Just a thought. JDA

    • Chesney says:

      JDA…. now you are cooking with gas!!!!

    • Stubber says:

      Except for the fact that these words are from last year. Must be an old blog post!

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking this was directed towards one blog-post. f has watched these blogs from day-one. He sees the way folks treat each other with contempt and disdain on a daily basis. And on some of these sites, the moderators are the most vitriolic and venomous. Makes you wonder why they are even in the Chase to begin with.
        Take a look around, you’d have to be Ray Charles, to not see how people are treating each other.
        It’s pathetic and despicable that an act of such generosity has brought out the vile and disgusting nature that is attempting to strangle the hopes and dreams of those who feel the excitement and The Thrill of The Chase.
        Because of this, I predict that whoever finds the chest, will never share their solve with the rest of us.

        • Brad Hartliep says:

          Where Is Peace?

          I take lots of walks, which some people call Hikes. I used to walk for miles into the Desert, or up the side of a Mountain, or down an Old Wash. Anyplace that got me as far into the presence of Nature as I could go .. Unfortunately, my knees and hips and 2/3 of my Vertebrae are beginning to revolt. My Hikes are getting shorter and my Recovery is going from days to weeks. So, slowly, I have to walk closer and closer to what some people call ..


          It took awhile for me to find a place that wasn’t too far for me to walk, though, in another few years, it probably will be, as pain outdistances desire, but I currently enjoy sitting on an old park bench over-looking a river. It’s just a place where I like to go . To enjoy Nature. And Solitude. And Commune with the Rocks and Trees, who never shout back ,.

          Sometimes I see a Bird. Or a Horse. Or a Cow. But other than my Dog, Zeta, I’ve never seen any other living animal. Not counting, of course, the Periodic Table of Insects — It’s a shame. I enjoy watching Eagles Soar overhead, in Circles, and Horny Toads pointing me the way to what I need to learn ..

          Sometimes, off in the far distance, I find kids, of different age, chasing about, or people enjoying things which make them smile ..

          On the way there one day, I found some kids on the street. One was a little Hopi girl, from down the road, and all the others were screaming at her, for not giving in for some mischief they all planned to do ..

          I smiled and kept walking. A few feet later, I heard them scream, “We don’t want you anymore! Go away!”

          So I stopped and turned, as the others walked away and left her, standing there, alone. I walked back and said,

          “Hey, would you like to walk with me?”

          “No.” came her instant reply.

          Maybe she didn’t want to because of the “Don’t talk to strangers” thing, although she’s seen me before and knows who I am; anyway, I said to her:

          “They’re not very nice friends. Maybe you would like play with someone else.”

          “Okay.” She said.

          And then she just went away with a frown ..

          I stood there, for a moment, and thought to myself,

          “If innocent little kids are stabbing each other with hurtful words for silly reasons .. just think what the rest of us are doing. Be it simple or complex, real or imagined .. we are hurting each other, with words or with swords – but that’s what we all are doing ..

          I once went for this .. “Personality Development” workshop. We did this thing where we all had balloons and we were supposed to burst everybody else’s balloon – without getting our own burst ..

          What happened instead was that everybody just wanted to burst others’ balloons – without even caring about theirs’. It took me a moment, but then I realized that .. that’s how the World is. How Society works ..

          That all people want to do, is .. defeat each other.

          Some might say that my perceptions are wrong; that people are not that way .. that people care .. that there is .. love and compassion in this world – and that everything about this world is beautiful ..

          There’s a lot of Beautiful Things in this World – Beautiful Animals, Beautiful Trees, Beautiful Rocks .. Beautiful Cactus — just not very often where people live ..

          Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just too sarcaustic — but, if we all just stop and think for a moment .. about what’s happening around us .. someday, I hope, this world will stop rotting in decay. That’s when Our World will turn into a better place to live ..

          And all of us will Go In and find Peace – .


          • ROLL TIDE says:

            Brad ,
            What a wonderful thing to read first thing this morning.
            Thank you for sharing.

          • pdenver says:

            I concur with ROLL TIDE. Beautifully said, Brad.

          • Twingem says:

            Simply divine, Brad. Thank you.

          • Strawshadow says:

            Very nice thoughts, thanks. But there are beautiful things where people live, just maybe in a different way. Everywhere I go someone is sharing a smile and that’s a beautiful thing, sometimes you just have to go first.
            I once had a friend that lied to me which hurt me dearly. When I questioned them about it the answer I received shocked me. They just said welcome to the real world. My reply was, that might be the world you have chosen to live in but not me. We haven’t spoken since. We chose our paths in life, we chose what we want to see. I applaud you for your effort with the Hopi girl, you were the beautiful thing that happened to her that day.

            • Ellen says:

              Hi Strawshadow…I agree, especially about the magic of a “smile”. When I smile (or make a silly face) at a baby in a store, on the street, etc…I love the spontaneous “smile” that lights up their small face…at least more often than not.

              As we grow older…sometimes that spontaneity is still hiding within us…Imagine if the World had an immense “Give a Smile, take a Smile” Jar…like some cash registers have for “Give a Penny, Take a Penny”…

              Smile from your heart…watch it become contagious!

              • Strawshadow says:

                Your a natural Ellen, as so many of us have noticed. As long as we give more than we receive we will all be ahead of the game:)

    • OH! says:

      I like all the comments here but It’s always your comments I look forward to reading. Especially the one in “Who will find the chest”. You’ve great insight. I think this comment means “Pay back” Revenge………

    • OH! says:

      I like all the comments here but It’s always your comments I look forward to reading. Especially the one in “Who will find the chest”. You’ve great insight. I think this comment means “Pay back” Revenge………

  15. jonsey1 says:

    Maybe he’d consider trading his belt buckle for it? That might be incentive….then again maybe he’s too stubborn and likes watching silly monkeys chase weasels. I think he belt is incentive though….maybe cherished even more than the bracelet?

    All around the cobblers bench….:)

  16. 23kachinas says:

    Turquoise is a healing stone.

  17. lorna says:


  18. Point Foot says:

    I looked up the word revenge:
    (in sports) the defeat of a person or team by whom one was beaten in a previous encounter.

    Each attempt to retrieve indulgence is like a game. We are attempting to beat the puzzle master.

    In the end it likely will require multiple attempts (defeats) but the one who eventually finds it will get revenge and finally defeat the puzzle master by completely solving the riddle.

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny for the weekly words! I know I will keep trying. I’m just not sure when my next trip will happen. Birthdays and holidays and vacations are plentiful at the moment. I surely will play again next summer…

    • Helen says:

      Point Foot
      This is the most sensible response so far.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      When I play chess, I’m not playing against the guy who invented the game, I’m playing against someone else who is also playing the game. I’m not trying to beat the guy who created the game.
      Fenn created the game. He gave us the instructions on how to play the game. Whether we play successfully or not, depends on us, not him.
      f is not your opponent.

      • Strawshadow says:

        You are your biggest foe, you dictate your rules and desires. You are a winner if you gave it your best effort against all odds. Its not who they think you are its who you know you are. What a great day to cast a fly.

      • Point Foot says:

        Hi Roll Tide,

        I thought about chess and that game requires two people to play unless you play against yourself or a computer. In the Thrill of the Chase the game and obstacles are fixed and not changing. It feels more like a one player game though others are also playing.

        I suppose one could think of it as a race to see who can solve it first. In my early searches I felt this way since I underestimated the effort required to actually solve everything to the very end. I now believe the chances that two searchers solve it prior to it being found is probably slim. One should not underestimate the thought required for the solve and winter months are good months for thinking. Whoever is close (if one of us is close) likely has time to think before trying again next summer.

        Are we competing with ourselves? I suppose we are since we need to continually challenge ourselves to go further and pick ourselves up after each defeat so we will try again.

        I believe we are competing in a game of wits. We are trying to beat the game to see if we have what it takes to reach the finish. Even after it is found it will still be a challenge for others to see if they have what it takes to crack it.

        I suppose I feel it is mostly a contest against ourselves. Are we up to the challenge? Do we have what it takes to solve the not impossible but supremely difficult puzzle? You probably can’t do it without facing defeat multiple times. In this sense I feel it is similar to life. Do we have what it takes to figure out the puzzle of life? Why are we here? What are we meant to do? If you seek and find the answer to that question there is also a treasure waiting to be found.

