Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn for December 16th, 2016

the thrill of the chaseA complete list of weekly words from Forrest Fenn can be found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest 

Weekly words for December 16th, 2016 are as follows:

*If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f

Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek! Treasure the Adventure!



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170 Responses

  1. TrailThumper says:

    Seems like f may simply be waiting for confirmation of the find at this point. (gut instinct)

  2. That sounds like a good plan

  3. Hunny says:

    Interesting words this morning!
    Funny conversation in the seats behind me on the plane this morning. Cowboys from Wyoming! One has family in my home town. It’s such a small world!
    Hope everybody is having a GREAT morning!

  4. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s “Weekly Words,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. Nice thoughts.

  5. LMN says:

    Thanks for the useful comment Mr. Fenn! It would understandably and customarily take that long to “think” before moving. Appreciate the Christ-mas gift, Jenny!

  6. DelaYah says:

    The finder will have 30 days to mull over the decision.

  7. Dave says:

    Patience is the hardest art to master.

  8. astree says:

    Very interesting words this week.
    Gold is always in a vault.
    The moon is in a vaulted position, takes about a 30 days to cycle.
    4 – 30 days
    in a vault fort hirty days .
    All kinds of things. Deeep Thnker, did you send an unusually strong e-mail to Forrest a while ago (just wondering)?

    • JL says:

      in a vault fort hirty days …………………sounds like fort y tude, too bad we never know precisely what he means. My timing is right when my watch works but I haven’t worn that thing in years. It was a Christmas gift from sum hot shot oil guy, maybe I should re-purpose it this year cuz actually its never been worn. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

    • DeeepThnkr says:

      I did.

  9. Patio says:

    It might be worth a reminder that ff wrote this WW almost a year ago if not more. I can’t in this case assume anyone is closer based on this. When I look back at various comments on various sites during this same time of year from seasons past, the same predictions get made over and over.

    IMO it’ll be found when it’s found and not a day sooner. Maybe someone (or ones) is/are closer to the correct solve, but this months old comment should tell us nothing in relation to timeframe for discovery.

  10. JDA says:

    “Think” time, I would “Think” important. 30 days or more. JDA

  11. Onuat says:

    Vault….safe place to keep it. I wish I knew what the biography says. 🙂
    Happy Holidays to you and your families Jenny and Forrest. Thanks again.

  12. DPT says:

    This is a good Project to keep in mind.

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest

  13. DPT says:

    What I find very interesting in this weeks words is the word Please. Normally Forrest writes statements. Now there is a please?

    The word please is very interesting. Means desire and INDULGE , joy, etc..

  14. astree says:

    Mindy, you might like some of this. Lots of words in various skip codes. Just looking at 12-skip

    IT SAY U (start with first letter)
    FREUD (second letter)
    HAL KEY (3rd letter, reversed)
    USE (5th letter)
    IT TEN (8th letter, reversed)
    HEAR (11th letter)

    amazing, lots more.

  15. Buckeye Bob says:

    There’s a lot of possibilities for the meaning behind this one.
    Taxes and other legalities are only one.
    The “what” and “how” of handling wealth of this nature makes me want to talk to a professional before doing anything. Plus, there might be something in there that needs special attention.
    On top of everything else, there’s the risk of criminals and unsavory “brokers”, once they sense a newbie with a bunch of money.

    • JC1117 says:

      Great points, Buckeye Bob.

      There would be a LOT of different considerations involved for the finder. Forrest already said he thought of everything, though. I’m sure he knows better than anyone the right steps to take. When he says treasure would be best left “in a vault for thirty days” then I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about…and why.

      Now if only I did. LOL!

      What stands out to me is the words “a vault”…or A vault. Who has a vault?! I have an old stand-up freezer that currently serves as a vault…since the door locks…and I stopped using it because the technology is old and it ices up too much…and takes a lot of power to run.

      I think Forrest is telling the finder to keep his/her mouth shut and bring the treasure to him.

      That would be fun…if you’re asking me…which nobody ever really does. LOL!

      I would love to sit in Forrest’s den. I would bet he has a lot to talk about.


      Thanks for another round of Weekly Words, Jenny and Forrest.

