Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for December 2nd, 2016

mwA complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words for December 2nd, 2016 are as follows:

*A plan is better than a hunch. f

Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!


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192 Responses

  1. astree says:

    Thank-you, Jenny and Forrest. I plan to mull over these words today.

  2. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    No doubt about it, is all I can draw from that.

  3. DPT says:

    Flat is better than a curve is another way of saying this.

    Plan is flat, hunch is curve.

    Plan is a plane, carpenters plane, flat, map, plantar or sole of foot.

    Hunch is curve as in hunchback and more.

    Flat. Thanks Jenny and Forrest!

    • DPT says:

      Using this simple concept of flat.

      What if WWH is flat? Think about it. WWH on a flat surface. Water needs gravity to flow or run downhill.

      A simple concept that even a kid would know.

      • DPT says:

        Oops, I just SPILLED the milk.

        Interesting a spill is a piece of wood or rolled up paper to lit a fire. Maybe the same as a rolled up map that Forrest and Skippy used to lite their campfire?

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          DPT ,
          I’ll spill some more milk on top of yours . . .
          “plan” = map
          “hunch” = hint, clue
          Ya gotta have the right map. The more detailed, the better. The hints and clues will be found on that map.

  4. Iron Will says:

    And I can only hope that my plan works out. Time, through its deliberate existence, is a fickle ally. Happy Holidays everyone.

  5. paul hunter says:

    Wise words,but this i already know.

  6. Onuat says:

    Plan a warm place into which you can retreat.
    Having a good plan is the best plan.
    A plan is better than a hunch……..
    Plan to have a Happy holiday. 🙂 Thanks again Jenny and Forrest.

    • Chesney says:

      Nice catch Onuat…Thank you Ms. Kile and Mr. Fenn!

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be found by the one who is best able to adjust.(paraphrased?)
      Blueprint = plan
      Adjust = plan
      Plan = map
      The treasure may be found by the one with the best map.

    • JC1117 says:

      I agree. You have a great memory, Onuat.

      This seems to be a recurring theme. I wonder what that’s all about.

      Is having a good plan akin to having a good idea? Because I have LOTS of those…and to spare!


      Just let me know if you want some of my ideas. I’ll hook you up. They’re free…and worth every penny. :/

      To me…PLAN kinda looks like it might have something to do with LAN…you know…a local area network.

      Maybe a private local area network?

      I’ve never seen LAN with a P though.

      It reminds me of the “OOL” sign that people with swimming pools hang up near the pool.


      …but…but…but I was cold! 🙂


      Thanks again, Forrest and Jenny. Always some to think about.

    • Onuat says:

      To be quite honest,I really don’t know exactly what Forrest means when he says “plan”. All I know is that he likes to use the word a lot in his Friday gathering.
      This is just an assumption. I think what he,s saying is plan your trip down to what you are going to do if you find it. I have to fly in everytime to search unlike all you others who can drive to your locations,so I have to plan on how I’m going to get it on the plane. Whether I should take it all in one trip or whether I should do what Sage says and take it home in two trips.😂
      Maybe he,s just talking to Iron Will, telling him to “iron out” his solve. 😆

      • Point Foot says:

        I don’t think I would risk bringing it through a carry on bag through the metal detector at the airport. I wouldn’t want to have to answer any questions about it. Even if I flew to the location I think a one way rental car, Amtrak, Greyhound or maybe a chartered flight would be a better option. Then there is the question of where you store it. I don’t have a home vault that I trust. Personally I would look up an offsite secure facility that stores rare object for the wealthy which also provide insurance. That’s what would be part of my plan.

  7. paul hunter says:

    Ask is better for some.

    • LMN says:

      Paul, What did you mean by that? May be some very wise words.

      • paul hunter says:

        To ask is better than just to take at least you will get something. My plan.

        • paul hunter says:

          Cold and in the wood,is a saying to a meaning,like take the chest and go in peace. And i give you title to the gold.
          Then look at the poem again.

          • paul hunter says:

            Where would you have to be,or what would have to happen to say,just take the chest and go in peace .
            And the same goes for,I give you title to the gold,and then look again at the poem.Does this help with your plan?

            • paul hunter says:

              FF is doing a great job with what he has done,hes got you all out with the kids and your mates,people talking on the net that is worth more than the chest.If you find the chest leave something there so the chase can carry on,this you must have to do.With me its the thrill of the fined,you carnt end the thrill of the chase.If i was the person its going back to FF but i live in the UK so im looking for a person i can help and want what i what.We mite never find it but never say never..
              I have a couple of places in mind. I would like to say to FF. Many have short but that has longer.

  8. JDA says:

    It sure seems like a “Good Plan” to me, or at least that is my “hunch” for the day.
    Good luck to ALL searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE JDA

    • ACE says:

      Hey JD you got a few post on last weeks words from myself and JL. Just letting you know that we enjoyed your crossing over post. As you know or may not know I can no longer post on Dals site

  9. 23kachinas says:

    I plan too check out the Dec 2nd Crescent Moon today: http://main.slooh.com/event/searching-for-the-star-and-crescent/

  10. JL says:

    is talking in circles again, maybe there is no paddle for him up his creek, that show hasn’t aired yet. Could a paddle be considered a flat plane?
    F stated I felt like an architect when I wrote that poem, what does an architect create?