        Best to all in the chase! Don’t forget to stop and enjoy all the little treasures along the way. The journey is never easy. But reaching the end is the goal. And there is a treasure waiting for all who will meet again in the end at the Great Banquet.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          Point Foot,
          Excellent post. You are correct in so many ways.
          While there are tens of thousands, if not more, playing this game, the only one you are actually competing with is yourself. And while it is indeed a race to see who gets there first, your toughest opponent is yourself.
          ( I ) am the reason I have not found the chest. It has nothing to do with how you, or anyone else plays the game. It has everything to do with how well I have understood the instructions.
          ( I ) am the one keeping me from completing the test before my classmates do.

          It will come down to who has best understood the instructions to the test, and who has best studied the materials needed to achieve a perfect test score. There will be no runners-up or honorable-mentions in this one. There will be no second and third place winners.

          The person with the perfect test-score will have studied harder than anyone else.
          And, I personally don’t see where a perfect score can be achieved by more than just one person, as the title of a perfect score will only go to the one who figures it all out and gets there first.
          Oh, there will be those who say that was going to be the next spot they were going to look, if the location is ever revealed but, statements such as that will be a-dime-a-dozen.

          Then, if the location is not revealed, there will be those who will swear that their solution was the correct one and that the winner simply got there before they did. Those statements too, will be worth about as much as a bucket of wet salt.

          And those who have been disrespectful and rude to others in the Chase, will be the first ones to proclaim “well, there was nothing hard about that, it didn’t take a genius to figure that out, anybody could have did it, what makes you so special?”, never realizing the irony of their comments.

          And, if the location is indeed revealed, there will be those who claim that the finder has lied about the location, because it couldn’t have been anywhere other than “my” location.

          The person who finds the chest would have no feelings of revenge towards Forrest, they will feel honored to have successfully completed the challenge they accepted.
          The “revenge” spoken of above, will be the self-satisfaction they are going to feel after all of the “experts” on the blogs had told them how dumb or stupid or lazy they were, over their course of participation on said blogs.
          It would be an honor for me to be there and shake their hand.
          Karma never sleeps. And indeed, the person who finds the chest will be pleased, when She sees it.

          • Point Foot says:

            Roll Tide reading your words shows me you are one with much wisdom and experience.

            I wonder though if the one who studies hardest will be the one who solves it or will it be one who studies but also has a tendency to dream and allow their imagination the freedom to run wild. I believe someone like that might leap to the front of the pack and claim the prize. And if such a person beats me to it then so be it.

            I think one key is to keep it fun. A treasure hunt should always be fun! And if we can learn to let our imaginations run a bit wild in the process then all the better!

            • ROLL TIDE says:

              Point Foot ,
              You are certainly correct in that imagination will be the key requirement. I firmly believe that the puzzle cannot, and will not, ever be solved without it.
              But, the use of imagination was in fact, one of the very first instructions given to us . . .
              “. . .if any readers over the age of twelve don’t see a little of themselves in this mirror . . .” (Preface, pg 4, TTOTC). To me, that says that imagination will be needed to understand all that follows.

              Imagination was the key component that set me on the path to formulating my solve. It was only afterward that knowledge came into play, and then it only worked if imagination was allowed to continue to guide me along the way.
              So, when I say the finder will be someone who has best followed the instructions, let me say again, that the use of imagination is a part of those instructions.
              I appreciate your feedback, it helps me in my endeavor to try to state things clearly. There are times I don’t achieve that goal.
              Have a good evening, and good luck to ya.

          • Zaphod73491 says:

            ROLL TIDE: It is a shame, but I suspect your words will be extremely prophetic once Indulgence is found:

            “Oh, there will be those who say that was going to be the next spot they were going to look, if the location is ever revealed but, statements such as that will be a-dime-a-dozen.”

            Exactly. Which is actually a very good reason to NOT reveal the solution, at least for a while.

            “Then, if the location is not revealed, there will be those who will swear that their solution was the correct one and that the winner simply got there before they did. Those statements too, will be worth about as much as a bucket of wet salt.”

            One way I thought to silence both of these camps would be for the finder to leave a secret message, and perhaps an unnamed item from the chest, at Forrest’s hiding spot. Announce that you’ve done so, and give people 1 year to find it. Sort of a “put up or shut up.” If/when someone does indeed find it, then they can rightly claim that they were second, but given that no one has found the chest in 6 years, the odds aren’t very good that 2 people will solve the puzzle within a year of each other.

            • ROLL TIDE says:

              Zap ,
              You know, I’ve actually thought about doing just that, if I were ever fortunate enough to be the one . . . leave something at the exact spot, that would prove that the next one there had figured it all out. It would certainly have to be something from the chest, otherwise, you would have copycats and wannabe’s leaving notes and such all over the RMs.

              I’ve even entertained the thought of offering a challenge that would require the subsequent finder to post his/her solve, in it’s entirety, detailing how they interpreted each of the clues, hints, scrapbooks, weekly words, etc., to reach their solution.
              It would require an exact explanation of wwwh, hoB, the blaze, etc.

              First one to post a correct solve within one year, that leads to the exact 10″x10″ spot, would receive a substantial monetary reward.

            • The Wolf says:

              I read your stuff on hoD and I can see why you feel the need for revenge. It is your audience. You need to expand your creative thought analysis outside that kindergarten arena. Not everyone is against what you are saying, it just may seem like that since anyone supportive of your ideas have been booted out of there long ago for daring to adventure outside traditional thought. Free thinkers have no business in there – get out and spread your wings, you might find allies. “Farewell to arms” is not new outside hoD. Good luck!

              • Zaphod73491 says:

                Hi Wolf — I’m actually not the vengeful type. If people aren’t interested in an analytical approach to solving the poem, then that’s fine. You can’t make a horse drink, and apparently in some cases you can’t even drag the horse to water. Not everyone at hoD has their head in the sand — a few have caught on to the basic system that Forrest devised and understand how the hints in TTOTC work. As for A Farewell to Arms vs. For Whom the Bell Tolls, I was aware that I wasn’t the first to realize that Forrest’s story recap and the Hemingway title did not match. But I wasn’t aware that anyone before me had connected FWTBT with But Too Far To Walk. But perhaps someone here or at CC did. I just wonder if anyone else has solved the answer to that clue — that’s the competition I worry about.

                • Iron Will says:

                  Hey Zaphod… There was an idea among quite a few people that HA in Jenny’s photo in recent months was a clue. Go look here http://mysteriouswritings.com/featured-question-with-forrest-and-weekly-words-wet-physics/#comment-148575 …… and you’ll see how the mind can play tricks on people. If you’re willing, I can help you with your dilemma. At least I can be another imaginative ear that can possibly understand your solve. You’re right about one thing. The first clue, is the foundation for the remaining 8 clues. And the book is instrumental in solving it. ironwilly@gmail.com if you want me to listen.

                • The Wolf says:

                  You know when we solve derivatives numerically, sometimes those round off errors can send one off on the wrong tangent. I am not quite sure I agreed with your probability analysis on the letter coincidence with TFTW, only because these coincidences line up a better than one thinks when bias is involved, those random variables are not so random if you know what I mean. I have witnessed it first hand.
                  I have looked at the Hemingway’s FWTBT from a slightly different angle. Multivariable correlation analysis if you will. Many variables linked to this story, one must be careful not to lock in on the first theory that statistically sticks out. There is so much more research to be done to understand the significance of the bell. Good luck!

              • ROLL TIDE says:

                Wolf ,

                “Free thinkers have no business in there . . .”

                (and the crowd goes wild !)

                I tip my hat to you sir.

  19. MS girl says:

    I believe he means one can get revenge on him by giving him the bracelet back when one had to go through so much to figure out the clues and follow the trails that lead to the blaze that leads to indulgence. Mr. F. Means sort of an “I showed you Forrest that I did figure it out mentality, now go in peace with the bracelet!” That makes the most sense to me and it is a slight revenge. All of his weekly words are there for individual interpretations. Some are pretty wacky though and can be used for some unusual clue spots. I have one and am narrowing it down with the bananas and porcupines from Dal’s blog it is very interesting and could quite be the place…I just have to figure out which one. Have fun ya’ll still in the chase and I wish I could and may be the one who gives Mr. Fenn that bracelet back. WHO KNOWS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… Ms. Girl stay safe out there. Thanks Jenny and Forrest…..Someone is close very close!!