      • Point Foot says:

        Hi JC1117,

        I agree and that would be fun. I think contacting Forrest as soon as one can after finding it is wise advice. It is probably a good idea to do so anonymously even though I figure if someone is close he already knows who that is. I think the staying completely quiet about it for 30 days will be the hardest part. Even telling one person in confidence could let the cat out of the bag…

  16. Ellen says:

    Thank you Forrest and Jenny…these words are making me “curiouser and curiouser”.

    My mind wonders about the use of “please KEEP it” instead of something like please put it, place it…And, also thinking about the keep of a castle…

    And then…it says “treasure”, not the chest.

    • DelaYah says:

      Good morning Ellen! 🙂 Eyes wide open!

      • Ellen says:

        And, Good morning DelaYah…My “mind’s eye” has been busy…
        Perhaps, I dreamt I was in the movie National Treasure…deep below Trinity Church (NYC) and while listening to the song “I walk the Line” (Johnny Cash)…I quietly moved from one secret vault to the next one…that houses the castle’s real treasure…

        Or…too many cups of coffee already! Have a good day.

        • Point Foot says:

          I think you may be on to something Ellen. Now if I can just get myself into that first vault on my next search I think I could figure out how to get into that secret hidden one…

          Happy Holidays!

    • Tk says:

      The words “keep, find, please, and think” can be found in TTOTC many times. It’s a subliminal warning to the finder that this adventure can still end in a substantial or even total loss if they don’t give serious thought on how to proceed from here. Ther are taxes, laws, reporters, etc on the negative end to plan for. Then there also also book rights, movie rights, auctions and other marketing things that could maximize value to the find. And there might be other artifacts that have been hidden elsewhere that could have additional value.

  17. LitterateOne says:


    One wise enough to uncover it’s location also understands the importance of patience, nonetheless sage advice.


  18. Rhi says:

    Keep it in a vault
    File it in your trash can under misc.
    Put it in your pipe and smoke it

  19. Iron Will says:

    Like so many have said, this could point to many things…
    A couple I think it might be are:
    – could be saying that you should take 30 days anonymity, to get affairs in order. Imagine what could happen if Forrest said the name of whoever finds it, on the exact day they find it, out loud to the media. A huge storm of media is going to come down on your home, and you may have people waiting outside your house. Some could be loony. And if you haven’t prepared for that… well you get the point. Here’s how I imagine Forrest’s press release once you or I find it:
    “I’d like to inform the public that the Thrill of the Chase for my treasure is over. Someone has found the chest. Due to obvious concerns, that person has requested to remain anonymous for thirty days…to affect getting their affairs in order. Thank you all for such a wonderful adventure.”

    – could be that someone is about to get it now, which 30 days thinking would put them into January, resetting the tax year to 2018. These don’t seem to be new words updated, so this might not be. I sure hope it’s not 🙁

    • ROLL TIDE says:

      Iron Will,
      I can’t think of any reason that would obligate f to reveal the identity of the finder. Are there laws that would stipulate such a requirement?

      • Iron Will says:

        I never said that he was obligated, but if you came forward with the chest the day you found it to the public and its out there, do you think Forrest is then going to post on HOD and MW that he doesn’t know who, when it’s now public knowledge? that’s the point I was trying to hammer home. Sorry if I confused you with my wording. 😉

    • DelaYah says:

      You probably have until 5-23-16 and no later.

    • DelaYah says:

      Imagine if Mr. Fenn hid this chest and his plan is that it will bring more $ in the long run to the causes he wants to help and “attention” to causes that are very important!

      Would that not be even more ingenious than just hiding it ? Helps out the finder, helps out the causes, helps – helps – helps! Mr. Fenn, God bless you sir.

      Forrest Fenn: “I gave Dorothy the book, and she has to give 10% of the sale of the book to a cancer fund.”

      Perhaps the finder of the chest will be offered a better deal than the “chest” only.

      • Iron Will says:

        I think Forrest would agree that you have a very accurate way of thinking 😉

      • JC1117 says:

        You’ve got a great imagination, DelaYah.

        “helps – helps – helps!”

        That’s what you call a win-win-win situation.

        And Merry Christmas, Everyone!

        While it is true that there would be no Christmas without Easter…it is The Gift of His Birth we celebrate “Presently”.

