Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for December 30th, 2016

thrill of the chase forrest fennA complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 


Weekly words for December 30th, 2016 are as follows:

*If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!



There was an edit to the words from the following:

*If you wear a smile to the treasure you may wear a grin going home. f

Posted in comments below:

Hi all,
I apologize for the change this morning with weekly words. As many of you know, Forrest had supplied me with a list over a year ago from which I’ve been taking from.

The words posted ‘first’ today (for like 1 minute…:)) were from this list, but I usually send them to him and ask for confirmation if they are still ‘ok’. As some saw, I posted the original and not the ‘desired edit’ from since writing the words over a year ago.

No intended secrecy or hidden meaning…..just a simple mistake on my part.

I’ll take this as my place, since it is the end of the Year, to be also the end of Weekly Words……

thanks all…. Sorry again,

It’s time for something new and different anyway……! 🙂   Happy New Year ALL!  The 2017 Year is going be more awesome!



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277 Responses

  1. Mindy says:

    First! 🙂

    What’s up with these words?

    Online etymology dictionary:

    Old English grennian “show the teeth” (in pain or anger), common Germanic (cognates: Old Norse grenja “to howl,” grina “to grin;” Dutch grienen “to whine;” German greinen “to cry”), from PIE root *ghrei- “be open.” Sense of “bare the teeth in a broad smile” is late 15c., perhaps via the notion of “forced or unnatural smile.”

    So, we’ll be smiling on the way there, and crying from anger on the way home?

    • Milan says:

      Thank you Mr. Fenn and Jenny.

      Mindy: I think almost anything related to the Chase can be twisted from the original, intended meaning into something more sinister. However, I choose to believe that Mr. Fenn intended only the good meaning of the words “wear a grin” as in: grin (noun) 1. a broad smile.

      I’m very excited to take my family into the mountains again this year and capture photos and videos of this “broad smile” that will appear on my kids’ faces. Then I can share these photos and videos with all of you at the FennBoree 2017!



    • DelaYah says:

      Maybe you have to do one last thing to get the “treasure chest”.?

  2. pdenver says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn for this week’s “Weekly Words”. Among others, I, too, would love to do this.

  3. Daniel A says:

    Grin and bear it…’it’ being the box of goodies. Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn!

  4. astree says:

    These words provide us with how to grin and end the year. Thanks Forrest and Jenny.

  5. astree says:

    There’s a ring in the chest ?

  6. LitterateOne says:

    “Roger that, over and out.”

  7. Bailey says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Have a great new year everybody!

  8. ClueMaster says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr Fenn for all the weekly words in 2016. I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring.
    Happy New Year to all.

  9. Iron will says:

    It sure gets lonely being one of the few cats that understands his words 🙁

  10. The Wolf says:

    Just like Forrest (Gump) to wear a smile and get a grin

  11. Jake Faulker says:

    The wise owl will be grinning for thousands of years.

  12. JC1117 says:

    Hello, All.

    It’s great to see another collection of Weekly Words.

    “…you will wear a grin going home.”

    I also noticed the accompanying picture.

    Is that grin kinda like the one on the ches(t)shire cat? 🙂


    Thanks again, Forrest and Jenny. Always a pleaser.

    • ACE says:

      My first thought as well. I think Jenny is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland she has used photos from it or similar to it more than once.
      Forrest has us all under his spell.
      As for the grin, to me is the looming question What now? Plus if you have also done a tired, you would be too exhausted to put on your best smile.

  13. WiseOne says:

    Yes, JC that’s what I thought about also… Alice and Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat.
    It also takes me back to SB 115. Brad Pitt and Forrest smiling/grinning… Toothbrushes in the dish washer.
    I’m always curious/suspicious about the pictures selected to go the WW’s.
    A smile is an expression of happiness. A grin is an expression of self satisfaction.
    This one depicts a double grin…Two will be satisfied going home… 😀

  14. DPT says:

    Tacit knowledge going there and howling and snarling going home. Snarl , now that’s an interesting word.

    Umbrella smile back at ya Forrest and Jenny. 🙂 Thanks

  15. Sparrow says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny. I forgot it was Friday (lol) and saw the new words. Always
    appreciate them.

  16. SL says:

    Iron Will,

    Wireless signal transmission ~



  17. E.C. Waters says:

    Tooth of Time, NM.

    • Iron Will says:

      relating to tooth… I got dry socket (lack of any bloodclot when pulled…. been hating life the last 8 days 🙁 )

      • Friend says:

        It may help if you take a small tissue and soak it in clove oil and place it in the empty socket.
        Quick relief…..

        • Iron Will says:

          Yeah I read about that clove oil yesterday, but there seems to be a consensus that it can permanently damage your nerves If you put too much on the spot for too long. It’s ok though, I’m a bout 1 or 2 days from it sealing up, and I’ll be find then. Thank you for the advice though.

  18. ACE says:

    Happy New Years!
    Good luck to everyone. This is my final post. Wishing everyone the best.
    Pd, Jeremy P, JD, Voxpops, E.C, yes even Jake, and many others thanks for all your efforts and insight it truly has been a thrill.

    • JDA says:

      Sorry to saee you go Ace. Enjoy whatever is your next endeavor. TRY to STAY SAFE – and Happy New Year – JDA

    • pdenver says:

      Gosh ACE, hope it’s only your last post for 2016 and we’ll see you continue in the Chase in 2017. Reading your thoughts you’ve shared with us has been enjoyable. Whichever path you take, I wish you the best.

