Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn: April 8th, 2016

spring rockiesThe complete list of Weekly Words is found here:

Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn

Weekly Words for April 8th, 2016 are as follows:

*Urgency is not a good plan to fallow (spelling correct)


Best of luck with The Thrill of the Chase and all that you seek.

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80 Responses

  1. JohnR says:

    From the list previously given?

  2. Spallies says:

    Well, I thought that was axiomatic Forrest 🙂 lol…Two new words in one day ! I love the chase!

  3. Seannm says:

    But is that contrary to “grab every banana”?

  4. seannm says:

    So are we to read this as: Tarry for your search area is not prepared for your arrival?

  5. Nobarfly says:

    Oh dear… bad habits. This post is ruled with inconsistency.
    Thanks f and jenny.. We all look forward to reading these. I wonder if Forrest looks forward to reading the comments?

  6. Jake Faulker says:

    Fallow nature & the wood will follow.

  7. Mark J says:

    Sounds like we better hurry up then, shame I cannot.

  8. Twingem says:

    Love these weekly words! Thank you! Seems things will shift in the future.

  9. pdenver says:

    Thank you for this week’s “Weekly Words,” Jenny and Mr. Fenn. A possible homophone? Fallow vs. follow? Have to think this through a little more.

  10. astree says:

    10:32 AM

    “Callhenge authority”



    Thanks, Jenny and Forrest. Hope you both are well.

  11. astree says:

    *Urgency is not a good plan to plow (work through) and then leave

    *Urgency is not a good way to use the underdeveloped potential of your mind.
    Urgency is a good plan, don’t fallow it

    Additionally, “fallow” means ‘light brown’

  12. Ramona says:

    No, I guess it’s not. Green onions and chili peppers.

  13. Thriller says:

    I agree with Mark J. It sounds like Forrest is saying “urgency” should not be left to rest. Maybe time to head out before those who have possibly solved 4 clues head out.


  14. Twingem says:

    The question is has any searcher solved more than 4 clues? Mr. Fenn, might you answer this question?

  15. pdenver says:

    “Fallow,” with a twist…”low fall”…Lower Falls? Having a lot of fun with this one, along with KISS. 🙂

  16. 23kachinas says:

    Getting the Tuy Hoa assignment was a seriously Maverick move. More freedom back then to make your own choices I suppose.

  17. DanS says:

    Interpretation: get some hustle going. Don’t let urgency go fallow and languish on the shelves of patience.

    Personally I’d rather have a little patience, wait in line, and get some bear spray before heading out. Running out the door without paying seems counter-productive, but having a blue & red light escort to my site would be nice, and it would definitely give me some hustle running up the trail.

    BTW nice picture.

  18. Milan says:

    It is useful to some of us to know the timeframe when he sends these weekly words. Any chance you could offer that information each week?

  19. Magic 8 says:

    Agreed. It will take years of sowing before the field is tilled.

  20. Lettuce says:

    Fallow Deer
    Pale yellow Brown

    Wallow rhymes with fallow

    But the real meaning I’m getting from Holmes is that if F recently buried that treasure there would be evidence of it in the soil. Broken soil would be evident upon digging….sorry F Holmes says it’s a no go on urgency because heavy equipment is needed to ferret out the fox. You know the rules on this hibernation!

  21. astree says:

    Or acting on impulse (Urge N See) is not a good plant o’ fallow.

    • astree says:

      “Urge and See” is not a good plan to fallow

      Regarding Bandalier, Shannon ventured here, got lost and was rescued


      “I had the URGE to go find the treasure and I LOOKED …” …

      More importantly, look at Forrest’s quick wit, and double reference at about 2:30:

      “How did we talk you into giving us another clue”
      “I don’t have a clue”

  22. Kathryn says:

    Land is fallow to allow it to enrich, become fertile. Give it time. Urgency of plan will lead to a non-fertile result. Hurry up and end up with nothing – including a good day outdoors. It’s all in the planning before the harvest. National forest week is soon – admission to National parks will be free. Good to know while out and about.