        “For God so Loved the World…”

        We can celebrate The Gift of His Atonement and Infinite Grace in a few months. No hurry. 🙂

  20. 23kachinas says:

    When it comes to the Cosmos 30 days seems like a short order. Wonder if that was the amount of time between deciding to retire from the Air Force to move to Santa Fe?

  21. ROLL TIDE says:

    Always did like a thirty-day return. policy. a buy-back.
    Thirty days would allow enough time for one to get his ducks in a row.
    Pay within thirty days.
    A thirty-days notice will get you evicted, or ejected. You must go.
    Thirty days in the hole.

    • Rhi says:

      Yes, Fenn is trying to buy something.

      • ROLL TIDE says:

        Certainly he is. He wants to buy some time, thirty-days worth.

      • Patio says:

        Maybe not sell. Maybe trying to sell something in the chest by giving it away at a loss for tax reasons that we are not aware of. The only thing the finder has title to is the gold according to the poem. Everything else must be returned to ff or his heir as soon as possible. I think he’s saying only open the chest with him present. If the finder has the intention of returning what does not belong to then…then the coin register rings up as “no sale”.

        • Ellen says:

          Hi Patio…Hmmm
          I remember the Uncle Sam 3 Coin Register that I had as a child in the 1950’s…I believe my sister still has that special black toy. It locked after the first 25 cents and then would only open in the front when $10 was reached. It was special because there was a sealed VAULT to house the deposited coins…but, there was also a trap door that could be opened with a “key”….Never wanted to see “no sale”!

  22. Kedar's Mom says:

    I am being heavily moderated at HOD, sorry if I cannot reply to you over there. Happy Hunting.

  23. Strawshadow says:

    Thank you Jenny and Mr. Fenn,
    Always wise words with sage advice.

  24. Jacob says:

    He clearly does not want someone to find it, only to sell it for it’s weight in $$. IMO he is saying he knows that the finder will understand the importance of patience and hopefully, that individual will also appreciate the history of his treasure. That is what I am sensing from this and I must concur, I am being patient and waiting for my time to search my area. I could rush out and poke aimlessly at snow covered ground or ice covered waters… but I wait. As I am sure many are at this point. Best of luck to all and Happy Holidays!! 🙂

  25. DelaYah says:

    Do you all know what a slam is?
    This quest is the most prolonged thought provoking puzzle I’ve ever encountered. Our minds can go one way or another, isn’t it true how our mind wanders? Imagination.
    I wanted to share this poem with you all. Have a thought provoking day!

    Capricious times

    When followin’ along the path of my thought
    sequences are unpredictable, are they not?
    The stories and the food I had bought
    The not so nice things I had wrought

    Before me come up my old places
    seeing some old friendly faces
    Lookin’, walkin’, talkin’ with me
    In my mind I’m feelin’ so happy

    Skip around a few more years
    Then upon me all of a sudden
    Is a frown, a couple of tears
    I woke up and it was floodin’

    Agnes was its name, though I called it flood
    Houses were swept away and in came HUD
    Susquehanna overflowed its banks and bridges
    The people all fled up to the mountain ridges

    For many months to come there was much to clean
    Scattered about were many a’ dream, I glean
    Not so long means in just a little while
    the end of the journey will make you smile


  26. Covert One says:

    There is true meaning with his request to wait for 30 days. A month wait is not such a benign statement.

  27. Sparrow says:

    Thanks Forrest and Jenny! I always look forward to the weekly words.

  28. LMN says:

    Serious Clue/Hint/Clue in these words. Yet does anyone see? Couple folks maybe close, but most are missing it.

  29. Patio says:

    So who here has access to a vault? Or is this just some mental exercise? Surely f isn’t saying to bring it to his vault. Revealing how many definitions there are for the word vault…from the Latin “volvere” meaning to roll.