    • JDA says:

      I, for one, am saddened that there will be no more Weekly Words.

      We know the opera must end, but it always saddens us. If we give
      Forrest a standing ovation, we can hope for one or two last bows.


    • Jake Faulker says:

      Thanks ACE,
      That means a lot to me.
      For whatever reason this is your final post, I hope that others here did not influence this decision.

  19. Sometimes,mr.forrest,i think you are talking about nothing but art.brush.touch.pallette. canvas.so much words you give pertain to art.i see where Douglas preston is coming to the collected works book store. Is he your dobelganger. in general those douglas you like,mcauthor/author, writers.eric (America )sloane.united (with my) states (title) of America (eric).painter.on that white canvas,gotta use white gesso.why oh me (wy.girl,i hobbit from place to place.as always.haven’t fell in the toilet but once,and got my tush wet
    Haha.true.happy new year to all of you great people. may this coming year be good to us all.

    • SL says:

      Virginia diane, arvada,

      Arvada isn’t too far from Colorado Springs area(S), and Battle Mountain,Victor and St. Elmo? – I think that’s awesome!

      Happy New Year.


  20. Fenngshui says:

    This reminds me of the old saying, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” 🙂

  21. DPT says:

    I like the Jokers grin as well.

  22. Friend says:

    I like this one Forrest, very clever and super funny; that’s if I am interpreting this right….
    No wearing for me.

  23. The Wolf says:

    …smile at an ugly girl and the grin is real. Ring or grin in the new year.

    • JC1117 says:

      Good one, Wolf.

      With the intent to grin in the new year…(instead of crying)…I noticed this book for sale after doing a Google search for “lord of the grins”.

      Sure enough…somebody already thought of it. 🙂


      “Sourone, the Dank lord of Bad-Odour, is on a mission to reclaim his lost nose ring from his Goth days. To prevent this, stage magician and estate agent, The Grand Alf, enlists the help of several half-witted Halfbits, a drunken Elf, a smelly Dwarf with a fake beard, and two men with the intellect of a single shop dummy between them. No wonder people are fleeing to the Uncrying Lands.”

      Some peoples’ kids. :/

      Laugh or cry, man. Laugh or cry. …or grin.

      And Happy New Year, Everyone!

      With any luck you’ll find yourself at someone else’s party…so you can’t cry…even if you want to.

  24. Strawshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Spot on, once again, smiling with a silly grin. Mr. Fenn your one cool cat! Reminds me of you sporting your aviators with a double digit catch. Best polish those ivories and be ready for a strike. The F pendelm just keeps on rockin. Happy New Years to all those who search from the heart.

  25. SL says:


    I like the reality of your “Quote of the Week.”

    A happy and blessed New Year to you and yours,


  26. Jdiggins says:

    Thank you Jenny, thank you forrest. Happy New YEAR (not years 🙂 , one at a time, please).
    *If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f

    Sure is a lot about you will!
    Now, back to that calendar in a flash…
    Dang it if I can’t get it will, I feel pretty dumb.
    I wonder if Jordan and Cassidy know…

  27. randawg says:

    Ahhh, FF demonstrating once again that some words can have similar yet different meanings! (Much to our chagrin!)
    Happy new year Mr Fenn and Mrs Kile!


  28. Diggin gypsy says:

    Its because we can solve it at home where we smile all the way to it then we grin after we find it because our cheeks hurt from smiling 😜🤗😛😬😱

  29. Diggin gypsy says:

    Wow i thought a grin was showing no teeth Now i am more confused isnt a grin less than a smile Back to definitions hahah

  30. Kpro says:

    Thanks Jenny, were this words changed at all today? Some have different versions of today’s words? Thanks again!

  31. BW says:

    Is Mr. Fenn telling us to be happy and smile all the time in the coming new year? Will anybody know if it is the right spot before they get there? I don’t think so and you can’t undo the walk; therefore if you didn’t smile walking in and you did have the correct spot, you can’t grin walking out……..so we need to smile all the time! Happy New Year everyone!!

  32. Point Foot says:

    I definitely see the hidden message in there. Thank you Forrest and Jenny! Wishing all a Happy New Year!

  33. Jonsey1 says:

    In like a lion, out like a Barracuda?!?!!

    So confusing. At least we know one thing for sure, finally. He’s NOT anticipating a Blobfish.

    • Jonsey1 says:

      ..Then again if one is wearing whiskers they can probably smile and grin simultaneously….I reckon it’d be hard not to.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      Kacir is confusing, if not mirrored, in Indonesia (Malay). Poor homely blobfish.

      • Jonsey1 says:

        Malay…malay….I’m not sure I am hearing what your saying. Maybe just my Kacir.a.ff.phobia acting up and twisting everything around. (?)

        • E.C. Waters says:

          I hypothesize multi-lingualism is part of his puzzle. I believe he mentions multiple countries and languages in his “stories” for more than just story-ism. Otherwise, why bother mentioning if it doesn’t somehow relate to the puzzle?

          The French Indonesian war is mentioned. Indonesians speak Malay. Kacir is called out in a First Grade class photo. Again, anything called out is “funny”, or, by definition, highlighted as worthy of attention. “Kacir” translates to “turvy” in Malay, a synonym for “confusing”. And he talks about mirrors which “reverse” images. I like “oir” for hear and listen because “turvy”, or “reverse” of “oir”, is “Rio”.