  20. Jacob says:

    I think he requests the bracelet back by whomever finds the chest. Perhaps the title to the gold is yours, only if the bracelet is returned to the fenn family… That way he would know who found it as they would have to give one item back. The bracelet is not gold. And I believe he is saying that by him wearing it again, means someone had found it and “got revenge” on those who doubted them and the thrill of the chase. All imho. God bless!

    • stevieace says:

      you are sooo right in your reply. what Forrest didn’t say is that once you open the chest there is a sealed container that has instructions in how to finalize the find by returning the bracelet to him. once he has the bracelet he will tell all that the hunt is over. all the “nay sayers” will be silenced. good luck out there but remember, the poem, the book and a child’s mind is all that is needed. there is no complicated anagram solve or anything of the like. if you can get into Forrest’s mind and see how he ticks, that will give you the last bit of info to seal the deal. check out the story about the French soldiers ????

  21. Ramona says:

    Ah Weekly Words…always so much fun. Thank you Jenny and Forrest.

  22. SL says:

    Mother had a favorite stone, Lapis Lazuli. – It’s been said to aid intellectual analysis in Archeologists, and as a problem solver for Lawyers.
    Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty of spirit, and I still wear a necklace accented with the stone designed by Mother for each of her children.. – (It’s recommended to be worn “close to the skin”).

    Appreciating the combined wisdom of Jenny and Forest!



    • Brad Hartliep says:

      I carry a Rough-Stone Turquoise Necklace hand-made for me by a Paiute Friend, or a Green-Bead Necklace hand-made for me by a Shoshone Friend, or a Turkish “Evil Eye” Energy Necklace that I found on one of my Hikes ..

  23. Sparrow says:

    That is a nice bracelet.

    And with my treasures bold
    I give you title to the gold.

  24. Jeremy P. says:

    Scariest three words in the English language:

    “She wants revenge.”

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Jeremy P. Certainly would seem to be. What do you think of the following?:

      Revenge…pay-back…recompense…compensation. We’ve see the word “compensation” in a scrapbook before. Could it possibly mean to pay it forward?

      Gosh, this statement seems to have many possibilities. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      I was just making an observation in a general way related to the concept of revenge. It wasn’t necessarily Chase related. I think we have largely different views of women hell-bent on extracting vengeance. 🙂 I’m not sure how you got “pay it forward” and “solidarity” out of it (generally considered good things). I do kind of get “Catholic” and the “Pope”, but only because I can imagine nuns smacking kids’ hands with rulers at a Catholic school.

      To be honest, I don’t really know what he’s saying here. Ain’t got nothing to do with me. I’m on an adventure. I’m not looking for revenge.

      • litterateOne says:

        Jeremy P.

        Please contact me at seannm@hotmail.com when you have a chance.


      • Jeremy P. says:

        You can do a Guy Fawke’s or Pope’s Day association. A post appears the day before November 5th, talking about revenge. Everyone’s been talking about “V” this week. “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…” V is for Vendetta. I doubt any of this has anything to do with Fenn’s Treasure, but it’s an interesting series of coincidences.

  25. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s “Weekly Words,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. I greatly appreciate it.

  26. Jaz says:

    I like the suggestion of revenge meaning payback (as in thanks) and the words meaning “If the treasure is found in my lifetime, returning the bracelet is the appropriate act of gratitude”. It might be the first step toward “paying it forward” which I feel is one of the values that Forrest is sharing with this treasure hunt. Regardless of the work, cost, and even opposition and naysaying one might have had to endure to attain the chest, it is still a unique historic opportunity that the finder should be grateful for.

  27. Crow says:

    Is this a gold or silver bracelet?

    • JDA says:

      In a word – silver – with 23 turquois beads that were found at Mesa Verde, CO by a Mr. Harvey.

      • Mindy says:

        You mean Richard Wetherill, right?

        • SL says:

          I remember reading an article about it, (bracelet), in an issue of “Earth Magazine.” In 1888 a rancher-turned- Archeologist, Richard Wetherill picked up 22 turquoise beads. He later had the beads fashioned into a bracelet by a Navajo Silversmith. He sold the bracelet to entrepreneur Fred Harvey. (Forrest Fenn later won the bracelet in a billiard game with one of Harvey’s heirs}.

          Chaco Canyon*


          • Passenger says:

            SL — I always thought it was neat that Chaco Canyon is the only place on Fenn’s Map that has an “x” over it. It also may be interesting to some that Barnum Brown discovered the Alamosaurus in the area (one of the most controversial dinosaurs who may have outlasted the mass-extinction period). It also happens to be the area where the Wetherill’s opened a trading post. The area is called De Na Zin…. and it is incredible.


            • JC1117 says:

              That is interesting, Passenger.

              I totally forgot about the Alamosaurus…in spite of my high school paleontology teacher telling all of us students…emphatically…as we left class…on the last day…


              Man…that was a long time ago. I can’t believe I still remember that. :/

              I impress myself sometimes. 🙂

            • SL says:


              Quite incredible, indeed – Might you know if the ‘skull’ of an Alamosaurus has been found as of yet? (Was it massive as has been described?) WOW!!

              I’ve since learned that “Aly” was named after Fort Alamo in Texas.

              Headed to New Mexico’s Museum Row!! Thank you. So much yet to learn!


              • Passenger says:

                JC1117 — Very funny.

                SL – There seems to be many parallels with the area. ‘From there” (Texas?) “No place for the meek” (Alamo?). The original name of the area…. is: Ojo Alamo . The place where the legendary dinosaur bones were found in Ojo Alamo is called Barrel Spring.

                Barrel Spring also has some nice parallels: (“Heavy loads” (barrel, container), “water high” (barrel, wave). And Spring: ” Begin it” (spring, to begin) “where warm waters halt” (spring, warm water underground). Of course this may all be wishful thinking as the area is so fantastic. Google images of Bisti / De Na Zin. It’s like being on Mars. It’s all about 10 miles north of Chaco Canyon… and directly under Fenn’s X.


                • JC1117 says:

                  Wow, Passenger!

                  De Na Zin is a beautiful place. I hope to go there someday. It looks like a great place to escape and listen to the wind.

                  It reminds me of Goblin Valley State Park here in Utah.

                  I’ve had that exact same thought many times about being on the surface of Mars when I’m in that area…especially when you get off the paved road.


                • Passenger says:

                  JC1117 — Yes similar hoodoos to Goblin State park. De Na Zin also sports intensely varied terrain, bizarre perfectly round rocks and petrified trees everywhere. Also sublime alien-world views from the peaks.

                  The best thing however….. is that very few go there. When we were there not another soul could be found for thousands of acres. There are no trails nor another human footprint. You need GPS to get in and out.


                • JC1117 says:

                  Sounds perfect!

                  Thanks, Passenger.

                • SL says:


                  Ojo Alamo. Highly probable that this is, in fact, the general area where the Flyer actually placed the X? – Might not still be ‘visible’, but, many, many things aren’t.

                  A remarkable history, people and place. What I would give to physically journey there!

                  Gotta go my friend. So much more to learn!


      • WiseOne says:

        JDA, It’s 22 beads… found by Richard Wetherill.

      • Sparrow says:

        JDA—I think you mean (22)—see below:

        265 Gold coins, mostly eagles or double eagles
        Lots of placer nuggets from Alaska (two weigh more than a pound each)
        Pre-Columbian gold animal figures (jaguar claw and frog)
        Ancient Chinese human faces carved from jade
        17th century Spanish gold ring with a large emerald found with a metal detector
        Antique ladies gold dragon coat bracelet that contains 254 rubies, six emeralds and two ceylon sapphires and numerous small diamonds.
        Tairona and Sinu Indian necklace from Columbia that contained thirty-nine animal fetishes carved from quartz crystal
        Silver row bracelet with 22 turquoise beads worth only $350 to make but had a lot of importance so much so that he wanted it back.
        Old Mayan gold beads gift from Wolfgang Pogzeba
        Solid gold Pre-Columbian nose rings are very heavy. They must have presented some problems when worn, but beauty sometimes comes with a price

      • Sparrow says:

        That Harvey is a hard guy to track down.