  30. Jeremy P. says:

    That’s September, April, June, and/or November, for those obsessed with the postmarks 🙂

  31. Ms. Girl says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone, This is about letting things die down after you find indulgence and getting a handle on the media, your personal financial advisor; and letting Forrest get all of his ducks in a row before a whirlwind media storm appears and gobbles up one of our identities! Waiting 30 days to gets things changed into another person”s name and get all of the legalities out of the way!!! These words were written a while ago and maybe in a vault and 30 days could be important clues. Like an underground vault ( a chase) in a game preserve on a tract of land sectioned off. Meanings can twist and turn into many helpful clues and lead us to our own treasures and dreams. A long cold Winter awaits and sipping hot toddies and sitting by the fire seems like a wonderful time to ponder and retreat into the magic world of finding treasure chests and coming up with new solves for the Spring thaw. Hope all have a wonderful Christmas season and a Happy New Year beyond and get those BOTG back out there ASAP! Santa says all of us searchers have been very naughty this year, but he decided to not put coal in our stockings! He suggests we put them our our heads as thinking caps, get a long Winter’s Nap; and come back with new ideas and a fighting will to solve, survive and FIND that Bronze Elusive Treasure Chest and claim what is rightfully one of ours for the taking. …….Let us all get out new stockings on our heads, dream big dreams, eat that fruit cake and remember the reason for the season…. Jesus is our Lord and His birth saved us all from sin. Treasures are wonderful but Heaven is our real and true reward!!! God bless us all….MS Girl

    • daout says:

      MS Girl, but Jesus’ birth didn’t save anyone from anything, it was His death that paid the price for sin… and the Resurrection was the ‘proof’ of the price being paid. Jesus said two things were needed – “Repent and believe.” (Mark 1:15 is one reference, there are others.) His birth is what everyone supposedly is celebrating this time of year, but His birth is only significant in that it was “Emmanuel” or “God with us.” God, becoming frail human flesh-and-blood… in order to die with no sin on His account, only carrying and paying the price of ours. And then the Resurrection after being DEAD for 3 days, the Father’s stamp of “Paid in Full.” Most people leave that gift all wrapped up on the top shelf, mental assent but no real belief. (Belief – there’s a good word to dig into.) His birth only placed Him as perfect sinless Man in the world so that His WORK could be later accomplished – dying for the sins of all who would believe in Him, and then being raised from the dead as proof that “It is Finished.”

      Thank you for your indulgence and we now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast. 🙂

      • Ms. Girl says:

        If Jesus had never been born then he could not have physically died for all of us could he ? Thanks for all of your clarifications but with out His miracle birth there could not have been a death actually. We, in our minds; all have our own theories and beliefs!! It is personal stuff and in this great nation we are allowed to say and believe as we wish! Daout, in different forms we are both correct! Jesus died for our sins and we celebrate His birth on December 25! Many scholars have possibly proven Jesus’s birth in the spring and not in the winter time. i just want to remind everyone to remember and praise our Holy Father’s Son and celebrate His birth and to think upon his Holy Day as the real treasure in life instead of a box of jewels and artifacts with gold in it as the most precious gift….. The most wonderful and honored gift is God’s love for us and that we have a Heavenly Home Waiting. Merry Christmas TO GOD BE THE GLORY !!! MS. Girl still in the chase just humble before Jesus………

        • daout says:

          Hi, MS. Girl, please believe I had/have no intention of starting a firestorm here. And this isn’t the place for such discussions, this is a place for talk about “the chase.” I agree, though, that everyone has their own theories and beliefs, and everyone chooses what they do believe and hold to, but perhaps our own pet theories and beliefs aren’t very important compared to the answer to the question, “But what is the truth?” (Yeah, the eternal question… just thinkin’ out loud.)

          Wishing you all here and everywhere happy holidays… and like everyone else, am looking forward to one more WW before christmas.

  32. HeadedDown says:

    30 days. The finder must be very thoughtful. Also very patient. Should they also not tell anyone until after the 30 days or should they let Mr. Fenn know immediately? Save all us some trouble. Thanks for the words Mr. Fenn and Jenny.

  33. Jonsey1 says:

    Well that would require quite a leap of faith.

  34. Chesney says:

    I absolutely love this one! Thank you Mr. Fenn and Ms. Kile! I am certain it is indeed still in “The Vault”, and hidden very well! I don’t want to say I have anything more than patience! Snow and Ice hinders my search area at this time. It seems there is always something in the way.

  35. SL says:

    Yes, MS Girl – IMO, such wise truths you have shared. A spectrum of interesting and revealing times we’re living in.