          I went through War and Peace to get there, but then again, maybe you’ll catch my drift. Every once in a while, I think we should roll over a logogram to see what scatters.

    • SandyB says:

      Or bananafish. But it’s a perfect day!

  34. HeadedDown says:

    So, was it edited? I liked the first version better. Or did I just read it wrong this morning?

  35. GEYDELKON says:

    I was going to say something but I decided to keep it to myself.

  36. Jenny Kile says:

    Hi all,
    I apologize for the change this morning with weekly words. As many of you know, Forrest had supplied me with a list over a year ago from which I’ve been taking from.

    The words posted ‘first’ today were from this list, but I usually send them to him and ask for confirmation if they are still ‘ok’. As some saw, I posted the original and not the ‘desired edit’ from since writing the words over a year ago.

    No intended secrecy or hidden meaning…..just a simple mistake on my part.

    I’ll take this as my place, since it is the end of the Year, to be also the end of Weekly Words……

    thanks all…. Sorry again,

    • HeadedDown says:

      No need to apologize for anything, I’m pretty sure we all just thought it was interesting. Either way he said it, it doesn’t make it any easier to figure lol. Thank you for all your efforts. You Rock!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • pdenver says:

      Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it. I must admit I’ll be sad to see the “Weekly Words” go and hope the “Featured Question” continues.

    • Jeremy P. says:

      Well, darn, by my count there were still 16 lines left. Now I’ll never finish my collection!


      It’s like getting into a really good TV show that for some reason didn’t catch on, so they canceled it early, but you were already invested in watching it, even though no one else did, and you know there’s a couple more episodes floating out there, somewhere, but they won’t air them, and you’ll never know how it turned out. There were only a couple of characters in the show: “you”, “I”, and some guy named “Sage”. Did “Sage” come back for the finale? Did the last episode end on a period, or a question mark? So many questions!

      On the other hand, what a way to end a series of “mysterious writings”… full stop and leave it dangling on a cliff hanger. Punctuate that list with a mysterious end!

      Well done, Jenny and Forrest! 🙂

  37. TrailThumper says:

    Happy New Year to everyone!!! This year sure has been a very interesting adventure and I look forward to smiling more in 2017! Thanks for the extra excitement f! Thanks Jenny! (for always being a wonderful blog host).

    See ya’ll in Twenty-Seventeen!!! 🙂

  38. C.M.R. says:

    If I found a glyphold drawing nigh a worn smile, I would be having tea with Hairy Potter?

  39. Spallies says:

    So the changes were???…. RIGHT SPOT WILL…. Geez Louise Iron!!!! 🙂

    • Iron Will says:

      I can neither confirm nor deny 😛

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Please no.

      It was a mistake ONLY on my end. There shouldn’t be any inferences with the change because it was my mistake.

      Iron Will, you must not look into this. It is another coincidence. Truly. (What is it with them with you….I would put a lol..but they are not funny. I definitely am sorry…again…oh so sorry for any confusion.)

      • Iron Will says:

        What? Nooooo Jenny, I was just joking with Spallies. I felt like she was joking and I made a return political joke. I do not think any of this is about me or directed to me. I just commented earlier today that I understand what it means. Jenny, since the pawn incident, I have had full confidence in you, and that is the truth 🙂

        • Jenny Kile says:

          Oh good. thank you, Iron Will. I just feel awful for the confusion and all. Let the new year ring in quick- to new things!

      • BW says:

        Hi Jenny,
        For all your efforts, thank you.

        Just as a fighter pilot doesn’t want to go down on his last mission, tell him a writer doesn’t want to make a mistake on their last article/blog. Maybe he will send you one more. It’ not midnight yet!

  40. Jonsey1 says:

    Am sad to hear WWs have come to an end. I was thinking maybe it would be funny to organize a peaceful Protest. Maybe we could all mail him W’s (drawn, cut from cardboard, decorated with glitter, made as a macaroni collage…Whatever) and just flood his P.O. box until he concedes to renew the stash we all have enjoyed so much. If anything I gotta think hundreds of random Ws would at least make him smile. I mean, how often does one get flooded with Ws anyhow? Maybe that’s a dumb idea though…Anyone have any thoughts or better strategies? Just trying to have fun with it…

  41. Sparrow says:

    HeadedDown, nmc—-

    Good eye. I hadn’t even noticed.

    Jenny—- thanks so much for the weekly words, and the questions with no Forrest also. I always greatly appreciate this blog. 🙂

  42. Tk says:

    Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (From Alice in Wonderland)

  43. Sparrow says:

    Questions with Forrest. I don’t know where that “no” came from. My spellcheck/grammar is schizoid.

  44. Whitney says:

    How did you arrive at ‘wireless signal transmission’? Just curious about the logic here.

  45. Tk says:

    If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will take you there.
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  46. Tk says:

    A reflection sometimes exposes more reality than the object it echoes.
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  47. Tk says:

    Every adventure requires a first step.
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  48. Tk says:

    My reality is just different than yours.
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  49. Tk says:

    “I’m not mad.”
    – Cheshire Cat …
    (Alice in Wonderland)

    “why was I not mad at him”
    – Forrest Fenn
    (too far to walk)

  50. Sparrow says:

    Got any quotes from the caterpillar smoking the hookah pipe? 🙂

  51. Tk says:

    Sorry this is a correction. The Cheshire Cat did not say “I’m not mad”. Rather he said the following.