    I have a friend, her name is Madison, she said an architect plan would be considered a map right? I said Right you just need won with a X on it, the problem is F made a poem not a map. He said it’s there in spirit and to also read the poem like you were going to put an x on the map. Why do I feel like I’m talking in circles? I’ts gonna be a long cold winter.

    Merry Christmas, Forrest, Jenny and all you present and future architects.

    • Snider says:

      I usually keep my mouth shut, but I must comment on this.
      I have found 2 different maps that Forrest has made himself.
      The first one is a general area map…….
      The second one is a map of the blaze. It tells you what to do after you have found both blazes.
      You are not joking it will be a very long winter.
      The blaze map has an X right in plane sight.
      Thank you, now it is time to shut my mouth…..

  11. astree says:

    Skip code gives PITT A BEAU. This isn’t about plans for Brad, is it ?

    • JL says:

      I wonder how Brad is holding up, maybe the stress is starting to make his hair fall out. If that be the case his career may be over before he really gets started. What I am trying to say is I guess he wouldn’t look the same. One thing for sure he’s gonna have a long row to hoe in a fallow field to get back in the positive.

    • Spallies says:

      I found that every 5 th letter spells A HUNT… I thought it was the Thrill of the CHASE lol…

      • Spallies says:

        A few fun anagrams I found…
        A CHARLATANS HUNT HINT…BEEP or maybe we should be using…
        A NTH BANANA SHUTTLE CIPHER :). That would be a lot of bananas!!!!

      • astree says:

        You were looking at anagrams, using skip code? Starting with the first letter, I got every 5th to give AIN’T A, so I think you were looking at HUNT F ? Which is what people seem to be doing on the forum board discussed below. Have a good one, spallies.

  12. Sparrow says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny—-always look forward to the “weekly words”.

  13. Heidini says:

    Hi, Forrest! Hope you are enjoying all of the comments on your thread.

  14. Jake Faulker says:

    I have a hunch that a plan is better but the only way to have a good plan is to play out the hunches.

    • JL says:

      Hey Jake how you been? In my glory days I would make a plan from my hunches. Later when a few were required to listen to my drivel I would tell them to “plan your work, work the plan”, this weeks words from f reminds me of me. As I used to be.

  15. Fenngshui says:

    Achieve the objective without a nudge or a shove.

  16. Ramona says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny, I have no witty words about the weekly words. Just a simple thank you. Love you guys.

  17. jonsey1 says:

    plan the trade. . .trade the plan

    I wonder about additional options…

    • jonsey1 says:

      Beat the Street philosophy suggests that
      the inclination to second guess and revise our planning emanates from a desire to avoid risk. Too often as traders, we think oo that we recognise an event that led to a previous loss unfolding again, and decide that this time, we have the opportunity to emerge victorious. If we are lucky, then the market will slap us on the wrist immediately for straying from a carefully devised plan in favour of acting on a hunch. If we are unlucky, we are rewarded for the behaviour, and it will become increasingly difficult to stay the course. Eventually, this series of events leads to ruin, and my best advice to traders of a levels of experience is to learn to precisely plan, and then flawlessly execute. This is the only path that can lead to an objective understanding of what works and what does not. That objectivity in turn, eads to a trading psychology that is characterised by courage and conviction. These characteristics foster success.

      • pdenver says:

        I believe one needs to look at the whole portfolio, the exchanges in the world, the economy in said country, state, etc. and the investments being made. Create balances of risks and safe money investments. Know the company(ies) you’re wanting to deal with. Back again, be wise when someone yells, “Fire!” Exchanges can be good, if you have the correct company.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        Yes Jonsey. Don’t be a Gartman. (Dennis Gartman is a noted fund manager who’s been jumping back and forth across the fence with hunches and reporting losses as a result, and become the subject of much humor in some circles.)

        Devise a plan that seeks out where the results are. It’s a lot more work than just picking up rocks.
        In other words, if you want to find diamonds you will waste a lot of time by just going anywhere and digging for them.

        It helps to understand the treasure hunt just like it helps to understand how to find likely places for diamond fields. The book, ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’, is helpful in this. (I don’t have ‘Too Far To Walk’ so I can’t comment on that book.)

      • The Wolf says:

        The analogy of stock trading is interesting. The successful investors are not the sheep. They are the first in when and idea is unpopular and first out when the masses catch on. The sheep investor that follows the crowd will often follow the stock’s plunge. Greed and fear are two emotions that drive the stock market, just like treasure hunting.
        So maybe the key to finding the treasure chest is to not be a sheep and follow the masses, but be a maverick, a contrarian and lead the way with unpopular concepts.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          Looks like a perfect time to say this . . .
          Buffalo Cowboys tells about a bad investment.
          Skippy, Donnie, and Forrest ventured into a bull market while the market was removing barriers and opening things up. There was plenty of headroom with no overhead, and the sky was the limit.
          Forrest took the bull by the horns. But, they were buffaloed and taken for a ride when the market reached the end of it’s rope, creating a change of venue and making new rules by taking up the slack.
          The venture came to a sudden halt and the vehicle that was driving it wound up under-water when the wheels fell off.
          Forrest lost his shoes (lost his shirt), while Skippy and Donnie were ejected (bailed out). Skippy lost his car, meaning he landed on his feet, and Donnie lost his credibility, meaning he didn’t have a leg to stand on.
          The long walk home implies that it took some time to get back to where they started from.
          The market got slaughtered and it left a bad taste in Forrest’s mouth, so he never went there again.