  23. astree says:

    Regarding Urgency –

    Jenny, I just looked at the first and last letters of your 3 quotes below –

    T ..he gem cannot
    I ..f you aren’t in
    M..ay every sunrise
    E caep uoy.. (this is now starting at the end of the last quote and working back to the first quote)

    S..lairt tuohtiw


  24. astree says:

    “U.(rgency……fallo ) W” plow in between

  25. Iron Will says:

    ” Urgency is not a good plan to fallow ”

    anagrams to…

    “A peat log contains your flown gold”

    “flown” meaning either he flew it up there to hide it, or “filled to excess”

  26. Ellen says:

    Iron Will….can I turn over a peat log to see what’s under it?

    I hope fallow doesn’t imply you “fall” and say “ow”. (smile)

    Have a good plan, go slow and steady…

  27. Moonshadow says:

    Thanks Jenny and Forrest, this is an interesting quote!

  28. Lisa says:

    Urgency is not a good plan to fallow
    Dont fallow your field quickly,or you want have a good crop.

    your not going to be able to solve this poem over spring break (paraphrase)
    To fallow a field a year or more.

    The poem is complicated, in order to solve each clue along the way will take time and study.

  29. Matd says:

    What’s growing in that mountain feeled?

  30. AM says:

    I have read that FF said that searchers have emailed him of their location & FF said they have figured out the first 2 clues & went past the other 7 clues. Also, FF said that they have been within 200 ft. of the treasure. So, I take this as the searchers emailed FF a specific place ( a name ) on the map & if the home of Brown is the 2nd clue then that would mean the treasure is within 200 ft. of the Home of Brown.
    Also, that means the other 7 clues are all within 200 ft. of each other.
    For example, the searchers told FF they were at a specific water fall & they passed up the 7 remaining clues but we’re within 200ft.
    Any ideas, anyone? Hello? Anyone……

    • Hello there AM,
      It’s generally accepted, and I agree, that things Forrest has said publicly are likely to be accurate. But be careful that you read the exact quotes from reliable sources and not someone’s interpretations. Also, many early statements are superseded by more recent statements months or years later. Your “I take this as” are your guesses. They may or may not be right. No one can tell you for sure. You’ll find many who will agree and many who will disagree. They’ll often sound certain. And very rarely will anyone share something they consider valuable. Trust only those who have a chest full of gold – that’s how you know who knows what they are talking about. The places to have those conversations is on the discussion forums located on other sites. Good luck and have fun!

  31. Andrew Smith says:

    Astree, in my opinion you are spot on with your comments. I believe this gets us to hob.

  32. a says:

    in my urgency to locate the chest, i forgot the boundaries. i didnt mean to be importunate mr. fenn.

  33. Onuat says:

    “Urgency is not a good plan to fallow”
    Ok, Who,s digging up the land? Stop that now. 🙂
    Thanks Jenny and Forrest for another confusing statement….
    Thinking……thinking. Nope nothing yet. 🙂

  34. JL says:

    *Urgency is not a good plan to fallow

    Birthdays come and go, it is wise to tarry scant.

  35. Showy says:

    Sounds like Forrest is saying some people know “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

    • JL says:

      “Sounds like Forrest is saying some people know “The end is ever drawing nigh;”
      Some people? or sumbuddy? Some may suspect about the end but less than a few would ever know how this is going to end. More like a couple maybe, FF and sumbuddy. Did f plan a Grand Finale, that is my question?

      • Ellen says:

        Interesting question jl…

        Is Forrest perhaps “cultivating” a Grand Finale instead of the field being “fallow” for another season…?

        • JL says:

          I believe Forrest is a Master Puppeteer and is capable of many things that cross the realm of his imagination. I am no match for his intellectual prowess and must concede my ineptitude to match my wits with his, I am reduced to subscribe to guess work.

