Treasure Hunt Ideas: Six Clue Golden Ticket

treasure hunt gamesEveryone loves a treasure hunt.  Whether created for a fun afternoon of discovery, entertaining a group of children at a party, or defeating rainy day boredom, a treasure hunt offers an adventurous activity for kids to enjoy.  Treasure is sure to be found!

The following post offers treasure hunt clues and ideas on how to have fun with the ‘Six Clue Treasure Hunt: Golden Ticket’.

The Treasure found at the end of this Hunt is a Golden Ticket. What the ‘Golden Ticket’ is for is the creator’s choice.  This offers lots of flexibility for the ‘treasure’, since the actual treasure doesn’t have to be hidden at the end spot.  The creator simply writes on the ‘Golden Ticket’ what the Treasure is going to be and this can be anything!

Some suggestions on when to use this Six Clue Treasure Hunt are as follows:

One of my favorite ways to use this hunt is when parents are planning a trip to a special location.

Instead of parents just telling the kids, ‘We’re going to ‘Walt Disney World’ or ‘another exciting place’, they use the Six Clue Treasure Hunt to announce the plans.  Parents would hide the clues and then ask the children, ‘Guess where we are going?!’   When the kids ask, ‘Where!?’  the parents can give them the first clue and tell them to find out!  This adds to the fun!

The ‘treasure’ doesn’t always have to be for something momentous, though.

Other suggestions for the Golden Ticket, and yet just as special for a child, might be:

Going to the Movies
Going for Ice Cream
Doing something they have been wanting to do (playing a game, baking cookies, etc)
Giving any unexpected gift—large or small

Simply creating a quick treasure hunt for kids to enjoy makes ‘the treasure’ all the more great.

So go ahead and plan one today!  The hunt is easy and made to be fun!

Preparing for the hunt:

Golden Ticket- decide what the ‘Treasure’ will be and write it on the Golden Ticket. Hide this ticket in the answer/location of where Clue #6 leads to.   (which in the following example hunt is ‘under the couch cushion’)

Next, print or write out the Six Clues separately on small slips of paper, and then hide clues 2-6 in their designated locations.

The first clue is not hidden. It is given to the child or children and begins the hunt.  The first clue leads to the location of where the second clue is hidden.  At this location is the clue which leads to the third clue, and so on.

So here are Six Clue suggestions to create the hunt:

Six Clues:

1)  Find the Golden Ticket to learn the prize! But first find clue 2 where coats hang of many size.

(clue 2 is hidden in the coat closet or rack)


2) Great, you found clue 2!  Now what? Are you thirsty? Will a drink of milk do?

(clue 3 is hidden in the refrigerator)


3)  How refreshing was that drink.  But taking a shower on a hot day can be too.  Don’t you think?

(clue 4 is hidden in the shower/tub)


4) I hope you didn’t get wet!  But if you did, why don’t you get a towel and dry yourself off a bit?

(clue 5 is hidden within the bath towels)


5) Two more clues!  And then we’re done.  And where you look next there should never be one.   Not enough of a clue? How about you wear a pair and usually with shoes?

(clue 6 is hidden in a Sock drawer)


6) Tired of looking? You could go sit on the couch. And when you are ready to find the Golden Ticket, just do some looking around. You might need to slouch.

The Golden Ticket is hidden under the Couch Cushion


Have fun!


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4 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    This sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of taking my kids to the movies over the weekend and so I might try this out. I’m thinking I’ll write the prize of going to the movies on a rectangular slip of yellow paper for telling the golden treasure.

    • Jenny Kile says:

      Hi Cindy, yellow paper will be perfect to use for the ‘Golden Ticket’. If you wanted to get elaborate, there are blank templates in the shape of ‘Golden Tickets’ online. However, this isn’t necessary, and kids will love whatever they are!

      Eventually I hope to include PDF print offs here for clues and such. This is my first post on ‘Six Clue Treasure Hunts’, but I plan on offering lots of other hunt ideas soon.

      I think they are great fun. My kids created one for giving me my Birthday gift. I kept those clues and will have find and use them……lol….I know I was led in a bunch of directions and places.

      Let us know how yours goes along!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Great idea Jenny!

  3. I try to be creative with the final clue. The first treasure hunt ended with the final clue in a wooden box that looked aged with hinges and an old map designed into it that really made it feel like a treasure chest.

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