          It goes without saying, this is nothing more than my opinion.

          • Buckeye Bob says:

            Roll Tide, it seems that the bull market was ground to a halt.
            (Well done, sir!)

          • pdenver says:

            Oooh, I like this. Good job, ROLL TIDE.

          • JL says:

            Now this R a perfect example of context. Things would be so much easier this way.

            • jonsey1 says:

              A really blatently example is SB 49. Nite where he talks about Arrowroot Powder vs. Cornstarch. He then notes how Arrowroot powder is cheaper and can be substituted so why does anybody but cornstarch. Finally he says “someone needs to investigate this company”

              Now I just happen to know this from running a bar with soup all winter but the difference between Arrowroot Powder and Cornstarch is that they are both used to “thicken stocks” however Arrowroot powder thickens stocks quickly, and only at the end, because it can’t sustain heat for long periods of time before breaking down. Cornstarch thickens stocks over sustained periods of time and can hold its own in the ‘chest’…investigate what company? Zoom in.

              It wot take all the fun out if all the spices in the post…but that should be enough to get anyone that’s interested enough to look a good headstart on the whole drawer. F definitely knows his stock market. That post is just the easiest one to explain it with. Nothing accidental there, but for sure a fun entertaining puzzle. Was one of my favorites

              • ROLL TIDE says:

                Easy there, girl . . . your brilliance is showing again.
                I agree, that SB is one of my favorites.
                On a side note, we have made some Gators made while crossing the river 🙂
                Three penalties on one play !
                47-16, fourth quarter, 9:15 to go.
                I’m thinkin’ we might be takin’ another SEC Trophy back to T-town . . .
                ROLL TIDE !

                • Jonsey1 says:

                  Dang….we are anticipating our “O in 16” parade… aptly marching backwards. I guess we’ll make that sports illustrated cover regardless of our athletic prowess. That counts for something, right? Maybe not “brilliant’ but possibly a little shiny?

                  Good luck to your gators. I’m on the edge of my seat since thats we pay for these days 😉

                • jonsey1 says:

                  Maybe I’ll try out for the FCC next year. You happen to know if they’re recruiting?

                • BW says:


    • JL says:

      I posted about this further down, can you elaborate?

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Nonono . . . not my gators.
        It was a rainy night in jawjuh as the TIDE ROLLed in and grabbed up a few of ’em to make some Gatorade wine for the trip back to Trophy-Town 🙂
        Well we fired our cannons ’till the barrels melted down then we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round . . .
        ROLL TIDE !

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Thank You.

        • Mouse1 says:


          Are you a member of the forum? Would love to send you my email in a message and hopefully get a copy of the High Res Forest Service Map you spoke of last week? You are a thorough researcher!

          Thanking you in advance,

  18. Big Dog says:

    Snider,I think I know of the blaze map you are talking about. I checked my spot in Sept. I didn’t find TC but I haven’t given up on the spot completely yet.

  19. Jeremy P. says:

    No one else has said it, so I might as well: “…making plans is antagonistic to freedom.”

  20. DWRock says:

    I had a plan that included a hunch which led to a drawing that is better than the hunch. The drawing is a plan, or a blueprint of sorts, that I discovered on my first search. The only problem is that I am now planning my third!

  21. Mike says:

    I have a plan to keep warm by the fire this winter… Forrest, you are the best… Let’s not have anyone get hurt this year, please wait until the Spring before exposing yourself to a Winter climate on the search. Forrest Fenn and all of us want you to stay safe during the winter months. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  22. Iron Will says:

    I sent an email to Forrest an email about a week ago or so ago.

    …that despite my previous hunch about West Yellowstone, I had to let it go in order to look closer at the true solution. My plans are to retrieve the chest from that Ranch near Santa Fe in early April. I must say… I’m still stunned at how well you …

    I’m not saying this is what it’s referring to. It could be, or I might just be making up expectations in my mind. Just figure I’d post it to give another opinion (true or not) as to what he meant.

    • ACE says:

      Yep! Maybe Forrest is a little iron deficient. I am sure he’s using his best lure for this one. Pay no attention to that sign that says “Trespassers will be shot on sight”
      Happy Holidays!

    • astree says:

      “despite my previous hunch about West Yellowstone”. The synchronization is again curious, as with numerous others over the past year. Since Jenny did not say this was an insert (i.e., not one of the originals from the list over a year ago) like she did with last week’s, we are left believing that this given to Jenny over a year ago.

  23. JL says:

    I like Jonsey’s analogy at HOD of PLAN the TRADE and5 TRADE the PLAN, I wish she would post more over here because I’m not bright enuff to post over there. How bout it Jonsey can you tell us more I know you check in with us poor folks at MW ever now and then.