  28. Iron Will says:

    I like JD’s interpretation of this statement referring to getting back at all the people who laughed at his or her ideas, by getting the treasure and showing them how wrong they really were.
    However, I have another alternate theory that might be plausible…
    What if one of the searchers out there has solved the poem and knows the location of the chest? This man or woman perhaps got into a disagreement with Forrest over “ideals”, and felt betrayed. Now what if that person let him know that when he or she retrieved the chest, they might not even let the world know it was ever solved or taken (a way to get revenge)? Perhaps Forrest is saying that this person’s best revenge would be to come forward and show the world that he or she beat him.
    Just one of the many possible meanings I guess. This is purely hypothetical and an opinion on this weekly words. Someone did very brightly point out that if this is from the original year old list then JD’s idea is probably most accurate. The only way to know that would be to ask Jenny, but it matters not to me. My plans are already decided, and revenge or “I told ya so” do not inhabit my ideals.

    • Point Foot says:

      That is an interesting theory Iron Will. I certainly hope that is not true. But if someone has solved it I wonder what would cause them to wait!? Why not just go get it? They would have to have some amazing reason or reasons. I don’t think anybody is in that position but if they were I think they would be praying that the good Lord blinds others to its secret location and that He allows them another window of opportunity if it is in fact meant for them. One thing I can’t grasp though is how a person who has it solved could possibly get into a disagreement with Forrest. And what would have to happen for the person to feel they had been betrayed? The only way that could happen is if serious hints were dropped to help others get closer and move the chase along. I don’t see that happening. Do you?

      • HeadedDown says:

        Just spit balling here. But there was a man who was very close – a long time ago. He could be out for revenge. His revenge could be “not going back”. Probably for some ideal or principle or maybe something simple like an email response from Fenn. Who knows. But it seems revenge is something “you” wants. And this “you” seems to have options – one being giving the bracelet back.

        • HeadedDown says:

          That’s a great theory Iron Will.

          Sorry the first line of my comment didn’t copy over in the above.

        • Point Foot says:

          Well if that person has some principle for not going back I suppose that is their loss and everyone else’s gain… at least a gain of more adventurous treasure hunting trips in our future.

          I think I would be disappointed if someone were to have found it in one, two, three or even eight searches. It simply is that good of a riddle and I think it will require at least nine tries. LOL. How many of us are at that already?! I have heard some are upwards of 60… that is a lot. Where does one find that amount of time?! Ah I remember my days when I was single… I would be out there right now…

          Instead I must plan for parties this month and next. I just laid two patios in the backyard. One for entertaining and one for the little ones’ playhouse. I laugh because my wife has sometimes used the word “Lazy” to describe me. I think sometimes she has has her own dictionary. I tell her you can’t call someone lazy just because they can’t finish your task list… maybe that task list is too big for one person. Never mind my task list…

          Ah well I do look forward to my next search though I do not exactly know when it will take place… it would be nice if I did know exactly where it is… but then again don’t we all know before we go?

          Good luck to all still in the chase.

      • The Wolf says:

        Point Foot – Iron Will is simply referring to himself. That is very obvious.
        However, this begs the question, why revenge? Better yet, how does returning the bracelet, become the best avenue for revenge? Sure one answer is: “I told you so,” if they were subject to peer assignation and this makes the most sense.

        Outside that, assume there is a need to seek out the full benefits of that emotionally charged word. How does returning a bracelet fit the retribution of revenge? The concept is an oxymoron.

        If we forget about why for a moment and just assume there is a reason to seek revenge for reasons other than peer crucifixion, then what would be the best method of revenge? One logical possibility is to let the puzzle master know the full solution, maybe even show him, and him only, a picture of the chest. What is he going to do? He can’t say it has been solved, because he doesn’t know if it has been removed. He can’t reap the benefits of the world knowing how great that puzzle really was. Now doesn’t that seems like a more fitting response to match the word “revenge?”

        Now, that just leaves the big question, why would there need to be a reason for revenge? That is a more interesting question, n’est ce pas?

        • Iron Will says:

          Just one of the many possible meanings I guess. This is purely hypothetical and an opinion on this weekly words. (Edited)
          Point Foot, I cannot answer why or how to you as I was just trying to hash out multiple possibilities of the weekly words. As I said, however, I do like JD’s idea better. Makes more sense than my theory.

          Thanks Headed for the response. 😛

          • lad that you liked my possible reason - JDA says:

            IW – Glad that my idea makes sense to you. JDA

          • The Wolf says:

            Sorry Iron Will I was just stating simple observation. I think you are mistaken I never sent you another email since you sent this to me:
            (“EDITED by Request”)

            But I do see how the word “therapy” is a consistent part of your vocabulary. Anyway no hard feelings but if it makes you feel better, I delayed my appointment with the therapist until next summer, just for you. (that was joke)

            Anyway, I really respect Jenny’s site, so lets just keep this at friendly banter, shall we? (thank you)

    • 46&2 says:

      Wow i like that reasoning Iron Will.
      I thought those words of FF’s sounded kinda like Brer Rabbit saying ” whatever you do, please dont throw me in the briar patch!”

      • Iron Will says:

        Thanks 46&2…
        I try to look at everything at all angles, while others remained “fixated” on their ideas. Spending one or two years focused on one thing or idea, is not healthy for mental growth when it comes to analyzing and solving problems like the poem Forrest has written. But as I stated above, JD mentioned the more plausible idea. We’ve seen people “fixated” (sorry bout the repetitive use…it seems to work here) with two things so far in the Chase:

        1- Searchers are always coming in and claiming they’ve found it. Some even write books, because they think their solution is so important, that they believe the world beyond searchers need to know about it. I’m sure you’ve seen them all floating around out there. One even wanted to sell the public a 9 page pamphlet on Ebay, that would tell you where the treasure is. Hell, even I… 3 months into the Chase… said confidently I had found where the chest was. Probably 75% of the Searcher base is guilty of this.
        2- There is a small percentage of people out there within the blogs that cannot fathom listening to the people in number 1. They have this iconic belief that if they haven’t figured it out, then these others do not have the aptitude to. That and the repetitive “I know where it is..oops I couldn’t find it…guess I was wrong” is proof positive (in their eyes) that any future textually confident newcomer automatically falls into that category, without question.

        Most people can only see the world with three dimensional vision. But if you are able to view life through four dimensions… length, width, depth, and time… you will notice a common theme concerning the 1. and 2. I mentioned above…
        A- People in the old days believed the Earth was flat. That you would fall off it’s edge. Anyone who came along and said, “No I don’t think so, and I’m going to prove it”, were literally laughed out of their career by the enormous group 2. Then a time came when a few scientists independently proved it. And now we have a spherical Earth.
        B- For countless centuries, cavemen didn’t know fire could be made. But little Grog Uggh Bashenstein one morning was rubbing his hands together for warmth and noticed the friction made heat. Something in his mind was better than all the Bashensteins before him, and he was able to evolve that line of thinking into the creation of fire.
        C- Societies were once ravaged by Small Pox. “A plague to end the world!”, “No one can save you, run for the hills!” were common sentiments from everyone. Doctors tried over and over to make a successful vaccine for it and failed. Everyone assumed there was no viable cure. Then one man, Edward Jenner, came along in 1796 and did just that.

        Now I must say I’m sorry for the long winded digression, but it was needed to prove a point of the subject at hand. It doesn’t matter how many come forward saying they know where the chest is. Those people in group 2. should not chastise them. Because sooner or later, Like Monsieur Candy of the movie Django alluded… all it takes is that one in 10,000. And that’s how I sum up these weekly words. Forrest does not belong to group 2. Why? Because I believe he thinks in four dimensions (and maybe five!). He sees that sooner or later, that one in 10,000 is going to come along and tell everyone that he or she solved it and are going to retrieve it. He also knew that they would be ridiculed for their public confidence. So he wrote this set of weekly words for that anonymous one in 10,000 … as a sort of consolation to the insults and a reminder that their actions of bringing an end to the chase would give that person their “revenge”. That or we could all just sit here and rev our engines all day (that was a joke). Anyway, that’s my opinion on JD’s theory and my theory with these weekly words. I hope it didn’t lull you to sleep 😛

        • 46&2 says:

          Whew, Agreed,
          When I first read FF’s words I quickly assumed someone was out to get him, hate when I do that.
          However after a review I Agree with you, FF is telling everyone , hey , quit talking and get out there and find it.. put an end to the number 1’s that are not the 1 in 10,000 and… shoot I jus forgot what you said number 2 was.. hmm think i just fell into the twilight zone.
          Also, FF talks double tongue ( upside down and backwards at times) reaching the various mindsets allowing them to draw a common conclusion or just possibly trying to reach a particular #1 or #2 while keeping the statement broad enough to be accepted by and applied to all, IMHO that is.
          Then again, in reality its all just a guessing game until someone ends the game.