    Much thanks to Jenny and The Flyer.


  36. Sparrow says:

    If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f

    Is this “thinking” in regards to the gold or the autobigraphy?

  37. Point Foot says:

    These seem like wise words. If you think you may have it solved plan a secure, safe vault where you can keep valuable items for at least 30 days. I’d go further and try to find a vault which also provides million dollar insurance. They have these types of places for collectors and some keep your identity private. That pretty much rules out bank safety deposit boxes though. I wonder if that one special unnamed item really is something amazingly valuable… wouldn’t that be interesting. I suppose it’s best to be prepared.

    In thinking about this further it seems to me it currently is in a vault of sorts since it’s safe and only one person truely knows it’s exact location. You can’t stumble upon it so only the one who solves the poem to its end will know they are at or near the vault and actually find it. So take it from one vault and put it in a new vault for 30 days so you can think.

    I don’t think these words mean someone is going to get it within the next 30 days. If I were to know where it is I certainly wouldn’t be trouncing around in the snow during the winter trying to get to it. I’d wait until the snow melts and go when it’s warm.

    I made plans for my vault to store it back in 2015 when I was sure i knew where it was… many trips later and it’s still only a plan LOL.

    I’m looking forward to one more set of weekly words before Christmas! Thank you Forrest and Jenny! Stay safe and warm everyone!

  38. paul hunter says:

    I would like to see the chest put on display in your vault Mr Fenn. I live in the UK and carnt come over there to find it.I have got nine clues out of the poem,and how you put the chest where it is now.But this is only me thinking.It is North of SF but not as you see it.Its in water just to the side of a small water fall,and you can stand or sit there to see the chest.Stood in the wood to me is not in the woods.And you took your cloths of to go in the water showing your crown jewels.Sounds silly to some people but why not.If i find the chest you can keep it FF.

  39. Bailey says:

    Thanks Jenny and Mr. Fenn. If I end up finding it, I’ll gonna think long and hard . . . . of a way to convince Mr. Fenn to hide some more treasure. Have a great weekend everybody.

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Bailey. If you do end up finding it, perhaps Mr. Fenn can convince you to hide YOUR treasure instead of more of his. 🙂

  40. Patio says:

    Have you ever said how long these weekly words will last? F provided you a lot of words and we appreciate him and you for releasing them each week, but surely the list will end at some point.

  41. ManOwar says:

    Jenny, thanks for your posting Forrest’s weekly words. I would like to know if Forrest directs the order of release or is it you that determines the order of release of his words, or do you just pick them out of a hat or some sort? Thanks for any reply.

    • Afana says:

      Jenny, I’m also awaiting your answer to ManOwars questions @ 4:12pm. Please reply

    • Skipper says:

      That’s a legitimate question, one which I too would care to know the answer.

    • LitterateOne says:


      This is an interesting question. Not sure if Jenny has seen it or not.


    • ManOwar says:

      Merry Christmas! Maybe you will answer this question; Are you under orders from Forrest not to answer the question that I posed to you on the 16th of Dec at 4:12 pm? If so, I can understand your silence in this matter. Your answer would be greatly appreciated. I see here that others would like to hear your answer to the question. Thank you.

  42. Bob Miller says:

    Sure are a lot of familiar names on this site. Thank you for the latest words from Mr. Fenn. I, too, am being moderated by the other site for doing something dumb. I won’t do that again !
    As for 30 days, September, April, May and November. It spells SAMN. Nevermind. 🙂

  43. Jeremy P. says:

    What I like about this week’s words is that, at face value, it seems like straightforward and practical advice for whomever finds it. It doesn’t read as a riddle. As a result, it makes you feel like it is actually possible to find it, and that it isn’t so far fetched of an idea. I dunno about you all, but I take as motivational.

  44. Fenngshui says:

    What ifs, consider them.

  45. Andrew Jef says:

    Who really wants or needs the problems that would come with letting the world know that you’re
    the person who found the treasure chest? If I find it, I’ll anonymously let FF know, and physically
    return the bracelet to him. Probably all by snail-mail.

    Good luck to all searchers. Please stay safe.