    • ACE says:

      Yep she sure is. Goof Meister Managed to tick off one of the most brilliant minds on that site. I feel he may never return. Only thing I can say is post anytime here E.C. the Waters fine.

      • The Wolf says:

        Well EC doesn’t have to worry, now all searchers can respectfully discuss the chase without having worry about the wrath of Goofy anymore. Today is a glorious day for searchers because Jenny has created a fair and unbiased forum http://mysteriouswritings.proboards.com

        I noticed that Mr. Fenn has just signed up. Hopefully he will contribute some scrapbooks or whatnot to the site!
        Congrats Jenny on pulling this off!

        • pdenver says:

          I’m curious The Wolf, how can you or anyone else tell who has signed up, other than seeing posts? I’ve posted on Dal’s and here, but never on a forum.

          • The Wolf says:

            Hi pdenver,
            This is really cool, you just click on the “Members” tab and it gives you a list. EC Waters has already signed up too, so need to worry about him being banished – he still has a search voice.

            The other cool thing is each searcher can create their own threads and topics that they feel are appropriate. No one person controlling what is talked about anymore. There are ” like” buttons to express what you agree with, but best of all the pages load really fast so no 10 minute waits for 600 comments to be loaded anymore as one crosses their fingers hoping for a new thread.

            • pdenver says:

              Hello The Wolf. One can only view the “Members” tab if they register? I appreciate the information you have given. I’m still considering whether or not to jump in.

            • ACE says:

              Wow Wolf I will check this out especially if Forrest has already made an entrance. However I have made a promise to myself to hibernate till at earliest spring. Haha as you can see that is not working so well. One thing for sure however is no more advancing the Chase. My thoughts for now are mine alone. But Christmas is coming and I have a really big box and more than enough gift wrap. Hmmm we’ll see.
              As far as dals site I do not feel ill will to Goofy and I truly respect Dal and his love for TTOTC.

              • The Wolf says:

                pdenver and ACE
                You folks have very good ideas, I am sure the freedom of the forum would suit your needs, but I know old habits are hard to break. Good luck with what ever you decide.

        • ROLL TIDE says:

          The Wolf ,
          I agree, a glorious day indeed. I seriously doubt that Jenny will ever imply that I am stupid or call me lazy for simply asking questions. And yes, the time it takes to load a page over at another site has gotten to the point of being not only irritating, but ridiculous.
          I noticed that f’s dob doesn’t jive over at the new forum. Simple mistake, or someone else?

  24. spallies says:


  25. lifesablaze says:

    Spallies – Do you know the story to which I refer?

  26. spallies says:

    I was just trying to post that I was excited to see a certain poster on Jennys board but they had already deleted their post… lol guess who??? But when I used their name the post won’t go through. I read your links though…

  27. The Wolf says:

    Jenny’s forum seems to be getting a lot of traction, 52 members now, not bad for one day. I read some pretty interesting stuff over there. I am sure there will be more posters contributing soon, but very promising so far. The best part is no Goofy to stop you from talking about clues. Thats right, new original content never allowed to be talked about before – now being revealed. Now the next step is to get Mr. Fenn to put an article of interest on that site and the chase will be rejuvenated. Come on Jenny – you can do it!
    For those looking for the URL http://mysteriouswritings.proboards.com

  28. astree says:

    Jenny, thanks for this site. It is already great (as confirmed by your recent win), and the forum is going to make it even better. Question – Is this the same forum that was started over a year ago? Or an addition ? You had placed a link to the previous forum on this site, but I can’t find it now.
    Thanks for providing the link, Wolf. Could it be placed somewhere on this site?

  29. astree says:

    Check it out, I am already a member. I think it is a new URL for the forum that was already in existence.

  30. 5-leaf blaze says:

    The Blazer is lost on that one, except for the very obvious part (plan being better). Sometimes I don’t feel like I say everything I know in this quest; more like I’m sure I don’t say much of what I think. I think I might lose my mind if this winter, which hasn’t even started, doesn’t quit!

  31. Point Foot says:

    Thank you for the wise words Forrest and Jenny! It’s been my experience that once you’ve opened your imagination following a good plan is much better than following a hunch. That doesn’t mean you find it the first time following a good plan but this puzzle is most certainly far too complex to be found following hunches. Blessings to all in the chase! Stay safe in the winter months.

  32. lorna says:

    the hunt ends tomorrow, it was exactly as said.

    • Point Foot says:

      Hi Lorna,

      Are you shutting down after tomorrow for the season? I’ve gone many times but it continues to elude me. Perhaps next year will be the year for one of us.

      Point afoot

    • astree says:

      “the hunt ends tomorrow, it was exactly as said.”

      In a word, yes.