  29. Sparrow says:

    Kind of an interesting side note: there are (8) words in the weekly words today. If you look up the number
    8 from a numerology perspective one of the comments is this:

    “Often, the saying ‘success is the best revenge’ is fitting for this energy (the number 8).”

  30. JC1117 says:

    Hello, All.

    Forrest does it again. lol.

    How can 8 words inspire so many different interpretations? We now know exactly why his poem hasn’t been solved.

    All I can say is, if I was ever to have the bracelet in my hand…I would only be thinking of how quickly I could get it back to Forrest. I have a hard time believing that “revenge” would be a part of that process.

    But then there’s this… 🙂


    So…if revenge is a dish best served cold…and our effort will be worth the cold…then… LOL!

    See? So many interpretations…so little time. 🙂

    Thanks again, Jenny and Forrest.

    • Sparrow says:

      The poem is like a large octopus, using it’s arms to pull in unwtting victims and…

      Oh sorry, there’s the number 8 again.

  31. Duncan says:

    I am wondering where Forrest was the day that Eric sloane died? Does he say in Seventeen dollars a square inch? I haven’t read it.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Duncan. I’m not certain, but March 6, 1985 was a Wednesday. My guess is that he was at his gallery or with clients.

  32. lifesablaze says:

    Rhea left a gift in the cave and time is left with a stone. We cannot escape our fate(s). A single shot can ring through centuries. “Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back. Struck from a great height by someone who should know better than that” – Florence and the Machine

  33. Passenger says:

    “*Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge. f”

    He won’t need you to return the bracelet, he will already have it.

  34. Twingem says:

    What if…you solved it? What if you found the “treasure” cast in the shadows beyond all doubt? What if…

    I’ve been considering the what ifs. Have you? With nothing promised, no reason for revenge. Only healing.

  35. Jacob says:

    I have said in some posts that some family members do not like hearing about my theories anymore. I’ve gone only 4 times, I’m waiting for a specific time for the 5th. Each time I have drove 1200+ miles on thrusday, stayed out west one day, searched the next morning and then drove all the way back to make it to work on Monday morning. And each time I want to go back. I have thought about it deeply, and I don’t want revenge at all… I just want people to believe that there is more to life than the daily grind. To reach for the stars. My uncle is the most skeptical of it. I would love to show him a gold nugget. Lol. Goodnight searchers.

    • Point Foot says:

      Jacob I can most certainly relate. I’ve wondered if I would be further if I’d taken more time in the area as I’ve spent most of my trip times driving as well. One can never know. I say as long as you enjoy it and bring no harm to others then it’s a fine hobby to have. Some people risk their lives climbing the tallest mountains in the world. We just like to hunt this treasure. We are all chasing a dream and as long as we are enjoying ourselves and the journey there is nothing wrong with it. And how can you not enjoy being out in the wilderness. There are far worse hobbies in my humble opinion. I try to make sure I leave time to enjoy the places where I go.

  36. Lia says:

    A game of Marco Polo?

  37. Jonsey1 says:

    Wow. Words aside this is the first time I saw that picture on such a bright screen. (And no worries Jenny, I don’t care where it came from or who posted it haha) what I do notice is the combination of green belt. Blue beads. F also drew a little attention to this in Spallies bracelet. Some people think green turquoise is inferior…revealing itself as more porous over time as it absorbs the oils from its human. Some prize the blue turquoise because it does less of this and is regarded as more ‘pure’….anyhow I won’t babble on and on about turquoise except to say the following: I’m not exactly surprised Fred Harvey excavated all those stones from the same place….at least in the telling….

    • Jonsey1 says:

      And NO Spallies….I’m not knocking your bracelet or calling it inferior lol…personally I thing the history in the green kind makes it a billion times better, and I imaging F thinks so too from what he about it 🙂 I’m just pointing out how its interesting that all these needs would have such getting shades when found as a group.

      • Jonsey1 says:

        Omg. I seriously hate my spell check.

        • HeadedDown says:

          Me 2. And my sarcasm turns into something different. I think I rely too much on verbal cues. What do you think Fenn bet to win it? I mean in your imagination? Cuz who knows. His soul? His Porsche? His plane? A painting? $$$$? An arrow head?

          • jonsey1 says:

            Headed down….I’m not sure of th dynamics whatever bet you’re talking about. I imagine there was a belt buckle involved in spirit from a separate event in life. If I had the bracelet, I’d probably offer to trade it back for the belt, but who knows how receptive F would be to that idea.

            • ACE says:

              No Jonsey please don’t. That cannot end well for either of you. Have you ever heard the song: Pants on the ground.

              • Ramona says:

                That’s pretty funny Ace. I could imagine what your saying but then how do you unsee that?

                • pdenver says:

                  I concur.

                • jonsey1 says:

                  OmG…now you hooligans got the image burned in my head too! Argh. Really though I collect the old Arrowsmith stuff and one book which he and reprinted MANY times over was “The Turquoise” by Pogue (insert explanation for many of my past vague ‘pig in a poque’ references here) anyhow…he goes into great detail about the intricate differences of the shadings and green/blue vs which “turquoise mine” they came from. Im inclined to think on further inspection of the beads maybe there’s one bead from each mine? (I thought there was just one ‘Turquiose Mine’ in new Mexico, but turns out there’s several. So the colors caught my imagination. Depending on which printing of the book you read there’s various color plates that seem to show many of the same variances between them as the bracelet looks. I’m no turquoise expert, but I did read the book in each printing and this pic reminded me of things I’d noticed on the bracelet.

                  I’llp.S. ACE…ill stick to overalls 😉

              • pdenver says:

                Hello ACE. Long time, no see. I thought you were going silent until next year. Nice to see you posting. Just read your response to jonsey1 and I don’t think Mr. Fenn would trade his belt/buckle. It seems it’s a treasured gift. Pants on the ground? You got me curious to hear what the words were. Strange genre. I think jonsey1 is a smart person and knows where you’re coming from.

                • ACE says:

                  It was a song on American Idol. About 3+ years ago. It kinda went viral.
                  Yes I did say I was signing off. I am not searching again until next year. However when I got the boot on dals site thought I would make my presents known here. This post was not to aid just couldn’t resist.

                • Brad Hartliep says:


                  The way I understand it is the Turquoise Beads were found together already shaped and holed – that doesn’t necessarily mean they came from the same mine. They may have been traded for over several years or from different tribes or from different excursions and shaped by the Ancestors for clothing decoration or whatever they used them for .. and the Silversmith had to create a bracelet that they fit into without modifying them ..


      • spalllies says:

        No worries Jamie… I actually bought it in a lot of three Native American turquoise bracelets at an auction. The other two were marked and a nicer quality and I resold them. This one was unmarked so I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it… It wasn’t until after I started the Chase that I was cleaning and found it again… I laughed that I had a turquoise flutterby… I thought it was pretty cool so I put it on and have worn it ever since… The poor thing is pretty beat up but I like it even more now that I know more about it and where it might be from… thanks Forrest…

  38. HeadedDown says:

    Didn’t even get a full day. 🙁 onwards to the counterfeit pennies.

  39. Geoff Idaho says:

    To me, *Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge. f”, sounds like a word play on the adage, “Living well is the best revenge.” (As if the searcher, who returns the bracelet to F, might well be living well.)
    Perhaps there is also a dual meaning; perhaps this is another subtle reference to a pirate.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  40. HeadedDown says:

    Better hurry. Times a ticking. Get it on his wrist and take your greatest revenge. What? It’s about fun. Excitement. Exploring. Getting out there. Revenge. No way.

    • HeadedDown says:

      You hear the crocodile getting closer? Tick tock. Tick tock. 🙂 sorry. Lol.

      • HeadedDown says:

        Does the blaze wink? You never intend to mislead searchers. Im bold. And could give a s. 🙂

        • HeadedDown says:

          What you say, Sir? She posted. I believe it. Why would she say something not true? She’s cool. Honest and fair. Its bs that she posted it and not read it. Like Me. I read her post about it. Who’s that guy from before Probably not involved anymore. A huge duck. And definitely not out for revenge in any way. Least of all the greatest of revenge. 🙂

  41. ROLL TIDE says:

    Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge.

    Could just be saying returning the bracelet to him would be the best proof that the chest has been found, seeing that “revenge” and “proof” are synonymous.