    “I’m not crazy.”
    – Cheshire Cat

    “We’re all mad here.”
    – Cheshire Cat
    (Alice in Wonderland)

    My bad.

    • JC1117 says:

      Here, here…Tk

      “We’re all mad here.”

      (insert The Bridge on the River Kwai movie clip here)

      “And if there is anybody out there who is crazy enough to want to become a writer, I’d say go ahead, spit in the eye of the sun, hit those keys, it’s the best madness going, the centuries need help, the species cry for light and gamble and laughter. Give it to them. There are enough words for all of us.” – Charles Bukowski


  52. Tk says:

    “The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die.”
    – cc
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  53. Tk says:

    “You may have noticed, I’m not all there myself.”
    – c
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  54. Tk says:

    “The cat will be smiling big time just before the treasure is retrieved. Afterwards the cat will dissappear (my opinion).”
    – Tk

  55. Sherlock says:

    I’m thinking that a person’s face smiles when he/she squints. So, maybe you need to be looking for the blaze off far off in the distance when you are at the right spot to be able to find the chest.

    • Mindy says:

      I agree, I agree! And another ww supports this!

      “Urgency is not a good plan to fallow.” April 8th, 2016

      Urgency can be literally translated to “standing near.”

      Another weekly words uses the word “retreat,” which could literally mean “a step back.” Coincidentally, that weekly words also uses the word “plan.”
      “Plan a warm spot into which you can retreat. Merry Christmas.” Dec 25, 2015

      Interesting repeats of certain words:
      “Plan” used 4 times.
      “Good” used 4 times, “better” used once, and “best” used 4 times.
      “Days” used 3 times.
      “Don’t” used 8 times.
      Versions of the word “mind” used 4 times — “think” x 2, “mindful” x 1, “minding” x 1.
      “Find” used 6 times.

      The last word in the weekly words is “home,” which was used twice before.

  56. Tk says:

    “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”
    – c
    (Alice in Wonderland)

  57. Tk says:

    In closing …
    MAD or CRAZY … they are one and the same! Webster’s says so.

  58. Tk says:

    When Forrest’s father was mad he pulled a big honkin switch. That could be trouble. But Forrest is not mad, therefore any switch must be small. If you think you are getting close to the treasure the last thing you want to worry about is Forrest pulling a big honkin switch on you. Heck, you might end up in another state before you find the treasure chest. No worries he’s not mad (my opinion).

  59. Tk says:

    The last tidbit came from TTOTC, Surviving Myself.

  60. Ramona says:

    Thank you Jenny and Forrest for the Weekly Words. They have been so much fun.

  61. Drpkickdaddy says:

    Thank you Jenny. I appreciate all of the work you have put into weekly words. I have immensely enjoyed studying them.
    Yet, perhaps it is time we must go alone into the silence of the forest? Thank you Forrest! May 2017 reveal great things to all seekers!

  62. astree says:

    Astimating that one would wear about a (s)mile path, from the start to the treasure.

    Thanks, Jenny and Forrest, for over a year of Weekly Words. They certainly have provided much to ponder, discuss, and imagine.

  63. Jake Faulker says:

    The end of WW’s.
    Thanks Jenny & Forrest.
    Looking forward to 2017…..

  64. Belle says:

    It’s been a good run. I smile to myself as I wrote this. Smiles are frowns turned upside down.

  65. Timothy A. says:

    Well Jenny, what can I say that hasn’t been said. I wish you all the Best that life can give to you. You have been so
    much fun. I will say Happy New Year to you and I hope that you will stay in contact every once in while. If it’s any consolation my Latest search was finish using your blog and I have to say 2017 “will be the year”. (i hope) lol

  66. lifesablaze says:

    Well, here’s my mad take on this week’s words:
    I try not to overlay my own personal psychology in all of this, after all it is ME=ALL not ALL=ME, but in light of the FACT that I have been hacked, I do believe that Mr. Fenn is telling us this week that we have a troll. So here goes:

    Wear, wear, will >>> remove the W’s you get ear, ear, ill = ill ear

    “Right spot” led me to: http://rightspot.fi/ >>>Satamakatu >>> http://www.mybesthelsinki.com/HelsinkiArchitecture.html >>> where you will find the “Empire Center” ,lol, which goes along with a certain hacker’s ‘theme’.

    Also, you may note that the pic that Jenny used this week is similar to his moniker pic on the MW forum.

    Now I should be ‘mad’ that I’ve been hacked but I guess I will have to “grin and BEAR it” because I know my place by heart and soon I will be smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

    One more thing: If the original WW’s were edited from ‘may’ to ‘will’…’May’ leads me back to the Pleiades 😉
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maia_(mythology) and the treasures to be found in that window.
    Peace everybody and I hope everyone finds joy and happiness in 2017. Me, I’m making friends with the Bandersnatch.


  67. Mike Forni says:

    wear a smile = wear a grin

    Me in the middle or should I say “I”

    Key words have an I in them? Maybe?

    Alternative interpretation, there is. McDonald’s next to the orange railcar pointed out by the Master.