  33. Steven Pittwood says:

    First off, I want to say “thank you” to Jenny and Mr. Fenn for allowing myself and my children to fantasize and daydream of life, that differs from our own. To be honest, I first found out about the “The Chase” through my gal about a month or so ago. I WAS HOOKED, my gal believing I was becoming obsessive and delusional. At first, I would ask her “doesn’t this look like a —– with a mask?” (Almost matches the posted one). When I began FINALLY…..like two days ago, even after knowing the general ending area for 3 weeks now, did I piece the final parts of, not just the poem, but his clues within his clues. BEAUTIFUL. To see all of the things come together is remarkable. I don’t know how you did it Mr. Fenn, but I just want to say “thank you”. I thought it very captivating, especially watching you……with your furry friend and family, watching the poker game, no wonder you had to sit down. It looks as if one needs to be brave, but don’t worry. I will be. I m arriving sometime on the 15th of December. You can retrieve it any condition, if you know it’s location. My name is Jeremiah, and I look forward to returning your bracket to you on the 17th/18th. I don’t want to display my contact phone, but if youd like to email me, my email is spittwood7010@gmail.com

    • Steven Pittwood says:

      Mr. Fenn. You’ve previously mentioned no one has made it past the first two clues. If my the information that I mentioned in my above post that you feel I know what I’m talking about reply to my email and I will gladly disclose the rest

  34. Point Foot says:

    As a fellow searcher I would just say stay safe. I don’t search in the snow anymore. I made that mistake one time. I do build snowman, play in snow ball fights and go sledding with my kids. I’m saving my next search for the spring when the weather is warm and the mud is dry.

  35. RaceCar says:

    Clue Type
    1 location
    2 location
    3 instruction
    4 location
    5 location
    6 instruction
    7 location
    8 location
    9 instruction

    Note the pattern: location-location-instruction; repeat.

    Clues 1 to 4 can be solved at the kitchen table, clues 5 to 9
    must be discovered in the field. Therefore, the serious fieldwork
    begins at the Clue 4 location. As the pattern shows, you cannot skip
    or ignore a sequential clue and expect to continue progress.

  36. colokidd says:

    A formulated plan without evidence is as good as a hunch.

  37. ACE says:

    Sure JD,
    He’s lent out his Clovis and many other treasures for the purpose of education. He TRUSTS the lendees to respect the items and return them in the manner they left. This has worked well and I believe he has no complaints. See this is why the rental will go unscathed.
    Besides it’s what they whisper right? Every buddy knows that.

    • ACE says:

      Illinois ghost if you are talking to me I can assure you I am not trying to be rude. I have total respect for all searchers on all the sites. I was only putting a little humor into the fact that I do not think that he would rent a vehicle because someone may have been able to trace that. As far as JD goes I admire his tenacity he has taken himself and family members on several wonderful adventures I have been following him now for nearly 10 months.

  38. ACE says:

    Hey JD,
    Clovis and cancer in same year. Interesting for sure. Plus not searching YNP right. Yep no sure evidence of where the Clovis was originally discovered somewhere on the borders of Utah and Wyoming perhaps. If you go with the old Hagrid saying “oh I shouldn’t have said that” yes yes there is just a smidgen of smells from the pinion and sage in the far southwest reaches of Wyoming. Secret Where?? And New and Old?? Could it be that he truly has knowledge of the Clovis becomings. He does truly pride himself of finding his first arrowhead at the age of 9. That is when his pursuit of adventure and discovery blossomed. I am sure you already have but something truly to consider since your out that way anyhow.
    It’s not any part of my solve I will say that and I will tell you I am confident in mine as are many searchers. As always AIMO.
    Good luck to you sir!

    • JDA says:

      Arrows and Arrowheads and Arrowpoints seem to pop up in a number of Forrest’s writimgs.

      I am confident that they will play a role in the final solution. Just my opinion – JDA

      • thats kinda what my search has brought me to

        • ACE says:

          Hey ghost and JD hope you were not offended by my unusual post.
          Yes JD I know you are in Wyoming and you always state not in YNP. Plus with the pinion and sage and possible Clovis southwestern Wyoming could show some promise.
          Although amazing still has nothing to do with my solve. One bit of info I gave is how I feel he discovered this place of significance. I posted it here a few weeks back. I feel he discovered it in flight. Later took a closer look. Hid it when google earth technology and his age may have become a factor. One other thing I have disclosed with no hidden wires or smoke and mirrors is this… I posted to Sparrow ask yourself how is it he can take his treasure with him to the other side. I will say I have been to my general spot on 7 BOTG and that is with 4 trips driving from my Indiana home.
          I am on these sites because I know there are many wonderful people here and people like Dal, Cynthia, PDenver, JD, and many more who are deserving of the treasure.
          Happy hunting to the both of you.
          All above is AIMO

  39. ROLL TIDE says:

    Those kind of comments really perturb me.
    pdenver has already said it, so I’ll leave it at that.

  40. E.C. Waters says:

    Llano del Vado.

  41. SandyB says:

    EC…Por que Llano del Vado? Place name, or more?

    • SL says:

      A private driveway/road = VADO

    • E.C. Waters says:

      @SandyB – it’s definitely in a high probability area with tons of word matches. There are others in NM, but this area is my current favorite.

      A good plan is a plano, or flat. So is a bullet. So is a llano. I don’t mind giving a llano (also homely) girl a sonrisa, like maybe at Llano del Vado. Perhaps Miss Ford, Harrison Ford, and Whitey Ford might all disagree.