    But the use of the word revenge would still imply that there’s a double meaning here.

    • HeadedDown says:

      Revenge is an unique word. It requires a past event to have occurred. Where you lost. 🙂 lol. Now you about to win. Tick tock. But I’m just messing. I got no idea. These are excellent words.

  42. Sparrow says:

    You know what I truly find intriguing? That with all the gold that’s in the chest Forrest wants something silver returned to him. I know, it could have great sentimental value to him, but I think there is more to it than that. I really do.

    It could hold special value because of who made it. There is just something about that bracelet that might be the key to everything. Is it possible that the bracelet is with the treasure, but not necessarily in the chest? I’ve got to be think more but about that.

    • HeadedDown says:

      You read the book? What he bet for it. What he got that he likes? Just as much? Or was it a raise? What you think?

      • HeadedDown says:

        It was a raise. 🙂

        • HeadedDown says:

          Just guessing. It could have been a call. Or just another aberration. And completely false except for a lil bit. Not sure if that is spelled right. 🙂 po folk and all.

      • Sparrow says:

        Headeddown— No. I have never read either book. I have only read the poem and a lot blog things. As Mindy mentions below, I read a question to Forrest where he is asked if any bronze items are in the chest. He says “no”, not even anything silver. However, the person is asking about “animals” so it is possible that Forrest’s response is addressing animals in the chest.

        But, I have often wondered if the bracelet has special significance— more than just sentimental value. Indians often “traded”. Does one “trade” the bracelet for the chest once it’s found? Maybe it isn’t in the chest, but is the first thing you find that leads you to the chest. Just a thought.

    • Brad Hartliep says:

      Growing up in Arizona, I’ve been collecting Turquoise and Silver Jewelry since I was 11. I’ve had dozens of rings bracelets, necklaces, belt buckles, and, yes, even Bolo Ties – I LOVE Turquoise and Silver. I think it’s some of the most beautiful jewelry ever created – as long as it’s not highly polished and encased in Urethane, like most modern Turquoise .. Before I went in the Air Force I wore it everyday of my life – that was about 8 years – I couldn’t wear it for 25 years because I worked on Airplanes and it was too dangerous. So I wore Zero Jewelry until about two years ago. I love it better than Gold. Forrest has had the bracelet since .. 1965 .. He wears his belt buckle in almost every photo – He probably wore that Bracelet everyday for 45 years .. I’d want it back too – and I’d take it over gold any day ..


  43. HeadedDown says:

    Why ain’t none say nothing? He wants his bracelet back. It be revenge for the emotionally invested. Right? Connecting shit. Go get it. Put it on his wrist and smile. Mother lover smile. 🙂 positive.

    • HeadedDown says:

      And like sparrow said. That’s silver. Silver? It ain’t gold. There be gold the size of a henn’s egg. That be gold. Why? What He bet? What you think? Betting. Lost it in a game. Outwit PHDs with a smile. So what does that mean?

  44. Snider says:

    The question is ?????
    Who is after revenge?????
    The porcupine, or the man that kicked him????
    My revenge will be served when i pack indulgence out of that canyon.
    My satisfaction will be returning that bracelet to Mr. Fenn.

    • HeadedDown says:

      Exactly. I wish you all the luck. Do it. Stop waiting. 86 years old. It’s time. Good luck to all those still searching. You can do it.

      • HeadedDown says:

        Why you no respond? It’s uncomfortable. Every one knows you up late. I’ll do this till I sleep. Or till Jenny moderates my comments. I apologize in advance Jenny. But revenge is an emtionally charged word. 🙂 Or just nothing. Idk. But demonstrated to be unique. Look up. Revenge. Sinister. What? This is fun. Lol. No revenge.

        • HeadedDown says:

          Yellow. Yellow Yellow.

          • HeadedDown says:

            Belly. Belly. Belly. Ruin my night sir. I’m classless. And cluless. A low brow. 🙂 so does it wink? Sir. Tick tock Tick tock.

        • Ramona says:

          Who you talking to? All of the above posts make me reconsider what I thought I knew about revenge. I always thought revenge was negative but maybe not necessarily so? No thoughts of revenge here but would sure like to see that bracelet on Forrest’s wrist.

          • HeadedDown says:

            Exactly no revenge here. So it’s not our best revenge. Right? Just trying to figure who F is talking to. Who would say yes and then want that to be his/her best revenge. Positive. Right?. And if the blaze winks. 🙂 sorry. I’m selfish.

            • HeadedDown says:

              And I’m talking to F. He actually reads these posts. Maybe. Trying to bait him to have an emotionally charged reaction. He is a human. 🙂

              • HeadedDown says:

                Excuse me. I mean He’s a God among men and women. A patient saint. A genius. A sophisticated eccentric millionaire with an idea. And the balls to do it.

                • HeadedDown says:

                  And you should think revenge is positive. Everyone should. Seek revenge cuz it’s positive. Especially your best revenge. I agree.

  45. HeadedDown says:

    Whole heartedly. 🙂

  46. HeadedDown says:

    He wants his bracelet back. The one he won in a game. A game he bet in. When an “underdog” destroyed a blue blood. And he’s telling us. It will be our best revenge When he gets it back. Maybe? Hey. You middle lower or upper class? To no body. 🙂

    • Point Foot says:

      Hmm… I for one like to think that in one sense I’m classless. I don’t believe in boundaries. There are all types of people and the richness of one’s life and inner soal is often not correlated with the thickness of one’s wallet. I subscribe to the American dream. This is a country that rewards risk takers and allows anyone who can dream to take risks and potentially reap big rewards. I laughed when I saw the articles about expensive cars being abandoned at the airport in Dubai during the last economic melt down. Some countries put you in debtor prison when you borrow and fail and owe. We are blessed to live in the U.S.A. Maybe it’s that I aspire to be able to transcend classes. A dream of mine since being a child is to reach financial independence. One way or another I’m chasing that dream. Though I’m not there I remember to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the memories along the way.

      So what class am I? I’m part of the best class. A class of treasure seekers following a poem written by a master game maker who wants us all to aspire to seek greater things in this gift of life we have all been blessed with.

  47. HeadedDown says:

    Please ignore all my comments. Mr. Fenn’s message is positive. When you find his chest and return his bracelet, all the naysayers will be victims of revenge. Those bastatds. It has nothing to do with anything that i posted. Sorry for the onslaught of comments. And good luck.

    • Point Foot says:

      Hmm an interesting string of comments. I’ve been out of pocket so I’m just now catching up.

      My wife asked me just before 10 pm west coast time if I and the little ones (6 and 9) wanted to go see the late showing of the latest Marvel movie Doctor Strange with our neighbors. Now my kids are home schooled so their schedule interestingly is different than most kids. They stay up late. I’ve also properly trained them to love super hero movies like any good dad would. But more importantly what husband would say no when the wife asks to go see a super hero movie? When that happens you just jump and say yes! I have to say it was a great movie! The wife and and the neighbor’s wife both enjoyed it. And our two little ones loved it. So go see it! And take the wife it you can convince her to go…

      HeadedDown I’m not sure what you are trying to bait… all you need is in the poem and maybe the books. Any other hints Forrest might provide could just as easily lead you astray as leading you closer…

      Why do some here think someone has sent him a photo of something really important? Isn’t this post of weekly words from the list?

      It seems to me it might simply be a post keeping us engaged. And I for one look forward to that each week.

  48. Mindy says:

    On an early featured question (or it might have been a 6 questions installment), you said there was no silver in the chest. Did you forget about the bracelet when you made that comment?

  49. astree says:

    rev enge
    reverse engineer


    • spalllies says:

      Or… “NEVER GE”… Google Earth… But he said GE is a good resource… or was that… AND/OR GE… DARN EGO… lol… I need more coffee 🙂

  50. lorna says:

    I called him and he told me to email him and gave me his gmail address, so I did and he still hasn’t responded. 😔

    • Strawshadow says:

      Mr. Fenn gets thousands of emails and probably hundreds of phone calls. He is probably a little tired and weak from all he does. Probably the most appreciated correspondence would be a simple “Thank You”

  51. lorna says:

    If one doesn’t want to be called, then why list your number in the Santa fe phone book.

  52. lorna says:

    He always calls me Sir and laughs when I correct him. 😭

  53. Kim says:

    Hi! Does anyone have a copy of Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch I could borrow? I don’t want to purchase it- my bookcases are overflowing! If someone could send it to me, I will send it back with my favorite book. Email me at Viaverdepublish@gmail.com. Thank you and love !