    Golden Arches
    Ronald’s Hair = Blaze
    And of course picking up a Happy Meal. Same as Leaving with a smile

    I’d like to know if Fenn’s Family owns that McDonalds

    • Sparrow says:


      Get back in the box. (Jack in the Box). 🙂

    • TrailThumper says:

      “Can I get some fries with that?” (Fun read!) Still laughing a bit…

      • Mike Forni says:

        If you go through the drive thru, no reason for your partner to leave the car…..

        I seriously think I may be on to something. 😊

    • JC1117 says:

      Great ideas, Mike.

      “And of course picking up a Happy Meal. Same as Leaving with a smile”

      I remember McDonald’s slogan from a while back…”We love to see you smile”.

      And yet…the last time I went to McDonald’s with my brother, Darrell, it seemed like they were only telling about 15% of the truth…


      Oh…sorry. That’s me and my OTHER brother, Darrell. My apologies.

      That was us at the Summer Redneck Games. Now I remember…my brother Darrell took the picture.

      IMO, if the Fenn Family owned that Yellowstone McDonald’s then the slogan would be…”We love to see you grin”. So…

      For what it’s worth…

      Happy New Year, All!

      Thank You, Jenny for hosting the party.

    • Lindsay D. says:

      Hang on. There’s not really a McD’s in Yellowstone now is there? Hoping I just missed the context…

  68. Mike Forni says:

    Hahaha! Will Do Sparrow! 😊

  69. Rita Calm says:

    OK, the mouth (inlet) of Horsetooth Reservoir is maybe slightly more intriguing now. Just kidding. But this seems to confirm a suspicion I have had about the “right spot”. Interesting hint, sorry it will be the last one. Thank you Jenny Kile and Forrest Fenn for the time and effort you put into sharing these.

  70. BW says:

    I feel like I just lost my favorite blankie!

    • Lia says:

      Sending my Warmest wishes Forrest & Jenny for a happy new year. Truly appreciate you!

      @BW, Me too…Left mine hanging on a pine bow along the Gallatin River a long time ago…and feel the same desperation tonight. But I guess the chipmunks are snuggled inside our blankies this wintery night:-)

  71. Chesney says:

    Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile,
    Thank you both for all of your efforts in the the making, and publications of the Weekly Words/Surprise Words! Mr. Fenn’s strategy in the writing of his poem reminds me much of the movie “National Treasure”, made in 2004. Why is that, you ask? As close to real life and not a movie as it gets! Happy New Year everyone, stay safe!

  72. Muset says:

    Thanks a lot Jenny. Happy New Year and best wishes to all.

  73. Covert One says:

    Jenny – it’s certainly been great to come here each week to obtain the latest tidbit of information from FF. It’s clear Forrest trusts you (considering a full year of weekly words in advance) and I think (just like others have noted) that you’ve done a great job!

    Again, thank you for letting us come here to receive our latest dose of input and information.

    Smiling Covert One

  74. Lindsay D. says:

    Yes! Naked treasure hunting! Now we’re talking.

  75. DelaYah says:

    Thank you Jenny!
    Your countless hours of administrating this website and all it entails;
    Updates, hosting costs, updates, emails, updates, spammers, complainers, updates, programming fees, domain fees…. etc…
    are greatly appreciated!!!

  76. Onuat says:

    Looking forward for the awesomeness of 2017. 🙂
    Happy New year,Jenny.

  77. JL says:

    Ok f, I’m gonna hold you to the last of the WW. Being an average man I suspect an average grin will do. I wouldn’t want to out smile you u silly cat are u sure u wouldn’t want to reconsider it is always suspicious when you look like the cat who swallowed the mouse. If given a choice I prefer frog over mice. The first frog was not very satisfying I hope he second frog is more substantial but I must say one frog leads to another. Ring ring ring, answer your window.

    P.S. I would enjoy sitting in that blue chair, throwing my feet up on the stool And trying to read the all those fascinating books you have on the wall, I am a bit green with envy. Happy New Year

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      So, JL, I take it you have it figured out and sent Forrest an e-mail?
      And you have frogs in your magic solution?
      That’s a witchy brew for a warlock, my man!

      • JL says:

        No BB I have nothing figured out beyond death and taxes and I just like frogs they taste like chicken. I guess u could say it is better to grin and make everyone wonder what your thinkin then to frown and leave no doubt.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, JL.

      I’m green with envy just envisioning you sitting in that blue chair reading Forrest’s books.

      And I’m with you. I’ll eat frogs before mice any day. They’re actually quite tasty.

      In fact…if I had a dollar for every frog I’ve already eaten I’d have about 49 dollars…I reckon.

      Happy New Year to All!

  78. Patio says:

    Is it just me or is f’s changing of the words like this unprecedented? Seems to me something is amiss. Jenny, have you always checked back with f to verify he still wants the original words posted as originally submitted or was this just something you did this one time?

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      Patio, from Jenny’s statement she added in the edit:
      “The words posted ‘first’ today (for like 1 minute…:)) were from this list, but I usually send them to him and ask for confirmation if they are still ‘ok’. As some saw, I posted the original and not the ‘desired edit’ from since writing the words over a year ago.”

      So it seems that there typical process is to ask if there’s an edit from Forrest. We don’t know when or where there might have been edits in the past.
      This means that, while the list was sent to Jenny more than a year ago, the postings of these WW’s could have been edited at any time. And they can be “current” to recent events at that point in time.