      • E.C. Waters says:

        And… for all the haters of non-English, it might be worth (que vale) your efforts to watch Young Indiana Jones episodes. Por que? Because “por que” is like Puerco, where mud is like dirt, and a nickname given to a porcupine, “Porky”. The little boy named Indy (a good reason to hook onto the little girl from India) was well traveled, and well versed in multiple languages, including later in Indiana Jones 4 where Portuguese was key to solving where two important rivers converge. I really don’t think I’m straying too fahr from a viable approach.

        • E.C. Waters says:

          Spoiler alert:

          Nine clues means IX, not nine literal clues. Just connect the dots. Title IX means Teachers with Ixtle. Oh, and something about Romanesque symbols on the box, 265 coins and the year of the beginning of the fall of Rome where Emperor jiggery-pokery couldn’t be resolved, and how X never ever marks the jaguar spots. That’s why all the clue references seem irregularly distributed.

          All of this was discovered using computers, text mining, and AI. PLEASE let’s finally end this so I can move forward.

          • pdenver says:

            E.C. Waters, if you believe you have most/all the answers, aren’t you able to end this yourself?

            • E.C. Waters says:

              @pdenver – going in spring, if it hasn’t been retrieved. Until then, anyone can go get it. Sorry if the arrogance is annoying. It rubbed off from several at HoD, but especially from Gfy. At least now I understand why the path has seemed so irregular, and how someone is able to walk there with confidence. I’ll be happier when HoD is finally a Ghost Ranch. They motivated quite a bit of focus to finish this after promoting online bullying and mobbing, while calling it thin skin. Just wrong.

              • pdenver says:

                There is nothing wrong with feeling confident with your solve, E.C. Waters. I believe many feel the same confidence. I wish you the best of luck with your search/retrieval in Spring.

  42. SandyB says:

    I’ve landed on that airstrip (it is right on the flats, got out of the 180 and walked around. The general area of the Llano del Vado isn’t impressive for purposes of the chase, but the surrounding area certainly is intriguing. Also known as Antelope Flat. O’Keefe country, Ghost Ranch. Can’t go wrong there.

    • E.C. Waters says:

      @SandyB – agreed from my side. Here’s a few more interpretations that attracted my attention:

      – “Saltarse” is a Skippy, a start (or beginning). Warm water salt is an Epsom (Any part of some is better than no part of any), it’s a bicarbonate, like a soda, and it’s a saltpeter, maybe even a Salitral Spring. Salt is something one sprinkles, for just a hint to improve the taste.
      – Mesa Prieta is a home of Brown.
      – Biddies are hens. Gallinas are chickens. So is Tchepone (well, not Tchepone, but Chapone to us). Mesa Corral might be a chicken run. Don’t chicken out unless you’re meek.
      – Cañada Tusas is pretty much Your Creek.
      – Ponderosa pine trees in Rio Arriba County might be considered “ponderous”. So might Cañon Pinabetoso. Have you ever translated the word “peso”?
      – Cañada Schmidt might be found to make horseshoes for a cavalry.
      – A chama is a blaze. In Indiana Jones 4, the clue of where a slumbering river converges with a snake, but is in Portuguese.
      – Cuesta (like Cuesta Navajo) is a slope, which is also an offset in its architectural sense.
      – Cease is a homonym with “seas”, or “mares”, which is also the word for a lake, like Lake Abiquiu.
      – Mary’s Gold, or a marigold, is a maravilla, a yellow flower to marvel. A different kind is used during celebrations of Dia de los Muertos, and is also used to make a Mexican tarragon substitute. Makes me wonder why a jewel like La Joya del Pedregal is also a maravilla when it’s just a pile of dumb rocks.
      – A chest is also an ark, like from Indiana Jones 1. A curve is a pitch, but it’s also an arc. So if I take the chest and go in peace, perhaps I’m just taking an arc, and not really the actual box. Indiana Jones 4 hints at taking a curve. Perhaps the hunt doesn’t really end at the blaze because we haven’t actually found the treasure, just another arc to take. Perhaps it goes to somewhere peaceful, and quiet, like a hidden and secretive Escondido Spring.
      – “Por que” means “why”. Rio Puerco is muddy. It’s also a partial word of porcupine. I remember someone calling it a Porky.
      – Piedra Lumbre means Fire stone (tired), and will keep you calentar each day of the week. It’s also a Pebble to keep as a souvenir.
      – Ghost Ranch is a place where “imagen” is more important than knowlege. But didn’t Indiana Jones 4 find that the words treasure and knowledge mean the same thing in Ugha? That’s a mistake most people like Coronado (wait, like a Crown C-130?) couldn’t a ford. “Worth the cold” is also a ghostly vale, and rather grave. There is a disputed graveyard down a path area in the Cañon de Chama area.
      – A “meall” is like a mogote, but bald. Something else is “replicating” in my head with Echo Amphitheater. Maybe it’s a parrot… “to the gold” is “al oro”. A parrot is “a loro”. To parrot is to echo. Maybe that’s a good reason to read the poem over and over and over, or arriba y arriba y arriba. I also like “sentir me all” or (Center of All mountain) in the Valles cauldron, but that’s a different solution.