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Kim.

      You can borrow mine. It’s a beautiful book…and a loving tribute. I’ll email you.

    • Strawshadow says:

      I also sent you an email, disregard it when you receive it. JC1117 already has you covered, you will LOVE the tribute. Who knows when you will get it, my email, I Sprint through life and many times my emails show up WEEKS late.

    • jonsey1 says:

      Kim- I might recommend if you enjoy Sloane books you read “Legacy” it’s available in many libraries and is about Eric’s idea of a treasure hunt when he passed. It was my favorite book of his, and gave me hints to the beginning to my solution and where I searched…..I think you’ll enjoy it for sure.

  54. The Wolf says:

    The use of revenge, I assume has the intent of invoking an emotional response. Since this is a treasure hunt/puzzle the initial response is as predicted and it may have some relevance, but if the sleight of hand is in use as I have often theorized, then there is a more likely subtle hint that pays a much larger research dividend.

    Using the “listen good” principle, “revenge” can be heard as “rev eng”. Which could be understood as “rev engine.” Now we know Mr. Fenn uses the car theme a lot. So what is require to rev and engine. While others are on the tangent of understanding the emotional response, let put the “petal” to the metal. Lets say “Farewell to Arms” and look to human mechanism that revs that engine…

    • Strawshadow says:

      Your insights are always enlightening. Just when I was visualizing fish splashing in Zuang, and ready to uncork a ruby bobber, you come to the rescue with a heavy footed notion. If fractional numerals have any play in the mix then count me in. Like a young child flipping letters, I’m on board.

      • Iron Will says:

        Have you done any prospecting after Fenboree Straw?

        • Strawshadow says:

          Everyday Iron Will, after that warm reception at Fennbore I couldn’t keep my mind off of it. I’ll be the first to admit I might not be the “best prospector” but I do manage to garner a few every now and then and not all are flakes. This time of year, in the darkest canyons, its necessary to wear rubber gloves when shaking your cradle. If you ask me where I’ll probably just saw somewhere “wet” and, if you can figure that out, you know where I keep my secret. You gotta love it though, like driving a Bugatti, theres no question where you’ll end up. Can’t wait to share a piss with those dinky die folks somewhere beyond Burke though. Cheers and keep it air tight, if you catch my drift.

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Wolf ,
      Very thought-provoking post. I believe slight-of-hand is in play most of the time. Can’t convince myself otherwise.
      Back in the day, we used to rev the engine to Warm it up.
      Put the pedal to the metal? Step on it. Get the lead out.
      A human mechanism that revs the engine? Back when I was a young buck, a tempting nature always did that for me . . .

      • The Wolf says:

        Thanks guys, I am glad that I have some company in this line of thinking. Hopefully that will inspire some more similar thinking posts.

        • jonsey1 says:

          You mean like a gasket, wolf? I was trying to remember what happened to India..i mean, she certainly didn’t speed away in her brand new Bugatti, back then at least…



          noun: gasket; plural noun: gaskets


          a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surfaces in an engine or other device.


          a cord securing a furled sail to the yard, boom, or gaff of a sailing vessel.

          early 17th century (sense 2): perhaps from French garcette ‘thin rope’ (originally ‘little girl’), diminutive of garce, feminine of gars ‘boy.’

          #TLGFIISREAL ©jparnell

          • The Wolf says:

            I guess if you rev the engine too high, it may blow a gasket. 😉
            Interesting connection Jonesy – That Little Girl from India certainly has blown a few searchers away – hasn’t she? Why did Jenny ever bring her into this anyway?

            • Jonsey1 says:

              I wonder the same. Who knows…maybe TLGFI was visiting jenny or F or filming a documentary about her experiences finding the chest… like a ‘slumdog millionaire type venture while everyone thought she was in India so when the stories just kept getting better and better they just kept on filming as they were having fun watching everyone’s imaginations (used as definition of “thought”) run wild? I don’t have a clue really….but certainly seems there is comedic irony somewhere between authors and readers and her story gets better and better, to me at least. Hopefully, whatever it was, it will all come out in the laundry one day and everyone can laugh together. Even the Indians. Lol.

              • Jonsey1 says:

                I guess I just mean if she was “from” india, that doesn’t mean she was “in India”…same as if she was “in New Mexico, or Colorado” she probably was not “in India” whether or not she was “from” there…although only the people that were with her in New Mexico or Colorado would know for sure. Maybe some people find the nuances of confirmation bias and the extreme places it takes people hilarious. I certainly do….how does one even attempt to take their eyes of a show like that…it’s like a gasket that’s blowing itself! ….probably why she prefers to drive Bugattis with the simplicity of a few lock tight safety wires and a clean engine.

    • The Wolf says:

      Speaking of “farewell to arms”, did anyone see Mindy’s discovery of the photoshopped arms in TTOTC?

      • Evan says:

        I think noting what’s been photoshopped and in what’s was put in drawings in ‘The Thrill” has been going on for years. The rest of us don’t broadcast what we’ve found in there. That’s another nice one for all of us to add to our collection. Thanks.

        • The Wolf says:

          Amazing how the cat is out of the bag- that everyone has been able to keep it so hush hush for so long. Yes there are many more I agree, but seeing as it is now out in the open, I thought more talk is in order. Any ideas why Mr Fenn decided to show his hand?

          • The Wolf says:

            Presbty released some beauties today. First to post is first to get credit – so hats off to those two for their discoveries

            • The Wolf says:

              Kind of a thumb in the face to the poem purists don’t you think?

            • Presby says:

              Thanks Wolf. Would like to post more but Admin on Chase Chat is preventing me.

              I will tell you Mindy is not correct in her response. There is no Midas,, there is no woman with a child. I will tell you there is a crying woman. Though not in the photos on the dust jacket.

              Look very carefully at several of the last few photos on Jenny’s. You will find some intials there. Along with Fenn’s and not HA, for Hawaii.

              • Presby says:

                HA is there in there for another reason. No relationship to Hawaii.

              • pdenver says:

                Hello Presby. It is interesting that there is a problem posting at the other website. In regards to Jenny’s site, she has chosen the photos, not Mr. Fenn. I appreciate the information you are willing to share with others.

                • Presby says:

                  She has. And they have been sent to Fenn to approve. And while in the chambers of Dumberdorf, who knows what magic may be wrought?

                • Presby says:

                  No sorry it is HA in and some initials not S.

                  Really hard to see. But those initials appear in other photos on Jenny’s. If you look for them, you will see.hotmai.com

                • Iron Will says:

                  I’m just letting you know it’s not photo shopped. It’s a real etched quote in the rock face at those falls, and it DOES say HAS along with what appears to be AST . The “T” is not 100% identifiable but the rest are. Sorry if it bursts your bubble on some initials theory you might have had, but truth is always a good thing in the end.

              • Presby says:

                And many, many other images.

                • Presby says:

                  You know what Iron Will? Every f in thing you say is right. The rock really has an etched surface and there is no Photoshopping. It does say HAS and AST. My bubble is completely burst. I can say no more. The truth is insurmountable in the end, isn;t it? I see the truth at last and have to thank you for it.

                  God love ya.

              • The Wolf says:

                That is the trouble with these subtle clues. Sometimes we look to hard to find something and there is something more obvious and better right beside you but your heads in the weeds.
                I think you and Mindy should sort things out, I would love to hear all the goodies the both of you can come up with and debate the relevance in a nice tone. With that said, I sure would like to see that crying woman though…

                • Presby says:

                  That will not be possible with Mindy. I guarantee you, with your intellect, you will figure out why that could never be with anyone, very soon.

                  The crying woman? Look into Fenn’s chest of late. You’ll see also the Hopi Pied Piper, as well.

                • The Wolf says:

                  Ok I got it thank Presby – that was pretty good, ok excellent. ok perfect! Well done!

              • ROLL TIDE says:

                Presby ,
                The abbreviation for Hawaii is HI, not HA.
                Not that it matters much to me, as I don’t know where you are going with this.

                • Presby says:

                  Thanks, Roll Tide, I’m aware. It was another poster that thought the HA was a clue for Hawaii, I think they knew that was not th abbreviation as well. I countered HA has nothing to do with Hawaii in any regard.