      But a caution that should be apparent to all, it’s easy to see something for yourself in these WW’s, but many others do too. Consider it only a possibility and rely most on the poem (and secondly the book). Look for verification.

  79. JL says:

    I am going with unprecedented and I like it. Change can be good and helps with not growing mold or mildew in an old stale environment.
    I also look at the word grin and consider it a good thing that cha did not precede it. But then agrin there is contentment in doing the same thing over and over and over.

    • Buckeye Bob says:

      JL, do you mean to say that it’s unprecedented because Jenny didn’t seem to expect a change?

      • JL says:

        Yes, it would seem that she skipped her weekly protocol.

        • Point Foot says:

          I was reading the above comments and started to think what might cause the unprecedented change from the word treasure to the right spot for the last set of weekly words at the last minute. Perhaps it is innocuous but that just doesn’t sound like Forrest. So if it does signify something what could that be? Has someone gotten closer to the right spot or even reached the right spot but did not find or retrieve the treasure? I suspect he would make an announcement if someone actually has it. This has turned into a peculiarly interesting final weekly words. If someone has gotten that far I hope they don’t realize it…

          • Iron Will says:

            As far as my knowledge extends, someone has gotten that far… either mentally or physically. But this is not why he made the change. I shall offer my opinion on that…
            If you wear a smile to the treasure was the original. If you wear a smile to the right spot is the updated version. After looking at the words, it surmises that if you wear a smile going toward the treasure’s location (“to the treasure” possible meaning), then it’s not certain that you will find it, because you are simply going towards it or in it’s direction. So for that sake, he had to say “may” in the original to follow it up, as it is only a possibility.
            The second half original is you may wear a grin going home. with the updated being you will wear a grin going home . Because he changed the premise to wearing a smile to the right spot (right spot being the treasure chest), he had to change the second half to insist that is no longer a possibility but a certainty.

            The real question being, “Why the change?” Well, it is of my opinion that he did it to give the statement’s meaning a sense of certainty . Don’t ask me to explain that, but I am willing to tell you that the updated statement is fully accurate, where as the original version was not. For this weekly words, Forrest’s genius is subtly devious and his statement is now logically flawless. For the sake of the Chase, I shall leave it at that. 😛

          • Kedar's Mom says:

            What a chagrin situation it must be.

            • Kedar's Mom says:

              Sorry wrong spot….in reply to point foot. : )

            • Point Foot says:

              Hi Kedar’s mom,

              Would that be a chagrin situation for the one who is close or for the rest of us who are not?

              • Kedar's Mom says:

                The one who is close.

                • Point Foot says:

                  I thought about this and I guess it’s possible if someone is close but couldn’t find it they might feel distressed or embarrassed. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I’ve never felt embarrassed or distressed in my 8 failed attempts. This is one of the most difficult puzzles I’ve tried to solve and tens of thousands or possibly even hundreds of thousands have tried and failed. I don’t believe a person who is easily embarrassed or distressed will end up finding the treasure since they wouldn’t have the confidence to keep trying until they do. I suppose those of us who haven’t been within 200 ft can hope that those who have don’t have the confidence to try again. This is just my opinion… I’d be curious what others have felt or believe.

                • Kedar's Mom says:

                  I guess the most disappointing moment of one’s life might be knowing you were there…at the exact spot and walked away because you weren’t brave enough to complete the outrageous dare. You know how I’d feel………..chagrin infinity.

        • Buckeye Bob says:

          JL, if Jenny had skipped her weekly protocol, then how did she get f’s correction so fast? (One minute or so)
          I think the only likely scenario with that timing is that Jenny simply copied the wrong one of the two, pasted it, posted it, then immediately saw her mistake and corrected it.
          So Jenny performed her protocol, but copied the wrong one to paste.

          Or……it’s an artifice!
          I like that word, “artifice”. It’s an ingenious contrivance. A ruse. A maneuver.

          But Jenny said:
          “No intended secrecy or hidden meaning…..just a simple mistake on my part.”
          Or, is she in on it? Just for this artifice, if so, mind you.

          Oh what a tangled web. 😉

          • JL says:

            Or, is she in on it? Just for this artifice, if so, mind you.

            I don’t think I want to make a comment on that one, BB. That is a fine line of conspiracy and accusation directed towards someone who was entrusted with a great service. I believe Jenny explained herself and I am willing to accept that explanation.

            • Buckeye Bob says:

              JL, I was just fanning some flames. I would hope people would take it in the spirit of a little fun.
              But I forget where I am, the internet. I should have known better and offer my apologies to Jenny.

  80. lifesablaze says:

    A death grimace could be a grin.

    • Lia says:

      lifesablaze, that interpretation is a tad depressing. I like to think that Forrest meant for us to dream and enjoy searching for his treasure. Perhaps my theory is grounded in the realized dreams of artists he represented and encouraged.
      (Although, every trip to my dentist still reals in a death grimace.) Ha!🤣 Brush your teeth before you hit the trail.

    • JC1117 says:

      Hello, Lifesablaze.

      The world we live in is kinda weird. Many good people pray that it changes for the better…soon.