      Here’s a few more things to ponder:
      – Mesa Gurule, an all-knowing guru.
      – A mesa is a “big deal” (a board), but is also a drawing table an architect might like to use.
      – An Indulgence is something you can afford. A ford is a Vado.
      – Worth is “que vale”, something we should not pass without thinking of a homely girl.
      – For whatever reason, the chest was once named Tarzan, imagery that we find Mutt imitating with fifty monkeys in Indiana Jones 4.
      – The opening scene of Indiana Jones 4 was filmed near Abiquiu.
      – Abiquiu has long been known as “Hopi Town”. I’m hopeful about the spots found on this jaguar paw.
      – Abiquiu was a Dragoon post. Dunno if any of them had been to Ceylon, but that woulda been cool.
      – Madame, Ma’am, Mz, and Miss are all salutations, a bit like the word salitre. Funny how don de casa (a housewife, like Good Housekeeping) is also kind of a home of Brown (where dun/donn is a different language of Brown).
      – A league is an organization of baseball players, like Whitey Ford. But it’s also a unit of measure found in NM land grant paperwork, like specifically the Canon de Chama Grant.
      – Grant is the President on the fifty doller bill.
      – If I were hitting a shot (also a flat) from the heather, a purple flower, I’d be hitting from la brezo. Brazo means arm, kinda like Cañada Brazo. Brezo, brazo… Seems like one would be better for a $200 brazlet than the other.
      – A waiter is a garçon, which rhymes with Carson National Forest.
      – What if when George Washington was chopping down a cherry tree, he was actually chopping down a capulin tree near Capulin Peak? Yeah, probably not.
      – If you pray to Thor, might you also be thinking about Las Lomas de los Marios (hammer)?
      – Wanna bury some jars near La Jara? I hear there’s a nice road called Olivas.
      – A “Sandy” helicopter might try to land in an “arena”. Or it might be more at home at Sandy Deer Spring.
      – “Flitter” is a rare and odd word. Why use it to describe bone fragments being tossed out a cockpit window, unless maybe to conjure up the idea of “litter”, like a “sedan”, or a bunk, or important “litera”.
      – If only there was somewhere around this general vicinity that had a mammoth and a Clovis dig… https://goo.gl/9oIq00 … or a place somehow linked to Robert Redford… https://goo.gl/jwze01 … or something close by like an Arroyo Milagro beanfield … then all of my confirmation biases would start to make more sense. Well, maybe just to me. After all, I’m known for seeing hints in my laundry. Right SandyB?

      • SandyB says:

        Right, EC! And I’m not far behind you on that – finding clues and confirmation bias in everything. So much fun! Glad to see your comments and thank you for sharing your many insights. As you know, Golden Retrievers and I searched in the general area of Ghost Ranch (not the ranch proper) a few weeks ago. We were going on a hunch (a spot I wanted to look at) and not a plan. Planning is in progress now lol. GR is an expert regarding the ranch as she has spent a lot of time there. You should give her a shout.

      • SandyB says:

        Yes, I think we have explored amazon>parrot>echo in past correspondences. Works for me. Plan> flat>plano > plane > airstrip and throw in Pedernal/flitter? What do you think?

  43. SL says:


    Indeed. The surrounding area(s) are definitely……intriguing, as I continue to research several of them with great interest and wonder.

    You might want to start here: (Plan to stay awhile!)


    *A Shell Oil Map, (1939), sheds light on several areas between Antelope Flats, Moose and Kelly Wyoming.

    Below is a list of people, places and things that I’ve ‘spent’ some really great time learning about:

    Chapel of the Transfiguration – *Entrance Bell and the Window behind the Pulpit
    Queen Laundry Bath House
    Mormon Row – *Gros Ventre
    Andy Chambers and Ida Kenney
    T.A. Moultin Barn (Eric Sloane might have appreciated this).

    The UXU Ranch and its fascinating history( Near Cody)

    I am also finding the town of Wilson, WY to also be of *special interest.

    If you have the opportunity of looking into any of my suggestions, I hope you will let me know what you think. – Let me know if I can be of further assistance. ( It’s what I do and enjoy!!)


    • Iron Will says:

      OMG this is going to be the most nerve wracking 5 months of my life, and I’m only one month in lol!

      Oh SL, Did you know the UXU Ranch’s cabins were all named after outlaws that Forrest mentions in his books? And do you know what the X originally meant? 😉

    • SandyB says:

      SL…Llano Del Vado is also known as Antelope Flat. I was referring to the old airstrip at Abiquiu, which is located at Llano Del Vado/Antelope Flat. Even though the airstrip is closed, that doesn’t stop a backcountry pilot from landing there. I can say that with certainty. (Unless the strip is closed with Xs). I am familiar with Antelope Flat up near Jackson WY as well. I ski Jackson every year, I’ll give you a shout when I head that way. Intrigued with Kelly Warm Springs.. is that part of your solve?

      • SandyB says:

        I should clarify…the old airstrip at Abiquiu Lake…Near Ghost Ranch. Apologies.