  36. Geoff Idaho says:

    After thinking about the “fallow” phrase this weekend, I believe it means:
    Don’t postpone your search any longer than necessary.
    “Have flashlight and gloves, will travel”

  37. Michelle says:

    Be careful Fenn don’t give it away.

  38. astree says:


    read in reverse, the Weekly Words ..

    wollaf …….(yc ne) GRU

    Most curious!

  39. Kim says:

    I think we are all psychic friends..Ponder this: maybe Forrest doesn’t know where the treasure is? Arr!

  40. astree says:

    As relates to ‘fallow’, using the method described yesterday at chasechat.com, “Codes and Cyphers” (post #1685), the TTOTC hidden message “*s hoed ends” is uncovered, or eliminating the asterisked “s”,


    And “ends” also corresponds to the end letters.



  41. astree says:

    Urgency is not a good plan two fellow, should work too. If an old ‘fellow’ is used.

  42. Reap says:

    FF likes definitions and admits to bending them. IMO, with fallow being a shade of brown, I think this may be a simple message to searchers:

    Urgency is not a good plan to (get to the home of Brown).

    This may be FF telling everyone, yet again, not to stop skipping clues and to start at the beginning.

    • Reap says:

      Sorry, typing and thinking too fast.

      *This may be FF telling everyone, yet again, to stop skipping clues and to start at the beginning.

  43. locolobo says:

    Reap, I agree with your assessment 100%!

    I guess he got tired of no one listening to straight talk and thought maybe they would heed him if he used a different approach? 🙂

    (it’s the same as he has done with other of his…comments!) 🙂

  44. Seannm says:


    I cannot help but to consider if this weekly words is not related to Forrest’s story about his first arrow head find. Grab every banana.


  45. Reap says:


    FF answered this question once during an interview at a book store. (Youtube: Forrest Fenn, Moby Dickens Book Shop, 11/02/2013, and skip to 7:48) There is no switching back or making a loop. The whole Q&A is great. He even mentions his bones rotting in the sun, suggesting the crest might not be in a cave.

    Also, it is kind of funny; FF maybe saying, “even the cunning fox can get turned into a coat.” Perhaps translating into, “Even this extremely clever poem will be solved someday.”

    • Reap says:

      LOL, sorry again, wrong words with F. I must of hit the back button somehow. Jenny, can you delete this comment?

    • JL says:

      How true and unfortunate…… all good things must come to an end. Even though it may be solved does not mean the end of this great poem. Why can it not live on? The resting place for Indulgence need not be divulged, whoever first discovers it need only say it was exactly where the poem said it would be. If you want to know any more information it is all in the poem for whoever accepts the challenge.

      • Chesney says:

        Alright here goes nothing… I have been out here dragging my feet for … well since Memorial day. I don’t want praise, nor the money. Most of you will skip over this instead of read it. I let it go as long as I could, like Forrest wanted, getting families together and out of the living room. At this point I feel like Jeff Probst should have kicked me out of Survivor, a long time ago. None of you are even close, I am not afraid. A year 2 months and 2 weeks, I have pounded this ground. I am not looking at some tree or log, it is like he was an Engineer making this! Ms.Kile…. you can remove this if youthink I am being inappropriate onyour site… I understand.

  46. I love the poem and found it just two weeks ago. Its sad that I cannot find the treasure because I live in germany and dont have the money for travelling to america. I think that its somewhere in New Mexico because I read that he hide it in just one evening. Maybe ~200 miles away from his home…maybe just 100. I also read that he can smell Pinyon Nuts..and they grow only in Colorado and New Mexico. But its not a fun to find it without solves the poem 🙂

    I am not interested in the gold. And I wish everybody good luck who wants to find it 🙂

  47. litterateOne says:


    Take a close look at the definitions of fallow and wilderness.


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