      “Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.”
      ― Omar Nelson Bradley

  81. JDA says:

    What the heck are we all going to do on Friday’s now…When there are no more Weekly Words to ponder and discuss. I for one, will moss them greatly. Thanks Jenny and Forrest for the smiles, grins, and sense of wonder that your Weekly Words have brought. JDA

    • WiseOne says:

      I know how you feel JDA. I’ll miss them too. Fridays have always been the best day of the week… It was a day to look forward to. Before I retired, it meant the end of the week and the weekend was nigh. Time for some fun. I’d get paid, every other Friday, so that made that particular Friday even better. Now that Weekly Words are gone, our Fridays will definitely feel empty, but we’re still hungry for more…
      Nowadays, for all we do I think we deserve an extra Pay Day (candy bar)… Hopefully that will satisfy our desires, but I highly doubt it. Let’s just hold out hope for more…
      Thank you Forrest and Jenny for all the past year’s words. It was a very good year.

      • Lia says:

        Dear Forrest,
        I hope you reinvigorate our Friday’s with a new series… it’s been such a fun way to celebrate Fridays; engage my brain; connect with the search community; and makes us each feel like we know you Forrest, as our friend.

        I look forward to your next series Mr. Fenn, sir. Please don’t let us down….It would be a shame for your family of bloggers to return to ” PBR” pre-chase boring routines – not to be confused with Professional Bull Riding!

        Warm regards don’t halt here,

    • Hunny says:

      I agree JDA, I really looked forward to WW. Sometimes I would forget it is was Friday and when I remembered it was like getting a little surprise gift. It was so much fun to try to figure out what Forrest was saying each week! I’ll miss them 🙁

      • Point Foot says:

        I concur as well and will miss the WW each friday. It is something I’ve looked forward to each week as well as everyone’s comments.

  82. JL says:

    A rolling stone gathers no moss, was that a suggestive creation on your part JDA?

  83. Lia says:

    A bit of begging fosters humility and occasionally yields results…

    Dear Forrest,
    I hope you reinvigorate our Friday’s with a new series… it’s been such a fun way to celebrate Fridays; engage my brain; connect with the search community; and makes us each feel like we know you Forrest, as our friend.

    I look forward to your next series Mr. Fenn, sir. Please don’t let us down….It would be a shame for your family of bloggers to return to ” PBR” pre-chase boring routines – not to be confused with Professional Bull Riding!

    Warm regards don’t halt here,


    • Point Foot says:

      Hi Lia,

      I applaud your post and second your request. I do expect that Forrest has something planned for us. His Chase is just too ingenious for there not to be something more after the end of WW. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part but my wife tells me I always see the cup as full. And if it is ever really empty I say pray for rain and wait for that which is empty to fill and then overflow.

  84. lifesablaze says:

    It’s about raising the consciousness of the COLLECTIVE. It’s not ONE SINGLE person gaining access to the treasure it’s about sharing the GOLD OF THE HEART to reach a FULL ILLUMINATION of the human place in the cosmos. We are trapped in the lower reptilian mind that tells us that we are weak and we need wars and laws for order when, in fact, we are children of the DIVINE and until we are able to remember this fact we will never experience true PEACE. A person of true power is willing to share and give their gifts freely for the benefit of the WHOLE no matter what their station in life may be. Their cup runs over with manna for the COLLECTIVE. Greed, selfishness, fear has no place in PARADISE. Yes, these are just a string of words, for now, and many will scoff and run off thinking “Mine,Mine,Mine” like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, but hopefully they will plant a seed in the ferment of the unconscious that will grow into something beautiful that can never be destroyed. Leave it to the weirdo to say the words. I don’t mind being outcast I’ve grown accustomed to that place. HeeHee!

    • Point Foot says:

      Amen! I for one love your words and thank you for expressing them. It truly is a broken world but maybe it is only when that becomes clear do we decide to seek something more. And only after we seek and find true meaning can we be used to help light the path of others.

    • JC1117 says:

      Beautiful Thoughts, Lifesablaze…and Point Foot.

      “Yes, these are just a string of words, for now, and many will scoff and run off thinking “Mine,Mine,Mine” like the seagulls in Finding Nemo, but hopefully they will plant a seed in the ferment of the unconscious that will grow into something beautiful that can never be destroyed.”

      Imagine Love…in a Permanent State…


      If contentment is the Philosopher’s Stone…

      …then LOVE is The Rock whence it came.

  85. lifesablaze says:

    Laughter is the best medicine..(i’m the crab) lol!


    • Lia says:

      Lifesablaze & pointfoot:

      A merry heart do with good like medicine! Still laughing at the Nemo “mine, mine” video…but seriously affirm your thoughts expressed.

      Generosity of heart and pocketbook would solve most of the worlds problems very quickly. Self-righteous Turf wars and desire for excessive material things cause good will to be squelched. I’m trying to hold my “things/money” loosely in 2017 and practice kindness towards all – even when it’s not deserved.

      The test of generosity is not how much we give away…rather how much we keep for ourselves. I’m as guilty as the next person, but trying to effect change inside myself towards outward charity of heart and wallet.
      “Be kind. Life is hard. Everyone needs to feel loved.”

      • Hunny says:

        Life’s ablaze, pointfoot and lia,
        Thanks for sharing such beautiful words and for the gentle reminders. I too hope to learn to hold “things/money” loosely in 2017 and beyond. One small idea that anyone can do is to take a dollar bill (or any denomination) and leave in somewhere for someone else to find. You can leave it in a shopping cart, on a store shelf, on the sidewalk, really anywhere you want. Think of the smile it will bring when someone finds it! The other day I left a $5 on a store shelf under a box of granola bars. I wrote Happy New Year and a smiley face on it.