  46. Jacob says:

    There is always much to debate with these weekly words. But I’m stuck on a speech I heard about making life a beautiful adventure. If you want to hear it, just look up Charlie Chaplin- greatest speech ever. I wonder what f would think about it or if he’s heard it… Anyways, Happy holidays and peace to all.

  47. SL says:

    Thank you, Jacob……for sharing one of the greatest speeches ever.

    Enjoying a beautiful adventure!

    Merry Christmas,


  48. paul hunter says:

    People have been stood 200ft from the chest and didnt know it ? I would say FF is rite.You can look at a poem in many ways and it can take you on a lot of journeys and take you to many places,but look more at home, the silly places you would not think off,dont take every word in the poem to give you the story.Home of brown the man with the brown hat and coat,the one horse land and cattle company,that could be a start. PS and you will get wet, good luck..

  49. Jacob says:

    SL- thank you for listening to it. It’s one of my favorites. If anyone has 3 mins to spare… https://youtu.be/uAd1WJ9gXo0

  50. Jdiggins says:

    I try to read and digest b4 I comment (doesn’t always work…)
    On SEINFELD, “in the vault” meant secret.
    Also, 1/15/??…

    • pdenver says:

      Hello Jdiggins. The vault is in 1/15/?? Interesting.

      • Jdiggins says:

        Will I find it a little past that? Who knows what will happen. 🙂

        (Actually, pdenver, I was referring to a date of “remembrance”, if you will…(is that even a word?) Lol)
        Happy Holidays pdenver, my friend, and to all!
        I might try snowboarding for Christmas! 🙂

        • Hunny says:

          You be careful! They say it’s nothing like skiing! If you break your leg how are you gonna go get that TC?😊
          Happy Holidays my friend!!

          • Jdiggins says:

            Hi Hunny, isn’t breaking a leg good luck? Lol…not! No worries, I’m pretty limber…proudly chicken out…I’d rather be searching… 🙂
            C.M.R., it does. 🙂

            • pdenver says:

              Jdiggins, don’t chicken out. I’m sure you’ll have a good time. When I read your first post about snowboarding, it sounded like you had done it plenty of times before. This is why I made the comment about being the new Shaun White/”Flying Tomato”. My son tried it and my niece has gone many times and loves it. Hope you’ll find yourself having a wonderful Christmas no matter what you decide. 🙂

              • Jdiggins says:

                Lived in Denver area 9 years, many trips uphill, but never skied nor boarded. I can build a mean snowman tho….
                Seriously, Hunny may be on to something, I don’t want a broken leg! Gotta be search ready! I’d rather be turning than burning my yule log!
                And no secret, not trying to be cryptic, I was trying to take notice of the 1/15/16, I believe that is when we heard of ( already missing 11 days) Randy’s disappearance. RIP RANDY. 🙂

                • pdenver says:

                  I, like you, have never skied or boarded, but can build one heck of a snowman. Sitting by a fire on a cold day is much more inviting, especially when there’s so much snow on the ground like we have here. Received 8″ from this last storm, with sub-zero to single-digit temperatures. BRRR!!!

                  You’re close to the date; missed it by one day. Last time anyone heard from him was on Jan. 4, 2016 and Linda filed missing report on the 14th and we were notified of his disappearance on January 16. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Hope everyone stays safe. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/police-search-for-missing-man-who-was-hunting-for-forrest/article_a619ffa6-bbd3-11e5-b6cc-831726fb89b2.html

                • Jdiggins says:

                  Thanks pdenver, warm fire, agreed!
                  Thanks for posting a link about Randy. 🙂
                  On another note, thought…
                  The batter at plate is now safe at base. But, which base?

                • pdenver says:

                  Have you tried sledding? It’s a blast! Hope to do some on New Year’s Day with my family. Either went last year or the year before and had so much fun. Brought old-fashioned sleds with runners, but had to use a different run than those with tubes. I just bought the family snow tubes and hoping to hit the slopes. 🙂

                • pdenver says:

                  Gosh, I thought you weren’t talking cryptic, my friend. Your question is quite confusing. How would I know which base the player is safely on? Knowing you have the answer to your riddle, would you be so kind to tell me the answer, please?