  55. Gene says:

    If you did give one more clue so that I can go straight to it, will it be out of my hands? I got to thinking about that statement the last several weeks. If I am brave and in the wood, I think I know what I am looking at in that last painting. It’s whats not there that is important. Now I shall go back to the second stanza. I think I see the twist in the poem and in a photo I took.

  56. lorna says:

    You can’t find it or figure it out, from anywhere but here.

  57. lorna says:

    The tittle to the gold, is the 9th and it comes with a lot of hiking, you can’t find it on a map or on Google earth, nor in a book.

  58. lorna says:

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    He wants us here, he wants us to see the beauty of New Mexico, turn off the boob tube and get outdoors.

  59. lorna says:

    It does not end with “tittle to the gold”, it ends with, “As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold,”. Only there does he have the treasure, in hand. I have the tittle and still I have no gold, but I will.

  60. lorna says:

    “There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.” so could that mean it’s in close proximity?

  61. astree says:

    Put his name and the bracelet on a rail fence and get a true, and funny, statement.

  62. ACE says:

    To Voxpops:
    Thanks for your adventure on dals site. As you may not know I have been booted or nuked if you will. Looks to me like the buzzards must have got there before you and pick it clean.

  63. ACE says:

    You will find the answers where imagination is needed and need imagination where the answers are found. AIMO

  64. ACE says:

    To Voxpops:
    I am never one to give anyone a hard time but as for your solve… COME ON VOX! Tire tread and petrified feces. I only express my frustration to you because I have followed your posts for 8 mths now. I was always intrigued by you because of your confident statements. Mostly where you claim you found the way to tap into the poem. To understand it’s purpose. Now I’m gathering that your taping is some type of gps coordinates. This is how you tapped into the poem and don’t want lurkers to get ahold of??? All you need is the poem, a good map, and TTOTC would be wise. Now truly ask yourself HOW do you get coordinates out of the poem? Reboot my friend and you and all take my next post to heart. This is a post I sent to Joe Sparrow on “Share your treasure story” at the bottom of this page. Hopefully it will IMO help understand the texture needed to get started. However, I will not discuss my solve so please don’t ask.

    • Dave822 says:


      It is quite sad that Poop and old tire fragment are getting this much attention . Those that are trying to make coordinates out of the poem are not the Ones chosen to see the masters work.

      Seems to me 99% of the searchers keep trying to make it fit anyone they can. Like round peg square hole.!

      P.S. This is a Masterpiece that has attracted many finger painters


  65. ACE says:

    Well Joe thanks for your post. To me solvable indeed. Let me lend you a hand. Let’s give the analogy that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What I mean here is compare the poem and treasure to Forrest himself. Also take his book TTOTC. He states that he has sprinkled information hints in the book. Have you ever tried reading a book in the rain or even a light sprinkle? The pages would bleed with information. Now take all the information you can why Forrest did this and now how is it possible that he would want or be able to take his treasure to the other side. It is a map to the treasure. To me don’t think of Forrest and what he has done from childhood on. Think of him as an archaeologist and an adventurer but still contains that childlike imagination. He has discovered something and he wants someone who can understand him and why he might have done it to seek out this magnificent wonderful place that he has found. Of course AIMO and good luck to you sir.

  66. Dave822 says:

    I posted a few times over at dals, then I was unable to post another thing W.T.H….???

    • ACE says:

      I cannot recall your post David. I believe I was booted do to one of my posts that captain if the cool kids seemed unworthy and offensive. No worries though I have no more need to be there. Maybe you can email dal direct and something can be done so you can post there. I do not know what it is though.

  67. Chesney says:

    Perhaps we shall all stop “drawing straws”, and get back to “The Thrill of the Chase”? Sounds like a lot of people think that they know where Indulgence is, but Mr. Fenn has not announced it has been found… With all due respect, keep searching! 😀

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Chesney ,
      With all due respect, if none of us thought we might know where Indulgence is, then none of us would be out searching, now would we ? Just because f hasn’t announced it has been found, doesn’t mean that we can’t think we might know where it is. Your statement somewhat cancels itself out, if you think about it.
      The fact that he hasn’t made such an announcement, would seem to give us all the more reason to hope and believe that we might indeed, know where it is at.

      So again, with all due respect, we are all big boys and girls here, I’m pretty sure we will be just fine.

  68. ACE says:

    I was not poking fun at all at Voxpops. It is just that I have followed his stories for a long time now with him keeping his secret of how he was able to crack the poem. Now that he has released a bit of his info I was just personally disappointed to find it was coordinates. To my understanding he is a very successful businessman in a faraway country that has traveled here in the belief that he is correct( he originally started his search while living here in the US). I just cannot fathom his reasoning why he thinks a piece of tire and the other stuff could be one of the clues. I have seen some of his previous posts and know that he is not in my search area but I was still very intrigued of how he felt he found a way into the poem. I have tried to follow many of searchers stories regardless of whether I feel their theories are correct or not. JD, Jake Faulkner, Cynthia, E.C. Waters(brilliant by the way) , and others. To me each story is a representation of the masterful artistic design of the creator. I also feel this is a big reason why Forrest reads our posts, aside from getting a kick out of beating us at his own game. Lol.
    As for me and my story… my solve is complete my footprints are fading and my bleeding heart has run dry. Goodbye!

  69. lifesablaze says:

    Playing with the word revenge: Enge meanings – A German word. In stretto it is the crowding of answer upon subject near the end of a fugue. In an opera or oratorio, a coda, or winding up, in an accelerated time. To further the definition: Stretto – a section at the end of a fugue in which successive introductions of the theme follow at shorter intervals than before, increasing the sense of excitement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stretto

    Also, for those who are restless – Enge Nimmadhi – Where is peace of mind?

  70. JDA says:

    Tomorrow is Friday, a new day, a new tidbit. Can hardly wait. JDA

    • pdenver says:

      I’m curious what his words will be, too. I’m like a child on Christmas Eve. 🙂

      • JC1117 says:

        Well said, DPenver.

        I think a lot of kids…from one to ninety-two…will find it hard to sleep tonight.

        I just hope to wake in the morning and find Cole in my stocking…


        ..like a CD of Cole’s Greatest Hits. 🙂

        I hope you All enjoyed the fire. I found it very relaxing.


        • pdenver says:

          Christmas music already? Actually, my youngest son pulled up a Christmas song from his cell phone this evening; some kind of program he listens to. It won’t be long before the local radio station switches to all Christmas. They do it several days before Thanksgiving. It’s Denver’s station KOSI 101. The video of the fireplace was really nice, JC1117. The other video I’ve never heard of, but, thank you for posting it.

  71. Strawshadow says:

    What are you waiting for?……TGIWW

    • pdenver says:

      To whom do you speak, Strawshadow?

      • Strawshadow says:

        The ridgeback is waiting for the lion that’s stalking the hare who’s barking up the wrong tree.

        • pdenver says:

          Gosh Strawshadow, I’ve been rereading your comment and I cannot figure out what you are trying to say. I know you’re trying to say something, but I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.

          • Strawshadow says:

            Thank Goodness Its Weekly Words. If thats what your waiting for pdenver:)

            My picture of the Rhodesian Ridgeback hound( Lion hunting dog) hanging around trespassing on Lia’s fence was waiting for a lion who was waiting for a hare. The moral of the story, if you read between the lions (the lion and the hare) is “Wisdom can win might”.
            And if that doesn’t make sense visit Ramona, she’s a blast, and been pufffing and exhaling some powerful stuff:)

    • lia says:

      Straw, I’m waiting for you to quit hanging on my fence and chase the bunny rabbit in our yard. Seriously, that sure looks like my fence and tree. :-).

    • Ramona says:

      Yes, holding my breath from excitement just like every week. Question is will the weekly words trigger a slow exhale, intermittent puffs, or a forceful blast.

    • Point Foot says:

      I was at Disneyland for my daughters birthday yesterday and I saw a quote that stood out near the soarin’ ride.

      “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

      I love that. It really speaks to how I have felt after my trips. I think that likely speaks to a lot of others on the forum.

      I’m looking forward to my next trip for sure… though I’m still not sure when I get to chase that rabbit again…

  72. overt-trover says:

    I am interested to know why Forrest Fenn mentions that the row bracelet is in the chest in his book and in interviews but when asked in one of your Q&A’s with him from a woman called Carolyn in 2014 in which she asked if there were any bronze items in the chest he replied No! and no silver either I wanted it to be all gold. Has no one ever picked up on this?

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