  86. lifesablaze says:

    Everyone! Thank you SO MUCH for the kind thoughts and the music JC1117! Really needed that. Maybe there is hope for us after all. Anybody remember Mr. Natural? Keep on Truckin! LOVE ! – Lifesablaze


  87. lifesablaze says:

    JC1117 – “Imagine Love…in a Permanent State…” YES that’s it. I used to drive the ADA van for the Town of Taos and I drove a client to visit a healer from Peru that Jaya Bear was sponsoring. The healer agreed to see me for a chronic wound I have. He simply prayed over me and I had the experience of an amazing white light in the center of my brain and a vision of me kneeling at an altar of GRATITUDE then it was like my heart went SUPERNOVA…I was in love with EVERYTHING! The feeling(s) lasted for about a month then faded somewhat. But that is the goal…Love in a Permanent State! If I were to find the treasure I would be helping those folks buy their land back. The rainforest(s) are full of the knowledge we need and are being absconded by big pharmas and other greedy types. (Being moderated here…why?)

  88. lifesablaze says:

    Well, I guess I am being moderated here heavily as my last 2 posts where not allowed. No controversy in them. So I will say THANK YOU for the kind words everyone and JC1117 for the music and inspiration. Also, JC1117 are you on the MW forum? Can I PM you?

    • Point Foot says:

      That happened to me a few times where my post looked like it submitted but then never appeared. I think it was a strange character I had in the message that caused the message to be ignored. I retyped it with just letters and numbers and periods and then it posted fine.

  89. Passenger says:

    That was a nice gesture Hunny. The other week I went into the local Petsmart and gently opened the tops of 10 boxes of live bait crickets that were sitting on the shelf. I like to ponder the hilarious carnage that must have ensued after I left. That is the world that I want to live in….. a world with thousands of crickets jumping around in Petsmart.


    • Sparrow says:

      “Rick, I’m not going to make it to your little son’s birthday party. Some idiot opened up a bunch of boxes of crickets, and we have to catch them all now. I guess they thought it was funny but we’re not laughing believe me”

      • pdenver says:

        I concur, Sparrow. Loose crickets aren’t fun. My son would bring home a 100 count to feed his frogs and, somehow, they got loose. I had crickets crawling in the living room, hallway and under the bathroom door. Many years ago, I had worked at Woolworth’s pet department and keeping critters and birds in cages were a lot of fun. Hmmm, I wonder if anyone did something then they shouldn’t have done.

    • Hunny says:

      Passenger, that made me laugh! I’m sure the employees didn’t think it was funny but I can just see all those crickets hopping everywhere. You sound like your a bit of a troublemake!

    • Point Foot says:

      That reminds me of a story at my college. The Bruins dropped paint all over the USC Trojan Statue before the big rivalry game. A bit later hundreds of crickets were let loose in the UCLA library. I believe it was near finals week. Ear plugs probably sold out quick…

    • Joe says:

      I am quite certain a reasonable person will view your cricket prank negatively. If a four year-old did something like that, it might be seen as cute or mischievous. Seems like innocent fun – until it’s not.

      • Passenger says:

        Joe — I concur and I am unfortunately, only about 7 years old in mental maturity. But like Forrest, I’d like to find color, laughter, creativity in the world and usually perpetuated through the perspective of children. Without the absurd, bizarre and preposterous… it seems a grey world to me.


        We are all ultimately just a passenger on this train. Just as your fingers don’t understand they are but a hand, we are cells in the body of life. But all experience would be for not, all experience barren if the finger awoke as the lonely passenger. The illusion is individual eyes, but you are them. One curious child and you just wrote this poem. We all ride this train not knowing from where it came or its aim. We ride this train together through the darkness as one passenger.

  90. HeadedDown says:

    No tears. Really thought there’d be tears at the end.

  91. Lia says:

    In honor of Forrests friend Bud Lilly who flew home to Fish heavens fly waters…
    God grant that I may live to fish until my dying day
    And when it comes to my last catch I then most humbly pray
    When in the Lord’s safe landing net I’m peacefully asleep
    That in his mercy I be judged as good enough to keep.

  92. Covert One says:

    Well – now what?

  93. lostandfound says:

    Wow, I really feel lost without the weekly words.

  94. pdenver says:

    Gosh, it feels lonely not having our “Weekly Words” to ponder on a Friday morning.

  95. Sparrow says:


  96. BW says:

    I think I need to go to the ER. I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

  97. Spallies says:

    🙁 ,,,

  98. Ramona says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who stopped by to see if it’s true. No more WW! Yes Friday coffee feels much lonelier.

  99. Strawshadow says:

    Yes WW on friday has always been rewarding. Jenny’s site will continue to attract my attention. I’m comforted knowing Mr. Fenn will have a little more free time on his hands. Rock on Mr. Fenn.

  100. Passenger says:

    Maybe if we all stomp loud enough for an encore…. Mr Fenn will give us one last dance.

    If we all pose a few questions, maybe he’d find it in his heart for one last summation.

    I for one, have a few questions:
    1) Is the place name where the TC resides inside of the poem?
    2) What was the name of the school and town where his father took him on their way to Yellowstone?

    Thanks Forrest!

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