      • SL says:

        Backcountry aviators…..Some of the best, actually! (Tippin’ my hat to you! )
        I haven’t gotten myself too involved with finding a”solve”, SandyB. Having way too much fun simply discovering. (I’m up near Vail this afternoon!) Well, sort of..lol

        Don’t forget to give out that shout in Jackson; I’ll hear it!


    • Ellen says:

      Hello SL…Ahh…the Tetons. Thanks for the link. It was MARvelous…I spent a few days there in 2007 and have been through there a few times since…always special and…I do remember passing through the Teton Pass in Wilson WY.

      • Iron Will says:

        Ahhhh the women of Wilson. Best ones on Earth!

      • SL says:

        Merry Christmas! My very best to you, my friend.


        • Ellen says:

          SL…thank you for your special wishes…A very special Holiday is wished for you and your family…

          (authors unknown)…
          May you have
          the spirit of Christmas which is Peace,
          the gladness of Christmas which is Hope,
          and the Heart of Christmas which is Love

          I especially like this:
          the snow gently falls, touches
          the heart, white as a dove”
          Merry Christmas

  44. SL says:

    Listen; if you will – Much truth in these words set to music – Richard Harris; a unique connection.
    (If you get the chance; try to also give a listen to “Sunny Jo”)


    I am sure that my friend, pdenver will concur ~ “Slides” is one of those unique things that capture the essence ….





  45. SL says:

    I appreciate the interest and feedback you’ve given, and will respond in the morning.


  46. SL says:

    Meet “Uncle Nick” – Wilson, Wyoming Legend



  47. SL says:

    I’d guess that we’re always learning, and good to know that we’re grateful for it! – (Uncle Nick really was cool!!)


  48. SL says:

    Been ‘spending time’ in Diamondville, Wyoming as well – William Fenn had a butcher shop here either in the late 1800’s, or early 1900’s and is said to unknowingly sold a horse to Butch Cassidy.
    Diamondville experienced a mine fire in 1901 and a major tragedy in this historic Wyoming town. (One of the victims identified was J.T. Simpson; however, I don’t know if either William or J.T. were/are connected in any way.) Other ‘colorful residents included,a great female union organizer, Mother Jones, and an ‘outspoken’, Attorney, Wiley L. Brown. lol!!

    A couple miles away is Kemmerer, WY . It is where retailer, J..C. Penney, opened a few stores; “The Golden Rule”… I remain fascinated with this town, its people and history. (* It doesn’t have a town square, but rather, a ‘Triangle’). Kind of unique! Will be continuing an electrifying journey in/of Kemmerer for a while to come.
    BTW…..Am appreciating another type of ‘code, and IMO, well worth a look:

    The Code of the West – I’d like to say that it says just about it all.


    • Hunny says:

      Just googled the “code”. I grew up in a place where the code still to this day is followed but it was good to review it and make sure that’s how I’m living. Need to work on couple of those😕
      Thank you for sharing!
      Gonna look into Diamondville here in a bit.
      My grandpa loved Zane Grey and Loise Lamour. I got my love of reading from him. Thanks for bringing back memories😊

    • pdenver says:

      You’re amazing, SL. I truly enjoy reading the things you find.


    • pdenver says:

      Hello SL. Do you think this particular Willliam Fenn is a kin to Mr. Fenn?

    • JL says:

      what is “The Code of the West – I’d like to say that it says just about it all.” ?
      Not many cowboys left and what few there are not like the were at the turn of the 1900’s.
      The Marlboro man was from Riverton I believe, I met him once at a roping down by Denver many years ago.

      code of the west sounds more like the quick and the dead, it was a passing era.

      • pdenver says:

        Let’s hope not. We need those cowboys and a bit of their code. I’d like to see more of those cowboys and farmers to be honest with you. Both need the lands. The turn of the 1900’s may have been different, but we certainly could learn a thing or two.

      • Spallies says:

        In the 1980s or even 90’s I believe the mayor of Riverton was Mr. Brown… or Brownie as he was called…

  49. SL says:

    Riverton is fairly close, and South of Wilson Other great finds include The ‘twin’ towns of Big Piney, (Sometimes called the” Ice Box of the Nation), and Marble, (water high?); a long with Pinedale/Sublette County and Avon, (Star Valley). Am currently researching Worland, WY. Whew!! Sure am lovin’ all of this fine cusine!
    Our friend, pdenver♥ is spot on with the “Wyoming Tales and Trails Site.” So many great stories; and, IMO, very worthwhile!
    Wow! Spallies; your Riverton info is also certainly appreciated. (Have enjoyed your excellent comments for quite awhile, and I thank you!)

    Your Grandpa has given you a priceless gift. (Great choice of Western authors as well). I am pleased for you!

    Code of the West represents personal/shared ideals, that for generations; maintain a precedent of all what is fair and right among people. Cowboys are a unique breed, and share a clear understanding about loyalty and what ‘the right thing to do’ genuinely…..IS all about. I hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about it.

    Again; thank you all so much for all you continue to be!


  50. SL says:


    I really enjoyed that! So much to learn, isn’t there? Thank you for sharing.


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