        • C.M.R. says:

          It appears to be a word, and it fits ☺️

        • pdenver says:

          Hello Jdiggins. Still trying to figure out your thoughts, my friend. So, we have Jerry’s secret and 1/15/?? and it refers to a date of “remembrance”…11/11…which is Armistice Day/Remembrance Day?

          Happy Holidays to you, my friend. Shall we start calling you the new Shaun White aka “The Flying Tomato”? Loved watching him going down the pipe and performing in the Olympics. Hope you’ll get to go on Christmas. Have a lot of fun and be careful of those slick spots.

          • Jdiggins says:

            I’m not sure. See, I have the voices in my head, then there’s my hubby…lol! At any rate, I suppose if I knew, then it just wouldn’t be so…
            It’s not what i don’t know that gets me into trouble..
            Oh wait…
            Now I’m confused…

  51. C.M.R. says:

    Could this indicate that there is a quandarous 😊 situation at the end? Maybe involving riches new, riches old, blaze, chest, trove, the cold, and title to the gold? It may take more than 30 days of critical thinking to get it right.

  52. Andrew Jef says:

    I don’t think FF’s advice relates specifically to whatever calendar day it is when someone
    finds the TC. But I do believe it’s good advice. I don’t think any searcher will find the TC
    before mid-2017. And I strongly urge everyone to research the weather patterns and/or
    recent history for the area where they plan to do their BOTG searching. I speak from
    experience. Muddy, uneven ground contributed to my experience(s) of falling 3 times on
    my first search trip. I’m not very young, and my bones are probably pretty brittle. That
    far from “civilization” would have been a bad place to be with a broken ankle or leg, or
    something similar.

    That being said, it’s likely that right now the TC and surrounding area are covered with
    snow. So the blaze would be invisible. Please believe me on this. Not only would it be
    quite difficult to hike to the TC, but it would take almost a miracle to find it. Everything
    (except the trees) would look kinda “lumpy” but “smoothish” at the same time.
    Imagine an area with trees and rocks, with a layer of snow covering it all, maybe 12
    inches thick.

    I suggest you all do what I’m doing . . . continue research relating to your solve, and
    read the blogs to see what others are saying. Good luck to everyone. Please stay
    safe when searching . . . safety will be enhanced by proper research and planning
    beforehand, not to mention “training” for a rigorous hike in the thin air.

    Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

  53. Lia says:

    Andrew, that sounds like a “snow job.” Lol

  54. SL says:

    A mention of Diane Sawyer was made by The Flyer in TTOTC, about J.D. Salinger having written a lot of books, (Page 12), and “hiding some in a vault so no one could read them.” – “He would go on to say that “he seemed like my kind of guy.”

    IMO, he was right!


  55. Tk says:

    That’s a great insight SL.

  56. ROLL TIDE says:

    Sawyer = woodsman, expert, proficient, crackerjack, mahatma…
    Anyone find the coupe-de-ville yet ?
    If not, go ask Charlie, she’s a real pushover and will tell you secrets you haven’t thought of.

  57. ace 340 says:

    Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2016. Surreal. g

  58. lorna says:

    tomorrow it ends, I can walk straight to it.

    • Sparrow says:


      Just curious—were you able to walk right to it? Or did you possibly trip over it? Any luck finding Roll Tides water
      bottle? Please give an update—enquiring minds need to know.

  59. ROLL TIDE says:


    Thank goodness, this thing is driving me nuts! While you’re there, if you spot a water bottle, could you pick it up for me? I dropped one last time out and never did find that sucker again.

  60. Andrew Jef says:

    lorna, please be sure to let us know how your attempt of 12/20 went.
    Thanks in advance.

  61. Jdiggins says:

    Hahaha spallies!!! 🙂

    • Iron Will says:

      Broke a tooth this morning, while he X-rayed it, I had him do the upper jaw too cause of a pain up there that’s been about 2 weeks. He looked and told me it’s abscessed 🙁 Dab nabbit! ;\

      • Sparrow says:

        Iron Will—

        Sorry to hear that. Hang in there—hope everything turns out OK.

      • Hunny says:

        Will, that sucks! Get it handled and get back in the game! You’ll actually probably feel much better once it’s taken care of. A happy mouth for the holidays, bet it’s just the Christmas present you were wantin, haha😆
        Hope you feel better soon!
        Happy Holidays

      • pdenver says:

        Gosh, sorry to hear the news, Iron Will. It sounds like you’re in for either a tooth repair or a Root Canal and a Crown. I’m sure the meds will take care of your infection and you’ll be a happy camper once more.

      • Buckeye Bob says:

        You’ll be up and running in no time, IW. Of that I am sure.
        After all, you are….
        Iron Will !

        • Iron will says:

          Yeah I need to stop eating iron nails for breakfast lol. It’s no big deal, I just hate the numbing shots 😙

          • JC1117 says:

            Sorry to hear about your tooth issue(s), Iron Will.

            That really sucks…especially at Christmas.

            May I recommend eating nails WITH MILK next time?


            It might be a little easier on your teeth.

          • SL says:

            Iron will,

            It’ll feel a whole lot better when it stops hurting.

            Merry Christmas,

          • BW says:

            Iron Will, you are looking at your situation wrong. You should be saying “I love those shots!!”. Just imagine how it would be with out them.

            • pdenver says:

              I concur, BW. Imagine the days before Novocaine and a tooth needed to be pulled. AGONY!

              • TrailThumper says:

                Side Note: According to my grandma the dentist would hire a tuba player to play music outside the office while the extraction was happening. I guess screaming was bad for business. 🙂

                • pdenver says:

                  Nice story, TrailThumper! When one of my sons was around 4 years old, he had a horrible experience with the dentist. He kept telling them he felt what they were doing, but they didn’t give him more Novocaine. He ended up screaming at his return visit(s) because he was totally frightened. They couldn’t continue and ended up having him see a pediatric dentist who did wonders. They gave him a liquid sedation and within 10-15 minutes, he couldn’t remember anything they did.

          • pdenver says:

            Iron Will, doesn’t the dentist use a numbing gel on the location first before the Novocaine shot is applied?

      • Strawshadow says:

        Iron Will,
        That’s no laughing matter. Take care of that grill bro, and don’t skimp on the nitrous.

      • Lia says:

        Iron will, really sorry about your dental
        Pain. I’ve put my dentist’s kids thru college, as I was royally crowned.
        Perhaps matching your smile to your will would eliminate mate future problems….

        • Iron Will says:

          Hehe Tooth filled, abscessed one gets pulled tomorrow… on the fifty yard line and looking to the end zone! 😛

          • Spallies says:

            Hey Will, make sure they pull all of the roots. I learned the hard way that sometimes don’t get them all…. take care and hope you feel better soon. 🙂

            • Iron Will says:

              Thanks, I have my scheduled week off, so its a piece of cake 🙂 Well except for the numbing…….and the prying of the tooth…..er…..and they day of bloody gauze…..and the week of selective eating…… umm maybe “cake” wasn’t the best term after all 😛

            • JC1117 says:

              I hope all went/is going well, Iron Will.

              And…Spallies…are you saying that dentists can’t just pull 85% of the tooth? 🙂

              I reckon it’s the tooth…the whole tooth…and nothin’ but the tooth…

              …for a good dentist…that is.

              • Iron Will says:

                LOL JC good 85% comment. Nah it went perfect, tooth socket is almost all sealed up already, because he didn’t have to cut any gumline (usually happens if roots are holding on too hard). And I got 20 hydrocodone on top of it for pain relief as a Xmas gift lol

  62. randawg says:

    I think he is referring to potential tax breaks for the finder if reported in fiscal 2017. Or maybe he wants a chance to buy it back(?) Personally I would keep it put away for longer than 30 days.

  63. lorna says:

    for the first time, i’m starting to doubt Mr. Fenn.

  64. ace 340 says:

    Surreel g

  65. Belle says:

    This is off the subject but I want to give a shout out to Jenny, whom makes life fun and interesting as well as all of the fellow searchers, sending my positive vibes and a wish that good things come your way.

  66. Joshua ross says:

    Deciphered & Waiting!

  67. Jdiggins says:

    Headsmackin, a little headsmackin…tra la la, don’t mind me…just smackin mmyself around a little bit…tra la la la la…

  68. tinkgrrrbell says:

    If I find it….I’m going to offer for FF buy it back from me and re-hide it with a new poem. It’ll be too sad for the chase to end!

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